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In Washington, politicians are full of half-truths and hot air. They do little more than grandstanding by spouting off talking points and spin. The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz is here to help you cut through the rhetoric and noise and explore the politically right way to think about the issues .

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How Many More Good Men have to Die on the Sword...
Tired of the myopic focus on Syria and the platitudes over whether to intervene or not?  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel is joined by Patrick Poole, the senior national security correspondent for PJ Media and one of the foremost experts on the Middle East. (whose views are unfortunately never represented among the smart set in DC).  Patrick discusses the folly of focusing on any one player in a vacuum and the need to a take a holistic approach putting our interests first. Through a deep and far reaching discussion of the Middle East and Africa, we explore the observations that are missed by the failed foreign policy “wonks” in both parties, who are now dragging this president into the same sinkhole of the past.  Many policymakers are missing the fact that Christian parts of Africa are falling to Islamists every week and the media ignores the mass genocide in the region just because the victims are not Muslims engaged in civil wars. Patrick calls for a complete operational pause and audit of all our engagements in the Middle East – from direct combat, to arming and training dubious and even dangerous entities – so that we can devise a holistic policy that addresses both the Iranian and Sunni Islamist threats from a position of strength with consistency that will serve our interests. Patrick observes that right now, as it relates to conservatives in this administration, we are like the first wave at Omaha Beach getting mowed down by the swamp creatures.  We need a successful second, third, and fourth wave to establish a beachhead or this administration will be lost on critical national security policies. Are we going to have our foreign policy dictated by prudence and the facts on the ground as they relate to our interests or are we going to be goaded into more mistakes by yellow journalism?  Patrick Poole navigates the toughest waters of the Middle East swamp.   Key quotes: "Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none.” Thomas Jefferson Show links: Jared Kushner now trying to take over national security Drug use on the rise among Navy SEALs who are being stretched thin in a meat grinder We need to bring back Congress’ power over declaring war No more ground troops: Trump must be careful that Syria doesn’t become his Iraq
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Syria, Gorsuch, Senate Republicans, and the Nee...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore a number of important issues – from the engagement in Syria to the judicial filibuster, the prospect of Justice Neil Gorsuch, and the need for judicial reform. The images emanating from Syria are horrible, but there are a lot of important questions that must be answered before we jump in and act on emotion.  Without answering these critical questions, we risk repeating the mistakes of Iraq, destroying our military and political capital, and not even solving the humanitarian problem. As for the courts, we explore why Gorsuch’s ascendance to the high court will not change the course of the judiciary and why we need bold thinkers to move beyond the existing failed paradigm.  We must remember that the capacity of a good judge to do good does not counteract the capacity of a bad judge to destroy our society.  That is why we will never fix the courts merely by attempting to appoint better judges. Trump picks an Obama holdover to head the Border Patrol A partial list of liberals in the Trump administration A recent court case that demonstrates why the courts are irremediably broken No more ground troops: Trump must be careful that Syria doesn’t become his Iraq
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Budget betrayal reveals everything you need to ...
How is it possible to get hit by a parked car?  It’s not possible, of course, unless you do it on purpose.  The same applies to Trump and Republicans losing the upcoming budget battle.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore the mechanics of the budget battle and how the perfidy and betrayal demonstrates that Republicans don’t share our values.  It is impossible to lose a government shutdown fight when you control all three branches unless you don’t want to win or unless your definition of winning is different from your campaign promises.  Republicans are set to cave on the border wall, refugee resettlement, protecting Trump’s executive order, and Planned Parenthood, as well as the spending levels.  When juxtaposed to what Democrats got in 2009 when they controlled all three branches, it should become evident to anyone willing to listen that Republicans don’t share the values of their base the way Democrats represent their voters. Finally, Daniel discusses the mechanics of the filibuster and how several recent factors have changed the importance of this tool or at least the way it is practiced.      Show links: So much for the ‘Art of the Deal’: Trump and GOP leaders are about to cave on the budget While Trump attacks conservatives, his immigration agenda burns New budget report: America will be Greece unless health care is fixed Tillerson selling out to the Taliban?
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Purists, Low Expectations, and the Triumph of N...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains the depth and profundity of the betrayal of conservatives.  There is so much capitulation going on, it’s hard to keep up.  Worse, Republicans are using their operation to smear conservatives and project on them their own faults.  Facts and details of legislation no longer matter.  Lies and deceptions reign supreme.  The core of the problem is that we have now accepted the soft bigotry of low expectations from Republicans.  As long as they do one thing slightly different from Democrats, that is enough to mollify some phony conservatives.  Then they call anyone who upholds the most basic tenets of the GOP platform a purist.  This is how Democrat policies triumph even when they are out of power.  This party is irremediably broken and we need to break outside of the existing paradigm to do more.  Show Links Jared pushing criminal justice deform! Trump delaying move to designate Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group GOP establishment purists already surrendered April budget fight … with control of all 3 branches! At least some Republicans are honest about not wanting to repeal Obamacare
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The Fight to Repeal Obamacare is not Over, Not ...
The Freedom Caucus has done a lot more than merely expose this party, the speaker, and the president as frauds on the health care issue.  They have demonstrated that the entire modus operandi of the Republican Party is a sham.  They run on campaign slogans to distinguish themselves from Democrats during elections but never have any intention of actually rolling back the leviathan.  Nonetheless, despite an inarticulate president and a phony party, Daniel explains why conservatives must not give up on Obamacare repeal and what we can do to fuel momentum for free market health care. Furthermore, Daniel explains why “tax reform” is a boondoggle.  It is the wrong issue to focus on and no good will come of it given certain political realities with establishment Republicans.  Trump would be wise to work with conservatives on the budget, immigration, and judicial reform rather than chase unicorn tax policies with Democrats.         Quotes "You can't con people, at least not for long. ... [I]f you don't deliver the goods, people will eventually catch on." President Trump, The Art of the Deal Show links: RINOcare lesson for Trump: Work with conservatives, not with the swamp Satire on why Freedom Caucus should apologize Trump tells Manchin he’ll work with Dems on “gun safety” Trump threatens to “work” with Dems on “tax reform”
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Standing for nothing more than “Not Democrat” i...
In this special broadcast, Daniel celebrates the 100th episode of the Conservative Conscience. We outline a vision of what we are looking to do here – speak the truth, give a broad philosophical vision of conservatism as it relates to very specific information and issues and build a new movement that actually stands for something more than just being ‘slightly to the right’ of Democrats.   Tying in the entire premise of this show, Daniel goes through the news of the day with Obamacare and Neil Gorsuch to show how far to the left conservatives and Republicans have moved in their expectations.  They are simply happy to be one tranche to the right of the ever-drifting Democrat Party, which is why their soft bigotry of low expectations allows them to be happy with anything that “is not Democrat.”  Isn’t it time we stand on the veracity of our own views?  Plus you won’t want to miss all the latest news and inside baseball on the Obamacare repeal (or lack thereof).   To celebrate the 100th episode we’re excited to give away a free 1-year CRTV subscription. You'll get LevinTV, Michelle Malkin Investigates, Louder with Crowder, and The Steve Deace Show… and they're adding new programming all the time. Please tweet about the 100th episode of The Conservative Conscience by Sunday noon using the hashtag #CC100 and make sure you're following CRTV on Twitter.  The winner will be selected next week. Show links: New York liberals taking over the White House Ezekiel Emanuel advising Trump on health care 15 unanswered questions conservatives have about Gorsuch Gorsuch is not going to save us from judicial hell Tom Price confirms what we knew: Republicans never intended to repeal ObamacareDo we have a country or not? Trump must cancel Obama’s amnesty
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The Free Market Solution to Pre-Existing Condit...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel is joined by Professor John Cochrane of the Hoover Institute, an expert economist on health care policy.  In a refreshing change from the typical inside-Washington health care discussion, Daniel and the professor actually move beyond the false choice of the existing paradigm and envision what a true free market would look like. Professor Cochrane gives a synopsis of his plan for free markets to deal with pre-existing conditions through the issuance of health-status insurance.  The source of the pre-existing condition problem is government intervention that has boxed out any ability or need for private enterprise to compete for consumer demand.  But if we actually repealed the Obamacare (and some pre-Obamacare) regulations and interventions, we could have health status insurance that would be purchased just like term-life insurance at a very young age to cover any change in health status.  Show notes:  Forget about the Washington-speak of “repeal and replace,” here is a true market approach from Professor Cochrane  Professor Cochrane’s econ blog Health insurance CEO’s want more subsidies, not free market 20 free market health care ideas
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The Agony of a Conservative Soul Trapped in a R...
This week we learned what it means to be a conservative soul trapped in the corrosive body of the Republican Party.  What Republicans do is viewed by the public as conservative because of the phony binary choice, but in fact conservatives get blamed for the liberal rhetorical and policy problems with their proposals, which are messaged to the public as conservative!  Nowhere is this more evident than with Obamacare, as Republicans are selling retention of Obamacare as repeal of Obamacare, saddling conservatives with all the liabilities of perceived repeal, but none of the benefits.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, we explore how the entire binary fight between the parties is a false flag operation and how we are fighting with the media (and even CBO) over policies that aren’t even conservative.  Further, we explore some very concerning foreign policy news as it relates to Pentagon and State Department personnel and Trump’s newfound love for the PLO and the stupid peace process.  If conservatives don’t demand a course correction soon, this will be the third term of Obama’s foreign policy.     Show links Iran deal architect is now running Tehran policy at the State Department John Kerry apprentice to lead Israeli-Palestinian portfolio at State Department Trump preventing Israel from building…just like Kerry Caroline Glick: Trump embraces the PLO fantasy Trump should be working with conservatives on immigration instead of against them on health care CBO confirms: Full repeal of Obamacare is the ONLY way forward
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A week full of dastardly lies from establishmen...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains how the lies Paul Ryan is telling about Obamacare are reflective of a broader terminal illness within the political system: the idolatry of the binary choice.  Going through the history of primary challenges and budget fights since 2011, Daniel explores how Republicans and their elite allies use conservative talking points in order to get people to buy into their electoral scam, but then renege on them when the inflection point is at hand.  Worse, they criticize those who hold the very line they claimed to support before the moment of truth was upon them.  This episode also explores some of the problems with Trump’s cabinet members hiring liberals for top positions in State, Defense, and DHS while patriotic conservatives within the administration are doing their best to hold the line.     Show links GOP should look up the definition of 'Obamacare' before claiming to repeal it 20 ideas to crush Obamacare and cure America's health care crisis RINOcare: What would Mike Pence of 2003 tell VP Pence? Yes, all of Obamacare can be repealed through budget reconciliation
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Why TrumpCare is even worse politics and policy...
How quickly Republicans have accepted every premise of government run healthcare.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel goes through the entire timeline of the GOP RINOCare bill as well as each element – the regulations, subsidies, spending, and mandates – to demonstrate how the political and policy outcome of this bill will be worse than Obamacare.   This is not just Obamacare-lite.  It never repeals Obamacare to begin with and the few things it tweaks will exacerbate the existing system.  This bill only helps the big Pharma industry because it guarantees a steady flow of subsidies driven by endless crisis points of fiscal insolvency.   Show links Obamacare 2.0 is a gift to illegals. Oh, and GOP? You LIE. RINO-Care: A more insolvent version of Obamacare … except this time GOP owns it List of 24 Regulations from CRS – almost none of them are repealed
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How Trump can Match his Successful Speech with ...
Everyone agrees Trump gave a well-received speech before Congress on Tuesday night.  Now it’s time for him to follow that up with action. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel discusses how Trump can use the bully pulpit to promote specific policies on the most important issues, such as immigration, health care, national security, taxes, and regulations.  He must first get everyone in his administration in line with his agenda, formulate specific policies, and then make a series of high profile policy speeches speaking to the morality of those policies in order to browbeat Congress into submission.  That is how Reagan successfully used the bully pulpit.  Specifically, we discuss how Trump can articulate a vision for free market health care and channel his populism into a conservative message that shows how the Left is responsible for destroying innovation in health care.  Daniel speaks passionately about his blueprint for free market health care reform and the need to end venture socialism, whereby the AMA and the lobbyists for the status quo use the boot of government to prevent an Uber or Amazon type revolution in the industry.  Trump would be the best ambassador for such a cause because of his persona as an innovative entrepreneur.  This is how he can get Republicans unified behind one health care plan.    Moreover, this is how Trump can speak over the media.  The more chaos, division, and indecisiveness on policy issues, the more the media will fill the news vacuum with manufactured administration scandals.  But the more Trump publicly, definitively, and passionately speaks to the issues of our time with specific proposals, the more the media will have to wage their war on our territory.  The public is starving for innovative changes from traditional failed policies on so many issues.  It’s time to speak consistently, seriously, and specifically with one voice.    Quotes: “When you believe in something with all your heart and soul it comes very easy.  We don’t have Republicans that believe in principles with their hearts and souls.”  “Trump needs to speak to the morality of free markets the same way he did his immigration policies.  We have a natural right to free market health care. We have the right to pursue happiness and engage in commerce and contracts without government screwing us over.” “In politics you either drive the narrative or get driven by the narrative.  If you are not making a definitive play, you will become a victim of the media’s play.” Show links Trump scored big, using a conventional speech to kick off an unconventional presidency If airlines worked like health care… Logan Albright: How the AMA is using their government-sponsored monopoly to destroy health care 4 reasons why GOP’s health care plan is really RINO-care What Trump should say to Congress about Obamacare
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As conservatives let’s stop lying to each other...
The first step to solving a given problem is being honest with yourself about the severity of the problem itself.  We can’t become like ‘Baghdad Bob liberals’ and ignore the problems within our comatose movement and pathetic congressional leadership.  Nor can we ignore the problems with Trump himself, even as we praise the good aspects of his first month in office.    In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel goes through some observations of this past week and from the CPAC gathering to demonstrate why too many conservatives have their heads in the sand about some of the challenges we face.  We are no longer on the campaign trail.  Republicans have control of all branches of government, and although we know many of them, especially in the Senate, are not conservative, that point is lost on the average voter.  Voters will blame all conservatives for the ineptitude of Republicans if they fail to enact a relentlessly positive agenda.  Railing against the media is therapeutic for many of us, but if that’s all we have to offer, we are headed for a disaster. It's time for an honest discussion about the future of what this party stands for.  We must formulate a hard-hitting agenda (many ideas have already been put forth here at CR), speak to the morality of our views, and channel our passion and outrage to issues of substance in a consistent and intelligent way.  Once we do that, it will be much easier to fight the media on our turf rather than on their terms.  Towards the end, Daniel gives Trump some advice for his upcoming address to Congress and how he should present his immigration and health care policies in a way that will place Democrats on defense.  Rather than have a false debate between progressive nationalism and failed tepid republicanism, why not actually try real constitutional conservatism for once?  The notion that conservatism is dead and in need of reform is built upon a false premise because we have never tried real conservatism in the modern era with the existing challenges confronting this country.  We need a new movement, not new principles. It’s time to build a new movement built upon timeless principles.            Show Links:  Trump’s new national security advisor sounding like a liberal Enough lukewarm hell: 8 steps Trump must take NOW to effect real change Islamists just sawed off a Jew's finger. That's not enough bloodshed for the 'tolerant' Left. Daniel Horowitz Senior Editor, ConservativeReview Twitter: Daniel Horowitz@ RMConservative Subscribe to The Conservative Conscience Podcast:iTunes | Stitcher | Android | RSS
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In Russia they have Putin; in America we have B...
