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Ep 595 | How the Courts Are Already Abolishing ICE
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Ep 588 | Will Republicans Really Run to the LEF...
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Ep 587 | Top DEA Agent: We’re in a Struggle of ...
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Ep 586 | ‘Appointing Better Judges’ Is the Cons...
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Ep 585 | The Ultimate Sellout of American Worke...
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Ep 584 | Forget About the Dem Debate: Focus on ...
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Ep 583 | The Story of an ICE Hero Denied Justice
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Ep 582 | Yes, Republicans Are Planning a Big Am...
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Ep 581 | What if Republicans Had Supermajoritie...
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Ep 580 | Truth Bomb: Dems Destroy America; Repu...
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Ep 579 | An Angel Mom Who Lost Her Daughter to ...
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Ep 578 | The Courts Are the Problem, NOT the So...
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Ep 577 | WRONG: The Completely Illogical Argume...
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Ep 576 | And the Most Articulate Candidate Runn...
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Ep 575 | Everyone Is Missing the Point About th...
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Ep 574 | State of the Union: The President's Po...
Everything you need to know about the president’s SOTU and more! There’s boundless potential for the president to continue using the bully pulpit to actually convert his eloquent words into action. We discuss some of the best moments, plus some of the areas where the swamp is winning within the administration and where Trump can improve.  Show Links:  Bernie the fake populist:  How Trump can make his smackdown of sanctuary politicians into real action: 
49 min
Ep 573 | How Trump Can Capitalize on the Democr...
With the increasing likelihood that the Democrats will help Trump win re-election, I lay out a vision for Trump to capitalize on this with a successful campaign message. First, he needs to endorse better candidates who will have his back in Congress. Then he needs to push a relentless focus on sanctuary cities, drugs, crime, homelessness, and national security problems and show all the ways that Bernie and his ilk are aggravating those concerns. Finally, press the pedal to the metal on implementing all his policies during his second term. Show Links:  New York's predictable crime bomb continues:  Chickens of refugee resettlement coming home to roost in Minneapolis: 
43 min
Ep 572 | Super Bowl Culture Wars
The actual game was terrific, but how can kids watch a broadcast that has X-rated material? I discuss the cultural divide that is now enveloping every aspect of entertainment. In addition, I explain why the Trump ad obfuscating the history of Alice Johnson and the general nature of who is in federal prison is a violation of what he campaigned on. Finally, I give some initial thoughts on the travel ban, as another Iraqi refugee is suspected of being a former al Qaeda member.   Show Links:  The good and bad of the new travel ban:  Johnson might have deserved a pardon, but she also deserved the original sentence: 
49 min
Ep 571 | The Most Important Congressional Prima...
Today I’m joined by Chris Putnam, who is perhaps the only viable conservative candidate challenging a liberal Republican this cycle. Kay Granger of Texas’ 12th Congressional District will be the chair of the House Appropriations Committee if Republicans win back the House. Putnam explains why it would be tantamount to just handing the leadership over to Democrats. He discusses his governing philosophy and how to keep the conservative culture of Texas alive with true conservative representation. 
47 min
Ep 570 | What America Can Learn from Israel’s B...
With Trump’s peace deal for Israel in the news this week, we discuss the security situation Israel faces with the insane borders Democrats want to draw for them. And we here in the U.S. are faced with similar problems, with violent groups digging tunnels into our country. Plus, more opportunities for Trump to lead on national security as well as get involved in primaries. Show Links:  The truth about 'Palestine': 
36 min
Ep 569 | A Former Border Agent Is Running for C...
Today, I kick off the first of the “meet the candidates” series to search for Republican candidates who will actually keep their promises. We’re joined by Greg Hill, running for Congress in Texas’s 22nd Congressional District. As a former border agent, prosecutor, and judge, Hill promises to be tough on illegal immigration and crime while fighting for a balanced budget.
39 min
Ep 568 | Supporting RINOs Like Romney Could Rui...
Trump is learning the hard way that endorsing Mitt Romney was a mistake. In order to have a successful second term, Trump must change gears and stop endorsing liberal Republicans at the request of party leaders. He needs to build reinforcements. I also explain the court ruling yesterday on the public charge rule and how Trump has a responsibility, as a separate, co-equal branch of government, to stop giving force to illegal nationwide injunctions.  Show Links:  Two years ago: Warning Trump not to endorse Romney:  Trump can push back against illegal nationwide injunctions without SCOTUS:  Abraham Lincoln's attorney general explained the role of the judiciary better than anyone: 
54 min
Ep 567 | Coronavirus News > Impeachment News. G...
Nobody cares about impeachment. What do people care about? The safety and security of their communities. I talk about a few issues Trump can harness that will actually resonate with the public. People are terrified of public health concerns. I make the case for a suspension of travel to China until the coronavirus epidemic subsides. Also, one prominent supporter of the jailbreak movement publicly admits that the goal is to release violent criminals, not only supposed nonviolent offenders.  Show Links:  AP article on why nobody cares about impeachment:  The secret is out: Prison release is all about violent offenders:  Some Florida Republicans push jailbreak along with gun control, just like Dems: 
38 min
Ep 566 | Behind Every Liberal Policy Is a WEAK ...
When you take stock of what the Left is doing on economics, abortion, transgenderism, crime, and illegal immigration, it’s easier now to provide a bold-colored policy contrast than ever before. Yet behind every radical Democrat position is a prominent Republican pushing that very policy! I explain today how Republicans are doing this on issues like crime, guns, open borders, and global warming. We can do so much better.
44 min
Ep 565 | Gun Rights Battleground: Everything Yo...
Today, we are joined by Erich Pratt, senior vice president of Gun Owners of America, to give us a state of play on the fight for our right to protect ourselves. Pratt lays out the stakes of the battle over our Second Amendment, as well as where we are winning and where we are losing. And he reveals what YOU can do as a concerned citizen to push back against those who want to release criminals while criminalizing constitutional rights. It's time to fight sanctuary cities with sanctuaries for the Constitution. Erich tells us how you can join the growing Second Amendment sanctuary movement. Show links VA Dems vote to release the most violent criminals as they infringe on gun rights:  GOA’s sanctuary page: Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
45 min
Ep 564 | A Grim Anniversary: 47 Years and 60 Mi...
