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The Pay Check
It’s a big, expensive, global mystery. Why do women still make less money—a lot less—than men? In the US, the average woman makes 80 cents to every dollar a man makes. The Pay Check is an in-depth investigation into what that 20 percent difference looks like. In this miniseries we show you how the gender pay gap plays out in real life. We hear from Lilly Ledbetter, Mo’Nique, and a lot of other women who weren’t happy to be paid less. We find out what happens when a whole country tries to tackle the pay gap. And we see how some women are taking things into their own hands.
'This is My Number'
18 min
'Why Aren't There More Women in Poker?'
26 min
‘Have you ever been sexually harassed?’
23 min
Get Yourself Paid
28 min
Treating the Disease
One Good Reason to Make Everyone’s Salary Public
24 min
The Shaming Initiative
The U.K.’s big, nationwide experiment for pay equality just started. It’s already creating a big mess.
27 min
The Gray Areas
23 min
Let's Talk About a Sex Scandal
The Surprising Origins of the Gender Pay Gap
25 min
A Big, Expensive, Global Mystery
23 min
Coming Soon: The Pay Check
Bloomberg investigates an expensive global mystery: The gender pay gap
2 min