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One Part Podcast
<p>Author and wellness advocate, Jessica Murnane, asks the tough questions that you're already thinking in this weekly podcast. Each week she brings conversations with some of the biggest names in in food, wellness, business, and design. Hear revealing stories of successes &amp; setbacks, sweet motivational secrets, and a whole lot of actionable advice.</p>
Society & Culture
Season Finale // Episode 142: Miscarriage + Hea...
Whitney and I discuss her struggles with pregnancy loss, understanding the process of a miscarriage, healing and being intimate after loss, living with a chronic condition (hers is endometriosis), and the excitement and hope Whitney has found in creating her family. 
79 min
Episode 141: Breast Cancer Prevention With Shan...
Shaney Jo and I discuss the importance of self-checking your breasts (Shaney Jo walks us through it), how a low-toxin lifestyle plays a role in breast cancer prevention, how to educate the next generation of women about their bodies, and using your voice (in loud and quiet ways) to create change.
56 min
Episode 140: Human Design (What It Is + How To ...
In this episode, Erin Claire and I discuss what Human Design is, how it's different than astrology, how to read your Human Design chart results, building confidence around your unique abilities, gut instincts vs. sleeping on it, and how embracing patience has catapulted her career.
71 min
Episode 139: A Social Media Face-Off + Why It's...
Serena and I discuss the state of diet culture, the media we consume, why it’s ok to not love your body all the time (how you can be confident and also have insecurities), social media boundaries and its connection to anxiety, and the number one things that’s giving Serena more confidence in herself right now.
86 min
Episode 138: Gut Health 101 + The Microbiome Ex...
Dr. B and I discuss the ins and outs of the microbiome, why more gut issues are on the rise, his take on the no-lectins craze, how eliminating entire foods groups can be damaging to the gut, the importance of plant-diversity in our diets, and his number one building block for a healthier gut.
84 min
Episode 137: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manif...
Emily and I discuss how mindfulness and meditation are different, using meditation as a performance tool, how to clear your backlog of stress, why mediation might not have “worked” for you in the past (and how to make it work for you now), and the single most important thing you can do for your brain health.
68 min
Episode 136: ALS + Navigating Grief + Ignoring ...
Kate and I discuss her father's ALS diagnosis, the feeling of performing grief, being present for someone else's pain, her choice to leave ESPN, ignoring outside validation, and being/not being Type A. 
60 min
Episode 135: Zero Waste 101 With Kathryn Kellogg
Kathryn and I discuss what the zero waste movement is all about, her three biggest tips to reduce your waste (and the two biggest myths), how going zero waste can actually simplify your life, celebrating your wins to lessen eco-anxiety, and the number one way you can reduce waste starting today. 
50 min
Episode 134: How To Breathe (Breathwork 101) wi...
In this episode, Ashley and I talk about her recovery from addiction, how learning about yoga/meditation in rehab lead her to breathwork, what breathwork is (and how it differs from meditation), how breathing can help us hit pause and self-regulate our emotions, and how you can begin to practice (right now).
72 min
Episode 133: Making Space for Difference + Why ...
In this episode, Kholi and I discuss how much context and language matters, her personal struggles with identity and race, how we can do diversity and inclusion better, and making space for everyone (not just for optics, but truly making space and opportunities for everyone).
63 min
Episode 132: Digital Minimalism + The Power Of ...
Cal Newport and I discuss digital minimalism, the importance of solitude, the psychological and addictive effects of social media, creating leisure time sans screens, and why he never wants you to click that "like" button again. 
56 min
Episode 131: 100% Natural vs. 100% Safe + Chang...
Hillary Peterson and I discuss how her thyroid cancer diagnosis changed her career path, creating products that are 100% safe vs. 100% natural, her mission to change the skincare industry, playing big (including her decision to take an investment from Unilever), and why perfectionism is the booby prize in life.
54 min
Episode 130: Suicide Prevention + Mental Health...
