Love Takes Action

Our lives are defined by key moments, sometimes expected, sometimes unexpected. Love Takes Action, season one, explores stories of people putting their love in action in real life situations or during extraordinary events, sharing moments of compassion, strength, resiliency and humanity. These stories provide opportunities to share ideas and takeaways to learn from, and in turn, to inspire us to act upon our love. 

Presented by New York Life Insurance Company. Produced by FC Podcasts | Fashion Consort.

Society & Culture
Hmong American Farmers Association, When Food i...
A family of Hmong farmers from the Twin Cities area of Minnesota is at the forefront of a local effort to promote health, wealth, and equity through food.
33 min
Rachel Wyman, the Sweet Taste of a Fresh Start
Rachel Wyman started baking bread to support herself in college and ended up finding her passion. Katherine Danesi, a business coach, and brand strategist, helps female entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers build their businesses.
36 min
Marian Chauvin, Beyond the Eye of the Storm
Marian Chauvin and her family evacuated the family home they had sacrificed so much to build. Thomas Corley, chief recovery officer for St. Bernard Project, is responsible for shaping strategic direction, program expansion, and team building.
35 min
Sheryl Pabatao, a Brave of Heart Story
Sheryl Pabatao becomes concerned about her parents early on in the pandemic. Trudy Lindsey Dinkins with E4E ensures the emotional and financial needs of pandemic frontline healthcare workers via the Brave of Heart Fund.
32 min
Charlten Henderson, A Cut Above the Rest
Charlten Henderson, a mental health counselor opens a barbershop. Allison Task, a career coach encourages a purpose-driven livelihood.
33 min
Matt Fesler, When a Disability Becomes a Superp...
Matt Fesler diagnosed as bipolar discovers his gifts as a software engineer. Professor Vanessa Greenwood discusses the importance of media literacy and technology for youth as they navigate the world and innovate the future.
33 min
The Richardson Family, Adopting a New Outlook
The Richardsons make a life changing decision to grow their family and adopt through the foster care system. Attorney Scarlet Moore argues a case clarifying the definition of family.
35 min
Jamel Jones, A Family First
Jamel Jones goes to college; a family first. Dr. Steven Rose discusses the challenges for first generation students.
36 min
Introducing Love Takes Action, Trailer
Love Takes Action is a new podcast exploring rich and compelling stories of people putting their love in action in everyday situations or during extraordinary events, sharing emotional moments of love, strength, resiliency and humanity. Independent experts offer insights, takeaways and inspiration. Presented by New York Life Insurance Company.
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