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Triple Play Fantasy's Week 2 Preview!
58 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Week 1 Recap/Week 2 Preview
Super Fantasy Bros
59 min
Week 1 NFL Preview with JordanVanekDFS
Week 1 NFL Preview with JordanVanekDFS
51 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Week 1 Preview
Super Fantasy Bros
59 min
Triple Play Fantasy's 10 Team SuperFlex Mock Dr...
58 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Training Camp News and Supe...
Super Fantasy Bros
67 min
Triple Play Fantasy TE Ranking Debates!
63 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Training Camp News and PPR ...
Super Fantasy Bros
65 min
Triple Play Fantasy's WR Ranking Debates!
56 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Training Camp News, Stock U...
Super Fantasy Bros
59 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Training Camp News and SFB ...
Super Fantasy Bros
65 min
Triple Play Fantasy's RB Ranking Debates!
59 min
Triple Play Fantasy's QB Debates!
58 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Carson Wentz Injury and Tra...
Super Fantasy Bros
65 min
Triple Play 10 Team Mock Draft
63 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Michael Thomas Injury, Trai...
Super Fantasy Bros
60 min
Triple Play's Interview with 2x Pro Bowler Clin...
60 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Cam Akers Injury, Top 5 202...
Super Fantasy Bros
55 min
Triple Play Fantasy's AFC West Preview!
64 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Top 5 2021 WRs, WR ADP Nigh...
Super Fantasy Bros
63 min
Triple Play's AFC South Preview with The Athlet...
66 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Top 5 2021 RBs, ADP Nightma...
Super Fantasy Bros
52 min
Triple Play Fantasy's AFC North Preview!
61 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Top 5 2021 QBs. ADP Player ...
Super Fantasy Bros
62 min
Adam Rank Part III The Rank Strikes Back
55 min
Triple Play Fantasy's NFC South Preview!
63 min
Super Fantasy Bros: 2nd Year Breakouts and Slee...
Super Fantasy Bros
53 min
Triple Play Fantasy's AFC East Preview!
60 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Crowded RB Rooms and Listen...
57 min
Fantasy Football Candy Land!
57 min
Super Fantasy Bros: Draft Strategies
52 min
Interview with Doc Walker!
78 min
Triple Play Fantasy's NFC West Preview!
Triple Play Fantasy's NFC West Preview!
66 min
Triple Play's Sit Down with Executive Director ...
31 min
NFC East Preview with CBS' Adam Aizer!
69 min
Injuries deciding ADP with Jeff Mueller!
Injuries deciding ADP with Jeff Mueller!
71 min
Building a Brand with Fantasy Footballers' Mike...
Building a Brand with Fantasy Footballers' Mike Wright!
65 min
Interview with Former WFT Wide Receiver Santana...
53 min
Draft Winners & Losers with Author of Yards Cre...
Draft Winners & Losers w_ Author of Yards Created Graham Barfield!
67 min
NFL Draft Talk with Hue Jackson!
33 min
2021 NFL Draft Twitter Debates!
75 min
Triple Play Fantasy Interview's with 4x Pro Bow...
55 min
Heath's Meats & Draft Day Treats with CBS Fanta...
64 min
Scott Fish Joins Triple Play Fantasy!
57 min
Interview with Austin Ekeler!
Interview with Austin Ekeler!
23 min
Interview with OJ Anderson!
36 min
Free Agency Winners and Losers with 4x Emmy Awa...
61 min
Adam Rank Returns for Triple Play Fantasy Footb...
Triple Play Fantasy
57 min
Free Agent Fantasia Part II with Mike Faella!
Mike Faella of Fantasy Intervention Joins the squad to talk about all the new free agents signings from Kenny Golladay to Gerald Everett and things get a little heated debating Kenyan Drake and Josh Jacobs. Of course featuring a return favorite game...
70 min
Interview with Al Saunders
Al Saunders joins the od to discuss his coaching career, make the squad experts in his 700 page playbook and even talks a little footy. The number one offensive coordinator of the past 25 years earns a number one podcast guest award to go along with it.
53 min
Triple Play Fantasy Football: Free Agent Fantas...
The gang welcomes Dave Kluge to go over the recent free agent signings. Talking Andy Dalton, WRs, and romantic comedies. With a Cap Math game of the week and which players would we want to be the agents for, this episode should no longer be a free agent.
68 min
Interview with former NFL player, Stefan Logan
We welcome in THE JOYSTICK! Stefan Logan was kind enough to give us his time, and Eric runs the interview. We talk about his early years (overcoming self-doubt), his playing days (beating the odds), and what he’s got going on right now. Tune in!
