The Rockpile Report - A Buffalo Bills...

The Rockpile Report is a Buffalo Bills podcast hosted by Buffalo Bills season ticket holder Drew Gier & produced by former radio production assistant Chris Krueger

Rockpile Report - 301 - AFC East Round Up - NFL...
Alice Cooper said it best: School (and the AFC East RoundUp) is out for summer! In this podcast we're joined by both old & new faces from around the AFC East as we all get ready to hit the summer doldrums of football! With our guests help we look at: 🔸 How each fanbase feels they've addressed it's needs this offseason 🔸 Current roster vs their 2020 precamp roster 🔸What makes them feel like things will be different for their teams in 2021 & more!
89 min
Rockpile Report - 300 - Milestone Celebration
We've made it to our 300th podcast! In this show we celebrate the last 100 episodes of the podcast - ~1 whole year of content! We touch on the future for the WNY's fans, some of our favorite moments from the last 100 podcasts, and what might be Chris's finest achievement ever as producer!
98 min
Rockpile Report - 299 - Mocking the Mock Drafts...
Tired: Complaining About Mock Drafting Wired: Scoring Mock Drafts so We Can Make Fun of The Practice From #DraftSZN to #AccountabilitySZN, we say goodbye to this chapter of the 2021 NFL offseason with maybe the pettiest show we've ever recorded & Talking Buffalo host Pat Moran is along for the ride! We take mock drafts that Bills content creators have submitted over the last month, score them & break down the results - interesting trends, takeaways about the practice & what we can learn, shocking "Winners/Losers" and more!
58 min
Rockpile Report - 298 - Bills Schedule Release
Hey Naysayers & Nerds - IT'S A SCHEDULE CELEBRATION! This week we take a look at the NFL & Bills 2021 schedule on the eve of it's release, amid a half dozen drinks! We look at the layout of it from both a podcasting & season ticket holder standpoint, look at games that'll probably turn out to be busts & find storylines we're interested in following at this point in the offseason! Then we look at the competitive layout of the Bills schedule - including some rough stretches and portions that could play out in BUF's favor, break down our favorite/least favorite home games, discuss tailgating & more!
78 min
Rockpile Report - 297 - '21 Draft RAS Analysis ...
WARNING: This might be the smartest you'll EVER hear Drew sound on a podcast! RAS creator Kent Lee Platte joins us for an indepth look at the Bills 2021 draft class through an analytics lens! We look at the dynamic athletic profiles of our rookie crop & how RAS study tells a story about their NFL upside & development! Meanwhile, Drew has done some deep analysis of his own & we look at how his findings should have fans excited that for Brandon Beane the best may be yet to come!
63 min
Rockpile Report - 296 - Bills 2021 Draft Recap ...
Drew, Nate & Draft Recap - where else would you rather be than right here, right now?! In this show we break down the 2021 NFL Draft as only the Rockpile Report can. We discuss the philosophy of the early round picks - our reactions, the stories behind the selections & the fits for our team - and how they all weave a narrative that Bills fans can't be upset about. We also discuss Nates food hipsterism, the things this draft revealed to us about our front office & so much more!
93 min
Rockpile Report - 295 - Pre Draft AFC East Roun...
Draft week is finally here & to celebrate we bring back one of our oldest guests - Dolphins team employee Travis Wingfield! Our panel of guests joins us for a look around the divisiom at how each team is set up for the 2021 Draft, dream/nightmare scenarios & more!
74 min
Rockpile Report - 294 - Smart People Summit: Dr...
We've reviewed NFL DRAFT everything...right? This week we turn to the smart people among Bills podcasting to answer the last of our pre draft quandries! We talk draft aggression for the Bills & how their picks might not give them the flexibility we as fans think, positions we all covet, dream/nightmare scenarios for Buffalo & more!
67 min
Rockpile Report - 293 - Draft Preview Series - ...
Some careers ending, others still developing...the Bills DE room is in an odd place. Will the Bills give it a boost in the 2021 Draft? Draft analyst & host of "Bootleg Football" Brett Kollmann joins us for our final positional preview, looking at the 2021 DE Draft Class: 🔸️ 1st draft without an "alpha" DE?! 🔸️ Picks for BUF of the 1st/2nd round prospects 🔸️DT depth that could cause teams to reach Plus we break down Bretts insights on some of BillsMafia's favorite players like J. Phillips, T. Shelvin, C. Basham & more!
82 min
Rockpile Report - 292 - Draft Preview Series -...
68 min
Rockpile Report - 291 - Draft Preview Series - ...
Between Beane's latest comments on Edmunds 5th year option & the future of our SAM LB position, LB could be a sneaky need for BUF...but can this class provide? EJ Snyder of the Bootleg Football Podcast joins us to discuss it all! 🔸️ Where Edmunds ranks against this LB class and potential 4-3 MLB talents 🔸️Bills fan favorites Zaven Collins& JOK, and what their projections to the pros may be 🔸️Highlights of this LB class BUF could look at for depth purposes & more!
72 min
Rockpile Report - 290 - Draft Preview Series - ...
The Bills spent on their OL in free agency, but there's still longterm questions to be answered & the NFL Draft might provide them! In this show, Cover1 host & radio personality Russ Brown joins us to look at the 2021 OL class: 🔸️ Russ's view Beane's draft OL avoidance 🔸️ BillsMafia favorites like Dickerson & Humphrey 🔸️ Bills offensive philosophy & the mid-round OCs/OGs that may fit our scheme best We also look at value picks, sleepers, some multi-position talents with upside & more!
92 min
Rockpile Report - 289 - Draft Preview Series - ...
Cats & dogs living together...MASS HYSTERIA! Drew actually WANTS to talk about Mock Drafts! This week, fellow Blue Wire podcaster Pat Moran of Talking Buffalo joins the show! Together we talk about him, his podcast history & then Drew holds a discussion with him about the merits of something he loathes...Mock Drafts. Jokes are made, merits are debated, we look at what Pat has learned about "reasonable expectations" for the Bills in 2021 through his shows live mock drafts. And ultimately, Drew just might have learned something!
77 min
Rockpile Report - 288 - Draft Preview Series - ...
RB at pick #30 for BUF? Harris or Etienne as RB1? Strap in because Matt Waldman is going to blow your doors off! In this show, with the help of RSP Filmroom creator & Barry White sound-alike Matt Waldman, we take an in-depth look at the 2021 RB Draft Class: 🔸 Matt's shocking RB1 (seriously...don't be drinking a beverage...) 🔸 The makeup of the class & where Buffalo might be able to find some speed without sacrificing early capital 🔸 Our assessment of the Bills "needs", the philosophy he'd employ at the position & some free psycho analysis to boot!