When will the conservative movement wake up and smell the stench from the bench? The entire media, and by extension, the servile conservative media, is focused on Russia 24/7.  But the real problem is that the courts in this country are turning our republic into the Soviet Union.  We have several hundred Putins running this country and they are on the federal bench with life tenure, erroneously accorded the status of sole and final arbiter of every political issue. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel lays bare the tyranny of the courts and demonstrates how the judiciary is beyond repair.  They might even be surpassing the courts of Sodom and Gomorrah in terms of their moral dyslexia.  Just over the past week, the courts have created rights for illegal aliens, a right for Somali jihadis to immigrate, and a right for Planned Parenthood to enjoy taxpayer funding.  Yet, property and conscience rights of the individual citizen are allowed to be violated as Christians and Jews are forced to service homosexual weddings with their own livelihood.  Courts are also saying states can violate the Second Amendment and are ignoring the Heller decision but they must give driver’s licenses to illegals! Sadly, so many “conservatives” aren’t conservative anymore.  The same moral compass that allowed them to invite a licentious activist to give the keynote speech at CPAC is behind the appalling silence of these organizations as the courts bastardize our values, Constitution, history, and traditions. Quotes “[T]his is a land, not of privileges, but of equal rights. Privileges are granted by European sovereigns to particular classes of individuals, for purposes of general policy; but the general impression here is that privileges granted to one denomination of people, can very seldom be discriminated from erosions of the rights of others.”  ~ John Quincy Adams, 1820      “If all men are created equal, that is final. If they are endowed with inalienable rights, that is final. If governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, that is final. No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people. Those who wish to proceed in that direction cannot lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.” ~ Calvin Coolidge, 1926 Show links: Trump's ability to remake the federal courts is a lot harder than the numbers suggest
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Leadership, Not Thumb-sucking: Time for a new C...
This is not Celebratory Apprentice, a business roundtable or a think tank thumb sucking seminar.  This is the future of our civilization at stake. We need leadership in the White House, in Congress, and in the conservative movement (which is nonexistent) to speak with one voice and to speak to the morality, values, and ethos of our just cause the way the left speaks to the morality of their immorality.  In honor of George Washington’s upcoming birthday, this episode of the Conservative Conscience is dedicated to drawing upon his legacy to inspire a new generation of conservative leaders who will rise to the occasion and confront the civilization-destroying challenges of this generation.  It is quite evident from conservative leaders and Republican officials that their hearts are not sensitive enough to the severity of the threats against our sovereignty, security, civil society, and system of governance.  Daniel lays out a blueprint for a path forward and commits to charting a new course.     Key quotes: “His was the directing spirit without which there would have been no independence, no Union, no Constitution, and no Republic. His ways were the ways of truth. He built for eternity. His influence grows. His stature increases with the increasing years. In wisdom of action, in purity of character, he stands alone. We can not yet estimate him. We can only indicate our reverence for him and thank the Divine Providence which sent him to serve and inspire his fellow men.”  ~President Calvin Coolidge, remarks celebrating Washington’s birthday in 1927 “All see, and most admire, the glare which hovers round the external trappings of elevated office. To me there is nothing in it, beyond the lustre which may be reflected from its connection with a power of promoting human felicity.” ~George Washington, letter to Catherine Macaulay Graham, January 9, 1790 Show links: Enough lukewarm hell: 8 steps Trump must take NOW to effect real change The lower courts are lost forever. Only wholesale judicial reform will help Like ISIS fighters, the courts are ripping down our monuments  Daniel Horowitz Senior Editor, ConservativeReview Twitter: Daniel Horowitz@ RMConservative Subscribe to The Conservative Conscience Podcast:iTunes | Stitcher | Android | RSS
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The Judicial Emergency Consuming our Sovereignt...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel rounds up all of this week’s CR content on how the courts are destroying America.  Despite the fact that judges have demonstrated they will stop at nothing to enact their social justice agenda through the Constitution, many conservative legal establishment figures are still in love with the courts.  They believe they can still win in the courts and make them better simply by appointing better judges. The reality is that we’ve crossed the point of no return with the courts a long time ago.  Anything short of wholesale judicial reform will only raise the prominence of the courts and stifle our ability to save American democracy.       Key quote: “[T]o the objection that a rejection of a court’s authority would be civil disobedience, the answer is that a court that issues orders without authority engages in an equally dangerous form of civil disobedience.” ~ Robert Bork Show Links ACLU getting ready to push judicial amnesty in the courts Ninth Circuit forces Arizona to follow Obama’s illegal amnesty, provide illegals with driver’s licenses Congress has the power to reform the courts…if they cared to pay attention
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11th Commandment of Judicial Tyrants: Though Sh...
Is there any floor to the decadence of judicial supremacy that will finally get “conservatives” to respond with an appropriate degree of outrage and strategy?  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniels observes how so many conservatives are more concerned about Trump’s criticism of judicial tyranny than…the judicial tyranny itself.  Moreover, that behavior seems to be embodied by Neil Gorsuch, which is another indicator that he might be more of a John Roberts than a Scalia – a man who is personally and intellectually conservative but has too much respect for the corrupt status quo to actually fight against it. How dare these people say we need an “independent” judiciary and are “demoralized” by “criticism” of judges when they are not demoralized by the judiciary compromising the independence of states and the other two branches of the federal government.  They are practically creating an 11th Commandment, “thou shalt not criticize a judge,” – except that the judges already got rid of the first ten commandments.  This speaks to the broader problem both in the pseudo conservative political and legal movements.  They are all on the right side in theory but never in practice when the issue reaches the inflection point. Daniel also goes through his latest assessment of Trump through the prism of a comatose conservative movement and a Republican Party that’s far to the left of Trump (and Trump is not conservative on many issues).  Rather than backing Trump on the courts and immigration and then using that unity to pressure Trump to do the right things on social issues and Obamacare (and also building up clout to stop him from saying off message and harmful things), these thumb suckers criticize him when he does what’s right and lose all their capital to rein him in when it’s needed.       Show links: 15 Questions to vet whether Gorsuch really is an originalist Ben Sasse’s account of Gorsuch conversation is very disturbing
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Out of Control Immigration + Lawless Courts= De...
The New England Patriots overcame a 25-point deficit to win the Super Bowl in spectacular fashion.  Unfortunately, the American patriots are down by a lot more than 25 points to the forces of tyranny, particularly judicial tyranny, and time is running out for our republic. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains why judicial tyranny and out-of-control immigration are the most important issues confronting this Republic and how the convergence of those two threaten the very foundation of our sovereignty.  The thesis of Stolen Sovereignty and the nightmare of judges giving foreign nationals an affirmative right to immigrate is playing out before our very eyes.  The left is trying to use the courts, and the misconception of the power they wield, to ensure that Congress and the president can’t take steps to prevent America from becoming like Europe and overrun by islamists. Daniel breaks down some of his recent articles and delves into just how bad the opinion of Judge Robart was when he placed a nationwide injunction on what is essentially current law.  On many levels, this case proves that the judiciary is beyond repair, will never be fixed through conventional means of appointing “better judges, and must be reformed wholesale by Congress.        Show links: Impeach Judge James Robart for violating sovereignty and Constitution How to tell the difference between Trump and Obama's refugee EOs? Trump actually follows the law Rogue judges undermine our sovereignty. Here's how Congress can stop them Will Trump defy pressure to betray promises on religious liberty?
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My Thoughts on Gorsuch and Scotus: A Time to Re...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel spills his heart out on the state of the courts, what conservatives are looking for, and why Gorsuch, although a solid nominee, still doesn’t inspire full confidence that he is the best we could have done, given GOP control of the Senate.  Then again, with a Senate full of RINOs, who could have scuttled the nomination of someone in the mold of Clarence Thomas, could you really blame Trump? Moreover, the entire process demonstrate why we will never really fix the courts simply by “picking better judges.”  “The capacity of a good judge to do good is nowhere near the capacity of a bad judge to harm our constitution, society, sovereignty, and security.  Even if we had a Clarence Thomas for every Republican SCOTUS pick and for every lower court pick, an impossibility (they don’t exist), we could never combat the malfeasance of the left.  The equivalent on the right of what the left does to advance their malevolent agenda through the courts would be to force people to own guns and to throw homosexuals and transgenders in jail.    This is one of the many reasons why we will not fix the judiciary by picking “good judges” alone; we need wholesale judicial reform. Finally, Daniel praises Trump for staying the course but expresses concern about his enthusiastic embrace of Obama’s discriminatory policy of cutting off government contracts with businesses that don’t promote the transgender agenda.  The entire reason why we want to win back the courts is so they don’t promote social transformation without representation.  Yet, Trump is now codifying it on his own.  While we will continue to defend his courage on immigration, we must demand that social conservatives and even social libertarians are not sidelined by the Marxist cultural warriors.    Key Quotes:  “What it evidences is the deep and perhaps irremediable corruption of our legal culture’s conception of constitutional interpretation.” ~ Justice Alito “On the evidence, we must conclude, I think, that this tendency of courts, including the Supreme Court, is the inevitable result of our written Constitution and the power of judicial review. Even in the depths of the Warren Court era some of us thought that the Court’s performance, though profoundly illegitimate, could be brought within the range of the minimally acceptable by logical persuasion or the appointment of more responsible judges, or both. We now know that was an illusion. A Court majority is impervious to arguments about its proper behavior. It seems safe to say that, as our institutional arrangements now stand, the Court can never be made a legitimate element of a basically democratic polity.” “Republican Presidents have used the nomination process in an effort to change the direction of the Court with almost zero results on the major issues. After twelve years of Presidents Reagan and Bush, each of whom made a determined effort to appoint Justices who would abide by the Constitution as originally understood, we seem farther than ever from a restrained Court.” ~Robert Bork Show links: Rep. Ron Desantis’s excellent balanced statement on Gorsuch 7 reasons Neil Gorsuch’s nomination is only the beginning of taking back the judiciary 12 reasons why Federal Judiciary is irremediably broken What conservatives want and need in a Supreme Court Justice Fake judges violate 200 Years of Case law by staying Trump’s sovereignty order Incontrovertible proof that a nation has the right to exclude or deport any foreign national
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Immigration and the Courts: The Fight for Our S...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel blows up every myth of the Left about an affirmative right to immigrate and violate our national sovereignty.  Daniel goes through the history of immigration law and notes that it is at the core of our foundation that a sovereign nation can exclude anyone for any reason or place any conditions on those here who have not yet become citizens. Daniel takes conservatives to task for cowering in the face of mob rule.  If we have come to a point where we can’t even temporarily suspend immigration from a place like Somalia during a time of out of control terrorism, then we are destined to become Europe.   Moreover, the courts are setting a terrible precedent by violating 200 years of the most settled case law – that the political branches of government have full authority over immigration.  Courts have absolutely no jurisdiction and aliens who are not on our soil (airports don’t count) have no right to judicial review.  If we don’t rein in the courts, they will prevent us from dealing with illegal immigrants as well.   Key Quotes: “It is an accepted maxim of international law that every sovereign nation has the power, as inherent in sovereignty, and essential to self-preservation, to forbid the entrance of foreigners within its dominions, or to admit them only in such cases and upon such conditions as it may see fit to prescribe.” Nishimura Ekiu v. United States, 142 US 651 (1892). [“the right of a nation to expel or deport foreigners who have not been naturalized, or taken any steps towards becoming citizens of the country, rests upon the same grounds, and is as absolute and unqualified as the right to prohibit and prevent their entrance into the country.”] Fong Yue Ting v. United States, 149 US 707 (1893). What better authority on this subject than Justice Robert Jackson, the famous Nuremberg prosecutor who was a champion of due process rights (he wrote the dissent in Korematsu v. United States, the Japanese internment case) and regarded as one of the greatest writers of his time? Here is what he had to say: “Due process does not invest any alien with a right to enter the United States, nor confer on those admitted the right to remain against the national will.” Shaughnessy v. Mezei, 345 US 222-223 (1953) (Jackson, J., dissenting). Show Links: Separating fact from fake news on Trump’s executive order Just 14 years ago, Democrats supported cutting off visas from terror-supporting nations Importing the values of the Middle East Boundless Somali immigration poses existential threat
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Trump is President. What’s Next? Ep 86
The big day has arrived.  Republicans now have possession of the ball.  But does that mean we have already scored?  Absolutely not!  Now is when the work begins.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel runs through some of the major issues that conservative must confront immediately and gives an update and an outlook on where each one stands.  From repealing Obamacare and ending the Iran deal to rescinding Obama’s amnesty, reforming refugee resettlement, draining the Obama personnel from executive departments, and nominating the best SCOTUS pick, conservatives have many challenges.  In some cases, the prognosis is pretty grim unless the grassroots rise up and demand adherence to the campaign promises.   The main job of conservative media and the grassroots is to ensure that we don’t get distracted with nonsensical issues in the media while liberals rack up real policy victories.  Now is not the time to whine about the media or Democrats; now is the time to get our house in order and stand for what’s right.  Show Links: Trump leaving Obama’s executive amnesty in place would be a colossal betrayal
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Are there any conservatives left in politics? E...
