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Border Wall Insanity & a Film You NEED to See |...
Steve and the crew examine President Trump's speech in El Paso, Texas, on border security and lament how you typically need to start a project before you can finish it. In Hour Two, author Daniel Crane joins the program to discuss his new book, "Seven Books that Rocked the Church," and Steve explains why the upcoming film "Unplanned" could be a watershed moment for the pro-life movement.
97 min
Truth Bombs, False Flags, & Mockingjays | Guest...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron describe the utter chaos that will ensue if Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax is removed from office but Gov. Ralph Northam is not. Then, Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to break down the Democrats' response to President Trump's State of the Union address. In Hour Two, the guys contemplate whether the civil war illustrated in "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay" could become a reality in the United States.
97 min
The Lack of Consequences for Democrats | Guest:...
Steve, Todd, Aaron, and guest Sara Gonzales break down an eventful week as they discuss the lack of consequences for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam. Also, they discuss Trump's State of the Union speech and how no matter what happens, the Democrats will always find a reason not to work with the president on anything. Plus, don't miss the discussion on America's hatred of the New England Patriots' success and the likely end of Elizabeth Warren's political aspirations. In Hour Two, Steve and the guys discuss why removing "Under God" from the oath isn't as big a deal as many think, because they are simply tired of being stabbed in the back by their own team. Feedback Friday continues; the topic is the underlying issue of the abortion debate.
98 min
Left Stays Silent on Fairfax & Theology Thursda...
Steve, Todd and Aaron lament how the Democrats are all too willing to stay silent on the assault accusations levied against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D-VA).  They also discuss how Elizabeth Warren's listing her race as "Native American" on her Texas bar registration is the worst example of "cultural appropriation" in recent memory.  In Hour Two, the team brings back a listener-requested segment in which Aaron asks Steve a series of completely unrelated questions. Finally, Steve resumes the discussion of the Book of Colossians.
97 min
A New Dawn for the Trump Presidency? | 2/6/19
Steve, Todd and Aaron sift through the fallout from President Trump’s State of the Union Address and decide whether the President has given his administration new life with his words. In Hour Two, Steve explains why the Visigoths are entering our country in the form of the Democratic Party, and the crew plays a game of Buy, Sell or Hold.
96 min
Pop Culture Tuesday & Faith Through Writing | G...
Steve, Todd and Aaron break down the ongoing fiasco in Virginia and discuss an amazing film about World War I titled 'They Shall Not Grow Old'. In Hour Two, author Charles Martin joins the program to discuss his book about faith and contemplation titled 'What if it's True?'.
96 min
Big Game Fails & SOTU Preview | Guest: Bob Vand...
Steve and the gang lament the absolute fiasco that was the commercials during this year's Big Game, and Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to offer his thoughts on President Trump's looming State of the Union Address.  In Hour Two, Steve answers a listener's question about his book, 'Truth Bombs'.
97 min
Have the Dems Damaged Their 2020 Prospects? | G...
Steve, Todd, Aaron and guest Shannon Joy break down what ended up being an awful week for the Democrats. They also decide whether the Democrat establishment looks worse now than President Trump did after caving on the government shutdown.  In Hour Two, Steve responds to listener feedback and delves deep into what the Christian worldview really is.
96 min
Theology Thursday & Loving Your Enemies | Guest...
Steve, Todd and Aaron examine the unconscionable statements made by Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in regards to the abortion bill recently proposed in his state. In Hour Two, television personality and author Phil Robertson joins the program to shed some light on what has happened to spirituality in America, which he outlined in his new book 'The Theft of America's Soul'.
95 min
The Sacrilegious GOP & Buy, Sell or Hold | Gues...
Steve and the crew explain how advocates of "gender fluidity" are enabling and victimizing people in a state of mental illness.  Then, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to reassure Steve that the immigration issue is not completely lost for conservatives.  In Hour Two, the guys have some fun with the liberty scores of powerful Republicans and list the best places for Steve to survive the apocalypse ...or simply retire to.
98 min
A Viable Candidate & Pop Culture Tuesday | Gues...
Steve, Todd and Aaron break down what makes Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) a legitimate threat to President Trump should she win the Democratic nomination. In Hour Two, Josh Hammer of The Daily Wire joins the program to discuss the legal ramifications of Trump attempting to secure the Mexican border by declaring a national emergency.
