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Status: Pending
There are many True Crime podcasts available; each offering a different perspective to the genre. Each with their own niche that pulls the listener in by tugging at their heartstrings or their funny bone, in one way or another. What we aim to do with Status: Pending is make you think. We want you to feel as though you're connected to the case. We want you to feel something. The cases that we are going to cover have discrepancies of some sort and may not be well-known. They are either unsolved, prematurely closed, or open without any solid leads. We want to get these stories out to the public, for the family and for the victim. Join us every month for a different case - which will be a different chapter in our podcast - as we take a 3-part look into the facts. We’ll have interviews, expert opinions, and more. We’ll also be looking for suggestions from you for cases to take on as we move forward.
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