38 min
Bonus Episode: Interview With Bob Wylie
Bob Wylie, lineman whisperer, joins the show for an interview. The crew talks about his appearance on Hard Knocks, the CFL, and what RTFF means, as they trace Bob's coaching career all the way to his PeeWee coaching days.
46 min
Not Talking Fantasy Football with Adam Rank
The crew welcomes Adam Rank from NFL Network to talk about anything and everything other than Fantasy Football. From TV to movies to Archie comics this episode literally has it all. Even a mention of Jeff Fisher. Of course featuring our game of the week.
79 min
2021 Bounce Back Candidates with Bob Harris of ...
The crew welcomes Bob Harris of Football Diehards, as they discuss 2021 Fantasy bounceback candidates, cats, and the toughest coaches in the NFL. Featuring a fan favorite game of the week making a return
57 min
Bonus Episode Interview with Hue Jackson
The crew welcomes offensive guru Hue Jackson to talk Bengals, Raiders, and Browns. Featuring the classic "This or That" with Hue Jackson
28 min
2020 Hits and Misses with Peter Howard!
The crew welcomes Peter Howard, Senior Writer at DLFootball, as they discuss biggest hits, misses (or lack thereof) of the 2020 season and everything in between, featuring two games of the week, you will not want to miss!
65 min
Interview with 2x Super Bowl Champ Brandon Jacobs
The crew welcomes 2 time Super Bowl Champion Brandon Jacobs as he talks about beating the Pats, his post-football career and beating the Pats again. Of course features our game of the week!
31 min
SB 55 Recap Show with Justin Johnson!
The crew welcomes Justin Johnson, Fantrax and FantasyPros writer, as they discuss more QB offseason rumors, reflections on the big game, and if a loss is actually better than not making it at all.Of course featuring our game of the week!
73 min
Triple Play Fantasy's SB Prop Bet Show with Tro...
The crew welcomes Troy King from Fantasy Football Confidential as they discuss Watson trade rumors, SuperBowl Prop bets, and the proper math formula for determining probability.Of course featuring the game of the week!
55 min
Bonus Episode Interview with 10 year NFL Vet Da...
The crew welcomes Danny Woodhead from the Out of Nowhere Pod ( and the NFL of course) to discuss his career, how he came to select his number 39, and to help console Eric about his worst ever fantasy loss, caused by Danny himself. A very special bonus...
47 min
Fantasy Football's Most Wanted with Jamey Eisen...
The crew welcomes Jamey Eisenberg from CBS sports as they discuss landing spots for likely QB trade candidates, which player would make the best babysitter, and the best Jesse Eisenberg movie.A very special episode which of course features our game of...
58 min
Triple Play Fantasy sits down with Matthew Berr...
The crew welcomes in The Godfathers of Fantasy Football Matthew Berry as they discuss everything Fantasy Life(Both his incredible book and the app). The guys debate 5 controversial players to rank next year and if Matthew is "Bitter Berry" or "Very...
41 min
The Fantasy Football Bachelor with JJ Zachariason!
The Fantasy Football Bachelor with JJ Zachariason! Which players from the 2019,2020, and 2021 draft classes earn their roses in each position group? Which old 90s Nickelodeon shows are best, which stats are best to help you with those pesky tight ends...
64 min
Fantasy Football New Year's Resolutions with GM...
Triple Play Fantasy’s New Year Resolution Show - what are we changing or keeping the same to have the best fantasy football season in 2021 This episode reflects on some of our regrets and successes this year and of course includes our game of the week!
77 min
Fantasy Football High School Superlative Awards...
Triple play Fantasy’s end of season superlative award show featuring Lawrence Jackson Jr. From most successful to biggest catfish to most likely to be internet famous (other than those who share this episode of course) This episode has it all...
74 min
The Fantasy Champions - Getting Ready for Fanta...
Jake Trowbridge aka the impersonator extraordinaire from Drinking and Talking Fantasy Football joins the fellas as they break down everything you NEED to know for your Week 16 matchups! We aren’t talking about your standard starts. We are examining...
68 min
Theme Song Fantasy Football Show with Lindellio...
Special Guest Lindellions from Fantasy Football Confidential joins the guys at Triple Play to help get you ready for the Fantasy Semi-Finals! Using nostalgic theme songs, the group uses these songs to describe players you should trust and stray away...
80 min
Fantasy Playoffs Preview with JL Garfalo from F...
The boys are down a host this week as the Doc, Johnny Fooseball, and the Bradstradamous carry the load. They are joined by guest JL Garfalo of Front Yard Fantasy to discuss what to look for as we head into the fantasy playoffs. The question and the...
60 min
Players that will MAKE/BREAK your Fantasy Playo...
