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Ep 120 | Turning a Side Hustle into Success
Pete A. Turner of the Break It Down Show joins Chad to talk about the challenges of podcasting, influencing audiences, and balancing the pressure of it all. Mosul: Visit for more information and stream the full movie on iTunes and Amazon.   
63 min
Ep 119 | Sarah Palin's Divorce and Segregated C...
Sarah and Todd Palin call it quits after 31 years. The end of peep shows in Las Vegas and a plea for college students to stop going to "white universities." 
58 min
Ep 118 | Fact: 'Graham Allen Rides a Miniature ...
Matt Lyda from Nine Line Apparel joins the show to talk about the veteran-owned and -operated company, controversial comedy, and his friendship with BlazeTV's Graham Allen.  Mosul Film:    
78 min
Ep 117 | The War on Guns and Mass Shootings in ...
New gun laws have taken effect in Texas as politicians call for stricter background checks and buyback programs. But are guns really the root of the problem? Chad sits down for a one-on-one chat with YOU to dive into the truth about the Second Amendment and the "War on Guns" heading into the 2020 election. Genesis 950: use code BLAZE for a special discount. 
37 min
Ep 116 | Angry Vegans and Emotional Support Ponies
Vegan files charges against her barbecuing neighbor. A woman brings her emotional support pony on a plane. The controversy surrounding a children’s book promoting eating disorders. 
47 min
Ep 115 | Alabama Church Sign: 'A Black Vote for...
Alabama church claims black Trump voters all suffer from mental illness. Prince Harry is fighting climate change one private jet trip at a time. And years after Barack Obama left office, we're still feeling the side effects of "hope and change."
43 min
Ep 114 | Ex-Male-Feminist Comedian Takes On #Me...
"Making someone laugh when things are so hard and divided right now is kind of a rebellious act!" Comedian and podcast host Jamie Kilstein is navigating the field of stand-up comedy in the era of Trump and #MeToo. He shares his struggle with addiction, his fall from grace, and his journey to finding the funny in comedy once again. 
98 min
Ep 113 | America After the Iraq War: Are We Bet...
Former CIA officer Dan Gabriel joins the show to discuss his new film "Mosul," taking viewers into the fight to liberate the city of Mosul from the Islamic State. He discusses his career with the Central Intelligence Agency and America's current security crisis.
53 min
Ep 112 | Confronting Our Wives and the Value of...
Chad and Party Foul Steve sit down to talk about the true meaning of life and the namesake of Studio 22, and a special guest joins the show by phone.
41 min
Ep 111 | The Politically Correct Left Has Crown...
Comedian Tyson Faifer joins Chad to discuss navigating stand-up comedy in 2019 and his tips for taking on the politically correct!
63 min
Ep 110 | The Government Is SPYING on YOU!
Everybody's got something to hide! AI and the future of technology have the Studio 22 crew a little worried. How much is too much in the world of tech?
43 min
Ep 109 | Athletes Kneel but Won't Give Up Their...
Two-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff discusses the problems with the MLB, the disappearing line between sports and politics, and the issue with teams visiting the White House.
74 min
Ep 108 | Jeffrey Epstein's Alive and We're Buyi...
Jeffrey Epstein died from suicide ... or that's what they want you to believe. President Trump considers buying Greenland to become the 51st state. A possible recession is looming, and some on the Left are excited!
42 min
Ep 107 | The Republican Party Was Founded by Bl...
Lt. Col. Allen West is running for chairman of the Texas GOP, and he's determined to share the truth behind the Republican vision for America.
42 min
Ep 106 | Toxic Masculinity Is a Myth — Because ...
Men have just as many problems as women! In the world of "Me Too" and "toxic masculinity," we're starting to lose sight of what it really means to be a man!
58 min
Ep 105 | The World of WWE Is as Real as It Gets!
WWE Alumna Vickie Guerrero sits down with Chad to discuss her career, the legacy of her late husband Eddie Guerrero, and the future of the sport.
30 min
Ep 104 | Clinton Conspiracies: Is the Body Coun...
Another one bites the dust. The suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein has some taking a second look at the Clinton Body Count conspiracy. What do you think?
46 min
Ep 103 | Jeffrey Epstein's Suicide Surprised Je...
The death of Jeffrey Epstein raises more questions about the rich and famous involved in his case. Universal Pictures cancels a movie that puts Trump supporters in danger.
48 min
Ep 102 | You Can't Kill a Hillbilly!
The Studio 22 crew sits down for an unfiltered conversation. Hillbillies haven't evolved. Chad performs a special song. And the real reason you have to stand up to bullies. 
80 min
Ep 101 | Children Are Not Innocent!
Chad and Josh Jennings sit down to tackle some tough questions. When do we stop being innocent? What defines consciousness? 
43 min
Ep 100 | One Hundred Episodes of Madness | Gues...
Episode 100! We've made it this far, and we're just getting started! Sara Gonzales joins the show to celebrate and discuss all the latest news, the trouble with social media, and gun control.   
63 min
Ep 99 | It’s Time for Change
The atrocities in Texas and Ohio are the forefront of today’s episode. It’s time to put differences and labels aside. Embrace your fellow Americans, now more than ever. 
58 min
Ep 98 | The Chad Prather Musical
If you ever wondered what it's like hanging out with Chad and the Studio 22 crew, this episode will answer all those lingering questions. They discuss the future of the podcast, gay celebrities, and Chad's musical ambitions.
44 min
Ep 97 | I Miss the Old Al Sharpton!
Is America the most divided country in the world? The media would like you to believe so! Studio 22 is packed with a cast of characters ready to break down the latest hot topics. 
58 min
Ep 96 | The Battle of Baltimore! | Guest: Keith...
Keith Malinak of "Pat Gray Unleashed" is back to talk about the meltdown in Baltimore. Does calling out the conditions in the struggling city make you a racist? 
46 min