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Episode 167: Aircraft technician, pilot Chelsea...
Learn about aircraft maintenance technician and pilot Chelsea Smith’s passion for working on airplanes and logging hours with Cessna 172 flying partner Josh Flowers of Aviation 101.
30 min
Episode 166: Meet Fly with Bruno
Meet New York-based pilot Bruno Brasileiro and hear how he shares his flying adventures in a Grumman AA5A Cheetah on social media as Fly_With_Bruno while enjoying general aviation.
33 min
Episode 165: Pipistrel takeover, G100UL top 202...
Textron’s takeover of Pipistrel for electric technology and the approval of GAMI’s G100LL fuel top the general aviation stories in 2022; plus a few predictions for 2023.
32 min
Episode 164: Former Air Force Chief Steward How...
37 min
Episode 163: Aviation fuels expert Paul Millner
Are you confused about the future of unleaded aviation fuel? You’re not alone. This episode we speak to Paul Millner, a fuels expert and independent consultant in the ongoing move away from avgas. Plus GAMA delivery numbers and crazy pilot trick
57 min
Episode 162: Jumpers Away founder Ed Scott
Jumpers Away parachute jump pilot school founder, instrument rated commercial pilot, and skydiver Ed Scott tells us what it takes to safely fly skydivers to altitude, quickly descend in the drop zone, and pick up the next load. Plus catch up on the latest general aviation news.
51 min
Episode 161: Aviation 101 founder Josh Flowers
Aviation 101 founder and CFI Josh Flowers shares candid advice and coaching through his YouTube channel to help aviators become better pilots; plus catch up on the latest general aviation news.
37 min
Episode 160: Teen earthrounder Mack Rutherford
Hear how teen Mack Rutherford, 17, flew around the world solo in a small piston aircraft, following in the footsteps of his older sister Zara; plus stick around for the latest aviation news.
43 min
Episode 159: Beverly Hills Aerials
Find out what it takes for drone operators to produce stunning aerial material for live TV, motion pictures, commercials, and social media; plus stick around for the latest general aviation news.
66 min
Episode 158: Praising the Turbine Otter
Find out why the powerful high-wing de Havilland Turbine Otter is a favorite among Alaskan glacier and backcountry pilots, plus stick around for the latest general aviation news.
37 min
Episode 157: Team USA aerobatic soaring competi...
World Glider Aerobatics Championship competitor Shad Coulson, who traveled from Arizona to France in August for Team USA, talks about glider competitions, aerobatics, and how soaring in an unpowered aircraft can help make you a better pilot. Plus, stick around for the news.
47 min
Episode 156: STOL Competitor Hal Stockman
Ever wondered what it takes to fly in STOL and STOL Drag competitions? Hal Stockman shares the secrets to the techniques and airplane modifications he makes for each event to his Rans S-7S. Plus, the latest headlines from the world of general aviation.
51 min
Episode 155: Flight simulation instructor John ...
Meet SimCom Aviation Training turbine transition instructor John Martin, a masterful teacher with real-world experience who enjoys mentoring others. Plus, stick around for the latest aviation news.
48 min
Episode 154: Oshkosh AirVenture special 2022
EAA AirVenture 2022 at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, is in the books, but not before David and Ian give their hot takes on why the RV-15 will be a big seller, the pregnant airplane, and why we'll need patience to replace avgas.
38 min
Episode 153: New Orleans Cessna 172 pilot Geral...
New Orleans-based Cessna 172 pilot Gerald Herbert shares his passion for flying, Creole cuisine, and documenting southern Louisiana scenery from the air. Plus, get the latest news and find out what to expect during EAA AirVenture.
34 min
Episode 152: Mooney Caravan leader Chuck Crinnian
Mooney Caravan President Chuck "Cowboy" Crinnian explains how 50 single-engine airplane pilots gain proficiency before staging in Madison, Wisconsin, in elements of three for a mass arrival to EAA AirVenture and Wittman Regional Airport.
38 min
Episode 151: GAMI's George Braly on G100UL avia...
GAMI founder and engineer George Braly updates us on G100UL unleaded aviation fuel and explains the history of how it was developed. Plus, stick around for the news.