Dr. Ashton and I discuss the stigma that suicide survivors face (and how we can shift this), the healing power of community after loss, the importance of teaching our children about mental health and illness, distress tolerance, and how best to support suicide survivors.
45 min
Episode 129: Feeling Worthy Of Change + Not Jud...
Danielle Duboise and I discuss finding her voice, her struggles with body image, feeling worthy of change, why good food shouldn't be a luxury, and her top three favorite foods to incorporate each day. 
44 min
Episode 128: Being Single (And Happy) + Deletin...
Shani Silver and I discuss her decade of being single, the power in deleting your dating apps, the four things to stop saying to your single friends (and what to say), and the power of creating community/making new friends as a single woman. 
61 min
Episode 127: Motherhood, Marriage, And The Mode...
In this episode, Dr. Millwood and I discuss the power of being unattached to expectations, gender inequalities in parenting, how children impact the stability of marriage, attachment bonds, the gray area of depression/postpartum depression, and the importance of face-to-face interactions with women. 
69 min
Episode 126: Energy Medicine (The Science, Myst...
In this episode, Jill and I discuss the science and mystery behind Chinese Medicine, why she embraces the skeptics, the silent connection we all have with one another, the concept of "what we resist persists", and her biggest lesson in letting go.
59 min
Episode 125: Perimenopause 101 With Dr. Jolene ...
Dr. Brighten and I talk about perimenopause (what it is and what it isn't), how to prepare our bodies as they transition, recognizing our super powers, tapping into our cycles to be more present + productive, and finding lessons in difficult times.
49 min
Episode 124: Deciding What To Share + Being Exa...
In this episode, Amber and I discuss making friends as an adult, the importance of having a solid foundation as a growing brand, deciding what to share online (and off), working for free, and being exactly who you are.
70 min
Season Finale! Episode 123: The Pill + Post-Bir...
In this episode, Dr. Brighten and I talk about post-birth control syndrome, the mood altering and damaging effects linked to the birth control pill, fertility, and non-hormonal birth control options.
80 min
Episode 122: Emotional Eating + Healthy At Any ...
Laura and I discuss what intuitive eating is (and what it isn't), understanding hunger cues, emotional eating, focusing on health instead of weight loss, and learning to eat intuitively with a chronic illness. Plus, she answers the OPP family questions!
65 min
Episode 121: Ayurveda 101 with Sahara Rose Ketabi
Sahara and I discuss how Ayurveda has impacted her life, doshas and elements (what are they?), and the evolution and modernization of Ayurveda. She also answers all the OPP Family questions! 
57 min
Episode 120: Overcoming Overwhelm With Dr. Sama...
Dr. Samantha and I discuss the difference between stress and overwhelm, why stress-management tactics don't always work, the art of resilience, and how past trauma can affect how you handle stressful situations. 
57 min
Episode 119: Adrenal Stress + Thyroid Issues + ...
Dr. Romm and I discuss the upside of stress, knowing when to push and when to pause, the highs and lows of cortisol, trauma and its connection to stress, and setting the record straight on "adrenal fatigue". 
79 min
Episode 118: Period Shame + Breaking The Curse ...
Amanda and I discuss fat neutrality, why the medical science on menstruation has been ignored (and how it's changing), overcoming period shame, and all the OPP fam period-questions (including period sex, hormone headaches, and perimenopause).
68 min
Episode 117: Questioning Your Food with Nil Zac...
Nil and I discuss questioning your food choices, animal agriculture and its connection to our biggest environmental issues, the history of food subsidies in the United States, and how we all have the opportunity to make small changes to have a big impact on our planet.
74 min
Episode 116: Forgiving The Unforgivable + Learn...
Anita and I discuss what it means to be indigenous, her personal story of forgiving the unforgivable, how listening can be a healing mechanism, and honoring and practicing indigenous wisdom/medicine without appropriating it (your biggest question for Anita). 
63 min
Episode 115: Get Money (Investing, Saving, Debt...
