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President Trump Is Missing the Mark | Guest: Bo...
94 min
The Month of Lies | Guest: Rob Eno | 5/1/20
94 min
Operation 'Replace Joe' Has Commenced | Guest: ...
94 min
The Show Brought to You By Brawndo | Guest: Dan...
94 min
You're Being Lied To. Again | Guest: Jesse Kell...
94 min
What the Next Steps for President Trump Should ...
94 min
Don't Know Much About Serology | Guest: Shannon...
94 min
The Trump-Kemp Spat | Guest: Dr. Scott Atlas | ...
94 min
Why Didn't Wisconsin Melt Down? | Guest: Daniel...
94 min
The Most Devastating Political Ad Ever? | Guest...
94 min
On Stanford & Sweden | Guest: Bob Vander Plaats...
94 min
Key Questions About the Origins of the Coronavi...
94 min
COVID-19 Originated from a Lab? | Guests: Anne ...
94 min
Finally, a Plan | Guest: Congressman Chip Roy |...
94 min
The Opening Skirmish in the Battle to Reopen Am...
94 min
Canceling the Gospel? | Guest: Bob Vander Plaat...
94 min
We've Cured Heart Attacks! | Guest: Jordan Scha...
94 min
Time for an Economics Lesson | Guest: David Ben...
94 min
A Crucial Pivot Point | Guest: Scott McKay | 4/...
94 min
The Endgame of Birx & Fauci | Guest: Alex Beren...
94 min
Coronavirus 1-Month Checkup | Guest: Bob Vander...
94 min
Unemployed Lives Matter | Guest: Shannon Joy | ...
94 min
Listen to the Experts, Yes, but Which Ones? | G...
94 min
President (?!) Fauci | 4/1/20
94 min
Waiting for a Vaccine? Settle In | Guests: Thom...
94 min
Trump Does a 180 | FAQs vs. Fear | 3/30/20
94 min
Lingering Coronavirus Questions | 3/27/20
94 min
The House of Cards Starts to Fall | Guest: Phil...
94 min
Academia Is Starting to Turn On Itself | 3/25/20
94 min
America's Cultural Pearl Harbor | Guest: Cary G...
94 min
The Italian Revelation | Guest: Bob Vander Plaa...
94 min
Should Churches Stay Closed? | Guest: Shannon J...
96 min
We Don't Have Enough Data | 3/19/20
94 min
Keep Asking Questions | 3/18/20
94 min
Top 5 Things We've Learned from Coronavirus | 3...
94 min
Coronavirus: More Questions Than Answers | Gues...
91 min
Dementia & Coronavirus | Guest: Bob Vander Plaa...
98 min
Coronavirus: Fact & Fiction | Guest: Sean Davis...
98 min
Joe Biden Isn't Capable of Being President | Co...
97 min
Wuhan Coronavirus, the Progressive End Times Fa...
98 min
A Pro-Life Battle Intensifies | Is It Time to S...
98 min
Democrats Execute Order 66 | Continued Coronavi...
98 min
Is Bernie Sanders Starting to Panic? | Guest: J...
98 min
The Paradigm Has Changed — and Nobody Knows Wha...
98 min
The Democrats' Mad Dash to Stop Sanders | 3/3/20
98 min
Uncle Joe's Big Day | Why Conservatives Should ...
98 min
The Modern Socialist Has Arrived? | 2/28/20
98 min
#TrumpVirus, 11/22/63 & Todd’s Date with a Vega...
98 min
There’s Nowhere to Go but Left! | Guest: Daniel...
98 min
Candidate Chaos, Conservative Checkmate & CPAC ...
98 min
Another Domino Falls for Bernie | Guest: Bob Va...
98 min
Deace Group on Socialism & Feedback Friday on L...
98 min
Bloomberg Crashes the Party … and Proceeds to C...
98 min
The Democrat Plot Thickens | Guest: Daniel Horo...
98 min
What Goes Around Comes Around | 2/18/20
98 min
Wrapping Up a Wild Week | Guest: Daniel Horowit...
The team shares their final thoughts on the New Hampshire primaries and discusses NBA star Dwayne Wade's recent announcement regarding his son.
98 min
Double Standards, Three Questions & Four Wives?...
Do lawmakers in Utah have any right to restrict polygamy when gay marriage is not only permitted but normalized?