37 min
Episode 150: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ lead pilot Kev...
“Top Gun: Maverick,” lead pilot and aerial coordinator Kevin LaRosa II prepared actors for the realism they bring to the big screen with an aviation curriculum designed by pilot Tom Cruise that included left-seat time in a Cessna 172 and aerobatic flights in an Extra 300. Plus, stick around for the latest aviation news.
59 min
Episode 149: Gyrocopter gurus explain Katas of ...
Frank and Niklas Nierhoff explain their step-by-step approach to gyrocopter flying using a training regimen concept similar to martial arts Katas for better understanding. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
32 min
Episode 148: WASP advocate Erin Miller
As Women Airforce Service Pilots celebrate the eightieth reunion of the pioneering World War II aviators, WASP advocate Erin Miller guides us through the process that allowed burial at Arlington National Cemetery. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
53 min
Episode 147: David Moser of Cirrus on pilot tra...
Cirrus Aircraft fleet sales specialist David Moser talks about pilot training, the aviation market, supply chain challenges, how to grow the pilot community, and much more. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
50 min
Episode 146: Retiring AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom ...
AOPA Editor-in-Chief Tom Haines reveals some of his favorite assignments, and one that he would rather forget, during a wide-ranging interview upon his retirement.
63 min
Episode 145: Latina corporate pilot Jessika Her...
Latina corporate pilot Jessika Hernandez describes her life as a corporate pilot and talks about opportunities to help diversify the pilot population. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
37 min
Episode 144: Pulitzer-winning author, pilot Bev...
Pulitzer prize-winning author and instrument-rated private pilot Beverly Weintraub talks about the trailblazing U.S. Navy female pilots profiled in her book, Wings of Gold. Plus, get caught up on the latest general aviation news.
36 min
Episode 143: In the Pattern named best flight s...
In the Pattern, cofounded by Texans Darren and Sherman Gardner, was named the best flight school during the AOPA Flight Training Experience awards. The brothers explain how their passion for aviation is helping others succeed.
53 min
Episode 142: Best CFI Ambyr Peterson
Career-changer and CFI Ambyr Peterson of Minnesota was named the best flight instructor during the AOPA Flight Training Experience awards and explains why she enjoys encouraging others to fulfill their dreams. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
30 min
Episode 141: Aviation writer Martha Lunken rece...
Aviation writer and 14,000-hour pilot Martha Lunken describes how she re-earned her private pilot certificate after an FAA enforcement action grounded her for flying under an Ohio bridge. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
41 min
Episode 140: SpaceX commander Jared Isaacman
SpaceX commander, general aviation pilot, airshow performer, and philanthropist Jared Isaacman describes a three-day journey into space with the Inspiration4 crew. Plus, get caught up on the latest aviation news.
36 min
Episode 139: Future of avgas tops 2021 GA news ...
The future of avgas, a successful AirVenture, a wayward aviator, skyrocketing aircraft values, and insurance woes top the general aviation news stories with the most impact in 2021.
32 min
Episode 138: Steven Carlson plans small biz 48-...
Helicopter and Steven Carlson is planning an 8,300-mile helicopter tour through 48 states to support general aviation awareness and post-coronavirus pandemic economic recovery. Plus, get caught up on the latest GA news.
50 min
Episode 137: Corporate pilot Kim Kissh
Chicago-based corporate pilot and 2020 NBAA “Top 40 Under 40” award winner Kim Kissh advocates for the next generation of aviators, hosts a scholarship tips series on LinkedIn, and is pursuing a passion for aerobatics. Plus, get caught up on the...
52 min
Episode 136: Aviation wellbeing coach Reyné O'S...
General aviation pilot and aircraft owner Reyné O'Shaughnessy is a former airline captain who advocates for aviation wellbeing, awareness, and safety. Plus, get caught up on the latest GA news.
46 min
Episode 135: Earthrounding hopeful Zara Rutherford
Pilot Zara Rutherford, 19, talks mid-trip about her around-the-world attempt in a Shark Aero ultralight, promotes STEM-related careers, and encourages young women to pursue their dreams. Plus, get caught up on the latest general aviation news.
34 min
Episode 134: Autogyro pilot, serial adventurer ...