Amid the fight over an irrelevant impeachment trial, today marks the 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I explain what all Republicans and so-called pro-life organizations refuse to do in order to save human life and why the life issue has been used as an electoral scam rather than a righteous crusade.  It’s all about uprooting the false notion that courts wield such power to begin with. Until and unless we do that, we will be marking many more grim anniversaries to come.   Show Links:  The price of judicial supremacism: 60 million lives:  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
41 min
Ep 563 | Why Central American Migrants Are Hopi...
We are joined today by Todd Bensman of the Center for Immigration Studies for an intelligence briefing on what is going on at the border with the new migrant caravans. Todd has riveting information on what motivates illegal immigrants and how they are scamming our system to find “chinks in the armor of enforcement.” They are waiting for Democrats to win the election, and then they know they can come here for free. But even under Trump, there is still more that can be done to close some other loopholes.  Show Links:  Todd's interviews with migrants hoping Trump loses:  Illegal alien crime in NYC is shocking beyond belief: 
48 min
Ep 562 | It's NOT Too Late for Trump to Fulfill...
What happened to “extreme vetting?” The Trump admin is bringing in more Middle Easterners than ever and continuing the Saudi military training program, even after the Pensacola terror attack. Plus, Chinese espionage is worse than ever, yet we have record Chinese immigration, plus those increasingly coming to our border and getting asylum under suspicious circumstances. Finally, this administration is expanding worker visas. It’s not too late for Trump to return to his campaign promises to reduce immigration. We gently remind him of them today and why he was right to make those promises. Show Links:  Durbin gets to Trump's right on immigration!  Chinese immigrant accused of stealing $100 million in trade secrets from Coke: Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
43 min
Ep 561 | A Dictatorship of Judges … if We Allow It
The entire concept of judicial supremacy is built on a lie and is a house of cards. Trump and the state governments can easily push back against it. Until and unless they do, we will live in a judicial dictatorship of our own choosing.  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
43 min
Ep 560 | Texas Gov. Abbott's RIGHT: The Truth a...
Today’s show is our most in-depth discussion of the broken refugee program. Liberals and phony conservatives are accusing Texas Governor Greg Abbott of being cold-hearted and violating American values by stopping refugee resettlement. In reality, he is upholding our ultimate American values by stopping the forced transformation of communities. I delve into the security problems, fiscal cost, and cultural balkanization caused by the program, why the program is outdated, and what the virtue-signaling politicos are missing about its effects.    Show Links: Abbott chooses taxpayers over virtue-signaling:  Even a refugee social worker admit there's a point where resettlement is too transformative:  Andrew McCarthy on vetting for Sharia supremacism:  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
50 min
Ep 559 | Why Most Crime and Terrorism in Americ...
While we will never enjoy a crime-free utopia in this world, I’m here to tell you that most domestic murder is preventable because those crimes are committed by repeat offenders who are not punished enough. All crime committed by illegal aliens would be avoidable if we enforced our immigration laws. Most terror cases are avoidable because we should never have let the perpetrator into the country, as we learned yesterday from the Justice Department regarding the Saudi terrorist in Pensacola. Hence, supporting sovereignty and security is the ultimate pro-life policy. I also detail the crazy jailbreak cases in New York and the need to build a movement to counter crime like Reagan did.   Show Links:  PA Dems want to release those who were accessories to murder:  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
42 min
Ep 558 | Why Now Is the Time for a Moratorium o...
Every geopolitical event brings with it a set of policy opportunities, and the Iran conflict is no different. Today, I explain why Iran’s threat to us is primarily through the border and the visa system. Trump will never get a better opportunity to push for troops at the border and a shutoff of visas from the Middle East than he has now. I also address the problem with Mike Lee’s criticism of the president on Iran and why he is all about virtue-signaling.  Show Links: The case for an expanded travel ban:  The problem of Chinese espionage and immigration:  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
49 min
Ep 557 | Trump HAS to Exercise Power Against La...
Contrary to what many conservatives think, we are not winning back the courts. I explain how the Left has adapted to new tactics and is winning more than ever before on immigration cases in the courts. I go through some insane rulings creating a right to immigrate and how, even after the Supreme Court sides with Trump, lower court judges still engage in civil disobedience. Trump has no choice but to refuse to give their acts of disobedience effect. As I explain, this is exactly what the Founders had in mind. Absent such a move, Trump will be a lame duck.  Show Links:  The latest on the fight over refugees: 
51 min
Ep 556 | How Our Criminal Justice System Is a O...
Buckle up and get ready for one of the most comprehensive discussions on crime out on the web today. I’m joined by Rafael Mangual of the Manhattan Institute to discuss the latest trends in crime and weak-on-crime policies in places like New York and Baltimore. This is not just about bail or any single facet of the criminal justice system. This is about ensuring that the solution to every policy challenge is fewer arrests, fewer convictions, and less prison time. We cover parole, weak juvenile laws, insanity defense, lack of deterrent, and a lack of balance in approach to the needs of victims and society at large. Show Links: What about victims of crime?  Why Baltimore is so violent and what not to emulate:  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
54 min
Ep 555 | How Trump Could Replicate His Iran Tri...
On today’s episode, I explain how and why Trump really won the conflict with Iran in spectacular fashion and how he can make it stick. Once we all understand how he won this battle, it's easy to see how Trump can use the same political tactics against Democrats and Congress to push his agenda on immigration and fulfill his promise to be tough on crime. I lay out the case for what Trump needs to do on those two issues and how can use the bully pulpit, veto pen, and executive action to make Democrats look as defeated as the mullahs. Show Links: Lee Smith: ‘Offing Soleimani gives Trump an excellent chance to exit Iraq’: Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved
46 min
Ep 554 | Iran Won the Iraq War the Day We Pulle...
Today we are joined by Dan Caldwell of Concerned Veterans for America to deliver some painful but much-needed truths about Iraq. As a Marine who served there during a volatile insurgency, Caldwell explains why the war was really lost to Iran from day one and why Iran will only benefit from us remaining there. We discuss the need to shift gears in terms of military strategy and focus and finally learn from the mistakes of the past. In order to do that, we must first acknowledge the nature of those mistakes.  Show Links: 'Our global missions: Soldiers serving as ... dental hygiene teachers in Niger': Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
57 min
Ep 553 | It's Time to Let the Iraqi Government ...
