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Ep 367 | Can a Judge Do No Wrong?
In case you think I’m crazy about the severity of judicial tyranny, take it from Josh Hammer, who is a legal expert and worked in this broken legal profession.  Josh Hammer is editor-at-large of "The Daily Wire," as well as a counsel for worthy legal causes. He explains from his experience in law school and clerking for a federal appeals court why even conservatives are missing the boat on the rule of law and separation of powers. He explains the difference between judicial review and judicial supremacy and how that distinction is all that matters now for every important issue. What is the breaking point of this judicial tyranny, and what will it take for even conservatives involved in law and politics to wake up? I also update you and the latest border insanity, which of course ties back to the courts. Show links 10 ways to reclaim our sovereignty from the courts The danger of illegal aliens bringing in diseases is worse than ever Hammer on what Trump should do with judicial supremacism Hammer on why Professor Paulsen and Roberts are worse than you think   Professor Paulsen on the true lesson of Marbury Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 366 | Arizona Rancher: “We have ceded so muc...
Do you want a firsthand account of the problems at the border from a man who has lived on it his entire life? Well, today I am joined by Jim Chilton, a lifelong rancher who owns a 50,000-acre ranch right on the border in central Arizona. Chilton explains why he is concerned with the strategy of Washington to only patrol from operating bases well away from the border rather than holding the line right at the border. He explains the strategic problems as well as the harm to ranches and to the country that result from allowing cartels to operate autonomously within our border up to a certain point. Overall, we are not treating this like the invasion it is and are instead reacting like crime investigators. Furthermore, he explains why border towns are so safe, and it has a lot to do with why the remote areas are not.  Many of your questions about the policies and politics of the border will be answered by Chilton on today’s epic show. Show links 12 astounding numbers quantifying this border invasion What the border invasion means   Video of a massive flow of heavily armed cartel members on Jim’s ranch with no Border Patrol in sight Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 365 | We Are Being Lied to on Immigration
There are deep and shallow state officials in this administration who continue to give the president bad policy and political advice on immigration. I give you inside information on how USCIS and others are continuing to incentivize this invasion rather than deter it. I also discuss the problems with the courts and how, if we allow lower court supremacy to continue, there is no purpose to this presidency.  Show links Sanctuaries are alive and well under this administration Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 364 | While We Give Speeches, Liberals Push ...
So many conservative “leaders” are supercharged from Trump’s speech at CPAC, but while they focus on vanity, the Left continues to win in the political culture, law, and elections. Nowhere is this more evident than what they are doing with election law.  Today I am joined by Logan Churchwell, communications and research director for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spends his time fighting voter fraud and promoting 21st-century ways to secure our vote. He discusses the latest lawsuits preventing states from cleaning their voting rolls and non-citizens from voting.   “The Left has figured out that if you want to win an election you can do that without having to engage in ideas and win debates, you can win elections by working the election system itself," warns Churchwell. "This is all about running numbers, moving bodies, tracking the mail, knowing where the mail is landing, and if you have to, force the issue through harvesting.”      As Michele Malkin warned, "Ultimately, our future will not be secured in a Fox News anchor chair." Show links Michelle Malkin’s speech at CPAC is the only one worth watching Texas judge implementing the Left’s voter fraud agenda Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 363 | CPAC and the Giant Political Heroin Ga...
There’s a reason I didn’t attend CPAC and never have before. It embodies everything wrong with the faux conservative movement.  In this episode, I build on some of our principles in recent weeks to demonstrate why CPAC and the movement it embodies are a defeat mechanism that hurt us in the very battles they claim to fight. I explain the latest insane court decisions on immigration and how the Trump administration is betraying us on sovereignty while expanding the powers of the courts.  When will this end?    Show links Trump admin extends amnesty Judge demands that Texas stop fighting non-citizen voting Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 362 | All of the Urgent Issues More Importan...