Autogyro pilot and serial adventurer James Ketchell explains the preparation, the funding, and the execution of an around-the-world flight in a two-place Magni M16; plus get caught up on the latest general aviation news.
58 min
Episode 133: 'Latinas in Aviation' author and p...
Latinas in Aviation author and light sport pilot Jacqueline Ruiz introduced 15 Hispanic female pioneers who shared their aviation stories of courage and determination during the inaugural Latinas in Aviation Global Festival in College Park, Maryland....
35 min
Episode 132: Bearhawk Aircraft STOL manufacture...
Bearhawk Aircraft’s Mark Goldberg explains how the line of rugged kit-built short-takeoff-and-landing taildraggers with aluminum wings offer good performance and value; plus get caught up on the latest general aviation news.
42 min
Episode 131: Remembering United Flight 93 First...
Learn how the downing of on 9/11 turned tragedy into triumph with scholarships honoring first officer LeRoy Homer Jr., plus get caught up on the latest aviation news.
34 min
Episode 130: NFlightCam founder Patrick Carter
NFlightCam founder, engineer, and pilot Patrick Carter offers action camera mount solutions, tips, and tricks; plus get caught up on the latest aviation news. Please take a short survey to tell us how we’re doing and what you’d like to hear on the...
38 min
Episode 129: AeroShell pilot Jimmy Fordham, Air...
Ride along with AeroShell Aerobatic Team slot pilot Jimmy Fordham; plus get a wrap-up up of the top AirVenture news stories including GAMI’s go-ahead for unleaded fuel, FAA’s Dickson on LODA as a ‘four-letter word,’ and why EAA’s Pelton dubs...
47 min
Episode 128: AirVenture special and XPrize cofo...
Find out the latest from EAA AirVenture after thousands of pilots and aviation enthusiasts flocked to Oshkosh, Wisconsin; and learn more about the XPrize from cofounder Gregg Maryniak.
37 min
Episode 127: Teen pilot Travis Ludlow circles t...
Learn how Travis Ludlow, 18, recently completed a Guinness World Record flight as the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world; and get caught up on the latest aviation news.
41 min
Episode 126: Student pilot, A&P apprentice Meag...
Student pilot, aviation maintenance apprentice, and scholarship recipient Meagan Huerta sold her motorcycle to pay for flight lessons and markets original artwork to continue funding her flying bug.
55 min
Episode 125: Pilots to the Rescue founder Micha...
Find out what it’s like flying 13 cats and a dog to their new home during an in-flight chat with Pilots to the Rescue founder Michael Schneider; and get caught up on the latest aviation news.
58 min
Episode 124: New York aerial photographer Paul ...
Learn how New Yorker relies on general aviation helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft for aerial photography missions that help make his beloved Manhattan skyline shine; and get caught up on the latest aviation news.
62 min
Episode 123: Young Pilots USA founder Luc Zipkin
Find out how Young Pilots USA founder Luc Zipkin, 16, plans to fly a Piper Cub across the country from Connecticut to California to increase aviation awareness for youth, plus get up to speed on the latest aviation news.
54 min
Episode 122: Smithsonian Aeronautics Curator Do...
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Aeronautics Curator Dorothy Cochrane provides insight about the popular museum’s new general aviation exhibit, plus get caught up on the latest aviation news.
42 min
Episode 121: Apache helicopter pilot Jason Hedrick
Former Boeing AH-64 Apache helicopter pilot and University of Georgia Aviation Club member Jason Hedrick talks about the transition from military helicopter pilot to fixed wing GA pilot and how to share flying with other aviators. Plus, hear the top...
61 min
Episode 120: Mentor pilot Neil Singer
Nearly every pilot dreams of flying his or her own jet. Accomplished mentor pilot Neil Singer gets to guide those who fulfill that dream. This episode Singer talks about what it takes to fly these incredible aircraft. Plus, hear the top news of the week.
45 min
Episode 119: Airline captain Jenny Beatty on ge...
Airline captain Jenny Beatty has researched gender bias in the aviation community and shares ideas about diversity and inclusivity that could help grow the aviation industry.
58 min
Episode 118: Pilot, explorer Victor Vescovo con...