78 min
Rockpile Report - 287 - Draft Preview Series - ...
Its DraftSZN & our annual Preview Series is finally here! USA Today's Mark Schofield helps us kick things off as we take a detailed look at the 2021 WR & TE crop & how the Bills can navigate it including: 🔸️ How scarcity at other positions could push an already deep WR class's talent down the board 🔸️ A look at TE & WR prospects that could be a fit in BUF, including BillsMafia favorite Kadarious Toney! 🔸️ TE scarcity, candidates BUF could look to in preparation for 2022 & more!
74 min
Rockpile Report - 286 - Quarantine Podcasting!
1 remote show in 5 years of podcasts...until now. This week, we look at the Bills stories that have flown under the radar of NFL Free Agency & Draft Prep mania: 🔸 Bills announce full attendance for 2021! 🔸 Ticket price increase & surprising findings when league-wide increases are actually analyzed! 🔸 A divisive new stadium name We also look at Drew living in a bubble & more!
75 min
Rockpile Report - 285 - Relaxed FA Recap Part 2...
We can't seem to keep shows with Nate short, but who's complaining? Not us! In Part 2 of our 2021 Free Agency recap, we take what we know about the Bills & look outward to the rest of the NFL: 🔸️ Hilarious FA "Winners & Losers" 🔸️The State of AFC "Contenders" 🔸️How Free Agency Has Set Buffalo Up for the Draft & more!
58 min
Rockpile Report - 284 - Relaxed FA Recap Part 1...
Kick holder & radio personality Nate Geary joins us as we take a relaxed but nuanced look at the Bills approach to free agency over the last week! Together we look at the state of our ST units & return of our former starters effect on our expectations, the lack of acquisitions outside of the team that the Bills made on defense & the ways we're going to be OK, the reason the Emmanual Sanders signing trumps anything we might have added at TE & more!
84 min
Rockpile Report - 283 - AFC East Round Up - Dr...
Free Agency is here and the moves are already coming fast & furious! This week our panel of Divisional podcasters joins us for an indepth look at the early free agency storylines around the AFC East, and setting expectations for the week to come: 🔸️ Dolphins eerie silence & needs in the trenches 🔸️Patriots spending spree & Belichick's potential swan song 🔸️The Jets early moves that had Drew rage-eating We also look at how the Bills stack up vs conference contenders & more!
87 min
Rockpile Report - 282 - Gangsterism & NFL Free ...
Saluti to the Don! This week we take a look at how our GM, "Contractual Gangster" Brandon Beane, beat Free Agency to the punch by pulling off some of the most unlikely deals in recent (or maybe all) Bills history! We take a look at the philosophical & monetary in's & out's of "The Trifecta" being retained, and how the picture these 3 signings paint for people outside of the franchise could bear fruit for us in the weeks ahead as NFL Free Agency progresses! We also look at early Free Agency trends we didn't see coming & more!
76 min
Rockpile Report - 281 - Roster & Free Agency: O...
In our 2nd installment of roster review & free agency discussion, Matt Parrino of joins us to dig into the Bills defense: 🔸️ Matt's surprising pick for QB2 🔸️ The state of the OL, and how impending cuts could dictate Beanes decisionmaking 🔸️ The TE conundrum, Drew's "outside the box" solution to it & more!
78 min
Rockpile Report - 280 - '21 Free Agency Chaos &...
NFL Free Agency could be CHAOS - and we've brought in a ringer to chat about it! Tyler Dunne of joins our podcast to wax poetic on some of the wrinkles that threaten to muddy the waters of the 2021 Free Agency cycle: 🔸️QB's flexing their muscle & player empowerment 🔸️How much a canceled NFL Combine effects the free agency process 🔸️The impending onslaught of veteran cuts We take all of that, and tie it back to Buffalo's efforts to continue progressing towards what they hope is a SB caliber roster - don't miss it!
85 min
Rockpile Report - 279 - Roster & Free Agency: D...
In our 1st installment of roster review & free agency discussion, Ryan Talbot of joins us to focus on the Bills defense: 🔸️ Our expensive Defensive Line, young DE free agent class & analysis of some rarely discussed pass rush metics that provide some surprising insights! 🔸️ A secondary still looking for an answer at CB2 & an aging market that may not bear fruit 🔸️ Our LB conundrum, players we like for Buffalo to sign this offseason & more!
100 min
Rockpile Report - 278 - Watt the Heck Was THAT?...
We were all set to start talk Free Agency conversation...and then JJ Watt put pen to paper in the first headscratcher of 2021! In this show, we're joined by RocSportsNetwork anchor Ryan Lasal to discuss the supremely anticlimactic Watt decision to join the AZ Cardinals! We look at historical flaws in chasing "names" for BUF, the Cardinals desperation play that this represents & how it could blow up in their franchises face, the fact that this makes me feel BETTER about the Bills & our GM & more!
55 min
Rockpile Report - 277 - AFC East Round Up - Off...
Our final divisional offseason preview takes us to South Beach as we look at the importance of the 2021 offseason for the Miami Dolphins w/Alf's help: 🔸️ Watson Trade Drama 🔸️ Draft Capital Conundrums 🔸️ Fixing Offensive Inconsistency under a new pair of OCs (yes...pair.. ) & more!
51 min
Rockpile Report - 276 - Pre-Free Agency Dominoe...
So much Free Agency conversation has already taken place, and yet there are some MAJOR stumbling blocks that have to be resolved before the Bills offseason plans can really be laid out & Bruce Nolan of BR fame comes along for the ride! We get analytical & wax poetic on topics ranging from how the ripple effects of the franchise tag this season could skew the Bills offseason plans & how the Watson situation could impact the market, to how signing JJ Watt could potentially keep the team from finding its next young star & more!
86 min
Rockpile Report - 275 - AFC East Round Up - Off...
Loads of cap space, extra draft capital, a new HC...haven't we seen this movie before? The Jets are arguably the AFCEs most interesting team this offseason & "Play Like a Jets" Scott Mason joins to discuss: 🔸️ The Deshaun Watson Saga 🔸️ The Jets Sizable List of Needs 🔸️ Darnold Lip Service, California Dreams referneces & More!
45 min
Rockpile Report -274 - Bills Scouting Trends w/...
You gotta walk before you run, and you've gotta understand where the Bills are looking before you can guess at who they'll draft! This week, we're joined by Dean Kindig of BillsFAMbase (cough - - cough) for an indepth look at the Bills scouting activity over the past year! We discuss the importance of this draft & and how last years class was quietly a home run, while also looking through Deans data to discern whether the Bills are thinking about trading back, what positions they're most heavily scouting (which has a history of dictating their selections), and more!