97 min
The Three Kinds of People in Politics | Guest: ...
Steve, Todd and Aaron break down how President Trump's legacy is in peril amid the recent turn of events, and Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to offer a bold prediction on the future of Roe v. Wade.  In Hour Two, Steve reveals the groups and sub-groups of people that comprise those who inhabit contemporary American politics.
95 min
Deace Group: Dems and RINOs Beware | Guest: Sha...
Steve, Todd and Aaron welcome Shannon Joy to the program to break down the week that was in the Deace Group.  What was the turning point for President Trump's decision to back down on ending the government shutdown?  And will any Republicans take a stand against the evil unfolding in New York?
98 min
The Ferdinand Moment & A New Struggle | Guest: ...
Steve, Todd and Aaron break down President Trump’s evolving feud with Nancy Pelosi and describe what the "Ferdinand moment" that irreparably splits American society could look like.  In Hour Two, Janna Darnelle joins the program to describe the new debate over marriage and how her family was torn apart by the forces that have placed power firmly in the hands of the LGBTQ community.
97 min
New York Dems Applaud Killing of Innocents | Gu...
Steve laments the utter scorn being shown for innocent children by Democrats in New York, and Daniel Horowitz joins the program to take you inside politics. In Hour Two, a simple game of Buy, Sell or Hold descends into marvelous chaos.
97 min
How Much Amnesty are You Willing to Give? | 1/2...
Steve, Todd and Aaron dissect a plethora of clips from the mainstream media as they play a round of "Fake News or Not". In Hour Two, Steve opens up the phone lines to ask listeners how much they are willing to concede in terms of amnesty in order to obtain real border security.
98 min
Truth Bomb Trivia Part Two | Guest: Bob Vander ...
Steve explains how the events of the past few days are yet another illustration of the extremely precarious position of our culture. Then, Bob Vander Plaats of the Family Leader joins the show to discuss a massive tax fraud scheme centered around immigration. In Hour Two, Steve invites listeners to participate in a round of 'Truth Bomb Trivia' dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.
98 min
Deace Group & Bold Predictions | Guest: Chris P...
Steve, Todd and Aaron welcome in Conservative Review writer Chris Pandolfo for the Deace Group roundtable to discuss the biggest themes and headlines from the week that was. In Hour Two, Steve fields questions and comments from listeners on Feedback Friday.
98 min
Where to Host State of the Union & It's Okay to...
Steve, Todd and Aaron examine some off-the-wall news stories and have way too much fun with proposed locations for President Trump's State of the Union Address.  In Hour Two, Protestant Steve and Catholic Todd illustrate why disagreeing with someone's religious views is not bigotry.
97 min
Trump's 2020 Outlook & Buy, Sell or Hold | Gues...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss one of the greatest political metaphors of all time, and Daniel Horowitz joins the program to shed some light on what President Trump will need to accomplish to attain re-election in 2020.  In Hour Two, Todd reveals the shocking number of federal employees that would be affected if the Democrats were to abolish ICE, and the team plays an enlightening game of Buy, Sell or Hold.
98 min
Fast Food, New Deals & Truth Bombs | Guest: Dan...
The team has some fun with President Trump's choice of fare for a White House dinner and Steve explains why Texas does not need to become California just to add more jobs.  In Hour Two, Daniel Turner, President of Power the Future, joins the program to break down Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' "Green New Deal".  Also, the crew examines a powerful ad from Gillette on "toxic masculinity".
97 min
Truth Bomb Trivia! | Guest: Bob Vander Plaats |...
Steve and the gang break down the weekend's news, focusing on the (actual) bombshell report regarding the FBI and President Trump. Then, Bob Vander Plaats joins the show to discuss the politics of the ongoing government shutdown. In Hour Two, to preview his forthcoming book, Steve plays a new game called "Truth Bomb Trivia" with callers.
98 min
Deace Group on America's Political Identity | G...
The Deace Group takes a look at the ongoing government shutdown, America's political identity, the Kevin Hart situation, and the fine line of heresy. For Feedback Friday, the team addresses how churches can be more involved politically.
97 min
You Have Real Choice in Education | Guest: Brad...
Aaron and Todd indulge in some epic outbursts from Leftists, examine Tucker Carlson's argument about morality and the economy, and lament how Christians seeking government jobs have been targeted by Democrat lawmakers. In Hour Two, Brad Wilcox, Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, joins the program. Lastly, the team opens the phones to hear your thoughts on how parents should approach the "college track" in their children's education.
