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News Commentary
Has the status quo changed?
Hour 1: Is there a new Ted Cruz? Weekend News & Views. Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats from the Family Leader discusses whether or not the status quo has really changed with the Trump administration. Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Alexander Vershbow shares his expertise on the developing dynamic between Russia and the new Trump administration.
115 min
One thing conservatives need to stop doing
Hour 1: One thing conservatives need to stop doing. Ken Ivory from Utah joins the show to talk about the Convention of States. Hour 2: Matt Walsh joins the show to talk about what the first few days of the Trump administration will look like. Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Good news for 2017.
115 min
(Another) big announcement
Hour 1: A big announcement about the future of the show. Daniel Horowitz takes us Inside Politics. Hour 2: Beverly Hallberg discusses why the GOP can't expect to be successful and communicate exactly like Donald Trump. Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday on the expectations the founders had on the worldview of a president.
115 min
Pre-inauguration special
Hour 1: We take calls from our audience and the audience of CSPAN on whether you're more or less pessimistic about Trump now than you were before the election. Rob Eno updates us on the pageantry live from Washington, D.C. Hour 2: Rick Tyler talks about what he's looking for out of President Trump. More calls. Buy, Sell, or Hold. Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. A conversation about the pulse of the nation with Frank Luntz.
115 min
A rare example of a GOP moderate moving to the ...
Hour 1: Lindsey Graham becomes besties with Ted Cruz; GOP strategist Matt Mackowiak talks Trump   Hour 2: The Resurgent's Erick Erickson talks Trump; Owen Strachan, director of the Center for Theological and Cultural Engagement, talks about our confusion on what it means to be human   Hour 3: Three questions; nightly buzz; buy, sell, hold
115 min
Trump's SCOTUS pick must hold serve
Hour 1: Why Trump must replace a Scalia for a Scalia. Hour 2: Matt Walsh from TheBlaze joins the show to discuss the first few days of the Trump White House. Hour 3: An interview you won't want to miss: Phelim McAleer discusses his investigation of the Kermit Gosnell national tragedy.
115 min
The first four days: a microcosm of what's to c...
Hour 1: The good, really good, and bad of the first few days of the Trump administration. Daniel Horowitz takes us inside politics. Hour 2: What's really going on in the Middle East? An interview you won't want to miss. Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes inside the Reformation, as we celebrate it's 500th anniversary.
115 min
More good than bad with far
Hour 1: A hard look at the remaining candidates for the open SCOTUS seat. Hour 2: David Horowitz on how Trump is performing thus far. Hour 3: Predicting the economy under Trump.
115 min
More reaction to Gorsuch
Hour 1: Daniel Horowitz from Conservative Review takes us Inside Politics. Hour 2: Alternative history: what would be different if Ted Cruz were POTUS? Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday answers three increasingly-common questions.
115 min
Fake news and mishandled execution -- the weeke...
Hour 1: Cutting through the fake news with facts about Trump's immigration executive order. Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats provides his perspective on what leaders can learn from the first major mulligan of the Donald Trump administration. Hour 3: David Ernst from The Federalist talks about why Donald Trump is the first person to turn postmodernists against themselves.
115 min
Should Neil Gorsuch's church be considered in v...
Hour 1: Should Trump SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch's church be used to vet him? Matt Mackowiack critiques Trump's first couple of weeks in office. Hour 2: Meg Meeker talks about Tom Brady's comments on his dad.  Hour 3: Buy, Sell, Hold.
115 min
More on Trump's SCOTUS candidates
Hour 1: Trump's SCOTUS pick. This Week's Sign the Apocalypse is Upon Us. Mike Woody takes us to the movies. Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 50 Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Feedback Friday.
115 min
Trump's big decision: Neil Gorsuch
Hour 1: Live coverage and reaction of Donald Trump's appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Hour 2: Matt Walsh shares what he saw at the March for Life. Hour 3: What taking action in your own backyard looks like.
115 min
Trump's comms team needs some work
Hour 1: Trump's communications team has a lot to work on. This Week's Sign of the Apocalypse. Mike Woody takes us to the movies. Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 52 Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Feedback Friday.
115 min
The Superbowl was something to be proud of
Hour 1: Why we should all be proud of what went down in the Superbowl. Trump's ongoing bromance with Putin. Hour 2: Bob Vander Plaats critiques one of Mike Pence's interviews from over the weekend. Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Steve Milloy tells us how the EPA should change.
115 min
Why Donald Trump is facing the biggest test of ...
Hour 1: Why if Donald Trump doesn't stand up to unconstitutional judicial overreach, he'll end up being no different than any other Republican president. Hour 2: Matt Walsh joins the show to discuss culture from a biblical worldview. Hour 3: Ted Baehr from MovieGuide talks about his organization's annual report family-centric movies in Hollywood.
115 min
Trump MUST turn this news cycle around
Hour 1: Weekend News & Views on why Trump needs to turn things around with his messaging. Hour 2: Three practical suggestions for the Trump administration. Hour 3: Ashley McGuire talks about her book, "Sex Scandal".