The discipline he learned as a pilot led adventurer, explorer, investor, and retired military intelligence officer to conquer both poles plus the top and bottom of the world.
40 min
Episode 117: Musician, pilot, and TV personalit...
Nick Hoffman, a Minnesotan who grew up in and around aviation, explains how he became a Nashville country musician, a pilot, and the host of the adventure TV show, Nick’s Wild Ride.
34 min
Episode 116: Cargo pilot and country musician B...
Freight-hauling pilot and Nashville recording artist talks about cargo aviation careers, making music, and following your dreams.
64 min
Episode 115: Alaska pilot Katie Writer explores...
Talkeetna, Alaska-based aviator, artist, and 'AOPA Pilot' magazine contributor explores how general aviation pilots can play a role for scientists studying environmental and weather changes.
40 min
Episode 114: Pilot Madison Seymour shares succe...
Michigan high school senior, private pilot, and AOPA scholarship recipient Madison 'Maddy' Seymour shares tips that can make scholarship, college, and job applications shine.
48 min
Episode 113: Aviation stories with the most imp...
Join a special year-end discussion on the top aviation news stories of 2020 and predictions about what could affect pilots in 2021 and beyond. 
25 min
Episode 112: iFlightPlanner founder Andy Matthews
Get to know former PGA tour competitor Andy Matthews, the brawn and the brains behind the iFlightPlanner for AOPA and learn what the flight planning software can do for you.
58 min
Flight Time: Jamie Patterson-Simes
Running a flight school is hard work. Doing it in Alaska is even harder. Doing it as a woman in Alaska? That’s practically unheard of. But Jamie Patterson-Simes isn’t just running a school in Alaska, she’s crushing it. Patterson-Simes is the...
33 min
Episode 111: 'Good Cheer’ pilot Dean Greenblatt
Dean Greenblatt is a leader of Operation Good Cheer, an organization that uses general aviation aircraft to deliver tens of thousands of presents to children in the Michigan foster care system every year.
42 min
Episode 110: Aviation careers conversation high...
Learn how aviation can lead to a variety of career opportunities during a candid conversation with President Matt Johnston and Executive Director Abbey Hutter.
75 min
Episode 109: Polar circumnavigator Robert DeLau...
Citizen of the World pilot Robert DeLaurentis shares the lessons he learned, the people he met, and the experiments he performed during a polar circumnavigation in a Gulfstream Twin Commander 900.
74 min
Flight Time: John Zimmerman
Sporty's Pilot Shop's John Zimmerman is at the forefront of aviation technology and products, and he has his pulse on the market. Hangar Talk sat down with Zimmerman to talk about Sporty’s, the best products on the horizon, and what Zimmerman wishes...
36 min
Episode 108: Aviation spin doctor Catherine Cav...
Mathematician, aerobatics instructor, and spin specialist Catherine Cavagnaro of Ace Aerobatic School talks about mentorship, spin awareness, wing vortices, performance charts, and more.
65 min
Episode 107: Aviation career specialist Louis S...
Future and Active Pilot Advisors founder and career coach Louis Smith has ridden the aviation industry's ups and downs and he advises career pilots to weather the storm and prepare for new flying opportunities when they become available.
58 min
Flight Time: Max Trescott
Max Trescott is a highly accomplished flight instructor and author. As a previous FAA Flight Instructor of the Year, Trescott has shaped countless pilots through his work as a Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot in the SR20, SR22, and SF50 Vision...
32 min
Episode 106: Reno air race pilot Dennis Sanders
Reno air race unlimited class champion Dennis Sanders describes how he flew the Hawker Sea Fury ‘Dreadnought’ to victory at an average speed of 403.274 mph during the 2019 Stihl National Championship Air Races.
29 min
Episode 105: Hollywood stunt pilot Corkey Fornof
If you’ve viewed a film featuring aviation scenes, then you’ve most likely witnessed Hollywood pilot J.W. “Corkey” Fornof performing flying stunts on camera.
56 min
Flight Time: Zoan Harclerode
What makes a great instructor? We ask the winner of AOPA's Best Flight Instructor of the Year, Zoan Harclerode. As a longtime flight instructor at a military flying club Harclerode discusses her love of night flying and the joys of instructing. This...
