The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

The Foundations of Building a Brand | Entrepren...
When you understand how to combine traditional and digital media and create emotional connections through your content, you will be able to build a brand that stands out from the rest.
49 min
Mike Massimino: Former NASA Astronaut| #ThePlay...
Mike Massimino, Senior Advisor at the Intrepid Museum, shares the knowledge he’s gained through his experiences in space.
25 min
Campbell McLaren: Co-Creator of UFC and Founde...
Campbell McLaren, CEO of Combate Americas and co-founder and co-creator of the UFC, discusses how the MMA league is reaching an untapped Hispanic audience and how their team is working to scale their digital sports content.
22 min
How To Deal With Fear
Hey podcast listeners! Today's episode is a response to the question "how do you deal with the fear of the unknown?" Don't forget to text me 949-298-2905 to be the first know when I'm in your city hosting open session Q&A meetups. Timestamps: [1:44] - Look for the positive perspective in everything [6:26] - Why I was afraid to ask for help
9 min
4 Strategies To Maximize Your Side Hustle
Four strategies you can immediately implement to maximize your side hustle or increase revenue streams for multiple businesses.
11 min
Scott Allan: SVP & Global General Manager of Hy...
Scott Allan, SVP & Global General Manager of Hydro Flask, shares how he uses his engineering education to inform the way that he helps to grow the company’s brand.
23 min
Daina Trout: Co-Founder and CEO of Health-Ade K...
Daina Trout, Co-Founder and CEO of Health-Ade Kombucha, discusses the brand’s beginnings as well as how their team has handled challenges as the company has grown.
20 min
Scott Deviney: President and CEO of Chicken Sal...
Scott Deviney, President and CEO of Chicken Salad Chick, talks about the restaurant chain’s focus on purpose and how it instills team-first values.
16 min
The Most Important Decision You Can Make | Conv...
Today's podcast is a conversation I had with my new "neighbor" Gary Vaynerchuk. If you take one thing away from this episode, I hope it's making the right decision to be happy. We don't have to do anything, we get to do everything.
35 min
Ray Anderson: Arizona State University Athletic...
Ray Anderson, Vice President for University Athletics and Athletic Director at Arizona State University, talks about his strategy for building a winning team.
21 min
Ann Rosenberg: Author and Senior Vice President...
Ann Rosenberg, Senior Vice President for UN Partnerships for SAP, talks about her work fostering innovation, community, and equality in more than 117 countries.
26 min
The Importance of Consistency | Conversation wi...
Learn about the impact consistency and faith have on our performance.
21 min
Rich Krause: CEO of Capital Brands LLC| #ThePla...
Rich Krause, CEO of Capital Brands LLC Parent Company of NutriBullet, shares his thoughts on how to deliver the best products to consumers.
22 min
How To Build a Brand That Lasts | Collision Con...
How to find your frequency and build an authentic brand that lasts.
9 min
Dave Gilboa: Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Par...
Dave Gilboa, co-CEO & Co-Founder of Warby Parker, delves into his story of identifying an issue within the glasses industry and then launching a business to solve the problem while studying at the Wharton School.
23 min
Raj Kapoor : Chief Strategy Officer for Lyft| #...
Raj Kapoor, Chief Strategy Officer at Lyft, talks about how a mindset of curiosity led him to where is today and how the team at Lyft are challenging our assumptions about transportation.
20 min
Josh Luber- Co-Founder of StockX| #ThePlaybook 125
Josh Luber, Co-Founder of StockX, talks about how his previous ventures as an entrepreneur prepared him to change streetwear forever.
21 min
Mark Brazil: Co-Founder of Ikonick| #ThePlayboo...
Mark Brazil, entrepreneur and co-founder of IKONICK, talks about how taking a more disciplined approach to business has changed his life.
21 min
Damon Wayans Jr.: Comedian, Actor, and Writer|...
Damon Wayans Jr., comedian, actor, writer, and co-founder of the app Special Guest, talks about the similarities between the entertainment world and entrepreneurship.
