American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

How To
478. Add a Quilt Ladder to Your Home
25 min
477. How Does Quilting Bring You Joy?
We share stories of how this hobby infuses happiness into our lives. Plus, we chat with Kate Basti!
34 min
476. Get Your Quilts Spotless
Clean and freshen your quilts with these tips! Then hear an interview with Audrey Esarey.
30 min
475. 10 Tips for Choosing Fabrics
Learn the secrets to choosing fabrics for a beautiful quilt.
28 min
474. How to Hang Your Quilts
Decorate your walls with quilts. Plus, hear an interview with Johnny Barfuss!
33 min
473. Clean Your Work Space
Maximize time in your sewing room with a clear space. Plus, a Q&A with Kristina Brinkerhoff.
22 min
472. Sewing on the Go
Take your projects outdoors or on a road trip with these ideas.
23 min
471. Set Up an Outdoor Quilt Display
Display your quilts safely outdoors, so you can enjoy them as you spend more time outside.
32 min
470. Our Guide to Making a Stylish Bed
Get tips for creating a beautiful bed quilt.
28 min
469. Make the Most of Your Stash
Get tips for using your fabric stash effectively in your projects.
21 min
468. Prevent Back and Neck Pain While Sewing
Learn simple changes to prevent back and neck pain while sewing.
35 min
467. Random Acts of Quiltiness
Perform a random act of quiltiness to brighten someone else's day (and yours!).
37 min
466. Money-Saving Sewing Tips
Get 5 tips to save money on your next project.
30 min
465. Try Straight Lines + Stitch in the Ditch
Learn two easy techniques for quilting machine-quilting your projects on your domestic machine. 
31 min
464. How to Support Quilters During a Pandemic
Support your local quilt shop, reduce anxiety, and other tips for surviving the coronavirus.
17 min
463. The Best Sewing Advice We've Received
Sometimes a simple tip has a big impact on your sewing life.
30 min
462. Tips for Making a Scrappy Quilt
Learn the secrets to making a truly spectacular scrap quilt
27 min
461. Cozy Up Your Home: Creative Quilt Displays
Learn how to display your quilts in creative ways.
30 min
460. How to Organize + Store Your Fabric
Get your fabric stash under control with an organization system that works for you!
34 min
459. 5 Things Zapping Your Creative Energy
Learn 5 things zapping your creative energy and what to do about it!
31 min
458. How to Sew with Plush Fabric
Learn to sew with this tricky (but super cozy) material.
28 min
457. You Bought an Antique Quilt. Now What?
Learn how to protect your collection of antique quilts.
29 min
456. Handwork Happiness
Learn the health benefits of working with your hands.
38 min
455. What’s Your Organizing Personality?
Learn 4 organization personalities, then hear solutions to help each type build their best sewing space!
31 min
454. Where to Donate Unwanted Fabric Scraps
Ease the pain of letting go by donating your scraps to worthwhile causes.
40 min