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Thawed, Defrosted, Brought Back To Life? | Gues...
Hour 1 Jussie Smollett is "weighing options' for suing Chicago PD? ...Marissa's Movie Review of the New 'Dumbo'? Thawed, Defrosted and brought back to life? ...'People are Dying' to have it 'both ways' on Helium Thursday? ...Americans have become 'creeped' out by the Democrat Party? ...It's critical that All Believers in Christ Come Together? Hour 2 Is Hate Hoax crime on the rise? Professor of Political Science Dr. Wilfred Reilly examines the high rate of hoaxing? Why was the decision made to drop all charges on Jussie Smollett? Are stories like Smollett's 'common'? '... Is getting rid of Obamacare really a reality or just hype? 'Overcoming Obamacare' with author Phillip Klein tells us? Will the GOP be the New Party of Health Care?  Hour 3 How to pay for a New Firehouse (mansion)? Glenn lives in a town with the "Nicest' Firehouse? A 15 million dollar firehouse for 900 people? The Pat Gray dividend is in full effect? "Pat paid for that"? Our government buildings are becoming Taj Mahal's?  
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Dr. Wilfred Reill...
Best of the Program | 3/28- Weighing Options? -h1- People are Dying on Helium Thursday? -h1- The Rise of the Hate Hoax? (w/ Dr. Wilfred Reilly) -h2- 'Overcoming Obamacare'? (w/ Phillip Klein) -h2- The Pat Gray Dividend In Full Effect? -h3
58 min
Arrogance of the Heart? | Guests: Rafer Weigel,...
Hour 1On the Cusp of ending Abortion as we know it? We've become arrogant, proud and haughty in our own ways? Maniacs of the Mobocracy? ...Fox 32- Chicago Reporter,  Rafer Weigel helps us make sense of the 'All Charges Dropped' in the Jussie Smollett Investigation? "Smollett got everything he wanted." Hour 2'Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America' with author David Horowitz? AOC and her Green New Deal is 'horrifying'? Remembering the ultimate American Atheist, Madalyn Murray O'Hair? ...Trump to start a New fight on Obamacare?  Hour 3'Stop Wasting Your Money on College'? Writer and Comedian Bridget Phetasy joins. The False Sense of college degree Entitlement? ...No Negatives in Art, it's all subjective? ...Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats pivot to health care, as Texas Judge moves to invalidate Obamacare?
121 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Rafer Weigel, Dav...
Best of the Program | 3/27- On The Cusp? -h1- All Charges Dropped? (w/ Rafer Weigel) - h1- Dark Agenda (w/ David Horowitz) -h2 - 'Stop Wasting Your Money on College' (w/ Bridget Phetasy) -h3
58 min
Back Where We Started? | Guests: Jon Miller, Se...
Hour 1 Glenn explains the difference between News, Opinion and Speculation? Media excuses is a spectator's sport? Governing with feelings? ...Worshiping the life of 'Charlie' from The Chocolate Factory? ...Moving on with Michael Buble?  The Must Not See New movie Review from Stu?  Hour 2  Mulling Over Michael Avenatti with Blaze TV's Jon Miller? ...'Unplanned' a must see movie that could change everything? "Kids need to watch this movie" ...Nebraska Flood Relief with Senator Ben Sasse? "Like the 100 year flood"?  Help the Great state of Nebraska Now at  Hour 3 The Go To Guy, Joe Biden "one of the most corrupt Vice Presidents we've ever had"? The dirty dealings of Joe Biden with author Peter Schweizer? How and who get Joe paid? ...All Charges Dropped, but why? ...Confessions of a Economic Hit man? Russia lands in Venezuela, Is war coming?
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Jon Miller, Sena...
Best of the Program | 3/26 - News, Opinion and Speculation? -h1- A Must Not See Movie? -h1- Media Excuses Is a Spectators Sport? (w/ Jon Miller) -h2- Nebraska Flood Relief? (w/ Senator Ben Sasse) -h2- Breaking Biden? (w/ Peter Schweizer) -h3
52 min
Massive Victory? | Guests: Eric Bolling, Abby J...