63 min
Rockpile Report - 273 - AFC East Round Up - Off...
The Patriots franchise is in a unusual state of flux this offseason & we're here for all of it! This week we look at the New England Patriots ahead of the 2021 offseason: 🔸️ Front Office Turnover 🔸️ Lack of Attractiveness for UFAs? 🔸️ Rebuildings vs Reloading & more!
45 min
Rockpile Report - 272 - 2021 Bills & AFC Salary...
ITS FINALLY OVER - And now the building starts again. We open with a conversation about SB 55 & how little we all truly cared about it. Then we host Paul Wanecski of Hashtag Sports for our annual Bills Cap Primer! Instead of focusing on just Buffalo, we instead look at where the market trends are in terms of positions we might spend at & around the AFC East and AFC contenders to illustrate how the Bills, despite their lack of current cap space, can still enter 2021 in the drivers seat both in their division & possibly the entire AFC!
102 min
Rockpile Report - 271 - WGR Reunion & 2020 Reca...
The Band is BACK TOGETHER! This week, we re-live the 2020 season through the eyes of podcasters, a corporate shill & a professional broadcaster! We talk about the seasons unsung hero's & storylines, our individual experiences & how Sean McDermott has grown. Then we put a bow on the 2020 discussion by giving away season superlatives, talking about the future for BUF & more!
120 min
Rockpile Report - 270 - AFC East Round Up - The...
"Haves & Have Nots" is the theme of the 2021 offseason in the AFC East, and this week we catch up with our expert panel to look at how our div. opponents are have fared while BUF was competing in the playoffs: 🔸️ Another year, another starting QB quandry for the Patriots 🔸️ Early reactions to the Jets hiring of Robert Salaeh as HC 🔸️ Miami's search for an OC, and reports of internal unrest over their QB of the future 🔸️ Buffalo's offseason outlook by comparison, Beer Watch results & more!
69 min
Rockpile Report - 269 - Let the Healing Begin ;...
The Bills season has come to an unfortunate end. This week, we recap what was an emotional AFC Championship Game & provide our own patented brand of analysis. But more importantly we discuss how, in ways even the most emotional fan can understand, the 2020 Buffalo Bills were important & the ways we're left primed for the future. Drew almost cries, beers are enjoyed & wagons are circled!
71 min
Rockpile Report - 268 - AFC TITLE TALK w/Ryan T...
It feels like a dream - the Buffalo Bills have a shot at playing for a Super Bowl! We start this show with a look at the Brian Daboll news, and discuss the reasons why teams may have cooled on him as a potential head coach. Then we preview the AFC Conference Championship game, taking a look at the narratives surrounding the game, such as the pre-season expectations for both teams & the pressure that can create and the potential for a true Allen v Mahomes rivalry, while Locked On Chiefs host Ryan Tracy joins us to talk a little shop on how confident he is in his Chiefs, what he thinks of their gameplan on Sunday & more!
77 min
Rockpile Report - 267 - Title Game Bound w/Bruc...
Where is Bill Barnwell when you need him?! This week we recap what was a shocking weekend as the Bills horsewhipped the Ravens to advance to the AFC Championship! We recap what was a wild night & analyze the game with the help of Buffalo Rumblings podcaster Bruce Nolan! Together, we break down the ways the Ravens D dictated a bit of our offensive play, the way this might have been Frazier's greatest performance as DC, some timely defensive performances & more!
80 min
Rockpile Report - 266 - BALvsBUF - AFC Div. Rou...
2 young QB's trying to "Survive & Advance" for the second time in their careers, and 2 franchises trying to reach the AFC Championship? We are HERE FOR IT! In this show, we're joined by RavensFilmStudy host & analyst Ken McCusick for an in-depth look at the mechanics of the Ravens Offense & Defense ahead of Sat.'s Divisional Round matchup! We discuss the schematics of their 2020 offense - including how they manufacture points without passing & how the ways our D needs to match up - where Josh Allen & our WR's present mismatches against their Top 10 defense, our confidence levels ahead of our teams biggest game of the season & more!
72 min
Rockpile Report - 265 - Wild Card Victory Recap...
WINNERS. We're F***** WINNERS THis week, we recap the Bills 1st playoff victory in 25 years! We kick the show off by describing what it meant for Drew to finally see this team make good on its promise with a post season victory & all the emotional ways we celebrated. Then Greg Tompsett of Cover1 joins us to break down what was ultimately a fantastic weekend of Bills football - battles won by each team, Greg winning the bet on Daboll's performance in the playoffs, Josh Allen's growth on display & more!
106 min
Rockpile Report - 264 - AFC East Round Up - 202...
With the final week of the NFL regular season in the books, our crack panel of guests helps us take a look back at a tumultuous, yet for some rewarding 2020 season in the AFC East! Highlights, embarassments, silver linings & more - don't miss it!
62 min
Rockpile Report - 263 - Bound for Glory, INDvsB...
The show opens with a throwback to the 90's & a recap of our domination of the Dolphins in Week 17. Then we host analyst Brett Kollmann of The Bootleg Football Podcast for a look at our matchup with the Colts! We break down the offensive & defensive trends of our opponent, schematics, keys to victory & more!
87 min
Rockpile Report - 262 - AFC East Round Up - Con...
This week our expert panel of guests joins us to once again tackle the biggest division storylines from Week 16: 🔸️ A fan-driven QB controversy in South Beach 🔸️ The end of the Patriots dynasty through the eyes of a diehard Pats fan 🔸️ Another Jets "W" clouding the franchises future We also talk renewing the Buffalo - Miami rivalry & more!
75 min
Rockpile Report - 261 - Passing of the Torch & ...
We just witnessed a torch passing. This week, WGR550's Nate Geary joins us to take a hard look at our big win in Foxborough - Allen's progression to leader of this team & consistent threat to defenses everywhere, Daboll's role in that & what this win & Belichicks reaction to it means for our franchise. Then we talk about the "Start Em vs Sit Em" debate of MIAvsBUF & take a look at the playoff field in terms of who we dislike for BUF, who we think are frauds & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Nate on Twitter @Nategearysports Submit your Blue Wire Hustle application here:
103 min
Rockpile Report - 260 - AFC East RoundUp - NIGH...
Those crazy SOB's in green ACTUALLY DID IT! In this AFC East RoundUp, Scott Mason of "Play like a Jet", Alf Arteaga of "3YPC" and Mike D'Abate of "Locked On Patriots" help us tackle Week 15's biggest divisional storylines: 🔸️ The fallout of the Jets inexplicable victory over the Rams both in the media & for the fanbase! 🔸️ Bills fans talking title & debating the merits of potential playoff matchups! 🔸️ The Patriots relegated to their couches for the 1st time in a decade & the rebuild brewing in 2021! 🔸️ Miami's confidence level as the playoffs loom & their depth is tested!