Our sovereignty is being stolen by the courts meddling in illegal immigration and election law, yet so many of our people continue to focus their attention on the daily soap opera.  The conservative movement has become so acculturated to illegitimate judicial supremacism that we now celebrate winning back crumbs from the cakes that they stole from us. I go through the latest court rulings on religious liberty and election law to show how they are successfully stealing our traditions, laws, Constitution, elections, and sovereignty without any opposition.  Towards the end of the show, I give you the latest border news plus an update on the economy and how the debt continues to be an albatross weighing down economic growth.  Show links Even Politico notices that Trump is shunning conservatives on immigration   Yes, this is an invasion Your taxpayer dollars going for castration in the military How the asylum invasion allows cartels to get criminals in Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 361 | The Mess of Borders and Constitutional...
I continue our discussion on how the conservative legal movement is not only wrong about the power of the courts, but is pushing certain judicial nominees who are part of the problem. Next, I address the congressional resolution of disapproval on Trump’s emergency declaration. A lot of people don’t realize that Congress actually originally had the power to veto such a declaration without needing the president’s signature. Yet we allowed the courts to nullify it. Now the same people who complain about the president’s power and are begging the courts to nullify it originally allowed the courts to nullify their own power. Why do people only question presidential authority, but not judicial authority?  Finally, a lightning round of important news you might have missed on all fronts.  Show links What the fight over Neomi Rao really reveals We continue to arm al Qaeda Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 360 | There Is No Conservative Legal Movemen...
Do you know why we continue to get screwed by Republican-appointed judges?  Because so many of the people pushing them are really progressive libertarians, not even traditional libertarians, much less conservatives.  On today’s show, I update you on Republican Sen. Josh Hawley’s fight for a modicum of social conservatism and the concerns he is raising about Neomi Rao, Trump’s nominee to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Those pushing her and attacking Hawley only care about libertarian issues, which is why the Kochs are pushing her. They don’t care about the attacks of the judiciary on our civil society. Thus, they are not concerned with the fact that she might be pro-abortion and subscribe to some of the doctrines creating B.S. rights.  Tied into this narrative is the latest radical GOP appointee’s ruling that it’s unconstitutional not to draft men and women equally for military service. The reason we have lost so many cultural battles overnight because of the courts is because the “conservative” legal movement is not really conservative at all. Show links Judge mandates potential draft of women Hawley’s concerns about Rao Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 359 | The History Lesson the Political Estab...
Today, I continue the theme of how so many “conservatives” you see on TV have accepted foundational premises of the Left on key issues. Nowhere is this more evident than with birthright citizenship. I offer a unique history lesson explaining exactly what our Founders meant by “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” and a wild fact about Chester Arthur.  I also show how too many conservative legal scholars are making a mistake by adding on to fundamental rights rather than confining them to where they belong.   Finally, I delve into some new crime and border stats to demonstrate the point that our political leaders need to focus on trends and not downplay their significance until things get worse. Show links The case of the jihadi bride and government’s failure to protect our citizenship In NYC, 55% increase in murder, 21% increase in rape so fare this year Ron DeSantis fighting for E-Verify where Trump wont touch it  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 358 | Liberals Know What They Want, But Cons...
Pick a single issue and decide for yourself whether there are enough conservative figures giving a vision on it. In today’s action-packed show, I delve into how the policies and personnel in this administration are not conservative on many fronts, yet the phony conservative media doesn’t care about protecting the pro-MAGA people in the administration. Instead, they are now obsessed with playing the identity politics game and trying to “out-liberal” the Left rather than forging our own views. On immigration, the courts, and a number of security and sovereignty issues, conservatives are lacking. Remember the promise of Kavanaugh? I'm sad to say, “See, I told you so.” Finally, a number of important lessons to learn from the "jihadi bride," including a part of the birthright citizenship debate everyone is missing.   Show links Kushner is running the show Trump State Department considering opening floodgates to Venezuela Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 357 | A Border County Official Speaks Out Ab...
