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Jeff Erickson, Clay Link, James Anderson, Scott Jenstad, Todd Zola, Fred Zinkie, Erik Halterman and Ryan Boyer cover fantasy baseball year round, including draft prep, strategy and much more!

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Tout Wars H2H Points Review (2022)
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire shift their focus from roto to points for the majority of the show today as they review Clay's draft in Sunday's Tout Wars head-to-head points auction.
68 min
Prospect Mailbag! (2022)
James Anderson answers over 50 listener questions about prospects and dynasty baseball.
79 min
Tout Wars Review, Pitcher Injuries
Fred Zinkie reviews Jeff Erickson's AL Tout Wars draft, tells him what to do in the NFBC Main Event (well, advises), and the two break down much of the latest news, including injuries to Luis Castillo and Shane Baz.
80 min
2022 Pitcher Targets & Fades / Correa, Story & ...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad discuss the latest round of big names finding their new homes for 2022 and then talk about their targets and fades among starting and relief pitchers.
86 min
News + Beat Todd Zola Recap
Clay Link (@claywlink) and Todd Zola (@ToddZola) of RotoWire touch on some of the latest news from around the game before diving into Todd's "Beat Todd Zola" draft from Thursday night.
56 min
Kev Mahserejian, Seth Klein, Sam Wirsching and Ian Swirka join Jeff Erickson to review the recent SCARF draft completed on March 13 (before the Fernando Tatis Jr. injury) and review a few of the copious news items of the week.
57 min
Prospects on the Move (2022)
RotoWire's Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson (@RealJRAnderson) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss the prospects that have been traded since the end of the lockout.
48 min
First-Round Shakeup!
Negative news on Fernando Tatis Jr. and Ronald Acuña has shaken up the first round of fantasy drafts. Matt Olson is now on the Braves. Aaron Judge might not be able to play in home games? That and a lot more with this news-heavy podcast with Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson.
76 min
2022 Offensive Fades / Recapping a Slew of Tran...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down all the transactions over the weekend from a fantasy angle and then dive into offensive players they are fading for the price in 2022 drafts.
72 min
Clay Link and Todd Zola of RotoWire celebrate the end of the lockout and discuss the little bit of news that has trickled out since before moving on to Todd's LABR and TGFBI drafts.
54 min
Lady and the Legend
Andrea Lamont (@RotoLady) and Lenny Melnick (@LennyMelnick) join Jeff Erickson to talk about: - Their show together. How do they work together and separate it from their normal day-to-day life. - Andrea's Mixed LABR draft and Lenny's NL LABR auction. - Lenny's team in TGFBI - Each of their respective upcoming Tout drafts.
55 min
Talking AL LABR w/ Ian Kahn!
Ian Kahn of The Athletic stops by to recap AL LABR w/ James Anderson and Clay Link of RotoWire! James participated in LABR for the first time this year. Find out their strategies and which players they fought each other for.
75 min
Mid-Range Hitters
Fred Zinkie and Jeff Erickson review many of the hitters going in the 100-200 ADP range, discuss draft enthusiasm in the industry, and a few FOMO players so far.
68 min
Mid-Round Starting Pitcher Strategy / More Base...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad take a deep look into a number of mid-round starting pitchers, talk about their favorite baseball movies / books and discuss which MLB games they wish they would have attended.
76 min
News + Mono League Strategy
Clay Link and Todd Zola of touch on a few news items from around the league before moving on to AL/NL-only league strategy ahead of AL LABR.
53 min
Aaron Pagliaro (@FantasyTriage) of Reliever Recon joins Jeff Erickson to talk about this year's reliever pool, how he handles the saves category in his leagues and more!
57 min
Dynasty Rankings Update, TGFBI & More!
RotoWire's Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson (@RealJRAnderson) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss James' updated dynasty rankings, their starts in TGFBI, Tout Wars Draft & Hold, changes to the Top 400 Prospects list and more.
55 min
Industry League Talk
Fred and Jeff have a lot of industry league talk in this edition, reviewing our respective LABR teams from last week, with updates on TGFBI (Jeff), and Tout Wars Draft-and-Hold (Fred).
84 min
Baseball Favorites / ADP Movers / Attacking Pit...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad flip the script on all the negativity around baseball and discuss their favorite things about it. They also talk plenty of fantasy, discussing ADP Movers and pitchers after Pick 200 who can help your weak categories.
81 min
Razzslam & Best Ball Strategy
FSWA Hall of Famer Todd Zola (@ToddZola) and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link (@claywlink) discuss their drafts so far in the Razzslam and general Best Ball strategy.
55 min
Corbin Young Joins RotoWire
Corbin Young (@Corbin_Young21) just started writing for RotoWire, and he joined Jeff Erickson to discuss a wide range of topics, including what he does when starts to do a deep dive on a player.
51 min
Pitching Prospect Tiers 2.0 (2022)'s Lead Prospect Analyst James Anderson and Senior MLB Editor Clay Link dig into James' Pitching Prospect Tiers 2.0 article.
52 min
Jeff Erickson and Fred Zinkie discuss their picks in Tuesday night's LABR Mixed League draft, with special appearances from Jason Collette, Todd Zola, James Anderson and Ryan Rufe!
164 min
The 2022 SB Market / Attacking Offensive Catego...
Jeff Erickson and Scott Jenstad break down the stolen base market in 2022 drafts and then discuss some players after Pick 200 who will help address your offensive category deficiencies.
75 min
"War Stories" & History of RotoWire on Sirius R...
50 min