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The Rockpile Report is a Buffalo Bills podcast hosted by Buffalo Bills season ticket holder Drew Gier & produced by former radio production assistant Chris Krueger

Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Eight
It's been a strange week, Bills fans! We discuss the staff changes that have taken place for the Buffalo Bills. Then we recap what ultimately degenerated into a strange week with Bills C Eric Wood. Then, we host Bills longsnapper and friend of the show Reid Ferguson for the first time this year to talk about his first year as a starter, and loook ahead to 2018.  Finally, Drew provides some insight to his lunacy, as he give our listeners his survival guide to "Watching But Not Really Watching the Super Bowl". Prop Bets, the Puppy Bowl...what more could you ask for! @SnapFlow50 - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email For Conspiracy Theorists: For Pizza Lovers: - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Kyle's article on Eric Wood's neck injury
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Seven
Who's excited for the Super Bowl!   ***** Crickets ******   This week, we talk about our Championship Weekend experience, our takes on the game and Drew's reaction to social media jail.    Then, we host HashtagSports Paul Wanecski, renowned football nerd, to give our listeners an in depth look at the Bills salary cap situation.    Be sure to catch Drew live on the RocSportsNetwork's "The Huddle TV" Season Recap this weekend live from Thurman Thomas's "34 Rush" at Batavia Downs! - Link to the show, featuring Nick Wojton, Ashley Petty & more!   Erik Turner is live at the Senior Bowl - follow his coverage at & !   @rockpilereport on Twitter @htagsports on Twitter
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Six
GET YOUR DIXIE HORNS OUT, BOYS & GIRLS! This week, we talk about playoff football finally getting good. We also bid farewell to a pair of high ranking Bills staff members, one of whom we're pretty happy to see leave (his name rhymes with Dick Rennison).  Then, because the Bills suddenly move quickly in the front office, we break down the hire of Brian Daboll and give our take on what he brings to the table. It's not your typical regurgitation of stats, you're going to want to check it out.  We wrap the show by outlining the rest of what we've got coming down the pipe as we enter the 2018 offseason - rest assured, we've got plenty of guests, hot takes and beer reviews to get you all through the doldrums of the offseason until the NFL Draft!  @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email - Bringing You the Best Views in Sports! We're now on Spreaker! Download the app and get all of our fantastic content delivered right to your phone - it's literally the laziest way to get fantastic podcasts and content! - Bringing regional sports coverage to the Rochester area! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Five
Well Bills Fans, 2017 has been one hell of a ride!   We host Bills endzone flag holder Gregg Torlone tonight for the longest show of the season. We discuss Incognito, Kyle Williams & today's presser with Beane & McDermott and what each of these things means heading into the offseason.   We also recap BUFvsJAX giving our assessment of the game, along with Gregg's insight as to what being there was actually like, and recap 2017 as a whole in our Season Review.    Finally, we hand out our 2017 Rockpile Report Awards - trust me, it's worth sticking around for!     A heartfelt "thank you" to everyone who follows, contributes and supports us for making this our most successful season ever! This is the start of something big, I can feel it!   @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email   @GTorlone - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast ; If you don't try their pizza, with it's sweet sauce, you're not the type of person I'd drink a beer with. - The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Four
Are you NOT ENTERTAINED?! That's the question we have for BillsMafia this week - WHAT A NEW YEARS EVE THAT WAS! In this weeks show, we discuss Sunday's action and our reactions to it. Then we wax poetic on what it means to the fanbase and future of the franchise.  We also recap our game in Miami, then host Jaguars podcasters Darrick Smith & John Kellum from the "Down by the Bank" show to walk us through their season and our upcoming Wild Card matchup.  Win or lose, I'm proud of this team and it's fans. LETS GO BUFFALO! John Kellum - jkdathird on Twitter Darrick Smith - thedroc on Twitter Down By The Bank - downbythebank on Twitter DONATE TO ANDY DALTON'S FOUNDATION - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - The Official Hot Sauce Company of the Rockpile Report Podcast
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Three
As bitter as we all may be - we're still on the cusp of glory!   For the first time in 13 years, the Bills are still alive in playoff contention come the final week of the season - it's a strange feeling when you think about how the season has gone.   We discuss the various playoff scenarios, talk about flex scheduling & give an indepth look at whats gone wrong with NFL officiating.    Then, we recap our Xmas eve matchup vs the Patriots & discuss the dead horse Drew simply can't stop beating.    We close the show with a discussion on the Dolphins and our upcoming matchup with Phin's writer/podcaster Travis Wingfield! Win or lose, playoff bound or not - thank you to all of our listeners who've stuck by us this season!   @rockpilereport on Twitter @wingfieldNFL on Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Two
HAPPY FESTIVUS EVERYBODY - WHAT A WEEK TO BE ALIVE! This week, we host WGR550's Nate Geary! We talk about his 1st Seagram bet win (vs his father...), Cordy Glenn going to the IR & what EJ Gaines means to this defense and why his health is the biggest story of the week. Then we recap the action from our home finalie against Miami, discuss our front 7 & toast what might have been the last home game of KW's career. We also host Patriots radio caller/personality Christian Simonelli to discuss the most meaningful game we've had against these jerkoffs in more than a decade. Drew has officially lost his mind.  Finally, we recap the playoff race and then, in true Fesivus fashion, air our grievances together in an attempt to clear the air, get our negativity off our chests, and head into 2018 with a clean slate!  @ChriswithaTIAN - Simonelli Twitter @NateGearyWGR - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - Gmail - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report! Huge shout out to everyone that donated to their Toys for Tots campaign, this was their biggest turnout ever! - The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report!
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety One
Folks, this week has been bedlam.  Drew recounts his experience at Sundays game in graphic fashion, and we talk about why people who are cursing McDermott for punting on 4th down might need to blow it out their ass.  Then, we talk about the playoff picture, recap the AFC East action, and host Locked On Dolphins Podcast host Travis Wingfield for an in depth discussion about the Miami Dolphins in advance of our must win matchup! Don't forget - we're collecting submissions for our annual "Festivus Cleebration: An Airing of Grivevances". Tweet or e-mail us what bothers you about the 2017 Buffalo Bills, and we'll read & reward the funniest during next weeks show! @WingfieldNFL - Twitter @Rockpilereport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report - Toys For Tots & Free Pizza goes until 12/15 - lets continue to be the City of Good Neighbors & help them reach their donation goal! You'll get free pizza in the process! - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports!
