American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

How To
527. How to Make Patterns Your Own
Learn to change a quilt pattern to fit your needs and likes!
29 min
526. Make Binding Easier
Tips for easier binding, so you can enjoy your finished quilt faster! And we chat with designer Mary Blythe.
40 min
525. Top Tips for Flying Geese
Get tips for making this classic unit. Plus, learn how to save money on your next shopping trip.
30 min
524. How Do Quilters Vacation?
Discover fun ways to make your travels include quilting! And hear us chat with Carole Lyles Shaw.
52 min
523. Unpopular Quilty Opinions
We share fun staff and listener opinions that may be out of the norm.
34 min
522. Start a Self-Care Sewing Ritual
Turn your sewing time into a relaxing and refreshing activity.
34 min
521. Repurpose Scraps as Decor
Hear creative ways to use scraps in small projects and no-sew decor. Plus, we chat with Carla Hall!
28 min
520. Upgrade Your Sewing Tools
Consider these little upgrades to make your sewing experience easier and more enjoyable.
29 min
519. Create a Cozy Couch
Create a beautiful space to relax with family or to indulge in some self-care.
22 min
518. Sew Something Special for a Child or Pet
Love making quilts for others? Learn some things to consider before sewing quilts for a baby or pet.
27 min
517. Get Creative With Storage
We share some out-of-the-box storage solutions. Then we chat with fabric designer Julie Letvin.
35 min
516. Tackle a Task You've Been Putting Off
Learn to get your tedious tasks done, so you can enjoy the sewing process more!
38 min
515. Stitch a Needed Decor Item
Prioritize making decor items for your own home -- you'll love the personalization!
24 min
514. Hang a Wall Quilt
Learn creative ways to hang quilts in your home. Plus, we chat with Aaron Sanders Head!
34 min
513. Clean Your Work Space
We share a few easy ways to clear your space so you can be as creative and productive as possible.
26 min
512. Evolution of Our Quilting Styles
Our staff shares stories of how their quilting style has evolved over the years.
26 min
511. Do You Need a Die Cutting Machine?
Get info on what to consider when buying a die cutting machine. Plus, hear our chat with Lori Miller.
36 min
510. Conquer Triangle-Squares
Learn the tricks and products that make triangle-squares easy!
32 min
509. Fix Blocks that Aren't the Right Size
Blocks different sizes? No worries! We have easy solutions for you.
29 min
508. Upgrade Your Sewing Life
Our staff shares the changes that have had an impact on their sewing time. Plus, we chat with Amy Smart.
29 min
507. Dive Into Hand-Embroidery
Learn the the tools, tips, and stitches needed to start embroidering by hand.
32 min
506. Tips for a Successful Block Swap
Learn the ins and outs of joining a block swap.
24 min
505. Recharge Your Creative Energy
Learn how to use quilting to bring happiness and creativity to your everyday life.
41 min
504. Our Best Sewing Hacks
Our staff shares their favorite sewing tips and tricks.
27 min
503. Spring Clean Your Sewing Space
Get tips for cleaning and refreshing your sewing space.
30 min