20 min
Willie Colon & Large: Co-Hosts of Barstools Bea...
Willie Colon and Large, co-hosts of Barstool Sports’ new program Beatz N Eats, talk about the production of their newest show and their paths to working in media.
22 min
Akon: Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & Entrepr...
Akon, music icon and entrepreneur, shares his thoughts on the importance of mentorship for business leaders and how he works to learn from the next generation of musicians.
18 min
Jan Stenerud: NFL Hall of Fame Kicker| #ThePlay...
Jan Stenerud, Hall of Fame placekicker, talks about coming to America to ski in college to becoming an NFL Hall of Famer and how he was able to live the American dream.
17 min
Kevin Mawae: 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Ind...
Kevin Mawae, 2019 Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee and ASU Offensive Analyst, talks about how finding faith empowered him to change the way that he looks at life.
25 min
Champ Bailey: NFL Hall of Fame Cornerback| #The...
Champ Bailey, Pro Football Hall of Fame cornerback and successful entrepreneur, discusses how trusting the team around you can set you up to achieve greatness.
20 min
Nick Baker and Russell Silvers: Co-COO's at AEG...
Nick Baker and Russell Silvers, co-COO’s at AEG, share their thoughts on landing a great job in sports business.
23 min
Sid Mashburn: CEO of Sid Mashburn| #ThePlaybook...
Sid Mashburn, founder and CEO of Sid Mashburn clothing, talks about how his experiences in fashion and hospitality prepared him to launch his own brand.
23 min
John Paul DeJoria: Founder of Patron & John Pau...
John Paul DeJoria, self-made billionaire entrepreneur, shares the lessons about positivity that he’s learned over his career.
20 min
Dave Asprey: Founder and CEO of Bulletproof| #T...
Dave Asprey, Founder and CEO of Bulletproof, talks about the impact that your physiology has on your performance as an entrepreneur.
24 min
Peter Murray : CEO of Professional Fighters Lea...
Peter Murray, CEO of the Professional Fighters League, talks about how he’s sacrificed in order to land some of the most coveted jobs in sports business.
24 min
Phil Hellmuth: World's Greatest Poker Player| #...
Phil Hellmuth, winner of 15 World Series of Poker bracelets, discusses the role of introspection and a positive mindset in his success as a poker professional.
21 min
Forrest Griffin: Most Important Fighter in UFC ...
Forrest Griffin, Hall of Fame MMA fighter and VP of Athlete Development for the UFC Performance Institute, talks about the growth of mixed martial arts.
22 min
Paige Hathaway: Consistency Builds Brands and M...
Paige Hathaway, influencer and fitness expert, talks about discovering her passion for fitness and health, as well as how social media has impacted the way that she brands herself.
23 min
Scott Harrison: CEO of charity: water| #ThePlay...
Scott Harrison, CEO of charity: water and author of the best-selling book Thirst, chats about the mission of his charity and how his organization is changing the world by providing clean water to millions of people.
30 min
Andy Frisella: CEO of 1st Phorm| #ThePlaybook 108
Andy Frisella, CEO of 1st Phorm International and host of the MFCEO Project, sheds light on how today’s entrepreneurs can dominate their competition with his Five Task Rule.
25 min
Alvin Gentry: New Orleans Pelicans Head Coach| ...
Alvin Gentry, Head Coach of New Orleans Pelicans, talks about building relationships through trust and the chemistry of the championship teams he’s coached in college and professional basketball.
21 min
Chris Del Conte: University of Texas Athletics ...
Chris Del Conte, Athletic Director for the University of Texas, chats about his beginnings working in college athletics at the lowest level, as well as why he emphasizes service for UT employees and athletes.
19 min
Rob Angel: Creator of Pictionary| #ThePlaybook 105
Rob Angel, creator of Pictionary, talks about making your big idea into reality by breaking it down into small steps and then taking action.
19 min
Tim Draper: The Billionaire Startup Hero| #TheP...
Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates and Draper University, shares his thoughts on how to evaluate companies ahead of investment, as well as how he’s evolved into one of the world’s most recognizable venture capitalists.