On today’s very special show, I am joined by Joel Edwards, a county commissioner in Hidalgo County, New Mexico. His county has been at the center of the border surge over the past few months, and his residents are being hit by a cascading series of worsening events. Joel’s message is that the political elites cannot fathom what it’s like to live in such remote areas. His residents' way of life is harmed by illegal immigration and cartel activity even more than city slickers are affected by the same problems.  If you think for one minute that the media is correct about drugs not coming in between points of entry, listen to Mr. Edwards discuss what is happening to his ranchers. They fear for their lives. Cartels have even offered them money to allow trafficking on their property and not to report them to authorities.  Bottom line?  If the feds can spend money on sheltering and pampering illegal aliens, they can spend money on the residents of these very counties that are dealing with their presence.    Show links The media’s willful ignorance of the cause of the drug crisis Joel Edwards on the threat to ranchers Reps. Chip Roy and Mark Green push to designate cartels as terrorists orgs  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.  
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Ep 356 | What Ever Happened to All Those Carava...
What ever happened to those thousands of people who came here belligerently in a caravan of 10,000+ and were stopped by Mexican authorities in Tijuana last November?  The president claims that they have been blocked, but the reality is that many of them are the groups coming in at other parts of the border.  Today, I am joined by Todd Bensman (@bensmanTodd), senior national security fellow for the Center for Immigration Studies, to discuss our working theory that many of the groups of 100-300 we are seeing in places like Hidalgo County, New Mexico, are, in fact, remnants of the original caravans. Todd visited the latest caravan in Piedras Negras and reports firsthand that Mexican authorities are releasing them with work visas. Do they wind up staying in Mexico? Dream on. Mexico is sprinkling them throughout our border so that they will avoid raising the ire of the American people.  Show links Todd’s eyewitness report from inside the holding facility of the latest caravan in Mexico    How many of these are really from caravans? Trump should end catch and release more than build a partial fence Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 355 | Trump Declared an Emergency. Now Treat...
Today, I review how Trump is implementing the wrong executive action and is only doing so to hide the fact that he betrayed us. I analyze the problems with the bill and the political problems with the particular action he is taking and the way he is expressing it.  What should he do instead? Later on, I touch on the fact that this spending binge is worse than ever before and demonstrates why you can’t tax your way out of debt or grow your way out of it.   Show links Leftists control the immigration courts The case Trump should make on shutting down the border The current spending binge is worse than under Obama Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 354 | Will Trump Sign the Worst Amnesty Bill...
This is Trump’s “Elijah on Mount Carmel” moment. Is he with the Swamp or is he with his campaign promises? I explain all the gory details of this omnibus/amnesty bill and why it’s worse than you think. There is no wall in this bill and it actually facilitates more of the invasion. Then it has a provision that makes this the worst amnesty bill ever.  Also, this bill sets the stage for an Iran-Contra-style entrapment if Trump uses executive action on the border. I explain why.  Show links White House trying to buy off conservatives  5 insane provisions in the omnibus We have allowed the cartels to shut down Hidalgo County This bill turns Border Patrol and ICE into even bigger bed and breakfast Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 353 | A Freshman Rep Who Found the Swamp to ...
Chip Roy spent many years in Congress as a staffer, but now that he is a member himself, even he is impressed with how feckless many of his Republican colleagues are. He joins me today for the first time since winning election to update us on the fight for our border and strategize on what Trump needs to do next. Chip also updates us the stupidity of his colleagues: “If we are going to keep doing this Democrat-lite, 'small' government horse manure that Republicans have been shoveling for as long as I can remember, then we deserve to be in the ash-heap of history that we deserve as a party if we can’t stand up for freedom.” In the second half of the show, I update you on the problems with the latest RINO sellout on the border and what Trump could be doing better. We also learn the lessons of the latest drug trafficking bust in Atlanta and how it ties into the border.   Show links DEA agent: 100% of drug problem is criminal alien problem Menendez: Illegals charged with DUIs aren’t criminals Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 352 | Which Is Worse in Immigration: America...
