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The Rockpile Report is a Buffalo Bills podcast hosted by Buffalo Bills season ticket holder Drew Gier & produced by former radio production assistant Chris Krueger

Rockpile Report - 202 - Buffalo Bills Draft Rec...
It's all over but the crying BillsMafia! We have Nate Geary in studio, as is now tradition, to recap the 2020 NFL Draft! And it starts with some smack-talking about the leagues broadcast & shade-throwing at some of the GM's that graced the screen, because Drew is a petty man. Then, we take an in-depth look at the Bills 2020 Draft Class - We touch on Drew's initial frustration over the Epenesa pick & how he's come around to the idea, our love of Moss & his potential to change the composure of our rushing attack, a QB that surprised everyone & more! It's an insightful - for some Bills fans perhaps even a cathartic - conversation, that underscores how different things are now & how hopefully THIS becomes Buffalo's "new normal"! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @nategearywgr   AJ Epenesa vs Austin Jackson breakdown
137 min
Rockpile Report - 201 - 2020 Draft Series: Wide...
After of months of waiting, IT'S FINALLY HERE - the 2020 NFL Draft! This week we host veteran draft/film analyst & virgin podcaster Brett Kollmann to break down the '20 WR Draft Class! We talk about the makeup of the class, the players he's high on & why, and his take on how the Bills should approach the position as we approach Josh Allen's inevitable contract year! Then we talk about what a shitshow the 2020 NFL Draft itself might become, talk about how the media, draft analysts & GM's are handling the disruption,make our annual Draft Seagrams Bets & more!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @Brettkollmann Kollmann Subscribe to the "Bootleg Football Podcast" here or anywhere you download shows! Find us on both Thursday & Friday nights of the draft streaming LIVE here:
104 min
Rockpile Report - 200 - 2020 Draft Series: Defe...
200 PODCASTS!   We hit a milestone Bills fans & DAMMIT if we don't feel like celebrating it! We open the show by waxing poetic on the last 5 years of our podcast, the experiences that it's afforded us and what we remember most in the process.   Then, in a show of growth, Drew opens up to the idea of *GASP* analytics, as we host Pride Of Detroit blogger/podcaster & creator of the "R.A.S System" Kent Lee Platte as we preview the DE's in the 2020 draft! We talk about how his system tends to identify players who succeed in the later rounds (where the Bills might be drafting DE's) by athletic profile & his takes on the class as they project as a whole!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @mathbomb (Kent's Twitter)
128 min
Rockpile Report - 199 - 2020 Draft Series: Runn...
Brandon Beane thinks TJ Yeldon is...WHAT?! This week, we kick off the podcast with Drew's takeaways from Brandon Beane's technologically groundbreaking press conference! We discuss his comments on topics like the acquisition of Stefon Diggs, the culture of the team, his draft aggressiveness in the face of looming technological hurdles & more!Then we're joined by draft analyst & Rockpile Report veteran Matt Waldman for a preview of the 2020 Running Back draft class! He gives us his somewhat surprising pick for RB#1, dissects the field & depth of talent compared to recent seasons & gives us his insight as to how he'd approach the draft at the position if he were the Buffalo Bills GM! @rockpilereport - Twitter @mattwaldman - Twitter - Matt Waldman's Rookie Scouting Portfolio ; Subscribe Here! Matt's breakdown of Utah Running Back Zack Moss
132 min
Rockpile Report - 198 - 2020 Draft Series: Off...
Mike Rodak, OL-men & bears - OH MY! This weeks show starts off with a discussion about quarantine-era social media & Drew finally telling the story about the time former ESPN writer Mike Rodak snubbed him inside the Bills press box. Then we host's National Scout Russ Brown for a dissection of the 2020 OL class. We break down the tackle talent that rules the roost, the depth that may be available to Buffalo despite them lacking a 1st round pick & what his take on the Cody Ford OT or OG situation!@RussNFLDraft - Russ's Twitter@RockpileReport @MidwesternFins - The place to go bid on the painting to help support the Center for Disaster Philanthropy  Here's their link if you want to know more or donate directly: Brett Kollmann's Filmroom on Wirfs vs Wills:
79 min
Rockpile Report - 197 - 2020 Draft Series: Line...
This week we're talking about odd couples!   We open this week discussing Josh & Sam shacking up, & the state of the 2018 draft class of QB's as it pertains to development & who's team has done what.   Then, we kiss the hand discussing Brandon Beane's & his gangster persona, the way he's attacked the off-season & the future impact of the moves we've made this season - EVEN THE MOST FRUSTRATED FAN CAN APPRECIATE THIS!   Finally, we host Bruce Nolan of "The Nick & Nolan Show" to help us preview the 2020 crop of draft eligible NFL linebackers!   Twitter - @rockpilereport   Twitter - @BruceExclusive
132 min
Rockpile Report - 196 - 2020 Free Agency Recap ...
IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED! This week we recap the first week of NFL free agency, including our in-depth reactions to & dissection of the the Diggs trade & our bolstering of the front 7 as we head into the NFL Draft. Then, draft analyst & Patriots podcaster Mark Schofield joins us to discuss TB12, the "Sack of Rome" occurring in Foxboro, the state of the AFC East post free agency & this years crop of TE talent in the 2020 NFL Draft! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @Markschofield
158 min
Rockpile Report - 195 - Free Agency Preview: De...
We're less than 10 days away from the big day, Bills fans - THE START OF NFL FREE AGENCY! And this week we host's less "hair product conscious" half Ryan Talbot as we flesh out the defensive side of our NFL Free Agency Preview! We kick it off with a dissection of the teams recent signing of Josh Norman & all the reasons Drew believes that it was a solid one given McDermotts track record with DB's. We go on to break down the rest of the class, position by position, giving our takes on the quality of the class, contract trends, our favorite prospects & more!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @ryantalbotbills
112 min
Rockpile Report - 194 - Free Agency Preview: Of...
The first big stepping stone of the NFL offseason is right around the corner & we're here for ALL OF IT!   This week, we're joined by Matt Parrino of as we break down the 2020 crop of free agents on the offensive side of the football.   We discuss the opportunities that exist for the Bills to continue reshaping the OL, the fact that the WR group is old, our suddenly bare cupboard at RB, give out sleepers & man-crushes at the various offensive skill positions & more!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @MattParrino
114 min
Rockpile Report - 192 - 2020 Draft Series: Buff...
IT'S FINALLY HERE - THE ROCKPILE REPORT DRAFT SERIES! We've reached our favorite part of any NFL offseason - the annual Draft Series. And there's no better place to kick that off than with Dean Kindig of &! We break down Dean's research as it pertains to tracking Brandon Beane & the Bills scouting targets & behavior in 2019, including some surprising time spent coaching colleges, positions or players fans might not expect to be early round picks & some trends regarding middle round players that might make mock drafters adjust their strategy before it's too late. Then, Drew gives his annual Pre Combine rant over what he deems to be an almost useless part of the NFL evaluation process. NSFW clips, physical violence - we cover it all!   Twitter - @Rockpilereport Twitter - @TCBills_Astro
90 min
Rockpile Report - 191 - Season Ticket Prices an...
OFF-SEASON? Please - The Rockpile Report takes no days off! This week kicks off with a conversation about the XFL & why we not only enjoyed it but found ourselves hungry for more!   Then we discuss the breaking news regarding Star Lotulelei , more black magic by Brandon Beane & we take an in-depth look at the impending increase in Bills ticket prices for the 2020 season.   Then Bills Defensive End Mike Love joins our show for the very first time! We talk about his experience here in Buffalo & injury rehab, noting that this isn't his first rodeo with adversity. We also touch on the realities of being a UDFA player in the NFL this time of year as well as his goals for 2020 & beyond!   Twitter - @rockpilereport   Roc Sports Network Facebook
78 min
Rockpile Report - 190 - Buffalo's Salary Cap wi...
The 2019-2020 NFL season has officially come to a close - now the real fun starts!   This week, we open with a conversation about the situation surrounding New Era Field, why the league's stance may be softening on the Bills/WNY's ownership of a team & why fans shouldn't pat the league on the back for it, but rather hope their dysfunction continues.   Then we host Paul Wanecski of Hashtag Sports for an in-depth look at the Buffalo Bills Salary Cap, covering more ground than Usain Bolt!We review interesting league-wide spending trends & the impact of impending CBA negotiations, take a look the Bills current cap situation, Beane's apparent philosophies & ultimately set a bar for what fans should reasonably expect heading into this years draft & free agency period! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @htagsports  - Come out February 16th & have a beer w/Chris & I while we talk sports with local podcasters & Bills legends! - Hashtag Sports' YouTube Channel!
122 min
Rockpile Report - 189 - Bills Injuries w/Banged...
