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Conservatives are distracting themselves to dea...
On issue after issue, we are seeing the president’s good intuition go to waste because administration officials fail to implement his vision. Yet conservatives are so distracted they fail to raise their voices or even focus on some of these issues. We begin by discussing the latest invasion on our border and its danger in terms of incentivizing more migration, enriching the drug cartels, and endangering our national security. The DHS continues to allow in the caravan and release thousands of other similar bogus asylum-seekers. Officials are also planning to undermine Trump’s promise on other immigration-related issues. Later on, we give a rundown of Tuesday night’s elections. Conservatives are asleep at the wheel when it comes to pushing for primary reform or recruiting candidates.  Almost all of the 17 candidates up for re-election who voted for the omnibus will wind up winning. Finally, we give an update on jailbreak legislation and the hypocrisy of the criminal justice deform movement as it relates to the drug crisis.   Show notes Trump surrenders on caravan   The case for replacing primaries with Utah-model conventions   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Our biggest foreign policy threat is in our bac...
We are continuing our series of “Foreign Policy Friday” with CR’s national security correspondent, Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel), to show how foreign policy, when done right, is really about protecting our homeland.  Jordan and I take a tour around the world to give an update on North Korea, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen. We show how in each theater, other than in North Korea, we are doing the wrong things at the wrong time in the wrong place. We don’t prioritize real threats, and we get involved in theaters that don’t threaten us. We drive this point home by announcing our new project to expose and publicize the growing threat of Hezbollah in the Western Hemisphere and even in Mexico and our own country, working together with the Los Zetas drug cartel. This alliance poses a grave threat of drugs, smuggling in Middle Eastern terrorists, magnifying the damage done by the Mexican drug cartels, and Islamitizing Latin America, not to mention bringing Iran’s influence right to our shores. While our foreign policy smart set focuses on Yemen and Syria, they refuse to recognize that this is the main theater at which Iran must be stopped. You will also see what our foreign policy can learn from fixing toilets.  Show links Politico expose on how Obama shut down counter-Hezbollah operation in Latin America  Green Berets fighting for Saudi gov’t allied with AQ against Houthis We’re bailing out Iran and Hezbollah from the Sunni insurgency Good overview of Hezbollah in Latin America and the threat posed by its alliance with cartels What is important from Israel’s findings on Iran and what we should do Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.    
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Meet the Candidates: Chris Herrod in Utah-3 Ep....
Today, we continue our series of “meet the candidates” and are joined by Chris Herrod, who is challenging Rep. John Curtis in the upcoming primary in Utah-3. Chris was raised in Provo, Utah, since 1972. After collage, he lived overseas and worked in Moscow and taught at a university in Ukraine, where he met his wife. He served in the Utah House of Representatives from 2007 to 2012 and was the state director for Cruz for President in 2016. Chris spoke a lot about his time overseas in Russia and Ukraine during the collapse of the Soviet Union and how he learned that socialism destroys a civilization. He believes the debt will trigger hyper-inflation like he saw in the former Soviet Union and the political class doesn’t understand its results.  He also wants to focus a lot on returning power back to western states and to expose how government is hurting rural Utah by not allowing the state to develop its resources, which would also help our national security and bid for energy independence. Chris is a passionate defender of national sovereignty and wrote a book on how open borders are the most uncompassionate policy to the very people Democrats purport to protect. In general, Chris feels that Republicans do a poor job of explaining how Democrats' economic policies hurt the very people they are designed to help.     This is our eighth episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first seven episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, Nick Freitas, Chris McDaniel, Jarrin Jackson, Richard Moss, and Shak Hill.   Show links The importance of the Utah Convention Chris Herrod’s book: “The Forgotten Immigrant – How Tolerating Illegal Immigration Hurts Immigrants” Behind every caravan of illegals is a massive shipment of drugs   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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The lights are completely out in Congress. Mayb...