21 min
Robert Schaeffler: CEO of DevaCurl | #ThePlaybo...
Robert Schaeffler, CEO of DevaCurl, talks about how indie brands can excel in today’s marketplace.
22 min
Donovan McNabb: Former NFL Quarterback| #ThePla...
Donovan McNabb, former star quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, talks about how he’s handled critics throughout his career and the steps he took to ensure he would be able to make the most of his post-career ventures.
21 min
Ryan Leslie: Grammy Nominated Musician| #ThePla...
Ryan Leslie, music producer and CEO of Superphone, discusses his journey as a musician and how that prepared him to excel as an entrepreneur.
22 min
Tilman Fertitta: Owner of the Houston Rockets |...
Tilman Fertitta, restaurateur and owner of the Houston Rockets, discusses his personal roadmap to success and the principles he used to turn his company, Landry’s Inc., into a multi-billion-dollar hospitality empire.
19 min
Taylor Berry: Head of Brand Marketing at Tito’s...
Taylor Berry, Chief Marketing Officer of Tito’s Handmade Vodka, discusses the evolution of the brand and the role that philanthropy plays in its growth.
20 min
Jake Olson: Finding the Setup in the Setback | ...
Jake Olson, who made headlines as a blind long snapper for USC, talks about the insights he’s gained about overcoming adversity since losing his sight at age 12 and how he uses his experiences to encourage others to avoid making excuses and face their challenges head-on.
19 min
Mike Moosbrugger: Why You Should Embrace Pain |...
Mike Moosbrugger, an entrepreneur, author, and former NFL player, talks about the devastating tragedy that shaped his perspective on life forever.
23 min
Jim Kwik: Unlocking the Genius Inside of You | ...
Jim Kwik, CEO of Kwik Learning and renowned brain expert, shares his tips for maximizing your brain’s performance and enhancing your retention.
38 min
Alex Banayan: Why He Hacked the “Price is Right...
Alex Banayan, author of the best-selling book The Third Door, talks about how a decision to “hack” a taping of The Price is Right changed his life.
25 min
Neil Patel: The Maverick of Digital Marketing |...
Neil Patel, co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, talks about the opportunities that today’s widespread social media platforms offer in terms of building a personal or professional brand.
22 min
Todd Herman: The Alter Ego and Hacking Our Perf...
Todd Herman, author of “The Alter Ego Effect”, discusses how using your imagination can accelerate your performance.
22 min
Bradley Tusk: Uber’s First Political Advisor | ...
Bradley Tusk, founder/CEO of Tusk Holdings, is most known for being Uber’s first political advisor and helped the rideshare company win a landmark regulatory battle in New York City.
19 min
Christian Okoye: From Nigeria to the NFL in Thr...
Christian Okoye is a former All-Pro running back who discovered the game of football when he immigrated from Nigeria at the age of 21. In 2006 he established the California Sports Hall of Fame and is currently the President.
20 min
Robert Smith: Fox Sports College Football Analy...
Robert Smith, Fox Sports College Football Analyst and founder/CEO of Fan Health Network, talks about the role that execution and vision play in a leader’s success.
27 min
David Abeles: CEO of TaylorMade Golf | #ThePlay...
TaylorMade CEO David Abeles and host David Meltzer discuss topics such as the traits that make a great entrepreneur, including work ethic, sacrifice, and how building strong relationships has allowed both of them to find success in their fields.
29 min
Mikey Taylor: Pro Skateboarder, Entrepreneur, a...
Mikey Taylor, skateboarder and one of the founders of Saint Archer Brewery, talks about making the most of his transition into the business world following a very successful skateboarding career, as well as his newfound focus as an investor and entrepreneur.
26 min
Chip Wilson: Founder of Lululemon | #ThePlayboo...
Chip Wilson, founder of the athletic apparel company Lululemon, discusses how he was inspired to build the revolutionary company, the values he holds dear, and why he believes in a “Rule of Three” when it comes to bringing his ideas to life.
