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News Commentary
2/16/17 - Full Show
Vladimir Lenin, Saul Alinsky and the president's chief advisor Steve Bannon  ...Professor Jonathan Haidt discusses what separates us and how we can disagree more ...Be loyal to your principles, not the parties
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2/15/17 - Full Show
The low burden of proof law enforcement needs to take your stuff ...CPAC's Matt Schlapp & conservatism ...Economist Harry Dent joins Glenn to explain how the economic bubble burst of 2017 is on our doorstep
0 min
2/14/17 - Full Show
Why is Michael Flynn already out of the Trump Administration? ...Texas Governor Greg Abbott discusses NFL politics, sanctuary cities and an update on The Convention of States Project ...Benjamin Watson of the NFL's Baltimore Ravens discusses
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2/13/17 - Full Show
Update on the failing dam in California ...What a sanctuary city looks like ...How being 'unfriended' on Facebook has kept me up for almost a week
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2/10/17 - Full Show
A week of incredible shame? ...Media burns its self once again ...A so called Christian case for Obamacare 
113 min
2/8/17 - Full Show
-Time for important debates -like Capitalism vs. Marxism -Highlights from last night's Cruz/Sanders debate about Obamacare -Michael Buble's son and his struggle against cancer -Time to have the big debates of our time -The real facts about Obamacare -What Democrat voters really think about Voter ID laws -Gender identity talk with Katie Couric and Ellen DeGeneres -Playing God with life -Why the left is opposed to ultrasound -"By 2030, you won't recognize humanity" -Time to re-balance the power -We spent too much talking about people -Gender Revolution? -What used to seem far fetched is about to reality -Are we out of step with the world and is that a bad thing? -Simon Sinek explains how he stays optimistic in this mad, mad world -What we agree on -Where we can agree -What modern American parenting got us -Don't blame millennials -The trends for the next generation are alarming -Why this generation can no longer cope with embarrassment -The highest rate of suicide is among which American demographic? -A lesson of East, West, Poverty and Wealth -What is good old fashioned entrepreneurship and does it still exist? -Why Oxycontin is so important to us -What Ben Franklin taught us about poverty
116 min
What Emboldens Trump
-Wait...There's a musical that Pat Gray likes?? -Movies that make men cry -Glenn is losing touch with people -Self imposed ignorance -Fuzzy geography with Rep. Maxine Waters -Is Putin marching into Korea??? -Does the media ignore terror attacks? -A Bowling Green massacre??? -How Democrats compare Christianity and Islam -​Sen. Mike Lee discusses President Trump's immigration ban, his nominee for the Supreme Court and if we should be concerned about executive orders -Chevron Deference talk -only on The Glenn Beck Program -So is it or is it not a 'Muslim ban'? -Arguments with God -'People are people' -Tonight's big debate! -The Blaze's Tomi Lahren was on with Bill Maher... here's how it went. -Should a boss fire someone he disagrees with? -Matthew McConaughey's message to Hollywood about the new president -Does the left's constant whining embolden President Trump's conservative impulses? -Will Trump ever surrender to the press? -Now is the time to come together -Fight fire with fire? -God can change Donald Trump but not our friends? -What Glenn prays for -Where did the real Pat Gray go???
115 min
The Press Got Us Again!
-Why Glenn missed an amazing Super Bowl and was Lady Gaga's performance offensive like we were promised? -Do you really want a new civil war in America?? -You have to be taught to hate -Was the Super Bowl coin toss great or sad? -Is anyone better than the NFL at promoting Americana? -The technology inside the Super Bowl telecast -White supremacists are celebrating Tom Brady's Super Bowl win? -Donald Trump equates Vladimir Putin's Russia with today's America? -Wonder what Ronald Reagan would think about President Trump's Russia/America comments? -Glenn recaps his trip to the west coast last week -Time for a new US holiday? -Lady Gaga's important message to the youth of America? ...84 Lumber and a big, beautiful door. -Wall Street types and Billionaires and their different views on the economy -Chris Martenson of Peak in studio to discuss what's going on behind the scenes with the economy -The house of cards that is the global economy -The rising populism movement around the world and where it's going to take us -Weathering the coming economic storm -Inflation is starting? -Are we all about to get a check from the government? -Do some CEOs get paid too much?