Today is all about a vision to protect America from enemies, foreign and domestic. On the foreign side, I give a list of dos and don’ts in the Middle East. We should accept Iraq’s demand that we leave and let the country stew in the perpetual Sunni vs. Iran proxy war. Also, the same members of Congress who are upset at Trump for acting unilaterally actually authorized the continued involvement in the proxy war just a few weeks ago! At the end of the show, I update you on the latest on domestic criminal, illegal immigration, and how we have more to fear now from criminals on our streets than even from Iranian terrorists.  Show Links: 'New York's jailbreak bill is already out of control':  'Appalling amount of crime committed by illegal aliens':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
50 min
Ep 552 | Soleimani’s Demise and Fighting to Our...
Today, we are joined by retired Col. Dan Steiner to deliver a briefing and analysis on the death of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani that you will not hear anywhere else. We push back against the false dichotomy between sitting idly while Iran attacks us and getting sucked into more nation-building escapades. Trump did the right thing, according to Col. Steiner, and he can now chart a path toward peace through strength rather than nation-building. Plus, how this affects Russia, China, and even our own border. Steiner gives us the full picture being ignored by everyone in the media. Show Links: 'The importance of the strike on Soleimani':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
59 min
Ep 551 | A 20-20 Vision for Trump and Conservat...
As we mark the new year, now is the time for conservatives to unite behind a vision and an agenda. I review some of the things we’ve missed over the vacation and use them to offer Trump a winning agenda for 2020. First and foremost, he must use the bully pulpit to fight the crime wave, as Reagan did so effectively in the 1980s. The growing anti-Semitic attacks in New York are rooted in some of the same weak-on-crime policies Republicans and even people in Trump’s own White House have accepted. Also, he must push back against the governors who are demanding more refugees. Finally, I discuss the point everyone is missing about the attack on our embassy in Baghdad.  Show Links:  "So much for the 'travel ban': Lower courts reign over SCOTUS ruling"  "Attack on Baghdad embassy exposes farce of Iraq war":  "List of open-borders Republican governors":  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
54 min
Ep 550 | What Can We as Conservatives Do Better...
End of the year: We look back on the state of play for conservatives. While there is a lot to bemoan, there are some looming opportunities, precisely because things are so dark. BlazeTV host Steve Deace joins us to give a comprehensive health exam of the conservative movement and why it’s failing. This is not for the faint of heart. This is for those who like their truth bombs 100 proof. We can only fix what is wrong if we acknowledge that there is something wrong. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, and happy New Year from the BlazeTV family!  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
96 min
Ep 549 | How to Turn Impeachment into POLICY Vi...
Impeachment is now done. It won’t go anywhere in the Senate. Now is the time to unite behind a winning message. Today, I offer my closing argument on why Trump needs to veto the budget bills and start over. Also, we are joined by Rep. Chip Roy, the most vocal supporter of conservative causes in Congress, to lay down some markers for how to move on to substantive issues after impeachment. He says if Republicans fail to deliver after this, they should be thrown out in primaries.   Show Links:  'Liberian amnesty stuck into defense bill':  'Pro-criminal legislation stuck into the defense bill':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
52 min
Ep 548 | We the People Are Being Impeached AND ...
Today, we delve into the impeachment nobody wants to talk about: The taxpayers of this country are being impeached by Congress, except, unlike the impeachment against Trump, they actually have the votes to convict us. I explain more details about the insane omnibus bills and the defense bills, which will likely be signed by Trump this week as a reward to the very Democrats impeaching him. Trump's perfect response to impeachment would be to oppose these bills, which would also make him more popular. But I can’t be more pro-Trump than Trump himself is.  Show Links:  U.S. 'Illegal alien population triple that of Europe':  'Details of the omnibus bill':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
46 min
Ep 547 | Dear Mr. President: PLEASE Veto the St...
Now, more than ever, is the time for Trump to use his most potent weapons: the veto pen and the bully pulpit. I break down the sickening details of the process and policy behind the omnibus bills and why it’s indefensible for the president not to veto them. I lay out a path for the president to sign a clean continuing resolution and build the case for a fight over immigration enforcement in January. It’s now or never for fulfilling promises.  Show Links: 'Dems brag about their Christmas wish list in the omnibus': 
45 min
Ep 546 | The Left Is Winning Because We’re Dist...
This week is chock-full of opportunities for conservatives to seize and to move the ball forward on major issues. But thanks to impeachment distracting nearly every conservative, the Left will continue to win. I explain how the Trump administration failed to push his promises on visas and arming soldiers on bases following the Pensacola attack. Trump’s secretary of defense, Mark Esper, could easily serve in a Democrat administration. Also, New York is in a state of rebellion against immigration laws, and nobody is pushing for a budget fight against sanctuary cities. I explain the legal authority Trump has to fight back against them and what he should do. On the 246th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, we are left wondering where our protest movement is. Well, we can’t fight if we are distracted.  Show Links:  'Trump's secdef calling for expansion of foreign military training program':  'Of all things, military now focused on more coed integration of Marines':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
48 min
Ep 545 | When Will American Conservatives Deman...
The British people rose up and demanded that Brexit finally mean Brexit. When will American conservatives demand that MAGA finally mean MAGA? Today: A barrage of truth bombs on how we are failing to achieve results on a single major issue. There are reasons why we are failing, and I list some of them, but the first step is to recognize that we are not achieving results. We are only achieving talking points. Trump can learn a lot from Boris Johnson.    Show Links:  'Republicans agree to fund everything except border security':  'Pompeo sends $115 billion in aid to Lebanon, which is run by Hezbollah':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
54 min
Ep 544 | Illegal Alien Violent Crime Is Much Hi...
America has truly become the dumping ground for the world’s criminals, gangs, terrorists, and spies. Today, I’m joined by Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies to dissect a new bombshell report from ICE. Jessica explains how, thanks to the courts, lack of resources, and sanctuary cities, ICE’s enforcement operations continue to slide backward even under Trump. She demonstrates how there is an epidemic of millions of illegal aliens who have been arrested for other crimes but remain free in our communities with almost no supervision or vetting. And speaking of vetting, Vaughan, a former State Department consular official, throws a red flag on our suicidal visa policies bringing in large numbers of foreign students and military trainees from countries that pose a security risk. Why are we not learning the lessons of Pensacola?  Show Links:  '2,500 illegal alien homicides in one year?'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
54 min
Ep 543 | Name ONE Issue 'Conservative' Republic...
