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The Chad Prather Show is your one-stop shop for comedy, craziness, and common sense. Often called “the modern day Will Rogers” and “the voice of the everyman,” now Chad brings his armchair philosophy and observational humor to the podcast world. Politics, inspiration, comedy, and fun. Nothing is off limits on The Chad Prather Show!

Ep 70 | MAGA Hats and 'Handmaid's Tale' | Guest...
One million Trump hats sold! Kylie Jenner's birthday party controversy. Steve Helms discusses the music industry in Texas and performs a few songs in Studio 22. 
55 min
Ep 69 | My Fight with Eric Swalwell
Eric Swalwell's campaign is losing steam, and he knows it! Children featured in drag shows, and traveling to Chernobyl. 
66 min
Ep 68 | The Great Genetics Race | Guest: Jamie ...
The future is here, but will it be kind? Designer DNA is the way of the future. Should we be more skeptical? How does divine creation and God factor into the new era 'genetics race'? Author Jamie Metzl joins the show to discuss his new book, Hacking Darwin. 
48 min
Ep 67 | Are We Created Equal? | Highballs with ...
Are we all born with the same amount of value? BlazeTV's Andrew Heaton is back to break down the idea of equality and value.
47 min
Ep 66 | You Asked, We Answered! Studio 22 Q&A!
The Studio 22 crew sits down to answer questions from viewers! What was Steve's biggest party foul? Chad's strangest fan encounter. What's it really like to work in comedy? And the podcast may be hitting the road!
51 min
Ep 65 | Who's the Boss? | Guest: Glenn Beck
BlazeTV's Glenn Beck discusses his journey in radio, the struggles of raising a family in the midst of a technological revolution, and the importance of storytelling. 
56 min
Ep 64 | Decomposing Bodies and the Royal Baby |...
Donate your body to science! You can buy a new house on Amazon with free delivery! Is Queen Elizabeth hot? Jeff Fisher, host of BlazeTV's Chewing the Fat podcast, joins the crew in Studio 22 to break down the News That Doesn't Matter. 
40 min
Ep 63 | Hillary Clinton Will Be President!
The Democrats are struggling to find a good candidate; Joe Biden needs to get off his "symbolic crack pipe"; and questions you can't ask women. 
46 min
Ep 62 | Love Has No Limits | Guests: Chris and ...
Back in 2018, Emily helped Chris walk down the aisle at their wedding, and the video went viral. Now, they're on a mission to give back and inspire others. 
53 min
Ep 61 | Listen Up, Eric Swalwell!
People are dying on Mount Everest while Hollywood boycotts Georgia. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio takes a stand against McDonald's, and AOC gets confused about tornadoes. 
49 min
Ep 60 | Warriors Helping Warriors | Guests: Cha...
Military service doesn't end on the battlefield. Mighty Oaks Foundation co-founders Chad Robichaux and Jeremy Stalnecker are back to discuss their work to help veterans return home and face life away from combat. 
47 min
Ep 59 | Elton John Is Dead and Accidental Drag ...
The new Elton John movie is already causing controversy. Drag queens are helping bullied kids. Can men really have babies? Is the Green New Deal the modern-day “Red Scare"? 
60 min
Ep 58 | Stand Up Against Abortion | Guest: Jame...
Televangelist James Robison joins us to discuss the future of the nation and abortion. He talks about his 2016 meeting with President Trump and why we need to fight for unborn children. 
49 min
Ep 57 | Do You Have a Right to Online Privacy?
Do we really have a right to online privacy? Is reality truly what we see? BlazeTV's Andrew Heaton is back to answer all those questions and more in another edition of Highballs with Heaton. 
48 min
Ep 56 | Inside the Hollywood Bubble | Guest: Ki...
Author Kim Gatlin’s debut novel "Good Christian B*tches" turned heads in Hollywood. She discusses the real inspiration behind her book, the controversy surrounding the TV show, and the realities of working within the Hollywood bubble.
47 min
Ep 55 | Do Your Job or Go Back Home! | Guest: J...
Georgia Rep. Jason Ridley reveals what it's really like to be in politics and discusses staying true to your voters and the progressive wave headed for the South. 
48 min
Ep 54 | Raising Flags for Veterans | Guest: Jam...
After watching an onslaught of disrespect toward the U.S. flag, Jamie Popwell set out on a mission to preserve its meaning and message. The founder of Flags for Vets joins us in studio to discuss how he plans to give back to veterans, one flag at a time. 
50 min
Ep 53 | Triumph Over Tragedy | Guest: Amberley ...
Champion barrel racer Amberley Snyder is no stranger to navigating obstacles. After a 2010 car accident left her unable to use her legs, Snyder was determined to get back in the saddle. Literally. Now her story is the subject of a new Netflix movie. 
41 min
Ep 52 | We Need Tough Love, Not More Trophies |...
From the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, Kitty Carter and Jay Johnson are in studio to get Chad whipped into shape. They talk about finding your passion and the strength it takes to make it as a DCC girl.  
52 min
Ep 51 | There Are Bigger Issues Than Guns | Gue...
There are bigger issues than guns! We need to talk about homelessness. NRATV's Colion Noir joins us to discuss his latest project and his plan to get this country talking about the real issues. 
65 min
Ep 50 | Let's Take a Scientology Cruise!
The measles have struck a Scientology cruise ship, which is actually not the worst thing ever to happen to Scientologists. Prep your bunkers: Silicon Valley executives are preparing for the end times. Joe Biden doesn’t have time to explain his plan for America; vote for him and find out later! 
49 min
Ep 49 | If You Could Create the Perfect Child, ...
Editing your child's genome could get kind of tricky. If you had the opportunity to create the "perfect" child, would you? Is a hierarchy necessary to have a successful community? We're answering all the tough questions in Studio 22!
46 min
Ep 48 | What Would Aliens Say About Donald Trump?
When aliens invade and discover our Twitter feeds, we’ll have a lot of explaining to do. BlazeTV’s Andrew Heaton joins the show to talk Trump, libertarianism, stand-up comedy, and nude beaches.
58 min
Ep 47 | No Such Thing as 'Government-Funded'
You can go to jail for "misgendering" your child! The measles outbreak that’s sweeping across the country. Sports Illustrated embraces the burkini; will you? And a reminder that nothing in this world is free!
49 min
Ep 46 | Taking A Shot At ISIS Can Land You In H...
Taking a shot at ISIS can land you in hot water! BlazeTV's Jason Buttrill joins the show to explain why Beto O'Rourke wasn't always punk rock, Russia isn't the best vacation spot, and his time as an embedded researcher. 
51 min