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TV & Film
Donna Mills and 40 Years of Knots Landing
TVC 473.4: Part 2 of a conversation that began last week with Donna Mills (Knots Landing, General Hospital). Dec. 27, 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary of the premiere of Knots on CBS. Topics include the legacy of Knots (and how, in many ways, it...
22 min
The WGA Strike of 2007
TVC 473.6: This Week in TV History: Tony, Donna, and Ed discuss the issues that led to the Writers Guild strike that commenced on Nov. 5, 2007.
10 min
The Legacy of Hal Roach
TVC 473.5: From 2012: Tony, Donna, and Ed look back at the life and career of film and TV producer Hal Roach, with a particular focus on the legacy of The Little Rascals.
13 min
Steptoe, Sanford, and Sons
TVC 473.7: Greg and Ed discuss the broadcast history of Steptoe and Son (BBC, 1962-1974), the British series that Norman Lear and Bud Yorkin adapted as Sanford and Son for NBC. Topics include how Steptoe was never intended to be a series, how it is...
17 min
Tribute to Ric Ocasek
TVC 472.1: Tony Figueroa remembers Ric Ocasek, the front man of The Cars, with a particular focus on the iconic video “You Might Think,” the first music video to use computer graphics. Ric Ocasek passed away on Sept. 15, 2019.
22 min
How “You Might Think” Impacted Music Videos, Mo...
TVC 472.2: Tony and Ed talk about how the award-winning video “You Might Think” by The Cars—the first music video to use computer graphics—went on to influence the production of movies and TV shows, as well as such other music video pioneers as...
11 min
Sanford & Son on DVD
TVC 473.3: Greg Ehrbar discusses the complete series DVD release of Sanford and Son (NBC, 1972-1977) available through Sony Home Entertainment. Topics include how the first two seasons of Sanford were remarkably faithful adaptations of Steptoe and Son...
25 min
Donna Mills of Knots Landing and Carol of the B...
TVC 472.4: Part 1 of a two-part conversation with Emmy Award-winning actress Donna Mills (Knots Landing, General Hospital). Topics include Donna’s journey as a winemaker, having recently launched—along with her partner, Larry Gilman—Mandeville...
23 min
Part 2 with David Starzyk of Veronica Mars
TVC 472.5: Ed plays Part 2 of our conversation with David Starzyk, the actor who plays Richard Casablancas on Veronica Mars. Topics this segment include David’s appearances in the famous episode of Hot in Cleveland that marked the final screen...
19 min
David Starzyk on Hot in Cleveland, Betty White,...
TVC 472.6: David Starzyk of Veronica Mars and TV Land’s Hot in Cleveland talks to Ed about working with Betty White, his recent appearance on Showtime’s The Affair, and filming a project on location inside the mansion in Pasadena that Peter Falk and...
18 min
The Comic Genius of Robin Williams
TVC 471.1: From January 2019: Ed welcomes David Steinberg, Robin Williams’ manager for more than forty years, and the executive producer of Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, the critically acclaimed HBO documentary from 2018 that is just one part...
32 min
50 Years of Sesame Street
TVC 471.3: Tony, Donna, and Ed look back at the history of Sesame Street, its impact on children’s television and our culture, and such seminal moments as how the series addressed the death of Will Lee, the actor who played Mr. Hooper. Sesame Street...
16 min
Happy Birthday, Whoopi Goldberg
TVC 471.2: Tony, Donna, and Ed commemorate the birthday of actress, comedian, and The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg with a look at her career in film and television.
11 min
Kathy Coleman of Land of the Lost
TVC 471.5: From July 2015: Ed welcomes Kathy Coleman. Kathy faced grave peril every week when she played Holly Marshall on Land of the Lost—but that was nothing compared to her life outside of television, which she discusses in her book, LOST GIRL:...
33 min
The TV Career of The Marx Brothers
TVC 470.4: An encore presentation of our October 2014 conversation with Bill Marx, son of Harpo Marx, and the executive producer of The Marx Brothers TV Collection, a configuration featuring some of the Brothers’ many appearances on television,...
24 min
Roman Mitichyan of The Morning Show
TVC 470.1: Ed welcomes actor and Roman Mitichyan (Trauma Center, 10 Minutes Gone, Vice, John Wick). A former UFC mixed martial arts fighter known as “The Emperor,” Roman can now be seen opposite Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show, the highly...
28 min
The One and Only Ruta Lee, Part 2
TVC 470.5: Part 2 of our conversation with Ruta Lee, the legendary singer, actress, and philanthropist (The Thalians) who has left her mark on movies, TV, and stage for more than six decades. Topics include working with David Janssen on The Fugitive...
20 min
The Show Won’t Go On, Part 2
TVC 470.6: Part 2 of Tony and Ed’s conversation with comedy historian Jeff Abraham, co-author (along with Burt Kearns) of The Show Won’t Go On: The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths of Performers Onstage, is the first book to explore the...
18 min
Geoffrey Mark on Peter Fonda and Rip Taylor
TVC 469.2: Via remote from the Hollywood Museum: Emmy Award winner and Grammy Award nominee Geoffrey Mark helps Ed pay tribute to Dawn Wells and the legacy of Gilligan’s Island and shares a few memories of his friend Peter Fonda. The Gilligan’s Island...
13 min
Behind the Laughter of Paul Lynde
TVC 469.3: Ed welcomes Cathy Fitzgibbon-Rudolph, author of Paul Lynde: A Biography: His Life, His Loves & His Laughter, an intimate portrait of actor/comedian Paul Lynde that walks you through the many highlights of Lynde’s career on stage, film and...
36 min
Randy West on Johnny Olsen
TVC 469.1: From the floor of the Hollywood Museum: Ed interviews Randy West, longtime announcer of The Price is Right and the author of Johnny Olsen: A Voice in Time, prior to the Sept. 25 ceremony honoring Dawn Wells and the legacy of Gilligan’s...
8 min
James Moses Black of Black and Blue and This is Us
TVC 469.4: Actor and screenwriter James Moses Black (Reverend Hawley on This is Us, rogue cop Deacon Brown in the new Screen Gems crime thriller Black and Blue) talks to Ed about why This is Us continues to resonate with viewers; his approach to...
24 min
Happy Birthday, Ed Asner
TVC 469.5: Tony, Donna, and Ed wish legendary actor Ed Asner a Happy Birthday as part of This Week in TV History. Ed Asner is currently touring both God Help Us and A Man and His Prostate in various cities across the U.S. and Canada. Click here for a...
20 min
Bill Funt on Gilligan’s Island
TVC 469.7: From the Sept. 25 ceremony at the Hollywood Museum ceremony honoring Dawn Wells and the legacy of Gilligan’s Island: Ed catches up with Bill Funt, son of Candid Camera creator Allen Funt, and a longtime friend of Sherwood Schwartz and many...
7 min
How Nightline Changed Late Night TV
TVC 469.6: Tony, Donna, and Ed with a look at the broadcast history of ABC’s Nightline and how that program changed the landscape of late night television. Nightline, which originally began as a nightly update of the Iran hostage crisis, premiered on...
11 min