We've made it to the final weekend of the NFL Season, and our studio is packed with guests!   This week we open with a conversation about Buffalo's sports history with Bill Kenny of & the inevitable losses of podcasting for half a decade.   Then we host's Kyle Trimble as we break down the Bills injuries, surgeries & the impact it might have on our offseason plans.   Finally, the 4 of us talk about the upcoming Super Bowl, the storylines that accompany it & more!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Kyle's Twitter - @bangedupbills Bill's Twitter - @TheBillKenney Buffalo 20 Twitter - @Buffalotwenty20
114 min
Rockpile Report - 188 - 2019 Season Recap with ...
It's a 2019 Celebration Bills Fans! This weeks kicks off with a farewell to The Lorax, as we toast the ways Lorenzo Alexander was a consummate professional, a family man & what we believe to be one of the guiding forces behind the Bills successes both today & tomorrow. Then, Bills long snapper & newly anointed team captain Reid Ferguson joins the show to discuss & recap his 2019 season. We talk about the highs & lows, his personal experiences & favorite moments of a challenging season! We close the show with our Rockpile Report Superlatives - we talk best & worst of the plays & players that shaped the 2019 season! Twitter @rockpilereport Twitter @snapflow69 - Reid’s Diabetes Charity
120 min
Rockpile Report - 186 - Wild Card Preview: The ...
And that's a wrap, folks! The 2019 NFL season has officially ended & despite the scoreboard the Bills still may have come out on top this week!   Drew discusses his observations of our young developmental talents from NYJvsBUF, and we talk about what was our final tailgate of the season - couldn't have asked for a better time with some fantastic people!   Then we preview our playoff match-up with the Houston Texans - a team Drew views as the best matchup for Buffalo, and perhaps one of the worst AFC playoff teams over the last half-a-decade! We break down their offense & defense statistically & philosophically, articulating all the reasons the Buffalo Bills should approach this game like Bernie Mac at the Apollo when he famously said, "I AIN'T SCARED OF YOU M***********'s" . Have a Happy New Year, BillsMafia - we'll see you in 2020!   Twitter - @rockpilereportTune in to The Huddle TV Show before kickoff on Saturday @ 11 AM, right here at the RocSportsNetwork Facebook page! -
92 min
Rockpile Report - 185 - 5th Annual Festivus Cel...
It's a Festivus Celebration, BillsMafia! This week, we break down our takeaways from Saturdays matchup in Foxborough! We break down the ways we got shown up, the ways we thrived & the fact that Josh Allen has become the player that we hoped (and many, Drew included, doubted) he would be. We then question coaching philosophy heading into our Week 17 matchup with the Jets, and then - we celebrate Festivus by airing our own & our fans 2019 #BillsGrievances - a holiday tradition unlike any other! @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email
85 min
Rockpile Report - 184 - Nineteen Ninety-Nine
To Quote Prince: Tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1999! In this weeks podcast, we open with a discussion of our Sunday night, Drew's secret love for 80's music & how hard things were in terms of waiting till 8pm for a Bills game. We break down our playoff clinching victory in Pittsburgh outlining Allen's growth, the ways the Bills worked in concert to secure the victory & why with McDermott at the helm we don't truly know what all might be possible. Then, fan favorite Christian Simonelli joins us for a preview of our matchup with the New England Patriots. We articulate the decline of the Pats offense, including specific examples of the ways they break down, and ask the million dollar question, "What would it mean for the Patriots to lose this game?".   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @chriswithatian
127 min
Rockpile Report - 183 - Moral Victories and SNF...
I typically hate moral victories...but I'm a fan of them today! This week we open with a recap of Sundays action - we break down the crux of the offenses struggles, the fact that they clawed their way back & the effort by our defense that made all of that possible. Then, we preview our prime time matchup with the Steelers. Their front 7 is ferocious, but their flavor-of-the-week QB has some absurd tendencies & tells that should make their offense easy to gameplan for. This week has all the makings of a slugfest, and the Bills ultimately have their destiny in their own hands - let's hope they make good on it this weekend! @RockpileReport - - E-mailNick Batt's Rumblings Article - Don't forget to send us your submissions for the 5th annual Rockpile Report "Festivus Celebration"! We'll be giving away free pizza compliments of Wise Guys Pizza!
104 min
Rockpile Report - 182 - Allen Serves Crow ; BAL...
Josh Allen was handing out platefuls of bird...just not turkey. This week, we talk about our Thanksgiving Day watching experience & how one of us was sorely disappointed. We go on to recap BUFvDAL in holiday fashion, underscoring that as a team we played our best game & our young QB became something out of a Marvel comic book. We also run down this weeks rooting interests & then we preview what might be our biggest game of the year with Ravens film analyst Ken McCusick! We dissect the Baltimore offense in terms of talent & tendency, while outlining some places that the Bills can make hay.David vs Goliath?! BRING IT ON & LET'S GO BUFFALO! @FilmStudyRavens - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter
116 min
Rockpile Report - 181 - Jiveturkey
The Bills are surging & in the process taking us back to our childhood. We start the show with our recap of the Bills big win vs Denver, including our new-look OL fulfilling it's promise, domination by our front 7 that led to to a shriveled performance by a rookie QB & the last holdover of the Rex era showing his teeth. Then, we take a look at the AFC Playoff Picture that has the Bills with a better than 80% chance to qualify for the post season, and a monumental preview of what may be the biggest game of the Bills season, Thanksgiving Thursday vs. Dallas!
106 min
Rockpile Report - 180 - Daboll & Allen Break Th...
This week, a new voice joins us in studio! We open the show waxing poetic on the false narrative of "famine mentality" with "Nick & Nolan" co-host Bruce Exclusive and recap Sunday's action in South Beach. We outline the ways the defense shined & a surprising leader stepped to the forefront, while Daboll & Allen gave us both reason for hope.Then we recap the AFC Playoff picture & preview what amounts to a "must win" game (which admittedly sounds ridiculous) against the Broncos including a few wrinkles the Bills should be able to exploit to their advantage! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @BruceExclusive
135 min
Rockpile Report - 179 - Offensive Confusion, AF...
Drew isn't being a negative ass, this week guys - he just wants to talk. This week, we talk about fast food & Drew wonders what he might have missed thus far in his life. Then we break down our takeaways from Sunday's loss to Cleveland - we dissect our situation regarding stoud defense, our star CB shining brightly & how analyst on analyst crime on social media could be indicative of a much larger, more frightening problem for the Buffalo Bills offense. We close the show with our first installment of our "AFC Playoff Picture" segment of 2019, setting the table for our future conversations regarding our post-season hopes & host Travis Wingfield of Locked On Dolphins for a look at "Round 2" between Buffalo & Miami! - Find All of Travis's work here! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @WingfieldNFL
111 min
Rockpile Report - 178 - Battle of Lake Erie wit...
This 2019 Bills are breaking records!   In our recap of Sunday's action vs Washington, we talk about the most efficient day the Bills have had in recent history, the performance of our front 7 a week after their worst performance of the year & the player that single-handedly paced the action on the offense. We also have a discussion about the specific struggles of Brian Daboll, and where this offense can still improve.   We also recap a week of AFC East action, outlining how hilarious the outcome of NYJvsMIA was, and host Ohio's WKRK 92.3 "The Fan" personality & former Bills blogger Spencer German to preview our matchup with the Mistake On the Lake in Cleveland! Batten down the hatches, Bills fans - this matchup is always an ugly one!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @spencito_  Sean Murphy's piece on Frank Gore's Utilization -
125 min
Rockpile Report - 177 - Trade Deadline That Was...
Drew has a message for fans "on the ledge" this week.   We start this show with a conversation about the "NFL Trade Deadline That Wasn't" & explain why Bills fan outrage is wildly unwarranted.   Then we recap Sunday's game vs Philadelphia - we talk about Daboll v Allen equating to the "Chicken vs Egg" argument, Drew has a heartfelt message for fans with more volatile interpretations of what this team is at just 5-2 & more. Then, we host Samuel Gold, writer for The Athletic, for a preview of Sunday's action vs Washington - we talk about Haskins starting at QB, their surprisingly efficient D, a dynamic rookie & what we feel will turn the tide in the Bills favor!     Twitter - @Rockpilereport   Twitter - @samuelrgold   Sam's Terry McLaurin Film Room
136 min
Rockpile Report - 176 - Josh Allen Praise & BGN...
Drew applauds Josh Allen?! *Checks for fire & brimstone* This week we talk about Drew embracing being "the bad guy" while watching football, and recap MIAvsBUF! Drew breaks down how the young core of our team stepped up to cement the W for Buffalo , and how he's coming around on a certain QB. Then, Bleeding Green Nation's Michael Kist joins us for a preview of what Drew believes is a statement game this Sunday at New Era. We discuss their teams internal turmoil, the widespread failure of their skill positions & defense, and how the Bills might succeed against 'em - it's eye opening as to how we're seen by out of towners! @RockpileReport @MichaelKistNFL - Twitter 5330 Big Tree Rd, Orchard Park NY - Home of the Rockpile Report Tailgate
143 min
Rockpile Report - 175 - State of the AFC & Trav...
