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An interview with Nick Freitas, a liberty conse...
In our next installment of “meet the candidates,” we are joined by Nick Freitas, who is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia. Freitas (@NickforVA) is an army veteran of the Special Forces and is currently serving his second term in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has recently made national news with his impassioned speech in the state legislature, saying that Democrats have no right to call conservatives Nazis and segregationists and that when it comes to morals and violence, Democrats should look in the mirror.   In this very wide-ranging interview, Freitas reveals his philosophy on an array of important issues from guns and immigration to health care and foreign policy. He discusses the way he would message them and how he would serve as a voice for constitutional conservatives.  Show links “The speech” by Nick Freitas Nick’s speech on Medicaid expansion Freitas goes on offense after Democrats act offended by his speech  
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The GOP is a balloon headed into a strong midte...
It’s already March, and Republicans have accomplished nothing this year other than passing a Democrat spending bill, raising the debt ceiling, promoting amnesty, ignoring the judicial assault on separation of powers, and validating every Democrat narrative on every major policy. It’s no wonder polls show them heading for a wipeout in November. In this episode, we go through the latest on how amnesty is continuing because of Congress’ impotence in the face of the courts. We discuss how Parkland was a criminal justice problem, not a gun problem, yet Trump and Republicans refuse to launch this counter-narrative. Next, we discuss how the problem with our exports is not trade or imports, but crushing government mandates, regulations, market distortions, and the fiscal deficit.  We explain how debt crowds out investment both here and from foreign nations by incentivizing them to invest in dependency and Democrat votes rather than capital goods. The fiscal deficit, not the trade deficit, is also the bigger national security problem. We note how a sane conservative party could go one by one and show the American people how government interventions hurt consumers on every major basket of goods and services. It’s something we intend to promote with our bill of rights for taxpayers and consumers.  Next, we discuss how Mattis has gotten so bad on foreign policy that even H.R. McMaster now seems relatively conservative compared to him.  Finally, we close by showing how McConnell is using phony Senate rules to hide behind the fact that he is allowing Democrats to win on issues and not using the Senate calendar to our advantage.     Show links How McConnell is obstructing any positive agenda in the Senate Head of Centcom cares about Iraqi sovereignty, not American sovereignty Why the fiscal deficit, not trade, is hurting exports How jailbreak policy led to Parkland Ethanol mandate is killing the lifeblood of our economy    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Rep. Thomas Massie on the cowardice of the GOP ...
Congressional Republicans are similar to some of the deputies at the Parkland shooting when it comes to confronting a political firefight, according to Rep. Thomas Massie, chairman of the House Second Amendment Caucus. On today’s show, we are joined by Rep. Massie to discuss his prescient warning last December on our show, when he predicted that Republicans would pass gun control without the agreed-upon right-to-carry reciprocity legislation. Indeed, that premonition is playing out today before our very eyes.  In a wide-ranging and engaging interview, Massie tells it like it is on the gun debate and what really needs to be done to protect our soft targets. He explains how the expanded background check bills will never prevent an attack and will only serve to strip rights away from Americans. He reveals that several employees of the VA have come forward to expose the problems with the NICS system and how it wrongly targets seniors and veterans.    Show links Our December interview with Massie
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The crisis with the courts; conservatives hooke...
Conservatives are so focused on substance-less and short-sighted victories that they don’t realize how the Left is winning 50-year battles overnight, even as conservatives think they are in power. Nowhere is this more evident than with the courts.   In this episode, we delve into some recent happenings in the courts that demonstrate how the Supreme Court is purposely allowing lower courts to enact a tyrannical agenda against the law of the land. Nobody is willing to do anything about it. There are no words in the English language to describe the degree of insanity of district judges forcing an entire country to issue Social Security cards to illegal foreign nationals, but we try to best capture the consequences in this show. After this show, you will come away with an understanding of why simply “appointing better judges” is not working.  Then we outline some ways out of this morass. But that will require conservatives to wean themselves off their political morphine and feel the pain.  Show links Judicial amnesty is 'law of the land' — unless we stand and fight Judges forcing Trump to continue lawless environmental regulations of Obama SCOTUS ignores the Second Amendment   The budget deficit is really twice as large than it's being reported
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#DoSomething: Where the hell is the outrage on ...