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Rockpile Report Episode Ninety
To quote AC/DC: "If you want blood, you got it!" We discuss the Tyrod injury, the Gronkowski hit and compare 2011 to 2017 in a segment that literally breaks Drews heart to talk about. Who thought we'd relive this horror?! We go on to recap this weeks matchup with NE, including a discussion about Leslie Frazier and why Drew is appreciative of him. Then we talk about the AFC East, and why both teams under us are surging towards positive records, even if they don't like it.  Finally, we talk about who the Colts are and what the Bills need to do to get a W this week at New Era Field.  Remember - Festivus is coming! December 19th, be sure to join us for our annual celebration including the "Airing of Grievances"! Message us your funniest bitches, whines, moans & complaint and we'll read them on the air! @RockpileReport - Twitter theRockpileReport - Reddit - Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast ; Please help contribute to their "Toys for Tots" program, you'll earn a free large pizza for your contribution! - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports!
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Nine
Who saw THAT coming?! This week we host WGR550's Nate Geary as he pays the piper for his Cleveland Browns bet! Then we discuss the Benjamine & Glenn injuries & McDermotts refusal to commit to a QB past this week.  We also recap BUFvsKC, recap the AFC Playoff race & then host Pats fan and occasional NE radio host Christian Simonelli to talk about our upcoming matchup vs the Patriots. Drew is off his rocker, folks!  - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Be sure to follow our Twitter (@Rockpilereport) for info, as Wise Guys is running a Toys for Tots promotion that gives contributors FREE PIZZA, and we can't help but sweeten the pot. And also, visit their website to "Pie it Forward" to a deserving family in you neighborhood this holiday season! @NateGearyWGR - Twitter @ChrisWITHATIAN - Twitter - Giving you the best views in sports! - Bringing the best in local sports & hunting to the Rochester & Syracuse regions - Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Eight
We've nearly run out of adjectives to describe this season! The 2017 Buffalo Bills have come off the rails, and Drew isn't far behind. Tonight we run a whole gamut of emotions as we host Erik Turner of Cover1/Locked On Bills to discuss the QB change, and talk about why some of the national criticism of McDermott should be outrightly ignored. Then Drew gets choked up as we recap BUFvsLAC, we discuss the AFC Playoff Picture and preview our matchup with the Chiefs - there's things here to exploit but it's on our coaches and players to see whether or not they want to take advantage of them. Sunday and the rest of our season rest squarely on their shoulders!   @Cover_1_ – Erik Turner / Twitter bills -  Locked On Bills Podcast @RockpileReport - Twitter - Follow us for pics, updates, live video & more! - The Official Pizzaria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Bringing You the Best Views in Sports! - Bringing Regional Sports & Hunting to the Rocherster & Syracuse Region
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Seven
WHAT A WEEK TO BE A BILLS FAN!  Drew has officially come off the rails, but luckily we have some amazing guests who help us keep it together! We host USA Today "BILLSWIRE" Managing Editor Rob Quinn this week to discuss a multitude of topics including the recent DT shuffle By McBeane & NFL players speaking out against TNF. Then, we recap the ATROCITY that was BUFvsNO, discuss the playoff prospects of everyone who matters in the AFC, and preview our must-win, back against the wall matchup with the San Diego...I mean....LA Chargers. Make no mistake - this is the game that will dictate the rest of our season & show us whether or not this coaching staff and "The Process" is to be believed in 2017. Be sure to tune in to our Saturday night show live on Periscope (Twitter) on Saturday night where we talk Injury Report, Keys to Victory & more!  @RobQuinn6019 - Twitter  @RockpileReport - Twitter  - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast  - The Official Hot Sauce/Pepper Company of the Rockpile Report - Nate Geary's Article
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Six
Well, that sucked. This week, we review hot sauces instead of beers (The Brooks Pepperfire Foods Co. hot sauces to be exact)! We discuss Drew's game day mania, Injuries to NFL rookies, and the debacle that was TNF vs the Jets. Drew eats crow for telling Chris "Good Teams Don't Have Bad Games!", and we look for silver linings going forward. Then we talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the surging New Orleans Saints in our weekly preview and explain why, despite their opponents 6 game winning streak, the Bills have a punchers chance to pull out this win at home! - Official Hot Sauce of the Rockiple Report Podcast @RockpileReport – Twitter Be sure to tune in Saturday night for our weekly Periscope/FB Live sessions where you can win free food compliments of Wise Guys Pizza! - Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast @YardsPerPass – Twitter ; Jon Ramsey
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Five
WHAT A WEEK TO BE A BILLS FAN! This week, the Bills & NFL as a whole have given us so much to talk about that this is one of the longest shows in our history!  We have fresh audio from Beane's presser regarding the Benjamin trade, and talk about why this years active trade deadline is good for the NFL. We also discusss Drew's reaction to the Dareus trade & what it means for this franchise moving forward.  Then we recap the game vs Oakland, talk about Miami and the rest of the division, and wrap the show with an appearance by JetNationRadio host Joe Blewett who helps us preview Thursdays game vs the New York Jets, where we can take back controll of the AFC East! @JetNationRadio - Twitter @Joerb31 - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzaria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Bringing You the Best Views in Sports! - Serving Rochester & the Western Syracuse Region
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Four
Tonight we host Bills flag holder Greg Torlone in what was our longest episode is months! I'd apolgoize, but it's interesting stuff! We discuss why fans bashing Dareus for not living up to his contract might be a bit off base, and why our statement wins this season are starting to ring hollow. Then we recap Buffalo vs Tampa, and talk about why Drew bashes Tyrod. We recap AFCEast action, preview the Raiders and watch Chris make his worst Seagrams Bet of the season! - The Best Pizza in the Southtowns! Order online, tell 'em the Rockpile Report sent ya! @gtorlone - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter Make sure you tune in to our live shows every Saturday night to find out how you can win free pizza! - Bringing You the Best Views in Sports!
