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Best of the Program | Guest: Senator Ben Sasse ...
Best of the Program | 2/27- In His Way, He Was Telling Me To Lie? -h1- Transgender Extremes? -h1 - Epic Rant from Comedian Patton Oswalt? -h1- America, Wake Up! -h2 - Optimistic in The Long term?  (w/ Sen. Ben Sasse) -h2- Tube and Hamster Political Theater? -h3
50 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Steven Crowder, B...
Best of the Program | 2/26- 'Louder with Crowder' (w/ Steven Crowder) -h1- Flashback 2012: Dems Deny God x 3? -h1- 'BlazeTV Wire'? (w/ Ben Shapiro) -h2 - This Is A Killing Babies Bill (w/ Alexandria DeSanctis) -h2- 'Don't Take My Bible Away!' (w/ Will Maule) -h3 
63 min
Abortion Ban Is Coming? | Guests: Steven Crowde...
Hour 1'Louder with Crowder'...Steven joins to discuss why ABC/Disney pulled his Oscar special? ...What did they object to?...The overall idea?...They are picking us off one by one ...Who is Tommy Robinson? ...the Democrat party continues to run to evil...Democrats Denied God Three times at the 2012 DNC convention ...Pat Gray brings the shock Poll?...44% of 'Pro-Choice' voters oppose up to birth abortions ...Why won't Bernie burn 'Dictator' Maduro?   Hour 2 Ben Shapiro, joins to discuss, a Resolution to declare a National Emergency at the Southern Border...President Trump must be very careful here? ...Coherent excuses for abortion...Blaze TV Wire? ...The end of guns is near? ...Alexandra DeSanctis, staff writer at National Review, joins to discuss how the Senate Failed to Pass Born-Alive Bill?...This is not an abortion bill, this is a kill babies bill...releasing, misleading information, intentionally?..."abortion ban is coming"?   Hour 3  We are at a Turning point?...recognizing that a new born baby, is a baby? ...Ben Sasse says it's a sad day as 'the Democrats constantly lied' about the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act? ...New Nike Ad BS? ..."Don't Take My Bible Away!'...the Shocking Arrest of Peaceful Street Preacher Caught on Video with Faithwire, writer WIll Maule joins to discuss? ...More Bernie B.S.? ...Glenn will be speaking at CPAC this year
122 min
Sunshine, Unicorns and Lollipops? | Guests: Mar...
Hour 1  There's a Crisis in Venezuela?...Perhaps, Bernie Sanders can give Mauduro some pointers? ...Big day for Ben Sasse and Life itself?...Abortion will kill our society, rapidly...Life, AI, and Socialism, we have to decide right on those 3 things? ...The Making of a Millenial UK Socialist?...Coming for ya with a hammer and sickle? ...The Pat Gray way?...In what states are Liberals leading the way?...the Gallop Poll results should shock you?    Hour 2 A Movie, Must See?...'Unplanned'...gets a R-Rating, but why?...Producer, Mark Joseph joins to explain the MPAA? ...This movie has no business being Rated-R?...There is no consistent standard, it's all driven by politics? ...Terrence Howard Defends 'Empire' Co-Star Jussie Smollett?...A nutty, violent man who can't do math? ..."Please, Pray for Life"   Hour 3 Another, movie (Documentary) must see?...'Emmy award winning Director,  Danny Woods joins the show to explain?...What does Mr. Phuc do? He runs an orphanage that cares for a little over 20 children along with caring for 8 women at risk who are also pregnant?...An amazing story that had to be told...The Joy from watching someone serve others is very 'Christ' like? ...AOC says, young people are not having children, because of climate change? ...Have we killed MLK's Dream?....Time to crack open the old dusty Bible?
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Mark Joseph & Dan...
Best of the Program | 2/25- Crisis Venezuela? -h1- This Gallop Poll Should Shock You? -h1- A Movie, Must See? (w/ Mark Joseph) -h2 - The Nutty & Violent Mathematician? - h2 - 'Grave Hands' - (w/ Daniel Woods) - h3 
33 min
Ep 25 | Rabbi Daniel Lapin | The Glenn Beck Pod...