With Republicans continuing to echo Democrat talking points and premises on health care and many other issues, Daniel asks an unsettling question in this episode of the Conservative Conscience: are there any conservatives left in politics?  Rather than being emboldened by the electoral mandate, Republicans always move to the left when they are in power, and some early indications suggest that this time is no different.   In confirmation hearing after confirmation hearing, the cabinet nominees and GOP senators continuously echoed, accepted, and validated even the most extreme Democrat premise on major issues; from Iran and Obamacare to transgenderism and global warming.  Additionally, Daniel talks about some of the disturbing things he’s hearing about the transition and why it portends more of the same failed tepid republicanism unless the grassroots rise up and demand more.  Don’t hope for change, demand it and ensure it.    Key quotes: “Liberals have successfully moved the entire political landscape and the contours of acceptable political discourse so far to the left that even when they lose they still win.” “Democrats have become so extreme that it’s easy for Republicans to be one or two tranches to the right but still well within deep liberal and destructive territory.” “The time for being “not Obama” or “at least better than Hillary” are over.  Now is the time to stand up and be counted and declare what we affirmative believe in and strive for.” Show links: The $20 trillion debt question for Republicans Fake repeal is worse than even no repeal of Obamacare The GOP plan to dupe members into keeping Obamacare
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The more things change the more things seem to ...
Are we really draining the swamp or is the swamp draining our resolve? In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel goes through a list of disturbing observations this week from Congress, Trump, and some of his cabinet picks, that demonstrates we might not move in a fundamentally different direction on some of the most critical issues.  From social engineering in the military and the Iran deal to Obamacare and Israel policy, there are a lot of disturbing signs that Republicans are taking Obama-era policies as a legitimate baseline and will not fulfill their promises to wipe his presidency clean.    What is evident from these observations is that we don’t have a personnel problem.  Even good people in this system will feel the pressure to never think outside the broken box.  We need to systemically reform our entire system of government and we should not wait for Democrats to win back power to pursue some of the long-term reforms we need.    Show links: The false narrative of “Repeal and Replace” is preserving Obamacare
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The Raw Truth about the Obamacare Fight and Ign...
In this passionate episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel lays out the source of the problem with GOP reluctance to fully repeal Obamacare.  At its core, they are making up procedural excuses that don’t exist and have no understanding of free markets. Worse, their political barometer as to what the public wants on health care is completely broken.  Daniel blasts the entire premise of the mindless mantra: “repeal and replace” and demonstrates how it has morphed into bait-and-switch.  Anyone who understands the source of the problem with health care and how Obamacare exacerbated that problem into complete insolvency would know that we don’t need to replace Obamacare at all.  We need to repeal, reform, and restore the free market.  There are a number of good free market ideas, a number of which are explained in this episode, but the premise that they must be in place before we repeal Obamacare or serve to supplement the core goals of Obamacare is false. Republicans have fundamentally adopted the Democrat philosophy on health care – pursuing the elusive and utopian goal of universal coverage at the expense of lowering costs.  In reality, the only political option that would actually lower costs is full and unconditional repeal of the insurance regulations.  Repeal that is contingent on replace is not repeal at all.  Only after the fire is put out can we go a step further and roll back some of the anti-market forces – both in health insurance and on the supply side of health care – that existed even before Obamacare.  Daniel teases a number of these ideas at the end of the podcast.  Repeal, reform, and restore – not repeal and replace.  Understanding that distinction is the lynchpin to this battle.    Key quotes:        “We need to "replace" Obamacare before repealing it the same way we need to replace the ancillary warmth some people derive from an arson before the fire is extinguished.” “At its core, the problem with health care is that we regulate it into insolvency, drive up costs, then break the budget on subsidizing the higher prices, which in turn raises the prices even more and engenders and even greater need for subsidization – a complete circuitous death spiral of insolvency.” “Obamacare stepped on the gas pedal in terms of the cycle of regulations/mandates and subsidies.  When Republicans talk about “replacing” Obamacare, they intend to accept the basic premise of mandates and subsidies, albeit with a pale pastel distinction.” “The word “actuarial” is mentioned 63 times in Obamacare.  The law literally prohibits actuarially solvent plans.  What is so hard and politically risky about Republicans simply repealing that prohibition – the heart and soul of Obamacare?”  Show links: If Republicans read this article, they’d understand while full and unconditional repeal is a political winner No, the Parliamentarian cannot stop Republicans from repealing all of Obamacare with 51 votes How Obamacare 'repeal and replace' became a 'bait and switch' monstrosity
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Everything you needed to know about why Republi...
Why is it that Republicans can’t understand fully repealing Obamacare is a winning issue?  Why are they too scared to even cut funding to the UN and the PLO? In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel uses this week’s legislative betrayals as examples to demonstrate why Republicans always betray their topline campaign promises.  1) they don’t understand or have knowledge of constitutional conservative principles and free market policies; 2) they often don’t believe in it; 3) even if they believe and understand them, their political barometer – the understanding of what is and is not a winning issue – is completely broken; 4) the legislative process is so complex and “inside baseball” that they can manipulate voters into thinking they are doing the opposite of what they are actually enacting. This is the reason why Republicans are scared to repeal Obamacare in a meaningful way.  And this is how they are able to fool us. Also, Daniel explains how Republicans were too scared to go on offense even against the UN and the PLO this week, opting to pass a resolution that gave Democrats cover and essentially codified Kerry’s obsession with the illogical “two state solution” into U.S. policy.  If we can’t defund the PLO, then what can we do?  Yet, given their broken political barometer, Republicans plan to bring legislation to the floor punishing the countries that voted for the UN resolution (such as Senegal and New Zealand) but not the PLO itself! This is why conservatives can’t hope for change this year or assume there will be change.  They must fight for it and demand change. Key Quotes: “There are so many smart stupid people in politics because they can’t break free of the existing paradigm and are stuck in an intellectual ghetto.” “You can’t fight if you don’t have a proper political barometer, you can’t have a proper political barometer if you don’t believe in the right things, and you can’t believe if you don’t understand the issue.” Show links How Obamacare 'repeal and replace' became a 'bait and switch' monstrosity Repeal in name only: The Republican plans to embrace Obamacare 2.0 GOP to bail out duplicitous Dems with sham anti-UN resolution 20 incredibly popular conservative ideas to tackle national security and immigration in 2017 Why conservatives should tell AIPAC to go to hell
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Are Republicans Already Blowing their 2017 mand...
Donald Trump was on the money when he recognized that the ethics office House Republicans attempted to defang was unfair and unaccountable, but at the same time it was a dumb way to prioritize the expending of their political capital. With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)">January 3, 2017 In the first 2017 episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains why Republicans were right to gut the Pelosi-era, unaccountable ethics office, but at the same time the optics of the way they did it were cringe-worthy.  Republicans must remember that they will need to employ legitimate strong-arm tactics to save the country by repealing Obamacare, reforming immigration and refugee resettlement, and reclaiming power from the unelected judiciary.  Why expend it on an issue that is nearly impossible to message to their constituents?  Ultimate, it would have been better for Republicans to make these changes more gradually and in broad daylight.  Nonetheless, on the substance of the Office of Congressional Ethics, the Republican majority was correct.  As bad as corrupt members are, the corruption of falsely accusing people of corruption without due process is even worse.  Ultimately, it is up to the FBI to investigate criminal charges and up to the members themselves – led by the standing Ethics Committee – to police violations of House rules and ethics.  That is why we have elections.  The media is being very dishonest, evincing the notion that this office is somehow enshrined into our laws.  It was in fact created not by statue but by the very same House rules process Republicans are using now.  The unelected body stocked with progressives worked with left-wing groups to try people in the court of public opinion without the accuser having to divulge his name and without informing the member of the investigation.  Even members of Congress deserve the right to defend themselves and be afforded due process when being investigated by their political enemies on the taxpayer dime.  The existing structure of the Ethics Committee in the Senate and what used to be in place before Pelosi in the House afforded basic due process rights such as witnesses, right to counsel, etc. to members. With that said, it would be one thing if Republicans took a principled stance on other more consequential policy issues.  But if this turns out to be their only bold stance of the month – while shirking their responsibility to fully repeal Obamacare and defund the UN – this will prove once again that they have not changed from their modus operandi as the stupid party.  Ultimately, Republicans were forced to retreat amidst backlash, as always. Finally, Daniel discusses some of his upcoming articles detailing a positive conservative agenda that, unlike what Republican just did, is actually broadly popular with the public.  Show links 15 worst court decisions of 2016 Details of changes to Office of Congressional Ethics “Independent” agencies are unaccountable and unconstitutional Republicans must their capital to overrule parliamentarian and enable full repeal of Obamacare
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The Full History of the Palestinian State Hoax ...
In this final episode of the Conservative Conscience for 2016, Daniel lays bare the truth about the so-called Palestinian cause.  The entire historical, legal, and geographical case for why there is no such thing as a distinct Arab “Palestinian” entity entitled to any land west of the Jordan River is recounted in this long episode.  It is incontrovertibly clear from a legal and historical standpoint that Israel has just as much of a right to exist in its so-called post-1967 borders as it does in its pre-’67 borders.  It is also patently obvious that from a geographical, moral, and security standpoint that anyone advocating a two state solution is implicitly denying Israel’s right to exist in any capacity.  Israel has already surrendered 94% of the land it acquired in a defensive war against its existence – The Sinai Peninsula and Gaza.  Anyone promoting an Arab Muslim state in the remaining 6% that would gut the heart of the tiny Jewish state – especially in light of the fact that Muslims control a land mass 640 times greater than Israel – is either woefully ignorant or supports something much more sinister.  It's time to get the facts straight: there already is an Arab Palestinian state – Jordan.  The two-state solution was carved out in 1922 in the last legally recognized agreement delineating boundaries of nation states. Arabs got 77% of the Mandate for Palestine, which was all the land east of the Jordan River, while Jews got the land to the west of the river.  History doesn’t lie.   Key Quotes: "The Palestinian people does not exist. The creation of a Palestinian state is only a means for continuing our struggle against the state of Israel for our Arab unity. In reality today there is no difference between Jordanians, Palestinians, Syrians and Lebanese. Only for political and tactical reasons do we speak today about the existence of a Palestinian people." [PLO official Zahir Muhsein, interview with Dutch newspaper Trouw, March 31, 1977. "The truth is that Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan." [King Hussein, December 1981 interview with A - Nahar Al – Arabi] “What you call Jordan is actually Palestine.”  [Yassir Arafat, 1974 interview with New Republic] Show Links: How Republicans can stop Obama’s jihad against Israel Israel’s right to build homes is settled … under international law 1922 Mandate for Palestine UN Charter Article 80 recognizing Israel’s legal right to all the land west of Jordan River San Remo Conference of 1920. Israel’s Magna Carta
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How Trump’s Justice Department Can Stand up to ...
Starting things off on this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel gives a rundown of examples showing the establishing winning more control in the nascent Trump administration.  What was once a promise to drain the swamp is looking more and more like an exercise in making the worst elements of the swamp great again. While it’s important to fight for a few key conservative victories that are within reach, we must also voice our concerns early and often about harmful policies and personnel.  We can’t afford to wait six years to pushback against “our own party” like we did during the Bush years.  Next, we move onto our latest update on judicial tyranny.  There is no way to sugar-coat this.  The federal courts pose an imminent threat to our republic. It’s worse than ever. The courts are destroying our culture, inclinable rights, Constitution, and system of government.  They have already redefined marriage and now are redefining human sexuality.  This is broadly consequential and is not just about bathrooms.  And judicial tyranny is not going to change simply with the election of Trump – unless we get the administration to engage in battle with the courts.  Simply appointing a few conservative judges, most of whom will uphold existing anti-constitutional “precedent” anyway, is like spitting in the wind.  In this episode, Daniel gives a background on Marbury v. Madison and shows how judicial review is very different from judicial supremacy or judicial exclusivity.  All branches of government have a say in constitutional interpretation because, as John Marshall observed, they all swear an oath to uphold the supreme law of the land, which is the Constitution, not the courts.  Using the latest cases surrounding transgenderism, Daniel demonstrates how the other branches of government can cut the legs out from under bad court decisions by using their legitimate powers to counter the court’s abuse of its power.  Unless the Trump Justice Department, Congress, and the states begin pushing back against the courts, they will nullify every common sense policy we enact on a federal and state level beginning in January, thereby rendering the election moot.       Key Quotes: “Judicial supremacy/exclusivity + one directional stare decisis + unelected life tenures + living and breathing Constitution = an equation of tyranny King George himself never envisioned.” “The several departments being perfectly co-ordinate by the terms of their common commission, neither of them, it is evident, can pretend to an exclusive or superior right of settling the boundaries between their respective powers.”  ~ James Madison, Federalist #49 Show links Courts hit rock bottom. Make transgenderism settled law An inconvenient right: Ninth Circuit fails to protect 2nd Amendment Judges mandate funding for Planned Parenthood Gingrich: Trump doesn't want to "drain the swamp" anymore Trump Jr. changed pick for Interior because he supports federal land grabs Huckabee wants to make stimulus and Keynesian economics great again Schumer loves Trump’s $1 trillion porkulous Reince Priebus winning the day with Trump
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Keeping Our Conservative Intellectual Honesty i...
