Guilty As Charged: An LA Chargers Pod...

The Guilty As Charged Podcast covers everything from the Los Angeles Chargers to the NFL Draft! Co-hosted by Steven Haglund, Alex Insdorf and Tyler Schoon. Make sure and follow the Podcast on all social media platforms!

LA Chargers Podcast: NFL News and Notes and rev...
On today's episode the guys discuss:1. The latest in the COVID-19 news2. The Redskins name change3. David Njoku's trade request4. Who is overrated and underrated in the AFC ConferenceDon't forget to subscribe, like, retweet, rate and review!Aspiring...
66 min
COVID19 Update, Chris Jones and Buy or Sell
Today is Alex's first episode as our new co-host! Make sure and follow him on social media.Today we discuss:- The latest in the NFL's plans against the COVID19 pandemic- Chris Jones' potential hold out- Buy or Selland much more.Aspiring podcasters:...
51 min
Breaking down the Cam Newton signing and Desmon...
On today's episode, Jason and Steven discuss the Patriots signing of Cam Newton, the rumors surrounding Desmond King, and Michael Davis' struggles. You also won't want to miss their rants about the Karen's of the world, and the importance of wearing...
44 min
Drafting the "All 22" for the Los Angeles Chargers
On today's episode, Jason and Steven discuss the rumors surrounding Antonio Brown and Josh Gordon. Then, they draft the Chargers "All 22"(rules clarified in the episode) highlighting the talent on the current Chargers roster. Let us know what you think...
39 min
Los Angeles Chargers Chat: featuring Gavino Bor...
On today's episode of the Guilty as Charged Podcast, Jason and Steven are joined the editor of Chargers Wire: Gavino Borquez. The three of them discuss some league news including Dak Prescott's contract, and Jamal Adams formal trade request. But first...
57 min
"Hard Knocks", Colin Kaepernick and Chargers In...
On today's episode, Jason and Steven discuss what the Chargers getting on HBO's "Hard Knocks" means for this franchise, what to make of the Colin Kaepernick "news". Then Steven is joined by Andrew, Lewys and Thomas who are repping the Bolts over in...
55 min
Bolt Beat/GAC Roundtable
On today's episode of the Guilty as Charged Podcast, Steven and Jason are joined by some of their fellow Bolt Beat writers for a special roundtable episode. The topics discussed include: fan stories, what to make of the Chargers QB depth chart, favorite...
50 min
Chargers' Review feat. Marcus Whitman
In this episode:Jason and Steven are joined by Marcus Whitman, otherwise known by his YouTube channel of That Franchise Guy.The three discuss the future of the Chargers, along with the draft, including that of Justin Herbert and Kenneth Murray.
27 min
Hypothetical trade candidates and coaching changes
On this episode Steven and Jason take a topic suggestion from a Patreon user and discuss current Chargers players that could be traded if the 2020 season goes awry. They also mention some possible head coaching candidates should the team elect to move...
42 min
Around the League Discussion
In this episode:Jason and Steven discuss events and rosters around the league.Does Dak Prescott deserve a contract?Discussing the Damion Square signing.
53 min
Chargers Trivia Night
On today's episode, Tyler hosts a Chargers Trivia Night. Steven and Jason compete against each other to test their knowledge of random Chargers facts. The guys also share their stories of how they came to be Chargers fans. Enjoy!
49 min
Favorite Chargers Games, and Breakout Players!
In this episode:The crew discusses some of their favorite games and moments over the course of the last decade.Next up, they discuss some players they believe have breakout opportunities in 2020.
63 min
Defensive Stat Projections + Interview w/ LAFB ...
It's the title. Just read the title. That's the description. You're welcome.
58 min
May Patreon Q&A + Interview with FB Bobby Holly
We recorded on Zoom today! Sorry for the technical issues, quarantine breeds new situations we all have to adapt to. Check out our video on YouTube (see @gacpodcast17 on Twitter for the link).Today we've got six Patreon questions to go over: Position...
68 min
Johnny Lunsford Interview + Chargers Wide Recei...
The Guilty as Charged crew discuss the latest around the league regarding the COVID19 news and how it affects the Los Angeles Chargers. Then Steven is joined by Johnny Lunsford, co-host of the Scarlet and Great Podcast, to discuss the two former Ohio...
67 min
Rob Moseley Interview + Offensive Line Notes
On today's episode, Steven is joined by Rob Moseley who is the editor of to discuss Justin Herbert's legacy at Oregon, things he needs to improve upon as he transitions to the NFL and more. Then the guys react to the press conference of...
48 min
LA Chargers Defensive Changes + Interview with ...
Jason, Steven and Tyler react to LA Chargers Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley's comments about the possible changes that could be happening on that side of the ball in 2020. They give their analysis on the press conference including, which players this...
60 min
LA Chargers Schedule Release!
In this episode:Jason, Steven, and Tyler go over all sixteen games on the Los Angeles Chargers' schedule!The crew goes over hypothetical scenarios regarding Tyrod Taylor and Justin Herbert.Plodclast.
76 min
Cinco de Mayo Episode: Chargers Roster Battles.
Feliz Cinco de Mayo! Tyler and Steven take a look at some of the main roster battles that will be occurring this fall on the Chargers roster: Justin Herbert vs Tyrod Taylor, Forrest Lamp vs Dan Feeney, Justin Jones vs Jerry Tillery and more! Make sure...
42 min
Chargers UDFA Prospects Feat. Gilbert Manzano
"What's a matter, what's a matter, what's a matter you?What's a matter, babe, are you feelin' blue? Oh-oh!"1. Jason, Steven and Tyler discuss the Chargers' UDFA signings2. Steven is joined by the OC Register's Gilbert Manzano to discuss the Chargers'...
68 min
2020 NFL Draft Reaction
Tyler and Steven give their reactions and analysis to the 2020 NFL Draft, specifically with the goal in mind to grade the Los Angeles Chargers six picks: Justin Herbert, Kenneth Murray, Joshua Kelley, Joe Reed, Alohi Gilman and the steal of the draft KJ...
49 min
GAC Final Mock Draft (Codename: Dream On)
Tyler, Steven and Jason put on their Tom Telesco hats and discuss the likely scenarios and picks for the draft this weekend. Plus, a key discussion on waiting to draft a quarterback until next year and you won't want to miss Tyler's impression of...
78 min
Fan Mock Drafts Part II Feat. Francis Bernard
In this episode:Steven interviews Utah Linebacker and NFL Draft Prospect Francis Bernard.Jason continues to interrupt Tyler.The crew goes through some more Los Angeles Chargers fan mock drafts as the real NFL draft approaches!
91 min
David Gonzales Collaboration
Steven is joined by David Gonzales of The Fantasy Sports Cave Podcast for a special edition of the Guilty As Charged Podcast. Listen in as the two discuss the various possibilities for the LA Chargers in this upcoming NFL draft. 
43 min
Debating Our Big Boards Feat. Daniel Popper
In this episode:The crew goes over the signing of former XFL Left Tackle Storm Norton.A brief review of some of the visits so far this offseason.Steven interviews the Athletic's Daniel Popper.Jason and Steven debate some players they disagree on.
93 min