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Episode 195: Pilot and "Flying Boat" filmmaker ...
Cessna 182 pilot and "Flying Boat" filmmaker Dirk Braun shares details about a Grumman Albatross's transformation from a Tucson, Arizona, boneyard to a flying showpiece. Plus, commentary on the next AOPA Sweeps aircraft, Colorado lead studies, the hydrogen-powered Climate Impulse, runway safety, and the latest GAMA delivery numbers. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join . Listen on a podcast app or AOPA Online.
44 min
Episode 194: NORAD Lt. Gen. Nordhaus raises air...
NORAD Command officer and GA aircraft owner Lt. Gen. Steven S. Nordhaus explains intercept procedures in effect during the Super Bowl and other temporary flight restrictions; plus commentary on parking fees, Amelia Earhart, new Garmin radios, the DeltaHawk diesel engine, and the Piper M700 turboprop. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join .
32 min
Episode 193: Sarah Deener tests Pipistrel Velis...
Sarah Deener shares a pilot report on the Pipistrel Velis Electro while Ian and David break down the latest in unleaded fuel, Hartzell raises prices, AOPA takes a stand with MOSAIC and BVLOS ops, and the $200K single-seat Helix eVTOL takes flight as an ultralight. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join. Listen on a podcast app or AOPA Online.
39 min
Episode 192: 'Top Chef' finalist, pilot Bryan V...
'Top Chef' finalist and private pilot Bryan Voltaggio talks about food, flying, and his next challenge. Plus, find out about the new Cirrus G7, Garmin 430/530 trade-in incentives, and the latest on a hot air balloon case with national airspace implications. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join. Listen on a podcast app or AOPA Online.
40 min
Episode 191: 2023 top GA news stories include f...
The FAA’s Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification (MOSAIC) performance-based rules; unleaded fuels including GAMI G100UL, Swift 94UL, and PAFI UL100E; and Van’s Aircraft’s bankruptcy top the general aviation news stories of 2023. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join.
25 min
Episode 190: Pilot, actor Edward Norton and Ang...
Pilot, actor Edward Norton and Angel Flight West's Josh Olson fly the 100,000th mission in Norton's 1976 Cessna U206F, the 1999 AOPA Sweeps aircraft, which he has owned since the early 2000s. And stick around for commentary on Trevor Jacobs, the Collings Foundation, mental health advocacy, the EcoPulse, and financial challenges for Van’s Aircraft. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join. Listen on a podcast app or AOPA Online.
52 min
Episode 189: Instagrammer Joe Costanza reveals ...
Popular Instagrammer Joe Costanza, known as @bananasssssssss, reveals his passion for aviation, photography, and the 1941 Piper J3 Cub he pilots when he's not flying a passenger airliner.
51 min
Episode 188: 'AvWeb' Editor Emeritus and 'Aviat...
'AvWeb' Editor Emeritus and 'Aviation Consumer' advocate Paul Bertorelli discusses the future of the aviation industry, retirement, his least favorite aircraft, and more. Become a member of the world's largest aviation community at www.aopa.org/join. Listen on a podcast app or AOPA Online.
64 min
Episode 187: Dual fuel Baron testing GAMI G100U...
David flies with AOPA's Mark Baker in a dual fuel Baron testing GAMI G100UL unleaded aviation gas, Ian explains the Robinson helicopter SFAR, pilot Whitaker is confirmed as new FAA leader, six southwestern venues consider Nat'l Air Races, and Flight Sim Coach Mike Catalfamo tells how simulator tutoring in your own home leads to efficiency in the air.
41 min
Episode 186: EPA avgas ruling; HGTV personality...
Ian and David talk about the EPA ruling on leaded avgas, Hartzell changing hands, a proposed rudder AD for rag-wing Pipers, and the latest bizjet news from the NBAA convention. We also visit Andros Island in the Bahamas and get to know HGTV personality and private pilot Bryan Baeumler.
