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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .

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Ep 417 | The Burden of Open Borders Falling on ...
Guess who will pay for the mistakes of our federal government regarding the border crisis? The local communities. Sheriff Leon Wilmot has been in the Yuma County Sheriff’s Department for 32 years and has been the elected sheriff since 2013. He joins us today to update us on how his county is being slammed with a migration bigger than the size of the native population. The local shelters and health care resources are strained doing the job of the federal government.  The bottom line, according to Wilmot, is that absent any deterrent to law-breakers, they will keep coming. Drugs are coming in both at the points of entry and in the desert.  Also, the sheriff gives us the truth about the threat of contagious diseases that the federal government refuses to talk about. “We don’t need politicians to come down here for a photo op,” said Wilmot. “We need them to fix the problem.”    Show links The frontline effects of the border crisis are felt around the nation’s capital Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 416 | Where Do We Escape for Our Asylum?
Central Americans come here to escape poverty and benefit from our welfare system.  Where can Americans seek asylum when their communities are overrun by MS-13?  On today’s show, I discuss what is happening in some Maryland communities with MS-13 activity growing out of control as more illegal alien teens settle in the D.C. region.  I also show how illegal aliens are sapping our health care system and hospitals and nobody is asking who will pick up the tab. Instead, the media is concerned about how many illegal aliens die of natural causes while in ICE custody rather than about how many murders by illegal aliens ICE is able to prevent.  Finally, I focus on health care. The legislative proposals targeting “surprise billing” in the ERs are a total lie and will make matters worse because we are not addressing the core problems in health care.    Show links Russians at our border AAPS letter opposing price controls on surprise billing Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 415 | Top Veteran Immigration Officer: Why I...
Today we are joined by a very special guest. Dan Vara is a practicing immigration lawyer who has 22 years of experience in the old INS and eventually in ICE.  “The laws are there, the rules are there, the people are there; they need to be allowed to do their jobs,” says Vara. He was one of the top officials dealing both with the Nicaraguan asylum influx in 1989 and the Hatians and Cubans in the 1990s. He believes there is no reason existing law can’t be marshalled the way it was then. It’s all politics, in his view. What about the concerns of foreign terrorists, health, and espionage? Vara explains that, contrary to what the government is telling us, we are not properly vetting them out even at points of entry.   Vara also explains how so many at the DHS are experiencing morale problems because there is more incentive for them to be lenient on illegal immigrants rather than enforce the law for fear of lawsuits. Show links How the Haitian migration was shut down in the 1990s  How the Nicaraguan migration was shut down in 1989 Yes, illegal aliens are being dumped into our communities Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 414 | America the Dumping Ground
Is Trump being convinced by Jared Kushner to live in an alternative universe? While they focus on the visa system, America has become a dumping ground. While they focus on what Congress can do on non-emergency issues, they ignore what they can do executively on emergency issues. Today, I round out the week by analyzing the politics of the Kushner immigration plan and why it is distracting from the real problems.   Finally, now is the time to get rid of DACA. That is Trump’s biggest point of leverage. He lost another court case today, but what the judges actually said proves the point that, even according to their convoluted thinking, he can still get rid of it within 90 days … if he wants to. Show links  Illegal alien charged with killing 12 Texans Ron DeSantis says no to sending migrants to his state What Trump should do instead of focusing on the Kushner plan   State Department to fund Taliban travel expenses Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 413 | Conservatives Have a Movement of Perso...
Look at any major issue, whether it’s the judicial crisis, immigration, health care, or foreign policy, and you will notice that we don’t have a movement of ideas to drive a narrative. We have a movement of personalities to comment on the status quo. I discuss some of the news of the day on abortion and the courts. If we had a movement of ideas, we’d be well on our way to defeating judicial supremacy, and some of the latest news on abortion proves this point. I also update you on jailbreak, the border, Republicans trying to renew the New START treaty, and even how our government is funding the Taliban while claiming to fight it.  Show links Virginia judge reverses his own radical opinion 8 days later This is the type of people we are locking up in federal prison on drug charges who will get jailbreak Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 412 | RINO Rampage in the Senate Will Make a...