98 min
Democrats Crash and Bern | Guest: Andrew Walker...
Steve explains how Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are expanding their bases, but not in the way that they need to.
98 min
Democrat Day of Reckoning | Guest: Denise McAll...
It’s New Hampshire primary day. Will Pete Buttigieg’s legitimacy be cemented? Will Joe Biden’s campaign be dealt a knockout blow?
98 min
Be Careful What You Wish For (from the Democrat...
Is the Right underestimating Bernie Sanders the way that the Left underestimated Donald Trump in 2016?
98 min
Iowa’s Week of Infamy Immortalized | Guest: Den...
Steve, Todd, Aaron, and special guest Denise McAllister break down a week chock-full of idiocy from leftists (and one so-called Republican).
98 min
Romney Rage, Dark Deliberations & Theology Thur...
Steve gets on his soapbox about one of his least favorite Republicans of all time and discusses another of his short essays on a topic from the Gospel of Luke.
98 min
Trump’s Great Week Continues | Guest: Daniel Ho...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron break down President Trump’s State of the Union address.
98 min
An App-ocalypse in Iowa | 2/4/20
What does the unprecedented delayed result in Iowa mean for the rest of the campaign?
98 min
The Time Is Nigh in Iowa | Guest: Bob Vander Pl...
The Steve Deace team tells you everything you need to know ahead of tonight’s Iowa Caucuses
98 min
Who Will Be King? (in Iowa and Miami) | Guest: ...
The team breaks down a week full of tragically funny moments for the Democrat candidates.
98 min
Totally Fake Democrats & a Real, Principled Con...
Director Michael Pack joins to discuss his new film on the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.
98 min
Weird Billionaires, White People & Pettifogging...
What is it with being a billionaire politician and shaking the snout of a dog?
98 min
The Pro-Life Endgame | Guest: James Silberman |...
James Silberman of the Abolition Now Conference joins the program to help explain how the pro-life movement can reach its endgame.
98 min
One Week Out & An Interview Like No Other | Gue...
Steve sits down with Margaret Sanger in a tell-all interview.
98 min
The Blasphemy, the Bureaucracy & the Bernie | G...
Steve, Todd, Aaron, and the Daily Wire’s Josh Hammer discuss a week full of leftists missing the point on anything and everything remotely related to the issues. The loudmouth leftists that conservatives tend to scoff at are extremely dangerous, because they would compose the bureaucracy needed to impose tyranny if the socialists take power. Then, does Bernie Sanders have a clear path to his party’s nomination? If he takes a key early state, he might just cruise to victory. In Hour Two, Steve responds to listener feedback and goes on one of his classic rants about the rise and fall of Pete Buttigieg. Finally, is student loan debt forgiveness viable? Is it right?
98 min
Goodbye, Aaron, You’re Fired | Guest: Stu Burgu...
Steve reveals the details of his meeting with CNN and explains exactly what the network is looking for in a conservative voice. Are Todd and Aaron about to be kicked to the curb?! Then, Stu Burguiere of the Glenn Beck Program joins the show to promote his new show, Stu Does America, and provide a new perspective on how the impeachment proceedings could shape the general election. In Hour Two, for Theology Thursday, Steve examines the effect of rewards on the brains of animals and people alike before delving into the fundamental difference between the tax codes of biblical times and those of 21st-century America. Finally, Aaron poses three non-political questions about leftover food, the next boom market, and living in other countries.
98 min
Let Curt Schilling In Already! | Guest: Daniel ...
Steve goes off on the people keeping legendary pitcher Curt Schilling out of baseball’s Hall of Fame for purely political reasons. Then, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? that touches on varied topics such as Super Bowl ads, Trump impeachment, and the gun rights protests in Virginia. In Hour Two, the guys ponder whether the Super Bowl MVP will be a non-quarterback, the best ways to eat potatoes, and whatever Tom Steyer was thinking on the debate stage. Lastly, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to explain why the impeachment trial is a lose-lose for both parties.
98 min
Countdown to Doomsday in Iowa | Guest: David Ye...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss the escalation of tensions between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders and see right through the leftist lies about the pro-Second Amendment protesters in Virginia. Then, the team breaks down several clips from conservative outlets in Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, David Yepsen joins the program to provide additional insight on the Iowa Caucuses and explain why Joe Biden is the Mitt Romney of the 2020 race. Lastly, what does the word “electable” even mean?