21 min
Massy Arias & Stefan Williams: Co-Founders of T...
Massy Arias and Stefan Williams, co-founders of Tru Supplements and fitness influencers, share insights on what they’ve learned from building a fitness brand designed to uplift others, how they handle disagreements as a married couple who works together, and the relationship between integrity and profitability.
25 min
Matthew Santoro: Youtube Creator | #ThePlaybook 85
Matthew Santoro, online personality with over 1.3 billion views on YouTube, talks about having to curb his spending habits after his initial success, the impact that meditation has had on his mindset, and what he’s learned from confronting his ego.
26 min
Sue Bird: WNBA Champion | #ThePlaybook 84
Sue Bird, WNBA legend, shares her thoughts on winning championships and the byproducts of finding her voice.
23 min
Michael Chandler: Bellator Lightweight World Ch...
Michael Chandler, three-time Bellator lightweight world champion, shares his thoughts on the relationship between your self-image and your success, lessons he’s learned from opening his fitness facility, and the biggest benefit of being a world champion mixed martial artist.
25 min
Leah Pritchett: NHRA Drag Racing Champion | #Th...
Leah Pritchett, championship NHRA drag racer for Don Schumacher Racing, discusses the challenges she faces as a woman in a male-dominated sport, how she works to find the right sponsors, and the surprising relationship between fear and excitement.
21 min
Eric Dickerson: Hall of Fame Running Back | #Th...
Eric Dickerson, one of the greatest running backs in NFL history, delves into the highs and lows he experienced during his career, including what nearly made him quit the game of football, as well as how he mentors today’s generation of athletes to help them build their brand on and off the field.
23 min
Thad Sheely: Chief Operating Officer of the Atl...
Thad Sheely, the Chief Operating Officer of the Atlanta Hawks, discusses his winding journey from the finance industry to working in the NBA.
24 min
Edwin Arroyave and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave: E...
Edwin and Teddi Arroyave, entrepreneurs and stars of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, discuss how their different upbringings set them up to thrive as business leaders, parents, and spouses.
27 min
Steve Weatherford: Super Bowl Champion Punter &...
Steve Weatherford, Super Bowl Champion punter and fitness influencer, shares the mental struggles he’s experienced transitioning into his post-NFL life, as well as why he’s putting an emphasis on being a vulnerable leader.
26 min
CJ Anderson: Super Bowl Champion | #ThePlaybook 77
CJ Anderson, running back for the Los Angeles Rams, discusses the lessons he learned from one of the most challenging seasons he’s experienced as a professional, and the role that mentors have had in shaping his career in sports and business.
23 min
Bedros Keuilian: Founder and CEO of Fit Body Bo...
Bedros Keuilian, the founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp, speaks about the paradigm shift he experienced as a young man, coming from a communist country to the US with nothing but hopes for success.
22 min
John Brenkus: Creator & Host of Sport Science |...
John Brenkus, known as the creator and host of Sport Science, talks about what he’s learned about decision-making and momentum from his time studying the world’s greatest athletes, martial artists, and special forces officers.
19 min
Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick: Co-h...
Lauryn Evarts Bosstick & Michael Bosstick, the co-hosts of The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, discuss the evolution of The Skinny Confidential from its beginnings as a lifestyle blog to a multimedia powerhouse.
25 min
Aubrey Marcus: Founder & CEO of Onnit | #ThePla...
Aubrey Marcus, the CEO and Founder of Onnit, speaks about the impact that emotional regulation has on an entrepreneur, and how your habitual choices can prepare you for success or impair your ability to achieve.
24 min
Herm Edwards: Head Coach of the Arizona State S...
Herm Edwards, head coach of the Arizona State Sun Devil football team, talks about the “compass” that drives him towards success.
21 min
Andrew Jenks: Award-Winning Filmmaker & Documen...