Kristin and I discuss saving vs. investing, the emotional toll of debt (and ways to tackle it), how her upbringing shaped her view of wealth, and the importance of remembering your future self when making financial decisions. 
62 min
Episode 114: Real vs. Fake Wellness Trends + Ge...
Liz Moody and I discuss how wellness trends can do more harm than good, how some brands are taking advantage of the body-positivity movement (and not in a cool way), her top picks for the best and worst wellness trends, and the power of getting healthier together.
70 min
Episode 113: Pressing Charges After Sexual Assa...
Sarah and I discuss the decision to press charges after her sexual assault, the roadblocks and waiting game she faced during the process, forgiving yourself, and working to bring more women together around this issue. 
75 min
Episode 112: Finding The Silver Lining With Nat...
This week, I’m talking to Nathalie Williams.  Nathalie and I discuss being diagnosed with cancer twice in one year, finding adult friends, the power of knitting, and how she always manages to see the silver lining.
61 min
Episode 111: The Grandma Principles of Health +...
We discuss getting back to the basics of health (the "grandma principles"), how the self-care movement has gone too far, and connecting through the positive (not the negative).
76 min
Episode 110: Being Enough + Escaping Feelings +...
Escaping feelings, boundaries with self-promotion, being good enough, why minimalism doesn't solve all your problems, and Tupperware parties. Plus Cait answers all the OPP fam questions! 
63 min
Episode 109: Losing Everything + Accepting Help...
Losing Everything + Accepting Help + The Power of Connection With Karen Walrond
56 min
Episode 108: Hypnosis 101 + Reprogramming Your...
Hypnosis 101, Taking Responsibility, Reprogramming Your Beliefs With Grace Smith
66 min
Episode 107: Applied Empathy With Michael Ventura
Talking Applied Empathy with Michael Ventura
57 min
Episode 106: Confessions + Feelings On Food Wit...
A conversation with Timothy Pakron of Mississippi Vegan
52 min
Episode 105: LGBTQIA+ Defined, Body Love, and R...
LGBTQIA+ Defined, Body Love, and Religion vs. Spirituality with Bethany C Meyers
51 min
Episode 104: Building Confidence + Letting Our ...
Candice and I talk about how confidence is contagious, the Japanese principles she uses to find a more balanced life, eating the frog, and how her struggles over the years have only fueled her to do more. 
73 min
Episode 103: Brain Health + Alzheimer’s Prevent...
Dr. Lisa Mosconi Lisa and I discuss the the importance of water (in relationship to our brain health), glucose vs. sucrose, Alzheimer's prevention, the Keto diet, and how genes are not our destiny. 
72 min
Episode 102: Where Are They Now? / Your Favorit...
To celebrate our 100th interview, we're bringing back some of your most favorite and most controversial guests to find out what they're up to now.
72 min
Episode 101: Anger Management With Lauren Toyota
In this episode we discuss accepting your "flaws", anger issues, maintaining and growing a thriving brand, and how she's living in the now.
62 min
Episode 100: One Size Doesn't Fit All With Rose...
One Size Doesn't Fit All With Rose-Marie Swift Of RMS Beauty
61 min
Episode 99: Money Issues With Kathleen Shannon ...
Money Issues With Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss
69 min
Episode 98: Preventing Child Sexual Abuse with ...
Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
41 min
Episode 97: Losing Physical + Emotional Weight ...
In this episode we're talking about weight loss. A tricky and often shame-filled topic in the wellness world, but it was time we discussed it here. Make sure to listen to the intro and make sure this show is right for you. 
65 min
Episode 96: Finding Your Worth + Creating Succe...
Sheri Salata discusses finding success at any age and finally putting herself first.
51 min
Episode 95: Are You An Empath? + Strategies For...
This week is the season finale and WOW do we have a huge finale guest! We’re talking to psychiatrist, empath, and best-selling author, Dr. Judith Orloff. No really. Do you understand how fortunate we are to get to learn from this incredible woman?