Glenn is joined by Rabbi Daniel Lapin who is an American Orthodox rabbi, author, public speaker, and heads up the "American Alliance of Jews & Christians." They both discuss what exactly anti-semitism is, the response of the left to any Biblical teaching, and the sad fact that the world seems to be heading the complete opposite direction of the Bible. Also, they talk about the massive difference between how the left sees the end of the world as opposed to a religious viewpoint. Lastly, Glenn and Rabbi Daniel Lapin explore the current society and what civilization and time period we most resemble and how we as humans don't seem to learn from the mistakes of our past. 
78 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Ra...
Best of the Programs | 2/22- Terrifying Nightmare in 2020? -h1- Doubling Down on Dollars? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) -h2- Who Are We? (w/ Rabbi Daniel Lapin) -h2- 5 Seconds of Wisdom? -h2- Somethings Off with Bernie Sanders? (w/ Andrew Heaton) -h3- 'Freedoms'? (w/ Jonathon Dunne) -h3
59 min
Watch What You Wish For? | Guests: Bill O'Reill...
Hour 1 Proud of transforming the Democrat Party?...Bernie Sanders is a terrifying nightmare, if he were President?...Disrupting the system ...America would have voted for anyone in 2016?...Trump's done, if the economy goes down ...Getting Serious about the Declaration of Independence?...America's original blue prints?...When life is too easy?...Maybe, this is not how the world is?  Hour 2 Doubling down with Bill O'Reilly?...Jussie Smollett's metal health needs to be checked?...It's time to disengage on this story?...A world of delusion and the media's witch hunters?...MSNBC actually did their best to ignore the Smollett story, while CNN defends it?...How much jail time is coming?..."It's Chicago"?...The Big undeveloped story that's yet to come?...the Mueller report is ready to drop, but does anyone really care anymore? ...Who Are We? with Rabbi Daniel Lapin...Watch BlazeTV for Free? Hour 3 Fun with Parody?....Bernie Sanders, aka Andrew Heaton, from BlazeTV's 'Something's Off' joins GB? ...2020 Diamonds in the Rough?...Nike shoes and their stock market plunge? ...Jonathon Dunne, from 'Freedoms Disciple' podcast, joins to give us an update on Brexit?...America was built on the premise of 'doing the right thing' ...
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Rafer Weigel, Ben...
Best of the Program | 2/21- Chief Grand Jeep Cherokee Beck? -h1 - Hate Hoax Update? (w/ Rafer Weigel) -h2- Fighting for Life? (w/ Senator Ben Sasse) -h2- Venezuela Was My Home? (w/ Daniel Di Martino) -h3- Suing to Block 'Inclusivity'? (w/ Eric Early) -h3 
58 min
Functioning, but Completely Nuts? | Guests: Raf...
Hour 1Glenn's DNA results are in?...Being 13 x more native American than Elizabeth Warren and blacker? ...Being part of the Grand 'Jeep' Cherokee tribe isn't always easy? ...Stu tells us who's leading in the Democratic Presidential hopefuls Polls?...President Obama looks like a moderate, in today's standards? ...Pat's Gray's DNA reveals he's 100% terrorist? ...Race is being used as a 'tool', ment to divide us?...When driving around with a half a million dollars is a crime? Hour 2Arrested and in Custody?...Fox 32 Chicago Reporter, Rafer Weigel, one of the first journalists to think, there was something fishy from the beginning of the Jussie Smollett case?...'All credit to the Chicago Police'...Is this a 'hate crime'? ...Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act with Senator Ben Sasse...Fighting for the Right for Life?...Lighting up the sky to celebrate Death?...Congress is backing away from a bill to prohibit murder, period  Hour 3 "Venezuela was my home, and socialism destroyed it"...Young Voices Contributor, Daniel Di Martino joins to say, "it will destroy America, too."...Losing the free market from the inside? ...Governor Cuomo is not happy with AOC for the NYC Amazon pullout?...Tweeting the tax code for Dummies? ...California parents sue to block 'Inclusivity' instruction in schools...the parents Attorney, Eric Early joins to expand?...Forms of Oppression, the same statues to protect minorities is now being used on whites? ...Alt-Left social warrior types are 'spreading like a cancer'? ...It's hard to hate when your dead?
