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Helping you keep up with what matters in Arizona's political news. Each week we interview politicians, public figures or journalists to break down one local issue and how it affects your life in Arizona. Coming to you every Wednesday morning, The Gaggle is hosted by The Arizona Republic's national political reporter Ron Hansen and state politics reporter Mary Jo Pitzl. You can find them on Twitter at @ronaldjhansen and @maryjpitzl.

Political stories we're following in 2022
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Ron and Yvonne are joined by Republic reporters to preview the year in politics
18 min
Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year
0 min
Five stories we followed in 2021
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Ron and Yvonne are joined by Republic reporters to review the year's top political stories.
31 min
Secretary of State Katie Hobbs feels heat after...
14 min
Remembering the late Grant Woods as voice for A...
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Ron and Yvonne are joined by columnist Ed Montini to discuss the life of the late Grant Woods
27 min
Governor Doug Ducey funded school vouchers with...
Governor Doug Ducey funded school vouchers with federal COVID-19 relief aid
15 min
Happy Thanksgiving from The Gaggle
The Gaggle is taking off this week to celebrate Thanksgiving, but be sure to listen to last week's five-episode series, Democracy in Doubt, about Arizona's ballot review.
0 min
Democracy in Doubt, Ep 5: Trump supporters focu...
It remains to be seen how long baseless concerns about vote counts will continue to undermine the election process.
44 min
Democracy in Doubt, Ep 4: Partisans with limite...
Experts dismissed the 'audit' as worthless. But it also helped the GOP and related interests rake in millions and keep the cause of Donald Trump alive.
37 min
Democracy in Doubt, Ep 3: As Trump’s hold on Ar...
The narrative of a stolen election encouraged Arizona Senate President Karen Fann to push ahead with a partisan ballot review. The battle over election materials came to a climax in a vote where one Republican senator made all the difference.
47 min
Democracy in Doubt, Ep 2: An audacious pitch to...
As Gov. Doug Ducey certified Arizona's election results, he received a phone call identifiable by the distinctive ring tone assigned to it: “Hail to the Chief.” Ducey silenced it. But efforts to alter the results continued.
41 min
Democracy in Doubt, Ep 1: White House phone cal...
How Arizona plunged into a fog of election conspiracies, riven with partisanship and targeted by opportunists from across the country.
39 min
How will Sinema's moderate policies affect the ...
How Sen. Kyrsten Sinema was involved in Biden's infrastructure plan and what it means for Democrats' future.
31 min
How the proposed redistricting maps look for th...
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Ron analyzes the proposed redistricting maps with IRC chair Erika Neuberg and reporter Ray Stern.
31 min
How redistricting impacts your representation ...
Listen to week's episode to learn how the redistricting process will impact Arizonan's representation in the state Legislature and U.S. Congress.
24 min
An economist's breakdown of Congress' spending ...
Listen to today's episode of The Gaggle for a breakdown of Congress' spending and how it impacts Arizona's economy.
30 min
A breakdown of the Arizona governor's race
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Yvonne & Ron are joined by an Arizona Republic reporter to dissect the 2022 gubernatorial election.
29 min
Why progressives are fed up with Sen. Kyrsten S...
Progressives aren't happy with Sen. Sinema. Why? Listen to this week's episode of The Gaggle podcast to find out.
33 min
Who is Karen Fann?
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, Yvonne & Ron are joined by a Arizona Republic reporter to discuss her profile on Senate President Karen Fann
22 min
BONUS: The Arizona ballot review is over. Now w...
Arizona Republic reporters sit down on The Gaggle podcast to breakdown the results of the Republican-controlled state Senate ballot-review.
27 min
How infrastructure projects could impact Arizon...
Listen to this week's episode of The Gaggle to hear from Arizonans about how an infrastructure projects could impact their lives.
17 min
Election experts weigh in on Arizona election a...
Retired election experts offered their help to the Arizona Senate election audit. Listen now to hear their takeaways on the ballot review.
31 min
What's been discovered in the audit documents s...
In this week's episode of The Gaggle, host Yvonne Wingett Sanchez is joined by two Arizona Republic reporters to discuss what's in the election audit documents
18 min
BONUS: Thousands of Senate audit records releas...
10 min
Volunteers canvass East Valley neighborhoods to...
Republic reporter tags along with volunteers as they canvass East Valley neighborhoods to question voters.
25 min