98 min
To Beat Your Opponent, Respect Him First | Gues...
We’re two weeks out from the Iowa Caucuses, and the latest poll is an absolute debacle in the eyes of one Steve Deace. The media has gone to bat for Elizabeth Warren time and again, but Bob Vander Plaats explains why the New York Times’ attempt at a dual endorsement featuring her and Amy Klobuchar could be a bad sign for her campaign. In Hour Two, the team responds to some questions posed on social media over the weekend. Among them are thoughts about the age of the Earth, the Chiefs’ chances in Super Bowl LIV, Catholic vs. Protestant interpretations of Scripture, and the lack of sinfulness in speculation (even when it comes to betting).
98 min
Make Gulags Great Again! | Guests: D.C. McAllis...
The Deace Group is on the job yet again, breaking down a cringeworthy week for the Democratic candidates. Steve and Aaron are joined by author D.C. McCallister and Blaze Media contributor Chris Pandolfo, who discuss both the leftists shooting their mouths off and the not-so-moderate candidates talking behind each other’s backs. In Hour Two, Steve presents an email from a listener who wonders whether Steve makes the effort to be gentle when discussing “PG-13-rated” material on the show.
98 min
A Feckless Feud on a Notorious Network | Guest:...
The feud between Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders rose to the forefront during Tuesday’s Democratic debate, but does it even matter when it’s the equivalent of a political pillow fight? Then, the team plays an hour-long round of Buy, Sell, or Hold? Among the topics discussed are another developing scandal at Penn State, a comparison between LSU star Joe Burrow and NFL legend Joe Montana, and a list of sci-fi films that effectively kills Steve’s will to live. Finally, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to illustrate how a Sanders vs. Trump race and its aftermath would look.
98 min
Netflix’s ‘Messiah’ Provokes Wide Range of Conc...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss the latest Democrat infighting, leftist drivel being taken to a whole new level, and a criminal with the lamest (and most disturbing) excuse the team has ever heard. Then, the guys examine clips from the past week’s news cycle in the latest round of Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, the team thoroughly breaks down the ten-part Netflix series ‘Messiah’ (spoiler alert: They will tell you exactly how it ends). Steve then answers emails from listeners about whether they think the show’s main character is divine, a charlatan, or the embodiment of an Antichrist.
98 min
Ignoring the Truth at All Costs | Guest: Bob Va...
The debacle continues, as leftists just won’t get off their high horse to stand with the freedom-loving students taking to the streets throughout Iran. If it makes President Trump’s administration look good, they will avoid it like the plague. Then, Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to shed some additional light on the developing race between hard-core progressives Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. In Hour Two, Steve opens the phones to ask listeners if he should accept a new role that could broaden his reach as a host.
98 min
Taking Partisanship to Unprecedented Levels | G...
Elvis, Princess Diana, and … General Soleimani? That list is just one example of the anti-American bilge that was spewed by the mainstream media and Democratic leaders over the past week. Ricky Gervais’ lambasting of the Hollywood elites at the Golden Globes was both welcome and unexpected, but what has happened to his career trajectory in its wake? In Hour Two, the team returns to discussion of the modern evolution of Star Wars, and Steve doesn’t hold back on his disdain for the filmmakers. Finally, the team responds to listener feedback on several topics discussed at the end of 2019.
95 min
Truth of Scripture Doesn’t Hinge on Personal Be...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron continue to lament the mainstream media’s openly anti-American coverage of the Iranian situation. Interventionism in the Middle East doesn’t work, but people should realize that it’s not the only option. Then, author Mary Jo Sharp joins the program to explain why so many Americans who have turned their backs on the church come back to the fundamental truth of Christianity. In Hour Two, for Theology Thursday, Steve takes aim at those who preach the gospel for all the wrong reasons. Finally, Aaron poses three non-political questions about the impact of music and theater, the best jobs in the trades, and whether the Marvel Comic Universe is a better film franchise than "The Lord of the Rings."
98 min
Don’t Back Down and There Won’t Be a War | Gues...