Today, I compare the problems of our front door immigration (front door) to our back-door problems with the border and conclude that they are both equally bad. Everyone is discussing the anti-Semitic comments from Somali Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn. What most people are missing is that this is a pervasive sentiment from many, not all, but many of the millions that we’ve admitted from these countries over the past generation. Why are we importing values of places that stand in contrast to our universal values here at home? Next, I update you on the latest at the New Mexico border and how disincentives and incentives matter when it comes to a border invasion. Finally, I demonstrate why illegal aliens likely commit even more crime than the numbers we are seeing.    Show links The Somali congresswomen should be investigated for multiple felonies Should we import the values of the Middle East? Watch for Kavanaugh to be the new Roberts New Mexico gov surrenders her state to the cartels FAIR’s analysis of criminal alien incarceration population Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 351 | Our Biggest Problems Are the Cartels a...
It all gets back to the cartels and the courts. What do the two have to do with each other? First, I brief you on the latest betrayals from Republicans and how they not only plan to cave on the border wall, but to actually make the policies that are driving the invasion even worse. Next, I lay out a winning strategy for Trump to declare war on the cartels.   Who is empowering the cartels? It’s all the court rulings. Which brings us to John Roberts and his recent ruling in an abortion case. Roberts is even worse than you think. Tune in to find out why. Show links Roberts takes his disdain for the Constitution to a new level My blueprint for Trump’s success on the border Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 350 | Identity Politics: The Reason We Refus...
Today, I tie together the identity politics over the Virginia governor and race to abortion and illegal immigration. Everything both parties care about all revolves around race rather than good public policy. I go through all the recent news on how our politicians are covering up the severity of the criminal alien problem. What lessons can we learn from the MS-13 subway attack? There are many that Mitch McConnell is refusing to learn. Later in the show, I am joined again by Mark Morgan, chief of Border Patrol under Obama and former FBI agent, to discuss the latest at our border. He explains how our Border Patrol has been turned into a hospital and food service, spending thousands of agent-hours dealing with processing an invasion, hospital visits, and checking on the temperature of burritos rather than fighting the cartels.     Show links Illegal immigration is a much bigger national security threat than Afghanistan NYPD hid immigration status of MS-13 subway murderer   Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 349 | Our Border Patrol Has Been Turned into...
My meetings with border law enforcement continue today with Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot. He gives us a riveting briefing on the state of affairs in his county. The sheriff explains how our border agents have been turned into a bed and breakfast and transportation hub to complete the criminal conspiracy of the cartels. His county has been slammed with the cost of illegal immigration, particularly the strain on health care services.  Show links A New Mexico county under attack Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 348 | “Su Casa es Mi Casa” as a Governing Ph...
Why is it that almost nobody in government will ever talk about the needs of America as a whole, but only for special interests and protected classes? Why is it that our government has adopted a “su casa es mi casa” mentality, offering the money, resources, safety, health care, education, and lives of Americans to help everyone else (including invaders) except for the people whom they were sworn to protect?   Stolen sovereignty: How our government violates the law and the underpinnings of the social contract and applies a different set of rules to foreign national criminals than to American citizens. It’s all rooted in identity politics.  Also, I explore why liberals want to destroy our traditional values but take us back a few centuries when it comes to economic progress and quality of life. Show links McConnell only cares about a shutdown, not our sovereignty My case for designating the cartels as terrorists Illegal arrested 3 times for DWI and voted in every election since 1994 and was still not deported Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 347 | Our Decades-Long Failure in Latin Amer...
You can only fight asymmetrical warfare with asymmetrical warfare. That is why any military intervention in Venezuela will not work at this point, according to our resident expert on Latin America.    I am joined today by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on terrorism in Latin America. He is the author of a book on this subject, Iran’s Strategic Penetration of Latin America. He delivers another blockbuster briefing and analysis on what is going on in Venezuela and what we should and shouldn’t be doing. Of course, we need to combat the bad guys in the region, but after years of allowing China, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, Cuba, and Turkey to stake out ground in Latin America, it is impossible to reinvent the wheel on a dime with a military intervention. Humire explains why we need to focus mainly on blocking a refugee influx as our priority. In general, he believes it’s long overdue that we get our priorities in order and recognize that Latin America is the most important geopolitical theater for us, so that the next time something like this happens, we actually have plays to make. Finally, I discuss the latest in Mexican politics as well as Bolivia and how it ties into the caravans.   Show links How deeply Russian mercenaries are involved with Maduro    Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 345 | Trump Must Make the Border Issue Even ...