What about the children? What about our schools? What about the tens of thousands dying from poison brought here by DACA and UAC illegals and their networks? Why is it that Republicans will only discuss and address what the media tells them to and refuse to launch their own counter-attacks? In this episode, we discuss how the Left is so successful at harnessing an atrocity to promote a political agenda that won’t redress the issue but ignores a very preventable crisis in public safety that stems from other countries' criminals. DACA and sanctuary cities are single-handedly responsible for the resurgence of MS-13 and growth of heroin and fentanyl ravaging our communities, beyond any other public policy crisis.  Show links Gun-grabbers don’t want to discuss Baltimore   DACA and sanctuaries causing MS-13 and opioid crises Testimony of officer Nick Rogers on sanctuary cities blocking us from fighting opioid smuggling  
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Meet the candidates: An interview with Art Halv...
Today, as part of our next installment in “meet the candidates,” we are joined by Art Halvorson, running for Congress in southwest Pennsylvania. Art has run several times against Rep. Bill Shuster in District 9, and because he had a good chance of winning, Shuster decided to retire. Now the seat is open, with several candidates running. After graduating from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1977, Art served 29 years in the Coast Guard as a rescue helicopter pilot, flight instructor, test pilot, commanding officer, and eventually as a senior adviser at Coast Guard headquarters in Washington. After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2006, Art went into real estate investment and now runs four companies that own and manage real estate around the country. He also owns a family farm. Art has been married for 38 years, has six children, and is a devout Christian. We delve into the need for judicial reform, and Art promises to make the legislature strong again. It is especially relevant as unelected judges are literally redrawing Pennsylvania’s election maps in middle of the election. Art also focuses on the need to fight the gas tax increase, and instead, return transportation authority to the states – an issue few on the Right are even familiar with.  Show notes The judicial emergency gets worse  Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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A country George Washington would not recognize...
As we celebrate George Washington’s birthday this week (no, not all presidents), we examine the news of the day through the prism of his legacy and how he would not recognize the republic that he fought so hard to establish. In today’s show, we delve into the actual meaning of politics and public policy and distinguish what is and what is not a political issue. With that in mind, we discuss not just the mass murder in Florida, but rising crime in general and the desire of both parties to loosen criminal justice laws. We close with an update on immigration and how the courts have rendered the victory over legislative amnesty moot. George Washington feared an all-powerful executive, but he never imagined that the worst usurpations would come from what was supposed to be the weakest branch of government.     Key quotes  “His was the directing spirit without which there would have been no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic. His ways were the ways of truth. He built for eternity. His influence grows. His stature increases with the increasing years. In wisdom of action, in purity of character, he stands alone. We can not yet estimate him. We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine Providence which sent him to serve and inspire his fellow men.”  ~President Calvin Coolidge, remarks celebrating Washington’s birthday in 1927 Show links Calvin Coolidge’s tribute to George Washington 10 quotes that prove Washington would not recognize the country today Senate Committee passes bill to release firearms felons…but gun control!   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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A Bill of Rights for the forgotten taxpayer and...
It’s time for us, as a movement, to take things to the next level or suffer a slow and humiliating political death.  In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we update you on all of the issues on which conservatives are being beaten down. There is simply no counter-narrative on the Right. It’s time for a new Contract with America that revolves around protecting taxpayers and consumers and that speaks to the hearts of many voters, conservatives and non-conservatives. And it’s time to get the candidates to sign on to it. We go through the lessons of the 1994 effort, how to build on it, and what issues and principles should be established.  Show links Illegal alien kills toddler in ambulance Time to abolish federal gas tax – the true conservative plan for infrastructure How chain migration is creating a permanent socialist majority  8 examples of eye-popping debt from Trump's budget proposal It’s time for the Forgotten Man Caucus  
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Rep. Jim Jordan on the GOP's political adultery...