115 min
#Hire10000Veterans 2/3/17
-Doc Thompson from The Morning Blaze is in for Glenn -Protesting is suddenly ok with the left again -A Dem senator who doesn't want to sit down with the president's Supreme Court pick -Re-calibrating our compass -Comedian urges military coup against President Trump -Meet our resident historical revisionist -Time to pull federal funding from UC-Berkeley? Is President Trump handling protests properly? -Who is funding these protests? -What percent of women marching against Trump were umm, lovely to look at? -#HowSexIsLikePizza -Scientists set to march on Washington? -How to handle the rioters properly -The left wants to hire refugees -how about we #Hire10000Veterans -Waiting for the Starbucks CEO to call in!! -Time to hold Starbucks accountable! -Fix the VA now! -Job openings for veterans -The madness of how the VA operates -Carry your own floppies!!
114 min
Defending the indefensible 2/2/17
-Defending the indefensible -Things out of hand at UC-Berkeley -God of love or God of hate? ]-CNN correcting the record in President Trump's favor? -Life in the post-fact era -How radicals on either side get power -Welcome to the Tea Party!! -Who opposes Voter ID Laws? -A sick day for Pat? -Why do sick people come to work? -A leak in The White House? -Jake Tapper has President Trump's back? -Trouble between The US and Australia? -Bacon shortage??? -Is Steve Bannon the polar opposite of Van Jones? -"I'm a Leninist" -The book that teaches what schools aren't -Are we running out of bacon??? -Senator Ben Sasse joins Glenn to discuss The Supreme Court, Abortion legislation and The "Dormant" Commerce Clause -Pro-life legislation that should be simple common sense -This is the end -time to say goodbye -One political writer's observation on where we're at in America, 2017 -Who paid for a congressional trip to Syria? -Glenn's Super Bowl pick is???
115 min
Nancy Pelosi's Fake News 2/1/17
Donald Trump kept his word with his Supreme Court pick -Glenn apologizes to President Trump -The difference between 'evil' and 'wrong' -America's silent majority? -The world Glenn wants to live in -The difference between faith and religion -Time for another Gloatfest? -Dems who already voted to confirm Neil Gorsich in the past -Dems freaking out about President Trump's Supreme Court pick -Nancy Pelosi's fake news -Is America setting itself up for a future dictator? -Upcoming Ted Cruz vs. Bernie Sanders debate on Obamacare -Why Black History month is different on -Have young people lost faith in Capitalism? -How many pure capitalists are left in America? -How capitalism used to work -A servant to The Constitution -What would you sell for a vote? -Is a man dead for 50 years about to be resurrected? -A victim's mother sounds off on Nancy Pelosi -Why should we support protesters considering what they do? -What is happening to ESPN's ratings? -Why live sports is so important to cable and satellite TV -Donald Trump kept his word The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
114 min
Carpet bombing with words 1/31/17
Did you hear about the 'Monday Night Massacre'? -Trump fires acting Secretary of State -Remembering the 'Saturday Night Massacre' of 1973 -The problem with 144 characters? -Playing into populism -Ban or Pause, which is it? -Glenn launches a College student 'Essay Writing Contest' at -The arrogance from both sides is stunning -Who's, Who on Trump's Supreme Court top contenders list? -Hoping for another Anthony Scalia -Is Mr.' Right of Scalia and Left of Thomas' Steven Gorsich leading the pack? -"He could be a Supreme Court game changer" -The details on the first Trump-Era US military raid -Carpet bombing with words -Emmy-Award Winning TV Producer Riaz Patel joins the show to discuss, Why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam? -"Absurdity of a friendship" -The art of turning out while staying connected -Trump's Giuliani problem -The Blaze's own Doc Thompson joins Glenn to help shut Stu up? -Catholics, Jews and atheists
