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Ep. 416 | Pop Culture Tuesday | Guest: Rod Gragg
Steve, Todd and Aaron examine President Trump's attempt to clarify his labeling of certain media members as "the enemy of the people".  In Hour Two, author and historian Rod Gragg joins the program to discuss his new book 'The Word: The History of the Bible and How it Came to Us'. Finally, the guys offer their takes on 'Bohemian Rhapsody' and Steve describes just how brutally honest it was in telling the story of Freddie Mercury.
98 min
Ep. 415 | A Preview of 2019 | Guests: Bob Vande...
Steve previews the show's theme for 2019, and Bob Vander Plaats from The Family Leader discusses where the line to say "no" to judges should be drawn. In Hour Two, U.S. Congressman-elect Chip Roy talks about the challenge he and other conservatives face in working within the Republican Party.
97 min
Ep. 414 | Deace Group #077 | Guests: Caleb Howe...
Steve and the crew welcome in Caleb Howe from Mediaite and Nate Madden from CRTV to discuss blue waves, lawyers, Avenatti and Mueller. In Hour Two, Steve reads emails from listeners on Feedback Friday.
97 min
Ep. 413 | Theology Thursday Returns
Steve and the gang discuss Bernie Sanders going full scorched-earth on Donald Trump and what the consequences of it could be. In Hour Two, Theology Thursday makes its return as the team continues its study of the Book of Colossians.
98 min
Ep. 412 | Identity Politics and Cult Behavior |...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss Ben Shapiro's appearance at Ohio State University and the protests that ensued. Steve then takes up the challenge of defining cult behavior as it relates to the cognitive dissidence displayed by the Far Left. Daniel Horowitz then joins the program to discuss President Trump's first two years in office and the subsequent divide among Republicans on key issues. In hour two, Dr. Duke Pesta joins the show to provide an update on the debate over common core standards in education.
98 min
Ep. 411 | Fake News or Not and Remembering Stan...
Steve, Todd and Aaron continue to dissect the fallout of the recounts in Florida and Georgia and play a round of "Fake News or Not?" In hour two, the team pays tribute to the legendary Stan Lee.
97 min
Ep. 410 | On Treating Others Like Humans
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss one of the most uplifting political moments in quite some time as Dan Crenshaw appeared on Saturday Night Live with Pete Davidson. In Hour Two, the team takes calls from listeners who will tell you how to navigate the holidays regarding family members whom you disagree with politically.
97 min
Ep. 409 | Deace Group #076 | Feedback Friday
Hour 1: Shannon Joy joins the program. The people have spoken. Jeff Sessions' saga continues. The Left draws a line? Re-examining Acosta v. Trump. Hour 2: Feedback Friday prompts a little bit of Theology Thursday.
98 min
Ep. 408 | The Media Is Lying, Just Not How You ...
Steve and the gang break down the substance behind the Acosta-Trump meltdown from Wednesday afternoon. They also discuss Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker and his potential impact on the Mueller investigation. Finally, they identify the true definition of anti-Semitism.
98 min
Ep. 407 | The Day After
Daniel Horowitz joins the show to (more or less) burn everything with fire in the aftermath of the midterm elections. In hour two, Steve and the crew talk to listeners and determine once and for all whether it is, in fact, the Christmas season.
98 min
Ep. 406 | All Midterms, All the Time
Steve and the team provide their final analysis of the midterms and discuss early returns, as well as what different results could mean for the political dynamic in America.
98 min
Ep. 405 | A Respectful Debate on Immigration
Steve and the team discuss the news of the day; then Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to share some insight on various Iowa races on the eve of the midterms. In Hour Two, Quartz journalist Heather Timmons joins the show to have a friendly debate over immigration.
98 min
Ep. 404 | Deace Group #075 | Feedback Friday
Hour 1: Four days until Election Day. The (Don) Lemon test. Yeezy. Dialing down the rhetoric. Hour 2: Feedback Friday
98 min
Ep. 403 | Arguments of the Reformation
Steve and his crew discuss the latest news of the day and hand out some helmet stickers for good customer service experiences. Also, Todd (Catholic) and Steve (Protestant) discuss the major arguments of the Reformation for Theology Thursday.
98 min
Ep. 402 | How the System Really Works
Steve and the gang discuss the news of the day and Daniel Horowitz takes us inside the chaos of Washington. In hour two, Senate candidate Chris McDaniel from Mississippi joins the program, and Steve discusses the challenges that conservative candidates like McDaniel face due to the nature of the current political system.