Is there anyone left in Washington who will stand for the forgotten men and women of this country who don’t have a special interest representing them? One man, Rep. Jim Jordan, has been very vocal over the weekend, telling it like it is about the act of political adultery committed by GOP leaders.  Jordan joins us to discuss how leadership reneged on their promises and why this particular betrayal came at a time when Republicans could have secured a major victory with Democrats on the run. He reminds us that despite excuses about not having 60 votes in the Senate, Democrats are the ones who don’t have 60 votes … or the House and White House. So why do they get everything they want, every time? We close by revealing why this budget betrayal is the nail in the coffin to fiscal solvency and will condemn us to a Greece-style meltdown within a decade. Watch for the big amnesty debate in the coming days. Let’s not get distracted by the nonsense in the news that other conservative media use to distract from where they can really make an impact.  Show links My advice to the Freedom Caucus   The Federal Reserve interest rate shenanigans will exacerbate the debt crisis
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While everyone is distracted, the GOP sells us ...
Not only is the GOP-controlled Congress screwing us on every issue, it is doubling down on the very policies in each issue portfolio that caused the problem to begin with. Both parties should change their symbol to that of a firefighter engaging in arson. Republicans are screwing us on immigration. You won’t believe McConnell’s new tactic of introducing a blank bill. It is the perfect metaphor for a leader of a party who has no convictions. We delve into a host of health care betrayals and give a vision for free-market health care that so many conservatives are failing to provide. Republicans are agreeing to expand the very programs that gave the insurance cartel a monopoly to gouge us.  Next, we tackle the budget betrayal, which is worse than you think. Which brings us to a long discussion about Pentagon spending and the crisis of innovation to rethink our strategic vision in the world and how it will solve the budget problem, in which Democrats hold military spending hostage for increased non-defense spending.  Key quotes: “The cruel irony of the GOP abolishing the Budget Control Act is that they are now undoing, with control of all three branches, what they accomplished with just one branch. Then again, they are Republicans, and perfidy is the main plank of their platform.” "If you are a non-illegal alien U.S. citizen who doesn’t want a handout, just a fair chance in a free market, you don’t exist — to either party." Show links: McConnell would support dog manure if it gets 60 votes 9 US tanks wind up in Iran’s hands Pentagon magically loses $800 million My 10 observations on GOP perfidy GOP’s disgraceful retreat on Obamacare     Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved
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The important consequences being missed from th...
In this episode, we explore the revelations in the Nunes memo and the broader cover-up of the Hillary email-scandal – not so much from a focus on the technical details but from the standpoint of the constitutional crisis that is confronting us. We now have progressives in all areas of government, but particularly in the unelected courts and bureaucracies, who are willing to breach all legal firewalls in order to achieve their political goals. The ends now justify the means. They openly thwart immigration law, maintain sanctuary cities, and set up autonomous “fourth branch” agencies seeking to operate outside constitutional charter. It would be bad enough to adopt an “ends justify the means” mindset, but the people who are doing so are simultaneously seeking to inoculate themselves from all constitutional checks on their ill-gotten power.    Show links Rod Rosenstein thinks he is above the law 
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Rep. Ron DeSantis on the SOTU and policy innova...
To review the SOTU and the opportunities with which the president’s successful address presents to conservatives, we are joined by Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., one of the brightest policy innovators in Congress.  We delve into ways to take even the less conservative policy ideas of the president and turn them into winning ideas, if only we had leadership willing to fulfill their campaign promises. DeSantis describes some of his bills and ideas for Congress to have a successful legislative year. He brings up the point that Republicans could so easily put Democrats into an awkward position by forcing a vote on making the tax cuts permanent. Later in the show, we broach a number of other political matters including the budget and ways to reform the filibuster. Finally, DeSantis discusses his run for governor of Florida and how he intends to make state governments great again with conservative policy leadership. Show links Ron DeSantis' campaign website How the president can follow up from a successful SOTU  
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What Trump and the GOP need is consistency Ep. 187
In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we discuss some of the news of the week through the prism of the GOP’s lack of consistency.  On immigration, Republicans have a chance to go on offense and keep up the momentum from the Schumer Shutdown, yet they are going backward. We continue the theme from last week on why Trump’s strategy on immigration is wrong. If Trump’s strategy was to show how radical Democrats are on amnesty, then now is the time to walk away. We also detail how chain migration is killing our immigration system and creating a permanent Democrat majority.  Next, we discuss how the inconsistency of the GOP on the life issue exposes the fact that Republicans only champion pro-life initiatives when they know it will not result in a meaningful change. The minute they have a chance to actually change the game, they drop the issue like a hot potato. Finally, we discuss the government covering up the failure and lack of strategy in Afghanistan and how this is hurting our ability to get our budget priorities straight, not to mention care for the lives of our soldiers.      Show links The facts on immigration that categorically disprove the Left’s thesis on the issue 6 reasons why the Senate abortion vote was a sham Pentagon ordering inspector general not to publish truth on Afghanistan
38 min
Why Trump’s amnesty is bad policy, bad politics...