88 min
Rockpile Report - 259 - AFC East Champs & Festi...
In surreal fashion, Buffalo has won the AFC East! This week we recap BUFvsDEN, what it meant to us as fans & outline the ways this team has grown into its role as division leader (maybe best in the AFC?). Then team captain LS Reid Ferguson joins us to discuss the aftermath of the win, what it means to him both personally & professionally, watching his phase of the team hitting its stride alongside the rest of our ascending units & more! We also talk a little BUFvsNE & as always, we crack a few cold ones over our "6th Annual Festivus Celebration: An Airing of Bills Grievances" - a time where we come together & with the help of our listeners release a few frustrations & have a few laughs so we can all head into the post season with full hearts & a clean slate!
100 min
Rockpile Report - 258 -AFC East RoundUp - Bills...
Bills fans are putting the football world on notice...but at what cost?In this weeks AFC East RoundUp we're joined by Alf Arteaga of 3Yards Per Carry, Locked on Patriots Mike D'abate & Play Like a Jets Scott Mason to tackle Week 14s storylines:🔸️ BillsMafia taking analysts to task - but is "scorched Earth" REALLY who we are?🔸️ Patriots fans ACTUALLY calling for the firing of Belichick?!🔸️ Dolphins emotional rollercoaster vs KC & outlook for playoff push🔸️ Another Jets loss, Barry Horowitz & more!
95 min
Rockpile Report - 257 - Steel Town Beat Down
STATEMENT VICTORY *full stop* This week, we discuss a Sunday Night of Football spent with in-house antics & recap what might be the Bills most convincing victory of the season - a player everyone needs to pay more attention to, applause for our secondary, praise for Brian Daboll, Diggs's big night & the way our coaching staff just threw their hat in the ring as one of the NFL's best. Then we give a brief preview of BUFvsDEN - it's simple: Show us that the moment isn't too big for this football team to find that elusive greatness!
92 min
Rockpile Report - 256 - AFC East Round Up - Gas...
Jets Fans: 2020 couldn't get any worse! Gregg Williams: Hold my beer Alf Arteaga, Mike D'Abate & Scott Mason join us as week look at Week 13 around the AFC East! We talk MIAs concerning offensive trends ahead of a season-deciding stretch, the Patriots refusing to just GO AWAY & getting stronger on D in the process, Bills fans not taking the bait from the national media this season & much, much more!
80 min
Rockpile Report - 255 - Worthwhile Hangover & P...
Don't drink Molson Ice This week we recap the Bills 1st win on MNF since the late 90s - the new look OL, Allen's omnipresence, the skill position performances that changed the face of the game & a surprising hero that might have saved the game for all of us (it's very tongue in cheek)! Then we preview our SNF matchup with the Steelers with the help of Joe Kuzma of Steel City Underground - we look at the narrative that they're "overrated", their struggles on offense & holes in their defense, reasons PIT fans aren't confident & more!
108 min
Rockpile Report - 254 - AFC East Round Up - Lyi...
Whats it like watching a HC caught in a lie (or two...or three...)? How the hell did the Patriots manage to win with arguably the worst QB performance of the NFL season?! And just how confident is BillsMafia heading into a month of primetime football? We answer all of these questions & more as "Play Like a Jet" host Scott Mason & USA Today's "Mark Schofield" join us to look at all of the AFC Easts Week 12 action - we talk bad QB play, QB controversy & more!
74 min
Rockpile Report - 253 - The Good, The Bad, and ...
We're 8-3 , and it feels like 2019 again! We recap of LACvsBUF with a look at the Good, the Bad & the Ugly that took place on Sunday - the officiating & gameflow, to some wonky offensive playcalling & the play of our defenses biggest pieces. Then Sacramento Bee reporter Chris Biederman joins us to preview our MNF matchup w/the 49ers! We look at the impact of injuries & relocation, faith in their backup QB, Drew channels Lou Farigno in our Keys To Victory & more!
137 min
Rockpile Report - 252 - AFC East Round Up - Tua...
Is Gase truly wose than Kotite? How are Phins fans handling their young QBs first taste of adversity? Have we just witnessed the death knell of the 2020 Patriots?! We answer all of these questions & more as Alf Arteaga of 3Yards Per Carry, Mike D'abate of Locked on Patriots & Play Like a Jet host Scott Mason join us to recap Week 11's action, including our look at how the Bills may have missed the injury bug that ravaged the AFC this week!
96 min
Rockpile Report - 251 - AFC Playoff Landscape &...
The AFC Playoff picture is slowly coming into focus & this week we take a long look at what awaits the Bills! We open the show with a look at the AFC playoff picture, discussing each division race, and outlining the contenders on the back-end as the contenders start separating themselves from the pretenders in the NFL. Then "The Lightning Round" host Garret Sisti joins us to preview the Bills last 1pm game vs the Chargers! We talk Herbert's ascension among QBs despite his teams poor start, the places their defense struggles & the reasons we ultimately think Sunday should be the start of a fantastic run for BUF down the stretch!
104 min
Rockpile Report - 251 - AFC Playoff Landscape &...
The AFC Playoff picture is slowly coming into focus & this week we take a long look at what awaits the Bills! We open the show with a look at the AFC playoff picture, discussing each division race, and outlining the contenders on the back-end as the contenders start separating themselves from the pretenders in the NFL. Then "The Lightning Round" host Garret Sisti joins us to preview the Bills last 1pm game vs the Chargers! We talk Herbert's ascension among QBs despite his teams poor start, the places their defense struggles & the reasons we ultimately think Sunday should be the start of a fantastic run for BUF down the stretch!
104 min
Rockpile Report - 250 - AFC East Round Up - Ret...
They were the pioneers of the "AFC East-centric" podcast, and we've brought them back for a reunion show! Kyle & Gary Smith join us this week to remenisce on the end of their podcast & get their takes on Josh Allen leading the NFL in passing while Sam Darnold seemingly falls into oblivion, MIA leapfrogging the Jets rebuild & more! Then Locked on Patriots host Mike D'Abate joins us to recap what was a huge win on Sunday Night Football to keep New Englands season alive!
90 min
Rockpile Report - 249 - GOOSEFRABA w/ Buffalo B...