Are we going to wait six years to hold Republicans accountable like we did during the Bush years?  Are we going to lose our intellectual honesty and back everything a Republican administration does just because the Democrats are also hypocrites?  Didn’t we swear to ourselves we wouldn’t repeat the mistakes of the Bush years? In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel reveals that he is getting bad vibes about many aspects of the transition.  So many Bush “globalists” are being brought on board and the Reince Priebus establishment faction appears to be winning over Trump on many key decisions. Consequently, now more than ever we must not get sucked into defending bad policies and choices just because Democrats did the same or worse.  It’s time to pull this administration back towards the grassroots rebellion at every opportunity we get so we can have an administration that stands on its own veracity. You will never find Democrat administrations with a single major player who harbors conservative views on a single issue.  Yet, somehow we take it as a given that in a Republican administration the most powerful cabinet pick, Secretary of State, could be given to someone who is pro-common core, anti-sanctions, pro carbon tax, anti-energy independence, and a leader in the homosexual agenda.  Now we hear that John Bolton might not be picked for Deputy Sec. of State, while liberals such as Elliot Abrams and Richard Haass are being considered instead.  This is part of a pattern of choosing the path to least resistance.  Kris Kobach was passed over as DHS Secretary and likely as Deputy as well for the same reason.   Finally, we show how Democrats never surrender their principles even when they lose power.  Why do we surrender ours when we win?  John Kasich won’t even fight for a pro-life bill because he refuses to stand up to the legal profession, yet liberals have no problem thwarting federal immigration law. Quotes: “When you lack an ideological rudder, you will choose the path to least resistance every day of the week.  When you surround yourself with people who likewise lack a burning passion for conservatism, they will accentuate that reluctance to fight in every situation.”      Show links Show links Intellectual Dishonest: Republicans suddenly like Putin just because of Trump Establishment winning out at Trump Tower Bush people filling education transition team Tillerson joins with Corker to oppose Bolton as Deputy America-last Rex Tillerson has quite a cozy relationship with the Islamic supremacist nation of Qatar
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Rex Tillerson: Trump’s Most Disastrous Pick Ep 77
Trump has made his decision on the big cabinet post — secretary of State — and it’s ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson. There is no way to sugar-coat this: Tillerson is a disastrous pick. Those who share the mentality of transnational corporate leaders like Tillerson are pre-conditioned to supporting the foreign policy establishment mindset on critical issues so as not to upset the applecart and what’s good for business. While much of his issue portfolio is a blank slate, what we know about him and his past comments are disturbing. These concerns go beyond his ties to Russia, which in fact, should not even be the primary focus of his confirmation hearings. The real concern cuts to the core of what conservatives are looking for in any department head, especially the State Department. Trump should have appointed a secretary of State who regards the current State Department with as much disdain as Scott Pruitt regards the EPA. The problem we have at the State Department is not a management crisis. We have a moral and intellectual problem with the State Department that has persisted for decades. It stems from a deep-rooted culture of moral relativism and an “America-last” mindset. As such, we needed a man with a strong ideological rudder who understands the issues, is on the right side of them, and willing to bust up the entire State Department structure and the global foreign policy apparatus. Both sides of this debate are too consumed with Russia — pro and con. Some of the new pro-Russia “conservatives” are praising Tillerson just because he’s close to Putin. Opponents, such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain, are voicing concerns solely because of his ties to Russia. However, there are many other foreign policy issues that are important. For example, is a man with his background really the type of person to oppose refugees, a Palestinian State, cooperation with Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood? Where does he stand on political Islam? Where does he stand on the Iran deal and reinstating sanctions? Does he support backing “Syrian rebels” in the Syrian civil war, helping Iran in Iraq, or our current involvement in Libya? What would he do about the 15-year disaster in Afghanistan? To be fair, these are all questions that must be answered by any nominee, but traditionally we’ve had some sense of direction from the nominee before the Senate confirmation hearings, which don’t take place until the administration is already up and running. And although we know nothing about where Tillerson stands on these issues, he is absolutely not the type of person who would fight the inveterate players and insufferable mentality within the system that stands opposed to America’s interests. That is why people like James Baker, Condi Rice, Bob Corker, and Robert Gates — the embodiment of the problem with foreign policy — are enthusiastically supporting him. In that respect, nominees for secretary of State are much like Supreme Court picks. Given the one-directional gravitational pull and inertia towards liberalism within the legal profession, unless someone has absolutely demonstrated a record as a solid originalist willing to buck the system, he will wind up being a David Souter. There is no middle ground. Likewise, with foreign policy, if someone has not demonstrably opposed the Baker/Condi views on open borders, Palestinians, and political Islam, he will be part of the problem. The most important quality in politics is a strong and fierce ideological conviction to fight the moral relativism in global affairs. Other qualities are important but useless if someone is lacking that ideological rudder to row upstream in this environment. Even someone who is inherently neutral on these issues will wind up downstream in the cesspool of the global foreign policy establishment, much less someone with the connections, mindset, and “pragmatism” of a major transnational CEO. Tillerson’s past comments in support of Common Core, a carbon tax, the homosexual agenda at the Boy Scouts, and TPP are not mere distractions to his foreign policy views, as some might suggest. First, we must remember that the State Department has been used as a conduit to support social liberalism for years. But more foundationally, they reveal an establishment mindset that would preclude him from bucking the trend on issues that are clearly within the scope of secretary of State, such as refugees, Syria, Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Tillerson is likely the first nominee for secretary of State ever who has absolutely no political — much less foreign — policy experience. Some supporters laud this fact as a symbol of an “outsiders’” administration. However, these people don’t understand what it means to be a true outsider or insider. There is no greater outsider than one who worked in the system, understands the issues and the politics, and swam upstream to fight the ideology of the political establishment. Conversely, there is no greater insider than someone who never officially worked in the field but subscribes to and is connected to the very essence of the system. There is nothing inherently wrong with having no official diplomatic experience, if he understands the issues and policies, and most importantly, subscribe to the right ideology and is willing to fight the global elites to change course on the critical issues. I’d take a guy like Andy McCarthy as secretary of State any day of the week, even though he never worked in the State Department. But Tillerson is not exactly an Andy McCarthy.  As Mark Levin asked last week, if this is just about making deals across the world why not appoint the CEO of 7-Eleven?  Indeed, we’ve come a long way from the days of John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, and Edmund Randolph as Secretaries of State. Unless conservatives get positive answers on some of these critical questions, they should not vote to confirm Tillerson. We don’t need another Bob Corker, albeit with closer ties to Putin. Important links Tillerson promoting the homosexual agenda at Boy Scouts of America Tillerson supports a Carbon tax Tillerson big supporter of Common Core Tillerson’s strong relationships with Saudi Arabia and Qatar Tillerson praised the Trans-Pacific Partnership
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First Month of Trump The Good, the Bad, and the...
It’s exactly one month into the world of President-elect Donald Trump.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel assesses the first month of policies, statements, and cabinet picks and tries to glean a sense of direction from the nascent administration.  There appears to be a lot of promise as it relates to military, national security, terrorism, and immigration.  On the other hand, there are challenges ahead for fiscal conservatism, with the notable exception of regulatory reform. The task for conservatives is to come forward with an aggressive positive agenda that speaks to the strengths of Trump and channels some of the misdirection into good constitutional policies.  As it relates to the bad economic policies, conservatives will have to stop him from doing further damage. The key is to focus Trump on national security and the border and distract him from his other big government ideas.  Take a page out of Madison: “The operations of the federal government will be most extensive and important in times of war and danger; those of the State governments, in times of peace and security. As the former periods will probably bear a small proportion to the latter, the State governments will here enjoy another advantage over the federal government. The more adequate, indeed, the federal powers may be rendered to the national defense, the less frequent will be those scenes of danger which might favor their ascendancy over the governments of the particular States.” [James Madison, Federalist #45] Show links: Trump’s comments in support of stimulus How the GOP establishment teamed up with Pelosi to block impeachment of IRS Commissioner Did Trump help establishment derail conservatives on impeachment? The importance of impeachment as an accountability tool for Congress Trump’s Labor Sec., Andy Puzder, supported Gang of Eight amnesty Pruitt will be game changer at EPA … if Congress protects him from courts
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The Stealth Invasion through Islamic Immigratio...
In middle of a national debate over Islamic refugees, a Somali refugee committed a terror attack in Columbus, Ohio, last week, thereby proving the veracity of those who are concerned by the current resettlement program.  Meanwhile, the daughter of a top EU-official was brutally raped and murdered in Germany by an Afghani refugee.  Yet, political leaders from both parties are awfully silent on the refugee issue.  Even Trump has failed to mention it beyond a quick Facebook post. In order to get the facts right on refugee resettlement, Daniel invited Leo Hohmann of WND to discuss his new book, Stealth Invasion: Muslim Conquest Through Immigration and the Resettlement Jihad, with the Conservative Conscience audience.  Scheduled for release next month, this book chronicles all of the new information on refugee resettlement and how it is transforming some of our small communities, subverting our culture, and endangering our security.  This is about more than just preventing the next terror attack, but slowing the growth of a subversive culture that will undermine our way of life – similar to what is happening in Europe today.  If you want to be armed with the facts on the refugee issue, Leo Hohmann is the go-to man.        Key quote: On Refugee Contractors: “As far back as 2000, David M. Robinson, a former acting director of the refugee bureau in the State Department, described the insidious power of the contractors as follows: The agencies form a single body [that] wields enormous influence over the Administration’s refugee admissions policy. It lobbies the hill effectively to increase the number of refugees admitted for permanent resettlement each year and at the same time provides overseas processing for admissions under contract to the State department. In fact, the federal government provides about ninety percent of its collective budget. If there is a conflict of interest, it is never mentioned.” [Chapter 8 of Stolen Sovereignty]  Show Links Will Trump and Republicans finally shut down suicidal Somali immigration? Obama bringing in refugees that Australia rejected
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Repealing Obamacare and Stopping Sharia Immigra...
There are always a lot of policy initiatives, suggestions, and complaints offered to a new administration.  Inevitably, conservatives will be disappointed with some of the Cabinet choices and some of the policies of any administration.  But conservatives have an obligation to hold the Trump administration to two iron-clad campaign promises: stopping harmful immigration from the Middle East and repealing Obamacare. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel expresses some concerns about the potential direction of this Administration, particularly on fiscal issues.  In the long run, many of those issues will have to be solved through an Article V Convention of the States because Republicans – both in Congress and the Administration – will never deal with them properly.  But in the short run, the issues of refugee resettlement and Obamacare must be dealt with on a federal level.  Daniel explains how they can be addressed immediately, why they must be the first priorities for conservatives, and how Trump must make no excuses to shirk the mandate he has been given to act upon those issues. There are some particular problems as it relates to repealing Obamacare.  Many Republican leaders are signaling their intention to keep the coverage mandates and just repeal the funding mechanisms of the law (individual mandate, subsidies, taxes).  This is a big mistake and will ensure that Obamacare is never repealed and premiums remain sky high. There will be a number of other important issues bubbling to the surface with a new administration, but Obamacare and refugees are the issues for which conservatives must lay it all on the line.          Key Quote: On Obamacare: “The coverage mandates of Obamacare are not the stuffing or cranberry sauce.  The coverage mandates are reflective of the Turkey itself.” On Immigration: “Under § 212(f) of Immigration and Nationality Act, “whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.” This power is universal, enforceable at the will of the president, and applies any time for any circumstance.” Show links Why Transportation should be left to the states Will Trump and Republicans finally shut down suicidal Somali immigration? Republicans must commit to complete and immediate repeal of Obamacare. Here’s how
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Thanksgiving: A Time to Return our Government, ...
What is the true meaning and origin of Thanksgiving?  It’s the same true meaning and origin of our founding, Declaration and Constitution.  As Ronald Reagan wrote in his 1986 Thanksgiving Day proclamation,“no custom reveals our character as a Nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day,” as it is “Rooted deeply in our Judeo-Christian heritage” and “underscores our unshakeable belief in God as the foundation of our Nation.” Thanksgiving, perhaps more than any other day or custom, when one truly understands the meaning and origin of the day, reveals just how divorced this country has become from its foundation.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel goes through the history of Thanksgiving as a day of fasting, prayer, repentance, and beseeching God for his blessings and how it is inextricably tied to our founding as a nation. Yet, when reflecting upon the true meaning of Thanksgiving one can’t help but feel sorrow over the dramatic change in the character of our nation.  Our most sacred heritage has been ruled unconstitutional by the unelected courts.  Even conservatives misunderstand the role of the courts and are ignorant of the true imminent threat they pose to our society – from district level to Supreme Court.  Daniel explains his opposition to one of the most highly touted conservative replacements for Justice Scalia because that individual clearly doesn’t understand the role of the federal judiciary or our heritage embodied through Thanksgiving.      "Give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good." [Psalms, 107:1] Key Quotes: “Men, in a word, must necessarily be controlled either by a power within them or by a power without them; either by the Word of God or by the strong arm of man; either by the Bible or by the bayonet.” ~ Robert Winthrop, former Speaker of the House, 1849 “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity. Religion and morality are indispensable supports.” “Let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.” ~ George Washington, Farewell Address “[a] day of joyful thanksgiving to God for the bounties of His providence, for the peace in which we are permitted to enjoy them, and for the preservation of those institutions of civil and religious liberty which He gave our fathers the wisdom to devise and establish and us the courage to preserve. Among the appropriate observances of the day are rest from toil, worship in the public congregation, the renewal of family ties about our American firesides, and thoughtful helpfulness toward those who suffer lack of the body or of the spirit.” ~President Benjamin Harrison, 1891 Thanksgiving Proclamation “I advise that on this day religious exercises shall be conducted in the churches or meeting places of all denominations, in order that in the social features of the day its real significance may not be lost sight of, but prayers may be offered to the Most High for a continuance of the divine guidance without which man’s efforts are vain, and for divine consolation to those whose kindred and friends have sacrificed their lives for country.” ~President William McKinley, 1899 Thanksgiving Proclamation Show Links What the latest, absurd, religious freedom case could mean for Thanksgiving 10th Circuit Sodom and Gomorrah Court’s Ruling (see page 9 for wickedly hilarious rules of standing) List of Thanksgiving Proclamations from Continental Congress to the present
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How Does a Convention of the States Work? An In...
As excitement is building among conservatives over some of Trumps solid cabinet picks, especially as it relates to immigration and national security, the concerns over the size of the federal government and the abuse of our Constitution and inalienable rights is more potent than ever. We must focus on making state governments relevant again and one of the most systemic ways of achieving that goal is to promote the Convention of the States Project. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel is joined by Mark Meckler, co-founder of the Convention of the States Project, to discuss Article V conventions, an idea long championed by CR’s Editor-in-Chief, Mark Levin.  Have you been wondering how the process works, why it is so important, and the long term benefits we can secure from pursuing Article V?  Mark Meckler breaks down the facts and swats down some of the misinformation concerning the process.  He also updates us on the state of play in the states and how they can come pretty close to meeting the threshold for a Convention in the coming year. Remember, if you think this problem can be solved in Washington, you haven’t been reading enough of Conservative Review.  Meckler lets conservative activists know how they can get involved in a long term project that will actually secure enduring victories for the Constitution. Show Links There has never been a better time or need for a Convention of the States  
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What should be our focus in the coming months? ...
Did you think congressional Republicans would be emboldened by the election results to change their tepid ways of doing business?  Think again.   They actually elected the same failed leadership and focused on a ridiculously banal agenda for their first week back after the election.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel focuses on the opportunities that lie ahead for conservatives.  What should conservatives focus on in the coming months and what should they leave for future administrations or to the states? Daniel explains why tax reform is not something we should expend all of our capital on now because it is not a triage item and we usually wind up making things worse whenever we touch it with this crop of Republicans.  It’s better to deal with that issue wholesale through a Convention of the States and repeal of the 17th Amendment. Rather we should focus on 3 categories of issues: 1) immediate triage items that we have a mandate to change, such as Obamacare, religious liberty, refugees, and open borders (get your copy of Stolen Sovereignty for a blueprint) 2) systemic governmental reforms, such as judicial reform and term limits –issues that are easy to message and 3) devolving core functions, such as transportation, education, and welfare back to the states.  By empowering the states and focusing on systemic reforms, conservative can form a permanent firewall in state governments.  We call them rainy day reforms, political victories that will last for us even when Democrats inevitably win back the federal government.  Meanwhile, there will be opportunities to work with the Trump administration on foreign policy, national security, and immigration while hopefully steering their focus away from some of their liberal domestic policy agenda.      Key Quotes: “We must use this narrowing window of electoral viability to focus on rainy day reforms so that we are never one election away from losing our liberty.” “Everyone talks about entitlements except for the one true entitlement – that we are all entitled to a republican form of government, irrespective of who wins an election.  This is our Constitution and our inalienable rights.  We shouldn’t have to be one Supreme Court justice or one court decision away from losing our Constitution.  Time for wholesale judicial reform.”  Important Show Links The election is over! House GOP celebrates by passing a new tax ... on concrete The battle for the courts part 1: We still have a major problem that requires wholesale reform
30 min
The Outcome, Opportunities, and Challenges of t...