98 min
The Truth About an Open Border | Guest: Daniel ...
Steve, Todd and Aaron break down the latest headlines in the wake of President Trump's speech regarding border security. Then, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to unleash pure, unvarnished truth about the unconscionable crimes being committed as a result of America's porous southern border.  In Hour Two, the guys play a game of 'Buy, Sell or Hold' and Steve breaks down the future of the College Football Playoff.
98 min
Foreign Policy Failures & A Southern Border Bom...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss yet another example of a failed worldview when it comes to American foreign policy. They also discuss the claim that "only" a handful of terrorists have been detained at our nation's southern border. In Hour Two, the crew plays a round of ‘Fake News or Not’ and Steve reveals his favorite movies from 2018.
97 min
Reactions to Trump Wavering on Border Wall | Gu...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss a (special) montage of President Trump, and Bob Vander Plaats from The Family Leader joins the show to talk about whether morality can be separated from truth. In Hour Two, the crew takes calls from a number of listeners with strong opinions on whether or not President Trump is backing down from his pledge to build a border wall.
97 min
Deace Group & Feedback Friday | Guest: Shannon ...
Steve, Todd and Aaron are joined by Shannon Joy as they discuss some of the past week's biggest stories on the Deace Group Roundtable. In Hour Two, it's Feedback Friday as Steve and the gang respond to emails from the audience.
98 min
Theology Thursday Returns | Guest: Ryan Mauro |...
Steve, Todd and Aaron have a few laughs at the expense of Elizabeth Warren and explain what the phenomenon of the "Romney Republican" actually means for the GOP.  Then, special guest Ryan Mauro joins the show to discuss his new short film 'Finding the Mountain of Moses', which chronicles a discovery that could re-write the histories of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. In Hour Two, the guys dive into Theology Thursday and continue their discussion of the Book of Colossians.
98 min
New Year, New Motto, New Round of Predictions |...
Steve, Todd and Aaron make their return and discuss some of the biggest headlines from their long Christmas break. They also discuss Steve's recent appearance on C-SPAN and play a game of Buy, Sell or Hold.
98 min
Ep. 437 | A Bride-to-Be, A Wavering President a...
Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill discuss a concerning trend in public education and ask whether President Trump will be able to navigate this disastrous year-end news cycle unscathed. In Hour Two, Jason defends his stance in favor of the border wall GoFundMe page, and the cast takes a pair of calls about the escalating situation in the Middle East.
98 min
Ep. 436 | Just Shut it Down & We'll Build the W...
Jason Buttrill breaks down the latest attempt to avert a government shutdown and explains how conservative millennials can start a productive political conversation. In Hour Two, he highlights one citizen who is attempting to raise $1 Billion for border wall construction via GoFundMe and breaks down the impending bump stock ban.
98 min
Ep. 435 | U.S. Withdrawing from Syria & YOU are...
Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill break down the consequences of the U.S.' decision to withdraw all military personnel from Syria.  They also lament the "horrible" lifestyle changes forced upon Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and reveal how tech giants like Google have been getting their hands on ever more of your personal data.
99 min
Ep. 434 | The Left’s Plans for 2020 & Defending...
Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill examine how the American voter is most likely to respond to anti-Trump rhetoric and break down the shortlist of potential Democratic presidential candidates in 2020. In Hour Two, they explain why the free press (biased or not) must be defended at all cost.
98 min
Ep. 433 | Not-So-Affordable Care Act and a Gend...
Sara Gonzales and Jason Buttrill explain why the Affordable Care Act is completely unconstitutional now that the individual mandate is set to expire. They also illustrate how the Left has painted both healthcare and abortion as fundamental human rights. In Hour Two, the cast wonders just how far away we are from Santa Claus becoming gender-neutral, and Jason continues his crusade against the disastrous Farm Bill.
98 min
Ep. 432 | Final Feedback Friday
Steve, Todd, and Aaron spend the show responding to listener feedback for the last time in 2018.
96 min
Ep. 431 | The Fakest News Stories of the Year
The crew counts down the biggest news stories of 2018 as well as the biggest fake news stories of the year. The guys also take a look back at the crystal ball predictions that Steve made a year ago.
96 min
Ep. 430 | Year-End Deace Group | Guest: Shannon...