It takes a lot more than a vapid soundbite to understand the policy and politics surrounding immigration. This is why we dedicate a full hour to all of the angles the commentary class are missing about Trump’s amnesty proposal and his broader messaging and how it betrays every promise he made in spectacular fashion.  The key in politics is to understand the political atmosphere, the context, where something is coming from, and where it is headed. Get ready for a complete education on this issue that encompasses all of these elements.  Show links Interview with Mark Levin on Trump Amnesty Why 12-year path for amnesty will “morph” into 5
60 min
Growing economy and rise of the alt-left give t...
The convergence of so much positive economic news with the tax cuts, the Schumer shutdown flop, and the unraveling of the Russia scandal has given Republicans a second chance to plow forward with a winning agenda. In this episode, we lay out an agenda for McConnell and the Republicans. They can press their advantage on immigration in many ways. They can move back to repeal of Obamacare by learning the lessons of the successful tax bill. They can make the tax cuts permanent. They can unite behind rooting out the corruption at the FBI with the newly released evidence of systemic rot at its highest levels. They can finally end the dumpster fire in Afghanistan and use the savings to build up base defense rather than agreeing to spend more on non-defense in order to build up the military.   Finally, we discuss how the alt-left takeover of all western institutions, including the military, has created a dynamic where people in charge of important institutions are willing to break all norms, laws, and trust in order to advance their agenda. We discuss the military brass in the context of their disregard for facts on the ground in Afghanistan and Syria and how they couldn’t care less about the lives of the troops. Congress must reassert itself, and there is actually a bipartisan opportunity to change things.   There are so many important things to accomplish. The GOP will likely never get a second chance before the midterm elections to demonstrate leadership on these and many other issues.  Show links Majority of voters want less immigration McConnell’s opportunity to become a statesman   Schumer’s 3 decades of lies on immigration Military covering up pedophilia among Afghans    
53 min
The one job illegals do that Americans won't do...
When will we have a party that cares about the citizenry as much as Democrats care about illegal aliens?  In this episode, we go through the facts and myths of a government shutdown. We also show the enormity that an entire political party is willing to pull out all the stops for illegal aliens. We delve into some background on immigration to show how Republicans are failing to make the strongest arguments against this assault on American sovereignty by using some of Schumer’s own quotes from the past. There are some important lessons we can learn from immigration battles and chicanery of the past.   We also discuss the 45th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. What does that have to do with a government shutdown and illegal immigration? Tune in and you will learn everything you need to know about the asymmetrical warfare between the two parties. Show links Amnesty documents still being processed during shutdown Schumer’s 3 decades of lies on immigration Schumer admitted in 1986 that amnesty was a gamble The tough love for the pro-life movement that some don’t want to hear  
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Meet the Candidates: Chip Roy in TX-21 Ep. 183
In this episode, we kick off our series of “meet the candidates,” where we introduce you to those running for office who are willing to challenge the existing paradigm in both parties. Our first candidate is Chip Roy (@chiproytx), former chief of staff to Sen. Ted Cruz and all-around conservative warrior. He is running for the open seat in TX-21, spanning from parts of Austin and San Antonio.  We don’t just discuss the typical issues, but delve into the inner workings of how a conservative warrior can go to Washington and actually implement his promises. Chip has some unique and thoughtful ideas that most candidates don’t typically articulate.  Between not caring about re-election, using a smart inside-outside game to give voice to the forgotten man and the forgotten issues, and a focus on systemically reforming the role of Congress relative to the other branches, Chip is ready to hit the ground running.   Show links Chip Roy: The candidate we’ve been waiting for What a conservative caucus would do with the budget Nobody cares about deficits any more, despite record revenue  
38 min
Let’s not turn America into a “s---hole” Ep. 182