At every turn, we must asses how we can best make lemonade with the lemons that God presents us with.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel dissects the exit polls, returns, and down the ballot races to demonstrate why Republicans have a huge mandate on policy.  At the same time, there is an imperative that they use it because there is also counter data to show that Democrats are still very much on their way to building their permanent demographic majority in presidential years, despite last night’s results. Daniel delves into the false GOP narrative about the need to be liberal on immigration and how last night’s results vindicate our view both from a policy standpoint and from an electoral viability standpoint. As always, Daniel continues to make the case for judicial reform and how we must use this win as an opportunity to create an enduring firewall in state government against future national wins for Democrats.
29 min
Tying up Loose Ends Before the Election: Courts...
While everyone is focusing on the horse race and polling ahead of Tuesday’s election, Daniel takes the opportunity to discuss some foundational causes and righteous battles that must go on irrespective of who wins the election. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel demonstrates why some conservatives are absolutely wrong to assert that the Supreme Court is deadlocked 4-4, suggesting that all we have to do is block Hillary from appointing a bad justice (or have Trump, if he wins, fill Scalia’s seat with a good justice).  The court is in fact at least 5-3 liberal on most important issues.  Between the lower courts being lost forever, Kennedy being with the Left on the most consequential societal issues, and Roberts being unreliable and also reluctant to overturn lower courts, we have long lost the judiciary.  We need to make fight for wholesale judicial reform otherwise the Left will get what they want anyway.  Daniel also delves into Obamacare and how it could permanently destroy Democrats as long as we continue our movement outside the Republican Party to destroy the leviathan even if Hillary wins. Remember, the Republic will not rise or fall on this election alone but on whether we acquiesce to the unpopular tyranny or commit to new strategies in fighting for the same principles.          Key Quotes “The Constitution is the ultimate stare decisis.” Clarence Thomas Show Links This is how dishonest liberal Republicans become when they run against conservatives Daniel’s personal Obamacare story A demonstration why the courts are already gone Early voting is unfair, unwise, and unconstitutional
32 min
Republican Voters Need a Reality Check and Focu...
So much of the “conservative” media is bankrupt and they have successfully dumbed down our voters by focusing on nonsense and ignoring what is important.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel focuses on what is truly important, irrespective of who wins this election.  There is an imperative to change directions within this movement, but fortunately, there is also an amazing opportunity.   If Hillary wins, she will, by far, be the most unpopular president to enter office from day one.  Now is the time for state governments to fight back and permanently grab back power from the usurpations of the federal bureaucracies and courts.  Daniel goes through the cases of Joe Arpaio in Arizona and Judge Roy Moore in Alabama to demonstrate how individuals are standing up to federal usurpation, but they can’t succeed because the pathetic Republicans in the state won’t stand with them.  They are left out to dry.  On the other hand, if we actually had a true Freedom Party in control of state governments with all its elected officials singing on the same tune, there is not much the federal government can do to enforce its usurpations.  States are enforcing federal usurpations against their own people.  That must end if we are to restore our republic, and a Hillary presidency will actually provide us with such an opportunity.   It’s time for our movement to think out of the box and think systemically or we will continue repeating the mistakes of the past. Key Quotes: "When you point at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger." - Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Founder & President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy     “For as the sound of the thorns under the pot, so is the laughter of the fool, and this too is vanity.” [Ecclesiastes, 7:6] Show links: Why ‘Republican’ control of the Senate is worthless and actually hurts conservativesImmigration lunacy: DOJ seeks to prosecute Sheriff Arpaio for enforcing federal immigration law This episode’s sponsors: – Build your emergency food supply for only $ – Don’t let your hard-earned money fund liberal causes; choose a conservative mobile provider [promo code “Daniel”]
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Voter Fraud + Judicial Supremacy = End of Democ...
The political world is agog with buzz over Donald Trump’s refusal to affirmatively accept the outcome of the election results up front.  Some have suggested this is a threat to the foundation of democracy and the peaceful transfer of power.  Although Trump has a penchant for expressing valid points in the worst way imaginable, there is actually a very big problem of voter fraud, exacerbated by the courts, which is covered up by the media and the political class.  In this episode, Daniel demonstrates why it is, in fact, the courts that are a threat to the peaceful democratic transfer of power.  They nullify everything the political branches enact, even when those laws are in accordance with the Constitution.  It is the judiciary that does not respect the outcome of elections.  Now, in the growing trend of courts mandating voting anomalies promoted by George Soros, they are undermining the integrity of the elections. To be clear, voter fraud is not enough to account for landslide losses caused by terrible GOP candidates, but they absolutely do taint close elections and down-the-ballot races that are often decided by small vote margins.  The courts are crushing the states and preventing them from protecting against voter fraud and are bastardizing the Constitution to create super rights for Democrat voters simply because they are deemed ethnic or racial minorities. Daniel concludes by once again reiterating the only path forward to blocking judicial tyranny and voter fraud is to start a new party that is consistent and principled on federalism in a way that would gain the respect needed to push back against the current system.   Key Quotes: “Whenpeoplegetusedto preferential treatment, equal treatment seems likediscrimination.”  ~ Thomas Sowell Important Links: GOP judge paves road for thousands of potential non-citizens voting in Kansas Courts reward those who thwart federal immigration law and punish those who uphold itFederal judge forces Florida to extend registration for as long as Democrats desireThe article that God tweeted out from Ted Cruz’s Account!
32 min
Can a Conservative Stalwart Win a House Seat Ru...
Talk about just desserts! A conservative, one who could actually make frustrated voters in both parties proud, is running as a Democrat against a RINO who loves rubber stamping Democrat policies.  Live by the Democrats, die by a Democrat! Art Halvorson, a career Coast Guard Captain and businessman, was able to get on the ballot as a Democrat to challenge Rep. Bill Shuster (R-PA) in Pennsylvania’s 9th District.  After coming within 1,000 votes of knocking off the corrupt Chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee in the Republican primary, a number of Democrat voters wrote in Art’s name for the Democrat nomination (no candidate filed to run as a Democrat in this heavily conservative district).  Thanks to Pennsylvania law, Halvorson was able to get on the ballot as a Democrat, even though he is challenging Shuster from the right. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Art and Daniel discuss the fresh opportunity, unencumbered by party ID, to reach all voters with common sense ideas packaged in a candidate who lives the life of a conservative.  Could this set the tone for the next few years and demonstrate how conservatives can forge a new path ahead without the baggage of the comatose Republican Party.  You won’t want to miss this episode with a candidate who is not only a true conservative but a refreshing servant of the people.  You won’t believe what Art does at the end of the episode – not something you typically hear from a congressional candidate in a general election!   Show links Immigration lunacy: DOJ seeks to prosecute Sheriff Arpaio for enforcing federal immigration lawWhy conservatives will need a new party if/when Hillary winsDaniel’s interview with Joe Miller, the other candidate running not on the GOP party line
30 min
Judges are not Above the Constitution Interview...
This week on the Conservative Conscience, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore joins Daniel Horowitz to discuss the judiciary, his suspension for defying the Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage, and our Stolen Sovereignty. The Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision created the right to gay marriage from nothing and now the free conscience objections to gay marriage of religious institutions are being trampled upon by the federal government. “All across our country, we’re seeing a deprivation of a right given by God because the Supreme Court created a right and is mandating that everyone conform to it,” Justice Moore explained. The Founding Fathers of the American Republic could never have envisioned a time where forces would try to deprive the people of a God-given right to grant a special class of people a right that hasn’t existed in the history of all humankind. Horowitz and Justice Moore discussed the history, meaning, and role of the judiciary and what can be done to reclaim power from a rouge Supreme Court.
45 min
Conservatives voting blindly for the GOP is the...
For How Much Longer Will Conservatives Exemplified the Definition of Insanity? In honor of Columbus Day, Daniel makes the case for charting a new course and creating a new party and a new movement.  At this point, the outcome of this election is pretty clear, like it or not.  We can spend the next thirty days just sullying our souls defending the indefensible and lose anyway or we can start planning for what we can do and be proud of.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again in anticipation of a different result.  Nothing will change if we treat this GOP loss the same way and just keep banging our heads against the wall with this failed party.  As miserable as a Hillary victory is, it is the reality that will soon confront us and we must harness the opportunities that it will provide us in charting a new course.  The entire debate about Trump has been a big distraction and doesn’t even speak to the foundational problems we are experiencing.  We must all unite instead of blaming each other after November 8.  The way to unite to break free of this false choice between Trump (who will be gone by then) and the establishment.  Hence, it’s time for a Freedom Party.  Are you pessimistic?  Daniel explains both the imperative for starting the new party and the unique opportunity we have for success.       This episode’s sponsor: - Build your emergency food supply for only $99.
31 min
The Appalling Silence of Conservatives as Judge...
In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel discusses how the corrosive modus operandi of so many in the conservative movement has allowed them to focus exclusively on nonsense and ignore the most important story of the week.  Judge Roy Moore stands alone in his battle for marriage, the Constitution, federalism, and state sovereignty, yet the conservative media couldn’t care less that he was wrongly suspended.  Daniel goes on to explain just how severely the judicial crisis is plaguing our nation and how only a society of beta males would allow it to happen.  He further offers insight, using the Alabama case study, as to why state courts are better suited to handle cases dealing with social questions and why the federal judiciary must be denuded of any power over such political questions.  “When you become entitled to exercise the right of voting for public officers, let it be impressed on your mind that God commands you to choose for rulers, "just men who will rule in the fear of God." The preservation of government depends on the faithful discharge of this duty; if the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be sqandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded. If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.” [Noah Webster, History of the United States (New Haven: Durrie & Peck, 1832), pp. 336-337] “Neither the Founding generation nor their children nor their children's children, right on down to our grandparents' generation, were so passive about their role as republican citizens. They would not have accepted-did not accept-being told that a lawyerly elite had charge of the Constitution, and they would have been incredulous if told (as we are often told today) that the main reason to worry about who becomes president is that the winner will control judicial appointments. Something would have gone terribly wrong, they believed, if an unelected judiciary were being given that kind of importance and deference. Perhaps such a country could still be called democratic, but it would no longer be the kind of democracy Americans had fought and died and struggled to create.”  ~ Larry D. Kramer, The People Themselves: Popular Constitutionalism and Judicial Review (New York: Oxford University Press, 2004), 228. Don’t Miss Judge Moore falls victim to culture of beta males our founders failed to envision This episode’s sponsor: - Build your emergency food supply for only $99.
35 min
Republicans vs Democrats is as real as Professi...
The difference between today’s professional conservative movement and the Democrats is a difference between 100 degrees of post-constitutional Sodom and Gomorrah vs. 95 degrees. In this episode, Daniel discusses how the Republican party at a presidential level, a congressional level, and conservative media level engages in a fake fight with the Left when it really matters and how it debases who we are and moves the contours of political debate inexorably to the Left and into the gutter.  Amidst all of the salacious political fights and personal attacks the “conservative” media likes to focus on, they don’t even realize how they have already agreed to the Left on so many policy issues of substance.  Which is why they have nothing left but to discuss whatever the liberal media thinks is important, albeit complain about it.   Much of the conservative media, which is permanently stuck on the culture of the lesser of two evils, downright defends evil so long as they can point to media bias and the Democrats being even worse.  Hence, fornication is tolerated, so long as you don’t get an abortion from it; transgenderism is lovely so long as you are part of a “conservative LGBTQFU group”; Marxism is fine as long as it doesn’t go to illegals; cradle to grave socialism is needed but we just disagree with Democrats over the “amounts and numbers.” Isn’t it time we created a new vehicle we that can actually stand on its own veracity and merit? Important Links Judge forces Ohio School to Treat Boy like a Girl Angelo Codevilla’s blockbuster Claremont article which explains my world view and why this election is not even that important relative to the real problems Fake food fight: A debate that reflects our political system The stupid party: This is the GOP's hill to die on?! This episode’s sponsor: - Build your emergency food supply for only $99. Patriot Mobile – your conservative mobile service provider.
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Hate Cruz or Love Him for his endorsement You’r...
Every constitutional conservative is caught up in the emotion over Cruz’s late decision to endorse Donald Trump.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, as always, Daniel moves beyond the convention wisdom, false choices, and binary narratives placed on our plate by the general media.  In Daniel’s opinion, this was a very bad political decision on the part of Cruz, but at the same time he breaks down why he understands the decision and the pressure that was brought the bear on the Texas champion.  It was bad strategy, but does it erase everything he’s done until now?  We go deep into politics to show how this is much bigger than Cruz, Trump, or any one individual.  The ancillary lessons of what led up to this decision are more powerful than the decision itself.  And it all leads to the same conclusion: rather than praising Cruz (if you are pro-Trump) or disowning him (if you are anti-Trump), this must serve as a lesson for why the entire two party oligarchy is irremediably broken. Daniel explains why it’s not worth it for like-minded individuals to tear each other down over disagreements in strategy, especially when we are all confronted with such an existential crisis.  This goes beyond Trump and Hillary, it is a reflection of the entire system.  We must pray and work together to address the sources of these ills rather than argue about the strategy of how to deal with insufferable symptoms with no good options and from a position of weakness.  Important links Last month’s podcast on why it’s not worth breaking relationships over disagreements on strategy Watch Daniel’s video summing up the key lesson from Cruz being pressured into endorsement This episode’s sponsor: - Build your emergency food supply for only $99
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Have we all become unknowing Leftists? - Ep. 60
In this episode, Daniel and Joe explore how moral relativism and the lack of a true party with moral conviction shifts the political landscape dramatically to the left over a short period of time. With no sense of measure, balance, proportion, and context liberals use moral relativism to focus national attention on emotional narratives that are completely divorced from the important macro-narrative that drives a given policy. Nonetheless, once liberals successfully use their false narratives to legitimize the most radical policies, Republicans accept much of their premise and stake out the right goal post of an issue only a few levels away.  This in turn permanently shifts the contours of the debate to the far left and delegitimizes anything beyond those contours, even if it was a view held even by Democrats just one generation ago. Harry Reid’s blockbuster immigration speech in 1993 This episode’s sponsor: - Build your emergency food supply for only $99.