The best, the worst, the most fair, the most unfair - Steve, Todd, Aaron, and Shannon Joy come together for the end-of-year Deace Group roundtable.
96 min
Ep. 429 | When We Don't Ask "Should We?" | Gues...
Steve breaks down the flawed argument that those on the Right try to make when it comes to the transgender debate. In 'Fake News or Not', students at a small southern liberal arts college don't know why they hate Clarence Thomas. In Hour Two, author Michael Guillen joins the program to discuss his book 'The End of Life As We Know It'.
98 min
Ep. 428 | On What Happened to Kyler Murray | Gu...
Steve, Todd and Aaron illustrate how what happened to Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray shows that we are in an existential battle with Leftism. Steve also breaks down the Cohen sentencing memos, and Bob Vander Plaats joins the show to discuss the ongoing tyranny of the courts.
98 min
Ep. 427 | Deace Group #079 | Guest: Shannon Joy
The Deace Group is back with special guest Shannon Joy.  In Hour Two, Steve examines the story of a farmer who, like countless others in agriculture, has been harmed by government overreach.
98 min
Ep. 426 | A Rebuttal to John MacArthur's Argume...
Steve and the gang break down an article in The Weekly Standard with three pieces of advice for Donald Trump and decide whether they're buying or selling it. In Hour Two, Steve offers a rebuttal to popular theologian and pastor John MacArthur regarding his recent comments on the American Revolution.
98 min
Ep. 425 | Inside Politics and Buy, Sell or Hold...
Steve and the crew discuss the latest in the Mueller probe and Daniel Horowitz takes us inside politics. In Hour Two, Steve drops today's Truth Bomb, which explains why Katy Tur doesn't really believe life is meaningless. Lastly, the team plays another game of Buy, Sell or Hold.
98 min
Ep. 424 | Does Science Prove the Star of Bethle...
Steve and the team discuss Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments regarding "hate" having no place on his platforms. Then, another edition of 'Fake News or Not' reveals a bunch of blatant media lies. In Hour Two, author Gregg Jackson joins the program to discuss his book '40 Rules Every Sales Pro Needs to Know'.
98 min
Ep. 423 | Why #NeverTrump is Now a Cult
Steve and the team discuss how the Associated Press was actually the most truthful media organization this weekend with their depiction of George H.W. Bush. Also, the guys examine why #NeverTrump is now a cult and have a discussion about the missing link in the Mueller probe.
98 min
Ep. 422 | Deace Group #078 | Guest: Chris Pandolfo
In Hour One, it's Cohen, Kelly, Obama unleashed ...and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Racist. In Hour Two, it's another edition of Feedback Friday.
98 min
Ep. 421 | Voting With vs. Vocally Supporting Pr...
Steve and the gang talk about how, since he's left office, Barack Obama is showing us who he truly is. They also take calls from listeners sharing their thoughts on a Deace poll in which Steve asked his audience whether they would rather their politicians vote with Trump or just be a vocal proponent of the President.
98 min
Ep. 420 | Inside Politics and Buy, Sell, or Hol...
Steve and the gang discuss President Trump's threats to General Motors and how conservative economic policy has to see the world as it is, not how we think it should be. Daniel Horowitz joins the show to take us inside politics with the 2020 election cycle looming. In Hour Two, Steve drops another truth bomb and the whole team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold.
98 min
Ep. 419 | Pop Culture Tuesday on Christmas and ...
Steve lays out why yesterday's news about Paul Manafort lying post-plea deal in the Mueller case is cause for concern. The crew then plays a round of Fake News or Not and finds …not much fake news. In Hour Two, Steve lays out the cultural parallels of the Christmas story and our own, contemporary world.
98 min
Ep. 418 | What's Ben Sasse Doing? | What Will H...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron break down all the biggest headlines from the long weekend and speculate as to what exactly Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) thinks he's doing.  In Hour Two, Steve predicts precisely what will happen in the 2020 general election.
98 min
Ep. 417 | Judicial Tyranny Strikes Again | A Ve...
Daniel Horowitz joins Steve and the crew in hour 1 to discuss the last week of adventures in judicial tyranny. In hour 2, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold -- all having to do with Thanksgiving.