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Three
Fresh off the Bye Week, and thank god, couldn't have come at better time! This week, we talk about the Bills injuries and how our roster shapes up after the Bye Week. In our AFCEast roundup, we discuss the Pats latest escape from justice & Miami's shocking win in ATL. And we close things out with a preview of #BUFvsTB, and talk about the one aspect of their defense that might seal this game for Buffalo. - Watch Drew sweat, bark & cry his way through the Reaper Wing Challenge! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast @RockpileReport - Twitter therockpilereport - Instagram - Email
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty Two
This week, we host WGR550's Nate Geary! We talk about being a professional on the radio, the highs and lows of our matchup vs the Bengals, and discuss what the recent rash on injuries has taught us about this roster. Then, we deliberate about where we go from here & why Bills fans need to keep your chins up. Chris & Drew close the podcast making a series of Seagrams bets that will shape Chris's future ability to show his face in public.  *We apologize for the production issue near the end of the show! #EditingFail * - Be sure to give us a follow & tune in on October 14th @ 7:30pm to watch Drew take on the Wise Guys Reaper Wing Challenge! @RockpileReport – Follow us on Twitter to catch our news, videos & join in on our weekly Periscope sessions! @NateGearyWGR - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report - Bringing our fans the Best View in Sports!
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Rockpile Report Episode Eighty One
OH HOW SWEET IT IS! The Buffalo Bills are alone in first place of the AFC East, fresh off one of the most unexpected wins of the season! We recap the game, talk about recent signings and explain why fans shoudln't flip out about the Jordan Matthews injury. Then, we talk about Nate Geary's on air explanation of his Browns pick, and preview our matchup with the Bengals that Drew is convinced is a trap game. He's got to be wrong, right? - Give us a follow and be sure to tune in Oct. 14th for the Reaper Wing Challenge! - The Best View in Sports - The Official Pizzaria of The Rockpile Report @rockpilereport - Twitter therockpilereport - Instagram - Email
83 min
Rockpile Report Episode Eighty
Guys, I've never heard Chris this fired up! This week we recap the sweatiest, most physically taxing win ever over the Denver Broncos, and talk about why Drew thinks the Patriots are the most vulnerable they've ever been. Then we preview the Bills vs. Falcons in a game where even weekly "tank enthusiast" Chris agrees we need to win! - WiseGuys's  - The Offical Pizzaria of The Rockpile Report Podcast! Stop in Sat, October 15th and cheer Drew on as he faces the "Carolina Reaper Wing Challenge" on our weekly Facebook/Twitter Live show! @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email
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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Nine
Well Bills fans, if you're reading this then you survived Sunday's game. Congrats! This week, we discuss why the 2017 Colts & Bears are so important to the Buffalo Bills future, and also discuss McDermotts recent comments and what it tells us about his coaching method. Then we recap Sundays game, and go over why the blame belongs on more than one pair of shoulders. Then, we preview Sundays matchup w/the Broncos, and strike back at the people who make WGR550 unlistenable from Sunday-Wednesday. Make sure you catch our live show for predictions and Q&A every Saturday night on Twitter & FB Live: @RockpileReport - Twitter Https://
75 min
Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Eight
THE BILLS ARE #1 IN THE AFC EAST..What a time to be alive! This week, we talk recent roster changes, recap our win vs the Jets, talk about fan participation & explain why WGR550's Nate Geary may have to chug a 6'er of Seagrams by the end of the season. Then, we preview this weekends matchup Vs Carolina. Guys, this gams going to be rough so buckle your seatbelts...but I think we can pull this thing out if our coaches are prepared. LETS GO BUFFALO! @RockpileReport - Twitter therockpilereport - Instagram
71 min
Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Seven
(We would like to apologize for the beep sound you hear roughly between the 44 and 54 minute mark) This week, Drew dusts off his soap box with a message for Bills fans everywhere. It's not about the W's & L''s about friendship, family & the guy standing next to you when it's 5 degrees at The Ralph. We also provide our takes on the 53 man roster after cut down day, and then preview our Week 1 matchup vs the New York Jets with AFC East Bro's Kyle Smith! @RockpileReport - Twitter therockpilereport - Instagram
89 min
Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Six
Folks this week, Drew is riled up and you're all going to hear about it! We talk about the Ragland trade, about Darues being sent home and about mass hysteria. Then, we talk about what we've learned this preseason,  discuss some players on the roster bubble & where Drew thinks they'll end up. @RockpileReport - Twitter
70 min
Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Five
Another week, another NFL Headline for the Buffalo Bills! *Cracks 3 Beers* This week we talk about Boldin's announcement, Jerry Sullivan & Jordan Matthews, gift horses....and their mouths? Then, we host Miami Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield to wrap up our 2017 Training Camp ediion of the AFC East Roundup! This is a big week for the Bills starters, check back next week as we hand out our preseason superlatives, make our roster predictions and more!   @rockpilereport on Twitter @WingfieldNFL on Twitter
57 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seventy Four
This week, the Buffalo Bills made some of the boldest moves that we've seen in decades, and thus we spend this week focusing on the trades, their value vs cost and what it means for the franchise moving forward. In the words of Jerry McGuire - "Who's comin' with me?!" We also discuss the end of training camp, Drew's on-field interview with Eddie Yarbrough & we continue our AFCEast roundup by talking to everyone's favorite Patriots fan Christian Simonelli about New Englands offseason thus far! Check it out, and be sure to check out all of our exclusive player interviews in their entirety at ! @CHRISwithaTIAN - Simonelli's Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter
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Rockpile Report Episode Seventy Three
Folks, we're  not ones to brag, but this week we've got a lot to be proud of! In this installment, we hear audio from the interviews Drew led at Bills Training Camp at New Era Field with DT's Jerel Worthy & Kyle Williams (full audio will be released on Twitter)!  We also talk about the developing storylines of training camp & the signing of Anquan Boldin. Then, with all the TC talk, we host former host of the AFC East Bro's podcast Kyle Smith to kickfoff our AFC East Roundup: Training Camp Edition! The Bills kickoff on Thursday night, let's be loud and proud out there - It's been 7 long months and I've been waiting forever to say it: LET'S GO BUFFALO! - Grandstand Sports Network @RockpileReport - Twitter @AFCEastBros - Twitter
76 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seventy Two
On the eve of Training Camp, big things are still going on at One Bills Drive! We host The Huddle TV's Ryan Lasal, to discuss the trade of Cardale and all of the UFA visits we've had this week. We go on to talk Adolphus and what the vast number of DT visits might mean, and we'd be jerks if we didn't talk about Anquan Boldin. And to close we issue  a fantasy football challenge to everyone who thinks they have what it takes! Be sure to check out Drew's return to blogging with The Huddle's FREE Training Camp Magazine, located here: @TheHuddle_RSN - Twitter @RyanLasal_RSN - Twitter
52 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seventy One
Tonight on the Rockpile Report we host a pair of WGR550 personalities, Nate Geary from "Breakfast With the Bills"& Ryan Gates, producer for WGR550's "Schopp & The Bulldog" and host of "The Nightcap"!  We discuss Jonathan Williams not facing charges on DUI & Adolphus Washington's weapons charge, the recent tweets from Sammy Watkins on the way NBA players are getting paid and PFF's dislike of the Bills in 2017.  We promise you're going to want to listen to Nate Geary's ridiculous Seagrams Bet! Then we bring you our annual Training Camp Primer, asking and answering questions about the roster that a lot of Bills fans might be wondering as we close in on the 25th! Twitter Ryan Gates - @Ryan_wgr Nate Geary - @Nategearywgr  @TalkingTanked - Twitter @rockpilereport on Twitter @therockpilereport on Instagram