Hour 1  Mueller Report Drops a Massive Victory for President Trump. "No, Collusion, No Cooperation, Stop it Right Now!"? Russian efforts designed to sew social discord, did succeed? A old problem that corrected itself? Is a Michael Flynn Pardon Next? All of a sudden Mueller is the not the bad guy?  Hour 2 The Mueller Report, The Winners and the Losers? "What a waste of time" Traumatic Trump trauma from the media will continue? Two years later and it means nothing? Eric Bolling from BlazeTV chimes in on the Mueller Report?  Hour 3  "We Must Once Again Stand with God as a Nation"? 'Unplanned' with Abby Johnson. 'Unplanned' a film on abortion is a story of "hope, forgiveness and love"? Planned Parenthood trains women to disconnect from their baby? 
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Eric Bolling, Abb...
Best of the Program | 3/25 - No Collusion? - h1- The Russians Succeeded? -h1- Traumatic Trump Trauma? -h2- Trump 2020 Slam Dunk?  (w/ Eric Bolling) -h2- 'Unplanned'? (w/ Abby Johnson & Ashley Bratcher ) -h3
57 min
Ep 29 | Kevin Hines | The Glenn Beck Podcast
Glenn sits down today with a walking miracle, Kevin Hines. Kevin Hines is a storyteller at heart. He is a best-selling author, global public speaker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker. In the Year 2000, Kevin attempted to take his life by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. Kevin now travels the world sharing his story of hope, healing, and recovery while teaching people of all ages the art of wellness & the ability to survive pain with true resilience.
81 min
It's a Great Day for President Trump? | Guests:...
Hour 1 If the economy remains strong and Muller report comes clean? It's smooth sailing for Donald Trump in 2020? ...Mom and Daughter Duo tell us it's bad to have children? ...Vote Lester L. Wolff for President in 2020? A old white man, like you've never seen before? Hour 2 Getting Superfluous with Bill O'Reilly? The Mueller report and Media Matters? President Trump needs to stop sabotaging himself"? Can you imagine Beto negotiating with Beijing and Putin?  Hour 3 Psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein catches Google with it's digital pants down?  He claims Google search results unfairly steer voters to the left? People trust search engines over anything else? ...40 Days for Life with Shawn Carney? 
124 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Bill O'Reilly, Dr...
Best of the Program | 3/22- It's a Great day for President Trump -h1- Vote Lester L. Wolff for President in 2020? -h1- 'Supercilious' with Bill O'Reilly? -h2 - Digital Pants Down? (w/ Dr. Robert Epstein) -h3 - 40 Days for Life? (w/ Shawn Carney) -h3
60 min
Helium Thursday? | Guests: Patrick Courrielche,...
Hour 1 A Zero of a candidacy? Political train wrecks from political train wreck past? Remembering Howard Dean scream? Joe Biden is 144 years old and he use to be against packing the Supreme Courts? 'Stop the hammering!'?  When is it OK to take your mother to see an X-rated movie? Fox News and it's new 'strange hire'?  Hour 2 'Red Pilled America' with Patrick Courrielche? "Our biggest fears are already here"? Unlike Hollywood, Silicon Valley is a 2 way street? Why is Ted Cruz the only one asking good questions? Breaking up Big Techs "should be on the table"? The Fear of generational power, influence and control moving forward?  Hour 3 President Trump, a Re-Election Economic Shoe In? Why does re-election continue to look very promising for President Trump? A good, but fragile economy? Matt Kibbe talks 3D gun printing with Glenn? Washington State Sheriff Bob Songer joins to say he won't enforce the states new gun law?
125 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Patrick Courrielc...
Best of the Program | 3/21- A Zero Candidacy? -h1 - Deep Throat Hickenlooper? -h1 - Red Pilled (w/ Patrick Courrielche) -h2- 3D Gun Printing (w/ Matt Kibbe) -h3- The way it use to be? (w/ Sheriff Bob Songer) -h3
55 min
We Are At Our Last Call? | Guests: David Steinb...
