American Patchwork & Quilting Podcast

Welcome to the American Patchwork & Quilting podcast, a podcast aimed at making your quilting life more fun and creative, while connecting with quilters just like you. Join the staff of the magazines you love for a great episode filled with tips and tricks. Enjoy! Visit to see our complete podcast archives!

How To
576. Infuse Your Sewing Time with Gratitude
We share four ways to add gratitude to your quilting life. We also chat with Kristen Lee of Mashe Modern.
25 min
575. Quilt Market Trends Recap
We share the fabric and product trends we saw at the latest quilt show.
21 min
574. Our Best Cutting Tips
We share tips for cutting accurately and efficiently! We also chat with Chris Hanson from Modern American Vintage..
34 min
573. Quilting Fails
Our staff and listeners share spooky stories from their sewing rooms.
33 min
572. How to Overcome Outer Judgement
Learn to shrug off negative comments about your work, and move forward in a positive way.
24 min
571. How to Overcome Your Inner Critic
Learn to silence the negative thoughts in your head and have a positive time sewing!
22 min
570. Quilting Your Life
Learn how to document your life through meaningful and gorgeous quilts.
42 min
569. How We Started Sewing
We tell the stories of how we started sewing.
34 min
568. Ask Us Anything!
We answer listener questions.
36 min
567. Master Tiny Pieces in Quilts
Get tips for working with small fabric pieces in your quilts.
20 min
566. Solve Machine Tension Issues
Fix skipped or wonky stitches while sewing. Plus, we chat with Scott Brodsky from Country Heritage Tours.
24 min
565. We're So Obsessed With...
Out staff shares the quilting tools they love right now!
26 min
564. Pick the Perfect Quilt Pattern
Choose a pattern for a season or event, the time you have to sew, or the budget and fabric you have!
25 min
563. Plan Your Best Quilt Retreat Yet!
Get tips for planning a fun and productive quilt retreat that your friends will rave about.
31 min
562. Tips for Sewing T-Shirt Quilts
Make beautiful keepsake quilts with tips for T-shirt quilts. We also chat with Natalie Pratt from The Ginger Quilter.
24 min
561. Unpopular Quilty Opinions: Part 2
Our staff and listeners are sharing their controversial thoughts.
30 min
560. Make Scraptacular Quilts
Learn the secrets to making scrappy quilts! Plus, we chat with scrap expert Diane Harris.
46 min
559. How to Work with Solid Fabrics
Learn tips for sewing with solids.
27 min
558. Tips for Strip-Piecing
Hear tricks for accurate strip-piecing, Plus, we chat with Tighe Flanagan!
49 min
557. Quilty Goals Check-In
We share progress on our 2022 quilty goals.
26 min
556. Creative Burn Out (and How to Solve It)
Learn to identify creative burnout and overcome it, so you can get back to sewing!
34 min
555. Quilty Fan-Girl Moments
We share the talented quilters who are inspiring us right now.
25 min
554. Spring-Clean Your Quilts
Get tips for washing and drying your quilts. We also chat with Heather Briggs from My Sew Quilty Life!
41 min
553. Sustainable Sewing Tips
Learn 11 easy ways to make your sewing space more eco-friendly.
34 min
552. Create a Quilt Treasure Box
Give special items in your sewing room a meaningful home.
25 min
551. Give Yourself a Quilting Award
We celebrate award season by sharing what quilty awards our staff would win. And we chat with Jen Kingwell.
44 min
550. Ask Us Anything
We answer listener questions on a variety of quilting topics!
36 min
549. Intro to Hand Quilting
Learn the basics, so you can use hand-quilting to add a beautiful touch to your projects!
23 min
548. How to Work with Bias Edges
Stop the stretch with these tips for working with bias edges.
23 min
547. Tips for Better Quilt Backings
Party in the back! Learn tips for piecing an effective and creative quilt backing.
29 min
546. Quilting Products That Changed Our Lives
We share tools we can't imagine not having in our sewing rooms.
37 min
545. The 5 Love Languages of Quilting
Explore how to use your quilting skills to show others you care.
