American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

How To
570. Quilting Your Life
Learn how to document your life through meaningful and gorgeous quilts.
42 min
569. How We Started Sewing
We tell the stories of how we started sewing.
34 min
568. Ask Us Anything!
We answer listener questions.
36 min
567. Master Tiny Pieces in Quilts
Get tips for working with small fabric pieces in your quilts.
20 min
566. Solve Machine Tension Issues
Fix skipped or wonky stitches while sewing. Plus, we chat with Scott Brodsky from Country Heritage Tours.
24 min
565. We're So Obsessed With...
Out staff shares the quilting tools they love right now!
26 min
564. Pick the Perfect Quilt Pattern
Choose a pattern for a season or event, the time you have to sew, or the budget and fabric you have!
25 min
563. Plan Your Best Quilt Retreat Yet!
Get tips for planning a fun and productive quilt retreat that your friends will rave about.
31 min
562. Tips for Sewing T-Shirt Quilts
Make beautiful keepsake quilts with tips for T-shirt quilts. We also chat with Natalie Pratt from The Ginger Quilter.
24 min
561. Unpopular Quilty Opinions: Part 2
Our staff and listeners are sharing their controversial thoughts.
30 min
560. Make Scraptacular Quilts
Learn the secrets to making scrappy quilts! Plus, we chat with scrap expert Diane Harris.
46 min
559. How to Work with Solid Fabrics
Learn tips for sewing with solids.
27 min
558. Tips for Strip-Piecing
Hear tricks for accurate strip-piecing, Plus, we chat with Tighe Flanagan!
49 min
557. Quilty Goals Check-In
We share progress on our 2022 quilty goals.
26 min
556. Creative Burn Out (and How to Solve It)
Learn to identify creative burnout and overcome it, so you can get back to sewing!
34 min
555. Quilty Fan-Girl Moments
We share the talented quilters who are inspiring us right now.
25 min
554. Spring-Clean Your Quilts
Get tips for washing and drying your quilts. We also chat with Heather Briggs from My Sew Quilty Life!
41 min
553. Sustainable Sewing Tips
Learn 11 easy ways to make your sewing space more eco-friendly.
34 min
552. Create a Quilt Treasure Box
Give special items in your sewing room a meaningful home.
25 min
551. Give Yourself a Quilting Award
We celebrate award season by sharing what quilty awards our staff would win. And we chat with Jen Kingwell.
44 min
550. Ask Us Anything
We answer listener questions on a variety of quilting topics!
36 min
549. Intro to Hand Quilting
Learn the basics, so you can use hand-quilting to add a beautiful touch to your projects!
23 min
548. How to Work with Bias Edges
Stop the stretch with these tips for working with bias edges.
23 min
547. Tips for Better Quilt Backings
Party in the back! Learn tips for piecing an effective and creative quilt backing.
29 min
546. Quilting Products That Changed Our Lives
We share tools we can't imagine not having in our sewing rooms.
37 min