30 min
How a Real Conservative Party Would Respond to ...
The voters are demanding that the political class protect our sovereignty and security.  Yet, both parties are out to lunch.  While Democrats are refusing to even acknowledge the problem of Islamic jihad, their opponents are unwilling to expose their willful blindness.  All Republicans care about is jailbreak and other harmful or vacuous policy ideas.  They continue to refuse to use the budget bill to defund Obama’s refugee program. In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explores the recent terror attacks through the prism of a real principled Republican Party.  What would a party that is truly committed to our nation’s security do in response to this week’s jihad? Daniel outlines a number of ideas that will protect our homeland, address the threat doctrine of the enemy, and respect the constitutional constraints.  These are all common sense ideas that are not only good policy but reflect good politics as well.  Many people think it will take a massive terror attack, God forbid, for the people to wake up and vote against the cultural Marxists and apologists for Islamism.  The problem is even if such an event occurs and the majority of the country undergoes a catharsis, there is no political party that can capitalize on that sentiment. “Republicans could win a landslide election if they made it a referendum on this issue alone!” Daniel declared on this week’s episode of the Conservative Conscience podcast. “Democrats are on the hook for this issue,” he continued. The people want security but neither party will give it to them. So what would a sane Republican Party do? Well, here are some common sense ideas: 1) Ban the Muslim Brotherhood 2) Pause Refugee Resettlement 3) Allow states to block refugees 4) Strip jihadist fighters of citizenship 5) Exit-entry visa tracking 6) Build the fence (or wall, if that strikes your fancy) 7) National reciprocity for concealed carry 8) Force DHS to deport the million or so with outstanding deportation orders 9) Place restrictions and extra monitoring of travel to dangerous countries Don’t Miss 15 years of willful blindness after 9/11 Stolen Sovereignty: almost 1,000 criminal aliens issued citizenship Just 14 years ago, Democrats supported cutting off visas from dangerous countries
29 min
Checking your intellectual honesty at the party...
The Intellectual Dishonesty of the 2 Party System Happy Constitution Day! Sadly, our Constitution has been shredded to pieces, and in this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel uses current events to demonstrate why the inherent intellectual dishonesty of our party system is the culprit for the constitutional crisis.  George Washington’s final warning to America was that political parties would sow the dissolution of the republic, encouraging people to take refuge in a faction, irrespective of whether it worked harmoniously with the founding values.  Unfortunately, this is what we are seeing with all too many pseudo-conservatives who are willing to change who they are to comport with the Republican leaders of the time – be it Trump or someone else. Daniel dissects how Trump’s new socialized child care and maternity program, and the disturbing support from some prominent conservative figures, is a teachable moment of Washington’s premonition.  There are numerous other problems with this plan, the politics surrounding it, and what it represents.  Daniel discusses just how far left the party and the “movement” have moved since Reagan and even the Clinton-era, all because of the hopeless binary political game. Daniel directly addresses those on the right who want to ditch the Constitution and conservatism and how it is rooted in a false political premise. The danger is that Republicans and conservatives will not only enshrine the existing Obama-era levels of government growth, but feel compelled to permanently adopt a slightly less offensive version of all the new Democrat policies.   Either way, until we break out of this mess, people will check their intellectual honesty at the door of party politics.  The only difference is that whereas Democrats check their intellectual honesty at the door to comport with their ideology, Republicans check their intellectual honesty at the door to comport with their falsely perceived electoral viability, which ironically means agreeing to the very same Democrat values, albeit with less enthusiasm. Key Quote from George Washington’s Farewell Address: “This spirit, unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy. The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty.” Show links Reagan’s economic bill of rights he proposed towards the end of his presidency The triumph of old-school socialism: Trump’s massive new welfare plan Obama’s refugee announcement that these phony nationalists aren’t even talking about Trump making Obamacare great again
29 min
GOP’s September Agenda Turning Touchdowns into ...
Here is Why Obama’s Approval Rating is Climbing GOP’s September Agenda: Turning Touchdowns into Interceptions In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel explains how Republicans take winning issues and turn them into losing issues.  Ever wonder why Obama’s approval rating is soaring to levels not seen since 2009, despite his treasonous acts on a daily basis, despite Obamacare, refugees, open borders, the Iran debacle?  Daniel gives a full presentation by taking listeners through the panoply of issues in Congress right now to demonstrate how Republicans are serving as an advancing force for Democrat policies. If a tree falls in the forest, who is to know?  If Republicans refuse to litigate the case against Democrats and harness critical leverage points to spawn a national discussion on refugees, criminal aliens, the internet giveaway, Obama’s funding of Iran and supporting Al Qaeda overseas, etc., then the media narrative will only focus on mundane issues, thereby allowing Obama to escape public criticism.  Daniel explains that whereas Democrats embrace confrontation as a means of promoting their agenda, even when it’s unpopular; Republicans abjure confrontation even when it is politically advantageous for them.  Whereas Democrats harness all their talent, time, and treasure to plot how to paint Republicans as extreme and out-of-touch; Republicans expend all their political capital giving cover to Democrats, avoiding such counter opportunities, and make Democrats look good.  This dichotomy is completely unsustainable for our Republic.    Buckle your seat-belt, because in this half-hour-episode Daniel goes rapid fire through numerous policy issues and political intel that will make it abundantly clear this party is irreparably broken.  To follow along, here are some useful articles. My 9/11 article: turning the page on 15 years of failure Thanks to Republicans, Obama’s approval at 2009 levels Mitch McConnell’s double budget betrayal Grassley confirming Obama judges The deplorable Democrat hijacking of Zika response Rubio: Drop Planned Parenthood fight to approve Zika funding Ted Cruz’s lonely fight to embarrass the Chinese Commies Trump’s cradle to grave socialism
29 min
Interview With Joe Miller Can Conservatives Pul...
Joining the Conservative Conscience podcast this episode is Joe Miller. Joe is a conservative constitutionalist from Alaska, who is running against Lisa Murkowski, one of the worst Republican senators in terms of her #LibertyScore. Joe beat Lisa in 2010 in the GOP primary, only to have her mount a write-in bid, joining with liberals, to beat him in the general election.  Joe is a strong believer in local control and state sovereignty over its internal affairs, and although he is running on the Libertarian ticket, he does so while adhering to all of his conservative principles. The Libertarian Party in Alaska is different than that at the national level, and actually more resembles the principles espoused by members of Congress such as Mike Lee, Ted Cruz.  “We have no choice but to engage,” reasoned Miller on why he is running. “We that have opportunity to influence have no choice … it is an imperative. If we don’t get things switched around, we’re not gonna have a country in a decade.” When asked how he plans to take his conservative message to the broad electorate, Miller said he will stress the commonalities Alaskans have from all over the political spectrum. “The message of local control resonates with everyone,” said Miller, especially in Alaska. Miller also touched on the idea that a real fix for America may necessitate a new party, and that his candidacy could spark such a movement. “It could be a catalyst to future action,” said Miller. “It certainly would destabilize the establishment, or the duopoly, as I call it.” Joe Miller is the only true conservative running for the U.S. Senate this year who is not already in Congress.  Don’t Miss: Could Joe Miller give constitutional conservatives a choice instead of an echo in Alaska? McConnell’s double budget betrayal begins Listen: Conservatives It’s time to find a new home – Ep. 54 **Production Note: The statement from Murkowski's senior judiciary staff was "child pornographer" not "child molester." 
32 min
How Pro and Anti Trump Conservatives Can Unite ...
The entire political landscape among longstanding conservative figures and grassroots activists is being consumed and defined by whether individuals plan to vote for Trump or not.  Since CR’s Mark Levin came out with his statement reluctantly announcing his intention to personally vote for Trump, many activists have expressed either support or disappointment.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel disagrees with the entire premise that this is the most important question facing conservatives now and explores ways anti-establishment constitutionalists can unite behind actionable items they both agree on. As Daniel notes, it’s heartbreaking watching so many individuals who agree on 90% of the issues, or even 100% of the issues, tear each over apart over the philosophical question of the lesser of two evils.  Daniel dissents from the entire debate by explaining that conservatives shouldn’t be defined by their reluctant acceptance or rejection of Trump.  It’s not worth it, and frankly it won’t make a difference at this point.  What is important, however, is that conservatives of all stripes – who basically agree on the issues and the insufferable nature of the existing GOP –must fight on the issues together and defeat efforts to increase refugees, give away the internet, and pass jailbreak legislation.  We must fight the transgender lobby and stand up for religious liberty.  We must defend North Carolina and fight judicial tyranny.  We must help support all the good conservative candidates running for state office and people like Joe Miller who are challenging the liberal oligarchy for federal office.  As conservatives fight with each other and trade insults about whether an insignificant number of their friends will actually make a difference by staying home or voting for Trump, why not pause the infighting for a few days and donate $30 to a real conservative down the ballot?  Why not flood state and federal offices on individual issues that we can still influence?  And let’s plot a path towards a revitalized political vehicle for our views up and down the ballot, irrespective of the outcome of this election.  Then you can go back to fighting each other.  But at least do something productive while we’re destroying relationships over nothing.    Key quotes “Our republic will not rise or fall on your vote for president alone, but whether you acquiesce to this corrupt system or take your own destiny into your hands.” “A group of 50,000 or so activists will not determine the outcome of an election but they can determine the outcome of a nation.” Show links Watch Levin TV Episode 123 where Mark discusses his personal decision Conservatives must unite behind North Carolina
30 min
Conservatives; It’s time to find a new home Ep 54
If the primary elections in Florida and Arizona serve as any indication at all, there is no longer a place for conservatives in the Republican Party. The establishment sounded the death knell Tuesday completing their near sweep of the congressional primary elections, beating conservatives in almost every race. How did it happen? Well, “there’s a fatal flaw in our primary process,” argues Daniel Horowitz on this episode of The Conservative Conscience. “If the [establishment] has the money, the media support, and the name recognition … and they run on our issues … I don’t know how you break through that.” Now, Paul Ryan-Kevin McCarthy acolytes have infiltrated the so-called “conservative” Republican party even more. The Republican Party – where liberals run as conservatives just to win elections – nothing more. No wonder NOTHING changes. The party has become so liberal that even the “conservative candidate for VP believes the courts – yes, the courts! – should decide questions of religious liberty when it is attacked by the sexual identity lobby.  Even Bill Clinton and Chuck Schumer held the line on that issue in the ‘90s.  Meanwhile, the do-nothing Republican Congress is gearing up to offer their closing argument before the election, and their major issue is … criminal justice reform. Are you kidding me?! The GOP Congress could’ve chosen to use their power of the purse to blunt any number of treasonous actions by the Obama administration. Let’s go over some: The alliance with terrorist Iran, Obama’s jailbreak, open borders, the internet giveaway, just to name a few. The saving grace of the Republican Party – if all else failed – was always the fact that they supposedly appointed better judges.  Daniel explains why that has become irrelevant because even most Republican appointees accept 60% of the premise of the living and breathing Constitution theory. “We need to recognize the severity of the problem,” Daniel argues. “This party is broken; it will never work for us … it’s that simple.” Don’t Miss: Last night’s elections demonstrate conservatives have no place in this party The case for reforming primaries What are Republicans planning to make their end-of-the-year focus? Fulfilling Obama’s jailbreak agenda Warning! Congress is preparing to totally SCREW America Mike Pence wants the Courts to determine how much liberty we get with our conscience GOP appointed judge mandates transgenderism There’s only one full blown originalist on the Supreme Court
30 min
The fate of 11 million illegals Ep 053
“The fate of 11 million illegals” We often hear, “our immigration system is broken.” But in truth, it’s our political system that is broken. Last week, Daniel explained the consequences of Donald Trump’s recent immigration flip-flop in Listen: The Real Problem with Trump’s Equivocation on Immigration – Ep. 52. Since then, Trump and his campaign have tried to reframe his message, yet have not backed away from his new “soft” approach. So here we are. In almost laughable irony, the GOP nominee who essentially won the primary by promising to “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” has acquiesced to liberal talking points on the matter. But, political hot air aside, the question still remains … what do we do with the 11 million (or more) illegal immigrants currently in our country?  Or is that really a valid or relevant question at this point? In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel seeks to answer that very question.  In fact, the entire premise of focusing on this question at this point in time represents the myopic thinking of our political leaders.  Arguing from a philosophical standpoint, and borrowing a great deal from his new book Stolen Sovereignty, Daniel reminds America that Congress has a constitutional obligation to protect the legal citizens of this country. No such obligation exists for the illegal aliens residing here, no matter how heart-breaking the sob-stories. Further, Daniel explains why the latest idea of “legalization without citizenship,” expressed by some in the Trump campaign and by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus, is a complete red herring and will never work.  This entire focus on what to do with illegals instead of what to do for Americans is exactly what has lead to endless new waves of illegal immigration.   Although the election may be awash, conservatives have a responsibility to hold the line on the issues of sovereignty and security past November. We must secure the border, restrain the courts, and re-establish respect for the rule of law irrespective of what the Left, or Trump, has to say. Don’t Miss: Malkin: Trump MUST choose: Open-borders amnesty or American workers [VIDEO] The Forgotten Man in the Immigration Debate CR set to downgrade Trump to 'Bad' on immigration. Here’s why Just how radical has Hillary become on illegal immigration?RNC Chair: Deporting 12 Million People Not Practical, Legalization “The Proper Route”
29 min
The Real Problem with Trump’s off message remar...