The 2019 Bye Week was a relaxing one, eh? This week, we discuss our experiences from the weekend without Bills football, break down the outlook of the AFC conference & identify trends we think bode well for Buffalo. We also recap action from around the division & then Travis Wingfield of Locked On Dolphins joins us for a discussion on the state of our teal-clad foes from South Beach. We articulate the ways their team has failed over their winless start, identify trends that the Bills can exploit & more! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @WingfieldNFL
91 min
Rockpile Report - 174 - WGR550's Nate Geary & ...
This week, Drew got a real life taste of the movie "Joker". We open the show with a discussion about Drew finding the edge of madness, despite a Bills win. Then WGR550's Nate Geary joins us to recap BUFvsTEN & have the argument with Drew about Josh Allen, how he's perceived by the media & fans, and his progression to this point in his career.   We go on to recap action in the AFC East, including an example of how the NY media is the perfect place for their newest HC, and then close the show with a conversation about what we've learned through the first 5 weeks & what we're willing to forecast for the next 12!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @nategearywgr - Nate's Latest @
117 min
Rockpile Report - 173 - NYUp's Matt Parrino Ret...
Contrary to popular belief the season isn't over. But dammit if Drew isn't feeling the effects of the Bills first loss of the season.In order to cope, we bring back "Guest of The Year" candidate Matt Parrino of to discuss what was ultimately a hard fought loss to the New England Patriots @ New Era Field. We touch on the state of the offense & our concern over the OL, the otherworldly performance of the D & Tremaine Edmunds, as well as touch on stats showing that the Patriots are constantly given a cushion by the officiating - the helmet hit was just a microcosm of the bigger picture in that aspect. We also provide this seasons first installment of "People Who Have it Worse then Bills Fans" & go on to preview what is ultimately a pivotal matchup against the Tennessee Titans in terms of where this team wants to be in the hierarchy of the AFC standings. This one isn't going to be easy, but after last week we have to believe it's there for the taking if they truly want to be a playoff contender!  @rockpilereport - Twitter @mattparrino - Twitter Subscribe to our YouTube Channel featuring show highlights, tailgate recipe videos, post game press conference & more here:
108 min
Rockpile Report - 172 - To Hell With New Englan...
IT'S FINALLY HERE! BILLS vs PATRIOTS IS FINALLY HERE!   This week, we open with a discussion about superstition in terms of sports & why Drew thinks you all owe him a thank you.   Then, with limited prep, we recap BUFvsCIN with a focus on the experience from the stands since that's what we're all about. We break down our day at the stadium, what Drew thinks about our overall attack after a rewatch & why he's drinking an unexpected wine cooler after falling in love with a certain players performance.   We finish the show by hosting Mark Schofield of SBNation's Pats Pulpit, Mark Waldmans Filmroom & ITP's draft lore for a conversation about NEvsBUF. We talk about Brady in 2019, the effect of their recent wave of injuries & more!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @markschofield
134 min
Rockpile Report - 171 - New Jersey State Champions
The Bills are 2-0, and Drew is trying not to freak out....We open the show with a discussion of the finer points of New Jersey, which the Bills now own. Then we recap Sundays return to the Meadowlands, dissecting what was a fantastic gameplan by our staff & some excellent execution by our defense & QB. Then, we recap the action around the AFCE this weekend & preview our matchup with the Bengals on Sunday. We break down their defensive vulnerabilities, the reasons to be believe they'll be 0-3 come Monday, and Drew gets a little misty-eyed talking about why he loves this week so much! Stop by the tailgate - 5330 Big Tree Rd, Orchard Park NY @RockpileReport - Twitter Subscribe to the YouTube channel
91 min
Rockpile Report - 170 - BUFvsNYJ ; NYUp's Matt ...
THE BILLS SOMEHOW ARE 1-0!!!!   We open this weeks show with a recap of our Week 1 viewing experience @ Batavia Downs, getting to interview Thurman Thomas & taking in a wild Bills victory to start the season.   Then, NYUpstate's beat reporter Matt Parrino join us in studio - he helps us dissect Sundays improbable victory, discussing the defense keying the offense, Josh Allens growth as a QB & more!   We finish with a preview of BUFvsNYG - folks who thinks this game is a foregone conclusion isn't paying attention to the metrics & on field action. This is a MUST LISTEN for anyone who thinks taking BUF -1.5 is a slam dunk of a bet in Week 2!   Watch Drew's Post Game Press Conference from Week 1 Here:  You can find these each & every week as the 2019 season rolls on - Subrscribe for these, our tailgate grub tutorials & more! @rockpilereport on Twitter @mattparrino on TwitterFind all Matt's work here at NYUp Sports : - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
94 min
Rockpile Report - 169 - Roster Reactions & BUFv...
In the immortal words of Rick James, "It's a celebration B****!" We kick off this weeks show with our takeaways from the Bills roster cut down process, including a surprise goodbye, a lost wine cooler bet by each of us, depth on depth on depth & the 2 overarching takeaways we're left with when reviewing the makeup of the roster. Then, we host Joe Caporoso of as we preview our Week 1 match-up against the New York Jets. He helps us highlight some areas of both strength & weakness for Gang Green along with his concerns for them as they try to match up with the Bills. It felt SOOOOO good to knock the rust off & have REAL football to talk about - we promise you Bills fans, the best is yet to come! - If you can't make it out to 34 Rush @ Batavia Downs on Sunday to join us for BUFvsNYJ, you can livestream all of our coverage & our interview with Thurman Thomas right here on RocSportsNetwork! @JCaporoso - Twitter @Rockpilereport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
99 min
Rockpile Report - 168 - AFCE Roundup Chapter 3:...
This week, Drew apologizes (sort of).   We open with a recap what SHOULD be our starting lineups preseason finale vs the Detroit Lions, including analysis on our front 7's performance against an NFL starting QB (finally) & the night the bubble WRs gave us.   Then, we close our annual Preseason AFCE Roundup with Locked On Dolphins host Travis Wingfield. He walks us through the hire of Brian Flores, what it means to the future of the team, the state of the roster & more!   We close with Drew's takeaways from the 2019 preseason - regular season action is finally, mercifully, only a week away & win or lose it's going to be a hell of a ride!   @WingfieldNFL - Twitter   @RockpileReport - Twitter  - E-mail - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
115 min
Rockpile Report - 167 - Drew's Had Enough
This podcast starts like "Falling Down" starring Michael Douglas - Drew swears you all made him do this?We also talk about this off-seasons injury trend, and the fact that some teams are choosing to avoid it altogether. Then, we recap Drew's takeaways from our game in Carolina, including eating crow on RT (OG?) Cody Ford & RB production that makes him believe we've finally have embraced the idea of playing modern NFL offense! We close the show with a list of what we're looking for come Friday night - this game is traditionally a "dress rehearsal" for your starters, and while there's things we want to see it's also interesting to see how the HC chooses to play it. @RockpileReport - Twitter Come hang out with us for the season opener! Sept 8th @ Batavia Downs, Thurman Thomas's Tailgate party is going to be ON FIRE (not literally, unless the Bills lose to the Jets in which case Drew promises nothing...)
83 min
Rockpile Report - 166 - AFCE Roundup Chapter 2: NE
Right now, Drew is wondering if ANYTHING he predicts actually pans out! This week, we recap our takeaways from Buffalo's win over Indy in the preseason, including Drew's takes on a DT & a pair of RB's he's been a fan of since jump street (sarcasm).Then we open Chapter 2 of our "AFC East Round-Up" Preseason Series with the only Patriots fan we can stomach, Christian Simonelli! We discuss all of the on field & front office turnover that's gone on over in Bah-ston as well as dissect what their 2019 squad & fortunes might look like as a result. We close with what we're looking for (or not looking for) on Friday from the Bills in their match-up against the Carolina Panthers! Twitter - @chriswithatian Twitter - @rockpilereport
92 min
Rockpile Report - 165 - ACFE Roundup Chapter 1:...
In the words of Michael Scott: "It's HAPPENING! OH MY GOD, IT'S HAPPENING!" The NFL Preseason is here, and we we open tonight show with a discussion on training camp injuries, and Drew eats crow on an take that's not panning out for him. Then we host Joe Caporoso, owner of & veteran of WFAN in NYC as we kick off our first installment of our AFC East Roundup: Preseason Edition! We discuss the front office & roster turnover our downstate enemies have gone through, as well as discuss strengths, weaknesses & predictions for the upcoming year. We close with the fact that preseason football is back, and there are some unorthodox things we'll be keeping an eye on as the action unfolds - don't miss it! Watch our first YouTube video here - @JCaporoso - Twitter @Rockpilereport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
79 min
Rockpile Report - 164 - Training Camp Talk & Tr...