The political class is deliriously and sanctimoniously virtue-signaling against Trump’s alleged comments about immigrants from s---hole countries. In this episode, we demonstrate how both liberal and “conservative” pundits have no sense of context or historical background about our immigration system. It doesn’t matter so much where people come from, but our current immigration system is turning America into a s---hole for the rest of the world.  Also, while origin doesn’t inherently matter, it’s undeniable that our entire immigration system has become insanely weighted towards the third world. We delve into all the census data — from crimes rates, education, and English proficiency to poverty and welfare use — and it’s quite evident that under a true merit system, we would have more immigrants from Europe and South Asia than from other places. This is not to say we can’t have any immigrants from those other countries, but it is unfair to America to import such large numbers from impoverished countries over such a short period of time, especially when they don’t assimilate.     Key quotes: In a letter to an immigrant friend in 1813, then President Madison made it clear that they would always warmly welcome immigrants “who are attached to our Country by its natural and political advantages.” He was emphatic about his views that mass immigration as an end to itself beyond those with particular skills was not to be encouraged. “I am obliged, at the same time, to say, as you will doubtless learn from others, that it is not either the provision of our laws or the practice of the Government to give any encouragement to emigrants, unless it be in cases where they may bring with them some special addition to our stock of arts or articles of culture.” ~From page 127 of "Stolen Sovereignty" “The citizens of America preferred this country, because it is to be preferred; the like principle he wished might be held by every man who came from Europe to reside here; but there was at least some grounds to fear the contrary; their sensations, impregnated with prejudices of education, acquired under monarchical and aristocratical Governments, may deprive them of that zest for pure republicanism, which is necessary in order to taste its beneficence with that gratitude which we feel on the occasion.” ~Theodore Sedgewick, 1790 Show links “Abstract immigrants”: Thomas Sowell makes fun of elites on immigration 22% of US, 45% of California speak foreign language at home Demographic info on immigrants 5 shocking trends on immigration New report shows no vetting of 2.37 million illegals released by ICE  
45 min
Illegal alien supremacism + judicial supremacis...
Americans don’t matter in the debate on immigration.  In this episode, we show how the mixture of illegal alien supremacism and judicial supremacism is a kill shot on our sovereignty, security, society, and system of governance. We cannot recover as a nation, much less a republic, if these two issues are not immediately addressed. We discuss the latest inside information on immigration and analyze the good and the bad of the good-faith proposal on immigration put forth by Rep. Bob Goodlatte. You won’t want to miss it.    Show links Russian birth tourism fleecing America Why Trump must ignore amnesty judge Border crossings doubled because of promise of amnesty The big lie about TPS amnesty for El Salvador Trump should issue “veto of love” if budget bill doesn’t contain these 5 provisions    
39 min
Lots of good news happening if we can overlook ...
We could talk about Steve Bannon and Oprah all day … or we can discuss the issues that matter. In this episode, we delve into all the good economic, security, and immigration news that Republicans could actually run on and promise to advance further, if only they were willing to punch through the fake news cycle and endless soap opera. Unfortunately, they are out to lunch. Whether it's ending aid for terrorist countries, stopping amnesty programs, or opening up the entire outer continental shelf to drilling, there is a lot of positive change taking place. But if a policy tree falls in a forest of soap operas, who knows?   We also discuss the good news on health care everyone is ignoring and that Republicans are doing a lousy job of selling. The executive orders on health care will open up an opportunity to collapse Obamacare from within and foster a true competitive market for at least some portions of health care.  We also announce the future of our “meet the candidates” segment we plan to inaugurate here so that you can be informed about the best choices for the midterm elections. Show links'Body count': Where does America's 3rd-world violence come from?The importance of getting rid of TPSIt's time for a US DACA: Deferred Action from Criminal Aliens The plan to drill for more oil is a big deal How Trump can stay strong against the amnesty agenda    
37 min
Smashing failed paradigms, ideas, and premises ...
Trump’s polling is going up, and not surprisingly, it coincides with a solid few months of Trump pursuing and championing conservative policies. If Trump would actually stay on message and not get distracted, he can turn around the impending doom of the midterms. In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we discuss how Trump is smashing failed paradigms of policy assumptions and how he can do even better to introduce fresh ideas. But that would require him to ignore some of the soap opera around him and stay on message. We give you updates on some of the latest happenings in immigration and the courts that you won’t hear about in the vacuous media. We conclude by offering an example of a failed paradigm that has become a holy grail of the political elites – counting illegal aliens in the Census. The administration has given some indications that it is open to changing this disgusting practice of stolen sovereignty. We give the full political, philosophical, and constitutional case for doing so. Show links 32% of all federal incarcerations are non-citizens Record immigration in 2016 Time to stop counting illegals in the Census Mitt Romney is a failed paradigm clinger, not a paradigm smasher    
53 min
How regime change in Iran could recover our fai...