The Real Problem With Trump’s Equivocation on Immigration The news cycle this week is saturated with headlines about Donald Trump equivocating, “softening,” or questioning his own position on illegal immigration.  In this podcast, Daniel, using his decade-long experience fighting open borders, explains what is so damaging about Trump being off message on this issue.  It’s not just the concern of a man who, to begin with, never had a firm grounding in the issue and is now all over the map.  It’s that he is messaging the issue in the worst possible way, validating the premise of Hillary and Obama. One of the old tactics of the Left is to use ‘straw men examples’ of extreme manifestations of a given issue to distract from the main policy problem confronting the nation.  This is why they make the entire abortion debate about rape rather than about 50 million abortions on demand, including partial birth abortions and taxpayer funding for harvesting baby organs.  This is why they want to distract from a destructive regulatory state by asking people if they want toxic waste in their water.  And it is for this reason why they focus the immigration discussion on what to do with those already here for 1,000 years and are model citizens or Medal of Honor recipients.  The key is not to get caught in their straw men and focus instead on their extreme positions.  What Donald Trump has been doing over the past few days is validating every straw man premise of the left with his gratuitous chatter and conflicting comments from campaign aids.  Further disturbing is the fact that Trump keeps praising Obama for deporting people.  He is validating a widely-held belief on the Left that the “borders are more secure than ever before.”  This is demonstrably false, but it serves as Hillary’s number one defense of her policies.  It is irresponsible for Trump to self-destruct in this way. In reality, as Daniel demonstrates, there are endless lines of attack Trump can open up with regards to open borders, especially with the polling on refugees, the endless executive and judicial amnesties for criminal aliens, and the security concerns with Middle Eastern illegal immigrants rushing our southern border.  Linked below are some articles with great talking points to go offense on immigration instead of turning this winning issue into a loser.  Daniel also plugs chapters 6 and 7 from his book, Stolen Sovereignty, where he breaks down all the messaging and data that conservatives need to throw at open borders advocates.  Trump and his team should order a copy!           Conservative Review show links: Jihadists being smuggled through our border, yet we can’t deport them The Forgotten Man in the Immigration Debate Trump on deportations: Do what Obama has done but with 'more energy' Clinton deported 4 Times as many illegal aliens as Obama How about learning immigration messaging from..Bill Clinton!? Further Reading: The Hill Article on Trump’s Shaky Immigration Changes Byron York: Team Trump Makes a Mess of Immigration Issue
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The Messenger Matters in Politics Ep 51
The Messenger Matters in Politics With just under three months until the election, Donald Trump is losing big in almost every major category and in almost every major swing-state (and even some red states). The campaign is in turmoil and has made a habit of consistently stepping on its own foot. Having still run less ads than the Green Party’s Jill Stein, it’s like the Trump campaign is trying to lose. On this week’s episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel Horowitz breaks down the Trump campaign’s failures and what it means for the conservative movement. “We can’t separate the message from the messenger … The messenger matters,” Horowitz argues. While Trump has certainly given strong voice to issues such as immigration and national security, his rise also comes at a cost and could hurt the message in the long run. Moreover, Daniel explains why the general election is different from a primary election dynamic and why Trump can no longer rely on running a media-driven campaign as opposed to a traditional organized ground game and ad war.  Conservatives should not lose heart, however, as we have never been a movement of personality, but of principle. We don’t need to jump train with every new fad – be it the tepid establishment or the so-called Alt-Right – we just need to follow the Constitution. As Justice Joseph Story once said, “Let us never forget, that our constitutions of government are solemn instruments, addressed to the common sense of the people and designed to fix, and perpetuate their rights and their liberties. They are not to be frittered away to please the demagogues of the day. They are not to be violated to gratify the ambition of political leaders. They are to speak in the same voice now, and for ever. They are of no man's private interpretation. They are ordained by the will of the people; and can only be changed by the sovereign command of the people.”  Also Read: ·14 winning issues Trump could use against Hillary ·Team Trump offers a solid security plan ... if the candidate himself can keep it ·New Trump Campaign Manager Shilled for Open Borders Zealots ·Trump on Clinton Foundation: “Give them the benefit of the doubt” ·Poll: Few Support Syria Refugees Entering U.S.
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Interview with NC LT Gov. Dan Forest on Fightin...
Today, we were honored to have North Carolina’s Lt. Gov Dan Forest join us to discuss the judicial war on his state.  North Carolina is one of the few states where Republicans are actually standing up to the transgender jihad, fighting for religious liberty, and defending against fraudulent voting.  Yet, the federal courts have crowned themselves the final arbiter of every state and local issue.  They have granted standing to radical groups in order to “throw out” laws duly passed by the legislature. In this episode, Dan Forest discusses with Daniel the importance of states doing the right thing and the need for Congress to protect them from an overbearing federal executive and judiciary.  What is going on in North Carolina is a perfect example of why conservatives must also focus down ballot and ensure that champions like Dan Forest are reelected so that states can remain the last line of defense for liberty.  At some point, if Congress declines to stand up for the states, they will have no choice but to say no and take back their rightful power over state and local affairs.  Dan Forest explains why, through a convergence of factors, North Carolina has become ground zero in the fight for federalism.    Show links The Judicial War on North Carolina
31 min
Time for Conservatives to get off the couch and...
So, are you for open borders or are you for deporting every single Muslim we’ve already admitted, including those who are already citizens and are constitutionally protected from deportation?  Are you for the Chamber of Crony Commerce agenda or are you for populism/nationalism, shutting down all trade and “punishing” any company that moves overseas? How about none of the above? Daniel discusses the latest manifestation of this false choice presented to voters and together with Joe Koss continues to explore ways conservatives can move beyond false choices.  Whatever one does at the ballot box on top of the ticket, we must all remember that this is still not North Korea where everything depends on the selection of the chief executive of the federal government, although it is certainly important.  We still have the other branches of the federal government, the states, the culture, and activism where we must fight on all fronts.  Ultimately, it gets back to strengthening state legislatures and building a new movement that is not just a “reactionary” force to another evil, but can stand on its own two feet and the veracity of its own principles.   There is not much conservatives can do at this point to speak over Donald Trump other than pray and encourage him to get back on message and go on offense on the issues.  But rather than spend the next three months defending every comment he makes or insist that all the polls are rigged, why not focus on what we can do in our states and communities to secure enduring victories that will stand, irrespective of who wins.  We will have to do this at some point no matter who wins; there is no time like the present to embark on starting a fresh movement that moves beyond two indefensible parties or factions within a party.  We must create a movement that is rooted in founding principles, intellectually consistent and honest enough in its own right to have the support to just say NO to the post-constitutional violations of the federal executive and the courts.  A listener named Chris Johnson made this cool graphic based on something I said on the show last week.">— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow)">August 10, 2016
31 min
Have Conservatives Hit Rock Bottom?
Daniel and Joe discuss the ramifications of focusing on personalities over principles.  So many conservatives have no come full circle to support progressivism and establishment elites over a constitutionalist in Kansas because they are so bought into a cult of personality.  Similarly, so many refuse to demand any course change from Trump, even as he is headed for a historic landslide loss, because they are so obsequious to his every whim.  This not only hurts our principles, but is strategically dumb.  The entire purpose of holding our nose for him is to defeat Hillary Clinton, but if everyone defends his indefensible campaign without demanding a course correction, he will lose anyway.  Show Links “Conservatives” cheering the loss of Tim Huelskamp have lost their conscience To Beat Hillary, Conservatives Must Demand a Course Change
33 min
What conservatives can learn from the DNC
If you were able to avoid the Marxist – sorry Democratic – National Convention this past week, consider yourself fortunate. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and a vast array of zany politicians and obtuse celebrities took the stage to push their radical agenda of immorality, injustice, and de-civilization. Even so, there is a real lesson that conservatives can learn from the DNC, suggests Daniel Horowitz in this week’s episode of the Conservative Conscience podcast. Horowitz says he was “inspired in a very sad way” about how the Left fights so ruthlessly for their policies and NEVER GIVES UP. Democrats believe so strongly in their values and are so indefatigable in their mission to see their goals come to fruition, that for them, defeat is simply not an option. Contrast that to the Republicans who whimper and cave at every turn. Conservatives in turn are in danger of losing their core, their conscience, and then what will we have? Isn’t it high time conservatives fought with the same tenacity and fervor as the liberals? America needs it. Don’t miss: ·This ain’t your father’s Democratic Party ·LISTEN: Crisis of Conscience is What Has Gotten Us Here – Ep. 46 ·GOP elites get their guy in Georgia. Will they get him in Kansas?
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Crisis of Conscience is What Has Gotten Us Here...
“Conscience is the most sacred of all property,” said James Madison. Yet when Ted Cruz stood in front of delegates at the GOP convention last Wednesday and uttered the words, “vote your conscience,” the world turned upside down and many in the room wildly drowned out his words with boos. And we though being a conservative was about principles? Guess not. “This is a crisis of conscience of the likes we’ve never seen before,” argues Daniel Horowitz. On this week’s episode of the Conservative Conscience Horowitz breaks down how the real battle is not R’s vs. D’s but about protecting our conscience and advancing our values. Every four years it’s the same song and dance. We end up sacrificing conservatism at the Republican altar. This year we have Donald Trump and again the knee-jerk reaction is the same – “we MUST support him so that the Democrats don’t win!” But he’s not a conservative – “we don’t care!” Conservatives need to start asking themselves, is this strategy working? As Daniel explains, there is a big difference between strategically voting for Trump while concurrently focusing on long term reforms and retaining our values than realigning all of our views to comport with some of his problematic positions.  There is a disturbing trend of some conservatives adopting new liberal positions in order to show “unity” with Trump.  This is a big mistake, and is frankly the mistake that has cost us any solid progress over the past 28 years.  Vote for whomever you want, but retain your conscience and don’t change your deep rooted principles.    Key Quotes “Instead of seeking new and foreign principles because we continue to fail in pursuit of tired, old tactics, why not renew our old timeless principles with new, innovative tactics.” “We die on their hills; fall on their swords.   We lose elections anyway either right away or 2-4 years later because of it.  We’ve had the people’s house, the body closest to the people, for 18 of the past 22 years.  Look at the result.”  “We win enough victories that are too minute and too insignificant to fundamentally move the ball forward, yet tantalizing enough to allure us into a false sense of security.  This prevents us from pursuing the tough long-term reforms that will actually create enduring victories.”   Don’t Miss: ·More than a speech: How Cruz destroyed the ‘lesser of two evils’ narrative ·Trump speech: The good, the bad, and the ugly
39 min
Why Trump Supporters Should be Mad as Hell Abou...
We’ve come full circle in this election cycle.  Ask anyone who is even semi-enthused by the prospect of a Trump nomination and they will tell you they are tired of the same old, do-nothing establishment elitists.  Well, if nothing is done to quickly reform the direction of this convention and the RNC over the next four years, the entire effort to overthrow the establishment will become nothing better than the establishment itself. Everything we have reported on at Conservative Review concerning the despotic chicanery used to steamroll conservatives in Congress is transpiring now at the convention in Cleveland.  Daniel breaks down the chicanery and explains the importance for Trump supporters who truly want to reform the party to not allow the same RNC hacks to employ the same despotic tactics they have always pursued.  Conservative supporters of Trump should join with others to flush out the RNC and reform their rules.  They must think past this election.  Just as God warned the Israelites not to allow the pagans to remain in place because they would serve as thorns in their side, keeping the existing structure of the party will hamper any benefits of a Trump victory.     
24 min
What's Wrong and What's Right With Newt's Comme...
Last night, following the Jihad attack in Nice, France, Newt Gingrich stirred up a firestorm when he told Sean Hannity that because western civilization is in a war, “we should frankly test every person here who is of a Muslim background, and if they believe in Sharia, they should be deported.” He also said “modern Muslims who have given up Sharia, glad to have them as citizens.” It is vitally important to draw clear constitutional, legal, historical, philosophical, and prudent policy lines.  In this special edition, Daniel notes that while there are very problematic and unconstitutional aspects to Newt’s solution as it relates to U.S. citizens, the former speaker’s diagnosis of the problem and his solution as it relates to future immigration is spot on.  There is a degree of constitutional illiteracy that is apparent both in Gingrich’s statement and in the words of his critics.  It is against our Constitution and values to carte blanche take away First Amendment rights from U.S. citizens or deport them for simply harboring a supremacist ideology.  At the same time, it is completely constitutional and rooted in our history and tradition not to willingly import those who subscribe to a political system incompatible with our values and dangerous to our survival.      As it relates to Islamic supremacists who have already obtained U.S. citizenship but have not broken any laws, Daniel explores true constitutional and prudent policies that will save western civilization and are indeed rooted in our history and tradition without violating the Bill of Rights. Important quotes: “Every society from a great nation down to a club had the right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted, there can be room for no complaint.”~ Gouverneur Morris, at the Constitutional Convention in 1787[i] "The jurisdiction of the nation within its own territory is necessarily exclusive and absolute. It is susceptible of no limitation not imposed by itself. Any restriction upon it deriving validity from an external source would imply a diminution of its sovereignty to the extent of the restriction and an investment of that sovereignty to the same extent in that power which could impose such restriction. All exceptions, therefore, to the full and complete power of a nation within its own territories must be traced up to the consent of the nation itself. They can flow from no other legitimate source." ~ Chief Justice Marshall 1812[ii] Importing the Values of the Middle East The Senate’s final act before recess? More immigration from the Middle East! 7 Constitutional Steps to Protect the Homeland Against IslamicJihad Muslim reformist, Dr. Zhudi Jasser’s open letter to the media on ignoring true moderate Muslims [i]Gouverneur Morris, “Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787,” Elliot’s Debates, vol. V, as republished on the Teaching American History website, Morris’s importance as a founder is best captured by Madison’s claim that the actual text of the Constitution “fairly belongs to the pen of Mr. Morris.” Max Farrand, “The Framing Of The Constitution Of The United States,” (Kindle Location 1744).  Kindle Edition. [ii]The Exchange v. McFaddon, 11 U.S. 136 (1812).
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Pence as Trump's VP - does it even matter? - Ep...
Reports are saying that Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana, is Donald Trump's pick for Vice President. While Joe doesn't necessarily think it is a done deal, Daniel says it doesn't matter because a VP pick doesn't matter at all.  Daniel and Joe break down the report, explain what it means (if anything) that Pence is the pick, and how conservatives should think about this pick and all other #Veepstakes. 
29 min
Is it better in the long run if Democrats win i...
Daniel poses an infuriating, but important question. It isn't that he thinks they would be better, it is that he questions whether we need things to get worse to shock the system.  The question is debated, and the answer he gives may surprise you. 
29 min
The Lack of Moral Clarity is Destroying our Rep...
On July 4th, 1776 the founders set forth to establish a system of governance based upon PRINCIPLES and self-evident TRUTHS.  They understood moral clarity and that there are areas of life that are not shaded with gray but are black and white.  Where has that gone? In this week’s episode of the Conservative Conscience, your host Daniel Horowitz breaks down how America has abandoned black-and-white moral clarity and opted instead for moral relativism – and why that is perhaps the single greatest factor in the destruction of our Republic. Sexual Orientation? Gender? Good & Evil? Natural Law? Religious Freedom? These are all gray areas now. But alas, Horowitz asks, “When was the last time you’ve seen a Republican speak with clarity about morality the same way you see the Democrats speak with clarity about immorality?” … still waiting. Also, be sure to check out Daniel’s annual July 4th manifesto coming out next week! Daniel's New Book: Stolen Sovereignty
27 min
America is Ruled by One Man…And It’s Not Obama ...