95 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seventy
In this weeks Rockpile Report, we have a number of reasons to celebrate. We put on our critic's hat and take on a pair of recent publications: * The highlights & lowlights of the BillsMafia documentary from Barstool Sports   * A recent article from Bleacher Report, disparaging the 2017 Buffalo Bills   Then, in an act of transparency and fairness, we critique our previously unreleased, never before heard inaugural podcast & Chris plays a guessing game with Drew over some of his hot takes from 2015!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Instagram - therockpilereport
57 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Nine
This week we interview Del Reid, Godfather of BillsMafia, about his history, most recent offering & his outlook on the 2017 season! We also discuss the Maclin Saga, an asshat from NFL Network & reports coming out of OTA's/the teams first 2 mini camps! – Website@26Shirts – Twitter@RockpileReport – TwitterTheRockpileReport –
67 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Eight
This week, the Rockpile Report hosts Mario from Hashtag Sports to cover his review of our off season, the coaching Dareus will get from Mike Waufle, the signing of Gerald Hodges, and where Preston Brown fits on this defense. We also discuss Bob Kalsu & finish our AFC East Round-up with our Dolphins contributor Travis Wingfield, discussing the free agent and draft moves made this offseason by Miami.  Kalsu Article:   TWITTER Mario - @htagsports Travis - @Travis_writes @rockpilereport
91 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Seven
We're once again joined by Rob Quinn of the Bills Wire, a part of USA Today Sports Media Group! This week, we cover more than Revis in his prime: * FA Visits &  Kouandjio's Release * Some newcomers dislike of a Buffalo tradition * Whaley's comments from his first public interview since his release Then we finish off our 2017 NFL Draft Recap by discussing the pair of LB's we drafted to close out the class! @rockpilereport on Twitter @therockpilereport on Instagram @robquinn619 on Twitter
86 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Six
Tonight we are joined by Nate Geary from WGR550 to discuss a slew of topics! We talk about recent mini camp signing of Jalen Robinette from Air Force & a rule chance that could benifit Buffalo in 2017. Then, we break down the whirlwind of front office hires that the Buffalo Bills have made in the last week. Finally, we talk about the pick of Nathan Peterman & we chat with Christian Simonelli, legendary caller of the PFW in Progress Podcast, to get a feel for what Pats Nation thinks of their draft in this weeks installment of the AFC East Roundup.   @rockpilereport on Twitter @therockpilereport on Instagram @chriswithTIAN on Twitter @nategearywgr on Twitter Cover1 article on Nathan Peterman.
94 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Five
This week on the Report! We will have no discussions about how hot my mom is! We've got a new GM! We discuss who he is and who he beat out for the job.  We discuss who is still available with free agency and go over our top UDFA signings.  We talk to Dean Kindig from to talk Drew off the ledge of our second round picks Zay Jones and Dion Dawkins.  Finally we begin our AFC East draft round up with Kyle Smith, our favorite and most celebrated guest to find out how he felt about the New York Jets draft and get the pulse of the fan base.   Twitter @rockpilereport Instagram @therockpilereport Dean - @TCBills_Astro Kyle - @afceastbros Rate and review us for those get our show from Itunes!
96 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Four
We're back! This week we have Paul and Mario from Hashtag Sports ( on our show to go over a multiude of topics that include the Bills hosting free agent Gary Barnidge.  Buffalo declining Sammy Watkins 5th year option.  Also, the firing of Doug Whaley and the Pegula presser! Lastly we review our first round pick Tre'Davious White!   Hashtag Sports on Twitter @htagsports Rockpile Report on Twitter @rockpilereport Rockpile Report on Instagram @therockpilereport
101 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Three
QB Talk has been all the rage lately & we wouldn't ever want to disappoint our fans! This week, the Rockpile Report talks Gillislee & Watkins, & we air the first installtion of a new segement - "Rockpile Report Court" Then, to wrap up our pre-draft talk, we host QB guru Mark Schofield from "Inside the Pylon" to talk in depth about each of the QB prospects linked to the Buffalo Bills. For everyone chewing their fingernails over us trying to find a franchise QB, you won't wanna miss this show!   Remember to tune in next Thursday, April 27th for our Annual Bills Draft Show, feat. Bills Longsnapper Reid Ferguson (LSU Alumni) & podacasters Kyle Smith (AFC East Bros) & Joe Blewett (Jet Nation Radio) and Chris' mom.    @rockpilereport - Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram @markschofield - Mark Schofield
92 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty Two
This week, the Rockpile Report is rolling! We host Ryan Lasal of The Huddle (Formerly BillFanatics) TV Show to talk our way through:  McDermott Dining with Royalty  Free Agency Updates, including the addition of TJ Yates  Review of our pre-draft meetings & what it might mean to the Bills draft plans Then, we interview Reid Ferguson, Bills Longsnapper and discuss what his return to Buffalo and the first practice week of the season has been like! @RyanLasal_RSN  - Twitter @Snapflow50 - Reid Ferguson ; Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram @RockpileReport - Twitter
68 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty One
This week, the Rockpile Report celebreates a milestone! Thanks to everyone who follows and listens to us, you're the reason we do this! We host Rob Quinn, writer for to talk about a slew of topics: * Bills News, including in depth discussion on the Doug Whaley situation * Free Agency Grades, including the Andre Holmes & Ryan Davis signings * NFL Draft Preview: DE's & DT's * Adolphus Washington Welching on a Bet The show is stacked, feel free to provide us your feedback & help out Rob's cause: @AWashington_92 - Adolphus's Twitter @RobQuinn619 - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram - Gmail
105 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixty
What's up Rockpile Report fans! This week, we host WGR550 radio personality Nate Geary! We cover more ground than Usain Bolt running a marathon: * Tyrod Taylor Resigning with Buffalo * Gilmore is now a F***** Patriot?! * Bills Free Agency  * NFL Draft Preview: WR's & TE's You've got to check it out, and be sure to follow us for more: @NateGearyWGR - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram - Email
94 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Nine
The offseason is finally ramping up, and the Rockpile Report is here to bring you our thoughts on all things Buffalo! This week we talk Tyrod's future, as well as some slick moves Whaley (or any other GM who knows what the hell he's doing) could make to alleviate our cap woes. And then, we get into the meat of things: 2017 NFL Draft 4-3 LB Preview/Review Bills FA Primer Discussion on players who shouldn't be allowed to put on our jersey @RockpileReport - Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram
90 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Eight
Happy V-day! Whether you're married, dating or single, I think we can all agree that football soothes everything. This week we open with a discussion on Tyrod's contract and the different avenues the team could take to address the QB position in 2017.  Then, we host Bleacher Report Draft Analyst Connor Rogers to preview the defensive backs in the 2017 draft class that I feel might best fit our organization, talk about their strengths & weaknesses, and where we'd slot them come late April. Next episode, we'll preview another position group & kick off our " 2017 Draught Beer Challenege" - you won't want to miss it! @ConnorJRogers - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter @therockpilereport - Instagram
79 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Seven
This weeks show is the longest we've had in a while! We've got Icey Vick from the BillsFanatics TV Show on with us, as well as Erik Turner from Cover1.Net and DAMMIT if it wasn't a great time.  We talk SB LI, our picks and and we talk about why Gregg Rosenthal sucks. Then, we get Erik Turner on the show to talk us through the transition to Rick Dennisons offense.  Then, we preview what we'll give you guys in the offseaon when it comes to Free Agency and the NFL Draft.