124 min
He's So Relatable? | Guests: Bill Jones & Eliza...
Hour 1Because He's So Relatable?...Bernard Sanders skeletons in the closet?...The reason why there is a 'rape culture' today?...He should have to explain what he thought in 1972? ...Wow! Ariana Grande is the first artist since the Beatles to have songs in the top three spots of the Billboard Hot 100 charts? ...Pat Gray's about to become a Cardi B Fan? ...Glenn explains why Donald Trump is so relatable? ...The farting guy on the bar stool, and 'that's refreshing'  Hour 2 Suddenly offended by Cigars Store Indians? ...Florida school hires combat veterans for security?...Bill Jones, Principal at the Manatee School for the Arts joins to explain? ...Push back not just from the anti gunners, but the gun snobs too? ...Go Fund Me with Faith?...Glenn reaches out to the wife of a shooting victim? ...Glenn and the Shlub-Club?  Hour 3'Not on My Watch' author, Elizabeth Johnston joins...'Day of Mourning', happens this Saturday, February 23rd at ...Hip vs. Hip Replacement Democrats 2020? ...New or Used by the Democrats? ...Feeling Bad for AOC?...She's only being used for misdirection?...What's really happening behind the scenes of the Democrat Party?...A step closer to Ending the Free Market System and fundamentally transform our economy?..."Medicare for all is not Socialism"?
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill Jones & Eliz...
Best of the Program | 2/20- Bernard Skeletons Sanders? -h1- He's So Relatable? - h1- Vets for School Security? (w/ Bill Jones) -h2 - Day of Mourning.Org? (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h3- Hip vs. Hip Replacement Democrats 2020? -h3
53 min
The March to Socialism Continues? | Guests: Cha...
Hour 1 Bernie Sanders declares he will run for President in 2020?...Who wants Medicare for all?...The Left are running against their own cure?...Superman 2 style Criminal Justice for all?..."Who needs the Ethiopians anyways?"...Why aren't we doing 'These Things'?...Glenn does homework with his son?...Sacco & Vanzetti, propaganda that changed the world?...Hobby Lobby and Sex things? ...The Pat Gray puppet show? ...The Machine is Broken? Hour 2 "Hate Crimes Are Trending Down, But You Wouldn’t Know That From LGBT Media"...Gay journalist Chad Felix Greene, Senior Contributor at The Federalist joins to explain?...The Art of the Hate Crime, Hoax? ...'Victimhood' is the New trophy to go for? ...The Latest gun background-check legislation would not have stopped Parkland tragedy... Shayna Lopez-Rivas, Gun Rights Activist joins to explain...What is HR8?    Hour 3 Student loan debt is in 'Serious Delinquency'...The average student is $41,000 in debit to the government?...The Good News is, poverty is way down world-wide...Maximizing profits, is Curing patients a good business model for the future? ...Surrendering to the algorithms gods? ...Free Market Rewards for All? It's time for Louis Farrakhan theater, titled 'Wicked Jews'? ...Reporting, from out of the closet? 
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Chad Felix Greene...
Best of the Program | 2/19- Bernie 2020? -h1- Hobby Lobby and Sex Things? - h1- Hate Crimes Are Trending Down? (w/ Chad Felix Greene) -h2- Gun Rights In Check? (w/ Shayna Lopez-Rivas) -h2- Wicked Jews, Reporting Out of the Closet? -h3
52 min
So Wanting This To Be True? | Guest: John Ziegl...
Hour 1 The Wolf Who Cried MAGA?...Jesse Smollett attack was All a Hoax...Hollywood is actively stirring up hatred...a cherry on a racist salad?...the List of MAGA hate Hoaxes grows?...the trophies for all culture has arrived?...the Make It Up Media? Hour 2  John Ziegler called BS weeks ago?...Jussie Smollett new famous poorly done it couldn't be hoax?...Will he get out of this?...Police played Possum from the beginning...'the two blobs'...vs. Kavanaugh accuser?...People today 'want to be' a victim...No Shame in Victimhood? Hour 3 Weiner freed?...oh and Bill Cosby is having an 'amazing experience' in prison?...Racist Flashback: 'Soul Man' the Movie...Stu reads the New York Times movie review from the 1986 movie? ...Warning: Your Small dog may blow away? ...Collective Munchhausen with Gad Saad? ...Not there Nancy? Happy Thanksgiving?...Someone get Nancy a brain scan?