In today’s episode, we discuss all the emergency problems transpiring while Congress takes a random weeklong vacation. The courts continue to destroy this country and never take a day off; meanwhile, nobody in leadership can be bothered to deal with the problem.  We also discuss how McConnell blames the congressional inaction on the filibuster, yet he refuses to use the two tools he has to pass legislation with a simple majority – budget reconciliation and a recissions spending bill. Worse, he is using his wife, Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, to enforce his position against conservatives, even though Chao is officially violating Trump administration policy of supporting the spending cut bill that can pass with a simple majority.  The caravan of illegals at our border is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a major drug problem coming into our country, and the caravans are used as a diversion tactic. Where is Congress? Lights out.  Finally, we address the Iran deal and the significance of Netanyahu’s revelation. Once again, where is Congress? Why are they not voting to slap sanctions on Iran, re-orient our strategy and alliances in the Middle East, and abrogate the Iran deal?  Show links McConnell’s wife violates admin policy on spending to do McConnell’s bidding 10 ways Congress can (but won’t) reclaim power from the courts We are paying for legal aid for those who invade us   Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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How politics, not data, is driving policy on pa...
Today, we are joined by Dr. Stefan Kertesz, a professor in the division of preventive medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. Dr. Kertesz joins us to discuss his concerns about government's totally unscientific approach to cutting off pain medicine. In a wide-ranging conversation, we delve deep into the drug overdose crisis, what really causes it, the most recent trends, and how the lack of proper science and data is driving the government to make things worse. In fact, most of the problems with overdoses have nothing to do with pain patients and doctors who write legitimate prescriptions, yet most of the public policy solutions are targeting them while ignoring the bigger problem.     This issue is too important to misdiagnose and is an opportunity for people of all political persuasions to come together to seek the truth.  Show notes My latest on government misfiring on opioid crisis Dr. Kertesz’s articles: Pill limits are not a smart way to fight the opioid crisis Strict limits on opioid prescriptions risk inhumane treatment of pain patients The danger of overcorrecting on prescription opioids    Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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It’s either the courts or our civilization Ep. 218
In this episode, we unload on the judicial crisis unfolding before our eyes, as the courts issue one civilization-killing opinion after another every few hours. We go through the history of judicial review and distinguish it from judicial supremacy. We explore some solutions for judicial reform, such as mandatory appeals of any lower court ruling on political issues.  Today was also oral argument day for the immigration pause executive order at the Supreme Court. We explain why a 5-4 “victory” won’t be much of a victory in the long-run and how unless the courts are kicked out of immigration, the lower courts will continue doing their thing. There are many reasons why the courts are a sure thing for the Left and why merely “selecting better judges” never changes the arc of the jurisprudential velocity.    Finally, we end with a discussion of Alfie Evans and how, unless we change the power of the courts and the power of government over health care, we will have the same horror on this side of the Atlantic. Key quotes: “This regulation [judicial review] is far from throwing any disparagement upon the legislative authority of the United States. It does not confer upon the judicial department a power superiour, in its general nature, to that of the legislature; but it confers upon it, in particular instances, and for particular purposes, the power of declaring and enforcing the superiour power of the constitution — the supreme law of the land.” ~James Wilson, Lectures on Law, Chapter XI, 1791. “Now, Judge Douglas understands the Constitution according to the Dred Scott decision, and he is bound to support it as he understands it. [Cheers.] I understand it another way, and therefore I am bound to support it in the way in which I understand it.” ~Abraham Lincoln, debate VI with Stephen Douglas “When Congress strips federal courts of jurisdiction, it exercises a valid legislative power no less than when it lays taxes, coins money, declares war, or invokes any other power that the Constitution grants it.” ~Clarence Thomas, Patchak v. Zinke  Show links 7 crazy rulings in just one week GOP judge rules Trump must violate immigration law Bureaucrats are already practicing medicine  Link to our series of articles on the president’s absolute power to exclude for any reason Mark Levin’s rant on judicial tyranny
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Want to change the GOP? Swap out primaries for ...