The Rockpile Report Podcast is back to weekly shows! We open with a recounting of our off-season antics & knock some of the rust off while taste testing a beer everyone in Buffalo seems to be crazy about....for some reason...... Then, we talk about the CBS blackout situation, outlining the ways the NFL is involved & what a protracted blackout might do to football watching fans everywhere. We close with a discussion about NFL Training Camp - we're not trying to be downers here, but realists. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and, in the words of Aaron Rogers, R-E-L-A-X.@RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
75 min
Rockpile Report - 163 - Camp Preview Part II: T...
Training Camp is less than 2 weeks away, Bills fans! In this weeks podcast, we talk about our respective weekends & why one of us feels like a dunce while the other feels like an 80's hair band member. Then, in the longest guest segment in show history, we host Locked On Bills podcaster & The Draft Network analyst Joe Marino to help us break down the offensive side of the roster, as it represents the biggest hurdle for the Bills in their bid to return to the postseason! We discuss the various position groups, their makeup, the way we see battles for a spot on the final 53 shaping up & more - you won't want to miss it! @TheJoeMarino - Twitter - Locked On Bills Podcast - Find all of Joe & the TDN crew's scouting work on our Bills rookies here! @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
99 min
Rockpile Report - 162 - Camp Preview Part I: Th...
WE'RE SO CLOSE TO ACTUAL FOOTBALL, LADIES & GENTS! This week, we open with a reminder about signing up for the Rockpile Report Fantasy Football league & a conversation about a wildly confusing sport people keep trying to foist on us. Drew also tries a new beer for the first time (spoiler alert: It does NOT go well). Then we hold our first of 2 discussions on the makeup on the 90 man roster ahead of training camp, breaking down the defensive side of the ball. We outline what each position group looks like, the various skillsets being brought to the table & positional outlooks as we see them!  @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
94 min
Rockpile Report - 161 - Stadium Debate
In this weeks show, we celebrate our 4th anniversary!   We open with a talk about our history, and discuss a contractual trend in the NFL that the Buffalo Bills would be keen to pay attention to.   Then we take a dive back into the "Buffalo Bills Stadium Debate" lagoon, outlining the significant hurdles Drew's research has brought to light & interviewing RamsTalk Podcast host Derek Ciapala for a conversation about how stadium talks unfolded between St Louis & the the Rams, and how it relates to our present situation.   We know the offseason is full of redundant nonsense, but you won't find that here #BillsMafia!   @DCiapala - Twitter   @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
93 min
Rockpile Report - 159 - Goodbye Ezra, OTA's & M...
This week's show opens with a heartfelt discussion about loss. Drew gets angry over the nonsense around the reassignment of a HOF's jersey number, & we go on to discuss why resigning Jerry Hughes was a phenomenal move by the Bills front office. We close the show with a discussion about OTA's & Mini-Camp - if you're a fan of the minutia of practices vs air & click-bait, here's your trigger warning. Twitter - @rockpilereport - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Pancho's Packs Link
57 min
Rockpile Report - 158 - AFC East Draft Recap wi...
Folks, our podcast has reached an annual crossroads. We open the show with discussion on the Kentucky Derby, Video Review & the end of Drew's sanity. Then, we talk about the impending changes coming to Bills tailgating & why DESPITE ALL THE OUTRAGE, this isn't worth the average fan getting their panties in a bunch. Finally, we're joined by Locked on Dolphins host Travis Wingfield to close our annual draft series with a discussion on the draft haul brought in by the rest of the AFC East. We know you'll miss us as we go to our bi-weekly format for the next 2 months, but you can always follow us @RockpileReport on Twitter! @rockpilereport - Twitter @WingfieldNFL - Twitter - Travis's page (I hate the Dolphins & it's still worthwhile reading)
95 min
Rockpile Report - 157 - Buffalo Bills Draft Rec...
It's all over but the crying, Bills fans - the 2019 NFL Draft is officially in the books!   WGR550 &'s Nate Geary joins us as we recap our experiences during the 2019 NFL Draft. We talk winners, losers, confusing picks & whatever the hell is going on out in Oakland.   Then, we break down the Bills draft class, as there are some we view as homeruns, some we like, and some that Drew found genuinely enraging. Nate tries to talk him off a ledge, expand on the thought process behind our class, and we ultimately try to decide whether 2019's crop was a homerun, a single or something in between for the franchise!   @NateGearyWGR   @RockpileReport - Check out our livestream coverage of the first 2 rounds of the NFL draft here at Roc Sports Network!@RocSportsNet - Twitter
93 min
Rockpile Report - 156 - Draft Series Wrap-up wi...
Happy Dyngus Day, BillsMafia! This week we take it easy by recapping our 2019 Draft Preview Series & what we've taken away from each analyst. Then, we take one last stab at reading the tea-leaves by analyzing the Bills recent draft history for clues, patterns & some insight as to what type of players they might be targeting. Dean Kindig joins the show to provide his insight on some of the scouting patterns that the average fan may simply not be aware of, and we discuss the overarching idea that this team likes 3 things: Experience, Freak Athletic Traits & Face-time. It's all over but the crying, Bills fans - in the words of Peter Venkman, crossing the streams at the end of Ghostbusters - "See ya on the other side"! @rockpilereport - Twitter @TCBills_Astro - Twitter Brett Kollman Metcalf Video
83 min
Rockpile Report - 155 - Draft preview series - ...
This is it folks - our FINAL DRAFT PREVIEW SHOW! We open with a conversation about hand-washing & piracy, and try a new beer that literally makes you drawl, not drool. Then, we give our immediate takes on the 2019 NFL Schedule - we touch on teams the league likes & seems to hate, the suddenly interesting Cleveland Browns, the AFC East & obviously the Bills. Get some oven mitts if you don't like hot takes. Then, we host The Draft Network analyst Ben Solak to preview the 2019 Defensive Line class! He helps us parse through the picks most commonly mocked to Buffalo, the overall makeup of the class & more! @BenjaminSolak - Twitter@RockpileReport - Twitter - Watch the Roc Sports Network Draft Shows LIVE here Thursday & Friday night!
114 min
Rockpile Report - 154 - Draft Preview Series - ...
Drew is hitting the high seas, Bills fans! This week we talk about Drew's feelings of impending doom over his upcoming trip, his track record of vacation follies & we break down why talk about rugby players translating to NFL skill positions chaps Drew's ass! Finally, Cover1.Net National Scout Russ Brown joins us to talk about this years crop of offensive lineman, as it represents a massive opportunity for the Bills to continue building towards the long-term competitor they want to become! @rockpilereport - Twitter @Russnfldraft - Twitter - Send us your resumes for when Drew doesn't make it back! Samuel Gold's breakdown on Jonah Williams
92 min
Rockpile Report - 153 - '19 Draft Preview Serie...
This week we host one of our favorite guests, Matt Waldman! We kick off the show with a discussion on April Fools pranks, and how the recent owners meetings & news of Pegula paying lobbyists is shaping the future stadium conversation. Then, RSP Filmroom's creator Matt Waldman joins us to break down the 2019 crop of running backs, which represents a real opportunity for the Bills to not fall behind at a crucial position of the offense - we debate prospects, discuss his feelings on the class as a whole & much, much more! We'll see you all Saturday @ Rusty Buffalo for Pod-a-Thon 2! @rockpilereport - Twitter @mattwaldman - Twitter
107 min
Rockpile Report - 152 - 2019 Draft Preview Seri...