Hour 1  Colonel Sanders trending Glenn Beck? Democratic socialist candidates, Pushing the limits? Pondering the elimination of the Electoral college? "This is our last call, We as a nation must repent!"  Hour 2  The Uncovering of Ilhan Omar, with PJ Media's, David Steinberg? Did llhan Omar really marry her own brother? Did she commit 'student loan' fraud? America's STEM Crisis Threatens our national security with Arthur Herman, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute. 5G, a bold new frontier? America is being written out of history?  Hour 3 Gender bending with Sam Smith? Being Defined by collective notions, is a no no? Life is full of choices, some good, some bad. Do your best to make the best ones? The problem with people and power trips?  It's getting Sad in Seattle? Calling green poop an avocado?
125 min
Best of the Program | Guests: David Steinberg &...
Best of the Program | 3/20- We As A Nation Must Repent - h1- The Uncovering of llhan Omar? (w/ David Steinberg) -h2- A Bold New Frontier (w/ Arthur Herman) -h2
51 min
Full On Fundamental Transformation? | Guests: B...
Hour 1 Top 20 Things that Stresses Millennials out? The consequences of not going to college? 'The Right Side of History' with Ben Shapiro? Pursuing moral purpose with a reason? We are losing the notion of 'Individual rights'? "We are all still brothers rather than enemies"  Hour 2 The Democrat Party keeps moving Left and more Left. The Full on Fundamental transformation of America is in affect? Cory Booker thinks the GOP stole a Supreme Court seat? Andrew Yang is the Ross Perot of Millennials, who thinks America needs a News Czar? John Smith and Jason Nobel from the New movie "Breakthrough" join?  Hour 3"The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened" with author Susan Crockford. Polar Bears by the numbers? In all actuality, the polar bear population is thriving and has been for decades? Aborto Beto? Preparing to predict all things at all times? All out, total totalitarianism is on it's way? Why is Glenn Beck Trending with Colonel Sanders? 
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Ben Shapiro, John...
Best of the Program | 3/19 - Stressing the Millennials? -h1- 'The Right Side of History' (w/ Ben Shapiro) -h1- "Breakthrough" (w/ John Smith & Jason Nobel) -h2- Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened (w/ Susan Crockford) -h3
53 min
Stay Calm and Carry On? | Guests: Sen. Joe Lieb...
Hour 1  Glenn had a Tony Robbins Weekend? CAIR Director Blames Trump for New Zealand shooting, the propaganda arm of the Muslim brotherhood? The Art of Emotional Exploitation? Fantasies of a cashless serial killer, Beto Bundy a man of many faces? "The Democrat Party is like a death cult"?  Hour 2 According to The Washington Post, Gun homicides are on the decline and most Americans don't seem to realize it?  Meanwhile, there is a knife epidemic?  Joe Lieberman joins to discuss Ilhan Omar's Comments about Israel, A "Moral Test" for Democratic Party? "Socialism is no solution"?  Hour 3 "Obstruction of Justice" with The Daily Caller's Luke Rosiak? Suspect In Kavanaugh Confirmation Doxxing has Feinstein Ties? Like real life Spy novel?  Washington DC is a sick cynical place? How government cover ups and scandals work? A little bit too positive for Glenn Beck? Andrew Yang, America's New Boogieman? 
125 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Joe Liebermann & ...
Best of the Program | 3/18- Stay Calm and Carry On? -h1- Beto the Bizarro? -h1- Your Father's Democrat? (w/ Senator Joe Liebermann) - h2- "Obstruction of Justice" (w/ Luke Rosiak) -h3 
45 min
Ep 28 | Ryan Khurana | The Glenn Beck Podcast
Glenn talks with Ryan Khurana who is the Executive Director of the Institute for Advancing Prosperity, a non-profit focusing on the social and economic impacts of disruptive technologies. He is also a Senior Fellow at IREF Europe. The world is drastically changing around us as drones are becoming more and more advanced, social media is Google-nudging us in one way or the other, and gene splicing to create genetically perfect children will eventually become the norm. So what is the future? How do we navigate all of these pitfalls of these revolutionary technologies? What are the benefits and safeguards to liberty? What will the world look like over the next decade? We are experiencing now emerging technology that is going to forever change our lives so what does that means for you? 
92 min
Best of the Program | 3/15/19
Best of the Program | 3/15- 'Send Thoughts and Prayers to Christchurch - Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has joined the presidential race? - Pat Channels Al Gore?- $500,000 bribes?- Less <Cowbell? 
48 min
Send Thoughts and Prayers to Christchurch? | 3/...