We lost this week & yet Drew's not an animal about it?! We open the show with a look at the ways the Bills defense is finally making good on the promise that we all looked for this year, while Josh Allen once again proved he's clutch. Then we talk about Brian Daboll & his lack of adjustments in hilarious fashion, while recapping why Bills fans should actually feel pretty DAMN GOOD walking away from this. Then, we host Bills Captain & Longsnapper Reid Ferguson for a behind the scenes look at BUFvsAZ , a look at the NFL player mindset of public criticism & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Reid on Twitter @snapflow69
96 min
Rockpile Report - 248 - AFC East Round Up - Wee...
The AFCE is quickly becoming a surprising 2-horse race! This week we're joined by the usual suspects as Alf Arteaga of 3YPC helps us break down Tua's big day and MIA's biggest, most improbable win of 2020, and we look at how for a team with a "Top 5 Most Difficult Schedule", the future looks rosy for BUF! We also look at the performance of the NYJ's young stable of talent on MNF w/"Play Like a Jet" host Scott Mason, while Patriots fan Christian Simonelli stops by to discuss how that game illustrates that the retooling process in Foxborough could be bigger than anyone could have guessed!
79 min
Rockpile Report - 247 - Re-Klein & Relax w/WGR5...
NOW DO YOU BILL-IEVE?! This week WGR550 host Nate Geary joins us to recap SEAvsBUF & all of its intricacies! We discuss all of the ways our offense thrived, while Drew takes Nate to task over a critical moment of the game & his talk about how "there's little to criticize" from Sunday. Drew also delivers a passionate embrace of 2 players he routinely has bagged on, and his producer in the process. We also preview our matchup with Arizona - the places the balance of the game hangs from Murrays rushing to a surprising WR threat & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Nate on Twitter @nategearysports
98 min
Rockpile Report - 246 - AFC East Round Up - Qua...
We've reached the halfway point of the NFL season & it's again time to hand out grades! Mike D'abate of "Locked on Patriots", Alf Arteaga of "3Yards Per Carry" & "Play Like a Jet" host Scott Mason join us for a look at the good, bad & ugly of each team through the 2nd month of the season! We talk Tua's 1st game , Becton's surprising emergence, Buffalo's fall from national grace after a hot start to the season & much, much more!
100 min
Rockpile Report - 245 - Changing of the Guard -...
The Buffalo Bills are 4-0 in the AFC EAST! This week, we wax poetic on the Bills victory over the Patriots - the performance of Cam Newton, the response to a familiar face by our OL & an in-depth look at the performance of the Bills rushing attack you won't hear anywhere else! We go on to dissect what we took away this game & why this win, albeit a close one, stands out in our minds as a landmark for our franchise. We close with a preview of SEAvsBUF - Offensive excellence, defensive struggles & reasons Drew believes the Bills will come out on top! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport
90 min
Rockpile Report - 244 - AFC East RoundUp - Frus...
The constant discussion about trades has Drew feeling a certain kind of way - we look at the realities in Buffalo as fans clamor for moves ahead of the NFL Trade Deadline! "Play Like a Jet" host Scott Mason also joins for a recap of BUFvsNYJ & a look at the biggest betting line of the week while USA Today's Mark Schofield helps us look at the shocking descent into football-hell taking place in Foxborough & what fueled the worst Patriots performance of Belichick's career!
65 min
Rockpile Report - 243 - Weapons of Bass Destruc...
The Bills are SOMEHOW 5-2! This week we recap "The Tyler Bass Game" - how a big leg overcame some strange offensive ineptitude (which we charted because Drew is a lunatic) & how the defensive line stepped up & changed to tone of the game (and hopefully our season)! Then USA Today writer & Podcaster Mark Schofield joins us for our preview of PATRIOTS WEEK! We take an in-depth look at Cam Newton's descent into QB hell, look at the matchups he likes & dislikes from a Patriots perspective, waxes poetic on how a Bills victory could shatter what's left of the Belichick Dynasty & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Mark on Twitter @markschofield
90 min
Rockpile Report - 242 - AFC East Round Up - Tua...
The 2020 AFCE was touted as a wild ride, and through 6 weeks it hasn't disappointed! Alf Arteaga of "3 Yards Per Carry" joins us to discuss the QB change in Miami, including what's at stake if Tua has growing pains as the Phins try to remain in a surprising 2nd place! Also, Mike D'Abate of "Locked on Patriots" helps us look at NE's loss to Denver & what their struggles say about Cam, the offense & the teams future. We also talk Flacco's 1st start for Gang Green, the Bills outlook after the KC debacle & more!
73 min
Rockpile Report - 241 - Arby's, Angry Drew & KC...
The Bills better never play at 5pm ever again in our lifetimes, that's for damn sure! This week Cover1's Greg Thompsett swings by to help lend a pragmatic voice to balance Drew's frustration as we recap the Bills fall to 4-2 at the hands of the Chiefs. We discuss emotional outbursts, the struggles of our defense & which of the Bills issues are correctable moving forward! We also take a look at the people who have things worse than Bills fans - YES you sensitive people, there ARE football fans suffering more than us today - and take a look at our impending matchup with the NFL laughingstock from New Jersey! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Greg on Twitter @gregtompsett
76 min
Rockpile Report - 240 - AFC East Round Up - RB ...
Another star player escaped the Jets like Andy Dufresne & we couldn't be happier to chat about it! "Play Like A Jet" host Scott Mason joins us to wax poetic on the release of RB Le'Veon Bell, while Alf Arteaga of "3 Yards Per Carry" discusses fan expectations changing in South Beach after their big win over SF! We also recap the state of the division heading into Week 6 & more!
51 min
Rockpile Report - 239 - Tennessee Whiskey and C...
We start this week with a mercifully short synopsis of our loss in TEN, & Drew lays the blame in some surprising directions. Then, because we're the pettiest Bills podcast, we air our 1st "People Who Have it Worse Than Bills Fans" segment of 2020! Finally, friend of the show Brett Kollmann joins us to preview our Monday matchup vs Kansas City - we talk about the structure of their latest rushing attack, their passing game w/out Watkins, and what the Buffalo Bills have to do on defense to score an upset that would be heard around the NFL! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Brett on Twitter @brettkollmann
106 min
Rockpile Report - 238 - AFC East Round Up - Qua...
Were 1/4 of the way through the NFL season, and just like we all (or maybe just us?) dreaded in high school, Mark Schofield, Scott Mason & Alf Arteaga join us to give Quarterly Reports for the AFC East! We talk about the satisfactory parts of each team through 4 weeks, the parts of our teams that are incomplete, what needs improvement in the next 4 games & more!
84 min
Rockpile Report - 237 - Viva Las Bills! BUFvsLV...
