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Each week, Colleen Dulle goes behind the headlines of the biggest Vatican news stories with America’s Rome correspondent Gerard O’Connell. They'll break down complicated news stories that have a whole lot of history behind them in an understandable, engaging way. Colleen and Gerard will give you the inside scoop on what people inside the Vatican are thinking, saying—and planning.

Religion & Spirituality
Pope Francis calls out ‘cancel culture’ in addr...
26 min
Pope Francis' 'action-packed' plans for 2022
28 min
Pope Francis' Christmas message: Be humble.
5 min
Update: Vatican doubles down on Latin Mass rest...
6 min
The biggest Vatican stories of 2021
31 min
Visiting a refugee camp with the pope
28 min
Inside the Latin American synodal gathering wit...
29 min
What Rome thought of the USCCB meeting
23 min
Pope Francis knights two reporters
25 min
Pope Francis thanks author for book on LGBT Cat...
18 min
Deep Dive: What you need to know about the Comm...
28 min
Pope Francis’ message to COP26
24 min
Bonus: Pope Francis tells President Biden to ke...
3 min
What happens when a pope meets a president?
26 min
Pope Francis’ 9 commandments for a just economy
26 min
The ‘Synod on Synodality’ launches in Rome
24 min
Vatican hosts unprecedented meeting of faith le...
26 min
Can women in the Vatican change the church?
32 min
Bonus: How Pope Francis reclaimed Slovak histor...
23 min
Pope Francis criticizes EWTN, reveals some peop...
13 min
Gerry asks Pope Francis about the ‘Communion wars’
Fresh off the papal plane, Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell joins host Colleen Dulle to discuss Pope Francis’ response to his question about the U.S. bishops’ debate over denying communion to pro-choice politicians.
23 min
Pope Francis is still recovering from surgery. ...
23 min
Deep Dive: Why Pope Francis restricted the Lati...
34 min
Pope Francis restricts the pre-Vatican II Mass
Seeking unity in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has reversed a decision of Pope Benedict to allow the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Latin Mass
3 min
Pope Francis recovering in hospital after surgery
3 min
Deep Dive: The German Synodal Path, Explained
34 min
Why Pope Francis rejected Cardinal Marx's resig...
21 min
Vatican cracks down on sexual abuse, women’s or...
29 min
The next Vatican synod is not an event, but a p...
21 min
If Pope Francis Had a Book Club
48 min
Pope Francis calls for peace in the Holy Land
21 min
Jesuit Superior General Arturo Sosa on Pope Fra...
31 min
Vatican steps into debate on Biden receiving co...
23 min
Pope Francis strips bishops’ and cardinals’ pri...
19 min
Where else will the pope go in 2021?
33 min
Deep Dive: How bishops are chosen
34 min
The pope and the grand imam walk a ‘thorny path’
24 min
Did Pope Francis change his mind about Cardinal...
17 min
Why doesn’t the Vatican push democracy in China?
21 min
Bonus: Why is the Vatican restricting the Tradi...
24 min
Did Pope Francis distance himself from the CDF ...
25 min
The Vatican says no to blessing gay unions
19 min
Inside Pope Francis’ Iraq visit
20 min
Deep Dive: Why is Pope Francis visiting Iraq?
25 min
Update: Pope accepts Cardinal Sarah’s resignation
4 min
Covid spike, rocket attack cast doubt on papal ...
20 min
Finally, a woman can vote in a synod
22 min
Pope Francis on U.S. church divisions
25 min
US Bishops and Vatican clash over inauguration ...
21 min
Can defendants get a fair trial in the Vatican?
Lawyers for a woman accused of embezzling more than 500,000 Euros argue that she wouldn't get a fair trail in the Vatican.
20 min
Pope Francis denounces U.S. Capitol insurrection
23 min
Pope Francis takes away top office’s financial ...
20 min
How 2020 changed the Vatican
24 min
Pope Francis’ 2020 Christmas Messages
4 min
Two Vatican cardinals have Covid
21 min
Can Pope Francis really visit Iraq?
22 min
Deep Dive: The Vatican-China Deal
17 min
How the Vatican held a consistory like no other
21 min
Austen Ivereigh on writing with Pope Francis
31 min
Juan Carlos Cruz on the McCarrick Report
20 min
Reactions to the McCarrick Report
21 min
Deep Dive: The McCarrick Report
22 min
The McCarrick Report in 3 minutes
Colleen Dulle gives a brief update on the Vatican’s report on former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, which was published today.
3 min
What the Vatican thinks of the U.S. election
Many in the Vatican have kept a close eye on the U.S. presidential election, held Nov. 3. This week on “Inside the Vatican,” hosts Colleen Dulle and Gerard O’Connell discuss what advantages and disadvantages each candidate offers in the eyes of...