PAT AND JEFFY FILL IN: Hour 1: A horrific mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand has left dozens dead …The profile of the murderer is difficult to comprehend, the degree of his depravity is not …Gun-manufacturer Remington is now liable to be sued over its marketing of the AR-15, which was used in the Sandy Hook massacre …Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) has joined the presidential race as well as the discussion on global warming …Does anyone around the world really refer to the U.S. as the “indispensable nation”? …Gambino family crime boss gunned down in front of his house – The guys have a theory about who might be responsible. Hour 2: Hallmark Channel has dropped actress Lori Loughlin, who stands accused of mail fraud, from all of its projects …Don’t the alleged perpetrators of the college admissions scandal deserve their day in court? …Pat is not at all pleased that the State of Utah intends to build a $1.5 million shrine to Sen. Orrin Hatch …A caller illustrates another angle to the college admissions scandal that no one is talking about …The State of California has halted all executions of criminals, but the abortions will continue unabated …An Alabama father has won the right to sue the abortion clinic that allowed his girlfriend to abort their child …Another caller explains how the memory of an abortion can linger with a person for decades. Hour 3: Students around the world are walking out of class to protest climate change …Pat channels his inner Al Gore, and Jeffy claims to have actually seen a fish in the street on a sunny day …What the true purpose of Stonehenge? A new theory suggests that it was the greatest barbecue pit in the ancient world …Which schools could Lori Loughlin’s daughter have applied to that wouldn’t have required a $500,000 bribe to get into? …Liberal activist shuts down a conservative gathering by incessantly ringing a cowbell, and the police in attendance did nothing …Does giving someone “the finger” constitute free speech?
116 min
Islamists & Socialists Unite? | Guests: Bill O’...
Hour 1: Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) is raising money for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in her home state …Let’s review exactly what CAIR is and what their parent organization, Hamas, stands for in Palestine …Tlaib’s speech contains subtle jabs at Israel, endless banter against President Trump, and a blatant historical inaccuracy …Would Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) speaking Hamas rhetoric (via CAIR) in Congress be grounds for a full investigation into her past? … Islamophobia should not happen in our country, but radical Islamists should not be in our country, let alone our government.   Hour 2: Bill O’Reilly joins the program a day early …Why are so many Democrats afraid to call themselves capitalist when such a small fraction of Americans call themselves socialist? …Progressives all seem to be willing to put their money where their mouth is while the Right struggles to mobilize …Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) attended Boston University, Bill’s Alma mater, but she never showed any promise in a political sense while there …There is no way that she could have known, without outside influence, that the congressional seat in her district was there for the taking.   Hour 3: Glenn tells the story of a nightmare unfolding for the average Venezuelan every day – This is the inevitable result of a socialist utopia …A caller explains how a decades-old quote by Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi says a lot about the current state of Islamism in Europe and the U.S. …Author Joel C. Rosenberg joins the program to discuss his book ‘The Persian Gamble’ as well as his interactions with President Trump …Could arms deals between Iran and North Korea be going on right under America’s nose? …Is the true Axis of Evil comprised of Russia, Iran and North Korea?
125 min
Insanity Society? | Guests: Jeff Giesea & Dr. W...
Hour 1Venezuela, in the heart of darkness?  Hypocrisy, is the reason the media and Hollywood are the enemy? Who is IIhan Omar? Her very shady past as a former Immigration fraud? "One is human, the other is not"?  Hour 2Is it time to break up Big Tech? Twitter is leading the way on censorship? Is it 1984 or A Brave New World? The Protections and platforms of Social media? Google controls 90% of what we search for? Open platforms have been great for democracy.  Hour 3'Hate Crime Hoax: How the left is selling a fake race war'. Author, Dr. Will Reilly joins to explain? The Art of False Narratives? Labeling and partisanship isn't for everyone? Glenn Beck and Three days with Tony Robbins? 
123 min
Best of the Program | Guests: Jeff Giesea & Dr....
Best of the Program | 3/13- Venezuela, in the heart of darkness? -h1- Who is IIhan Omar? -h1- Censorship is Only Getting Worse? (w/ Jeff Giesea) -h2- Hate Crime Hoaxes? (w/ Dr. Will Reilly) -h3
52 min