Johnny Fooseball, The Doc, and The Bradstradamous all took extended vacations. That left DMendy all alone. He brought in the big guns in this one. First a 3x guest of the show Jacob Dunne of Prime Time Sports Talk. The other a first timer of the FTN...
79 min
BONUS EPISODE: Washington Football Team Chatter...
The man with the Golden Voice Al Galdi joins Eric and David as they dissect everything Washington Football Team. They ask Al’s thoughts on the handling of Haskins benching, the QB situation going forward, changes needing to be made to the roster in...
39 min
Player Debates with Former NFL/AFL CB Eric Croc...
Former NFL/AFL CB Eric Crocker of the Crocker Report joins the pod as the crew debates the best players at their position in 2020. Mahomes vs Wilson, Cook vs Kamara, DK vs AJ and more! We bring this debate from a former NFLer perspective and from a...
76 min
Ranking Rookies Rest of Season with Chris Robin...
Chris Robin aka Detroit Beastie of DFS Cheatsheet joins the pod as the boys take a look at ranking the rookies of this class fantasy values the rest of the fantasy season. We dive in QBs, RBs, WRs, and of course TEs as we look at things like schedule,...
66 min
Buy or Sell? Trading Players ahead of the Deadl...
Having trouble deciding which players to buy or sell on ahead of the Fantasy Trade Deadline? Look no further as this pod dives into 15 of the most talked about named trending in trade discussions! One of the top dogs in the game John Bauer of Dynasty...
80 min
BONUS EPISODE: Vincent Jackson - 3x Pro Bowl Wi...
Vincent Jackson aka VJax joins the pod as we breakdown his 12 year career in the NFL. We touch on his early days of recruitment, to his early stages in the NFL, to his contract hold-out, and his pro bowl seasons in the league! You hear about his...
44 min
Looking at Stats that Matter with Kevin Coleman...
Are you looking to become a better fantasy player by not just reading box scores? This is the episode for you! Kevin from Hammerjacks brings his insight to the show as the crew discusses underlying stats that matter for each position. This will help...
57 min
Spooky Scary Fantasy Players with Nick Skripman...
Welcome to the Halloween edition of the Triple Play Fantasy Football Show! In this episode, Nick from P2W Fantasy joins us as we look at that spooky and scary fantasy players who you’re afraid to play against but also guys you’re afraid to start. The...
58 min
BONUS EPISODE: Brice Butler - Former Cowboys Wi...
Former Cowboy and 7 year NFL Wide Receiver Brice Butler joins the show as we dive into his NFL career. What was it like playing for Pete Carroll compared to Lane Kiffin at USC? Playing in Jerryworld, the politics of football, and more! Brice truly...
52 min
The Fantasy Court: Dealing with your league’s b...
Welcome in to the Courtroom. The Fantasy Courtroom! Today we’re dealing with your league’s biggest problems that it’s facing during the COVID-filled 2020 NFL season. IR spots, players deemed as replacements, payouts, and more! After we go to our...
64 min
BONUS EPISODE: Joe Theismann - Former Washingto...
The former Washington Quarterback and football legend himself Joe Theismann hops on the pod! We discuss his career from college to the pros, his transition into movies and media, and his business endeavors. We also talk about his new book, “How to be...
42 min
BONUS EPISODE: Mark Clayton - Former Ravens Wid...
Former Raven and 7 year NFL Wide Receiver Mark Clayton joins the show as we dive into his NFL career. Big catches from four different QB’s and what it was like being a beast of a wide receiver in the league. Mark talks about some projects off the...
23 min
Quarter Season Review with Jacob Dunne of Prime...
Friend of the show and Fantasy expert from Prime Time Sports Talk and The Fantasy Six Pack Jacob Dunne joins the show. In this episode Doc tries to replace the great DMendy as host for an episode. How does he do? Also it’s the quarter point in the...
61 min
BONUS EPISODE: ESPN’s Marcus Spears aka The Big...
We welcome in the man, the myth, the legend, The Big Swagu! The former 1st round pick and current ESPN analyst gives us a thorough breakdown of his path through football and all his playing days. After he sheds light on how he got started in media and...
24 min
Ready to Ride or Trade Aside with Kate Magdziuk...
With Johnny Fooseball and The Bradstradamous out, Triple Play Fantasy needed to bring in the big guns. Enter Kate Magdziuk of BallBlast Football! In this episode the trio break down hot and controversial players that after three weeks of data, you’re...
76 min
The Replacements: Replacing your injured stars ...
Dynasty Writer and co-owner of DLFootball Ryan McDowell joins the show as go over the popular waiver wire adds after an injury-riddled week 2. We determine if these players are worth your FAAB, look on the waiver, or to sit this one out and let your...