Be prepared for a briefing on how terrible Senate Republicans are. They are screwing us on every issue, from health care and spending to immigration and crime. I give you the latest details of Senate RINO betrayals and show how Trump’s presidency is doomed unless we change the orientation of Republicans in the Senate.  Next, I explore the problems with Jared Kushner's immigration proposal and how it distracts from the real problem while offering RINOs cover to continue ignoring their responsibilities. Finally, I update you on the latest with Iran and how the people who got us involved in Iraq are actually hurting the cause of isolating Iran.  Show links Thanks to GOP failure, few people realize how bad the border is McConnell about to screw us on budget deal Romney opposes good judicial candidate because he was too mean to Obama Lindsey Grahamnesty is back African migrants showing up at Laredo The entire criminal justice cartel is built on a lie  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 411 | Our Border Is Serving as a Sewer Pipe ...
Today, I show how and why our homeland security and foreign policy are completely backward. By having an open border, we are bringing all of the ills of the world right to our nation. Then we waste our resources going overseas to referee Islamic civil wars, which places our assets in danger, which then creates a political challenge to aggressively defending our true interests.  At the end of the show, I update you on some of the latest domestic terror and criminal alien news and demonstrate once and for all how “criminal justice reform” is built on a lie.  Show links Cuba is the next illegal immigration shoe to drop 54% of federal offenders are non-citizens Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 410 | The Inmates Are Running the Asylum
Illegal aliens control our border policies, district judges control our legislatures, and non-English speakers control our ballots. When did the American people vote for this? Today, I discuss how the inmates are running the asylum in many ways. The “asylum-seekers" are controlling our border rather than the American people. Judges are now ruling rather than naturalized citizens learning English, as they are required to do, they can now sue for endless access to assistance and marketing in bilingual ballots. A lot can be learned from the latest Florida judge’s ruling, and I have all the details.    Show links CBP’s bizarre border flights The underappreciated threat to our country from checkpoints being dismantled Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 409 | Congress Believes Everything Is a Disa...
In this free-flowing Friday episode, I tie up some loose ends on stories from this week. I explain the multi-layered crisis at the border, specifically the threat of infectious diseases and the cartel operations. The media and the government are not telling us just how serious a threat the termination of Border Patrol checkpoints are in terms of drugs, human smuggling, and potentially terrorists.   Yet Congress doesn’t consider that to be a problem. The legislature is focusing on emergency and disaster spending for Puerto Rico. I explain why this disaster bill is nonsense and why throwing more money at Puerto Rico without fixing its systemic problems or giving it independence is like flushing money down the toilet. Finally, I bring you one more example of why we can’t win the judicial game the conventional way and why we must challenge the entire premise of judicial supremacism rather than focus on “appointing better judges.” Show links Why are we letting any of these people in? Trump is right and McConnell is wrong on disaster aid Another Bush judge creates a fake right for non-doctors to perform abortions Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 408 | No More Half Measures
On today’s show, I tackle our two favorite issues – the courts and immigration – through the lens of why half measures are often counterintuitive instead of a reflection of incremental progress. While it’s heartening to see the administration finally get a little more aggressive on the border and with the courts, it is missing the opportunity to go full-bore.  I dissect Mike Pence’s speech about nationwide injunctions and show that while he is on to the truth, he is proposing a half measure that further undermines the premise he is trying to articulate.  I also update you on both the border and the latest criminal alien mayhem on the interior to show why half measures are not working. Quote: “Moral of the story is: I chose a half measure when I should have gone all the way. I'll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter." ~Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks) in Season 3 of Breaking Bad Show links Previously deported illegal kills 3 people but is released by California authorities House GOP appoints global warming supporter to “climate change” committee 2.4% of Honduras has come to America in just 19 months Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 407 | Are the Iranian Mullahs About to Fall?