98 min
Ep. 401 | How Often Should We Police Conservati...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss President Trump's plan for an executive order clarifying the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. For Pop Culture Tuesday, the team discusses whether or not Christians should celebrate Halloween. And in hour two, the team takes your calls regarding how often we should be policing others in conservative media.
98 min
Ep. 400 | Combating Binary Choice Idolatry
Steve and company discuss the tragic news of political nut jobs acting out on their worst impulses over the past week. Bob Vander Plaats joins the show to discuss where the line is for rhetoric in the political arena, and Dr. Michael Brown joins the show to discuss his book, 'Donald Trump is Not My Savior'.
98 min
Ep. 399 PODCAST | Deace Group #074 - Feedback F...
Hour 1: Special Guest. 10 Days. Bombs. Fraudster. Candy. Hour 2: Feedback Friday.
98 min
Ep. 398 PODCAST | Red Sox Miss Opportunity to U...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss how the Red Sox snubbing Curt Schilling is a total repudiation of any talk of "unification." Also, David Limbaugh joins the program to talk about his new book 'Jesus is Risen: Paul and the Early Church'. Finally, the team discusses breaking news surrounding the DOJ's referral of Michael Avenatti for criminal prosecution.
98 min
Ep. 397 PODCAST | Republicans Are Picking Fight...
Steve, Todd and Aaron discuss some of the latest headlines of the day, then Daniel Horowitz joins the program to talk about Republicans' misguided attempts to woo moderate voters. Plus, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold.
98 min
Ep. 396 PODCAST | What Conservatism Has to Say ...
Steve unveils his top five horror movies of all time and discusses what conservatism has to say about the themes of those films. In the second hour, Steve picks apart the media in "Fake News or Not?"
98 min
Ep. 395 PODCAST | 15 Days
Steve, Todd, and Aaron spend two hours taking an in-depth, analytical look at where things stand in the fast-approaching midterm elections. Bob Vander Plaats and David Yepsen also join the program to shed additional light on the subject.
97 min
Ep. 394 PODCAST | Deace Group #073 - Feedback F...
Seventeen days until Election Day, things tyrants say, the great Graham scam, John Roberts' lies, and Feedback Friday.
97 min
Ep. 393 PODCAST | The Seven Deadly Worldviews
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss what exactly America's foreign policy is in the Middle East. Steve also reviews the new movie, "Gosnell." In Hour 2, Steve unveils the "Seven Deadly Worldviews."
97 min
Ep. 392 PODCAST | Three-Dimensional Thinking
Steve and the gang catch you up on some of the biggest headlines from while they were away, then introduce you to a concept called "Three-Dimensional Thinking."
98 min
Ep. 391 PODCAST | The Ten Commandments of Polit...
Steve Deace continues this week's "Steve Deace Show 101" series by unveiling and explaining the Ten Commandments of Political Warfare.
98 min
Ep. 390 PODCAST | Steve Deace Show 101
Steve Deace, Todd Erzen, and Aaron McIntire make their debut on TheBlaze. They provide a general idea on what to expect from the show, outline their different terms and terminology, and cast a vision about where conservatism currently stands in culture and the political sphere.
100 min
Ep. 389 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
27 min
Ep. 388 PODCAST | When to Say "No"
We take a break from our series going through the book of Colossians to listen in to a message Steve recently delivered in his own backyard. 
36 min
Ep. 387 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
47 min
Ep. 386 PODCAST | Gosnell Interview
38 min
Ep. 385 PODCAST | Weekend News & Views
53 min
Ep. 384 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
55 min
Ep. 383 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Series in Colossians 2 continues...
47 min
Ep. 382 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
39 min
Ep. 381 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday on Worldv...
42 min
Ep. 380 PODCAST | Steve's Weekend Planes, Train...
63 min
Ep. 379 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
31 min
Ep. 378 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Continuing our series in Colossians 2.
46 min
Ep. 377 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold | Intervie...
44 min
Ep. 376 PODCAST | Our Top 5 Current TV Shows
64 min
Ep. 375 PODCAST | The Crusaders Always Win
53 min
Ep. 374 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
52 min
Ep. 373 PODCAST | Continuing Colossians 2
42 min
Ep. 372 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
41 min
Ep. 371 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday Will Tick...
43 min
Ep. 370 PODCAST | The Kavanaugh Conundrum
50 min
Ep. 369 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
64 min
Ep. 368 PODCAST | Colossians 2
50 min
Ep. 367 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
38 min
Ep. 366 PODCAST | A Conversation With Mike Farris
What, if anything, has our country learned since 9/11?