In this special episode, we make the full case for why we need to scrap direct primaries and opt for state conventions to choose nominees for major offices.  Drawing on the news that Mitt Romney lost at the Utah convention to an unknown challenger, we demonstrate how representative conventions are in line with what our Founders wanted, while direct primaries lead to tyranny of the elites. We explain the history of the primary process, why it’s nearly impossible for grassroots conservatives to win primaries, how state conventions would level the playing field, and how this would serve as a force multiplier for making our government more responsive to we the people. Otherwise, we are just wasting our time trying to fix a party that we just can’t change.  Key quote: “In democracy . . . there are commonly tumults and disorders. . . . Therefore a pure democracy is generally a very bad government. It is often the most tyrannical government on earth.” ~Noah Webster Show links  Romney’s loss at Utah Convention shows how conventions will fix Senate The appalling silence of Congress on the border crisis
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Aimless and masochist: Our topsy-turvy foreign ...
Call this the budding creation of “hawks against stupid interventions.” Jordan Schachtel, national security correspondent for CR, joins us for a deep dive into foreign policy and defense strategy. Be prepared to be educated, as we pack endless information into the show to demonstrate how our foreign policy priorities are backwards and contradictory. We delve into Africa, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, and Afghanistan. For far too long, the foreign policy establishment has offered us false dichotomies on strategy and alliances. It’s time to finally define a conservative “America First” foreign policy. Of course, national security begins with homeland security, and securing Mexico should be our biggest priority, yet it is not cool in foreign policy circles to discuss anything that doesn’t involve an aimless Islamic civil war.        Show links Dos and dont's in the Middle East Support Attorneys United for a Secure America Catch-and-release and sanctuaries fueling drugs, Middle Eastern migrants, and border violence U.S. sending special forces and weapons to … Hezbollah! … while we fight Assad Welcome to the new ISIS from the same Sunni insurgency we keep battling and then helping
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An interview with Shak Hill, candidate in VA-10...
Today, we continue our “meet the candidates” series. We are joined by Shak Hill, who is challenging Rep. Barbara Comstock in the GOP primary for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.   Shak graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served in Desert Storm. After serving nine years in the air force, he started his own financial planning business. He and his wife have six children and have cared for 46 foster children. He feels that Comstock has betrayed her campaign promises on spending, immigration, and health care. He promises to work with the Freedom Caucus, members like Dave Brat and Thomas Massie, and support Jim Jordan over Kevin McCarthy for party leader.  We also discuss the latest cases of judicial tyranny on immigration and abortion, where the courts are usurping power to the point that elections no longer matter.   This is our seventh episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first six episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, Nick Freitas, Chris McDaniel, Jarrin Jackson, and Richard Moss.   Show links Usurping courts create right to funding for Planned Parenthood My interview with Mark Levin
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Why Gorsuch is dead wrong and dangerous on depo...
As we predicted several months ago during oral arguments, Justice Gorsuch, the saint of the conservative intelligentsia, was the deciding vote nixing deportation of criminal aliens. In this episode, we dissect Sessions v. Dimayaand how Gorsuch is creating due process for criminal aliens to undermine deportations, in violation of settled law and the most foundational principles of the social compact. It is stolen sovereignty in its worst form. We are joined by CRTV’s Capitol Hill correspondent, Nate Madden, who co-hosts and shares his views of why the pseudo-conservatives are so in love with Gorsuch’s opinion and are missing the points in Thomas’ dissent. We also note that Scalia, contrary to the online pundits, agreed with Thomas on the plenary power doctrine over immigration. He would have issued a sharp dissent were he alive today. This decision will have far-reaching consequences for our sovereignty and security.        Show links Taking a part Gorsuch’s premise on deportations and due process in oral arguments What Scalia thought about the right to deport without judicial review
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How to form a shadow government with citizens’ ...