We explore the original role of the Judiciary as conceived by our Founders, a role that has transformed into that of an oligarchy.  Anthony Kennedy determines the outcome of every political issue in our country.  That is very dangerous for democracy.
29 min
Special Guest: Phil Haney, author of "See Somet...
In this episode, Daniel Horowitz is joined by special guest Phil Haney, a former Department of Homeland Security frontline officer, to discuss his book See Something, Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the Government's Submission to Jihad. Since leaving the DHS, Haney has become a whistleblower exposing the government’s failures. The result – his intelligence information was eliminated and he was himself investigated by the DHS. Now, Haney joins the Conservative Conscience podcast to shed light about the radical Islamist enemy we face and how the Obama administration is capitulating to jihadist terrorism.
35 min
Is the GOP waving the white flag on Islamic Jih...
In wake of the #Orlando Terrorist attacks, the GOP have already begun to wilt and bend in the defensive posture they are so often found in after the Democrats go on offense.  Daniel lays out the problems our immigration policy, details the issues which the GOP should be pushing for, and explains why the Republicans should be going on offense and fighting back against the failed policies of the Left and the Obama administration.  Important Links: 7 Constitutional Steps to Protect the Homeland Against Jihad
28 min
Escaping from the Trump Trap - Ep. 37
Republicans of all stripes are caught in the vicious cycle of having to respond to everything Trump says. They are ensnared in the circuitous Trump trap.  How do they escape?  In this episode, Daniel and Joe discuss the false choice conservatives have been given by the media and political class.  Everything in politics is always a binary choice.  This year it has fully centered around Trump – whether one is pro-Trump or anti-Trump.  The only way to get out of this trap is to redefine the landscape and actually stand for something.  Imagine if Republicans actually fought for some of the priorities we focus on here at Conservative Review?  Then, the binary choice would be whether you are for flooding the country with un-vetted refugees or whether you stand for American sovereignty and security.  Or it would be a choice of whether you stand for privacy and sanity with men not being allowed in female dressing rooms or not?  Those are choices conservatives can win.  But with a party standing for nothing other than quietly rubber-stamping Obama’s agenda, by default the only exciting news is Trump.  Thus, they are caught in a trap of their own making. 
29 min
Murky Waters of the Middle East w/guest Patrick...
In this episode, Daniel has a special guest, Patrick Poole, who uses his expertise to navigate the murky waters of the Middle East.  Daniel and Patrick mark the 72ndanniversary of D-Day and lament how our military and strategic vision has fallen so low since those days of glory.  Our military has been abused in recent years by being placed in the cross-fire of sectarian civil wars with no national security interests, definitive outcomes, or reasonable rules of engagement.  Patrick offers unique insights and updates on what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.  He observes how our special operations soldiers are being stretched thin and being placed in impossible circumstances because they are being used as the president’s private army in order to fulfill his fundamental global transformation.  Finally, Daniel notes that with the upcoming debate in the Senate over the defense authorization bill, Republicans have an opportunity to stand for our military and question Obama’s misuse of our soldiers in pursuit of aimless missions.  Sadly, we have no men on the field in Washington to stand for the men who are being placed in the line of fire.  A far cry from the WWII days when our soldiers knew that their military and political leadership had their back.       Links
30 min
The Transgendered GOP Congress - Ep. 35
The GOP has had the Majority in the House and Senate for a while now, and the excuse of not passing positive legislation is that Obama would simply veto any meaningful measures. But when they carry the water for Obama as they appeared to have done on the Transgendered Bill this week, you have to see them for what they really are: a transgendered GOP Congress. They identify as Republicans, but in reality the way they vote and legislate is that of liberals.
29 min
Making State Legislatures Great Again - Ep. 34
There is a good chance that no new conservatives will be elected to the U.S. Senate. Few if any conservatives will be on ballots for the House. As for the GOP Presidential nominee... well... So what are conservatives left with? Daniel and Joe argue it is the best hope, and possibly best strategy for conservatives to regain a foothold in the political arena. It isn't an easy or quick solution, but it would have lasting and important effects on the political landscape for years to come. 
30 min
Oligarchy: Liberals Winning 50 Year Battle Over...
The Democrats have successfully shifted the entire universe of the political spectrum in just a few years. Their radicalism thrives without consistent, principled opposition. The radical leftists have seized control of the Democrat Party, which has allowed them to control the media, the institutions of higher learning, and then the culture. Fundamentally, the Republicans have done nothing to fight back. That is why President Obama has “fundamentally transformed” America in 8 short years. The latest attempt by the left to redefine what it means to be a man and what it means to be a woman is just the latest example of the left’s ability to radically change the culture in the absence of principled opposition.  Is there any floor to the decadence or any point at which Republicans will fight back? Daniel demonstrates how the only way to save the Republic is to begin operating like a third party within the GOP.  The only way to accomplish that is by changing primaries into representative conventions in the 10 most conservative states.  Daniel explains the path forward out of this cultural Marxism gripping every aspect of our society. 
29 min
Special Guest: Dan Forest, Lt. Gov of North Car...
What is the truth behind North Carolina’s common sense law to prevent radicals from tearing down any and every private space for women – be it bathrooms, dormitories, or locker rooms? How did this battle begin and who is standing with local North Carolina Republicans to combat the insanity? Dan Forest, North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor, joins Daniel to warn the country that if they fail to stand with North Carolina, every state will be overcome with this radical transformation. One of the few brave, articulate, and principled conservatives in an era of a lost Republican Party, Forest makes it clear that he will not back down in the face of boycott threats from the corporate cronies who’ve sought to placate the radical sexual identity movement. Links of Interest: Sen. Burr Hides in the Men’s Room as North Carolina Fights Alone How Congress Can #StandWithNC and Gender Sanity
29 min
The Conservative Path Forward: #NeverRINOs - Ep...
Ted Cruz is out, Kasich is out, and Donald Trump is now the presumptive GOP Nominee for President. Now what? What is the path forward for conservatives? Not just for the White House in 2016, but down ballot and moving forward. Daniel and Joe talk about what the real problem was for conservatives in 2016, and what needs to be corrected in the future. Links of Interest: Millions of Us Are Strangers in Our Own Party ‘The Will of the People’: Making RINOs Great Again
30 min
A Republic, not a Democracy - Ep. 30
Our once proud constitutional republic has turned into a pure democracy.  In this episode of the Conservative Conscience, Daniel and Joe demonstrate from the outcome of the presidential and congressional primaries how pure democracy leads to tyranny.  It would be much better to conduct primaries through the Colorado convention model where anyone can still participate, but the process tends to attract only those voters truly engaged with the political reality and familiar with the authentic records of each candidate.  The Trump campaign has successfully framed the conventions as “voterless elections” orchestrated by the establishment against the will of “the people.”  In reality, as Daniel explains, the conventions are dominated by the most committed conservative activists in each state who truly reflect the will of the people and the Constitution, as envisioned by our Founders in a republican form of government.  Pure democratic primaries, on the other hand, reflect nothing more than the will of Rupert Murdock who uses Fox News (Faux News) as a means to manipulate public sentiment.  In this case, Fox’s agenda is #NeverCruz; in other cases it will be against a candidate even Trump voters like. By going through his experience with congressional primary challenges, Daniel makes a compelling case to Trump voters that, in the long run, RINOS like John McCain will always win reelection in democratic primaries.  The only way to defeat them is through a convention that harnesses a republican model of precinct or district representation.     Links Elective Despotism: RINOS Sweep Every Congressional Race
30 min
Is There No Cause Worth Fighting For? - Ep. 29
Is there not a cause that conservatives will rise to fight for? Can Republicans unify behind a cause that is transcendent? Donald Trump is winning because he represent change from the usual status quo of Republicans folding instead of fighting. But what would Trump the president look like as compared to Trump the candidates? Beyond Trump, who is the master of the sound-bite, why aren’t conservatives fighting for seminal issues to reclaim our government and fight for SOVEREIGNTY, SECURITY, and SOCIETY?  Links of Interest: Trump's Trans-Ideology Top 10 Slam-Dunk Issues for Conservatives in 2016
30 min
The GOP Congress is Scoring Points for the Othe...
One of the reasons that Trump-mania is sweeping the nation is that the voting electorate is mad at anyone associated with the federal government. Republicans are not immune to this dissatisfaction, because even with the majority, they are scoring points for the Left, and allowing the Obama administration to get whatever they want. Since coming back, Congress has done nothing but focus on backwards priorities, all the while ignoring winning 80/20 issues simply because they might have the slightest hint of “SOCIAL” attached to their policy description. Along with the fact that Senate GOP leadership is up to its old tricks again, trying to prevent a way for Sen. Mike Lee from gaining a position on Senate leadership. Daniel and Joe discuss the top issues that the GOP is focusing on, and the ones that they should actually be concerned with – the ones that most impact the country and should be the focus of the presidential race and Congress’ attention. Links of Interest: IRS Giving Tax Credits to Illegals Who've Engaged in Identity Theft Top 17 Left-Wing Moments of John Kasich’s Endless Political Career Just In: House Leaders Silence Opposition on Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Bill
30 min
Democrats Can't Safeguard Our Sovereignty, Secu...
Republicans have a majority in the House and Senate, and therefore they should be "greasing the skids" for a GOP President to come in and undo the the societal transformation that has occurred under President Obama.  Democrats cannot safeguard, nor will the attempt to, our SOVEREIGNTY, SECURITY, or SOCIETY and the principles that are the basis for these pillars. The big question is why Republicans are asleep at the wheel. The GOP has the chance to win on so many "80/20" issues but shy away at the first scent that it might expose them politically.  Daniel and Joe discuss these three issues, and how if Republicans wanted to win on them they could. The key to upholding Sovereignty, Security, and Society is simple -- but it requires adhering to actual conservative principles. Listen as Daniel lays out the plain facts on what it takes to win on conservative issues that are vital to the success and prosperity of America. 
30 min
Post-Wisconsin Special : How Will the Cruz vs. ...
Who will prevail as the GOP Nominee? Well, the answer to that became a lot more complicated after the resounding win in #WIPrimary by Ted Cruz. Because of his win, and the path forward, it is looking more and more like the summer nominating convention will be open and that no candidate will get to 1,237 – the magical number to secure the nomination. While Cruz and Trump both have states they will likely win easily --- the recent surge by Cruz and the shrunken field have made for an interesting race. Daniel breaks down things state by state, and discusses how the June contest in California may be a deciding factor.  Daniel and Joe also discuss the messaging behind declaring a mandate in a race like this. Each Campaign will have to make the case at an open convention (or beforehand) that their candidate should be the nominee. The offer their predictions on what those arguments should be, and explain which has the most merit.
30 min
Why Do We Have An Unelected Super Legislature? ...
Nowhere in the Constitution does it describe an unelected super legislature who is tasked with determining what is and isn't Constitutional but that is exactly what we have with the federal courts and especially the Supreme Court.  The concept of judicial review started as a controversial function that would sometimes be used by the Supreme Court, but today it seems all societal and legislative questions find their answer through the courts. Daniel and Joe discuss the courts and the impact they have on America, our laws, and the future of the Republic. 
29 min
Special Edition: The Media Hijacked the Focus &...
The 2016 Election seems more like a circus than an American presidential race. Daniel rants about how the media covers everything that is sensational, but nothing that is important. The seminal issues of the day are ignored for stories fit more for tabloids than the front page of daily papers.  The Founding Fathers wrote and fought for critical issues of life, liberty, and freedom, while the topics that are trending in 2016 are nothing but sensationalized personal interest stories at best.  That is why outlets like Conservative Review are so important - the long-form commentary along with the podcasts and LevinTV allow Americans to get the important issues of the day all in one place. 
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America's Enemy Within & The Complacent Congres...
Daniel takes a step back from this year’s crazy election cycle and focuses on why Americans are so angry with the government to begin with. Judging from President Obama’s recent Cuba visit, secret détente with Iran release of violent terrorists from Guantanamo, and nonchalant response the horrible terror attacks in Brussels, Daniel concludes America has “an enemy within” and a “complacent Congress” unwilling to stand up to him. “This is a president who sides with our enemies, he has downright formed an alliance with our enemies – the Islamists, Iran, the Cuban regime – and yet Congress is completely out-to-lunch.” Cuba: Raul Castro is using our kind immigration laws regarding Cuba to extract concessions from the Obama administration, who is more than willing to give in. Obama normalizes relations with the communist regime while Cuban immigrants are syphoning American welfare funds only to return to Cuba. Congress idles. Iran: Obama’s deal with Iran has gone much further than the nuclear agreement. Without punishment Iran conducts missile tests, detains U.S. soldiers, and now Obama is paying ransom to the regime. Again, Congress is nowhere to be found. Guantanamo: Defense officials have confirmed that Americans have been killed by prisoners released from the detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, which Obama wishes to close permanently. Brussels: “Numbers matter.” Belgium has an extremely large intake of Muslim refugees and Daniel warns that America, under Obama, is heading in the same direction. Congress has talked a big game regarding refugee resettlement but has done nothing substantial to alter Obama’s plans. While Obama violates our sovereignty and safety, what is the Congress focused on? Oh yeah, criminal justice reform aka jailbreak… Critical Links Obama Admin Delivered Property to Iran as Part of Secret Détente Officials say Guantanamo transfers have killed Americans Obama: We Can Learn from Cuba About Human Rights
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Primary Preview & Holding the Line On Obama's S...
Upcoming Primaries Daniel goes over the road ahead for the GOP primary and discusses some delegate math. At this point, the best chance to stop Trump is for Kasich to drop, as has been said time and time again, but barring that Cruz does have the ability to win some important states and walk away with an argument and mandates heading into the convention. Arizona & Utah are closed primaries. Will this first chance for Cruz to run in a narrowed filed, in closed primaries show his strength? Will early voting hurt in Arizona where some numbers have almost 55% of the people voting early? Kasich: He doesn’t have a path to win another state, let along a plurality – what is his end game? SCOTUS Nominee It looks like Senate GOP leadership may hold the line on the SCOTUS nominee, but they are so unfamiliar with such principled stands that they come off looking awkward and goofy. Can they unify in message or will it come off looking unprincipled? The judiciary was made into a political beast in 1987, if the GOP wants to reform the judiciary across the board, they need to start with this nominee and block it but do so while messaging the correct way. UPDATE Daniel’s forthcoming book – PRE-ORDER Today!: Stolen Sovereignty Links of Interest: Strip the Courts of Power over Redistricting Kasich Supports Obama’s Liberal Supreme Court Nominee House Committee Passes Refugee Reform, But Is It Real?
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