122 min
Best of the Program | Guests: John Ziegler & Ga...
Best of the Program | 2/18- The Wolf Who Cried MAGA? - h1- The Right Kind of Victim? (w/ John Ziegler) -h2- Racist Flashback 1986? -h3- Collective Munchausen? (w/ Gad Saad) -h3 
48 min
Ep 24 | Dr. Gad Saad | The Glenn Beck Podcast
Glenn is joined by Dr. Gad Saad who is a Lebanese-Canadian evolutionary behavioral scientist at the John Molson School of Business (Concordia University) and is known for applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and consumer behavior. They discuss a variety of different topics including progressivism's kindergarten logic, the wisdom of not knowing, the socialism of ants, the courage of responsibility, the humanity of struggle, and the expressionists' character of Islam. 
119 min
Bad Decision, Either Way We Go? | Guests: Bill ...
Hour 1Glenn wrote some important letters last night?...'this is a turning a point'...the Left are getting their 'change' with all this hope?...we're 'standing at the abyss' ...the cliff of insanity?...capitalism on the run...Amazon leaves New York, bye-by 25,000 Jobs ...What's in this spending Bill? win here, lose, lose..."Mr. President Please don't sign this bill" ...Pat Gray....former Obama official urges Trump Not to sign this spending bill?...History will show, "this bill will be worse than Obamacare" ...Tweet: Please Mr. President Don't Sign This Bill! Hour 2 Bill O'Reilly vs. President Trump?...President Trump set to address the nation...'there's no other resolution' President Trump has to sign this spending bill?...'continuing resolution'...State of Emergency and Consequences ...the Left want to control on Every Single Front with 'Climate Change'...1 Party Rule in California ...President Trump Declares a National Emergency Hour 3 Making the case, argument(s) for President Trump?'s not always's not a good day for either side, a lose, lose?...Why? Horrendous bill... makes ICE will be like a travel agency for illegals? ...Empire of a Hoax? under fire for hate Hoax?...Why won't the actor just turn over his phone?...John Ziegler joins to pick this story apart?...all of the political correction force fields?...So many Questions...What about the photo of interest?...Where did it go?...Actor knew his attackers?...premeditated hoax or domesticated dispute gone bad? ...
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & J...
Best of the Program | 2/15 - Worse Than Obamacare? - h1- Stopping The Change? (w/ Bill O'Reilly?) -h2- National Emergency Declared? -h2- Empire of a Hoax? (w/ John Ziegler) 
49 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Mark Poulin & Eli...
Best of the Program | 2/14 - The Quest for The Couple of The Year? -h1 -h2 - Shock Poll? -h2- Get The Popcorn Omar vs. Abrams? - It's time for a M1 Love Story? 
59 min
The Valentine's Day Show? | 2/14/19
Hour 1Happy Valentine's Day!!!...the show...Dumb husbands and boyfriends, who waited to the last minute to get the women in their lives something for V-Day?...Glenn and Stu want to help ...Glenn is Will Be attending the 'National day of Mourning' Hour 2 Perfectly Executed Love?...All around ...Jonathan goes the extra mile for his lovely wife  Jillon...Love at first site radio?..."Honey,...........I Love You!"? ...Nancy, lets Glenn and Stu get her husband Darrell, ready for a big date, hopefully? ...Shock Poll: the American people are Not for 'Medicare for All'? Hour 3Get the popcorn...The gloves are off?...Trouble Maker, Rep. Ilhan Omar clashes with special enjoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams during a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing; she questions whether he believes a massacre in El Salvador represented “fabulous achievement.” ...The most insulting thing Glenn's ever heard? ...Something's Off with Andrew Heaton...a tax for dying alone?...a man's 'biological' clock is ticking? ...Mark & Elizabeth's, M1 Love Story? ...Breaking News: Divorce it Happen at
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Elizabeth Johnsto...