56 min
Episode 94: Healing PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Sy...
This week, I’m talking to PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) expert and author, Amy Medling. We discuss how she transformed her health after being diagnosed with PCOS, her biggest tools to managing the syndrome,
80 min
Episode 93: Sober Curious + The Shades Of Grey ...
This week, Ruby Warrington is back! We’re exploring the idea of sober curiosity, the shades of grey of alcohol addiction, how Ruby became more spiritual when she ditched the spirits, and her biggest advice to living a sober-curious lifestyle.
58 min
Episode 92: Aging Parents + Elder Care + Having...
This week I’m talking to the founder of Working Daughter, Liz O’Donnell. Working Daughter is a community for women balancing caregiving and career. Liz and I discuss her journey to becoming a voice and advocate for working daughters,
70 min
Episode 91: Living With Cancer + Unexpected Pat...
This week, I’m talking to Sonja Overhiser, founder of A Couple Cooks and author of the soon-to-be-released cookbook, Pretty Simple Cooking. Sonja and I discuss living with cancer, the grieving process of a miscarriage, her wild ride to motherhood,
73 min
Episode 90: How To Crush Negative Self-Talk + T...
This week I’m talking with Lauren Handel Zander. She’s an author, coach, and co-founder of The Handel Group. We discuss how to turn shitty situations into sacred ones, crushing negative self-talk (the inner dialogue that doesn’t serve us),
77 min
Episode 89: Empathy + How To Have Conversations...
This week I’m talking to journalist and author, Celeste Headlee. We discuss why we’re doing empathy wrong and how to do it better, how to navigate those tricky conversations, and why we all need to just put our phones away (with the science to back it ...
56 min
Episode 88: Crystals 101 (Even For The Skeptics...
This week I’m talking to Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of Crystal Muse. This episode is truly Crystals 101. Heather answers all your questions (even the skeptical ones) related to crystals, energy,
75 min
Episode 87: Medical Marijuana (CBD, Edibles, an...
This week I’m talking to medical marijuana expert, Maya Elisabeth. Maya has been “treating cannabis as a superfood since 2008” with her brands, Om Edibles and Whoopi and Maya. In this episode, she answers every cannabis-related question you’ve ever had...
66 min
Episode 86: Leaving Your Mark + Redefining “Ent...
This week I’m talking to kombucha queen, Daina Trout. Daina and I discuss her path to launching her brand Health-Ade, why starting small can be a good thing, inspiring vs. helping, and leaving your mark + doing something that matters.
69 min
Episode 85: Reproductive Health For All With Er...
Erica Chidi Cohen is a doula, the co-founder of Loom, and author of the new book, Nurture: A Modern Guide To Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood – and Trusting Yourself and Your Body. Erica and I discuss mental illness + pregnancy,
67 min
Episode 84: Not Having Children By Chance Or By...
Jody Day (the founder of The Gateway Foundation) and I discuss her journey to being childless, the ideology of pronatalism, how the festishism of motherhood serves no woman, and 50 reasons why a woman may not be a mother (they aren’t what you might exp...
73 min
Episode 83: Going After What You Want With Lail...
This week I’m talking to wellness and fitness expert, boxing champion, author, TV host, and a million other awesome things, Laila Ali. We discuss how she’s gotten more no’s than yes’s in her career, women of color in the wellness world,
50 min
Episode 82: Finding Love In Unexpected Places +...
This week I’m talking to author, yogi, and podcast host, Kathryn Budig. We discuss her finding love in unexpected places, living through hardships and happiness publicly, her beef with the yoga community, and what’s next for her.
48 min
Episode 81: Change Your Plate and Transform You...
This week I’m talking to author, podcast host, chef, meditation guide, and singer (she does a lot of things), Julie Piatt. We discuss her new book(s), the impact of plant-based eating for our bodies and our planet, creating a judgement-free home,
65 min
Episode 80: Eating Without Limitations And Labe...