So...WHO WANTS TO TALK DK METCALF?! This week, we kick the show off with a discussion on 03/25 & why it means so much to Drew. We go on to talk about the retirement of Rob Gronkowski, and then segue into breaking down the 2019 NFL Draft's TE & WR Classes. Brett Kollmann joins us to defend his opinion that DK Metcalf is WR1 - surprisingly we end up at the same conclusion as it pertains to the Bills! Then we break down some of the other names at the top of the class that Bills fans should start to familiarize themselves with! @rockpilereport - Twitter @brettkollmann - Twitter Brett's Breakdown of DK Metcalf
96 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fifty One
Why is Buffalo so thin skinned? This week we talk about our St. Patty's Day weekends, and then launch into a discussion about how the people of Buffalo maybe need to take a step back, embrace & get over the fact that people may not like us & that's on them. Then,in our 2nd installment of the 2019 Rockpile Report Draft Preview Series, we host Bleeding Green Nation podcast host & draft analyst Michael Kist to break down this years crop of linebackers, a sneaky team need! @michaelkistnfl - Twitter @bleedinggreen - Twitter @rockpilereport - Twitter
92 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fifty
It's a knee jerk reaction podcast, folks - buckle your chinstraps!   We open with a conversation about the impending deadline for season tickets, and out take on the entire Antonio Brown situation.   Then, we throw ourselves headfirst into a recap of the first 72 hours of NFL Free Agency. We talk about the AFC East as a whole, break down the Bills current signings, and discuss what overarching takeaways we have from just the first 3 days of the official NFL offseason!   It's gonna be a hell of a ride, folks - you're not gonna want to miss what we have in store! LET'S GO BUFFALO!   @RockpileReport - Twitter
87 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Nine
FINALLY - MEANINGFUL DRAFT CONVERSATION!!! We open with a discussion about Chris breaking the law, and a breakdown of how the Bills recent signings & visits might shape their approach to the draft & free agency! Then, we host NFL Film/Draft analyst Brett Kollmann to open our 2019 Draft Preview Series! We discuss this years crop of defensive backs, breaking down the classes in terms of skillset, value & how that might impact the Bills draft in April! @rockpilereport - Twitter @brettkollmann - Twitter
97 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Eight
Its NFL Combine week, everyone! (Insert Vomiting Noises here). This week, we discuss Uber menu's  & the relevance of Bills mascots. Then, Paul Wanecski from Hashtag Sports joins us to discuss the RFA & ERFA players on the teams roster - it's surprising to see how much cheap talent we have on hand!   We also provide our annual discussion (bitch session?) on the NFL Combine, why why no one should put as much stock in it as the average football fan does, and we take the Wonderlic in an effort to prove who here is smarter!   @HtagSports - Twitter   @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
87 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Seven
What a weekend, Bills fans!   We open with a recap of our interview with Bills legend Fred Smerlas, compliments of ROC Sports Network & the Legends & Stars signing event at Batavia Downs!   We also cover the long expected release of TE Charles Clay (yes...we dig up the stats), and host Dean Kindig of & to help us review how the Bills scouting visits and other tells might tip their hand to us as fans to their ultimate draft plans.   We close with Drew's editorial on mock drafts - if you're a fan you should probably skip this!   @TCBills_Astro - Dean's Twitter - Dean's Site - Check out our entire brodcast & Fred Smerlas interview here! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
72 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Six
Free Agency is upon us, Bills fans! This week, we open with a conversation about the AAF and why you should/shouldn't keep watching every week. Then we talk about the signing of C/G Spencer Long, discussing his skillset & the merits/potential drawbacks to his presence on the roster. We finish the show with our annual Defensive Free Agency Primer -we break down spending philosophy based on last years trends, where the Bills position groups stand as of today and names we think could improve the roster heading into 2019. - If you can't join us live, tune into our show with "The Huddle TV" here on Roc Sports Network at 12pm EST Sunday, Feb 17
98 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Five
Tangible football talk IS BACK! *Insert Clouds Parting Here*This week, with WGR550 &'s Nate Geary in studio, we pick apart the SB and discuss it's best/worst moments. Then, we open our Free Agency discussion with an overview of the offensive side of the ball. We talk about where the Bills came from in 2018, where the stand today, what positions bear fruit compared to others and players we each like for our team in 2019! @NateGearyWGR @RockpileReport - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
92 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Four
Neither snow nor rain, nor sleet nor hail...the Rockpile Report is still here even when the USPS isn't! This week, we host Dan Borrello, friend of the Roc Sports Network, as we break into Super Bowl Week! We talk about the resigning of Reid Ferguson, and the fact that Tom Brady will unequivocally be back for 2019 while Gronks future is up in the air. Then, we break down Super Bowl party ettiquite & break down our predictions. @DanBorrello - Twitter - E-mail us for a copy of our prop bets if you want to participate! - Your Super Bowl Pizza Provider
110 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Three
This week, we host a legend in Rockpile Report lore! We open with a discussion on Championship Weekend, and why lawsuits over game results are lame. Then, we give our takes on the teams recent OL & ST Coordinator hires & discuss one hiring that the team ABSOLUTELY needs to investigate. SPOILER ALERT: It's a new league trend. We close the show with an interview with Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson - we talk the end of 2018, his offseason and beyond! @SnapFlow69 - Twitter SnapFlow50 - Xbox Live (COME GET SOME IN FIFA) @Legends_Stars - Twitter - Buy your presale tickets here! @RockpileReport - Twitter
72 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty Two
This week we're joined in studio by Hashtag Sports human calculator Paul Wanecski! We talk about new changes to the Bills front office, why fans shouldn't be disappointed by the departures & should instead share Drew's frustration over the lack of traction our position coaching hires are getting. Then, we have an indepth conversation about the Buffalo Bills 2018-2019 Salary Cap situation - we break down best & worst return on investment, and how we think the team will/should attack the offseason once free agency gets underway! @Htagsports - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter Hashtag Sports YouTube - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast!
80 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty One
IT'S COACHING MUSICAL CHAIRS, BILLS FANS! This week, we talk about Wild Card weekend & the start of what has become "coaching roulette". We also discuss the difficulty Duke Williams (no, Chris, no THAT Duke) will face heading from the CFL to the NFL, and the questionnaire released by CAA Icon on behalf of the Buffalo Bills for ticket holders & fans alike. Then, we go over why a true "AFC East Preview" is impossible with the coaching situation currently at hand - which changed drastically JUST AS WE WERE RECORDING - and outline what philosophies the Bills should use to fill their current vacancies! @RockpileReport @JCaporoso - Turn On The Jets Twitter - Your place for all the hilarious Adam Gase reactions! Take the Bills Stadium Survey here! - the Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report!
68 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Forty
And there you have it - the 2018 Buffalo Bills season is over! We have Ryan Lasal, host of the Roc Sports Network TV show "The Huddle" in studio with us as we recap the 2018 season. We open with Drew's hatred of New Year's Eve, the staff changes already announced over at 1 Bills Drive & the retirement of a fan favorite, Kyle Williams. Then, we recap Miami vs Buffalo in Week 17, including Josh Allen's record breaking day & a discussion on why NFL teams should take notice of what a bad idea fist fighting the Buffalo Bills is going forward. We close with our 2018 Season Review - superlatives get handed out, insults get thrown and we take an indepth look at what this season means to our franchise. @RyanLasal_RSN - Twitter @RocSportsNetwork - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
117 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Nine
Merry Christmas, Bills fans! This week, we talk about our Xmas experiences, including Drew's brawl for household dominance & super polite in-laws. We also recap the Bills trip to New England - confusion over Tom Brady's struggles, lamenting the treatment of Josh Allen & a discussion on the culpability of our coaching staff in another lopsided loss the Patriots. Then, we discuss the fall of the 2018 Miami Dolphins with Locked On Dolphins host Travis Wingfield, as well as the outlook for the guys in teal & reasons to watch this meaningless husk of a game this coming Sunday. Thanks for all the support this season, as we know it's been a trying one. Stick around, as 2019 might make for the most exciting & important offseason the Bills have seen in over a decade! @wingfieldNFL - Twitter @rockpilereport - Twitter
79 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Eight
HAPPY FESTIVUS EVERYBODY! This week, we make a lot of holiday references because we can - so sue us! We talk about the generosity of Brits, Nathan Peterman & Pro Bowl snubs - why they don't matter and neither does the game. Then, we recap our Sunday at New Era and our takeaways from a Bills win over the Lions. Josh Allen improving, interesting snap count observations & Chris's first crack at naming the Zero of the week! We also host Patriots fan Christian Simonelli for our preview of #BUFvsNE - we talk about the pulse of the NE fanbase in these trying times, the struggles of the offense & what the D might try to do to stop us from putting them FIRMLY into the WC round. Finally, we bring you all the 4th annual "Festivus Celebration: An Airing of Grievances" - we & you the listeners vent our frustrations over the 2018 season in an attempt to head into 2019 with a clean slate! Thank you all so much for your support, and a happy holiday to you and your families!  @rockpilereport - Twitter  @chriswithatian - Twitter
94 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Seven
This weeks starts off on something of a serious note as Drew learned this week that, in the words of Cat Stevens - "It's a wild world". We discuss trusting strangers, Drew's trip to Narnia in the middle of a football game (he can drink a small family under the table - booze doesn't do THAT to people), and break down the addition of 2 solid defensive players to the IR. Then we recap NYJvBUF, making note of Josh Allen's growth & the ST gaffes that might have cost us dearly, fans we met who have it worse than us & close with a preview of Week 15 with Detroit Lions fan & Cover1.Net podcaster Russ Brown! @RussNFLDraft - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter Let us hear your Festivus Greivances with the 2018 Buffalo Bills - you could win FREE PIZZA from Wise Guys! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
89 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Six
It's a no-prepwork podcast, folks! This week, we lead off with Chris's random encounter with a fellow season ticket holder, new developments on the Bills stadium discussion & injury news for our offensive line. Then we recap BUFvsMIA, breaking down the terrible return on investment we're getting from our most expensive offensive players, the terrible officiating and Drew eats crow on Josh Allen. Then we list some folks who have it worse than we do today, and talk about what we're looking for when Sam Darnold & the New York Jets come to town this Sunday! @RockpileReport - Twitter - Gmail - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast Be sure to check out their "Toys for Tots" drive, and earn Free Pizza
77 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Five
WHO'S TRASH NOW?! This week, we open the show discussing the holidays, and shamelessly plug a charity we strongly support.Then, we talk about some dramatic Bills news & Drew's rough game day experience.    In our recap of #JAXvsBUF, we focus on Allen's play & progression, the defensive performance and the spark that absolutely turned the tide in favor of the home team.    We close with a preview of #BUFvsMIA with Locked On Dolphins Travis Wingfield - newly credentialed for an NFL game! We discuss the cracks in HC Adam Gase's foundation, as well as what we can expect out of their offense & defense come Sunday!@WingfieldNFL - Twitter   @RockpileReport - Twitter   Richie Delotto Go Fund Me - - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report   If you're interested in participating in Toys 4 Tots but can't get to the pizzeria, let us know and we'll try & to help!
