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Episode 170: Aerial firefighter Craig Patton
Fire Boss pilot Craig Patton of Australia describes what it takes to fly aerial firefighting missions for Dauntless Air in support of ground-based wildfire teams in the U.S. and worldwide; plus stay tuned for the latest aviation news.
39 min
Episode 169: Rookie STOL pilot Corina Lottman
Flight instructor Corina Lottman describes what it takes to fly short takeoff and landing events in a 1967 Cessna 150 during a training seminar at the Mayday STOL Drag event in Nebraska.
36 min
Episode 168: Former FAA certifications speciali...
Former FAA certifications specialist, Xwing compliance officer, and Piper Twin Comanche pilot Earl Lawrence shares insight on autonomous flight, general aviation safety advances, and unleaded fuel initiatives.
62 min
Episode 167: Aircraft technician, pilot Chelsea...
Learn about aircraft maintenance technician and pilot Chelsea Smith’s passion for working on airplanes and logging hours with Cessna 172 flying partner Josh Flowers of Aviation 101.
30 min
Episode 166: Meet Fly with Bruno
Meet New York-based pilot Bruno Brasileiro and hear how he shares his flying adventures in a Grumman AA5A Cheetah on social media as Fly_With_Bruno while enjoying general aviation.
33 min
Episode 165: Pipistrel takeover, G100UL top 202...
Textron’s takeover of Pipistrel for electric technology and the approval of GAMI’s G100LL fuel top the general aviation stories in 2022; plus a few predictions for 2023.
32 min
Episode 164: Former Air Force Chief Steward How...
37 min
Episode 163: Aviation fuels expert Paul Millner
Are you confused about the future of unleaded aviation fuel? You’re not alone. This episode we speak to Paul Millner, a fuels expert and independent consultant in the ongoing move away from avgas. Plus GAMA delivery numbers and crazy pilot trick
57 min
Episode 162: Jumpers Away founder Ed Scott
Jumpers Away parachute jump pilot school founder, instrument rated commercial pilot, and skydiver Ed Scott tells us what it takes to safely fly skydivers to altitude, quickly descend in the drop zone, and pick up the next load. Plus catch up on the latest general aviation news.
51 min
Episode 161: Aviation 101 founder Josh Flowers
Aviation 101 founder and CFI Josh Flowers shares candid advice and coaching through his YouTube channel to help aviators become better pilots; plus catch up on the latest general aviation news.
37 min
Episode 160: Teen earthrounder Mack Rutherford
Hear how teen Mack Rutherford, 17, flew around the world solo in a small piston aircraft, following in the footsteps of his older sister Zara; plus stick around for the latest aviation news.
43 min
Episode 159: Beverly Hills Aerials
Find out what it takes for drone operators to produce stunning aerial material for live TV, motion pictures, commercials, and social media; plus stick around for the latest general aviation news.
66 min
Episode 158: Praising the Turbine Otter
Find out why the powerful high-wing de Havilland Turbine Otter is a favorite among Alaskan glacier and backcountry pilots, plus stick around for the latest general aviation news.
37 min
Episode 157: Team USA aerobatic soaring competi...
World Glider Aerobatics Championship competitor Shad Coulson, who traveled from Arizona to France in August for Team USA, talks about glider competitions, aerobatics, and how soaring in an unpowered aircraft can help make you a better pilot. Plus, stick around for the news.
47 min
Episode 156: STOL Competitor Hal Stockman
Ever wondered what it takes to fly in STOL and STOL Drag competitions? Hal Stockman shares the secrets to the techniques and airplane modifications he makes for each event to his Rans S-7S. Plus, the latest headlines from the world of general aviation.
51 min
Episode 155: Flight simulation instructor John ...
Meet SimCom Aviation Training turbine transition instructor John Martin, a masterful teacher with real-world experience who enjoys mentoring others. Plus, stick around for the latest aviation news.
48 min
Episode 154: Oshkosh AirVenture special 2022
EAA AirVenture 2022 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is in the books, but not before David and Ian give their hot takes on why the RV-15 will be a big seller, the pregnant airplane, and why we'll need patience to replace avgas.
38 min
Episode 153: New Orleans Cessna 172 pilot Geral...
New Orleans-based Cessna 172 pilot Gerald Herbert shares his passion for flying, Creole cuisine, and documenting southern Louisiana scenery from the air. Plus, get the latest news and find out what to expect during EAA AirVenture.
34 min
Episode 152: Mooney Caravan leader Chuck Crinnian
Mooney Caravan President Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian explains how 50 single-engine airplane pilots gain proficiency before staging in Madison, Wisconsin, in elements of three for a mass arrival to EAA AirVenture and Wittman Regional Airport.
38 min
Episode 151: GAMI's George Braly on G100UL avia...
GAMI founder and engineer George Braly updates us on G100UL unleaded aviation fuel and explains the history of how it was developed. Plus, stick around for the news.
37 min
Episode 150: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ lead pilot Kev...
“Top Gun: Maverick,” lead pilot and aerial coordinator Kevin LaRosa II prepared actors for the realism they bring to the big screen with an aviation curriculum designed by pilot Tom Cruise that included left-seat time in a Cessna 172 and aerobatic flights in an Extra 300. Plus, stick around for the latest aviation news.
59 min
Episode 149: Gyrocopter gurus explain Katas of ...
Frank and Niklas Nierhoff explain their step-by-step approach to gyrocopter flying using a training regimen concept similar to martial arts Katas for better understanding. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
32 min
Episode 148: WASP advocate Erin Miller
As Women Airforce Service Pilots celebrate the eightieth reunion of the pioneering World War II aviators, WASP advocate Erin Miller guides us through the process that allowed burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
53 min
Episode 147: David Moser of Cirrus on pilot tra...
Cirrus Aircraft fleet sales specialist David Moser talks about pilot training, the aviation market, supply chain challenges, how to grow the pilot community, and much more. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
50 min
Episode 146: Retiring AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom ...
AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines reveals some of his favorite assignments, and one that he would rather forget, during a wide-ranging interview upon his retirement.
63 min