Best of the Program | 2/13 - a Sad Sickening Start? -h1  - "What the Hell is the Green New Deal?" - h1 - California High Rail Train wreck? - h2 - Day of (w/ Elizabeth Johnston) -h2 - Late Term Abortions Harm Mothers? (w/ Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D.) -h3 - 'Inconvenient Facts'? (w/ Gregory Wrightstone) -h3
62 min
The End of the American Experiment? | Guests: E...
Hour 1 a Sad and Sickening Start?...Mom hides recording device in special needs daughters hair...horror is recorded...teachers abusing children?...Public school in West Virginia, when government runs everything, who do you run to? ..."What the hell is the Green New Deal?"...where Science Fiction is Fact?...who pays for it? Just print's still snowing in Seattle ...Are We 1 Election away from a Full transformation of America?...$22 Trillion in Debit ...Pray for America's economic stability  Hour 2  California Governor abandons High Speed Rail project? money wasted?...92% of cost are in subsides?...rail projects = financial disasters...Why is he ...just feel good projects for politicians...What's Governor Gavin Newsom really up to? ...Elizabeth Johnston Author, "Not On My Watch" Book - “Not On My Watch: How to win the fight for family, faith, and freedom”...February 23rd a Day to Repent = Day of Hour 3 Late term Abortions are Not beneficial for the mother's health...Dr. Grazie P. Christie, M.D. Senior Policy Advisor, The Catholic Association, myths of abortion are World Wide...Venezuela Marxist nightmares continue ...the Elite's, Elite pick? ..."Inconvenient Facts" with author Gregory Wrightstone..."the science that Al Gore doesn't want you to know"?...droughts and wild forest fire facts...glaciers & polar bear Myths?...Our warming trends have been charted...the miracle of the cycle of man, no more? ...the Left and their Predictions based on failed climate model?...Real Climate Facts in the palm you hand...get the 'Inconvenient' App?
125 min
Ignorance is Bliss? | Guests: Dave Isay, David ...
Hour 1Ilhan Omar hates Jews?...she mockingly apologizes for her anti-Semitic comments ...Linda Soursor AND David Duke to the rescue?...the Lewis Farrakhan newsletter? ...It's time for "I had no idea?"...pointy white hoods are offensive?...if Andrew Jackson had done (finished) his job? ...Katy Perry and her Mr. Potato Head Mammy Shoes? ...Trump is a 'great negotiator'...but the latest budget deal, is not looking that 'great' for Trump?..Only 55 miles of ' the wall'? ...People like the sound of a 'New Deal'...until they read the fine print...In Need of Fresh New American Ideas? Hour 2 Kneeling down to the chocolate god? ...the story of 'Danny & Annie'...with StoryCorps, Founder & President Dave Isay...Danny and Annie came to StoryCorps in 2004 to talk about that first date—and how their love for each other has only grown in the 27 years since then...a Great Marriage = Like Hitting the Jackpot? ...'The 10 Most Insane Requirements of The Green New Deal' with Senior Editor at The Federalist, David Harsanyi joins to expose AOC's Green New Deal ..."we are heading to a very bad place"?...Studies show that Fracking actually helped reduced our carbon emissions?...Trump is making fans by calling out Socialists? ...the early history of environmental science...traces back to the Nazi's? Hour 3The 'New' Black Death? Mass death coming to the UK?...Pro: stock piling Human sized Zip-Lock bags...Con: Having to Use them? ...6 inches of snow where it never snows?...State of emergency in Portland?...Popeye lost his spinach? ...The toilet Snake epidemic hits Australia? ...The Myth of 'Cow Farts' with Sara Place...the Senior Director, Sustainable's actually cow 'burps' are the issue and to farts?...Ranchers = Real environmentalists?...the cycle of life has been lost in our society, a few generations removed?
125 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Dave Isay, David ...
Best of the Program | 2/12- David Duke to the Rescue? -h1 - Trump is a 'Great Negotiator'? -h1- Danny & Annie? (w/ Dave Isay) -h2 - The Insane Green New Deal? (w/ David Harsanyi) -h2- Cow Fart Facts (w/ Sara Place) -h3
61 min