Today, I discuss the latest agenda items in Congress through the prism of the following question: Is there a single issue where conservatives are conserving the right values? I update you on the latest immigration bills and fiscal issues to demonstrate why Republicans have made us go backwards on every issue except taxes. But "low-tax socialism" might be worse than plain socialism! Show Links: 'The insane farm amnesty bill:'  'GOP governors betraying us on refugee settlement':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
49 min
Ep 542 | The Single MOST Impactful Thing YOU Ca...
Forget about impeachment. If you want to know the single most important thing you can do as a taxpayer to actually influence the future of your community on a major national issue, it’s to pressure your county officials into opting OUT of the refugee program. We are joined today by Ann Corcoran, one of the foremost experts on the refugee program and publisher of Refugee Resettlement Watch, for a riveting presentation on how the Left is outgunning us in the fight for our communities. Trump has allowed states and localities to opt out of the program, but with conservatives distracted, the Left is winning even in red states in the race to pressure county officials and governors into accepting more refugees. Learn what you can do to fight back in your own county.   Show Links:  Ann Corcoran's 'Refugee Resettlement Watch:'  Ann Corcoran's 'Frauds, Crooks and Criminals:'  'While conservatives sleep, the Left is winning the refugee game:' 
49 min
Ep 541 | Why Is No One Talking About Mass Immig...
Today, I unpack the terror attack at the Pensacola naval base like nobody else will. We are all missing the suicidal immigration and cultural policies leading up to this dynamic where America is becoming like Europe. This is not even about vetting any more; it’s about willingly subverting our civilization. I delve into the backward nature of our foreign policy vs. our homeland policy and how our policymakers remain in the dark. Trump can do more about this — if he hears from conservatives about it. Stay focused!  Show Links:  'Trump must add Saudi Arabia to travel ban list':  'Muhammad is now in the top 10 list of boy names':  'Idaho Republican pushes bill to bring in more military trainees':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved
48 min
Ep 540 | Former DEA Cop: What Everyone Is Missi...
Drugs, crime, terrorism, gangs, illegal immigration, and border security: They all tie in together, according to former DEA special operations division head Derek Maltz. Today we are joined by the fiery former drug cop to drop some truth bombs about the failure of our government to properly deal with the drug issue and everything that surrounds it. The terrorism designation against the Mexican cartels is important, but it must be part of a coordinated strategy to view all of these issues together rather than compartmentalizing each one separately. Derek also explains how the cartels are already committing gruesome murders on our soil; we just don’t hear about it.    Show Links: 'Cartels in every community thanks to illegal immigration':  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
50 min
Ep 539 | Forget Impeachment. THIS Is Where We S...
While our entire movement is distracted with impeachment, the Left is winning on refugee resettlement. Open Borders Inc. is quietly getting wayward Republican governors and county officials to sign off on insidious refugee resettlement. But thanks to Trump’s executive order, this is the biggest grassroots effort conservatives can win on right now, stopping social transformation in their own neighborhoods. I explain how it can be done TODAY. Then, I delve into why the best strategy for Senate Republicans is to summarily dismiss the impeachment without a real trial and then move on to impeaching sanctuary cities. That will result in the best policy and political outcome for conservatives. Show Links 'Why the Senate should summarily dismiss impeachment and move on to sanctuary cities': 'The ultimate grassroots plan from Refugee Resettlement Watch:'  '67 languages in Portland, Maine schools:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
47 min
Ep 538 | Wake Up, Elites! Pro-Criminal Policies...
So much is going on in this country with crime, illegal immigration, and missed political opportunities for Republicans. Today I focus on a crazy story across the pond in England: An Islamic terrorist released early from prison killed two people at a conference geared toward prison reform! How bad must it get in order for Republicans to stop flirting with the "abolish prison" movement? There are some hopeful signs in Oklahoma.  Plus, I give you my take on the Georgia Senate race, which, of course, ties back into the crime issue nobody is covering. Also, can you believe an illegal alien actually opposes sanctuary cities?  Talk about mugged by reality!    Show Links:  'The terrorist in London Bridge was released early from prison:'  'The professor behind the terrorist's release helped release a murderer in America:' 'Oklahoma governor backing off jailbreak?'  'When even an illegal alien wants to stop sanctuary cities?'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
42 min
Ep 537 | American Safety or ... Cheaper Tomatoes?
Today, we go in-depth about the problems of agricultural interests bringing in illegal alien labor. Those problems go FAR beyond the debate over wages. I spotlight one southwest Florida community that is dealing with huge imported cultural problems because of greedy businesses. It’s time to realize that the 800-pound gorilla in the same room as drug trafficking and cartels is the illegal alien population, particularly among the farm workers in rural areas. Plus, some thoughts on Thanksgiving and the double-edged sword of our modern unparalleled wealth. Show Links: 'How Big Ag is harming America hugely:'  '93% of opioid deaths in Massachusetts were due to illicit fenanyl:'  'The insane problems with the Mayan community in Immokalee, Florida:' 
50 min
Ep 536 | Trump to Politically Correct Pentagon:...
Yes, for all our discussion on how our criminal justice system is not harsh enough, there is one area where I believe it is too harsh: the military justice system. Today, I delve into the news that President Trump has intervened not only in the Eddie Gallagher situation but to pardon other warriors prosecuted by the military leadership. Trump is right to take a hatchet to the Pentagon brass, and he needs to do this more often. Then, I update you on the latest case of an American killed by an illegal alien with a criminal record while driving. It demonstrates the need to finally enforce the law and implement mandatory E-Verify.  Show Links: 'New study: Cost of wars as high as $6.4 trillion:'  'The latest casualty of open borders:' 
47 min
Ep 535 | THIS Attorney General Has Had Enough o...
Today, we are joined by Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, one of the few brave voices willing to buck the trend of the political elites and actually push for Reagan’s views on crime. He shows us how crime is going up in Alabama, as Republicans are convinced by the far Left to reduce the prison population. He also explains how much crime and drug trafficking is actually coming from the border and illegal aliens, making even states like Alabama like border states. Show Links:  'AG Marshall's op-ed on crime and incarceration:'  'Crime surges in Oklahoma as prison population falls:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
41 min
Ep 534 | Exposing the Lies of Criminal Justice ...
