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The Don Tony Show 8/5/23
WWE Swaps Raw/SmackDown Commentators; SmackDown Review; Bizarre $250M Lawsuit Against WWE & AEW; Feds Investigating Vince McMahon; AEW Collision vs SummerSlam; Street Profits and Shotzi Return w/New Looks; Edge/25 Year Anniversary Celebration; AEW Rampage/Level Up Recaps; Next DTKC Show Airdate & More
102 min
Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show: WWE SummerSlam ...
Don Tony and Kevin Castle Return! SummerSlam Predictions; Roman/Jey Tribal Combat; Damian Priest Wins WHC + Screws Finn Balor? IYO Cashes In? Gunther Makes More History; Randy Orton Next For Cody? Shayna KOs Ronda? LA Knight Wins Battle Royal? YEAH! And More!
99 min
Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite 8/2/23: The Devil In...
Tony Khan Responds To Triple H; AEW All In Main Event Revealed; Thunder Rosa To Proclaim Herself 'Real' Women's World Champion? Trick Splits From Melo and Cora Jade Leaves NXT; RVD Makes AEW Debut; The Elite Sign Contract Extensions; Dominik AND Rey Mysterio Set For 8/8/23 NXT; Dynamite/NXT TV Results; Collision/Rampage Previews And More!
80 min
Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E3...
Remastered! Original Broadcast: 8/1/2019 (Running Time: 3 Hours 46 Minutes)
225 min
WWE Raw 7/31/23 Post Show
Raw Review; Ronda Rousey vs Shayna Baszler Now MMA Rules! Becky vs Trish Off SummerSlam; Chad Gable def Gunther? RIP Adrian Street and Pee Wee Herman; Cody Rhodes Documentary Premiere; Triple H Angers AEW Fans; NXT/AEW/TWIWH Previews; Week In Ratings And More!
133 min
NXT Great American Bash 2023 Review
Carmelo Hayes Takes A Beating But Keeps On Ticking; WWE Makes Major Mistake As Texas Roasts Gable Steveson; The Don and Stacks Win Gold; Dominik Mysterio Retains; Rhea Ripley Destroys Wes Lee; Roxanne Perez/Blair Davenport Go Wild With Weapons; Andre Chase Throws In The Towel; And Much More!
101 min
The Don Tony Show 7/29/23
Rey Mysterio Suffers Legit Injury; WWE Tweaks Roman Reigns; LA Knight Gets His SummerSlam Match; Angelo Dawkins Gets A Makeover; US Title Match At SS Scrapped For The Rock/Grayson Waller? Vince McMahon Hospitalized; SmackDown/Rampage Recap; Britt Baker/Taya Valkyrie vs IWC Trolls; Dana Brooke Equals Ratings And More!
121 min
Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite 7/26/23: Melo About ...
Carmelo/Trick Feud Coming? NXT Great American Bash Predictions; Which Judgement Day Member Drew Highest NXT Rating In July? IWC/AEW Fluffing Continues w/Rush Re-Signing; Collision Rating Stabilizes; Thoughts On Vliet/Meltzer Match Ratings Debate; Dynamite/NXT TV Results; Jericho Turn Coming? Collision/Rampage TV Previews And More!
124 min
Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E3...
Remastered! Original Broadcast: 7/25/2019 (Running Time: 3 Hours 21 Minutes)
200 min
WWE Raw 7/24/23 Post Show: Watch Me Go Back To ...
WWE Raw Review; Cody Rhodes Slaps The Bear; Rhea Ripley Destroys Liv Morgan; MMA Match For Ronda Rousey/Shayna Baszler? No SummerSlam Matches For Owens/Zayn? Corey Does Keiser; Latest LA Knight/Bray Wyatt Rumors; Congrats To Matt Riddle/Misha Montana; This Week In Ratings; NXT/AEW/TWIWH Previews And More!
96 min
The Sit-Down with Don Tony 7/23/23
Big Plans For LA Knight At SummerSlam? Billy Gunn: Retirement Or Swerve; Cody Rhodes vs Bray Wyatt Feud Coming? AEW Women In WWE; AEW Used Movie Props For Blood And Guts? Umaga's Son In=Ring Debut; Early Social Media Platforms; Vince Russo's Legacy; Mount Rushmore Of Comedians, ECW Stars And More!
100 min
The Don Tony Show 7/22/23
WWE Snubs LA Knight Again; Dominik Mysterio Makes WWE History; SmackDown Review; US/NXT NA Title Unification? Seth Rollins Injured; Logan Paul Wants To Curtain Jerk SummerSlam; NXT/AEW Dynamite Blood And Guts Ratings; WrestleCon Adds Then Removes Rick Steiner; WrestleMania 40 News And More!
133 min
Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 7/18/23 (Special...