30 min
Episode 104: Outreach pilot Jerome Stanislaus
From the tattoos that share a story about his love of flying, to his passion for jumping out of airplanes, pilot Jerome Stanislaus is on a mission to share aviation with inner-city youth.
45 min
Episode 103: Electric aircraft entrepreneur Geo...
Bye Aerospace founder George Bye talks about the future of aviation and the efficiency of electric aircraft including the eFlyer line of aircraft in development for flight training and personal transportation roles.
45 min
Flight Time: Jason Miller
Flight Instructor Jason Miller is a busy guy. Between his normal flight instructing work, Miller also teaches remotely through his company, The Finer Points of Flying. There's a website, instructional material, a podcast, and more. In this episode of...
20 min
Episode 102: Armless pilot Jessica Cox
Pilot and motivational speaker Jessica Cox, who was born without arms and uses her feet and toes in place of hands, talks about flying an Ercoupe across the U.S. to help celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the American with Disabilities Act.
48 min
Episode 101: Fly8MA instructor Jon Kotwicki
Fly8MA.com’s Jon Kotwicki talks about flying to all 50 states in an Avipro Bearhawk Patrol, and discusses his approach to flight training which includes a free ground school and an instructional spin awareness video.
52 min
Hangar Talk Episode 100 - Aviation Podcast: AOP...
AOPA President Mark Baker helps celebrate Hangar Talk Episode 100 with a candid conversation that includes insight on his favorite airplane, the state of aviation, and how to attract more people to the sky.
49 min
Flight Time: John and Martha King
In this episode we revisit a chat with flight training legends John and Martha King about their beginnings, how they fly safely together, and Martha's status as an aviation pioneer. This is one of a series of shows in the Flight Time series brought to...
26 min
Episode 99: Flight path artist Dimitri Neonakis
Canadian pilot Dimitri Neonakis explains how he uses his Cirrus SR22 and GPS to create flight path images of causes that are close to his heart; and to introduce physically, mentally, and emotionally challenged young people to the joy of flight.
45 min
Episode 98: A-10 Warthog pilot Capt. Nick 'Rock...
Maryland Air National Guard Capt. Nick “Rock” Sand describes the differences between flying a Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II ‘Warthog’ close air attack jet, a commercial jetliner, and his aerobatic American Champion Super Decathlon;...
34 min
Flight Time: Rod Machado
Do you need to laugh while you learn? Instructor and funny man Rod Machado is your guy. Machado is a successful instructor who has made a career of making difficult concept easy to understand through humor. This is a show in the Flight Time series,...
50 min
Episode 97: Garmin’s Bailey Scheel explains Aut...
Garmin’s Bailey Scheel explains how the Autoland system recently approved Piper’s M600/SLS was primarily designed with non-aviators in mind for deployment during an emergency situation.
35 min
Episode 96: Wayne Phillips, ATOP jet sim training
Airline Training Orientation Program founder Wayne Phillips says you don’t have to be a professional pilot to “test drive” a jet aircraft simulator for a weekend and the experience is bound to make you a better pilot.
53 min
Flight Time: Jeremy King
Mechanic, air show announcer, and now airline pilot. Jeremy King didn't always want to be a professional pilot, but thanks to some well-timed introductions, the flying bug caught hold and King is now a successful pilot for a major airline. This is a...
30 min
Episode 95: Pilot, seamstress, flight dispatche...
Pilot, seamstress, and flight dispatcher Brianne Kroupa organized a group of female aviators to hand-sew cloth face masks for fellow aviators that are available for free through the website OnePlaneJane.com. Plus, learn about the new , and catch up to...
41 min
Episode 94: Aviation photographer Chris Rose
AOPA Senior Photographer Chris Rose describes preparation and safety precautions required to produce stunning air-to-air images, and shares tips to elevate your aviation photography.
68 min
Flight Time: Pete Bedell
It's safe to say Pete Bedell didn't take a traditional route to the airlines. An active GA pilot, Bedell was also an editor with AOPA when he decided to follow a dream and make the jump to the big leagues. This is first show in the Flight Time series,...