89 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Three
This weeks podcast was like a breath of fresh air for us to record, hopefully it's as fun for you to listen to! We open with a conversation about the recent departures of WR Terrelle Pryor & divisive QB Nathan Peterman, who we bid the shows most elegant farewell ever. Then we recap our takeaways from our Week 10 victory over the New York Jets, outlining how the contributions from a bunch of really young guys & a bunch of really old guys made all the difference. As always, we provide our listeners with a list of people who have it worse than us (spoiler alert - our entire division!) this week, and then we close the show by hitting a national authority on the subject with the age old question: Is a hot dog a sandwich or not?! @MeatVP - Eric Mittenthal ; President of the Hot Dog & Sausage Council @BillsandBeers - Lars & company's Twitter - Hot Dog Etiquette, Tailgate Guides & more! - Del Reid's latest Philanthropic Venture - look for their flag at all of our tailgates! - Bills & Beers Podcast
91 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty Two
Pick Sixes, fights & arson - this weeks podcast has it all! We talk about Bills news including Ezra "PanchoBilla" Castro & the late, great Phillip Gaines in this weeks News Update & then recap Week 9, giving context to our poor rushing attack while underlining the effort our D is still giving week in & week out. Then, we talk about people who have it worse than Bills fans (including someone who pitched a loaf in the stadium) and host "Turn On the Jets Film Room" analyst Joe Blewett to discuss this weeks matchup vs the New York Jets! @RockpileReport - Twitter @PanchoBilla1 - Twitter @JoeRB31 - Twitter @TOJFilmRoom - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
85 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty One
Happy Halloween, Bills fans! This week, we discuss Drew's recent experience with the "Vontae Davis Wing Challenge", and what we saw from the Bills (or didn't see) at the trade deadline. We also recap our experience at Monday Night Football, talk about folks who are probably more depressed than Bills fans this week & where we stand at the 2nd quarter pole of the NFL season. Finally, we talk about our upcoming matchup with the Chicago Bears while hosting Will DeWitt from - stick with us & the team, Bills fans because while things haven't gone as planned the team has an undecided future and still needs us to show up on gameday loud & proud!   @rockpilereport - Twitter @DaBearsBros - Twitter Our appearance on Da Bears Bros Our appearance on Bears Barroom
103 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirty
Chris thinks this podcast is one of our Top 10 of all time - you be the judge! This week, we touch on UB Football & shamelessly plug this weeks live event, as well as talk about Chad Kelly & the trade deadline. Then, we talk about the finer points of our loss in Indy, providing context to the whipping we took, and point out people who might feel worse this week than we do. We close with a discussion on MNF with our resident Patriots fan Christian Simonelli. Make sure you're out there being loud and proud, and make sure that idiot Booger McFarland can hear you! @ChrisWITHaTIAN - Twitter @Trainwrecksprts -Twitter @RockpileReport - Check our Twitter handle for Chris's epic headshot!!!! - Del Reid's latest philanthropic venture, their flag will be flying at our tailgate, so keep an eye out for it and don't be a stranger! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
116 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Nine
Folks...I need you to hear me out here. This week Drew kicks the podcast off on his soapbox, as he talks about the state of the Bills fanbase & how we move forward. If you're looking for a Peterman rant, you might have to look elsewhere this week. Then, we recap our Week 6 loss to the Houston Texans, talking about the positives we can take away from each side of the ball. Then we air a new segment which should help Bils fans feel better about this weeks result. We close with a preview of what the Colts bring to the table, and what we'll be looking for if the Bills want to keep this game competitive. It's not an easy road to walk...but like Shawshank Redemption, maybe you're all willing to go just a little bit farther with us? LETS GO BUFFALO! @rockpilereport - Twitter - Robyn's Article @kyletrimble88 - Twitter
76 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Eight
Folks, strap in because his weeks show gives WAY more than last weeks! In our latest show, we discuss why trading McCoy is nonsense & pick through the signing of former Browns QB Derek Anderson. We go on to recap our Week 5 action vs. the Titans, including an indepth look at the performance of our front 7 that won us the game, and a look around the AFC East. We close with our Week 6 Preview for BUFvsHOU - there's a ton of analysis you won't get on the radio, you'd best check it out before kickoff! @RockpileReport - Twitter - E-Mail @BrettKollmann - Twiter - Kollmann's YT Channel! - Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
81 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Seven
**** NOTE: We apologize to our dedicated listeners, as this podcast is not our finest work. Technical difficulties forced a complete re-recording of the 1hr & 45 min show - we apologize in advance, and like the Bills themselves look forward to a more successful effort next week! ****   We've reached the 1/4 mark of the NFL Season folks - what a ride!   This week, we talk about Bills fans who are mad about not drafting Mahomes, and recap this weekends matchup against Green Bay. There are some silver linings to the shut out, if you want to look for it.   Then, we talk about what we've learned about NFL & the Buffalo Bills through 4 weeks, and touch on what we'll be looking for this weekend against Tennessee - victory, much less production, isn't a given but I'll be damned if I sit at home and just grouse about it. Be loud & proud out there guys! LET'S GO!   @rockpilereport on Twitter
95 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Six
To quote Gladiator: "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!" What a time to be alive for Bills fans, eh? This week, we talk about Milano's award, Newhouse's trade & recap the Week 3 action against the Vikings. We break down what we liked about the Defense, about the offense, and discuss Josh Allen - both the good & the bad, even if some superfans don't want to hear it. Then, we break down this weeks action in the AFC East including the Patriots & Jets embarassing losses. Don't stop us now, we're still basking in the glory of them, final standings be damned. We close with takes on our upcoming matchup against the Green Bay Packers - the stage is set for another Bills upset victory if they want to reach out & grab it! Check this out, it'll make you feel better about our recent drafts! @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Del Reid's latest philanthropic venture, supporting the Buffalo City Misson
91 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Five
This team isn't for the faint of heart, so feel free to jump off the bandwagon at anytime. This week, we talk about all the people we got to meet this week, including those who are getting Drew head-first into rugby. You have no idea what you've done. Then we talk about Vontae Davis & why it doesn't bother Drew compared to a longstanding history of Bills quitters.  We also recap Sunday's matchup vs the Chargers, and finally figure out what OC's are doing to completley foil our defense. We close with what we're looking for improvement on in this Sundays game vs Minnesota - every game this season is going to present a new opportunity for this team to take steps towards their goal of building a consistent contender. We'll get to see what this staff and these players are made up, I'll tell ya that. @RockpileReport - Twitter - E-mail - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast @ChargeBFLO - The Official chariy of the Rockpile Report Podcast, the flag will fly at each of our tailgates @PanchoBilla1 - Twitter
84 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Four
This week we address a lot, including the fact that Drew wasn't the most riled up person about the Bills loss on Sunday. We recap the game (skip it if you're not in the mood for a realistic take on our performance) including our opinions on the OL, Defense & game planning. Then we host "The Lighting Round" podcast host & SB Nation writer Garrett Sisti to talk about our week 2 matchup against the LA Chargers and pinpoint where the Bills might have a shot at this thing. Folks, opening Sunday is a little like Xmas for me in the sense that I'm at the stadium before dawn, I'll be surrounded by people I care about & it gives me a chance to reflect on just how lucky I am to have the life I do. Feel free to join me, just look for the CHARGEBFLO flag in the Mud Lot off 20A, right next to Lot 1. Be loud & proud out there on Sunday! LET'S GO BUFFALO! @rockpilereport on twitter @garrettsisti on twitter @lightning_round on twitter (Lightning Round Podcast) @scoremorepod on twitter (Score More Podcast) @bftb_chargers on twitter (Bolts From The Blue SB Nation)
108 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Three
It's like Christmas & the 4th of July combined - THE NFL SEASON IS HERE! This week, we talk about the McCarron trade, national criticism of Peterman & his response. Then, we break down the 53 man roster into what position groups we liked, and what made us scratch our heads. Finally, we host Ken McKusick who analyzies flim for The Russell Street Report, to help us preview our  week 1 matchup against the Ravens - we were blown away by his ability to help us dive into a review of his teams strengths & weaknesses, we're positive you will be too!  No one thinks we can pull this it would be really Billsy of them to do it. LETS GO BUFFALO! @FilmStudyRavens - Ken's Twitter Check out my appearance on their show from this past Sunday here! @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