What is the solution for conservatives? How can we actually change the game when everything seems to blow up in our faces? In this episode, we inaugurate our new idea – the creation of citizens’ task forces that serve as ad hoc oversight committees of government but are formally recognized by the conservative elected officials. We explain how even the good members of Congress lack the time and resources to properly give voice to our concerns and ideas but would gladly do so if people from the outside would chip in. Shadow governments, field hearings, citizen reports, and grassroots media are some ways we can take back our republic, with the help of God. We also briefly touch on the stupidity of the internet sales tax as it heads to the Supreme Court for oral arguments this week. We also focus on the inanity of our strategy in the Middle East.   Show links A speaker’s run could galvanize this new movement How we can make citizens' task forces Trump has granted amnesty to 153,000 because the courts rule our country Full interview with Mark Levin
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Border patrol chief: The notion we can't stop i...
There are can’ts and there are won’ts.  The entire political class would have you believe that it would take a miracle to secure our border and stop the drug crisis, which is indeed exclusively a Mexican cartel problem. Brandon Judd, president of the Border Patrol Council and veteran border agent, joins us to expose this lie. Judd explains how our border patrol is deliberately hampered by bureaucratic leaders who don’t care about the mission of protecting our sovereignty. A number of border agents are kept off the border itself and placed on administrative work, which renders the increase in funding useless. The notion that we need more sensors and a “smart fence” is a lie. According to Judd, we simply need the actual agents placed on the border, a wall in strategic sectors, and an end to the political pseudo-legal loopholes that ensure we don’t secure our border when we actually can. Most importantly, we need an end to amnesty, particularly for teenagers, which creates an entire market for drug-smuggling that is killing tens of thousands on both sides of the border.  He also explains how the drug crisis is exclusively a border problem and how we would never have this crisis if not for the political will to keep it so. He reminds us that the military actually dealt with this problem in Columbia during the cocaine epidemic and put an end to that problem. The same can be done with the Mexican cartels if necessary.  Show links Latest two articles on the lies about the drug overdose crisis (here and here) National Border Patrol Council
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Learning the Lessons of Bloods and Crips in the...
When will anyone on the Right give a vision for strategic interests in the Middle East?  In this episode, we focus on our backwards policies in the Middle East by prioritizing urban renewal in untenable Islamic tribal wars while ignoring the real national security threats that confront our homeland. What is going on in Syria with the endless Sunni-Shia fighting is a reflection of the population, and there is nothing we can do to fix the situation. Why is nobody focusing on the chemical warfare on our own border being launched against our people in the form of fentanyl?  Using analogies of gang violence (and sports!), we demonstrate the foolishness of the false dichotomies presented to us on foreign policy and military intervention. We also discuss the foolish GOP effort to distract from its spending binge with a ceremonial balanced budget amendment this week. Also, CBO just came out with a budget report. It’s now clear that interest payments on the debt will surpass military spending in just five years.  Show notes Our border is a better place for the military than Syria The stupidity of the GOP and balanced budget  
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How gov’t is misdiagnosing the drug crisis, mak...
The government is lying to us about the nature, timing, and cause of the drug overdose crisis.  In this long and in-depth interview with Dr. John Lilly, we prove through incontrovertible data that this is not a prescription opioid crisis, but an illicit drug crisis driven by open borders. The political class solution of drug monitoring programs and clamping down on prescriptions is needlessly putting people in pain and exacerbating the problems. What the government is doing on opioids is the equivalent of responding to a raging forest fire set by an arsonist by banning stoves in individual law-abiding homes and putting all "problem-solving" resources into people’s homes rather than in the forest battling the fire.  Dr. John Lilly is a family physician with Mercy Clinic, formerly St. John’s, in Springfield, Missouri. He is the president of the Locke and Smith Foundation, a constitutionalist, pro-liberty group that monitors the Missouri state legislature. This is the next big issue in Congress, and the very people who caused and then exacerbated the problem are trying to make it worse by practicing medicine from Washington, wasting billions in taxpayer dollars, and limiting your freedoms and privacy. You won’t want to miss this episode!  Show links John Lilly’s journal article exposing CDC’s phony overdose numbers Part III of my series on government lies about opioids; Part IV Drugs are everywhere…except in hospitals
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What Trump can do to combat the assault on our ...