55 min
Episode 93: Barry Knuttila explains aviation cr...
King Schools CEO and California-based flight instructor Barry Knuttila explains that flight training is called out in the state as a critical infrastructure sector, and also offers online study tips to keep your aviation sharp during social distancing...
50 min
Episode 92: Pilot Carl Valeri’s advice on weath...
Career pilot and podcaster Carl Valeri advises prospective professional pilots to stay the course and keep flying as airlines weather the ups and downs of the coronavirus pandemic.
45 min
Episode 91: Ted Greenfield encourages ‘silver y...
Pilot Ted Greenfield’s “Over 50 and Learning to Fly” YouTube channel encourages those in their early silver period to pursue aviation for a sense of personal accomplishment while exploring new opportunities.
50 min
Episode 90: Jason Archer’s Piper Cub tree landing
CFI Jason Archer was flying a 1946 Piper J-3 Cub low and slow in the Berkshire Mountains when the engine failed. He chose to land in the top of a cherry tree to avoid injuring others and offers pilots key takeaways.
68 min
Episode 89: Pilot Markus Lavenson discusses Sik...
Professional helicopter pilot Markus Lavenson, who has Alaska and Gulf of Mexico flying experience, provides insight into helicopter flying and the Sikorsky S-76 model.
48 min
Episode 88: Alsim’s Scott Firsing
Alsim Flight Training Solutions’ U.S. sales and business director Scott Firsing describes how exercises in a flight simulator can help pilots learn more and save money.
56 min
Episode 87: Angle of Attack’s Chris Palmer talk...
Alaska-based Angle of Attack flight training founder, Cessna 172 pilot, and podcaster Chris Palmer talks about teaching techniques, breaking through barriers, and how you can find amazing aviation opportunities in your own back yard.
58 min
Episode 86: Top aviation stories of 2019
Review the Top-5 general aviation stories of 2019 with a discussion about airline hiring and its effect on general aviation, backcountry flying’s mainstream emergence, Garmin’s Autoland, high-profile GA accidents, and two big anniversaries.
23 min
Episode 85: NORAD Santa reveals secrets
Canadian Army Maj. Andrew Hennessy reveals some of NORAD Santa's secrets as a team of military defense specialists work behind the scene to help track the merry-making wanderer’s global journey.
44 min
Episode 84: AOPA airspace guru Rune Duke talks ...
AOPA airspace guru and former military air traffic controller Rune Duke talks about airspace, outer space, and helps explain some aviation acronyms.
62 min
Episode 83: Best CFI Chris Kreske
Find out why Greensboro, North Carolina, flight instructor and retired military pilot Chris Kreske was recently recognized as the best flight instructor by his students and and learn how he transitions military pilots into well-rounded civilian pilots.
50 min
Episode 82: Corporate pilot and podcaster Justi...
Get to know corporate pilot and ‘Pilot to Pilot’ podcast host Justin Siems who shares thoughts about professional aviation careers, fellow aviators, and the role of social media.
51 min
Episode 81: One-eyed pilot Shinji Maeda
Shinji Maeda lost an eye to an injury when he was a youth, but he battled back to pursue his aviation dreams, earned a commercial pilot certificate, and now has his sights set on an earthround flight to promote aviation.
49 min
Episode 80: Career pilot Jeremy King
Find out how general aviation pilot and mechanic Jeremy King turned his passion for aviation into a full-time career in the big leagues; plus catch up on the week's aviation headlines.
56 min
Episode 79: Alaska bush pilot Leighan Falley
Alaska bush pilot, artist, and parent Leighan Falley explains the challenges of flying in the forty-ninth state’s backcountry; plus catch up on the week's aviation headlines.
52 min
Episode 78: Garmin's Joe Gepner
Hear from Garmin engineer and project manager Joe Gepner about how avionics are developed and where the next big ideas will come from. Plus stick around for the week's news.
50 min
Episode 77: Robinson expert Tim Tucker talks he...
Robinson Helicopter's Chief Flight Instructor Tim Tucker—who literally wrote the book on how to fly the popular helicopters—drops in for a candid conversation; plus catch up on the week's aviation headlines. AOPA Online.
44 min