112 min
'It's Not a Muslim Ban' 1/30/17
-Spontaneous media freak out fun -"It's not a Muslim ban" -Trump seeks a Muslim ban 'legally' -Remembering when we were conspiracy theorists -Sins of Obama's 'executive order' past -Executive Orders are not the way to do policy -"Let's pause on all immigration" -Refugees vs. Immigrants -'Make it stop' always beats 'Principals' -NBC to be the next Fox News? -To the center, center right? -Being kind and not just nice -How a balance of Love and Wisdom can make us great again -Muslim American Matt expresses his frustration with radical Islam -"It's time for more Muslim Americans to take action?" -"Reform This" with Dr. Zuhdi Jasser on The Blaze Radio Network, Saturday's 12pm-EST -Dr. Jasser joins the show to talk with Glenn about why Muslims back Trump on radical Islam? -Why don't the Saudis ever take Muslim refugees? -Now for a good 'soda' story...Red Bull vs. Monster -The book 1984 is on the Amazon's best seller list -Examining top contenders on Trump's Supreme Court list
114 min
Twitchy Eyed Cowboy 1/27/17
-Drew Carey's son started the fire? -A deploraball -Yes, Bob Barker is still alive -Speaking of Jim Carey, whatever happened to him? -Jim, Drew, John, whatever -Mary Tyler Moore vs. Gloria Steniem -Legendary sportscaster has some valuable advice for Keith Olbermann -"My job is to shut down other white people" -Why did people love Bill Clinton, but hate Hillary? -Trump floats 20% tax -It looks like Pat will be eating his underpants, very, very, very soon -Does a fence count as a wall? -Glenn agrees with Trump, about building the wall? -Beware of the Twitchy Eyed Cowboy -Media Matters fighting fake news? -Now Glenn agrees with Steve Bannon??? -Meet the new Margret Thatcher? -Now Pro-Sharia law homework being assigned at public schools -The Obamacare Mastermind is still lying -"never suppose to help everybody" -The misplaced decimal?
115 min
#Cruzin4ABrusin 1/26/17
-R.I.P. Mary Tyler Moore, why America loved her? -When women controlled Hollywood -The mystery of actor Bob Crane -Special Forces Army Ranger and Professional MMA Fighter Tim Kennedy joins the show to discuss his smack down of a Deadspin reporter in defense of Ted Cruz -Glenn offers a 'Real Conversation' platform for charity, MMA Fighter vs. Journalist -$100,000 prize??? -"Beating up each other up for charity" -Educating Glenn on the rules of MMA -"How do you build an octagon?" -Pay-per-View Charity event, winner takes a million? -Who is Journalist/fighter Tim Marchman? -Ring Girl Jeffy? -Uncle 'Pat' Meatmitts -Remembering the genius of Andy Kaufman -Trump strikes at abortion -taking on ultra sound -'The left are the science deniers now' -Good news at The State Department? -The Giant Fetus Truck -Adolf Hitler, The Vegetarian Dictator -Planned Parenthood: 'We've Never Said' we provide parental care
115 min
Trump Playing Media Brilliantly? 1/25/17
-4 things you should never say -The country is burning to the ground and nobody is looking for the exits -Social media has made arguments worse -Place your Oscar bets! -President Trump claims voter fraud and here comes an investigation? -Trump playing the media brilliantly? -How the press ignored Barack Obama's lies -Next stop hyperinflation? -Glenn's workplace is in transition mode -Too many passwords for too many things! -The impossible situation of White House press secretary Sean Spicer -Chewing gum fun facts! -Glenn Beck. Busted. -Neither side is self aware right now -Blacks are waking up to Planned Parenthood -Facebook argument re-inacted -Coldest day ever for the radio studio? -Libertarian Yaron Brook of the Ayn Rand Institute stops by -Getting the state out of schools and out of science -Shake a billionaire's hand -How the very wealthy earn respect in our screwed up society -Legitimizing theft -Hollywood has vilified the successful in society -Was Jesus a community organizer?