115 min
A reminder of why we do what we do
Hour 1: Why we do what we do. Daniel Horowitz takes us Inside Politics. Hour 2: Reviewing the Ted Cruz-Bernie Sanders debate on Obamacare. Hour 3: Worldview Wednesday goes inside the worldview behind economics with Hugh Whelchel of the Institute from Faith, Work, and Economics.
115 min
What Trump did should be concerning
Hour 1: What Trump did should be concerning. Billy Hallowell from joins the show. Hour 2: The Nightly Buzz. Buy, Sell, Hold. Hour 3: A recent sermon Steve preached at his home church on what real church leadership looks like.
115 min
A concerning trend in the Catholic church
Hour 1: A concerning trend in the Catholic church. This week's sign the apocalypse is upon us. Mike Woody takes us to the movies. Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 53 Hour 3: Feedback Friday.
115 min
The Flynn disaster
Hour 1: Theories surrounding the Mike Flynn departure. Matt Walsh joins the show and talks Fifty Shades Darker. Hour 2: Talking theology and "progressive Christianity". Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Gary Thomas talks about his book, "Cherish".
115 min
It's time for the Donald to start acting like T...
Hour 1: Who in the Sam Hill is this President? Michael Brown joins the show to discuss what the President should be doing to protect religious liberty. Hour 2: Ben Shapiro from The Daily Wire joins the program to discuss turmoil in the White House. Hour 3: The Nightly Buzz. Buy, Sell, Hold.
115 min
Things are bad and getting worse for the Trump ...
Hour 1: Steve is genuinely worried about the Trump administration. Hour 2: More on the Trump administration. The Nightly Buzz. Hour 3: A best-of third hour featuring a conversation about the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
113 min
Trump stops the bleeding
Hour 1: How Trump stopped the bleeding. Mike Woody takes us to the movies. Hour 2: Deace Group Ep. 54 Hour 3: A final Feedback Friday.
115 min
Ep119 PODCAST | Back to School Worldview
Mark Nauroth from the Worldview Guys talks about how parents can learn, teach, and model a fully functioning worldview to their kids.   Learn more at:
33 min
Ep121 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday
Worldview Wednesday examines Rules for Patriots' commandment "Never Surrender the Moral High Ground". Oh boy.
36 min
Ep120 PODCAST | Americanism 101
What makes our founding unique, how did flawed men create such a superior system of governing, and why does the modern Left hate it so much? We address those questions on this week's Americanism 101.
26 min
Ep124 PODCAST | A Conversation With A Law Schoo...
A podcast you don't want to miss: Steve has a conversation with a CRTV viewer and law school student about the origin of law.
52 min
Ep122 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
Another edition of Buy, Sell, or Hold
31 min
Ep123 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve responds to more listener feedback.
37 min
Ep125 PODCAST | Americanism 101
Americanism 101 discusses local and self-government.
35 min
Ep128 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday on…Never Ab...
Like, maybe, running a campaign on curbing illegal immigration and then not following through. Yeah.
45 min
Ep126 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday -- Reject t...
Another installment of a study on Steve's book, Rules for Patriots.
39 min
Ep130 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve and the crew field listener questions
47 min
Ep127 PODCAST | Americanism 101 on the Rule of Law
A very prescient Americanism 101…
28 min
Ep132 PODCAST | Americanism 101
Americanism 101 on government education vs. public education.
37 min
Ep131 PODCAST | Remembering 9/11
Steve, Todd, and Aaron look back on that terrible day, and discuss whether any lessons have been learned.
41 min
Ep129 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold -- NFL Predi...
Because football is not bread and circus. Politics is.
32 min
Ep135 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve and the crew answer listener feedback.
57 min
Ep138 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday
Commandment #8 in the 10 Commandments of Political Warfare on making your opponent defend their record and belief system.
46 min
Ep136 PODCAST | 6 Ways For Donald Trump to Be C...
Because why not?
38 min
Ep133 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday
Defining yourself before your opponent does.
36 min
Ep139 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
…on Gen. Kelly, Paul Manafort, and sports sports sports.
35 min
Ep134 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
Talking impeachment, Bill Mitchell, and NFL predictions.
35 min
Ep137 PODCAST | Roy Moore
The Alabama U.S. Senate Candidate discusses his upcoming debate and runoff with Luther Strange.
26 min
Ep141 PODCAST | Trump's Best Friends are the Ra...
Taking a knee only helps Trump.
52 min
Ep140 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve and the crew respond to your feedback.
36 min
Ep147 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday on Why We D...
Steve addresses a trend he's been seeing amongst conservative activists on Twitter.
50 min
Ep144 PODCAST | Buy, Sell, or Hold
A lot of national anthem & NFL talk. Trump. NCAA Basketball scandals.
41 min
Ep146 PODCAST | Top 10 Scams in Politics
Steve, Todd, and Aaron count down the list of the top 10 scams Americans are believing and the talking heads are currently peddling.
47 min
Ep142 PODCAST | Americanism 101
The meaning of strength.
31 min
Ep145 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve, Todd, and Aaron field listener questions and comments, plus a discussion on what a true conversation on race relations looks like.
