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How the TelePrompTer Changed the Face of News, ...
From May 2011: Donna, Tony, and Ed remember the passing of Hubert Schafly, the inventor of the TelePrompTer
4 min
Happy Birthday to Ann-Margret
From April 2011: Phil Gries plays audio highlights of one of Ann-Margret's earliest television appearances
18 min
Why CBS was nervous about airing My Name is Barbra
This Week in TV History: My Name is Barbra, the debut network television special of singer/actress Barbra Streisand, originally aired on Apr. 28, 1965
14 min
Live from New York: It's the Empire State Building
Remembering the first experimental broadcasts from the Empire State Building
5 min
Alison Arngrim Brings Little House to You
Ed welcomes back actress, comedienne and author Alison Arngrim (Little House on the Prairie, Confessions of a Prairie Bitch)
19 min
Confessions of a Prairie Terror
Part 2 of our conversation with Alison Arngrim of Little House on the Prairie
13 min
John Barbour Channels Mark Russell and Tom Lehrer
Part 2 of Ed's conversation with television writer, producer, talk show host, comedian, documentary maker and author John Barbour (Real People, Your Mother's Not a Virgin!)
27 min
John Barbour, Pat Morita, and the Hungry i
John Barbour (Real People) recalls the time when he and his future wife, Sarita, helped a young Pat Morita find his footing as a stand-up comic in 1963
20 min
John Barbour and Harlan Ellison
The remaining moments of this week's conversation with John Barbour (Real People, Your Mother's Not a Virgin!)
17 min
Daffy Duck's Screen Debut
From April 2012: Daffy Duck makes his film debut during This Week in TV History
6 min
The Birth of The Blues Brothers
From April 2018: Tony, Donna, and Ed remember the 40th anniversary of The Blue Brothers' first appearance on Saturday Night Live
12 min
Green Acres: The American Equivalent of Monty P...
From July 2018: Greg Ehrbar reviews the complete series DVD release of Green Acres
14 min
When Barbara Walters Joined ABC News
From April 2011: Tony, Donna, and Ed remember the uneasy on-air partnership between Barbara Walters and Harry Reasoner in 1976
11 min
The Dawn of Breaking News
Tony, Donna, and Ed remember the first time that coverage of an unplanned event was televised
8 min
Anson Williams on directing himself for the fir...
Ed, Tony, and Donna welcome back Anson Williams of Happy Days and Harvest Time
20 min
How Don Most Helped Anson Williams in Harvest Time
Part 2 of our conversation with Anson Williams (Happy Days, Harvest Time)
12 min
John Barbour, Superman, and Real People
Ed welcomes John Barbour, creator of Real People and author of Your Mother's Not a Virgin
23 min
Why Real People Represents Reality TV at Its Best
Part of our conversation with John Barbour, the godfather of reality TV
11 min
How Redd Foxx Mentored John Barbour
John Barbour talks to Ed about the instrumental role that Redd Foxx in getting John's first comedy album produced
10 min
Shirley Temple: A Tonic for Troubled Times, Esp...
Greg and Ed remember Shirley Temple’s Storybook, the NBC anthology series for children that also featured such stars as Agnes Moorehead, Carol Lynley, and David Frankham
9 min
Why Shirley Temple Did The Blue Bird Instead of...
Greg Ehrbar recommends several classic Shirley Temple movies to keep your spirits up during this time of hunkering down
10 min
How Jane Fonda Changed the Shape of the Home Vi...
A minisode edition of This Week in TV History. in which Tony, Donna, and Ed remember the release of Workout, the first of Jane Fonda's bestselling aerobics tapes
7 min
Charles Grodin on The Perils of Show Business
A minisode edition featuring a clip from our December 2012 conversation with actor Charles Grodin
8 min
Happy Birthday, Peter Mark Richman
TV Confidential says Happy Birthday to Peter Mark Richman with this special minisode edition featuring a clip from our conversation with Peter Mark from May 2011
20 min
Singer/actress Roslyn Kind and her vessel of li...
Ed welcomes singer, actress, and songwriter Roslyn Kind ("Light of Love," "Save the Country")
13 min