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The Chad Prather Show is your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” now Chad brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun. Nothing is off limits on The Chad Prather Show!

Ep 20 | It's All About Perspective | Guest: Col...
Chad Prather welcomes Col. Allen West to Studio 22. They discuss the future of the country and the Democratic Party. What does West think of AOC and the new progressive movement? The missteps of millennials, how the younger generation has worked themselves into a corner. 
55 min
Ep 19 | Barking up the Right Tree | Guest: Mike...
Veteran Navy Seal and K-9 trainer Mike Ritland joins Chad to discuss the right way to train and care for dogs, his books and product line, and a viral episode of his podcast, “Mike Drop.”
63 min
Ep 18 | Just About Everything | Guest: Jeffy
Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh, Michael Jackson, John Wayne, and Playboy: these are just a few topics Chad and Jeffy cover in a rapid fire discussion of today’s events.
61 min
Ep 17 | Don't New York My Texas
AOC's trip to SXSW / Austin being the hub for liberals in Texas. The future of the country with a progressive President 
61 min
Ep 16 | Good Friends and Good Food | Guest: Tre...
Chad and Trey relive some crazy stories from their past, discuss Trey’s food reviews on, and give their two cents on the best food in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
59 min
Ep 15 | Guns, Helicopters, and Marines | Guest...
The Stanyer brothers stop by to discuss their new venture, the Texas Gun Experience, what it’s like working in the firearms industry, and a few stories from the helicopter cockpit.
56 min
Ep 14 | America’s Sweethearts | Guest: Natalie ...
Natalie joins Chad to reminisce about her time as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader and talk about her role as a producer for CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Party Foul Steve finally gets his Cowboys cheerleader doll autographed.
58 min
Ep 13 | No Excuses | Guest: Heath Oakes
Chad and Heath discuss Heath’s incredible journey from a remedial student in rural East Texas to a custom suit wearing businessman in Dallas, his and his wife’s podcast, “Second Shot,” and his book, Ignorance on Fire: A Journey of Failing Your Way to Success.
60 min
Ep 12 | Pure Journalism | Guest: Jenny Anchondo
Jenny joins Chad to share her experiences working in news and talk about how reliable sources can still be found. Party Foul Steve pledges to get his news through memes from a greater diversity of trusted sources.
62 min
Ep 11 | Poop on a Shingle | Guest: Rich Wilkins
Chad and Rich talk MAN Sports supplements, keto, and how a healthy lifestyle can be achievable for everyone.
57 min
Ep 10 | Fed Up | Guest: Katie Thulin
Katie’s had enough, and she joins Chad to rant about Twitter, media bias, the wall, and more.
65 min
Ep 9 | The Border Crisis | Guest: Jason Piccolo
Jason joins Chad to share first-hand stories from the border, discuss the immigration crisis, and talk about his new book, Unwavering: A Border Agent's Journey From Hunter to Hunted.
73 min
Ep 8 | Behind the Scenes | Guest: Sara Gonzales
Chad gets Sara’s take on her show “The News and Why it Matters,” her new marriage, and what it’s like working with her boss, Glenn Beck.
47 min
Ep 7 | Whiskey with Redwine | Guest: Rob Redwine
Musician Rob Redwine joins Chad over a glass of “apple juice” to talk about his near death experience, the Fort Worth music scene, and his song, “Freshman Fifteen.”
62 min
Ep 6 | Body Butter Boy | Guest: Jason Hernandez
Chad’s favorite metrosexual joins him to discuss body butter, oils, lotions, and stories from the road.
51 min
Ep 5 | Agenda Driven | Guest: Jade Prather
Chad talks about the media’s ongoing narrative, Twitter wars, and a protester’s potential voluntary castration.
50 min
Ep 4 | Oh Deer! | Guest: Party Foul Steve
Chad shares a "rare" hunting story, rants about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and shares his thoughts on the future of America
48 min
Ep 3 | #Power | Guest: Party Foul Steve
Chad and Steve talk about the power of social media and big plans for the podcast
47 min
Ep 2 | He’s Called that for A Reason | Guest: P...
Party Foul Steve joins Chad to discuss the stories that earned him his nickname. Party Foul Steve struggles to remember most of the stories... 
46 min
Ep 1 | Road Warriors | Guest: Sean Foster
Chad and Sean discuss Sean’s hairstyle, their metrosexual friend Jason’s body butter, and their favorite stories from the road. 
50 min
Preview Episode | Bigger, Better, Badder than e...
It's been a while... Chad talks about the exciting changes that have happened over the past couple months and what is in store for the future!
44 min
Coming Soon to Blaze Podcasts | The Chad Prathe...
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1 min