Between the rocket attacks on Israel, increasing stakes in the Iranian sanctions, American military assets being projected against Iran, and a bunch of desperate measures from the mullahs, are we on the cusp of war, or will the Iranian regime fall on its own? To make sense of all of this, we're joined by Col. Dan Steiner, a 32-year Air Force veteran with substantial experience in the Middle East and at CENTCOM, to brief us on what is going on in the Middle East and why we should care. He explains how until now much of what has guided our policies was all related to corporate cronyism rather than sound strategic thinking. We talk about Iraq, Turkey, Qatar, Russia, and how they all fit into this discussion.  Show notes Colonel Steiner’s critique of Israel’s restrained response to “rocket diplomacy”  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 406 | It Ain't Over Till the Lower Court Jud...
The lower court supremacy has gotten so bad that judges are now not only violating law and the Constitution, but also recent Supreme Court decisions. What ever happened to the Supreme Court being the god of our system?   On today’s show, I update you on some recent happenings in the lower courts and how on abortion funding and on the travel ban, lower court judges are in the process of overturning recent Supreme Court precedent. I explain how Trump has no choice but to completely delegitimize this scheme.  Show links Lower courts lobbying the Supreme Court like the inmates running the asylum An illegal drunk driver plows into trailer home and kills a family of three Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 405 | It’s Time to Make Deportations Great A...
Today, we celebrate Trump’s pick of Mark Morgan, a friend of this podcast, as ICE director. I explain why Morgan gets what is at stake and how ICE is central to not only solving the criminal alien problem with interior enforcement but deterring the new flow at the border now. Moreover, the president has made several other good decisions on immigration, but we need to make sure this is not another example of one step forward, two steps back.   Next, I explain that with one-third of Central Americans desiring to migrate here, we will never be able to end the flow by declaring open borders and hoping it ends. There is a bottomless well of those who want to come here. This is why the only way to secure our border is to assert our sovereignty and not worry about other push factors in other countries.  Show links Trump admin going after Social Security fraud among illegals …But flooding us with 30,000 more low-skilled workers Why Mark Morgan is the right man at the right time for ICE director   Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 404 | Virtue-Signaling, False Morality, and ...
The essence of why we are losing civilization is because we have nobody who is willing to speak to the morality of issues. The Left’s entire foundation is built upon speaking to the morality of their immorality, but our side has no political or religious leaders capable of doing that any more. Through that prism, I discuss some of the news of the day on immigration, foreign policy, crime, and health care to demonstrate how easy it is to speak to the morality of conservatism, and why now, more than ever, voters are swayed by quasi “values” arguments more than simply a good job market. Plus, the latest on Afghanistan and the border, and how that ties into a crisis of values and articulation of morality.  Show links Why Trump’s new border directive is a step in the right direction but still underwhelming 2 more Californians killed by illegal alien DUIs that the media covered up Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 403 | What We Should and Shouldn’t Do in Ven...
Today, you will hear everything you need to know about the turmoil in Venezuela, what it means for America, what we should do and what we shouldn’t do. We are joined by Joseph Humire, executive director of the Center for a Secure Free Society and one of the foremost experts on terrorism in Latin America, to brief us on what you are not seeing behind the scenes with the Maduro regime and in the broader Latin American geopolitical scene. The bottom line is that our failure to focus properly on Latin America has allowed Russia, China, and Iran to work with the Bolivarian revolution of far-leftists in Venezuela, Cuba, and several other countries to destabilize our neighborhood. We can’t turn that around on a dime, and coming in with a military invasion will not help. It will make things worse.  We need to fight asymmetrical warfare with asymmetrical warfare, according to Humire.  He gives us a blueprint for doing so in a way that doesn’t just treat the symptoms of Maduro, but the broader illness of what has taken root in Latin America.  Meanwhile, both Congress and the defense establishment continue to get our priorities wrong in the world.  Show links  The insanity of Afghanistan Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 402 | Let’s Stop Dying for Somebody Else's S...