In this episode, we try to give some hope on the capitulation. All is not lost in the border fight, and there is actually another chance … if Trump changes tactics, messaging, policy, and personnel. I explain each element that needs to change. Personnel problems are killing conservative messaging and policies. Trump needs to use more executive action (that is lawful) and stand up to the courts. He needs to make this a broader issue than just the wall. What the cartels have done to this country is more severe in terms of drugs, crime, gangs, diseases, illegal migrants, cultural problems, and illegals voting than anything any other enemy can do to us. It’s time to designate them as terror groups and beef up our military presence. This will make Trump’s declaration of an emergency all the more understandable to the public.  If Trump makes this a broader issue about the severity of the cartels and illegal immigration, it will make Pelosi’s position untenable with the public. Show links Jared Kushner and the Kochs are leading negotiations for OUR side. What could go wrong? Jerks around Trump leaked meeting of conservatives How our border agents are shut down Our Border Patrol is still shut down Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 346 | Meet the Border County Sheriff Who Sca...
There is unbounded chaos at most parts of our border, and we are pulling our hair out to find a solution. What if I told you there was one border county that is actually better off than ever, even with the growing crisis elsewhere? Wouldn’t you want to learn from its people's actions and understand what they do right? Mark Dannels is sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona, and has worked in local law enforcement at the border since 1984. His county was once called “cocaine alley” and had a major human smuggling problem. Then Dannels became sheriff, and things started to change. He made it known that he will prosecute 100 percent of those caught with drugs. While other states and localities are becoming weaker on drug prosecutions, he didn’t give into the pressure. He enforces all existing laws to the fullest. Any juvenile picked up for drugs will be prosecuted as an adult with a 100 percent conviction rate. Sheriff Dannels explains how being tough is actually the most humanitarian thing to do for all sides, because encouraging more juvenile smuggling dooms these youths to a life of abuse at the hands of the cartels. “You have to send the message that there are consequences for getting caught,” said the sheriff. He also explains his success in working together with the military and the feds on monitoring cameras and how they have close to a 70 percent interdiction rate. But that requires the human support behind it of people who are willing to actually enforce the law. They do this in his county, which is why the cartels are sending everyone all along the border, but not anywhere under his jurisdiction. You don’t mess with Sheriff Dannels.        Show links Our border agents are now terrified of the media and are obsessed with medical attentions for illegals Sheriff Dannels gets national recognition for his success Senate Republicans getting ready to block Trump, not illegal immigration Non-citizens voting in our elections is a huge problem   Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 344 | Why the Mexican Cartels Are a More Ser...
What is it going to take for us to get serious about the threat from the Mexican cartels? Jaeson Jones, veteran Texas DPS intel and counterterrorism officer, joins us for his second briefing (here is the first episode) on the severity of the cartels' threat. They are no longer just drug cartels; they are essentially global terror groups that need to be designated as such, according to Jones. Their weapons, tactics, and infrastructure have taken a “quantum leap” over the past few years, and our government always seems to be a step behind.  Show links Even Congress’ research arm vouches for president’s authority Rock-throwing operations by the cartels are used as diversions Cartels with armored vehicles My blueprint for what Trump should do next  Copyright Blaze Media LLC All Rights Reserved.  
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Ep 343 | Here is a Winning strategy for Trump o...
Conservatives need to tell the president to change course. His recent capitulations on the SOTU address and obsession with DACA amnesty all show that his advisers are not thinking outside the box. I lay out a three-part strategy for Trump to use the bully pulpit and get back on message, force Democrats to take tough votes, and then threaten to use his executive power to break the impasse. He needs to get more aggressive in pushing back against the courts, at least enough to force the Supreme Court to take up the issues.  Show links This article lines up with what I'm hearing Conservatives are facing failure unless Trump changes strategy   Why won’t we deport the 2 million known criminal aliens? Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.    
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