24 min
544. How to Clean and Care for Supplies
Your sewing tools work hard for you. Show them some extra love with these tips.
35 min
543. Create Your Dream Sewing Space, Part 2
Explore your personal sewing style to determine how to set up your dream sewing space!
27 min
542. When to Let Go of a Project
Free yourself from quilts you no longer want with these tips.
25 min
541. Dream Big in 2022: Set Quilty Goals
Hear our editor's quilty goals. Plus, we chat with health expert Rose Parr.
51 min
540. Make the Most of Closet Storage
Maximize sewing storage with a closet overhaul.
29 min
539. Our Guide to Tackling Your UFOs
Learn tips for conquering your unfinished objects in 2022.
37 min
538. Apps to Use for Quilting
Learn how to use apps on your phone or computer to enhance your sewing life.
26 min
537. Have Yourself a Quilty Little Christmas
Our staff shares special handmade holiday traditions. We also chat with Sherri Falls!
39 min
536. 12 Days of Christmas Sewing
Make the most the holidays by pairing sewing time with festive activities.
31 min
535. Finish Quilts Fast
Beat the clock with these ideas for finishing your projects quickly.
29 min
534. How to Document Your Creations
Record your quilt's history and story for future generations.
28 min
533. Sew Thankful
We share what we're thankful for! Plus, we chat with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
38 min
532. What to Do with Orphan Blocks
Learn how to use leftover blocks in your projects! Plus, we chat with Ashli Montgomery from Quilt 2 End ALZ.
30 min
531. Your Best Sewing Hacks
We share our listeners best quilting tips and tricks!
41 min
530. Find Your Signature Color Palette
Develop your unique color palette and put it to use in your sewing room.
29 min
529. Fussy-Cutting Tips
Learn how to add fussy-cut fabrics to your quilt. Plus, we chat with Riane Elise.
32 min
528. What We're Obsessed With Now
Hear about fabric, sewing tools, and patterns our staff loves right now.
48 min
527. How to Make Patterns Your Own
Learn to change a quilt pattern to fit your needs and likes!
29 min
526. Make Binding Easier
Tips for easier binding, so you can enjoy your finished quilt faster! And we chat with designer Mary Blythe.
40 min
525. Top Tips for Flying Geese
Get tips for making this classic unit. Plus, learn how to save money on your next shopping trip.
30 min
524. How Do Quilters Vacation?
Discover fun ways to make your travels include quilting! And hear us chat with Carole Lyles Shaw.
52 min
523. Unpopular Quilty Opinions
We share fun staff and listener opinions that may be out of the norm.
34 min
522. Start a Self-Care Sewing Ritual
Turn your sewing time into a relaxing and refreshing activity.
34 min
521. Repurpose Scraps as Decor
Hear creative ways to use scraps in small projects and no-sew decor. Plus, we chat with Carla Hall!
28 min
520. Upgrade Your Sewing Tools
Consider these little upgrades to make your sewing experience easier and more enjoyable.
29 min
519. Create a Cozy Couch
Create a beautiful space to relax with family or to indulge in some self-care.
22 min
518. Sew Something Special for a Child or Pet
Love making quilts for others? Learn some things to consider before sewing quilts for a baby or pet.
27 min
517. Get Creative With Storage
We share some out-of-the-box storage solutions. Then we chat with fabric designer Julie Letvin.
35 min
516. Tackle a Task You've Been Putting Off
Learn to get your tedious tasks done, so you can enjoy the sewing process more!
38 min
515. Stitch a Needed Decor Item
Prioritize making decor items for your own home -- you'll love the personalization!
24 min
514. Hang a Wall Quilt
Learn creative ways to hang quilts in your home. Plus, we chat with Aaron Sanders Head!
34 min
513. Clean Your Work Space
We share a few easy ways to clear your space so you can be as creative and productive as possible.
26 min
512. Evolution of Our Quilting Styles
Our staff shares stories of how their quilting style has evolved over the years.
26 min
511. Do You Need a Die Cutting Machine?
Get info on what to consider when buying a die cutting machine. Plus, hear our chat with Lori Miller.