19 min
Did the pope change church teaching on same-sex...
Pope Francis made headlines last week when he endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples as part of an interview in a new documentary called “Francesco.” Almost immediately, questions emerged about the comments: Was the pope mistranslated? When...
20 min
Voting Catholic: What would Pope Francis do?
We're sharing an episode of America's 9-part podcast series "Voting Catholic." In the series finale, Sebastian speaks with Bishop Robert McElroy of San Diego, a leading voice on Catholic Social Teaching in the American hierarchy. How should Catholics...
27 min
Pope Francis endorses same-sex civil unions
In a new documentary that premiered in Rome today, Pope Francis reiterated his support for civil unions for same-sex couples and slammed the Trump administration’s family separation policy. This week on “Inside the Vatican,” host Colleen Dulle...
22 min
Why won’t the pope wear a mask?
Vatican City saw seven new cases of the coronavirus this week, marking a sudden second wave of infections in the world’s smallest nation. were Swiss Guards; the other three were Vatican residents. As Vatican employees attempt to trace and test...
20 min
Gerry and Colleen unpack ‘Fratelli Tutti’
This week on the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle unpack their takeaways from Pope Francis’ new encyclical, “Fratelli Tutti.” The hosts discuss the pope’s unique...
24 min
Fratelli Tutti in 5 minutes
Pope Francis’ new encyclical, Fratelli Tutti, was released today. The encyclical, which is the highest classification of papal document, is Francis’ diagnosis of the social problems plaguing our world—and his proposed cures. In this brief Inside...
5 min
Mike Pompeo to visit the Vatican
Cardinal Angelo Becciu from his position as head of the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints on Thursday night, Sept. 24. In a one-sentence press release, the Vatican announced that the cardinal also gave up the “rights connected to...
17 min
Pope Francis: ‘God loves your LGBT children as ...
On September 17, two Vatican stories broke that illustrate the difference in style between Pope Francis and the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Pope Francis , telling them “God loves your children as they are” and “the...
22 min
From Belarus to Black Lives Matter, Pope Franci...
This weekend, Pope Francis and those with “public responsibilities” to meet the just demands of protestors. With protests rising around the world, which demonstrators was Francis referring to? Veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell...
19 min
Pope Francis’ Covid Catechesis
The Vatican announced this weekend that Pope Francis will sign his new encyclical in Assisi on Oct. 3, just in time for the feast day on the following day of St. Francis, after whom the Pope took his name. The new document is called “Fratelli...
10 min
The Secret Archives of Pope Pius XII
Just before Covid-19 paused public life in Italy, the entire “secret archives” of Pope Pius XII (1939-58) opened to researchers for the first time. The opening, which had long been asked for by historians and was announced under Pope Benedict XVI,...
23 min
Update: Vatican releases handbook on sex abuse
Today the Vatican released its long-awaited handbook, or “vademecum,” on how bishops and superiors of religious orders should handle allegations of sexual abuse against minors by clergy. This is the first time that all of the Vatican’s...
5 min
Is the church getting closer to ordaining women...
In April of this year, the Vatican announced the creation of a to study the female diaconate, following up on Pope Francis’ promise to reopen the question at the behest of the Amazonian bishops. Pope Francis had set up a previous commission to...
21 min
Benedict XVI makes surprise trip to Germany
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI left Italy for the first time in seven years last week, to visit his ill brother, Georg. This week on “Inside the Vatican,” Gerry explains the challenges travel poses for the emeritus pope and why Benedict returned to...
19 min
Why is the Vatican silent on Archbishop Viganò?
Last week, Archbishop was back in the spotlight after President Donald Trump tweeted promoting an open letter that Viganò had written to him. The letter praised Mr. Trump for “defending the right to life” and expressed Archbishop Viganò’s...
22 min
How Laudato Si’ changed American Catholics’ min...
It’s been five years since the release of “Laudato Si’,” and Pope Francis has called for a year of prayer and study on the encyclical’s themes of integral human ecology—that is, the importance of protecting the environment and the poor,...
16 min
Pope Francis: You can’t be racist and call your...
Pope Francis spoke out on the police killing of George Floyd last week as protests against racism spread across the globe. This week on Inside the Vatican, veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell describes the protests in Europe and the...
22 min
Pope Francis takes major step against Vatican c...
Pope Francis took a major step in his ongoing reform of Vatican finance on June 1 by putting in place a centralized system to approve who gets contracts to work with the Vatican. The change amounts to what Crux editor John L. Allen, Jr. a “direct...