Steve gets on his soapbox about the approach America needs to take to avert a major war in the Middle East. Simply put, President Trump should call the ayatollah’s bluff, something previous presidents have failed to do. Then, the team plays a game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? that touches on instant replay, Super Tuesday primaries, and Steve’s hoarding of holiday cookie dough. In Hour Two, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to explain why the killing of Qassem Soleimani was an act of de-escalation, not an act leading to war. Finally, the new XFL is experimenting with some new rules. Will any work their way into the NFL or college games?
99 min
Stooping to an All-Time Low? | 1/7/20
“Enemies of the people” is not a title that Steve throws around lightly, but the latest statements by several high-ranking journalists and powerful Democrats leave no other term that can sufficiently describe them. Then, Steve Deace himself gets put on the spot in the new year’s first round of Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, the guys break their silence on "The Rise of Skywalker" for Pop Culture Tuesday. Be warned, there are spoilers galore and some less-than-flattering commentary about the film.
98 min
Steve Makes His Predictions for 2020 | Guest: B...
The Steve Deace Show theme for 2020 is “Assume you’re being lied to,” because fake news is everywhere, no matter who you’re listening to. Then, Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to discuss the evolution of the Democrat field in the Iowa polls ahead of next month’s caucuses. Is Joe Biden toast if he finishes fourth or lower in the state? In Hour Two, Steve unveils his predictions for the year, and his outlook on the Democratic race would be historic if it comes to pass.
98 min
Be Smart, Don’t Start | Guests: Jeff Fisher & K...
Jeff Fisher and Keith Malinak are back on the program to discuss topics such as the Democrats’ half-hearted response to the airstrike that eliminated two major Iranian military leaders. When should you offer some charity to the homeless and when are you getting ripped off? Be smart, don’t use tobacco, because Jeffy definitely sees the world a little differently now that he’s a non-smoker. In Hour Two, Jeffy examines a list of downright nasty foods that Baby Boomers simply won’t let leave the public consciousness. Also, prepare to have your mind blown by the story of a man falling victim to a “secret shopper” scam.
98 min
'Pope-ing' Ain’t Easy & More TSA Horrors | Gues...
Jeff Fisher and Keith Malinak are on the program, and Keith is in seventh heaven following a delivery from his secret Santa. Pope Francis recently slapped a young girl, but Pope Jeffy thinks he understands what the Holy Father goes through. A plan to construct a 300-acre commune for 150,000 homeless people looks okay on paper, but it would be a fiasco in practice. In Hour Two, Keith vents his frustration at the TSA’s blatant double standard for what can be allowed through airport security.
98 min
Top 10 Stories of 2019 & Crystal Ball Reconcili...
Steve and the crew count down their top 10 stories from the year that was, Steve's 10 predictions for 2019 are graded, and one last Feedback Friday ensues for the final show of the year.
99 min
Year-End Deace Group Award Show | Guest: Shanno...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron are joined by New York talk show host Shannon Joy to hand out their year-end awards for everything from Best Politician to Bummest Rap to Biggest Government Waste.
98 min
Impeachment Is (Not Really) Nigh | Guest: Danie...
Steve answers the fundamental question of why so many conservatives seem to love GOP lawmakers who are all bark and no bite. Then, the team plays an extended game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? that features questions regarding Joe Biden’s future post-Iowa, Urban Meyer’s future in the NFL, the greatest campaign slogans of all time, and the worst Christmas songs of all time. In Hour Two, Daniel Horowitz joins the program – brace yourself for what might just be his most bombastic soapbox to date.
98 min
Hide the Children, Christmas is Canceled | 12/1...
Steve loses all hope for humanity watching USC students fail to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Then, the team holds “conservative” media (and perhaps Steve Deace himself) to account with a game of "Fake News or Not?" In Hour Two, the guys dive headlong into Pop Culture Tuesday with Hallmark movies for a “woke” America. Spoiler alert: Christmas is canceled. Oh, and there’s supposedly a big movie coming out in a couple of days …
98 min
How Woke Is Enough?! | Guest: Bob Vander Plaats...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron examine a weekend chock-full of leftist backlash to everything and anything. Then, Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to discuss why Pete Buttigieg is losing ground in Iowa simply because he’s not “woke” enough for the radical progressives. In Hour Two, Steve hosts a Monday Town Hall that touches on everything from the 17th Amendment to Star Wars and from the Boston Tea Party to the best Christmas ever.