Have we reached the Jenga Point of foreign policy?  In this first episode of 2018, we frame the new year by beginning with foreign policy. President Trump can remake our national security and promote peace for the world by supporting regime change in Iran without making any of the painful investments we’ve expended in other failed conflicts. We bring on CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel), to discuss what is going on in Iran and what Trump should do next.   We delve into the broader Middle East chessboard and how this “intervention” would be different from other failed choices made by past leaders. At the end of the show, we contrast the use of soft power to overthrow the mullahs with the use of heavy military intervention in Afghanistan to show what is a prudent intervention and what is a counterintuitive one. Overall, not a bad start to 2018 from the president!  Show notes Trump moving to the right, but still held down by cabinet 5 ways Trump could spark regime change with no cost How NYT is making big bucks off Iran tours Obama lackeys siding with Iranian regime
48 min
Importing hate into our country: A national eme...
On this sleepy holiday weekend, there were more attempted terror attacks perpetrated by beneficiaries of chain migration from the Middle East. What is it going to take for it to become fashionable among the political elites to terminate these suicidal immigration policies? In this episode of "The Conservative Conscience," we delve into the convoluted and corrupt values of those who want to import huge numbers of immigrants from parts of the world where they hate Jews and hate our American values. Where is the sympathy, love, tolerance, and compassion in bringing in those who are intolerant of others, particularly of Jews? We discuss the dynamic in Sweden, where Jews can no longer practice their faith openly because of the Islamic invasion supported by the political elites. Yet, liberals in America, including liberal Jewish groups, are working overtime to bring the same dynamic here. Finally, we delve into some of the latest "stolen sovereignty" court rulings hampering Trump’s most basic efforts to keep the nation safe, and how, absent judicial reform, we are doomed as a nation.      Show links Muslim immigrants committing crimes against Jews in Sweden Jews in Sweden caught between Islamic sharia and pagan sharia More homegrown terrorism from Islamic chain migration Remember the Chelsea bomber? He’s already radicalizing others
39 min
Tax cuts: Does winning only the last game of se...
Tax cuts and some other relatively good news makes this a surprisingly better end to 2017 than many of us expected. However, as we note throughout the show, the victories are fleeting and akin to the Cleveland Browns winning the last two games of the season after losing the first 14 games. At the same time, it doesn’t mean nothing good can come from such belated winning, or the lessons to be learned from it. In this episode, we discuss the advantages of the tax bill along with repeal of the individual mandate of Obamacare. We also celebrate how we dodged a bullet and succeeded in blocking amnesty and the insurance bailout from the budget bill. No, we didn’t throw any touchdowns, but with this political franchise, not tossing interceptions is a victory. The prophet of lamentations has some good news for once! We also delve into some stories you might have missed, from Republicans ruining one of the few court victories they ever secured to the Trump administration re-nominating the architect of Obama’s transgender agenda as commissioner of the EEOC. Show links GOP agreed to give away court victory on Obamacare subsidies   The tax bill actually makes code more progressive; Dem opposition is indefensible
37 min
The best tax reform plan you've ever heard Ep. 175
Despite the passage of what appears to be a significant tax cut, the tax system is worse off than ever, the plan is still unpopular, and most people don’t even realize they are getting a tax cut. This is the problem with direct federal taxation built upon the insufferable progressive scheme. Isn’t it time for truly innovative tax reform ideas? In this episode, we are joined by Tom Ryan (@TomDRyan), the author of The Neutral Tax plan, a proposal that is the ultimate fair, flat, and simple tax. It would devolve all tax collection to the states, and the feds would come in at the back end with a flat tax on the state’s revenue. He answers all our questions on how it would work, why it is superior to anything proposed thus far, and how it will make state governments great again. Show notes The ultimate simple, fair, and flat tax proposal The insanity of the progressive tax code just got more progressive
52 min