On today’s show, I discuss the dos and don’ts of Venezuela and how our government always does dumb things for other countries but not prudent things for our own. Why are we not putting the military option on the table to deal with the cartels when we put it on the table for the safety of other countries' citizens, even when there is no logical outcome?   I discuss how to strategically counter Cuba and Russia in a smarter way than an aimless military expedition in Venezuela and how we need to be doing that anyway to defend our own sovereignty and strategic interests.   Next, I discuss how “soft sanctuaries” are ensuring that a lot of gang members and cartel associates are let go without ever being turned over to ICE. Furthermore, we are paying for the rope to hang ourselves, as illegal aliens who themselves pay for cartels to smuggle in other teen relatives get to reap the benefits of their act on our dime.  Show links Leader of border militia ordered jailed pending trial... Jordanian charged with smuggling group of Yemenis across our border The UAC scam is like having us pay for the rope to hang ourselves How weak urban cooperation with ICE is endangering even rural counties Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 401 | What About the Humanitarian Crisis for...
Why is nobody discussing the humanitarian crisis of criminal justice "reform" and illegal immigration from the American vantage point in terms of diseases, criminals, and terrorists being brought into this country?  On today’s show, I prove that career crime, and certainly crime committed by foreign nationals, is, by definition, avoidable carnage. I go through the jailbreak debate and note how this criminal justice deform movement is killing Americans the media will never report on. I also go through numerous cases of criminal aliens and terrorist aliens we allowed to remain in this country.  Finally, I give you an update on our border, the diseases coming in, and how the administration’s policies are too little, too late. Show links Mother and daughter killed in Oklahoma thanks to criminal justice deform   Why the threat of diseases at our border is worse than the gov’t is willing to admit   Incarceration is the lowest it has been in 20 years Jailbreak is built on a lie Palestinian mother of 7 arrested for helping ISIS in Wisconsin Another Palestinian jihadist allowed to become a citizen for 10 years despite having bombed an Israeli bus Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 400 | Are We Doing Enough to Secure Our Nort...
Today, in honor of my 400th episode, I have a special guest, Jason Owens, to discuss the state of the northern border. Owens (follow him on Twitter) is chief patrol agent of the Houlton sector in Maine. He brings with him over 22 years of experience in both the southern and northern border sectors, as well as with the agency’s special operations division.  Owens warns us that the criminals, terrorists, and bad guys are at an advantage against law enforcement across our thousands of miles of open border, which includes the Canadian border as well as the maritime borders. He gives us an insider's look into the mechanics of those borders and demonstrates the need to direct more focus to them. It’s likely that we are only apprehending a fraction of those who actually come across those borders. There are roughly 2,000 agents for 5,500 miles of border with Canada, and now 10-15 percent of those resources are drained off to deal with the southern border. The bottom line is that the northern border is most troubling in the types of people coming over, rather than the number of people. When it comes to the northern border, Owens warns us that we don’t know what we don’t know. Show links Rwandan war criminal caught at the northern border In 2016, the grandson of Hamas founder was caught at the northern border  Smuggling networks on the northern border Army’s response to incident with Mexican soldiers? Send lawyers and cooks! Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 399 | It’s Time to Remember the Alamo
It’s time to stop telegraphing punches and then not punching. It’s time to punch. It’s time to remember the Alamo. Trump needs to act on immigration, even if he fails us on every other issue.  More broadly, I delve into the essence of the social transformation of our country and how we are at a crossroads as a nation. We must force immediate action to hold the line at our border and end the social transformation. Otherwise, we won't even have enclaves of “sanctuaries” for our values.    Show links  5-time deported alien stomps baby to death Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 398 | Are We About to See an 'Arab Spring' i...
Mexico is worse off than you think, and it’s holding on by a thread. Our government’s lack of regard for defending our sovereignty will have devastating consequences if the Mexican government officially collapses, according to our special guest.  Today, I am joined by Col. Dan Steiner (@coldan11), a retired Air Force veteran who served as the director of joint operations for the Texas Military Forces until 2010. He directed coordination between the Texas Military Forces and NORTHCOM for many years and also served at CENTCOM. Mexico is a nation on the edge, and it’s time we finally concoct a strategy to deal with it, warns Col. Steiner. Mexico could be on the precipice of an Arab Spring-style uprising, which could induce mass migration from Mexico itself, adding to the Central American migration. Steiner warns that now is the time to close the border, create a buffer zone, and begin engaging militarily rather than treating the Mexico issue as untouchable. He also discusses the looming threat of subversion from other enemies through the chaos in Mexico as well as the threats from terrorism coming through the border. Be sure to take notes on this indispensable briefing!   Show links Why our two Texas border experts call foul on our government’s response to Mexico’s incursion CBP or the military will not even apprehend armed smugglers right at our border  Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 397 | Surrendering Our Homeland to Foreign C...