98 min
Ep. 416 | Pop Culture Tuesday | Guest: Rod Gragg
Steve, Todd and Aaron examine President Trump's attempt to clarify his labeling of certain media members as "the enemy of the people".  In Hour Two, author and historian Rod Gragg joins the program to discuss his new book 'The Word: The History of the Bible and How it Came to Us'. Finally, the guys offer their takes on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Steve describes just how brutally honest it was in telling the story of Freddie Mercury.
98 min
Ep. 415 | A Preview of 2019 | Guests: Bob Vande...
Steve previews the show's theme for 2019, and Bob Vander Plaats from The Family Leader discusses where the line to say "no" to judges should be drawn. In Hour Two, U.S. Congressman-elect Chip Roy talks about the challenge he and other conservatives face in working within the Republican Party.
97 min
Ep. 414 | Deace Group #077 | Guests: Caleb Howe...
Steve and the crew welcome in Caleb Howe from Mediaite and Nate Madden from CRTV to discuss blue waves, lawyers, Avenatti and Mueller. In Hour Two, Steve reads emails from listeners on Feedback Friday.
97 min
Ep. 413 | Theology Thursday Returns
Steve and the gang discuss Bernie Sanders going full scorched-earth on Donald Trump and what the consequences of it could be. In Hour Two, Theology Thursday makes its return as the team continues its study of the Book of Colossians.
98 min
Ep. 412 | Identity Politics and Cult Behavior |...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss Ben Shapiro's appearance at Ohio State University and the protests that ensued. Steve then takes up the challenge of defining cult behavior as it relates to the cognitive dissidence displayed by the Far Left. Daniel Horowitz then joins the program to discuss President Trump's first two years in office and the subsequent divide among Republicans on key issues. In hour two, Dr. Duke Pesta joins the show to provide an update on the debate over common core standards in education.
98 min
Ep. 411 | Fake News or Not and Remembering Stan...
Steve, Todd and Aaron continue to dissect the fallout of the recounts in Florida and Georgia and play a round of "Fake News or Not?" In hour two, the team pays tribute to the legendary Stan Lee.
97 min
Ep. 410 | On Treating Others Like Humans
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss one of the most uplifting political moments in quite some time as Dan Crenshaw appeared on Saturday Night Live with Pete Davidson. In Hour Two, the team takes calls from listeners who will tell you how to navigate the holidays regarding family members whom you disagree with politically.
97 min
Ep. 409 | Deace Group #076 | Feedback Friday
Hour 1: Shannon Joy joins the program. The people have spoken. Jeff Sessions' saga continues. The Left draws a line? Re-examining Acosta v. Trump. Hour 2: Feedback Friday prompts a little bit of Theology Thursday.
98 min
Ep. 408 | The Media Is Lying, Just Not How You ...
Steve and the gang break down the substance behind the Acosta-Trump meltdown from Wednesday afternoon. They also discuss Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and his potential impact on the Mueller investigation. Finally, they identify the true definition of anti-Semitism.
98 min
Ep. 407 | The Day After
Daniel Horowitz joins the show to (more or less) burn everything with fire in the aftermath of the midterm elections. In hour two, Steve and the crew talk to listeners and determine once and for all whether it is, in fact, the Christmas season.
98 min
Ep. 406 | All Midterms, All the Time
Steve and the team provide their final analysis of the midterms and discuss early returns, as well as what different results could mean for the political dynamic in America.
98 min
Ep. 405 | A Respectful Debate on Immigration
Steve and the team discuss the news of the day; then Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to share some insight on various Iowa races on the eve of the midterms. In Hour Two, Quartz journalist Heather Timmons joins the show to have a friendly debate over immigration.
98 min
Ep. 404 | Deace Group #075 | Feedback Friday
Hour 1: Four days until Election Day. The (Don) Lemon test. Yeezy. Dialing down the rhetoric. Hour 2: Feedback Friday
98 min
Ep. 403 | Arguments of the Reformation
Steve and his crew discuss the latest news of the day and hand out some helmet stickers for good customer service experiences. Also, Todd (Catholic) and Steve (Protestant) discuss the major arguments of the Reformation for Theology Thursday.
98 min
Ep. 402 | How the System Really Works
Steve and the gang discuss the news of the day and Daniel Horowitz takes us inside the chaos of Washington. In hour two, Senate candidate Chris McDaniel from Mississippi joins the program, and Steve discusses the challenges that conservative candidates like McDaniel face due to the nature of the current political system.