34 min
Ep. 365 PODCAST | Should Ben Sasse Leave the Re...
47 min
Ep. 364 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
44 min
Ep. 363 PODCAST | Wrapping Up Colossians 1
46 min
Ep. 362 PODCAST | Kavanaugh, CFP, and the Top 2...
Buy, Sell, or Hold...
43 min
Ep. 361 PODCAST | Mike Woody at the Movies
Time for the reunion of Steve and Mr. Movie for this Pop Culture Tuesday.
50 min
Ep. 360 PODCAST | The Pope, Football, and Top 2...
Buy, Sell, or Hold strikes again.
51 min
Ep. 359 PODCAST | The Theology of Superheroes
Steve, Todd, and Aaron have a conversation about the different worldviews driving some of the most popular superheroes.
41 min
Ep. 358 PODCAST | Analyzing the Latest Developm...
49 min
Ep. 357 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
40 min
Ep. 356 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Our study through the book of Colossians continues...
37 min
Ep. 355 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
38 min
Ep. 354 PODCAST | A Conservative's Guide to Foo...
53 min
Ep. 353 PODCAST | Weekend News & Views
50 min
Ep. 352 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
41 min
Ep. 351 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
Part 2 of our Bible study on the book of Colossians.
35 min
Ep. 350 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
From Strzok to retconning Disney films to a tired platypus that flummoxes Steve.
37 min
Ep. 349 PODCAST | When the Locusts Eat Their Own
39 min
Ep. 348 PODCAST | Weekend News & Views
49 min
Ep. 347 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
42 min
Ep. 346 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
The 1st edition of our Bible study series is today's Theology Thursday.
47 min
Ep. 345 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
Steve, Todd, and Aaron play a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold on topics ranging from Jim Jordan to Urban Meyer to football predictions to MoviePass.
48 min
Ep. 344 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday
39 min
Ep. 343 PODCAST | Steve's Two Epiphanies
Weekend News and Views goes inside the mind of Steve...
57 min
Ep. 342 PODCAST | Urban Meyer and Failed Mascul...
Rachel Baribeau's life mission is to "change the narrative" regarding (specifically male) athletes and their attitudes toward women. She joins the podcast to weigh in on the Urban Meyer saga.
52 min
Ep. 341 PODCAST | Theology Thursday
...on the theology of Islame and the true meaning of jihad with Robert Spencer.
46 min
Ep. 340 PODCAST | Interview With Congressman Ji...
Steve Deace interviews Speaker of the House hopeful Jim Jordan.
24 min
Ep. 339 PODCAST | Pop Culture Tuesday
50 min
Ep. 338 PODCAST | Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has ...
Steve Deace goes in-depth on the worldview of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
48 min
Ep. 337 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
50 min
Ep. 336 PODCAST | The 10 Commandments for Cultu...
Theology Thursday is Steve's recent lectures in Moscow, Idaho.
105 min
Ep. 335 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold - Top 10 W...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron play Buy, Sell, or Hold on a number of topics.
41 min
Ep. 334 PODCAST | The Power of a Good Story
American Sniper author Scott McEwen joins the podcast to talk about his latest book.
37 min
Ep. 333 PODCAST | Don't Be Manipulated
57 min
Ep. 332 PODCAST | Political Assessment Test
35 min
Ep. 331 PODCAST | What, If Anything, Has Change...
This Thursday podcast features a talk Steve gave to a pro-life organization in Colorado six years ago.
35 min
Ep. 330 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
55 min
Ep. 329 PODCAST | The Dude Code
Steve, Todd, and Aaron finally codify the dude code. Remember: if you have to ask -- it's about you.
51 min
Ep. 328 PODCAST | Arguing Against the Left...Fr...
An interesting twist to Weekend News & Views...
53 min
Ep. 327 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
43 min
Ep. 326 PODCAST | Teshua Tea Company
40 min
Ep. 325 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
52 min
Ep. 324 PODCAST | Top 20 MCU Movies
Pop Culture Tuesday...
71 min
Ep. 323 PODCAST | Why It's OK to #WalkAway
We're back!
61 min
Why We Celebrate Independence Day
It's our annual Independence Day special...
75 min
Ep. 322 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
43 min
Ep. 321 PODCAST | Romans 13
Theology Thursday...
49 min
Ep. 320 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
On a plethora of topics...
60 min
Ep. 319 PODCAST | The Worldview of 'Incredibles...
Pop Culture Tuesday...
46 min
Ep. 318 PODCAST | Weekend News & Views
Taking a look back at Leftist violence and rhetoric, and why we can't afford to fight the Left like the Left.
61 min