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This is where the Catholic Church meets the most interesting and consequential issues of our time. Each episode explores a different topic through immersive stories told by America’s editors. “Church Meets World” is the best of our award-winning magazine content reimagined in podcast form. It’s not only what you read in our pages but how you hear it. Presented by Maggi Van Dorn and Sebastian Gomes.

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News Commentary
Introducing "Preach: The Catholic Homilies Podc...
29 min
What it’s like to be an 11 year old Afghan boy ...
22 min
Introducing: Hark! The stories behind our favor...
40 min
Young adults struggle with the church. But they...
34 min
What Catholics still don’t understand about the...
36 min
'The Memory of God': How residents of one NYC ...
31 min
How I learned to grieve
43 min
Descendants & the Jesuits: Beginning a path tow...
32 min
Should colleges pay their athletes?
40 min
'Year of the Rat'
45 min
Entrapment: The data scientists fighting to end...
Human trafficking remains a vast yet largely hidden criminal industry. These researchers are using data to expose it.
27 min
The inevitable result of Donald Trump’s presidency
44 min
Burned out: The case for more free time
Many people have a “demonic work ethic.” It turns out free time is morally necessary in the Christian life.
40 min
Joe Biden's Catholic Faith
Joe Biden talks about his Catholic faith, Pope Francis and politics
41 min
Living the issues with the 'Voting Catholic' po...
Just ahead of the election we're sharing the Voting Catholic podcast. To hear the full series, just search "Voting Catholic" wherever you get your podcasts! Voting Catholic Episode 1: "What Happened to the Catholic Vote?" A survey of the evolution of...
29 min
‘Mama, I’m through’: The martyrdoms of Emmitt T...
On the anniversary of Emmitt Till’s murder on August 28, 1955, we reflect on the present day killing of George Floyd and the litany of Black Americans who have been crucified by racial injustice. In both, we witness how Floyd’s cry for his mama...
20 min
A Coronavirus Prayer
Listen, pray along with America
4 min
Introducing PLAGUE: Untold Stories of AIDS and ...
In "Plague" journalist Michael O'Loughlin investigates stories of the AIDS epidemic and the Catholic Church. Mike is America’s national correspondent and he’s covered Catholicism for more than a decade. Mike is also gay and Catholic—and he’s...
2 min
The Final Episode
America This Week This is the series finale of "America This Week." Our guest is John W. Miller. We discuss his article We also discuss these articles:
26 min
Why Evangelical megachurches are embracing (som...
This week's guest is Anna Keating. We discuss her article We also discuss these articles:
24 min
Catholic colleges are searching for new homes i...
America This Week This week's guest is Jonathan Malesic. We discuss his article We also discuss these articles:
23 min
How one Catholic stays faithful in the city of ...
This week's guest is Lisa Hendey. We discuss her article We also discuss these stories:  
26 min
An inside look at Pope Francis’ election
America This Week This week's guest is Gerard O’Connell, America’s Vatican correspondent. We discuss his new book, The Election of Pope Francis: An Inside Account of the Conclave That Changed History, an excerpt of which America .  We...
28 min
Can better corporate organization humanize the ...
America This Week This week's guest is Thomas More Garrett. We discuss his article We also discuss these articles: 
24 min
How can activists win more than a viral moment?
America This Week This week's guest is Nathan Schneider. We discuss his article We also discuss these stories:    
24 min