How can you deconstruct the myths of over-incarceration driving the frenetic push to abolish prison in just one hour? Rafael Mangual, a fellow and deputy director of legal policy at the Manhattan Institute, exposes the lies about over-incarceration in an interview full of facts and data. Rafael gives us the truth about how weak deterrence and passive policing are already causing us to lose some of the gains we’ve achieved in fighting crime over the years. Show Links: 'Mangual's treasure trove of data on the prison population:'  'Anti-prison anarchy is spreading:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
55 min
Ep 533 | Today's Republicans Are Just Slower-Mo...
What is it that Republicans and the phony “conservative” movement have conserved? I take stock of a bunch of measures on spending, health care, immigration, crime, and social values to demonstrate that, no matter what, Democrats seem to always win. That is because we have a fake conservative movement enabling this. I demonstrate this point by showing how Soros is successfully dismantling criminal justice, because every prominent “conservative” group is helping him. It doesn’t have to be this way. I give you a conservative vision on health care and crime, two important issues, that could win back suburban voters.  Show Links:  'Spending is 13.2% higher than under Obama:'  'Drug trafficker promotes Cuomo for president:'  'Even Dem prosecutors warn about jailbreak from Soros candidates:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
46 min
Ep 532 | Dems’ New Strategy: Distract Conservat...
Let's talk about how we are all wasting time trying to “own the libs” on social media memes and impeachment hot takes, while Dems continue to actually make progress on immigration, crime, debt, and other policies – even under the Trump administration. Conservative media figures are now elevating RINOs who are kissing up to Trump just to avoid primary challenges, but are just as liberal as Democrats on the issues. Do issues really not matter any more to the phony conservative movement? Are we all liberals now, just fighting over who is the best personality to lead us to liberal hell?  Show Links:  'Almost 80K DACA recipients with arrest records:'  'The sanctuary problem is a grave crisis:'  'RINO Tiliis kissing up to Trump to avoid primary:'  'NY Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik's Liberty Score:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
47 min
Ep 531 | Preventable Murders Soaring as Republi...
You’d be shocked at how many illegal alien drunk-driving homicides occur every day — and almost all of them are preventable. Also, many American criminals could have been deterred from committing murder had we actually held them in jail. Today, I show how, through both immigration enforcement and weak-on-crime policies, many Americans are getting killed by the political swamp’s growing aversion to law and order.  Show Links:  'Suspect in disappearance of UFC star's daughter was out on bail despite prior charge of attempted murder:'  'Federal prosecutor accuses media of omitting his statement on victims of illegal aliens:'  'AOC 'Squad' promoting the same 'criminal justice reform' as Mike Lee:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
48 min
Ep 530 | Why OUR Bad Immigration Policies Pose ...
Our foreign policy, national security priorities, and immigration strategies are warped beyond repair. We focus on conflicts around the world that don’t affect us, while bringing in mass migration from countries that have publicly made it clear they will use immigration to subvert our culture, security, and intellectual property. I give you three recent case studies of foreign students and immigrants from countries like China and Iran that are accused of stealing trade secrets. China’s use of immigration to spy and steal is the biggest national security threat being ignored. How is it that these types of immigrants are still able to get into the country this long after 9/11? Show Links: 'Hawley's seminal foreign policy speech:'  'Chinese national pleads guilty to stealing trade secrets:'  'How China uses foreign students as academic malware in other countries:'  'Saudi student sentenced to 12 years for covering up al Qaeda background:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
44 min
Ep 529 | Trump Could Win on One Simple Issue: S...
The best way for Trump to weather impeachment is by making voters believe his electoral victory is indispensable to their safety and security. The way to accomplish that is by applying national issues and policies to quality-of-life issues in local communities. Make it local and personal. Today, I discuss more trends in both general and illegal alien crime growing in many cities. Finally, I give a brief update on the latest insanity from the courts. Judges are accomplishing more for the Left in a single day than it could accomplish through the political branches during an entire term. Worse, they face no electoral backlash for “passing” their judicial legislation.   Show Links: 'Americans are dreamers too:'  'The collapse of California and the election of a crazy prosecutor:'  'Homeless man dumps hot feces on woman in LA:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
46 min
Ep 528 | Do We Have an America Worthy of Our Ve...
President Calvin Coolidge warned that it’s only worth defending our prerogatives abroad if we have the rule of law at home. Today, I discuss the breakdown of the rule of law. The fact that we even need the Supreme Court to allow Trump to follow immigration law demonstrates how we have lost control of our republic. There is just one branch of government that matters, and it happens to be the one that’s not elected. I offer both the legal and political cases against continuing Obama’s DACA amnesty. I also update you on the anarchy growing in our streets as a result of the refusal to enforce both immigration law and domestic public order. If we have anarchy at home, is it worth it to sacrifice our troops overseas? Show Links:  'Let's not forget sheriff's deputy who was killed by Mexican cartels on our soil:'  'No, DACA recipients are not God's gift to the world:'  'The immorality of DACA:'  'Loco in MOCO: Illegal alien arrested for molesting child released after posting $2,000:'  'President Coolidge's 1927 Memorial Day speech:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
46 min
Ep 527 | When You Bring in the World, You Bring...
Today, I paint a vivid picture of how illegal immigration has allowed the cartels to develop their entire enterprise on our soil. Case in point: The murder of Officer Brian Ishmael at a rural California marijuana growing site. Our rural communities are now being transformed by crime deliberately exported here through illegal immigration. In addition to the cartels, we are also bringing in Chinese subversion and espionage into our universities. Finally, I explain my view on drugs and why the libertarian approach is not working in practice. Show Links: "Could courts now make humans of animals?"  "How China infiltrates our universities with 'academic malware:'"  "Illegal aliens transforming rural Virginia county:"  "Sheriff blames officer's death on sanctuaries:"  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
48 min
Ep 526 | We Need Our Own Jailbreak from Judicia...
I go through some recent cases showing how courts are now making victims of criminals and denizens of aliens, overturning the will of the people in everything. Seventy-four percent of Pennsylvania voters just voted for a victims’ bill of rights, but a judge said the secretary of state can’t even certify the results. Unless we break out of this premise that courts stand above the other branches of government, we will be relegated to a future under the black-robed "elite."  Show Links:  'Orangutan granted human status settles in Florida:'  'Federal judge rules that gov't must pay for mental health of those illegal alien children whose parents were prosecuted:'  'Thanks to Roberts and SCOTUS, juvenile cop killer won't serve life sentence:'  'Federal judge orders HHS to force doctors to perform abortions and castrations:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
49 min
Ep 525 | Voters Keep Rejecting Left-Wing Ideas,...