125 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Six
Welcome to a loaded edition of the Rockpile Report, featuring guests Erik Turner of & former SD Chargers blogger Jeff Siniard! We were supposed to go bi-weekly but this week carried too much news to pass up, with the hire of Sean McDermott. We talk about the press conference, and about why Jerry Sullivan and most of the TBN crew can bite the fattest part of Drew's ass. Then, with Erik Turner we talk about the changes coming between the newly hired staff and the defensive scheme. and how our current personnel fits them.  And finally, Drew editorializes on the situation in San Diego with the help of former blogger Jeff Siniard. It's something that not only infuriates Drew, but is also a story line that Bills fans need to realize can play out for anyone considering the NFL's business model. SD Article Erik Turner Twitter - @Cover1bills Web - Jeff Siniard   Twitter - @JeffSiniard Web -
97 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Five
Welcome to the 2017 offseason! First and foremost, a heartfelt "Thank You" to our listeners - our following has grown exponentially over the last year and we couldnt do it without you guys!This week the show focuses on the HC search, including pros and cons for each of our interviewees so far, and taking a look back at 2016. We've got statistical talk and we give out our own annual superlatives like a football high school year book!    The Rockpile Report is going to go to a bi-weekly format for the offseason, starting this week. But that doesn't mean you can't still see/listen to us drink beer and talk sports! Follow us: Twitter - @RockpileReport Gmail - Instagram - therockpilereport
90 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Four
This week, we talk about the future of Kyle Williams, we recap the New Years Day game in New Jersey against the NYJ with guest Gary Smith, and talk about how Russ Brandon's exclusion from the coaching staff might be a sign of growth for our organization.  Then, Drew drinks a bunch of beers and goes off about the Whaley press conf. from Monday. If you're sensitive to the term "hacks", prep yourself.  Steve Tasker was right - we Bills fans are 90% scar tissue. That's why I know we're all tough enough to see this rebuild through, and when we get there it'll be sweeter than the 269 beers we polished off while recording this season. Thanks for listening & Let's Go Buffalo!
98 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty Three
This week we were joined by Drew's friend Travis Torlone to discuss the kick in the dick we recieved by the Miami Dolphins as well as go into detail the laundry list of things that got Rex Ryan fired.  The tale of two halves for Tyrod Taylor and we have on our most decorated guest and wall art conessuer Kyle Smith from the AFC East Bros podcast to talk about the season finale against New York.   @rockpilereport on Twitter Kyle Smith - @afceastbros on Twitter to download his show.
84 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty two
Happy Holidays!   Packed episode tonight! * We discuss who is left out there if Tyrod does in fact get released * Discussion on the pros & cons to letting Rex Ryan go at the end of the season * Recap of the experience at the Browns/Bills game and our Hero & Zero of the week We also host Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield to help us preview our Xmas eve matchup vs Miami. And finally, we put on the 2016 Festivus Celebration: An Airing of Greivances in an attemtp to decompress after a long and trying season. Happy Holidays everyone, and LETS GO BUFFALO! The Phinalysis Podcast @travis_writes on twitter kyle-shows- team/ - J. Sullivan Article on Kyle Williams
116 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty One
This weeks podcast starts out on a somber note. This week we discuss the Bills vs. Steelers game, and talk about how the QB and HC positions have come under fire. Then we give an in depth recap of the AFC East's weekend, including comments from Dolphins blogger from "The Deep End" Max Himmelrich. Then, we preview about what has historically been one of the worst things to happen to Buffalo or Cleveland since the time Lake Erie caught on fire - the semi-annual Bills/Browns matchup!  And don't forget - there's still time to get your bitches and complaints in for 2016's "Festivus Celebration: The Airing of Greivances"! The funniest and most depressing will be read on the air! @Rockpilereport - Twitter   You can find Max Himmelrich here: @himmelrichnfl - Twitter
84 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifty
This week, Drew goes off about Tyrods performance, and the coaching staffs apparently acceptance of it. We also talk about Jeff Fishers extension, that awesome Jets MNF game, missed opportunities and this weeks matchup against The Steelers!   Don't forget - it's almost time for the Rockpile Report podcasts annual Festivus celebration:The Airing of Grievances! Be sure to comment, message, Tweet or e-mail us your Buffalo Bills grievances from the 2016 season - we'll drink and be merry while reading the best, funniest & most depressing on our Dec. 20th podcast! Twitter - @RockpileReport Gmail - Reddit - MagillaGorilla1928 Facebook -
78 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Nine
This week, we talk Bills news, including Dez Lewis's inglorious debut, a new slew of injuries and Seantreal Hendersons bullshit suspension. Then, we host Bills & Beers podcaster Lars Weborg to help us recap Week 12 against the Jaguars & preview the Oakland Raiders! Chris is so jaded that he thinks the Raiders will triple the current spread and win by more than 9 points - feel free to Tweet us to talk about what a jerkoff he sounds like! Bills & Beers Podcast - On Twitter @Bills&Beers Also, get yourselves ready for our annual "Festivus Celebration - An Airing of Greivances" by thinking about what your greivances for the 2016 Bills season are and sending them to us so we can read them on our show: Twitter - @RockpileReport Gmail - Instagram - TheRockpileReport
98 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Eight
Folks, the Rockpile Report is back! Its been a rough few weeks, and I know I owe our followers alot - but we're back on solid ground and it feels better than satin boxers. BETTER THAN SATIN BOXERS!!   This week we break down the Bengals game, and talk about how even though it was a rough game and the penalties in the first half made Drew want to die, we came out the other side with the W.  Then we switch gears and discuss the 2-8 Jags, Blake Bortles, and why despite what Chris thinks the Bills will win by 7 or more this weekend!   Thanks to the "Keep Choppin Wood" podcast for lending us some audio! Find us on Twitter @RockpileReport Gmail -