Andrew Jenks, award-winning filmmaker, documentarian, and host of the top podcast What Really Happened?, shares some background on his career, from his humble beginnings filming grass as a pre-teen to directing MTV's biggest new series launch ever, World of Jenks. He talks about the types of stories he enjoys telling the most, the inspiration he derives from his selfless parents, and how researching Michael Jordan has inspired him to help get a seemingly wrongly convicted killer out of prison.
24 min
Robert Goldman & Robert Godley: Founders of Psy...
Robert Goldman and Robert Godley, founders of the iconic Psycho Bunny clothing brand, share secrets to creating a successful business partnership, some of the struggles the company faced, and the origins of their logo design. The pair discuss the evolution of their clothing brand, why entrepreneurs need to give back to their communities, as well as how to leverage your passion for more success.
25 min
Maria Sharapova: 5x Grand Slam Champion | #Th...
Maria discusses what she’s learned building and scaling her company, Sugarpova, as well as the role of trust for entrepreneurial success.
19 min
Paige VanZant: UFC Fighter | #ThePlaybook 68
Paige VanZant, UFC fighter, Dancing with the Stars champion, author, and more, talks about how practicing martial arts has changed everything in her life and empowered her to chase her potential.
19 min
Ryan Serhant: Star of Million Dollar Listing Ne...
Ryan Serhant, star of Million Dollar Listing New York, shares the strategies that have made him into one of the most successful real estate brokers in the country. Ryan covers everything from how his previous jobs, roofing and acting, prepared him to excel in the business world, to the role that emotions play in the sales cycle, as well as when you should sell.
21 min
Lecrae: Grammy-Winning Recording Artist, Songwr...
Lecrae, Grammy-winning recording artist, songwriter, record producer, and actor, discusses what drives him to share messages of acceptance and patience with his music, as well as the “why” that motivates him to learn and grow as an artist, father, and entrepreneur. He also covers the roles that mentorship, acceptance, and patience play in success.
21 min
Baron Davis: Former NBA All-Star | #ThePlaybook 65
Baron Davis discusses how the many lessons he learned in the NBA translated to his success in the business world.
22 min
Rob Pannell: Lacrosse World Champion | #ThePlay...
Rob Pannell, a gold-medal winning member of Team USA Lacrosse.
21 min
Bradley Martyn: Owner of Zoo Culture Gym and Fo...
Bradley covers everything from the relationship between awareness and happiness, how to build a YouTube channel that resonates with others, and his dreams for the future.
27 min
Howard Behar: Founding President of Starbucks C...
Howard Behar, founding President of Starbucks Coffee, shares secrets to building a “people-focused business”.
24 min
Chris “Drama” Pfaff: Founder and CEO of Young &...
Chris “Drama” Pfaff, Founder and CEO of Young & Reckless, shares his thoughts on the failures of today’s educational system for entrepreneurs, how he drew inspiration to build his clothing brand from the approaches of Rob Dyrdek and Ken Block, and how asking for help has greatly accelerated his success.
20 min
John Assaraf: New York Times Best-Selling Autho...
John Assaraf, New York Times best-selling author and the CEO of NeuroGym, details the neuroscience of success and how training your brain is key to achieving maximum performance. John discusses how to strengthen your "neuro-muscles" and create positive mental habits with "Innercises" for your brain.
22 min
Dave Roberts: Manager of the Los Angeles Dodger...
Dave Roberts, Manager of the Los Angeles Dodgers, talks about how experiencing adversity sports help to build a stronger character, and how he relays this message to the next generation of athletes. Dave discusses how to deal with labels or rejection from others, and how to use them to fuel your success.
22 min
“Sugar” Ray Leonard: World Champion Boxer | #Th...
"Sugar" Ray Leonard, one of the greatest boxers of all time, opens up and shares how his approach to the sweet science helped him to beat talented opponents before they even stepped in the ring. Ray discusses the characteristics that made him such a phenomenal athlete, where he drew his inspiration, as well as his struggle to come to grips with abuse he experienced in childhood.
25 min
Dan Patrick: Host of The Dan Patrick Show | #Th...