4-0, & firmly on top of the AFC East - it's a great time to be a Bills fan! We open with a recap of Sunday's action - Dabolls emergence as a playcaller, Diggs's infectious energy & impact on this entire passing attack/WR corps & our defense showing signs of life amid a league-wide depression of performance on that side of the ball! Then, we take a look into the convoluted matchup vs TEN - something made more complicated by some breaking news! We outline the COVID impact as it applies to the TEN players, the surprising struggles of Derrick Henry this season, the holes in the TEN defense that the Bills should be more than capable of exploiting & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport
77 min
Rockpile Report - 236 - AFC East Round Up - Gas...
After 5 years are we ACTUALLY going to see the last of Adam Gase in the AFC East?! That's the question we open tonight's show with as "Play Like A Jet" host Scott Mason walks us through the Jets plight. Alf Arteaga of " 3 Yards Per Carry" celebrates his teams first convincing victory in Jacksonville & the Patriots passing woes lead us to ask the Josh Allen the defacto "Best QB in the AFC East"?!
75 min
Rockpile Report - 235 - ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED...
This Bills win takes us back to an era of Bills greatness that we're almost nervous trying to discuss! We recap our win over the Rams first with a dissection of the ref staff & the ways they failed BEYOND the 2 big calls. We go on to break down the defensive struggles we encountered, and the way our QB's responded when the chips were down wasn't just a victory, but a potential reshaping of what the Buffalo Bills could be as a franchise & how fans should feel about these close games. Then we're joined by fellow BlueWire Network host "Raider Cody" for a preview of Week 4's matchup in Las Vegas - the strengths & weaknesses of the Raiders attack & some surprising vulnerabilities in what is an opportunity for the Bills to build cushion in the AFCE race! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Cody on Twitter @raidercody
115 min
Rockpile Report - 234 - AFC East Round Up: Week...
Its week 2 and the Bills are indisputably #1 in the AFC EAST! This week our guests help us recap how we got there - Fitzpatrick's vintage performance in South Florida & a young Phins team hopefully picking up steam, another disaster for Gang Green & their beleaguered HC and a nail biter in Seattle for the Patriots as their passing game showed life but the final play raises serious questions!
68 min
Rockpile Report - 233 - Allen for MVP?! Week 2 ...
No that's not lunacy - just ask ESPN! This week, we recap the Bills narrow victory over Miami - questions in our secondary, another incredible performance from Diggs & some shade for a certain coordinator. We also discussed the question raised by ESPNs Dan Orlovsky - is this ascension from Josh Allen to be believed & is he truly flirting with the mantle of MVP?! Then Derek Ciapala of RamsTalk helps us dissect the complex beast that is the Rams offense ahead of our Week 3 matchup!
105 min
Rockpile Report - 232 - AFC East Round Up Wk 1:...
In this weeks AFCE RoundUp we recap all AFCE-on-AFCE crime that took place on Sunday! It starts with a look at how Jets fans are feeling today about their potential franchise QB & maligned HC. Then we look at the ways lofty expectations for growth in MIA failed to materialize & discuss a Patriots team that, despite winning on Sunday, are about go from the frying pan into the fire! We discuss all of that, the divison outlook heading into Week 2's action & more!
85 min
Rockpile Report - 231 - Allen Vs Darnold 3: Rec...
The Bills are 1-0 & Drew had a Sunday unlike any other! This week, we break down Allen's 3rd career matchup vs Darnold & the NYJ, dissecting the ways OC Brian Daboll's QB-run heavy approach may have been preordained , how the Bills surprising RT & RG combination could affect our fortunes in 2020 & beyond, and LS Reid Ferguson joins us to discuss their first fanless game & how not all "misses" by a rookie kicker are created equal. Then we look at the trends established by MIA last week against NE & break down the ways they favor BUF coming out of this one potentially on top of the AFC East! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport
98 min
Rockpile Report - 230 - AFC East RoundUp Wk 1 -...
There's finally REAL football to discuss & our guests brought the goods! This week, we go around the division getting the early impressions of each AFC East roster from podcasters around the division! Our guests also help us understand the confidence level of their respective fanbases heading into a weekend of divisional matchups & more!
60 min
Rockpile Report - 229 - "Smart People" Summit w...
FOOTBALL IS BACK! This week, we dive into some intellectually deep waters by hosting Bruce Nolan of Buffalo Rumblings & Greg Tompsett of Cover1 simultaneously! We discuss the Tre White extension in detail & positive/negative takes n the final 53 man roster! Then Joe Caporoso of joins us for a preview of our first game of 2020! We talk about the state fo the Jets roster & who their anemic offense is primed to flow through, as well as some of their defensive liabilities & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Bruce on Twitter @bruceexclusive Follow Greg on Twitter @gregtompsett Follow Joe on Twitter @jcaporoso
110 min
Rockpile Report - 228 - AFC East Round Up - Ros...
AFC East teams are still reshaping their rosters just days before final roster cuts! This week, Scott Mason joins us as we look at moves & roster adjustments being made around the division - Miami trading away former 2nd round picks, the Bills trading for ST reinforcements, the Jets needing to add...well...everything....and more!
54 min
Rockpile Report - 227 - Roster Cuts & Media Pri...
The '20 season is just around the corner & luckily this wonky offseason is coming to a close! Bruce Nolan of 's "The Bruce Exclusive" joins our show to talk all about cut down day - one of the weirdest cutdown days in Bills history given the lack of a preseason! We dissect some of the storylines that remain unsettled including McKenzie's future with the team, the right side of the offensive line, DiMarco being sacrificed into a pit of fire & more! Drew also airs his grievances against NY's decision to postpone fan attendance in 2020 to October & we take a laymans look at the Chris Brown suspension! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Bruce on Twitter @bruceexclusive
84 min
Rockpile Report - 226 - AFC East Round Up - Bes...
The good, the bad & the ugly of the AFC East - we recap it all with the help of 3 podcasting talents from around the division! This week we're joined by Alf Ateaga of "3 Yards Per Carry", Mike D'Abate of "Locked on Patriots" & Scott Mason of the TOJ Network to recap the best & worst of their respective teams camps thus far! We touch on the Jets lack of healthy playmakers, the Patriots new faces on both offense & defense, Tua's reported struggles in South Beach, Josh Allen's synergy with our front office & much, much more!
73 min
Rockpile Report - 225 - Bills Camp Week One Rev...
Did anyone ever think they'd be hopeful after positive COVID Tests? This week we open with a discussion about the rash of false positive COVID tests that disrupted the NFL this weekend, and Drew explains why anyone who wants to see football throughout the 2020 season should actually see what transpired as a "win" for the NFL & Buffalo Bills. Then's Matt Parrino joins us for a recap of his experience thus far through the Bills 2020 Training Camp! We talk about the hurdles protocol has created in terms of his reporting, Josh Allen's growth as both a passer & a leader, his impressions of the new faces to the roster & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Matt on Twitter @mattparrino
56 min
Rockpile Report - 224 - AFC East Round Up: Jets...