103 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty Two
Weeeeeeeelllllllll shit.  This week, we talk about how fantasy football spared us from the brunt of Bills related frustration. We recap #BUFvsCIN and talk about the highs, lows & general frustrations we hold in regards to whatever you call that excuse for a football game. Then, we host Jon Ramsay (you all know him as "YardsPerPass" on Twitter & WGR) writer for The Athletic, to talk through the QB position with us and try to talk Drew off the ledge in terms of who will start Week 1. Finally, we discuss what Thursday means in terms of people fighting for roster spots, some guys we think will make the lineup with a strong performance & a few surprise cuts! @YardsPerPass - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
92 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty One
We love & appreaciate each & every one of you. ALLEN-MANIA is upon us, Bills fans! Rejoyce (or lament?) This week we recap the action of #BUFvsCLE in a battle at the Mistake on The Lake. We talk about the OL, the front 7, and why Allen was the most impressive QB of the night. We also discuss the other rookie QB's, their development to this point, and what that means in terms of the class.  We close the show with a review of what we're looking for in the Bills preseason finale for the starters (we hope?). God help us all. - Del Reid's latest philanthropic venture, this time supporting the Buffalo City Mission! Check it out, their flag will be flying at all of our 2018 tailgate parties! @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
96 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twenty
Drew hasn't been this sober since the 8th grade! This week, we host local philanthropist Del Reid to discuss his recent endeavors & annouce a few of our own. We go on to discuss all of the recent hubbub about Jalen Ramsey and his proclivity to gush in fashion magazines. We also break down this past weeks Bills vs Panthers game in terms of what we saw, and what it means to the Blls fortunes. Then, we talk about sports writers who say inflammatory things, and wax poetic on the Browns, the fact that Drew despises them, and what we're looking for Friday night when some guy named TuhRod Taylor starts at QB for them.  @ChargeBflo - Twitter @26Shirts - Twitter - Official site of Chage Buffalo. We've Risen from Rust - try and stop us. - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast @G_Ray34 - Twitter  - He's donating $10 per sack by Harrison Phillips to PanchoBilla - not only do we follow hin, but we're on board. You shoudl be too!
92 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Nineteen
IT'S FINALLY HERE! I CAN'T BELIEVE WE SURVIVED! The football drought is finally over & live action games are about to kickoff! This week we have Mario Granta of HashTag Sports in studio while we discuss the trade for Coleman, and why Drew has an absloute hard on for Beane at this point. Then we give our guide to what we'll be watching for in the upcoming preseason games, and host Locked on Dolphins podcaster and network EIC Travis Wingfield to wrap our AFCEast Roundup: Training Camp Edition! We talk about everything that's wrong with our opponents to the deep South, and identify what their hopes are for the coming season! @WingfieldNFL - Traivs Wingfield ; Locked on Dolphins @HtagSports - Mario Granata ; Sunday Drive -  - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
103 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Eighteen
I (Drew) had goosebumps recording this show! We kick it off with a discussion on why the national media will always be the Toby Flenderson to my Michael Scott, and why football fans everywhere should GOOOOSFRABAHHHHHH.In what might be one of the most personally rewarding interviews we've done, we host Pancho Billa himself Ezra Castro! We talk about his draft experience, his life & his recent experience at Buffalo Bills training camp! Then we keep with the theme and give our higlights & lowlights of the first week of Bills Training Camp, and outline the things we'll be watching heading into our warm up week for the preaseson! @PanchoBilla1 - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Get your entries in for our fantasy football, it's filing up fast! - Del Reid's latest venture to assist the city of Buffalo, this time benefitting the Buffalo City Mission! You'll see their flag flying at all of our 2018 tailgates!
90 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Seventeen
BIGGEST PODCAST IN 3 MONTHS! It's a smorgasboard of Bills talk! We start with a whole group of announcements, including a discussion about Jim Kelly, and it takes off from there. Toasts, laughs & Fantasy Football are just the tip of the iceburg!  This week we give our #BillsCamp preview, outlining what Drew thinks are the Good, the Bad & the Ugly position groups on the roster, as well as the players we'll be watching closely.  Then, we host Patriots radio show "PFW in Progress" caller/listener/occasional host Christian Simonelli for Part 2 of our AFC East Roundup: Training Camp Edition. If you dislike the Pats as much as we do, you're going to want to hear this! @ChrisWithATian - Simonelli Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter - Be sure to e-mail us so that we can help pay it forward here in the Buffalo area! _ Del Reid's Latest Concept, Proceeds Benefitting the Buffalo City Mission! If you love this city the way we do, make sure you go check it out. - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
105 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Sixteen
If you're not a reasonable human being, don't download this podcast. This week, we embrace the flaming hot takes of NFL Networks Michael Robinson, and discuss giving him his own segment. Then Drew comes off the rails on the topic of LeSean McCoy, explaining his opinion on why people need to be reasonable.  We also discuss Lorenzo Alexander being the mouthpiece of the NFLPA in regards to guranteed contracts, and host "Turn on The Jets" podcaster Joe Blewett to kick off our AFC East Training Camp Roundup!  @rockpilereport on Twitter @Joerb31 on Twitter Drew on the Sunday Drive - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
67 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fifteen
WE'VE REACHED OUR 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! This week, we reflect back on where we started, where we've come and the fact that 3 years ago today was the first time we ever touched microphones. We discuss the Josh Allen contract situation, and also talk about gambling opening up across the US and how that affects the way people view the Buffalo Bills. Then, we break down OTA's in terms of our observations & questions heading into TC. We end the show playing a 2nd round of "Drew's Hot Takes" - spoiler alert, someone ends up chugging a Seagrams! @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzera of the Rockpile Report Podcast
89 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Fourteen
This week, our show is all about departures from the norm and we have Bills Long Snapper Reid Ferguson in studio to help us break it all down!   First, we discuss Drew getting married! Then, we touch on the Eric Wood release and what it means to the Bills cap situation. We also discuss OTA's with Reid and talk about where he wants to be in 2018.   In the meat & potatoes of tonight's show, we hold an in depth discussion about Jerry Sullivan's departure from The Buffalo News & follow it up with a dissection of the Bills situation given the recent comments of Kim Pegula - this is a MUST LISTEN for those that fear the team will relocate.   @SnapFlow50 - Xbox Live & Twitter   @RockpileReport - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast   Guys, check out Reid & Colton Schmidt's recent video here:  - Buffalo News Letter From the Editor - Polancarz Interview
80 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Thirteen
GOOD LORD, it feels good to be back! After a week off, Drew reflects on his post draft emotions. We also discuss Thurman's jersey retirement, the 2nd wave of FA on the offensive side of the ball, and the unceremonious unretirement of Richie Ingocnito. Then we host "The Jet Factor Podcast" host CJ DeSimone to in our final installment of the AFC Roundup: Draft Edition! @rockpilereport on Twitter @jetsfan0523 on Twitter  - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
78 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Twelve
Tonight, we finalize our recap of the Bills 2018 draft!   We open with a discussion on our biweekly format change, the Pancho pick & the lack of recent Bills news.   We go on to break down the 2nd half of the Bills 2018 draft, our reactions and takes on possible fits. Then, in the second installment of the AFC East Draft Roundup, we host Patriots fan/radio personality Christian Simonelli to discuss how things went up North!   @ChriswithaTIAN - Twitter   @RockpileReport - Twitter - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report - All of your draft news and discussion in one place!
68 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Eleven
The Draft Is Over! FREE AT LAST, WE'RE FREE AT LAST! This week, we recap Drew's tropical draft experience, Chris's night with his parents & what was learned during the course of the weekend. We break down Round 1 of the Bills Draft Class, our reactions and thoughts about where things could go. Then we host Locked On Dolphins podcaster Travis Wingfield for the 1st installment of "AFC Draft RoundUp"! @WingfieldNFL @RockpileReport @BrettKollmann - Battle Red Blog Film Analyst - Edmunds Breakdown - if you don't watch it you'll kick yourself later. - Check out Brett's calalouge here!