29 min
Episode 185: Remembering Richard McSpadden
Ian and David remember ASI’s Richard McSpadden, talk about lightweight aircraft batteries, used aircraft price trends, and ATC saves.
33 min
Episode 184: Two-time engine-out-after-takeoff ...
Two-time engine-out-after-takeoff survivor and Virginia-based flight instructor Toto Marchand describes successful low altitude return to base maneuvers in two different aircraft, with tips and learning lessons for other pilots to keep handy. Plus, commentary on the latest GA news.
54 min
Episode 183: Garmin's aftermarket sales directo...
Garmin's director of aftermarket sales Jim Alpiser talks about avionics and new technology designed to make aircraft ownership easier and safer. Plus, commentary on the latest GA news.
44 min
Episode 182: Maui pilot organizes fire relief e...
Maui pilot and flight school owner Laurence Balter organizes fire relief efforts in Hawaii with a general aviation airlift bringing needed supplies to stricken residents. Plus, commentary on the latest GA news.
37 min
Episode 181: Aviation record holders Reynolds a...
Chicagoland flying buddies Bob Reynolds and John Skittone describe how they bested the 48-states-in-48-hours flying record. Plus, news commentary on the week’s headlines.
58 min
Episode 180: Oshkosh AirVenture special 2023
Ian and David begin Season 8 with a report from EAA AirVenture 2023 including the sights, sounds, and people; AOPA's 85th anniversary flyover announcement; light sport aircraft regulatory expansion; the latest from Boeing's Pilot and Technician Outlook, and more.
26 min
Episode 179: Ghostwriter Nate Hammond
Look up in the sky during EAA AirVenture and other airshows and you'll likely see the handiwork of Ghostwriter pilot Nathan Hammond, who travels across the country in a de Havilland Super Chipmunk to skywrite and perform in day and night airshows. Plus, news commentary with the week’s headlines.
33 min
Episode 178: Ford Tri-Motor pilot Bill Thacker
EAA Ford Tri-Motor pilot and aviation mechanic Bill Thacker describes flying the iconic 1928 radial-engine, cabin-class aircraft which requires a deft touch on the control yoke and a lot of rudder. Plus, news commentary with the week’s headlines.
42 min
Episode 177: Freedom Aviation Network's Stephan...
Pilots and Freedom Aviation Network founders Stephanie Lamar and Jared Miller founded the organization to bridge a gap in logistics support for survivors of human trafficking and their advocates. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
61 min
Episode 176: Skyward Aviation founder, pilot Ge...
Jet pilot and Skyward Aviation founder Gene Pecar describes how aviation opportunities led to a career flying charters and establishing a network of aircraft that help save lives. Plus, news commentary with the week’s headlines
46 min
Episode 175: Reliable Robotics CEO Robert Rose
The optionally piloted future is here
57 min
Episode 174: Barnstormer Andrew King
Barnstormer, ferry pilot, and aviation mechanic Andrew King has logged more than 4,400 hours mostly flying low and slow pre-1950 aircraft to airshows across the US helping to celebrate the Golden Age of aviation. Plus stick around for the latest aviation news.
53 min
Episode 173: Jason Capra's Beach City Baby Skyt...
Pennsylvania pilot Jason Capra and a host of volunteers put their heart and soul into restoring 'Beach City Baby,' a troop-carrying version of the venerable Douglas DC-3. Plus, stick around for the news.
51 min
Episode 172: Mark Baker, AOPA leadership delive...
Mark Baker and AOPA leadership update members on efforts to protect the freedom to fly and build a stronger, safer general aviation community during the Sun 'n Fun Aerospace Expo. Plus, stick around for the news.
57 min
Episode 171: Aviation and aerospace professiona...
Aviation and aerospace professional Bob Kromer, who has held leadership positions at Blackhawk Modifications, Cessna, Piper, Mooney, and other aviation businesses, talks about the past, the present, and the future of aviation. Plus, stay tuned for the news.
44 min