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The Chad Prather Show is your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” now Chad brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun. Nothing is off limits on The Chad Prather Show!

Ep 45 | Check on Your Children!
"Check on your son. Does he have a machine gun? Has he been denied by a female?" AOC taking donations from toddlers while disease runs rampant at Coachella. The world has gone to hell!
54 min
Ep 44 | Stu Burguiere Is Smarter Than the Rest ...
If it wasn’t for Glenn Beck, he’d be homeless. BlazeTV's Stu Burguiere joins the show to talk about his journey with Beck and the 2020 presidential race.
62 min
Ep 43 | Bring Back the Death Penalty and Stay H...
Seeing eye to eye with friends can be difficult. Drinking may help. Join us in the burnin'-hot Studio 22 set as Chad and BlazeTV's Andrew Heaton set fire to some controversial topics and share their views on the death penalty! Then, Chad, Natalie, and Steve are back to tackle some interesting social media comments from fans. 
44 min
Ep 42 | From the Front Lines to the MMA Cage
He served eight deployments in Afghanistan and then became a pro MMA champion. Chad Robichaux joins the crew in Studio 22 to talk about his foundation, Mighty Oaks, and its work to help veterans suffering from PTSD. Robichaux's transition back to civilian life wasn’t easy. Fighting for his country turned to fighting for his family. He shares his thoughts on the current VA system and his feelings on his son’s first deployment. 
55 min
Ep 41 | Tell Me Liberal Women Ain’t Ugly
We’re unhinged and fired up on the Studio 22 set for an all-new round of liberal debauchery. Explosions kill over 300 people in Sri Lanka as churchgoers celebrate Easter Sunday. Dana Loesch is in the crosshairs of a rising Democratic 2020 hopeful. A Republican lawmaker diminishes the role of nurses in hospitals. Charlize Theron and her adopted children send Chad "over the edge." 
46 min
Ep 40 | This is Not the Person I Married | Gues...
Jade Prather takes over Studio 22! She joins Chad to discuss his rise to fame on social media, taking on politics, dealing with hateful comments and interesting fan encounters. They get candid about Chad’s struggle with depression and how they’ve stuck together through it all. 
60 min
Ep 39 | We Eat Death Threats for Breakfast | Gu...
Chad heads to the Swamp to collude with Jon Miller, host of the BlazeTV podcast "The White House Brief." They discuss the hate mail they receive, debate whether or not AOC is a genius, and try to figure out if Speaker Pelosi has control of her wild Democratic Party members. The creepy floating head from Studio 22 also makes an appearance.    
55 min
Ep 38 | Some Things Need Killing | Guest: Kenda...
She’s killed the most dangerous animals in the world … twice. Kendall Jones joins Chad and the Studio 22 crew to discuss her ‘controversial’ rise to fame, the trouble with social media and her work for animal conservation, along with the harrowing moment she became prey during an important hunt. 
70 min
Ep 37 | Amazon is Listening and Advice from Hil...
Hey Alexa, stop listening to my conversations! Chad and the Studio 22 crew discuss President Trump’s battle with Ilhan Omar. Amazon finally admits to monitoring their customers and Pete Buttigieg announces his presidential campaign. 
46 min
Ep 36 | The Truth About Bump Stocks | Guests: M...
Get your hands off my bump stocks! Mark Maxwell and Mike Stewart sued the U.S. government after being forced to destroy over 73,000 bump stocks. Now they've launched a campaign to fight for their Second Amendment rights. These co-founders of RW Arms join Chad and the Studio 22 crew to talk about their story and the road ahead.
52 min
Ep 35 | There’s Good Money in Porn | Guest: Sar...
Walmart is hiring robots! Will you be embracing the new AI way of life? Bernie is a millionaire and if you write a best-selling book, you could be too! Pornhub may play a bigger role in people’s lives than you think. 
52 min
Ep 34 | The Sins of Phil Robertson, the Duck Co...