88 min
Rock Pile Report Investigates Soft Tissue Injuries
In our first installment of Rock Pile Report Investigates as its own podcast, we have doctor Kyle Trimble in studio to discuss the uptick of soft tissue injuries facing not only the Buffalo Bills, but the league as a whole.   Rock Pile Report on twitter @rockpilereport instagram - @therockpilereport Kyle Trimble on Twitter @kyletrimble88
30 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Seven
This week, we host one of our listeners Kyle Trimble, who also happens to be a doctor to discuss the injuries on our team.  We cover the latest Bills news on Duke Williams, Sammy Watkins, and Eric Wood.  We discuss our reasons or optimisim and pesissim as we are on our bye week.  As always we take a long around the division and give a quick recap on the Dolphins, Jets, and Pats game.  Finally, we preview our matchup against the Cincinnati Bengals.   Twitter - @rockpilereport instagram - @therockpilereport Kyle Trimble on Twitter @kyletrimble88   Bills Backers of Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati
83 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Six
This week on the Rock Pile Report podcast we discuss the Monday Night debacle in Seattle.  We go into detail on the blocked punt with Bills practice squad member Reid Ferguson and give our glowing opinions of Richard Sherman and Walt Anderson.  We also utilize our new skype number to call into the AFC East Bros podcast and talk about the Jets and Dolphins game.   Twitter @rockpilereport Reid - @snapflow50 Kyle - @afceastbros Gary - @afc_eastbrogary Instagram @therockpilereport
78 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Five
This week, we host Bills season ticket holder Celeste Albone to get a females perspective on the Buffalo Bills and she drops us a nugget of information of what went down in her section.  We discuss the lone bright spot against New England, Mike Gillislee.  We also recap the debut of Marcell Dareus and discuss the horrible day by Stephon Gilmore.  Finally, we preview our Monday night matchup in Seattle with writer Lars Russell. Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport on instagram @therockpilereport
115 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Four
This week, Drew was sick as a dog but decided beers and football talk were worth more than warm fluids and rest. We recap the Phins game, and Drew goes off a bit on what he thinks about the hit on Williams and the ripple affect it could have on our team. Then we recap the AFC East and bring our loyal Patriots fan and PFW in Progress host Christian Simonelli to help us preview the Patriots game to see if there are ANY weaknesses in the Patriots game right now.    Guys, we all know they're coming to get us after our win in Foxboro - If you're going, be loud & proud and give em hell! Maybe we come out the other side intact! Let's go Buffalo!   Questions or comments? @RockpileReport on Twitter or
95 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Three
This week, Drew and Chris celebrate their back to back 200DL episodes! Thank you to everyone who listens!   We recap the wild Buffalo sports weekend, and talk our tailgate experience with Gary Smith (@afc_eastbrogary) from AFC East Bros Podcast and Bills Fanatics members Celeste and Rico & dig into the numbers behind the Bills dominant performance against the 49ers this past weekend.   With the help of Orange & Aqua creator Vero DelFino, we preview our upcoming matchup with the Dolphins, and then on a more somber note we discuss a cause that I'd ask our fans support in: Please check this out, and if you can't donate I'd ask that you simply leave some words of encouragement for this family as they could really use our support. Let's show them what being #BillsFam is all about! Have anything to say, or something you want us to read on the air? Let us hear it - @RockpileReport on Twitter,
101 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty Two
This weeks intro features Drew losing it over the Bills defense in embarrassing fashion.   From there, we go on to recap the Bills win over the Rams, and expand on the fact that our division is becoming a 2 horse race. Then, with quotes Lars Russell from SB Nations "Field Gulls", we preview the 49ers and talk about what every Bills fan should look for come Sunday!   Have comments or questions? Shoot them to or hit us up on Twitter @RockpileReport. LET'S GO BUFFALO!
89 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty One
This week Drew offers up a referendum on the state of today's Bills fans, and implores those of you out there who are ready to jump ship to listen to reason.   We host "PWF In Progress" Patriots podcast guest personality Christian Simonelli (@ChriswithaTIAN on Twitter) to help us recap this weekends massive win over the Patriots. We also take a look around the rest of the division and discuss their struggles in this weeks AFC East Roundup, and preview our match-up against that Rams that's certain to be a defensive slugfest.    For anyone in the LA area who's looking for a place to check out this weekends game, check out for more details on how you can meet Andre Reed and Marcelus Whiley and other Bills legends. And get ahold of the LA Bills Backers of Santa Monica - they seem like an awesome crowd to watch a Bills game with if you're in the LA area.    Comments, Complaints or Questions? Let us hear it @RockpileReport on Twitter and!
91 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Forty
This week, we talk about the weird Coughlin news, the division of defensive playcalling and recap what was an amazing performance by the Bills against the Cardinals! In this weeks AFC East Roundup, we talk about the Dolphins W that was also an L, and make fun of Fitzpatricks 6 INT's. After all of that go on to preview the "Circle the Date" matchup against the New England Patriots with PFW IN Progress guest host Christian Simonelli!   And then we spotlight the "Bills Backers of Boston" in our new segment featuring out of town places to throw down! It's a packed episode, be sure to tweet us your thoughts @RockpileReport on Twitter or e-mail us at Let's Go Buffalo!