115 min
The American Life Cycle 1/13/17
-Author and entrepreneur Kamal Ravikant joins Glenn to discuss everything from Life in the Army, Silicon Valley, His trek across Spain and the American ideal -The American Life Cycle -How Silicon Valley types communicate covertly -How to stay safe on Friday the 13th -Author Brad Meltzer discusses the dramatic story of finding the missing 9/11 flag -Brad's new children's book about Jim Henson -How the election spiked children's book sales -When Brad Meltzer dressed up as Lucille Ball -The man who can stop a car AKA: Jeffy meets his match -Pat discusses his mother in law's fight against cancer -The difficulties of losing a loved one -When parent becomes child and child becomes parent -Should Vidangel be Legal? -The end is now of Obamacare? -Paul Anka, Flo Rida and Donald Trump's inauguration
115 min
Trump Deserves An Apology 1/12/17
-President Elect Trump is owed an apology -Was Trump too nice? ...Shame on The ADL -Is the intelligence community sabotaging Trump? -When to report and what to report -Perception is reality -When does reality become reality? -Mirrors over windows! -Is Jeffy trashing Glenn behind his back? -Jeffy is Russia -The 3 buckets of the Trump/Russia story -The People vs. The Press -Is Obamacare about to end? -Supreme Court finalists -A comedian loses it over Trump -Banned political words -Never forget, but not allowed to remember -Prepare. Just sayin! -How is Philadelphia liking the new beverage tax? -How new taxes destroy businesses -New taxes never go away -List of nominees of Family Friendly movies of the year -Glenn's take on religious themed movies -Influencing the culture through movies -The far right in Europe is rising
115 min
Trump Answers Questions 1/11/17
-Does Russia have compromising information about Donald Trump? -The media sat on a very embarrassing story about Trump? -Deal with it: Trump won fair and square -Russia aided Trump for 5 years? -2 lessons EVERY president learns early -Who does our intelligence community really work for? -A former intelligence officer weighs in on the Trump story out of Russia -Should we believe today's story about Donald Trump? -The Intelligence community strikes back! -Yaron Brook of The Ayn Rand Institute on the future of Obamacare, taxes and our place in the world under a President Trump -Glenn celebrates a court victory with Pat's musical talents -Donald Trump answers questions about the report from Russia -Did Trump's press conference instill confidence or do damage? -Trump came out swinging at America's intelligence community. Uh oh. -President ADD
107 min
Trump's Supreme Court Pick? 1/24/17
-President Trump moving too slowly for Time Magazine -Judge Trump on what he does and not what we fear -A new Hall of Fame member! -Never again is now? -Oscar nominees announced -Does Glenn have Low T? -Musicals are so annoying -Mel Gibson finally getting love from Hollywood again -A vet's pick for best picture -Jeffy. Man of honor. Or something. -Going through the decisions of Trump's likely Supreme Court pick -Dippin' Dots vs. Texas heat -The goofy regulations left by The Obama Administration -Guide horses and fancy hotels -What's making the cows fart? -Glenn to get a horse and a pig for the set? -Mother in laws get a bad rap -What Glenn learned at a funeral -Remembering a special listener -National Patriotic Devotion Day -Trump may have someone great in mind for The Supreme Court -PC-ESPN's ridiculous political correctness just got more ridiculous -ESPN is ripe for the taking? -Shame on Venus Williams -How do you communicate with unintelligent people? -A fascinating figure from American history The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
114 min
Why There's Fear in America 1/10/17
-Illegal to warm up your car? In your driveway?? -City Line Avenue -How blight happens -We made it through 8 years of Barack Obama -How to really understand Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany -Hitler's mailman's neighbor -Democrats are peddling fear ahead of Donald Trump's presidency --America HAS been transformed by Barack Obama -Remembering Al Gore's message to kids -The left is very afraid -Can the right still talk to the right? -Glenn's interesting chat with Tucker Carlson -What does Glenn expect from a Trump presidency? -Mark Meckler of stops by to update us on The progress of The Article V Convention -The case against Meryl Streep -Standing ovation for a child rapist -The truth of American deceiver, Upton Sinclair -Meryl Streep's auto-biopic? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