Just how hot is Adam Gase's seat? What has Joe Douglass accomplished this offseason on the OL? Is Gang Green a credible threat in '20? These are just a few of the questions we ask Bleacher Reports Connor Rogers in this weeks AFC East Roundup! He walks us through what could be one of the most incomplete Jets rosters weve seen in years, breaking down his surprising expectations & evaluations for the "New York" Jets along the way! ConnerJRogers - Twitter RockpileReport - Twitter "BLUEWIRE" - Promo Code for DirecTV - Contact Us!
52 min
Rockpile Report - 223 - Extension Extravaganza ...
THE BILLS FINALLY HAVE A FIGUREHEAD WORTH FOLLOWING! In this weeks podcast we celebrate a pair of new contracts - LT Dion Dawkins & HC Sean McDermott! We start with an explanation of our beliefs that Dawkins, despite his flaws, is still the best man for the LT job here in BUF under this regime. Then we go longform discussing the extension of Sean McDermott - his initial reception & what was going on around the NFL at the time on the HC front, the things that make him so special as a HC (spoiler alert: Clint Eastwood references & goosebumps abound!) and what might lie ahead with him at the helm of this football team. Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport
83 min
Rockpile Report - 222 - Training Camp Week One:...
We're one giant leap closer to real football, Bills fans! As Training Camp gets underway, the Bills opened up their players to the media & while Sean McDermott's "coach speak" is already in mid-season form, we found some notable takeaways that we delve into including Josh Norman's praise meaning more to Drew than most & Tre White's surprising admission! We also talk about the signing of Brian Winters, Nickleback returning for God knows what reason & more!
62 min
Rockpile Report - 221 - AFC East Round Up: Dolp...
Can we still squish these fish? That's what we're' here to find out! This week we host Alf Arteaga of the 3 YPC Podcast to help us break down the 2020 Miami Dolphins! We talk about the transition from loser-to-winner that fans & players both have to mentally take, Tua potentially getting to play in 2020 & how the Phins changes at OC & DC might put a crimp in those plans! We also talk philosophically about the level of expectation that's growing down in South Beach, crack some jokes & discuss a surprising projection for them by the time the 2020 season is over! Follow us on Twitter - @rockpilereport Follow Alf on Twitter - @Alf_Arteaga Follow 3 Yards Per Carry on twitter @3yardspercarry
74 min
Rockpile Report - 220 - AFC East Round Up: Patr...
Who's afraid of of the 2020 Patriots? That's what we attempt to establish as we're joined by Mark Schofield, host of the Scho Show @ & author for! We break down the COVID fueled exodus from Foxborough, the changes at QB & scheme on the horizon, Mark's assessments of what might be the weakest Patriots roster we've seen in 2 decades & more!
71 min
Rockpile Report - 219 - Training Camp Preview S...
It's the end of the road, Bills fans - Training Camp is about to get underway! And with that in mind, we bring you the end of our 2020 Bills Camp Preview series, talking about the state of our Defensive Line! We discuss the fact that we're one of the most expensive groups in the NFL yet without a true "star" & why Greg doesn't see that as a problem. We also discuss what we'd like to see out of AJ Epenesa & the Bills from a versatility standpoint! We close the show with Greg delivering one of the hotter "bold predictions" any guest has offered up this preseason - don't miss it! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Greg on Twitter @gregtompsett
73 min
Rockpile Report - 218 - A Calm Before The Storm...
It's time to take a deep breath, BillsMafia - it's a "goosfraba" podcast! This week we wax poetic on our first week of "professional podcasting" & air another edition of "In Your Words"! We go on to discuss the recent "opting out" of the NFL season - the ways it mechanically can upset competitive balance, the effect it's already had on the Patriots & the way we see it impacting the Buffalo Bills & if it changes their direct competition for the AFC East title! Follow us on Twitter @RockpileReport
81 min
Rockpile Report - 217 - 2020 Training Camp Prev...
Depth? WHO NEEDS DEPTH?! That's the question we set out to answer in this installment of our Training Camp Preview Series, featuring Ryan Lasal of RocSportsNetwork. We break down our LB & TE groups & discuss the storylines surrounding each including the limited depth at each group, how Tommy Sweeny projects as a member of the team, whether the team truly has a plan at backup LB at all, darkhorses to step up & surprise us all & so much more! Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Ryan on Twitter @Ryanlasal_RSN Golden Goal Podcast
69 min
Rockpile Report - 216 - Bills Camp Gets The Gre...
Bills Training Camp has gotten the "Green Light"! In this weeks show we host RocSportsNetwork's Ryan Lasal for a look at the opening of NFL Training Camps & the road laid out before our Buffalo Bills. We look at what the NFL offices & players are saying, the landscape of the new Training Camp format, and then take a look at how our Bills team seems built to face the challenges that almost certainly lay ahead! Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Ryan on Twitter @Ryanlasal_RSN Golden Goal Podcast
71 min
Rockpile Report - 215 - COVID Salary Cap Crunch...
Do the Bills have a problem looming on the horizon?! In this podcast Paul Wanecski of Hashtag Sports joins us for an indepth look at the unprecedented way COVID19 has impacted the NFL Salary Cap & what it means for our Buffalo Bills. We discuss potential cap casualties, whether this constitutes a closing of the Bills "window" & ways Beane & company can stay ahead of the curve! Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Paul on Twitter @Htagsports
79 min
Rockpile Report - 214 - 2020 Training Camp Prev...
This week we're joined by a throwback guest - Erik Turner! We open with a discussion on the importance of who holds QB#2, Fromm's shaky status & how Allen can improve in year 3 in terms of mechanics. Then we turn our focus to the running back position. We break down the skillsets at our disposal, Singletary's need to assert himself & the upside of adding Moss to the RB stable. We also discuss where TJ Yeldon slots in, where he's vulnerable to guys who actually play more than 1 role & more! Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Erik on Twitter @Cover_1_
73 min
Rockpile Report - 213 - 2020 Camp Preview: Wide...
This week, WGR550's Nate Geary joins us in studio & we first celebrate an anniversary of sorts, to Nate's shame. Then we parse through the WR talent the Bills have amassed heading into the 2020 season! We talk about our hopes for Allen & Diggs, the ways his presence changes our offensive attack & why Drew believes this team needs to find it's WR#4. Nate leaves us with hot takes on our rookie WR's, his WR#4, Kirk Cousins (oddly enough) & more! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Nate on Twitter @nategearysports
85 min
Rockpile Report - 212 - Bills Financial Impact ...