Today, I dissect the election results from last night to solve the great electoral enigma of our time. How is it that some of the most prominent agenda items of the Left are voted down even in blue areas, yet the people supporting the unpopular ideas are beginning to win even in red areas? The short answer is: Republicans suck. For the longer answer … tune in and don’t miss a minute! Show Links:  'Tucson voters overwhelmingly defeat sanctuary policy:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved. 
48 min
Ep 524 | Federal Prosecutor Explains How Cartel...
Today, we are joined by Andrew Lelling, U.S. attorney for the District of Massachusetts. The Bay State contains a lot of sanctuary cities, such as Lawrence, that are helping fuel the drug crisis by enabling criminal alien networks and transnational gangs to operate with impunity. Lelling gives us insight into how illegal immigration is fueling both the drug and gang problems and what federal prosecutors are doing to combat it. Plus, he dispels the great myth that federal prosecutors lock up too many "first-time, low-level" offenders. Show Links: 'The danger of the mass jailbreak movement:'  'Chicago is tough on guns, but weak on crime and gun felons:' 
50 min
Ep 523 | Trump and the Immoral Minority of Elit...
Today, I give you the latest crime wave stories on how jailbreak policies continue in almost every major city. Sadly, Trump is being convinced that he needs to jump on this bandwagon to get the African-American vote. I prove the opposite to be true. In addition, I update you on the latest insane court cases where foreign nationals are suing for the right to enter the country and obtain free health care! Do law-abiding American citizens matter any more? Or just criminals and illegal aliens?   Show Links:  'Oregon judge is the latest to shred immigration law:'  'A disabled cop's poem:'  'Gang member released on bond despite murder of young girl:'  'Career criminal released without bond violently assaults NY cop 2 days later:'  'Oklahoma jailbreak:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
48 min
Ep 522 | Why Is Trump’s DHS Still Run by Open-B...
Today, I answer the most vexing question of this administration: How is it that three years into a presidency built on the promise to reverse course on immigration, we still have leaders in the most important department who believe in the past administration’s policies? Worse, they are on the cusp of appointing Chad Wolf, an opponent of the president’s stated agenda, to head DHS. With us to break this all down is Ryan Girdusky (Twitter: @ryangirdusky), a well-connected journalist who has followed the personnel problems of this administration from day one. Ryan gives us a riveting briefing on the problems with Stephen Miller and some other administration figures who continue to box the president into a false set of choices.  Show Links: Subscribe to Ryan's newsletter for insider information:  'White House planning to name Chad Wolf as acting DHS secretary:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved
52 min
Ep 521 | Race, Identity, and Demographics Are t...
The Left has succeeded in winning all the important legal and policy battles because it has enmeshed every important fiscal and social issue in either race or identity. Republicans can easily fight back on principle, and I show how this is working for Ron DeSantis in Florida. But most of them run for the hills and start internalizing the Democrats' racial agenda. This holds true for immigration, crime, and economic issues. It’s also showing up with judicial nominees who are too scared to push back against bad precedents because they are scared of being called names. But do most Americans really care? I don’t think so. Show Links:  'Worthington, MN, has one of the highest concentrations of Spanish speakers:'  'DeSantis shows you can have your principles and eat your political cake too:'  '67 million foreign language speakers in the country and it's growing every year:'  'The danger of the growing anti-bail movement:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
53 min
Ep 520 | The Raw Truth about Homelessness, Crim...
Today we are joined by Heather Mac Donald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, the most important voice in this country for law enforcement and the rule of law. She is brilliant on the issues of homelessness and criminal justice and willing to lay bare the truth about what is causing the drug and homelessness problems — without any veneer of political correctness. Heather's firsthand reporting in San Francisco proved that the homelessness problem is due to the breakdown of enforcing laws and the violation of social norms. Worse, liberal governments are actually incentivizing and encouraging this behavior. So much of the homeless problem is a drug problem, and so much of the drug problem, particularly in San Francisco, is because of criminal alien trafficking networks that are protected by sanctuary policies, as well as the pro-drug laws and culture induced by the politicians and media. Heather tosses some truth bombs about crime, race, and the war on cops that the media refuses to cover.  Show Links: 'Heather's riveting report on San Fran's homeless crisis:'  'The War on Cops' available at Amazon:  'The Diversity Delusion' available at Amazon:  'San Diego violence soars because of sanctuary policies and jailbreak:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
50 min
Ep 519 | America’s Halloween Nightmare: Sanctua...
This is exactly how both "jailbreak" criminal justice policies and sanctuary immigration policies are creating a public safety nightmare in places like New York and California. There are endless cases of illegal alien child sex offenders harbored by sanctuaries. Also, there is an epidemic of the most violent criminals imaginable getting out with little or no bail and going on to terrorize witnesses and victims. This is why it’s becoming so hard to convict these people. Sadly, this is done by design in order to serve the pagan gods demanding reduced prison size. If Trump and Republicans were to make the issues of sanctuaries and jailbreak the tip of their legislative and campaign agenda, they’d win in a landslide.  Show Links:  'Serial rapist out on bail charged with 9th rape:'  'Chamber of Commerce poll on public safety in California:'  'Two illegal aliens charged with murder of California's sheriff's deputy:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
45 min
Ep 518 | We’ve Defeated ISIS in Syria, but Not ...
Today, we celebrate the death of one of the worst mass murderers of our time: the leader of ISIS. I explain why Trump struck the right moral and strategic tone in the way he depicted Baghdadi’s death. He perfectly explained our vision of strike and maneuver vs. hold and build in the Middle East.  Unfortunately, the elites attacking him are all in with a moral dissonance that is dividing this country.     But there is bad news. Where ISIS really hurts us is through immigration mixed with civilization jihad on our own soil. I go through a recent court case on students being forced to write the Muslim conversion prayer in a public school and how the courts are hypocritical beyond belief when it comes to religion in the public square. Voluntary expression of Christianity has been banished from the public square, while coerced expression of Islam is greenlighted. Sadly, that is the way Baghdadi is getting the last laugh on us. Show Links:  'Voluntary Christian prayer out, mandatory Muslim prayer in:'  'America's moral divide extends even to the worst terrorist:' 
53 min
Ep 517 | While Republicans Sleep, Soros Is Inst...