23 min
Why the Vatican opposes Israel’s annexation plan
This week on the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, America’s Rome correspondent, Gerard O’Connell, gives an exclusive look inside the Vatican museums, which will reopen with new social distancing measures in place on Monday, June 1. Then, Gerry...
21 min
What a Mass in reopened St. Peter’s Basilica lo...
As Italy gradually reopens and public Masses resume there, the Vatican is facing the challenge of a decreased income while working to lead the world’s humanitarian and diplomatic response to the coronavirus pandemic. This week on the “Inside the...
22 min
Royal Commission issues findings on Cardinal Pell
On this week’s episode of the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, producer Colleen Dulle and Vatican correspondent Gerard O’Connell discuss the Australian Royal Commission’s that Cardinal George Pell knew about priests abusing children in the...
22 min
The Vatican’s $200m London real estate scandal
Last week, an Italian newspaper reported that Pope Francis had fired five employees who were under investigation for their involvement in the $200 million purchase of minority stake in a luxury apartment development in London’s upscale Chelsea...
14 min
World Day of Prayer for end to Covid-19
In this episode, Vatican correspondent Gerard O'Connell gives an on-the-ground update from “phase two” of Italy’s coronavirus lockdown. Gerry and producer Colleen Dulle also discuss the between Muslims and Christians for an end to coronavirus,...
24 min
Christopher Lamb on ‘guerilla attacks’ on Pope ...
It’s no secret that Pope Francis has faced opposition during his pontificate: some of it, the healthy disagreement he’s called for, some more serious—what The Tablet Vatican reporter calls well-financed, well-publicized “guerilla attacks”...
20 min
Pope Francis speaks on clash between Italian bi...
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced that Italy will transition into “phase 2” of its coronavirus lockdown, re-opening the manufacturing and construction industries on May 4, followed by libraries, museums, and some stores May 18....
21 min
Vatican's Archbishop Paglia on coronavirus bioe...
In recent weeks, the Vatican has made it clear that it sees the pandemic as a pressing call for the transformation of society. This past week, Pope Francis put together a with specific mandates for coordinating humanitarian aid, international...
12 min
Pope Francis assembles COVID-19 task force
Pope Francis has focused his messages to the world this week on the importance of international cooperation and the in order to overcome the coronavirus pandemic and build a more equitable society. On this episode of “Inside the Vatican,”...
28 min
How data mapping can help the Vatican fight COV...
Molly Burhans, the founder and executive director of , has created what may be the world’s largest set of Catholic geographic information. Her nonprofit organization has mapped church-owned properties around the world with a view towards using the...
20 min
Pope Francis supports ‘universal basic wage’
In his Easter messages, Pope Francis came out in support of a , relaxing economic sanctions, and of poor countries. This week on the “Inside the Vatican” podcast, veteran Vatican reporter Gerard O’Connell joins producer Colleen Dulle to talk...
23 min
Vatican official–Archbishop Arthur Roche–on lit...
Usually, Holy Week doesn’t require any extra work from the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments. A separate office organizes the pope’s liturgies, and the guidelines used around the world stay the same...
19 min
Update: Pope Francis gives English media interview
Pope Francis has given his to the English-language media, which he was invited to give as a message to the anglophone world in this time of crisis. Host Colleen Dulle gives an update on what you can find in the interview, and on the to study women...
1 min
Cardinal Pell’s conviction was overturned. Now ...
After almost five years of hearings and trials and appeals, Cardinal George Pell’s conviction of child sexual abuse was from Australia’s highest court. Cardinal Pell has now left prison and will stay at a Carmelite monastery. Now that a final...
23 min
Pope Francis approves new coronavirus Mass prayers
As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, the Vatican is looking both to provide for people’s spiritual needs and to ensure justice for those on the margins of society. In this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” veteran Vatican correspondent Gerard...
19 min
Coronavirus should provoke economic conversion,...
In this episode of “Inside the Vatican,” America’s Rome correspondent Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle cover how Pope Francis and other Vatican leaders are making a concerted effort to draw people’s attention to the major ethical...
25 min
Pope Francis’ ‘urbi et orbi’ prayer to end coro...
In the first special coronavirus update episode of “Inside the Vatican,” veteran Vatican reporter Gerard O’Connell and producer Colleen Dulle discuss Pope Francis’ unprecedented “” blessing given Friday, March 27. Colleen spoke with Gerry...
13 min
Take your sins directly to God, Pope says
As Italy’s death toll rises and Catholics worldwide find their access to churches and the sacraments limited, the Vatican has taken to grant the faithful forgiveness of their sins. One measure from the Apostolic Penitentiary, the Vatican’s...
23 min