53 min
Week 2 Deep Dive with Kevin Turner of The Athle...
Kevin Turner of 97.1 The Eagle and “About them Cowboys” on the Athletic joins the show as we look at what we learned after the first weekend of football! We then look ahead to what you need to know ahead of Week 2. Starts/Sits, DFS, sneaky plays, and...
72 min
Triple Play Fantasy’s Week 1 Preview
The NFL season is finally here! Triple Play Fantasy has you covered. We go over every match up in week 1 and players you need to target and stay away from. There are some format changes to the show and an exciting announcement! We’ll be here all...
69 min
Draft Strategies with Ian Hartitz from Pro Foot...
Ian Hartitz from Pro Football Focus joins the pod as the crew discusses draft strategies to help get you ready for draft season! Do you take RB first? Wait on QB and TE? There’s a huge argument over the value of kickers, and more! We have our question...
69 min
Triple Play Fantasy’s Tight End Rankings!
The fellas dive into their top 15 TE rankings ahead of 2020 draft season. Brad has Blake Jarwin where?? How high is Darren Waller on John’s list? David loves Hayden Hurst and Eric talks about his own crush on Irv Smith. Plenty of debate as always. Our...
62 min
Triple Play Fantasy’s Wide Receiver Rankings!
The guys dive into their top 24 WR rankings ahead of 2020 draft season. Brad has DHop 1?? How high is DJ Moore on John’s list? An AJ Brown argument between brothers, and more! Plenty of debate as always. Our question of the week is: Would you be able...
71 min
Triple Play Fantasy’s Running Back Rankings!
The boys dive into their top 24 RB rankings ahead of 2020 draft season. Brad has James Connor where?? How high is Josh Jacobs on John’s list? How low is Eric on Kenyan Drake, and more! Plenty of debate in this one. We finish up the show with the...
62 min
BONUS EPISODE: Ronnie Brown - 2nd OVR Pick, 11 ...
Former Pro Bowl RB Ronnie Brown joins the Pod as we discuss his 11 year NFL career. Ronnie talks about his Auburn selection process, being the Godfather of the wildcat. and his love for baseball. We, as we always do, close out with our rapid fire...
28 min
Triple Play Fantasy’s Quarterback Rankings!
The guys welcome the newest member of the Triple Play Fantasy family Bradlee Kilgore as they dive into their top 20 QB rankings ahead of 2020 draft season. Mahomes vs Jackson, Kyler at #1?? Plus surprises and debates throughout each guys top 20. We of...
62 min
Trade Etiquette with ESPN’s Mike Clay!
One of the god fathers of fantasy football and ESPN personality Mike Clay joins the show to discuss a serious, league wrenching topic: Trade Etiquette! Listen to hear how to properly trade in your league and the do’s and don’ts. After we tackle our...
41 min
BOLD Predictions with Chris Mattern
Local Teacher and friend of the pod Chris joins the show as the crew dives into some BOLD predictions for the 2020 season. You may laugh or cry at some of them. We then have our question of the week: What is the worst thing your significant other...
63 min
NFC North Preview with Special Guest Stepmom La...
Special Guest Stepmom Lauren from Fantasy Footballers and Fantasy Pros joins the show as the group discusses news and notes around the NFL. Then we get into the top rookie, fantasy hero, fantasy zero, and sleeper for each team of the NFC West. Lauren...
76 min
Matt “Money” Smith from NFL Network joins Tripl...
Matt “Money” Smith from NFL Fantasy Live joins the show as he discusses his career and how he’s gotten to the point he is currently in the football industry. After we have our question of the week: What is your worst fantasy loss of all time? Hint:...
53 min
BONUS EPISODE: CJ Spiller - Former Pro Bowl RB ...
Former Pro Bowl RB CJ Spiller joins the Pod as we discuss his 8 year NFL career. CJ talks about his 10 yards per carry High School numbers, his Clemson days, and his career in the league. This man’s highlights are electric. We then as we always do,...
28 min
AFC West Preview with Special Guest Jacob Dunne...
Special Guest Jacob Dunne from Prime Time Sports Talk joins the show as the group discusses news and notes around the NFL. Then we get into the top rookie, fantasy hero, fantasy zero, and sleeper for each team of the AFC West. With 3/4 analysts...
69 min
BONUS EPISODE: Jacoby Ford - Former Raiders Wid...
Former Raiders Wide Receiver & Speedster Jacoby Ford joins the Pod as we discuss his 5 year NFL career. Jacoby talks about his legendary 4.12 hand timed 40, his Clemson days, and his career in the league. For those that don’t know, he was Tyreek Hill...
40 min