Dan Patrick, one of the biggest names in sports broadcasting and host of the Dan Patrick Show, talks about his winding path to ESPN, how he dealt with rejection as a young man, and how he and Full Sail University have created a program to provide the next generation of sportscasters with tools to compete in the media industry.
23 min
Ming Tsai: Emmy Award Winning Chef | #ThePlayb...
Ming Tsai, Emmy-winning chef, sits down with David Meltzer to share his thoughts on building the skills to be a successful restaurateur and chef, how his squash career impacted his life, and the role that mentors have played in shaping him.
26 min
Paul Rodriguez: Professional Skateboarder & Ent...
Paul Rodriguez, stud skateboarder, actor, and entrepreneur, chats with David Meltzer about the numerous lessons he’s learned while creating businesses, both inside and outside of the skateboarding world.
21 min
Martellus Bennett: Super Bowl Champion & Creati...
Martellus Bennett, Super Bowl Champion and Creative Director of Awesomeness for the Imagination Agency, shares with David Meltzer his approach to making dreams into reality, and how he works to inspire the next generation to catch their dreams.
20 min
Anthony Lynn: Head Coach of the Los Angeles Cha...
Anthony Lynn, Head Coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, talks about his approach to coaching an NFL team, how to deal with social media distractions, and the legacy he wants to leave in football and in life.
18 min
Metta World Peace: NBA Champion | #ThePlaybook 52
Metta World Peace, former NBA star turned entrepreneur, sits down with David Meltzer to share his thoughts on empowering the next generation to come together and rebuild, as well as how to deal with the negative perceptions of others.
19 min
Ray Lewis: NFL Hall of Famer & 2x Super Bowl Ch...
Ray Lewis, NFL Hall of Famer and 2x Super Bowl Champion, talks with David Meltzer about the mindset that made him one of the most feared players on the field and one of the most respected players off it.
31 min
Victor Cruz: Former NFL Wide Receiver | #ThePla...
Victor Cruz, the Super Bowl winning wideout famous for his touchdown celebration dance, discusses how his upbringing impacted his work ethic, what it’s like having mentors like Maverick Carter, and why he is motivated to impact others every day.
19 min
Tim Brown: NFL Hall of Famer & Former Heisman T...
Tim Brown, Heisman winner and Hall of Fame wideout, discusses with David Meltzer the role his over-developed ego played early in his career, as well as the importance of his faith in his everyday life.
23 min
Ryan Leaf: Former NFL Quarterback | #ThePlayboo...
Ryan Leaf, former #2 draft pick in the NFL, chats with David Meltzer about the mindset that led to him becoming one of the most well-known “busts” in sports history, as well as the many life lessons he’s learned from changing that mindset.
24 min
Colton Haynes: Star of Teen Wolf & Arrow | #The...
Colton Haynes, star of Teen Wolf and Arrow, chats with David Meltzer about the struggles he went through before coming out and how he learned to live a more authentic life.
19 min
Chris Gardner: The Inspiration Behind The Pursu...
Chris Gardner, the inspiration behind the hit book and movie The Pursuit of Happyness, talks with David Meltzer about the importance of having a Plan A that is clear, concise, compelling, consistent, and committed.
27 min
Reggie Love: Former Personal Aide to Barack Oba...
Reggie Love, Barack Obama’s former personal aide shares with David Meltzer what he’s learned from his time playing football and basketball at Duke, as well as from his time working in the White House.
27 min
Brandi Chastain: Two-Time World Cup Champion | ...
Brandi Chastain, hero of the 1999 World Cup and US soccer legend, talks with David Meltzer about how she dealt with being cut from the national team as well as transitioning from forward to defender.
23 min
Anastasia Ashley: Professional Surfer | #ThePla...
Anastasia Ashley, AS, sits down with David Meltzer to share insights from her early career and how she’s made the transition from athlete to entrepreneur.
18 min
Jack Canfield: Author of the Chicken Soup for t...
Jack Canfield, legendary author of the Chicken Soup for the Soup series, chats with David Meltzer about how the digital age has completely changed the publishing business.
29 min