95 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Nine
This week, Drew describes what it was like to be in Toronto, hundreds of miles away, while explosive things happened here in Buffalo.  Drew also launches into an OP/ED, dredging up some of the lowlights of the drought and explaining that replacement may not be the answer.    We also recap the Thursday Night Football Game with Eric Turner of @cover1eturner on twitter, have the AFC East Roundup, and preview the Cardinals game with what Bills fans can expect to see from them on both sides of the ball come Sunday afternoon.    Drew is yelling at me right now, demanding to know who else is with him lol Hit us up and let us hear it @RockpileReport on Twitter and Lets Go Buffalo!
84 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Eight
Whelp, this week we out did ourselves - longest podcast ever!  Drew dissects the disappointing performance in Baltimore,talks about the things that need to change, and then talks Bills vs. Jets with AFCEastBros podcaster Kyle Smith.   Love it? Hate it? Let us hear it - @RockpileReport on Twitter or, and find us every Saturday night on FB Live @
122 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Seven
This week, after hearing news of OT Seantrell Henderson possibly being suspended for marijuana use, Drew puts his hardhat on for another edition of "The Rockpile Report Investigates" to find out what kind of merit the drug might actually have had in regards to his health, and we discuss why the NFL's stance might need to change.  We also recap that tire fire of a final preseason game against Detroit, evaluate the 53 man depth chart, and preview our matchup VS the Ravens including Drew's opinions on the keys to victory.   You can find the details about the cannabis research Drew references here:   What do you think? Let us know @RockpileReport on Twitter, or via Gmail at, and we'll discuss it on the air!
80 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Six
This week, we roll out the "Rockpile Report Investigates" segment, and expose the impact that Ed Hochuli & his crew have had is preseason and could have in the future on the NFL as a whole.    We also recap the high and low points of the Washington game, discuss the first round of cuts and turn our eyes towards tomorrow nights final preseason game against the Lions.    Have questions, opposing opinions, or just have an axe to grind over something you've heard? Drew wants to know about it! Hit us up on Twitter @RockpileReport, email us at and catch our fan Q&A every Saturday on FB Live in the BillsFanaticsBF group.
68 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Five
This week, we talk about the Karlos Williams suspension and Drew actually gets emotional.  Ryan Lasal from BillsFanaticsTV joins us to recap the highs and lows of our 2nd preseason game against the Giants, and then we all discuss the roster bubble players that we think have either helped or hurt their case to make it past our upcoming round of cuts.    Have any comments or questions? We'll read em on the air, just hit us up @Rockpilereport on Twitter and at Lets Go Buffalo!
114 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Four
This week, we talk about the Dareus suspension (and Drew's unrest over it), and the Tyrod Taylor contract. We also review last Saturdays first preseason game against the Colts for the Good, Bad and Ugly, and wrap our our AFC East Training Camp with Ron Canniff of the Miami Dolphins.  Like what you hear? Follow us on Twitter @RockpileReport, hit us up on Gmail @ and find us on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean and at your mothers house, rummaging through the fridge for some mayonnaise.
91 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Three
This week we talk about Drew's deep hurt over the Reggie Ragland announcement, our meeting with BillsFanatics, Drew's observations from our trip to Training Camp and we host AFCEastBros Kyle Smith to cover our AFC East Training Camp Roundup for the New York Jets. It's everything you need to know about how the Jets are doing this off season!
92 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty Two
This week, we talk about why the signing of Reggie Bush might be a mistake,Stephon Gilmore's hot start and touch on the multitude of story lines coming out of training camp. Then, we introduce our first installment of the AFC East Training Camp Roundup with an interview of Patriots podcaster Christian Simonelli. There's a lot of great insight into our divisions worst foe, so it's absolutely worth the listen. And give our guest a shoutout @ChriswithaTIAN on twitter!
99 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty One
This week, the Rockpile Report compares this years TC roster to last years, and decides whether we're better off now than we were last season. We host guest Gary Smith from the AFC East Bros. podcast, discuss his love of arcade games and donuts, and talk about Ron Darby and how he feels coming into the season.
115 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirty
This week, we have Bills Long snapper Reid Ferguson on for our first player interview! We also talk recent Bills news including the Williams's infractions, Marcel Dareus on Brady and Rob Ryan and the fact the NFL Network suddenly loves the Bills! Bang it here for the audio, and tweet your suppport for Reid to @SnapFlow50 on Twitter!
68 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Nine
This week, we've got The Crotch Rocket (My old high school buddy Ryan) on the podcast as we discuss the Ryan legacy and what it means. We also touch on recent Bills topics like fat Karlos Williams and Brady's Trump association maybe biting him in the ass, and we have a in depth discussion on Stephon Gilmore's actual value vs his perceived value.
66 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Eight
This week we make a memorial to Buddy Ryan, talk about recent news like Sammy's injury, the new Pegula-run sports network on MSG, and host Erik Turner from to discuss our OTA's and Minicamp. If you're a Bills fan, it's pretty much a party for your ears!
78 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Seven
This week on the Rock Pile Report we discuss the twitter hack of the NFL, the whereabouts of Rich Kotite, Rex praises Preston Brown, and we run down the depth charts on the offensive side of the ball with Bills Fanatics president Pierre Gabart Jr. Look for us on youtube and follow us @rockpilereport on twitter.
79 min
Rock Pile Report Twenty Six
This week, Doug stops by and we talk about the Bills recent headlines, he fact that the Ryan brothers can't help but talk to reporters, and we go over the defensive portion of the Bills 90 man roster.
63 min
Rock Pile Report Twenty Five
This week, we talk rookie mini camp, injuries to Watkins and Lawson and we host Rico from Buffalo Fanatics to discuss the status of Watkins, his injury history, Anquan Boldin and Sammy's contract long term.  We also try Labatt Blue Light "Grapefruit" for the first time and critique it on the air!
62 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Four
This week, Drew breaks down the Bills 2016 NFL Draft class. Kyle Smith from AFC East Bro's stops by to recap the drafts by the entire division, and we really get into what the hell the New England Patriots did last weekend.  Hit us up on Twitter with your feedback @RockpileReport on Twitter or!
98 min
Rock Pile Report NFL Draft Special
In our NFL draft special we are joined by friend of the show Doug Relosky and discuss if Chris' mom is hot, Can we make the podcast the Howard Stern of podcasts, and why Drew is banned from a local bowling alley...Oh, yeah....we also talk about the 1st round of the NFL draft while giving instant analysis as picks come in for rounds 2 and 3.