With more migrants headed for our border and the tyrannical courts granting illegal aliens new rights every day, what can President Trump do to reclaim our sovereignty?  In this episode, we discuss how Trump’s tough talk on immigration is a day late and a dollar short. Because he gave up his leverage on all the budget bills and the debt ceiling, he has no way of getting Congress to pass our immigration priorities. Nonetheless, we discuss several ways Trump can fight back against the amnesty courts and how he can properly interpret the statutes to protect our border even without Congress acting. We delve into the severity of the border crisis and how it ties into drugs and gangs plaguing our country. We also analyze recent court decisions concerning immigration that are off-the-wall crazy. Sanctuary cities can violate federal sovereignty, but states are not allowed to protect their sovereignty from private resettlement contractors, according to these kangaroo courts.  Finally, we discuss the significance of the boycott against conservative advertisers and the need to finally push back against these odious tactics.      Show notes Courts declare America the world’s sanctuary for abortions Open-borders courts use our compassion against us with deadly results Part IV of how DACA and open borders caused the drug epidemic (“opioid crisis”)
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Meet the candidates: Richard Moss challenging R...
Today, in our next installment of “Meet the Candidates,” we are joined by Dr. Richard Moss, who is running for Congress in Indiana’s eighth district against Rep. Larry Bucshon. Moss is a board-certified head and neck cancer surgeon who has been in practice for 20 years in Jasper, Indiana. He’s been writing about policy for three decades, particularly about health care. He challenged Larry Bucshon in 2016 and is seeking a rematch. We focus on health care and immigration, the two major issues that cut to the core of our economy, culture, security, and sovereignty. Moss speaks about his experiences volunteering in foreign countries and what that has taught him about the need to preserve Western civilization. In addition, he tells us his priorities on health care and how he would provide a counter-narrative to the prevailing way of thinking about the issues.    This is our sixth episode of “Meet the Candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience." The first five episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, Nick Freitas, Chris McDaniel, and Jarrin Jackson.   Show links Dr. Moss’s campaign website My blueprint for disengaging from the GOP in a few achievable steps
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An interview with Jarrin Jackson, candidate for...
Today, we continue our “meet the candidates” series and are joined by Jarrin Jackson, a young and philosophically grounded candidate challenging Rep. Markwayne Mullin in OK-2. Markwayne Mullin has broken his promise to serve only three terms. Jackson is unusual for a young candidate, not just from his life-experience as a captain serving in Afghan kill zones, but from his deeply philosophical and theological views.   Jackson discusses how he thinks we can pitch liberty and constitutional values to young voters. “Our society today learns with their eyes and thinks with their feelings. One of the responsibilities for conservatives running for office is to understand what makes a worldview persuasive to convert people.” He attempts to define what conservatism actually is before listing his agenda.   We also discuss how both parties are holding hostage our military in order to grow government, which Jackson believes is “immoral.” This is our fifth episode of “meet the candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience."  The first four episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, Nick Freitas, and Chris McDaniel.   Show links My 2016 write-up on Jarrin Jackson Mullin breaks term-limit pledge My podcast with Jackson last year on Afghanistan
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Trump just made himself a lame duck after only ...
In this episode, we discuss why the betrayal from both Congress and the president is worse than you think. This was the last opportunity to promote a winning narrative for the November elections, and Trump blew it. But a lot of this is the fault of the “conservative” movement, which is bankrupt and is incapable of keeping focused for any period of time to demand that the president take the right actions.  We delve into the long history of the budget betrayal, beginning last year. We take apart the president’s talking points from his press conference and show how he is contradicting himself on the military and the opioid crisis.  We need a new movement that is willing to think deeper and broader.   Show links The political morphine of the conservative movement 10 worst aspects of the omnibus My 10-minute video rant on Steve Deace’s show
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How Government is Destroying Quality of Healthc...
