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Listen to Nick Whalen, Alex Barutha, Shannon McKeown, Ken Crites, Steve Alexander (Dr. A), Rick Kamla, Brandon Kravitz and NBA guests from around the league talk fantasy basketball throughout the season.

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Listen up, Basketballs! It's Storytime.
1 min
Hawks Steal Game 1, Chris Paul's Moment, Finals...
Nick Whalen and Kenny Ducey talk about the NBA playoffs.
59 min
Bucks-Hawks, Suns' Title Chances, Simmons Trade...
Nick Whalen, James Anderson and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA playoffs.
74 min
A Wild NBA News Day + Bucks-Nets with Ben Zweim...
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA playoffs.
73 min
Bucks-Nets, Clips Roar Back, Suns' Future + Bes...
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA playoffs.
52 min
Top-150 Chatter, Suns Rolling, Bucks-Nets Game 3
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA playoffs.
63 min
Bucks in a Hole, Suns Take Game 1, Lillard as T...
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA playoffs.
64 min
Lakers, Blazers Eliminated + Round 2 Previews
Ken and Alex discuss the Lakers and Trail Blazers being eliminated from the playoffs and how the two franchises might move forward. After that, the two amigos preview the known Round 2 matchups.
44 min
Celtics Shake-up, Embiid's knee, Dame Goes Off ...
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha break down the 2021 NBA Playoffs.
46 min
Clippers-Mavs, Bucks-Nets, Lakers Thoughts + Mo...
Nick Whalen is joined by both Alex Barutha and James Anderson to break down the 2021 NBA Playoffs.
77 min
Bucks vs. Nets Inevitable, Lakers & Nuggets up 2-1
Ken, Shannon and Alex discuss the latest playoff news before going over some strategy for Friday's DFS slate.
43 min
Clippers in BIG Trouble, Lakers Pull Even
Alex Barutha joins Nick Whalen to recap Tuesday night's Lakers-Suns and Mavericks-Clippers game, as well preview Wednesday's three-game playoff slate.
51 min
Bucks and Nets on a Collision Course in Round 2
Nick Whalen is joined by Alex Barutha to recap all of the action in the NBA Playoffs.
67 min
Wizards Make the Playoffs + Fantasy Postseason ...
Ken, Shannon and Alex discuss the Wizards making the playoffs and the Warriors vs. Grizzlies game going down Friday night. After that, the three talk about the fantasy postseason draft they recently took part in. Finally, DFS suggestions for Friday and Saturday.
50 min
Fantasy Postseason Discussion + Rookie Card Values
Shannon and Alex navigate a slow news day by discussing the value of various NBA rookie cards due to the unprecedented boom in the market. What's worth more: a Killian Hayes or Isaiah Stewart card? How much does an autographed Giannis card go for? After that, some too-early fantasy postseason talk followed by DFS.
39 min
Round 1 Matchups, Playoff Plotlines + Lottery S...
Nick Whalen talks with James Anderson about the upcoming NBA Playoffs, including the most appealing first-round matchups, the wildcard Lakers, teams with the most on the line, and whether this is Chris Paul's best and final chance to win a title. Then, the guys discuss the heap of teams vying for draft position and debate which lottery outcomes would be the most and least fun.
57 min
Play-In Scenarios + Should the Lakers want the ...
Nick Whalen is joined by Alex Barutha to discuss the play-in scenarios as the regular season comes to a close. Should the Lakers intentionally try to get the eighth seed in hopes of matching up with Utah and avoiding the Clippers? The guys also discuss Kristaps Porzingis' mounting injury concerns, the Celtics' suddenly shaky future and which of Portland, Dallas and Denver could make the most noise in the postseason. Finally, Nick and Alex discuss the conversation around James Wiseman and where he fits if the 2020 rookie class were re-drafted today.
44 min
Most Disappointing Players, Lessons Learned
Shannon and Alex discuss postseason chances of the Lakers, Nets and Mavericks before diving into the most disappointing players of this season, plus some lessons the two learned throughout the year. Then, waiver wire options and DFS talk.
43 min
Play-In & Lottery Scenarios + What is Russell W...
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha discuss what LeBron's ankle means for the Lakers' playoff path before debating how another monster statistical season impacts Russell Westbrook's legacy. Then, the guys talk about the teams most likely to fall into the play-in tournament before discussing the most intriguing draft lottery scenarios.
50 min
James Harden Who? Kevin Porter Posts 50 and 10
Ken and Alex are joined by a special guest: RotoWire contributor and Bulls fanatic Mike Barner. If you read RotoWire's Yahoo NBA DFS articles Monday-Friday, you're familiar with Mike's work. The trio discuss the latest news in the Association, including Kevin Porter Jr. becoming the youngest player ever to post 50 points and 10 assists. After news, there's waiver wire discussion and DFS suggestions for Friday's slate. Ken and Alex also learn the correct pronunciation of Alize Johnson's first name, and Mike has an Old Man Rant of his own.
43 min
Timberwolves, Bulls... What's the Plan?
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha talk about the NBA.
38 min
Anthony Davis returns, Trae Young sidelined
Ken, Shannon and Alex discuss the latest NBA news, including Anthony Davis' return and Trae Young's injury. Then, the Three Amigos discuss fan questions before getting to waiver wire suggestions. Finally, some suggestions for Friday's seven-game DFS slate.
50 min
Under-the-Radar Fantasy Players for 2021-22 wit...
Nick Whalen is joined by James Anderson to discuss some lower-level players who could be poised to break out next season.
46 min
All-NBA Debate + How Much Do Missed Games Matter?
Nick Whalen and Alex Barutha discuss James Harden's injury setback and LaMelo Ball's imminent return before debating this season's All-NBA teams.
49 min
AD's imminent return, LaVine out 10-14 days
Ken, Shannon and Alex discuss the news, including LaMarcus Aldridge's retirement, Anthony Davis nearing a return, Zach LaVine in COVID protocols, and James Wiseman's surgery. After that, Fan Feedback and Waiver Wire suggestions like Tomas Satoransky, Nerlens Noel and Hassan Whiteside . Finally, the three amigos wrap up with DFS advice, Ken's Old Man Rant and mispronounced names, featuring Malachi Flynn.
45 min