36 min
510. Conquer Triangle-Squares
Learn the tricks and products that make triangle-squares easy!
32 min
509. Fix Blocks that Aren't the Right Size
Blocks different sizes? No worries! We have easy solutions for you.
29 min
508. Upgrade Your Sewing Life
Our staff shares the changes that have had an impact on their sewing time. Plus, we chat with Amy Smart.
29 min
507. Dive Into Hand-Embroidery
Learn the the tools, tips, and stitches needed to start embroidering by hand.
32 min
506. Tips for a Successful Block Swap
Learn the ins and outs of joining a block swap.
24 min
505. Recharge Your Creative Energy
Learn how to use quilting to bring happiness and creativity to your everyday life.
41 min
504. Our Best Sewing Hacks
Our staff shares their favorite sewing tips and tricks.
27 min
503. Spring Clean Your Sewing Space
Get tips for cleaning and refreshing your sewing space.
30 min
502. Explore Fabrics Other Than Quilting Cotton
Learn tips for sewing with all types of fabric. Plus, we chat with Allison Harris of Cluck Cluck Sew.
30 min
501. Give From the Heart
Hear ideas to infuse your quilts with extra meaning.
31 min
500. Ask Us Anything
We're celebrating our 500th episode by answering listener questions!
34 min
499. Room to Sew (No Matter What Size Space You...
Learn to capitalize on the sewing space you have. Plus, we interview Jessica Dayon!
41 min
498. Storage Hacks Under $15
Organize supplies with common household items.
26 min
497. Create Your Dream Sewing Space
Take small steps to get closer to your dream sewing space!
31 min
496. How to Declutter Your Fabric Stash
Take control of your stash. Plus, hear from the amazing ladies from Color of Connection Quilt.
46 min
495. Finally Tackle Your Pile of UFOs
Conquer your unfinished quilts in the new year. Plus, we chat with Shannon Gillman Orr.
42 min
494. Let It Sew, Let it Sew, Let It Sew
Make the most of your time sewing this winter.
37 min
493. Kick Holiday Sewing Stress
Be productive in your sewing room while still enjoying the holidays
25 min
492. Tips for Sewing with Pets
Overcome the challenges of sewing with pets. Plus, hear an interview with Andra Walker.
35 min
491. Know Your Sewing Machine Better
Your sewing machine is probably your most used and most expensive item in your sewing room. Are you using it to its full potential?
29 min
490. Count Your Quilty Blessings
We give thanks for the joys quilting has brought to our lives.
27 min
489. The Power of Precuts
Get tips for using precuts, then hear us chat with Jessica VanDenburgh.
25 min
488. Sew for Charity: We'll Get You Started
Find a quilting charity to support this holiday season.
23 min
487. MacGyver Sewing Tips
We share some MacGyver sewing tips. Plus, we chat with Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin.
32 min
486. Tips for Sewing with Kids
Teach little ones a new skill! Plus, hear from a Texas quilt shop going mobile.
33 min
485. Sort Your Scraps
Get basics on organizing your scrap bin. Then, hear an interview with scrappy quilter Jessica Vetor.
44 min
484. Quilting Rules You Can Break
Quilting has a lot of rules, but here's the thing: rules were meant to be broken!
32 min
483. How to Host a Virtual Quilt Retreat
Connect with quilting friends this winter with a virtual retreat!
26 min
482. 3 Methods for Basting Your Quilt
Learn the pros and cons of three basting methods.
34 min
481. What We're Obsessed With Now
We're sharing trends, techniques, fabric, and products we're loving, Plus, we chat with Christian Henry of The Featherweight Shop.
38 min
480. Let's Talk Borders!
We give tricks for adding borders to your quilt. Plus, we chat with Sandra Johnson.
25 min
479. Organize Projects for the Future
Set yourself up for sewing success during the holidays by planning ahead! Plus, hear an interview with Susan Cleveland.
33 min
478. Add a Quilt Ladder to Your Home
25 min
477. How Does Quilting Bring You Joy?
We share stories of how this hobby infuses happiness into our lives. Plus, we chat with Kate Basti!
34 min