Today, we are joined by Dr. Kevin Wacasey, a successful direct primary care health care provider who has written two books on the economics of health care.  He offers practical advice for patients wanting better service and cheaper prices in order to combat the growing health care cartel. In this episode, Dr. Kevin draws upon his experience to explain how government created the corporate conglomerate practice of medicine.  Not only has this induced a price-gouging monopoly, it has degraded the quality of health care delivery.  We no longer have the best scientific methods dictating the best clinical practices, we have doctors serving corporate masters who serve the insurance cartel…who are bought and paid for by government.  The loss of private practice and the rise of corporations practicing medicine built off a government-run-and-created cartel, is the most dangerous trend in medicine.    Ultimately, Dr. Wacasey believes it’s up to patients to solve the health care crisis by utilizing this era of high deductibles to ditch insurance and shop around with resources such as Health Care Blue Book.  Dr. Wacasey is the author of two books: 'The Guide to Buying Health Insurance, and Health Care;' and 'Healthcareonomics 101: 500 Ways You’re Being Ripped Off By The Health Insurance, and Health Care Industries.’ He maintains a blog, and you can follow him on twitter at @HConomics, or at his Facebook page Healthcareonomics."   Show links Our previous show with Dr. Kevin last year (ep. 131) Insurance stocks beat the market by almost three to one Obamacare gave conglomerates a monopoly and destroyed private practice   Brand new data showing how our tax system is more progressive than ever
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The week Republicans lose the midterms Ep. 204
This week, Republicans plan to pass their last major piece of legislation for the remainder of the year … even though it’s only March! And unfortunately, the omnibus bill will be a bundle full of betrayals for conservatives. In this episode, we discuss the betrayal of the omnibus and how Trump’s only option is to threaten a veto. We go through the constitutional history of the presidential veto and its power to leverage a president’s priorities. So why is Trump so bashful about using it? It is the best way to fight for his priorities and salvage the midterm elections. Republicans refuse to address in this bill our immigration problems, which have been made worse by the lawless courts. The courts have actually gotten worse than you think, and we update you on some recent rulings. Finally, we touch on the big lies of the opioid crisis and how the refusal to properly diagnose it and understand its cause will lead to solutions that not only obfuscate the real problem, but exacerbate it.  Show notes The great big opioid lie Trump must use his veto pen or lose it  
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A conversation with Chris McDaniel on his runs ...
Today we are joined by Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel to discuss his run for U.S. Senate in the Magnolia State. He discusses why he chose to switch from challenging incumbent Senator Roger Wicker to the open seat now being vacated by retiring Senator Thad Cochran and how this should bring peace to the intra-party civil war … if everyone stands by their stated goals of defeating the Democrats. McDaniel opens up about the successes and mistakes of his 2014 run and what he has learned for this battle. He responds to criticism from Governor Phil Bryant and explains how Mitch McConnell has his fingerprints all over the race. McDaniel also delves into the lessons he learned as a state senator for how to fight the duopoly in Washington. And the end, he touches on the paradox of running as a conservative outsider and how hard it is to raise money when everyone who sympathizes with the message in the state is scared to be associated with those challenging the status quo.    This is our fourth episode of “meet the candidates” at "The Conservative Conscience."  The first three episodes were with Chip Roy, Art Halvorson, and Nick Freitas.   Note: Daniel Horowitz worked at the Madison Project when the PAC endorsed Chris McDaniel for Senate in Mississippi in 2013. Show links How DACA-driven policies caused the drug overdose epidemic Republicans are giving us no reason to vote for them    
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The health-care narrative conservatives need to...