It’s not just about abolishing ICE. The pro-criminal crowd is seeking to abolish prison and make it nearly impossible to prosecute bad guys. What’s worse, Soros is now spending millions of dollars to buy local DA races and install “progressive prosecutors.” Today, we are joined by Sandra Doorley, the district attorney of Monroe County, New York (Rochester area), who is being challenged by a Soros-supported candidate. Soros’ PAC has dumped $800,000 into campaign ads against her. Sandra provides us with an insider’s look into how states like New York are quietly passing dangerous pro-criminal laws that will allow really bad people back on the streets, exacerbate the drug crisis, intimidate witnesses of crime, and ensure that prosecutors can’t land convictions against new criminals.  Prosecutors who believe in law and order are the last thing standing between us and anarchy. In many ways, these are the most important elections of our time.  Show Links:  'NYC increasingly abolishing bail:'  'Soros' plan to win prosecutor races:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
50 min
Ep 516 | Reality Check: We Don't Have a REAL GO...
Let’s face it: Even if Trump wins re-election, nothing will improve in Congress unless we get involved in primaries. Today I demonstrate how Trump can’t even confirm good executive nominees in a GOP-controlled Senate. Why? Because his staff has failed him and has convinced him to support RINOs in primaries. As such, there is no GOP majority. McConnell and his minions are sabotaging Trump’s favored DHS pick. This problem reverberates on many other issues. I show how a sane conservative movement could use Trump to easily move 10 seats to the right this election.  Finally, I discuss the latest stories on crime, gangs, and illegal immigration. When you import the third world, you get the third world. But Republicans refuse to hit Democrats on issues pertaining to public safety. Show Links:  'Jailbreak + Sanctuaries = biggest public safety threat:'  'We are importing both sides of Middle East gang wars:'  'Trump wants to tap Cuccinelli for DHS, but Senate RINOs will block:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
45 min
Ep 515 | #ProtectJamesYounger Shows Exactly Why...
All of us should be filled with both rage and sorrow over the travesty unfolding in Texas with James Younger. The fact that even in a state like Texas it is still legal to chemically castrate someone, especially a seven-year-old boy, demonstrates the weakness of Republicans in the fight for our civilization. Today I discuss the need to fight against the transgender mutilation jihad and what Republicans need to do to advance our cause. And, the courts are still irremediably broken, still mandating anti-conscience policies against the Little Sisters of the Poor despite having already won in the Supreme Court. Once again, lower courts are always allowed to be more progressive than the Supreme Court. Show Links:  'States must end transgender mutilation now:'  Matt Walsh's column on Jack Younger travesty:  'Child gender transitions are wicked and harmful and should be illegal:' 
43 min
Ep 514 | Mexico Is Burning. Our Government Does...
Today, we get an exclusive briefing on the cartel violence in Mexico from Jaeson Jones, retired captain for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s intelligence and counterterrorism division. He explains that although a lot of this violence has been going on in Mexico for quite a while, the recent attacks on the Mexican government demonstrate that the cartels have taken their insurgency to a new level by taking hostages. They will do it again. Why should we care? Jaeson explains how they are training MS-13 and other gangs whose members foment so much violence in our communities. Jaeson reports on how he saw cartel drones engaging in espionage on our soil.  Show Links: 'We have a war on our border:' 
50 min
Ep 513 | Everyone Is WRONG on Syria
Everyone is wrong on Syria, not just because they don't understand the full picture there, but because they are focusing on it too much in the first place. We have a "Syria situation" right on our own border: Mexico is now losing more control to the cartels, yet none of these "hawks," such as Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, seem to care about it. I give you an update on the coming Mexican migration resurgence as a result of the cartels and what we should do about it. I also tackle jailbreak and how Soros is buying up many prosecutor races and installing public defender types who believe in abolishing incarceration. Our resurgence in crime, drugs, criminal aliens, and homelessness ties into this trend. Finally, I have the perfect case study to show you why Republican judges will never counteract the damage of Democrat judges.  Show Links: 'Why is Erdogan still allowed to fund mosques on our soil?'  'So much for conservative SCOTUS picks:'  'Borderland Beat's coverage of the cartel attacks:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved
47 min
Ep 512 | Veteran ICE Agent Explains EXACTLY Why...
Today we are joined by a veteran ICE agent to discuss the danger of sanctuary cities and the war on ICE. Nathalie Asher is the field office director for ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) for the Pacific Northwest. She gives us a briefing on the state of play in her area of operations and how local officials are endangering public safety. One by one, she demonstrates how the excuses for not cooperating with ICE are all new and politically motivated. Anyone who has a modicum of regard for public safety could never oppose ICE’s mission of communicating with those arrested for other crimes, regardless of one’s politics on immigration. Asher also explains how we are likely to see an increasing wave of transnational gang activity as a result of the border surge mixed with localities that provide safe haven for their operations. As for Congress, if they don’t like the laws on the books, then change them.    Show Links:  'Alleged gang murderer shielded by King County 4 times:' Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved
47 min
Ep 511 | GOP Hits Kamala Harris ... for Being T...
If you want to know just how badly broken the Republican Party is, tune in to today’s show. I give you the latest facts and figures on how crime is going up in New York and California as a result of weak-on-crime policies, yet rather than hitting Democrats for it, Republicans are trying to "out-left" the Left on crime! We also tackle the West Coast homeless problem and how it’s no coincidence that it resurfaced right around the time when Obama dismantled our border and when jailbreak and drugs became cool with the local politicians.  Show Links:  'The jailbreak cancer and 'bail reform':' 'Homeless problem is because of jailbreak, pro-drug policies, and illegal immigration:' 'Back to the crime wave? No more arrests for misdemeanors in many cities:' '2 charged in Kansas City mass shooting were recently released from jail:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
44 min
Ep 510 | Why Don't Republicans Push WINNING Con...
As Congress returns and Republicans ponder an agenda, it’s important to remember that their wrong priorities are driven by out-of-touch donors, not logic or any semblance of principle. In the past, statesmen were confronted with the vexing quandary of doing what’s right in the face of what's popular. Now they are confronted with the allurement of doing what will give them money in the face of what is both right and popular. Republicans can push a winning agenda on borders, crime, national security, and judicial supremacism and crush Democrats, but they will never do it because of their donors. Show Links:  'Fortune 500 companies pushing cultural Marxism at Supreme Court:'  'MS-13 working with Mexican cartels:'  'Ohio's drug crisis is all the Mexican cartels, not prescription painkillers:'  'ACU believes Soros' jailbreak agenda is a 'moral issue' for conservatives:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
43 min
Ep 509 | Why Conservatives Will Be Disappointed...