98 min
“They” Is a BAD Word | Guest: D.C. McAllister |...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron welcome D.C. McAllister to the program to discuss the week that was for loudmouth leftists. Then, Steve reveals the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s “word of the year," and it’s in a similar category to Time magazine’s “person of the year." In Hour Two, the team dives into Feedback Friday, Steve reminds listeners about a last resort for conservatives, and a listener’s concerns about the pornography debate illustrate a much bigger problem with American society.
98 min
The Five Myths of Christmas | Guest: Billy Hall...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron sift through the fallout of Jersey City and discuss the rise and (inevitable) fall of Pete Buttigieg. Then, Billy Hallowell, director of communications and content at Pure Flix, joins the program to discuss how evangelicals ought to address the divide among themselves regarding MAGA hat-wearers, NeverTrumpers, and GOP skeptics. In Hour Two, Steve continues his Theology Thursday discussion with what he calls “The Five Myths of Christmas” – the actual Christmas, not the commercial one.
98 min
The New Gold Standard for Buy, Sell, or Hold? |...
Steve still can’t even, but today he stays on the set, even as the Pentagon gets something right (albeit eighteen years too late) and the president is depicted as Thanos wiping out his enemies. Then, the team plays an extended game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? Don’t miss this round, as it touches on everything from the College Football Playoff to the Supreme Court and from the most iconic moments in sports history to the most iconic promos for the Steve Deace Show. Finally, Daniel Horowitz joins the program to discuss the president’s lack of response to the Pensacola attack and the government’s utter acceptance of terror threats at home and abroad.
98 min
Steve Storms Off the Set | Guest: Mat Staver | ...
Your favorite host simply can't even with the attitudes toward health care on college campuses, and he's not sticking around to sift through the ashes of his shattered soul ... sort of. Then, once he returns, the team holds its own side to account with a round of Fake News or Not? In Hour Two, Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver joins the program to discuss Chick-fil-A's dangerous precedent in toeing the line for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Finally, Steve explains the origins of "conservatives for pornography" (while remaining just PC enough for radio).
98 min
An Olive Branch Bears Fruit | Guests: Bob Vande...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron break down the cold, hard truth about the terror attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola, and Bob Vander Plaats joins the program to discuss an inevitably fruitless but no less important crusade against pornography. In Hour Two, the team welcomes in Christopher Hale, a former Democrat politician and faith outreach coordinator under President Obama, who offers a unique perspective on faith, prayer, Democrats, and progressivism.
98 min
Kamala Harris’ Days of Infamy | Guest: Shannon ...
Steve, Todd, Aaron, and Shannon Joy sift through the fallout of Kamala Harris’ withdrawal from the Democratic primary race and attempt to figure out what went wrong with her campaign. In Hour Two,  Steve dives into Feedback Friday and tells the truth about your tax dollars and public education.
98 min
We’re the Only Woke Ones Here | Guest: Josh Ham...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron can only shake their heads as the Left eats its own for being “not (black/gay/woke) enough.” Then, Josh Hammer joins the program to discuss how the Right must address its internal divisions to avoid the chaos plaguing the Left. In Hour Two, Aaron poses three non-political questions, and the conversation proceeds directly to a galaxy far, far away. The show wraps up with Steve responding to a listener’s concern over the influence of a transgendered family member.
98 min
The Steve MAGA Show? | 12/4/19
Steve and the team simply can’t even any more with the Democrats’ refusal to acknowledge Joe Biden’s corruption. Then, the crew discusses what so many Democrats fail to realize when falling back on free college and health care reform: You first need to build a base of people who want it before you try to make it compulsory for everyone. In Hour Two, the team plays an extended game of Buy, Sell, or Hold? And Steve creates a scenario in which he becomes a full-on pro-Trumper.
98 min
Reality Always Trumps the Social Media Mob | Gu...
Steve, Todd, and Aaron break down the evolving poll numbers among the Democrats and the outright lies leftists are spewing about Facebook’s relationship with right-wing news sources. Then, Minno CEO Erick Goss joins the program to discuss the new age of media distribution and streaming content for families. In Hour Two, the team holds its own side to account with Fake News or Not?, and the guys reminisce about their superhero idols for Pop Culture Tuesday.
98 min