106 min
'Alternative Facts' 1/23/17
-Celebrities and their mouths this weekend -How the Tea Party was hijacked -Ben Franklin vs The Vaginas -Thank you New York Times -Madonna wants to blow up The White House? -Should Madonna be investigated by the Secret Service? -Reason has become treason -Ashley Judd calls out the South? -Who is actually behind the protest marches? -Discovering a voice of reason on the left -Note to The White House: Alternative facts = Lies -President Trump needs to let some things go and the media needs to admit their bias -Remembering Obama's lies -Does Glenn use 'alternative facts?' One caller thinks so -Gwyneth Paltrow's strange advice to women -Ever tried a 'jade egg'? -Do we have an actual 'right' to health care? and today's Douche Hall of Fame vote -Understanding -Glenn's Amex points could buy what exactly? -Frank Lloyd Wright was a jerk -Important vote today -One listener's interesting Christmas gift -A feminist calls the guys The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
115 min
Failed Parenting Strategies 1/9/17
-Failed parenting strategies -Dopamine, Adolescence & Virtual Reality -Learning to speak Progressive -The danger of using logic -What role do companies have in understanding their employees? -The key to capitalism -Anyone can become a great singer? Anyone? Yes! -How to speak in public -Young people are searching for meaning -The left's having a tough time with self esteem these days -Are we becoming more and more awkward? -Is 4K TV worth it? -Meryl Streep's anti-Donald Trump speech -Pat now in love with Donald Trump? -Stu and Trump find common ground!!! -How unions chased 'Rocky' out of New York City -Glenn to be on Tucker Carlson tonight -Tucker/Glenn dust up? -The all new -The left is melting down -Explaining how Germans let the Nazi reign happen -Understanding how 'group think' happens -'Would you harm a human if you could?" --- 'Maybe.' The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
105 min
Inauguration Day, 2017 1/20/17
-Eight years ago today and what we've learned -Grief counselors for students on inauguration day?? -Brand new set for the radio show -The last legitimate Republican president? -Riaz Patel joins the guys in studio to explain what the left is feeling today -How the left wants to protect us from ourselves -A liberal who hates labels -We survived The Barack Obama presidency!!! -The nine biggest scandals of President Obama -Why the American transfer of power is so special -How parties must keep their presidents honest -A good day for new starts -Meet Donald Trump's beast -Proud day for America -How will Barack Obama be remembered? -Why Obama's popularity has spiked recently -How to hijack a country -The inauguration of Donald J. Trump -A report from the inauguration ceremony in Washington DC -What President Reagan told America's youth in 1981 -Why there aren't shooting ranges in elementary schools -Comparing crowd sizes between 2009 and 2017 -Congratulations, President Trump The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
115 min
Obama: Don't Be a Sycophant 1/19/17
-"You're not supposed to be sycophants; you're supposed to be skeptics." -How completely unaware is the left? Let me count the ways -Checking on the health of former President George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush -Will President Trump play more golf than President Obama? -Stu falling in love with Trump? -Big spending cuts coming from Trump?? -Remembering the respect George W. Bush had for our troops -Big budget cuts on tap from President Trump? -Trouble with a possible Trump judge? -The first Pro LGBT president -"I'm Carol, now!!" -How much should companies expect from their employees? -What Glenn wants from a Trump presidency -Glenn's friend being considered by Trump -President Obama's farewell to reporters -Obama's post-presidency plans -We found common ground with Obama!!!! -'Substantial' number of pardons yet to come from Obama -When becoming THE PRESIDENT hits you -The story of a rowdy inauguration -Rick Perry and The Department of Energy -Why is Rick Perry worried about nukes? ...Grief counselors for kids ahead of Trump inauguration?? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeff Fisher, Weekdays 9a–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio
115 min