69 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Ten
IT'S FINALLY HERE! THANK GOD! We kick off draft week with a discussion on our draft plans and foreign hospitality. Then, we talk about our personal beefs with the 2018 schedule and all the pre draft talk. Then, we discuss why Drew is worn out from the entire pre draft process, and discuss our thoughts on everhting from pre-draft visitors & drafting philosophy, to Seagrams Bets & our personal predictions. This is like the Ghostbusters crossing the streams - we'll see you all on the other side!   A big “Thank You” to everyone who helped us with our Draft Preview Shows! RB's - @MattWaldman – Rookie Scouting Portfolio DB's - @ConnorJRogers – Bleacher Report, Stick to Football Podcast WR's - @MichaelKistNFL – Bleeding Green Nation & Inside The Pylon OL/DL - @RussNFLDraft – Cover1.Net LB's - @Diantelee_ - Inside The Pylon & The Post Corner QB's - @WingfieldNFL – Locked on Dolphins QB's - @NateGearyWGR550 – WGR550 & QB's - @MarkSchofield – Locked on Patriots & Inside The Pylon - Post Draft Breakdowns Billsmafia Won't Want To Miss Check out the draft party at Thurman Thomas's 34 Rush!
66 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Nine
"One of the offseasons best" - hell of rebound from last week, eh? This week, we talk about why mock drafts are crap & Drew's frustration with most of the predraft process. Then we talk about Richie Incognito's convoluted timeline of Tweets, and provide the results of The Rockpile Report Wonderlic Challenge 2018! Then we host WGR550's Nate Geary & Inside The Pylon's Mark Schofield to preview the back half of this years QB class in Jackson, Darnold & Mayfield. The takes are hot & Drew breaks a microphone so you know the conversation is intense!   @MarkSchofield @NateGearyWGR @RockpileReport - Use the Promo Code "Rockpile5" to get $5 off! - As much as we might hate em, if you're interested in peeking over the fence there's no better Patriots insight than our guy Mark Schofield! - Check out Nate's rundown of QB's - it's certainly a point of contention!
83 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Eight
This week show is the "Worst since 2015" per producer Chris - who's excited?! Chris talks about his first "Buffalo Street" experience. Then we talk about the Iincognito situation and it's rammifications. Then, we host Travis Wingfield of "Locked on Dolphins" to break down QB prospects Rudolph, Rosen & Allen and discuss what they could mean to the Bills franchise.  @WingfieldNFL on Twitter @rockpilereport on Twitter - Click here to grab the 2018 ITP Draft Guide! The promo code "ROCKPILE5" gets you $5 off! - Proudly serving the WNY & CNY regions with sports and outdoor coverage - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
76 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Seven
This week, we have an opening that requires your full attention - don't get fat because of football!   We discuss the Bills recent signings, and then talk about how shifts in the free agent market might affect players currently on the rosters.    Then we host Diante Lee of Inside The Pylon & to discuss this season LB corps in the NFL Draft!    @diantelee_ on Twitter   @rockpilereport on - Proudly serving the WNY & CNY regions with sports and outdoor - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
91 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Six
We're lucky to have 2 guests tonight - show is all over the place! Drew starts the show discussing the recent NFL rule changes, specifically those that affected the Bills in 2017. Then, we talk about recent FA visits and the state of the FA market. Our first guest, Lars from the Bills & Beers Podcast, schools us on the finer points of driving in Chicago and defends himself against Drew's recent slander. Then, we host Russ Brown of Cover1.Net to discuss the 2018 Draft Classes prospects along the DL & OL! @billsandbeers on Twitter @russnfldraft on Twitter @rockpilereport on Twitter - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports! - Proudly serving the WNY & CNY regions with sports and outdoor coverage - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
90 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Five
This week, Drew has a lot of nice things to say about the New York Jets & their fans (that's a lie...) We open the show with reactions to the Jets trade up the 2018 draft board with the Colts, how it might affect the Bills and the way Drew feels about Brandon Beane's latest refusal to tip his hand. Then, we host Buffalo Bills Longsnapper Reid Ferguson  to discuss his offseaon projects and his takes on the recent FA signings.  Finally, we break down the first week of free agency and the Bills recent singings - some of these guys are going to make an impact for Buffalo, and some of them certainly were head scratchers! We end this weeks show with an impromptu news break regarding Zay Jones - make sure you stick around for it! @SnapFlow50  - Reid's Twitter SnapFlow50 - Xbox Network: Get some, fools! @rockpilereport on Twitter - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports! - Proudly serving the WNY & CNY regions with sports and outdoor coverage - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report
89 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Four
It's like Thankgiving - put on your sweatpants, because this show is STUFFED! We host Mario Granata from Hashtag Sports & The Sunday Drive to discuss EVERYTHING - A funeral for Tyrod-truthers, the trade of Cordy Glenn & Drews shopping habits. Then, we dissect the free agent signings of the day and the FA landscape as it pertains to Buffalo, as well as speculate on players we might still target as FA continues.  @rockpilereport on Twitter @htagsports on Twitter - Hashtag Sports - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports! - Proudly serving the WNY & CNY regions with sports and outdoor coverage
116 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Three
Thank God the Combine is Over! This week, we talk about the retirement of an NFL stalwart that Drew can't stand. Then we discuss the Ivory signing & Jim Kelly's announcement.  We also discuss Drew's takeaways from the 2018 combine, including his thoughts on the Bills presence. And finally, we host Bleeding Green Nation's "Kist & Solak Show" & Inside The Pylon writer Michael Kist to discuss the 2018 crop of WR's & TE's in the upcoming draft! @MichaelKistNFL - Twitter - The Best Views in Sports! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Proudly serving the CNY area with regional sports coverage!
83 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred Two
This week, the Rockpile Report hosts another celebrity in the draft community! We discuss Chris's ailments and why the situation is funny, along with the singing of CB Vontae Davis & the visit of RB Chris Ivory.  Then we host Bleacher Report podcaster Connor Rodgers to preview this years rop of Defensive Back prospects! We throw around a lot of names, but I promise you it's worth a listen for Bills fans as we hash our way through the mid & late rounds where the Bills might be likely to draft depth in the secondary. Be sure to check out Connor's "Stick to Football" podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and wherever quality podcasts are found! @StickToFootball - Twitter @ConnorJRogers - Twitter @RockpileReport - Twitter www.WiseGuysBuffalo - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports! (Now on the Spreaker app!) - Proudly serving the CNY area with regional sports coverage!
68 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred One
This week, the Rockpile Report opens up it's 2018 NFL Draft Series!   We discuss the recent Bills hires, the visit of Vontae Davis, the resigning of DE Eddie Yarbrough, and the recent trade rumors of Tyrod Taylor.    Then we host 'The Rookie Scouting Portfolio's Matt Waldman to kick off the Rockpile Report's 2018 Draft Series with the Running Back position!   @MattWaldman - Twitter - The Rookie Scouting Portfolio - Waldman's "RSP Film Room" Youtube Vault   @RockPileReport - Twitter - E-mail - Giving you the best view in sports! (Now on the Spreaker App!) - Proudly serving the CNY area with regional sports coverage! - Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
79 min
Rockpile Report Episode One Hundred
100 EPISODES! This week, the Rockpile Report celebrates reaching the century mark!  We discuss rising ticket prices, why the Bills are the best value in the NFL and congratulate former Bills QB Frank Reich on finally becoming a HC. Then, we take a look back over 3 years of podcasting at some of our highlights & lowlights, including a NEVER BEFORE AIRED interview from Training Camp with a Bills icon, and express our gratitude to everyone who follows, listens and supports our show. The last 3 years have been a blast, and I can't wait to see what the next 3 have in store! @RockPileReport - Twitter - Email - Bringing you the Best Views in Sports! - Proudly bringing regional sports coverage to the Rochester & Syracuse areas! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
66 min
Rockpile Report Episode Ninety Nine
WHAT A WAY TO END THE SEASON!!!!! Folks, this year was a mess but ended with one of the best Super Bowls I've ever witnessed. I love it. We talk SB 52, including the benching of Malcom Butler, and host Locked on Eagles own Michael Kist to talk about what it means to Philly. Then, we talk about TO making the HOF, Tyrod refusing a paycut, and we air a new segment that is sure to resonate with a least of few of you.  @MichaelKistNFL - Twitter - Locked On Eagles Website @RockpileReport - Twitter - Email -  The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast -The Official Hot Sauce Company of the Rockpile Report
60 min