115 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Three
This week we host Ryan Talbot of to discuss the state of the roster, how bad Mel Kiper is at his job, and Pro Football Focuses list of "Top Overrated Draft Picks". We also go over recent Bills & NFL News, and the fact that some people don't understand pro wrestling at all.
86 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty Two
This week we are joined by AFC East Bros podcast co host Gary Smith for a NFL mock draft showdown and talk about the recent depth signings as well as celebrate that no charges were filed against Shady McCoy. On Twitter @rockpilereport and @afc_eastbrogary
89 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty One
This week, Doug Relosky stops by the Rockpile Report to help us run down the latest Bills news, our pre draft prep so far, and the first Mano-A-Mano" Mock Draft Breakdown between Pete Prisco and Bucky Brooks.
73 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twenty
This week, Drew recaps the combine, discusses the recent moves made by the Bills front office, and talks about all the cheap free agent options out there that the Bills could/should look at that many haven't thought about. We also bag on the Browns, because so far, they're the biggest losers in free agency.
55 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Nineteen
In the nineteenth episode of the Rock Pile report Drew tackles the ongoing story with Shady McCoy and what free agency should look like for Bills fans while we chat with Kyle Smith from the AFC East Bros podcast about free agency around the division.  Followed by Drew's list of players to watch at the scouting combine and also grills Chris about meeting women on Tinder.
97 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Eighteen
On this weeks Rockpile Report we talk about the highlights/lowlights of Super Bowl 50, the recent allegations against LeSean McCoy and Senior Bowl prospects that I feel might be worth a watch at the Combine. Drew finally watched "Four Falls of Buffalo" and has a sentimental moment in the process.    Have questions, comments or something you want to hear discussed? Hit us up on Twitter @RockpileReport or at Gmail at    Let's go Buffalo!
63 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seventeen
This week, the Rockpile Report talks about some moron in Cleveland who decided to take issue with the Bills hiring a female assistant. We also overview Super Bowl 50, argue about Super Bowl party necessities and touch on some players currently working out at the Senior Bowl that Bills fans should familiarize themselves with!
62 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Sixteen
This week, the Rockpile Report editorializes on St. Louis, and recaps the coldest game of the season. We give our 2015 Season Recap, touching on all the reason this past season made us shotgun beers, and yet look towards the future with optimism.
60 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fifteen
In our fifteenth episode we are joined in studio and by studio we mean Drew's kitchen by our good friend Gregg Torlone and we discuss the disaster in the capital against the Redskins.  Are the bickering Bills back? and before we celebrate the airing of grievances to celebrate Festivus we chat with AFC East Bros podcast co host Kyle Smith.
69 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Fourteen
This week, The Rockpile Report barely tries to recap the game that should have been. We crack a bunch of jokes, more than a few beers, and talk about Talley's article in the Buffalo News, as well as put together a "survival guide" for anyone who hasn't yet watched the Buffalo Bills 30 for 30.   Next week, we celebrate Festivus and ask that you all join us in the "Airing of Grievances"! Send us the things that really grind your gears @RockpileReport on Twitter or to, we'll read them all and there is a prize for the owner of the best grievance!
64 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Thirteen
A win over the Texans, a step towards the playoffs and another video of debauchery on Deadspin - this Sunday's game had it all! We recap it, take a look at the state of the AFC standings and get a jump on breaking down the Eagles defensive woes right here this week on the Rockpile Report!
52 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Twelve
As always, we recap the Bills game and the AFC as it presently stands. Drew did some in-depth recon on the Texans and outlines what our fans can expect, and officiating was weaker than usual this week, causing Drew to spout about it.    There is a prize for the person who can correctly guess exactly how many beers Drew drank during the show, considering you can hear some of them!    Email your guesses to, and we'll announce the winner on our next show!
57 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Eleven
This week, we record from the bar in Drew's girlfriends basement, Drew says "think about this" a record number of times. We recap the New England game with a surprising lack of negativity, discuss the quagmire that is the AFC playoff race, and talk about whether or not the KC Chiefs are box-score paper tigers.
58 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Ten
This week, the Rockpile Report hosts a guest, Bills Field Flag Holder and local die hard Greg Trolone. He was in NJ for the Bills win. We also touch on the media's treatment of Rex Ryan this week and what games you should be watching on our day off.
72 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Nine
Open wide, here's this weeks Rockpile Report, fresh out of the oven! This week, we review the Miami win, the AFC Playoff Race and and Drew touches on the Greg Hardy saga that just won't go away. Have a take, opinion or a response you want to share? Let us know at, and the best will get to Skype (Audio Only) with us on the show!
57 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Eight
This week, Drew flips out about the embarrassment across the pond and the state of the season. We give a rundown of your off week rooting interests, and Drew gives an OTL-esque look at the state of officiating in the NFL.    Don't forget to give us your thoughts @Rockpilereport on Twitter and e-mail us at - we'll feature your questions and comments in an upcoming podcast!
55 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Seven
Drew expresses his mild (mild?) displeasure with the loss to Cincinnati. in this episode we discuss the state of the defense, our injury plagued roster, the state of the AFC, and the wildcard outlook as the season plays out.   Have an opinion? Let us know about it on Twitter @RockpileReport, or e-mail us at    Let's Go Buffalo!
52 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Six
A recap of our atrocious offensive performance in Nashville. The Hero and Zero of the game. Drew offends a group of people. AFC East round up and a look at who in the AFC is falling in and out of the playoff picture. Dissecting EJ's first start of the season against Cincinnati and plenty more on the Rock Pile Report Podcast!   The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.
52 min
The Rock Pile Report Episode Five
Drew recalls the game against the Giants and gives his quarter of the season review with reasons why we are and are not a playoff team as well as a look ahead to the match up in Nashville.   The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.
59 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Four
Drew reviews the curb stomping given to Miami and looks ahead to the matchup against the Giants and an AFC East roundup.   The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.
47 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Three
Drew discusses the ass whipping handed to us by New England, and previews the week three matchup in Miami, as well as takes a look at what else is happening around the AFC East.   The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.
49 min
Rock Pile Report Episode Two
Drew dicusses the beat down on Indianapolis and previews the division showdown against the Patriots.   The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.
53 min
The Debut Episode of The Rock Pile Report Podcast
The Rock Pile Report is a professionally produced podcast about the Buffalo Bills.   In the debut episode Drew goes over all of the off season moves by Buffalo and previews the Bills schedule.
89 min