The Bills are making changes to ticket policies as COVID19 continues - what does that mean to us as ticket holders & what does that mean to the WNY area financially? This week we delve into both of those topics with the help of Paul Lane of Buffalo Business first magazine! We discuss the current impact of COVID19 on the WNY area, the ways it benefits from & is most vulnerable to the ebbs & flows of sports revenue and more! Then we discuss the surprising results of our social media polling on the topic (spoiler alert: Chris has unpopular opinions) and how we'd each handle an NFL season that required us to sign waivers to attend. Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Paul on Twitter @bflobizdata
90 min
Rockpile Report - 211 - 2020 Training Camp Prev...
The Bills secondary is arguably the most cost-effective in the NFL, and in this latest installment of our Camp Preview Series, we take a look at our crop of defensive backs heading into the 2020 preseason! We discuss the makeup of the roster & storylines that could play a factor in training camp such as McDermott's love of the "Big Nickle" & that the makeup of other position groups might change the depth we can field this year compared to '19. We also discuss the key battles we'll be keeping an eye on, including what should be a dogfight for the CB#2 job across from our resident All Pro! Follow us on Twitter @rockpilereport Follow Bruce on Twitter @BruceExclusive - Wise Guys Pizza ; The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Pepperfire Foods ; The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast
71 min
Rockpile Report - 210 - Cam Newton to the Patri...
Episode 210: Cam Newton to the Patriots: A Discussion w/Pats Fan Christian Simonelli Why is everyone so scared of a QB who wears flowered rompers? That's what Drew's asking this week as we're joined by Patriots fan Christian Simonelli for a discussion about his team landing former MVP Cam Newton just months before the start of the NFL season! We talk through the national narratives & hot takes, the realistic roster situation for the 2020 Patriots & the multitude of reasons this signing may or may not move the needle for us when it comes to the Bills still being the favorite in the AFC East! Follow us on Twitter @Rockpilereport Follow Christian on Twitter @Chriswithatian - Wise Guys Pizza ; The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast - Pepperfire Foods ; The Official Hot Sauce of the Rockpile Report Podcast
71 min
Rockpile Report - 209 - 2020 Training Camp Prev...
It's a night of firsts, BillsMafia! We start the show by celebrating our 5th anniversary, and follow it up with an announcement that will reshape the future of our podcast, and maybe even the future of humanity itself (but probably just our podcast)! Then we welcome listener-turned-content-creator Clayton Garrett of the Cold Front Report in studio for the kickoff of our 2020 Training Camp Preview Series! This week, we're focusing on the offensive line - we dive into the makeup of the OL group, places we need to see improvement as camp gets underway, key position battles & more! @rockpilereport @cfrclayton - CFR's Official Facebook Page! - CFR Co-Creator Fred Kilmartin's FB page - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report Podcast
110 min
Rockpile Report - 208 - ESPN's Continuity Ranki...
The Bills are finally #1! This week, we take an in-depth look at the recent "Continuity Rankings" produced by ESPN, and with our knowledge of what's specifically gone on from one roster to the next this off-season review the AFC East to get a better idea as to why all of the national pundits are finally pulling for Buffalo! We also talk about what Zack Moss's signing means financially for the future of the Bills & RB, open up the floor to you as listeners to share your experiences with us & more! - The Official Pizzeria of the Rockpile Report - The Official Hot Sauces of the Rockpile Report Twitter - @rockpilereport
104 min
Rockpile Report - 207 - NYTimes Accolades & the...
Drew is a father, BillsMafia!   We open the show with a discussion about the changes that have taken place in both our lives since our last podcast - some of which are more enraging than others, and result in a season long Seagrams Bet! We also review our takeaways from McDermott's recent presser & are joined by Bills longsnapper & captain Reid Ferguson for a discussion about his off-season thus far - the ways COVID has impacted his personal life, his appearance in the NY Times, his brother being drafted to a division rival, summer workouts with new kicker Tyler Bass & more!
112 min
Rockpile Report - 206 - 2020 Injury Outlook wi...
The NFL Preseason is a go - but should fans worry about the health of their teams? We host Dr. Kyle Trimble for an in-depth discussion about the effects of a truncated off-season on injuries in the NFL. We dive into Kyle's knowledge of what it takes to avoid injury as an athlete at the NFL level, how that learning curve might be fairly steep, & take a deep dive into the concept that teams that according to fans are "snakebit" with injuries might just be poorly coached. Then we take a look at the 2020 Buffalo Bills, and discuss how we see the team in terms of preparation for this shortened off-season & why we think they might be one of the NFL's most physically & mentally prepared squads to start 2020! Our soft tissue injury episode from 2016! Articles mentioned in this episode   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @bangedupbills
108 min
Rockpile Report - 205 - Expectations for 2020 w...
The National Media has lost it's MIND!   This week, we're joined by's Matt Parrino! We talk about Josh Allen's off-season workouts & how that stacks up with the effort being shown by his AFC East counterparts, and then talk about recent love we've received from the national media & how realistic expectations might stack up for the Buffalo Bills in 2020.   Then, we talk about this weeks COVID19 response updates from the NYS Gov't as they pertain to football & Matt's outlook on them as a professional football writer/content producer.   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @mattparrino   NYUP & YouTube page   Check out the beer we tasted here:
111 min
Rockpile Report - 204 - COVID19: The Future of ...
One of our most researched podcasts, point blank & period.   This week we're joined by Ryan Lasal of RocSportsNetwork! We spend the early portion of the show discussing the Bills 2020 schedule & our takeaways in terms of difficulty, tailgating & more!   Then we take an in-depth & nuanced look at sports in a post-COVID19 world. We break down the NFL's dominance in US entertainment, the idea of & hurdles to executing sports seasons without fans across North America & what the future might look like for fans of the Buffalo Bills here in WNY!   Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @ryanlasal_RSN
119 min
Rockpile Report - 203 - 2020 AFC & AFC East Dra...
The Bills draft might be over - but where do we stack up in the AFC?   This week we host draft analyst & host of "The Scho Show" Mark Schofield for an indepth look at the AFC & AFC East Draft classes & how the Bills stack up!   We dissect how each AFC East team outside Buffalo fared, including the Patriots & their confusingly defensive draft, the Jets decision to trust Gase to do something he's never done - develop an OL - and the Dolphins multitude of picks, some of whom might have gotten their asses handed to them by people currently wearing a Bills uniform! We also handicap the AFCE race & discuss the future of the podcast! Twitter - @rockpilereport Twitter - @markschofield Ken McCusick's Film Study Baltimore podcast
111 min