98 min
Ep. 401 | How Often Should We Police Conservati...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss President Trump's plan for an executive order clarifying the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. For Pop Culture Tuesday, the team discusses whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween. And in hour two, the team takes your calls regarding how often we should be policing others in conservative media.
98 min
Ep. 400 | Combating Binary Choice Idolatry
Steve and company discuss the tragic news of political nut jobs acting out on their worst impulses over the past week. Bob Vander Plaats joins the show to discuss where the line is for rhetoric in the political arena, and Dr. Michael Brown joins the show to discuss his book, 'Donald Trump is Not My Savior'.
98 min
Ep. 399 PODCAST | Deace Group #074 - Feedback F...
Hour 1: Special Guest. 10 Days. Bombs. Fraudster. Candy. Hour 2: Feedback Friday.
98 min
Ep. 398 PODCAST | Red Sox Miss Opportunity to U...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss how the Red Sox snubbing Curt Schilling is a total repudiation of any talk of "unification." Also, David Limbaugh joins the program to talk about his new book 'Jesus is Risen: Paul and the Early Church'. Finally, the team discusses breaking news surrounding the DOJ's referral of Michael Avenatti for criminal prosecution.
98 min
Ep. 397 PODCAST | Republicans Are Picking Fight...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss some of the latest headlines of the day, then Daniel Horowitz joins the program to talk about Republicans' misguided attempts to woo moderate voters. Plus, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold.
98 min
Ep. 396 PODCAST | What Conservatism Has to Say ...
Steve unveils his top five horror movies of all time and discusses what conservatism has to say about the themes of those films. In the second hour, Steve picks apart the media in "Fake News or Not?"
98 min
Ep. 395 PODCAST | 15 Days
Steve, Todd, and Aaron spend two hours taking an in-depth, analytical look at where things stand in the fast-approaching midterm elections. Bob Vander Plaats and David Yepsen also join the program to shed additional light on the subject.
97 min
Ep. 394 PODCAST | Deace Group #073 - Feedback F...
Seventeen days until Election Day, things tyrants say, the great Graham scam, John Roberts' lies, and Feedback Friday.
97 min
Ep. 393 PODCAST | The Seven Deadly Worldviews
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss what exactly America's foreign policy is in the Middle East. Steve also reviews the new movie, "Gosnell." In Hour 2, Steve unveils the "Seven Deadly Worldviews."
97 min
Ep. 392 PODCAST | Three-Dimensional Thinking
Steve and the gang catch you up on some of the biggest headlines from while they were away, then introduce you to a concept called "Three-Dimensional Thinking."
98 min
Ep. 391 PODCAST | The Ten Commandments of Polit...
Steve Deace continues this week's "Steve Deace Show 101" series by unveiling and explaining the Ten Commandments of Political Warfare.
98 min
Ep. 390 PODCAST | Steve Deace Show 101
Steve Deace, Todd Erzen, and Aaron McIntire make their debut on TheBlaze. They provide a general idea on what to expect from the show, outline their different terms and terminology, and cast a vision about where conservatism currently stands in culture and the political sphere.
100 min
Ep. 389 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
27 min
Ep. 388 PODCAST | When to Say "No"
We take a break from our series going through the book of Colossians to listen in to a message Steve recently delivered in his own backyard. 
36 min
Ep. 387 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
47 min
Ep. 386 PODCAST | Gosnell Interview
38 min
Ep. 385 PODCAST | Weekend News & Views
53 min
Ep. 384 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
55 min
Ep. 383 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Series in Colossians 2 continues...
47 min
Ep. 382 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
39 min
Ep. 381 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday on Worldv...
42 min
Ep. 380 PODCAST | Steve's Weekend Planes, Train...
63 min
Ep. 379 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
31 min
Ep. 378 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Continuing our series in Colossians 2.
46 min
Ep. 377 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold | Intervie...
44 min
Ep. 376 PODCAST | Our Top 5 Current TV Shows
64 min
Ep. 375 PODCAST | The Crusaders Always Win
53 min
Ep. 374 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
52 min
Ep. 373 PODCAST | Continuing Colossians 2
42 min
Ep. 372 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
41 min
Ep. 371 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday Will Tick...
43 min
Ep. 370 PODCAST | The Kavanaugh Conundrum
50 min
Ep. 369 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
64 min
Ep. 368 PODCAST | Colossians 2
50 min