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Double Perigee
In this science fiction audio drama, join Raljebi’s journey of self-discovery across the wretched war-torn Eastern Arm of the galaxy in search of peace, girls, adventure and himself. Armed with little more than a passport, a surfboard and an allergy to conformity, Raljebi sets out for the stars, but finds the galaxy much more dangerous and complicated than he bargained for.
Performing Arts
11: Triad
Raljebi acknowledges his love for Q’Zeiyn, at the same time that he discovers the government of his home planet Caprion has sentenced him to death in absentia.
13 min
10: The Trial
Camp Palag comes together to prosecute the bandits called the Raiders, and Raljebi finds himself on the jury sitting in judgment of them.
14 min
9: Love and Justice
As the endgame against the Raiders takes shape, Raljebi realizes he might be in love with Q’Zeiyn—a member of the race his planet is at war with.
16 min
8: The Freeloaders
The protesters finally begin to organize to defend themselves against the Raiders, just as a new and even more terrifying threat materializes.
14 min
7: Wingman
As Palags continue to pour into the peace camp, Raljebi and Quilq make several colorful acquaintances, and the Raiders strike even more savagely.
14 min
6: The Raiders
The dark side of the peace commune reveals itself when Raljebi and Quilq are targeted for harassment by a band of violent thieves.
14 min
5: Camp Palag
Raljebi finds the commune of peace protesters to be a strange and fascinating pastiche of alien cultures, but with significant challenges to meet basic needs.
15 min
4: Planetfall
Raljebi and Quilq arrive on Mira, but they find that what they were told about how to gain entry to the peace commune was terribly mistaken.
15 min
3: The Freighter
Raljebi and Quilq catch a ramshackle transport to take them to Mira, but information about what happens when they get there proves confusing.
14 min
2: Rough Night
A trip to a seedy bar on Algeron’s second moon brings Raljebi face-to-face with racial prejudice and causes him to rethink his opinion of Quilq’s hasty departure.
15 min
1: Goodbye, Algeron
On the university planet of Algeron, Raljebi is shocked out of his ennui when his best friend announces plans to drop out of school and join an interstellar protest movement.
17 min