Today we are joined by a special guest who explains the state of affairs at the Supreme Court for this new term. Josh Hammer is editor-at-large for the Daily Wire, clerked at the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and works on religious liberty litigation. If you are one of those conservatives who thinks we are on the cusp of a great conservative judicial revolution, Josh has bad news for you. He explains the problems with Roberts and Kavanaugh and how the increasingly libertarian “right-leaning” legal movement is reflected through Gorsuch, as opposed to traditional conservatives.  Show Links: 'Hammer's preview of the SCOTUS term:'  'Hammer on judicial supremacy:'  'The John Roberts political scorecard:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
60 min
Ep 508 | Why Are Syria’s Borders More Important...
It’s truly shocking how deeply the politicians who ignore our border seem to care about Syria’s nonexistent border. Today I delve into some of the recent shocking illegal alien crimes to demonstrate that was is going on at the border shows up in every single one of our communities. Whether it's gruesome gang killings, child rapes, or drug cartel activity, we are bringing in the very problems we seek to avoid from places like Syria. Show Links: 'Trump is right about Syria, but he should follow up with these tough policies on Erdogan:' 
43 min
Ep 507 | How Trump Can Make Lemonade of the Syr...
Everyone in the media and politics is viewing Syria in one dimension. Retired Col. Dan Steiner joins us to give a strategic vision of how Trump’s pullout from Syria will actually get our enemies to fight with each other and strengthen our position, if done right. We also discuss proper war fighting and how our operations in Syria were not only worthless but needlessly exposed our troops to risk, a point that is being ignored by establishment Republicans who want a permanent ground presence there. Steiner also gives us a reality check on the Kurds and also Turkey’s ability to actually turn the bark into a real bite. Plus: A man is now accused of murder after he was released by the jailbreak bill passed last year. I can’t say we didn’t warn you! Show Links: 'Dan's blog post on Trump's Syria decision:'  'Gang member released by First Step Act wanted for murder:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
58 min
Ep 506 | Establishment Republicans REFUSE to Se...
We finally found something that establishment Republicans feel passionate about. They believe our national security will be imperiled if we pull out of Syria. But why is it that they never care about the ultimate national security concern: our own border, our visa system, and admitting mass numbers of immigrants from these same countries, like Syria? There are valid criticisms of Trump’s approach to Erdogan in Turkey, but they are not the ones being articulated by the clueless RINOs in the Senate. I delve into the dos and don'ts of Syria and Turkey. Plus, parts of our border are worse than ever with infiltrations that go undocumented, but nobody seems to care about about the real focus of our national security. Show Links:  'Dominican immigrant with 14 arrests was out on the streets to allegedly kill 4 homeless men:'  'They are now coming to our border from all over the world:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
42 min
Ep 505 | Godless 'Compassion,' Mass Migration, ...
Today, I discuss how elites in both parties are pushing more refugee resettlement at a time when we have record migration from all other categories. Plus, I update you on exclusive information about the state of play and latest trends at the border. We now have record immigration from countries like China, yet thanks to DHS Secretary McAleenan, many deterrents aren’t being implemented.  Subversion through mass immigration is destroying citizenship in this country while posing severe security, fiscal, and cultural problems. People like Senator Lankford claim that God wants us to have open borders. They are really exhibiting “godless compassion.” They need a lesson both in the Bible and in current events, and I deliver both today. SHOW LINKS: 'Record mass migration, but Republicans from red states want more:'  'Victor Davis Hanson on the death of American citizenship:'  'Tiny Minnesota township now experiencing transnational gang violence:'  'When mass Islamic migration makes Jews live in fear in Australia:'  'McAleenan openly defying Trump's promises and policy changes:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
44 min
Ep 504 | You’ve Been Lied To: Exposing the Trut...
Today, I lay it all on the table and present the data on race and crime that nobody else is willing to publish. Ideally, race should never matter in criminal justice. The problem is that both political parties are now pushing weak-on-crime policies under the false premise that too many black people are unfairly incarcerated. The reality is that they are under-incarcerated relative to their share of the crime committed, and I present you with the most up-to-date data to prove it. Ultimately, those hurt the most by these lies are the thousands of black victims who die every year due to violence by repeat offenders who should have been locked up.  Show Links:  'All the data on race, crime, and incarceration:'  'The big lie of 'criminal justice reform:''  'The man who knocked out elderly woman was previously arrested for attempted rape but never incarcerated:'  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved 
48 min
Ep 503 | It’s Not Just Impeachment: We Have Ana...
Today’s show is all about anarchy. We have anarchy with repeat-offender criminals being let out of jail to kill and maim. We have anarchy with local governments criminalizing federal immigration law. We have anarchy with federal courts vetoing every immigration law under the sun. Who is standing for we the people? In the second half of the show, I’m joined by Arnold Mooney, candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama. Mooney discusses immigration, debt, judicial supremacism, and China — and the need to act now before it’s too late. “We are no longer at a crossroads; we are in the breach,” warns Mooney.  Editor’s note: Mr. Mooney is the father of Blaze Media president Gaston Mooney. Conservative Review is a Blaze Media digital property. Daniel Horowitz's opinions are his own and were not influenced by anyone associated with Blaze Media or Mooney’s campaign. Show Links: 'Fairfax County police suspend cop for cooperating with ICE:' 'The knockout game continues undeterred:' Arnold Mooney's campaign page:
51 min
Ep 502 | The Best Free Market Vision for Health...
Today, I discuss the news that insurance plans are continuing to skyrocket in Obamacare’s reign of terror. Republicans are pathetic for running away from this issue rather than going on offense. What does it look like to go on offense on the health care issue? I give a vision of how to explain everything wrong with health care even before Obamacare and what it should look like today. The majority of the country would support this vision if Republicans actually understood the issue. Show Links:  'A list of free market health care ideas:'  'The super AEI chart on price inflation that is worth more than 1,000 words:'  'GOP's dyslexic priorities on immigration:' 
45 min