We are joined today by Rep. Jim Butler (@repjimbutler), R-Ohio, a one-man think tank on health care, to discuss the compelling narrative conservatives should be pushing on health care. Why health care? Republicans are about to get crushed in the midterm elections, and health care is the top issue. Yet Republicans let the Left get away with murder – quite literally sometimes – on the health care issue by ignoring how they empowered and monopolized a cartel.  Jim explains a number of ways government programs and interventions in health care have not only driven up costs but have destroyed private practice and degraded the quality and delivery of health care itself. He explains how Medicaid and the cartel monopoly helped fuel the addiction crisis with opioids. He also explains how open-border fanatics in Ohio are refusing to increase penalties for the worst type of heroin dealers, most often criminal aliens.  Listen to this episode and then ask yourself how Republicans would perform in November if this was their top message. Show links Why bailing out the insurance cartel is the worst thing we can do  The chart of Maryland “opioid” deaths that is worth 1,000 words Copyright CRTV. All rights reserved.
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Make it stick when it matters, Mr. President! E...
The next few weeks will determine whether Trump is a lame duck or Republicans have a narrative to win in November. The omnibus spending bill is the last point of leverage Trump has to enact his priorities, but unless he threatens a veto to bolster his leverage, his rhetoric is meaningless. Instead of defunding bad court decisions, Planned Parenthood, and sanctuary cities, Congress is planning to put in gun control, an internet sales tax, and an Obamacare bailout. And, of course, raise the debt to unimaginable levels.   In this episode, we discuss all the ways Trump’s good messaging is not converted into policy outcomes and how to change that. We also delve into a number of examples of policies where the political firefighters were really the arsonists who caused the problems to begin with. Whether it’s Dodd-Frank, Sarbanes-Oxley, ethanol, CAFE standards, school violence, drug problems, public safety issues with criminal aliens, or yes, even daylight saving time, it’s the very people who caused the problems who are proposing "solutions" that exacerbate the crisis rather than address the root cause.    Show links CAFE standards and ethanol killing our economy No religious liberty rights, but a right to someone else’s Twitter account Mexican president campaigns in California: How dual voting violates our sovereignty GOP is selling us out on the policies and narratives on guns and school safety  
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Ted Cruz and the need for the GOP to run on a T...
To celebrate our 200th episode, we are joined by Senator Ted Cruz to discuss the important issues of the day and his strong showing in the Texas primary. Republicans had a better-than-expected showing in Texas last night, but there are strong indications that they could get swamped by an enthusiasm gap less conservative states. Cruz lays out a winning agenda for keeping the base as engaged nationwide as it is in Texas. He tackles the courts, immigration, regulations, and explains his conversion on the filibuster. Unless something is done with the de facto 60-vote threshold, Republicans will have no narrative to run on and will accomplish absolutely nothing. And as Cruz notes, if they have nothing to show for their control of government but a massive amnesty and gun control, they will easily lose both houses. Finally, the senator gives us an update on his fight for free market energy policy and explains how the EPA ransom being used to enforce the ethanol mandate is destroying jobs.   Show notes Analysis of Texas primary results
31 min
An interview with Nick Freitas, a liberty conse...
In our next installment of “meet the candidates,” we are joined by Nick Freitas, who is running for U.S. Senate in Virginia. Freitas (@NickforVA) is an army veteran of the Special Forces and is currently serving his second term in the Virginia House of Delegates. He has recently made national news with his impassioned speech in the state legislature, saying that Democrats have no right to call conservatives Nazis and segregationists and that when it comes to morals and violence, Democrats should look in the mirror.   In this very wide-ranging interview, Freitas reveals his philosophy on an array of important issues from guns and immigration to health care and foreign policy. He discusses the way he would message them and how he would serve as a voice for constitutional conservatives.  Show links “The speech” by Nick Freitas Nick’s speech on Medicaid expansion Freitas goes on offense after Democrats act offended by his speech  
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