I have sins! The president has sins! Even Phil Robertson has sins! The Duck Commander patriarch joins Chad Prather and the Studio 22 crew to talk about family, faith, and hunting in Texas. Phil grades the president's performance and shares a surprising story from behind the doors of the Oval Office. 
49 min
Ep 33 | I'm an Angry White Man
Chad Prather and the Studio 22 crew sit down to talk about Mark Zuckerberg's plan to make social media "safe." The White House is taking applications for a new Homeland Security secretary. And the problem with "angry white men." 
47 min
Ep 32 | Save the Babies! We Won’t Be Bullied by...
The Activist Mommy, Elizabeth Johnston, talks with Chad in Studio 22 on the fight for life. The upcoming "Day of Mourning" raises awareness of the lives lost to abortion each year. The future of America with progressive values. 
41 min
Ep 31 | Joe Biden Isn't Woke Enough to Be Presi...
Chad and the crew sit down in Studio 22 to discuss Joe Biden's "touching" past. What happens in twelve years when we die from climate change? A local sportscaster's take on the border wall has Chad fired up!
52 min
Ep 30 | Jeff Kyle Is On A Mission to Serve Thos...
Six years after the passing of Chris Kyle, his brother Jeff is determined to help his legacy live on. Jeff joins Chad and the Studio 22 team to talk about the “Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit." They discuss the challenges facing veterans returning home and what Clint Eastwood and Hollywood got wrong about Chris’ story.  To learn more about Jeff Kyle and his work visit To be a part of the Chris Kyle Memorial Benefit, purchase tickets at  
61 min
Ep 29 | This Is Why You Spank Your Children
Chad and the Studio 22 team take on the celebrities that are boycotting the state of Georgia. AOC’s plan for cutting back on cow flatulence. The weekend box office success of the movie “Unplanned." 
42 min
Ep 28 | Buckle Up for the Far-Left Nightmare If...
Host of BlazeTV's “Kibbe on Liberty” Matt Kibbe joins Chad in the studio to talk about the rise of progressivism in the United States. What will the country look like after President Trump? The future of the two-party system. Are we running away from true liberty? 
50 min
Ep 27 | Banning Chick-fil-A in Texas and the Pr...
Chad and the Studio 22 team talk about President Trump’s future and the problem with the Leftist Holy Land, Hollywood! One Texas city has Chick-fil-A in the crosshairs.   
63 min
Ep 26 | Why He’s Proud to Be a Black Trump Supp...
Speaker and entrepreneur David Harris Jr. joins Chad Prather to talk about his journey through hardship and addiction. They discuss his path to finding freedom through faith and his new book, “Why I Couldn’t Stay Silent." 
63 min
Ep 25 |The Moscow Mueller Special | Guest: Sara...
Robert Mueller’s report on Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election has officially been released. Will the Left leave the issue alone, or have we yet to see the end of the Russia witch hunt? “The News and Why It Matters” host Sara Gonzales joins the show to break down the facts. 
50 min
Ep 24 | You're Worth It | Guest: Jacob Schick
Veteran, Jacob Schick joins Chad in Studio 22 to talk about his work with suicide awareness and prevention. They discuss his organization, 22Kill, and its programs to help veterans and first responders. 
64 min
Ep 23 | The Power of Beto
Chad, Steve, and Natalie take over Studio 22 to discuss the Wednesday headlines. The massacre in New Zealand has some calling for new gun control laws. The problems with invasive social media. Beto and AOC drum up more trouble for the Democratic Party. 
47 min
Ep 22 | Going Above & Beyond | Guest: Ashley Ka...
Emmy Award Winning TV Host, Ashley Kamrath joins Chad Prather and the crew in Studio 22. They talk about growing up in military families and Ashley’s documentarian work, keeping stories alive for the next generation. 
51 min
Ep 21 | The Dating Game | Guest: Jennifer Nicke...
Singer, Jennifer Nickerson joins Chad, Steve, and Natalie in Studio 22. They chat about everything from Keto to fast food cravings. The crew shares their skincare routines and thoughts on dating in the era of social media. 
67 min