AEW Deep Dive Evaluating Last 12 Months Of Many Stars: Who From AEW Would Prosper In WWE And Who Have Zero Shot; AEW Collision (7/15/23) Rating Continues To Struggle; Breaking Down Viewership Of FTR vs Bullet Club Gold 2/3 Falls Match; Q&A And More!
142 min
Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E2...
Remastered! Original Broadcast: 7/18/2019 (Running Time: 3 Hours 41 Minutes)
220 min
WWE Raw 7/17/23 Post Show
WWE Raw 7/17/23 Review; Several SummerSlam Updates, Bayley And Elton Prince Injury Updates; Toxic IWC Runs Ridge Holland off Twitter; WWE/Family Feud Airdate; Eric Young and Nick Aldis/WWE News; This Week In Ratings, This Week In Wrestling History Preview And More.
91 min
The Sit-Down with Don Tony 7/16/23
True Story Behind Don Callis/Fan Attack; BCC/The Elite/Judgement Day; Blocked By HBK; Writers Guild Strike/WWE; Rhea Ripley/Chyna Comparisons Are Unfair; Worst Song Played At Weddings; Dave Meltzer' Star Ratings; Gilgo Beach Serial Killer; DT's Seinfeld Moment And More!
94 min
The Don Tony Show 7/15/23
SmackDown Review; Jey Superkicks The Walrus; Sisterly Love: Full Story Behind Shotzi Shaving Head; Get Ready For It: YEAH! New Hurt Business? AEW Releases Large List Of Banned/Restricted Moves; RIP Mike 'Mantaur' Halac (55); NXT/AEW Ratings and TV previews; Slammiversary 2023 Lineup And More!
129 min
Don Tony And Kevin Castle Show 7/11/23 (Special...
WWE/NXT Deep Dive Evaluating Last 12 Months Of Many Stars; Matt Hardy/Jim Cornette/Brian Last Dirty Twitter War; DTKC Debate Kevin Nash Labeling LA Knight A Ripoff; AEW Collision 7/8/23 Rating Is In; Sad But Funny Fact About Age Of DTKC; Q&A And More!
176 min
Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E2...
Remastered! Original Broadcast: 7/11/2019 (Running Time: 4 Hours)
239 min
WWE Raw 7/10/23 Post Show
Raw Review; Tribal Court TV Draws 3 Million Viewers; Judgement Day Coming To NXT; Cody Goes Full Dusty Mode On WWE Fans; DIY Return Imminent; Logan Paul/Ricochet Confrontation; Cool Barry Windhman Update; Imperium To Replace Vinci With McDonough? Omos Interview; NXT/AEW/TWIWH Previews; This Week In Ratings And More!
124 min
The Sit-Down with Don Tony 7/9/23
Matt Hardy/Jim Cornette/IWC Fight Over The Elite; Nash Labels LA Knight A Ripoff; Most Attractive Women In WWE/AEW/NXT; CM Punk/Backstage Update; Judgement Day Coming To NXT; Remembering Jinder Mahal's Nipple Story; hat If WCW Never Closed (TNA/ROH); Heenan Or Heyman? Looking Back At Benoit Tragedy/Minority Report Podcast And More!
106 min
The Don Tony Show 7/8/23: Tribal Court TV
SmackDown Review; Jey Uso Finds Roman Reigns GUILTY In Tribal Court; Edge Makes In-Ring Return; Grayson Waller Makes SD In-Ring Debut; Vince at SD And WWE Butchers Kross/Scarlett Intro; Survivor Series Coming To Chicago; WrestleMania/UK; AEW Collision Change; AEW/WWE TV Results + Rating And More!
125 min
Q+A w/Don Tony (Mailbag) 7/6/2023:
Drew McIntyre Dethroning Gunther; Cody Rhodes Winning Back-To-Back Rumbles; Solo Sikoa/WWE Champion; CM Punk vs MJF at All In; Greatest 2nd/3rd Generation Wrestlers; What If: Toxic Attraction; Ranking The Bloodline Storyline Among Best Ever; MITB Cash-Ins; Roman Reigns vs Pat McAfee And Much More!
28 min
Wednesday Night Don-O-Mite 7/5/23: Half Mil Phil
AEW Collision Rating Plummets, 18-34 Demo Down 88%; Carmelo Hayes vs Finn Balor II at GAB? Brian Danielson/Blood And Guts Replacement; WWE Promotes Creed Brothers; Dynamite/NXT TV Recaps; Upcoming Rampage 100/Collision/Dynamite TV Previews; Chris Jerico/Don Callis Tease And More!
96 min
Flashback: This Week In Wrestling History S2 E2...
Remastered! Original Broadcast: 7/4/2019 (Running Time: 3 Hours 28 Min)
207 min