44 min
Ep149 PODCAST | A Conversation with Clay Travis...
Clay talks about the two things that have never let him down, and why he's seemingly not Democrat enough for most Democrats.
39 min
Ep147 PODCAST | Americanism 101 on What Foreign...
Peace and commerce…and a big military.
38 min
Ep148 PODCAST | Worldview Wednesday on Remember...
It's tempting to try and destroy your opponents through arguments -- but it's not the same thing as winning the argument.
49 min
Ep150 PODCAST | Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions.
54 min
Ep151 PODCAST | A Grab-Bag of Topics Weekend St...
Very good Trump and the Left's breathless "coverage" of his contraceptive repeal. Pence's antics during the national anthem. And the saddest story in Steve's career.
56 min
Ep152 PODCAST |Why Christians Must Produce Exce...
Steve and the team have a deep discussion about the state of art and its producers.
48 min
Ep153 PODCAST |We Tried to do a Serious Podcast
Late 80's rap and hip-hop. Yeah.
36 min
Ep157 PODCAST |Americanism 101
On debt…it's a doozy.
44 min
Ep154 PODCAST |Buy, Sell, or Hold
Some serious subjects, and then a lot of fast food talk.
41 min
Ep156 PODCAST |Shannon Joy | When Never Trump B...
Shannon Joy shares a disturbing survey that's being distributed to schools all over the country. Steve and the team discuss what it looks like when Never Trump becomes as cult-like as Always Trump.
46 min
Ep155 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions.
38 min
Ep158 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday on Staying o...
Ahem, President Trump.
53 min
Ep159 PODCAST |Tackling Fatherlessness
Former NFL player Ed Tandy McGlasson shares his new ministry aimed at calling out fathers to live up to their full potential.
43 min
Ep161 PODCAST |Noah Rothman
This is one podcast you will not want to miss, as Steve Deace and Noah Rothman discuss the rule of law and where law comes from.
45 min
Ep160 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener comments and questions.
47 min
Ep162 PODCAST |Americanism 101
On manifest destiny…
62 min
Ep166 PODCAST |On the Reformation
Why America has the Reformation to thank for its freedom and prosperity.
60 min
Ep163 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday
On playing offense…
53 min
Ep164 PODCAST |Buy, Sell, or Hold
Fast food items that didn't pan out…
35 min
Ep165 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions and comments.
37 min
Ep167 PODCAST |Reaction to Yesterday's Show
Steve, Todd, and Aaron go through some listener reaction to yesterday's podcast.
34 min
Ep168 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday
Do we really want to win? Do we know what winning looks like?
49 min
Ep169 PODCAST |Mere Sexuality
Todd Wilson, author of "Mere Sexuality", provides a Christian apologetic on the subject.
34 min
Ep170 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions and comments.
64 min
Ep171 PODCAST |The Left and Violence
Steve, Todd, and Aaron discuss the ongoing link between Leftism and violence in the United States.
43 min
Ep175 PODCAST |More Cowbell
After a tumultuous weekend, Steve names names and drops neutron bombs.
70 min
Ep173 PODCAST |Why Pro-Life is the Only Argument
This podcast features Steve's talk at a gathering of New York pro-lifers in early 2017. This podcast was originally published on June 28th, 2017.
63 min
Ep172 PODCAST |The Best Podcast We've Ever Done
nuff said.
56 min
Ep174 PODCAST |Buy, Sell, or Hold: Top 100 Song...
Steve still hasn't found what he's looking for.
51 min
Ep176 PODCAST |Americanism 101: Tying Up Loose ...
After 25+ weeks of Americanism 101, the series finally comes to a close.
34 min
Ep177 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday
The Enemy's Gameplan.
27 min
Ep178 PODCAST |Buy, Sell, or Hold
80s movies edition.
45 min
Ep179 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions and comments.
48 min
Ep180 PODCAST |Weekend News and Views
A grab bag of topics from over the weekend
58 min
Ep190 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday -- Why Chris...
Steve's series on why Christmas matters.
39 min
Ep189 PODCAST |Is the GOP Tax Plan Unbiblical?
Steve examines what a true biblical model of taxation looks like.
37 min
Ep188 PODCAST |Navigating Where We Are With The...
We're in some murky waters right now.
45 min
Ep187 PODCAST |Feedback Friday
Steve and the team field listener questions and comments (includes an update on the production of A Nefarious Plot into a movie).
44 min
Ep186 PODCAST |Buy, Sell, or Hold
A grab bag of topics along with Christmas candy…
37 min
Ep185 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday -- Why Chris...
Long lay the world in sin and error pining.
38 min
Ep184 PODCAST |Why Is Nobody Talking About This?
There's one story that's completely, mysteriously gone away.
30 min
Ep183 PODCAST |DNC vs. RNC Fundraising: What Th...
There's a lot of fake news spreading about DNC fundraising efforts…
46 min
Ep182 PODCAST |Worldview Wednesday
…on the legacy of Thanksgiving.
38 min
Ep181 PODCAST |Top 25 Movies of the 80's | Buy,...
Thanksgiving approaches…
33 min