Forget about Russian interference in our elections, how about surrendering our homeland to Mexico and all the foreign actors controlling Mexico's government, including the Russians? On today’s show, I explain why we are being lied to about the incident that took place last week with Mexican soldiers disarming our soldiers on our soil. Mexicans can essentially attack us with guns and be counted in the census and we are to believe there is nothing we can do about it. Then, I show you exactly how much crime we are enduring from illegal aliens who should not be here. I also show how the Supreme Court, even when it sides with us, is really part of an Overton Window-style defeat mechanism. Show links Most of our population growth comes from immigrants So much for flipping the third circuit This is what the Army chief of staff is worried about The latest criminal alien rampage Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 396 | Yes, It's Time to Militarize Our Border
Today, somebody you will never hear from on the Fox News circuit. Zach Taylor, a veteran retired border agent, joins me to discuss the latest trends at the border. Our government is lying to us and not following the law, according to Taylor. He tells us that the incident where Mexican soldiers detained our soldiers was clearly deliberate and was designed to send us a message. Taylor further sheds light on the extent of the problems we have with contagious diseases and how Fox News doesn’t allow anyone to mention it. Show links Why no response to the Mexican government’s assault on our military? Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 395 | Now Trump Needs to Go After the Real F...
With everyone talking about the Russian collusion hoax and Mueller, now would be the best time for Trump to go on offense and take action against the true foreign influence over America – illegal immigration. I go through numerous fresh stories of how illegal aliens not only influence our society, elections, judicial system, and politics, but downright control them. And what about the dangerous and evil cartels essentially having control of our border? There are so many stories of dangerous illegal aliens being allowed to remain in our country and turn rural areas into violent enclaves. Finally, I explain how the laws on the books deny all of the lawfare today and were designed to prevent it all. Under expedited removal, every illegal alien can be deported without access to the courts.    Show links Omaha, Nebraska, now a cesspool of drugs and crime thanks to illegal aliens and Sudanese refugees Illegal aliens are a clear and present danger of contagious disease, part 1 and part 2 Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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Ep 394 | Confronting Our Challenges on Immigrat...
The attorney general announced new guidance for holding single adults filing bogus asylum claims. Today, I explain why, until now, we have only been treating the symptoms and not categorically speaking the truth about the invasion and having our policies reflect that. Whether this is a turning point for the administration or not will largely depend on what the administration does next. I explain why this move alone will not address the problem. Next, I bring on Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, to discuss what this invasion is doing to his home state. Chip wonders why it’s so hard for his colleagues to speak categorically with moral authority on this issue. We also speak about his goals on health care and how, again, Republicans are incapable of speaking directly and categorically on an issue. “It’s important we get the right narrative and talk about it often – that we want 21st century health care … we need to go on offense and quit apologizing,” thunders Chip in an epic monologue. Finally, I give you the truth you won’t hear elsewhere about how Obamacare has created a monopoly for corporate conglomerates and is destroying private practice in America.   Show links Is the admin taking up the tent city idea?  How is this not an invasion? Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.    
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Ep 393 | Open Border Plus Judicial Supremacy Eq...
With the painful burning of Notre Dame on everyone’s mind, I explore what exactly a burning Western civilization looks like. It all gets back to open borders, social transformation, and judicial supremacism.  I explain through the prism of a radical judge’s recent racist speech against Trump how Jefferson and Madison warned about the slippery slope of judicial supremacism. I also delve into how we have allowed this supremacism to nullify the most foundational laws of any civilization, those governing the borders of the nation-state itself.  Show links Jefferson’s letter to Abigail Adams on judicial supremacy Trump admin grants 750K work permits to illegal alien bogus asylum-seekers Carton Reeves’ speech calling for a judicial coup against America  Victor Davis Hanson on how illegal immigration changes our civilization Copyright Blaze Media All Rights Reserved.
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