This week I’m talking to author and blogger, Lily Diamond. We discuss her complicated relationship with “healthy food”, how her mother’s death impacted her belief system, eating without limitations, and good ol’ s-e-x.
61 min
Episode 79: Simplifying Your Life + Ditching Th...
This week I’m talking to writer and podcaster, Brooke McAlary. We discuss her struggle with postpartum depression, how it triggered her to live a more simple life, her #1 tip on slowing down, and how we all need to ditch the work-life balance myth (and...
62 min
Episode 78: False Narratives + Hashimoto’s + Fi...
This week I’m talking to author and chef, Phoebe Lapine. We discuss the relationship between stress and disease, Hashimoto’s, working through false narratives, and figuring out what works best for your own body.
74 min
Episode 77: The Hidden Dangers In “Healthy” Foo...
This week I’m talking to heart surgeon and author, Dr. Steven Gundry. We discuss the hidden dangers in “healthy” food, his research on lectins and their damaging effects on our bodies, and why you just need to eat before you go to a party.  Here’s Dr.
52 min
Episode 76: Having The Confidence To Dream Big ...
This week I’m talking to the founder of SW Basics and author, Adina Grigore. I believe this is her twentieth time on the pod (it’s only her third) and this might be my favorite conversation we’ve had. We talk her #1 tip when starting a business,
73 min
Episode 75: Every Body Is A Yoga Body With Laur...
This week I’m talking to journalist and author of Yoga Bodies: Real People, Real Stories & The Power Of Transformation, Lauren Lipton. We talk Lauren’s definition of yoga, how there is no “real” yoga body, and why we will never do a yoga class together...
41 min
Episode 74: Doing Your Dharma + Questioning The...
This week I’m talking to journalist, founder of The Numinous, and author of Material Girl, Mystical World, Ruby Warrington. We chat about astrology, doing your dharma, not having kids, and how she found her higher-self.
69 min
Episode 73: Literally Growing Your Business Wit...
This week I’m talking to farmer and author of Dishing Up The Dirt, Andrea Bemis. We talk what it’s really like running a successful farm and how it’s way different than gardening.  Here’s Andrea:  Listen and subscribe in iTunes Listen and subscribe in ...
49 min
Episode 72: Three Things You’re Not Supposed To...
This week, I’m talking to style expert, podcast host, and founder of Season, Jessie Artigue. We talk religion, politics, and money (specifically starting a new clothing line).  Here’s Jessie:  Listen and subscribe in iTunes Listen and subscribe in Stit...
58 min
Episode 71: Shame, Healing, + The Secret Life o...
This week, I’m talking to licensed psychotherapist, mental health consultant, and author, Minaa B, about shame, healing, and the secret world of living with depression. Here’s Minaa B:  Listen and subscribe in iTunes Listen and subscribe in Stitcher   ...
61 min
Hey! Hope you’ve been loving The Cookbook Deal podcast so far. Starting with this week’s episode, it will have its own feed and website. You’ll be able to listen to the rest of the series there!  When you go over to subscribe,
2 min
THE COOKBOOK DEAL | Episode 01: Getting The Deal
In the last episode, we covered the basics of getting an agent and writing a proposal. If you haven’t heard it, go back. This week, I’m in New York. meeting with publishers. Trying to make the deal happen. This is also the episode that you’ll begin to ...
23 min
THE COOKBOOK DEAL | Episode 00: The Agent + Pr...
Welcome to The Cookbook Deal, Also The Weirdest Year Of My Life, a podcast series brought to you by One Part Podcast. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking you through the entire year I spent making my cookbook, One Part Plant.
16 min
Introducing THE COOKBOOK DEAL Podcast
In this new podcast series, I’ll be taking you through the roller coaster year I spent pitching and making my cookbook, One Part Plant.  With interviews and recordings that span the entire process, I documented the ins and out of how she got the deal a...
5 min
Episode 70: Asking For Money, Standing Your Gro...
This is the last episode of the season. I’m taking a mini-break, which actually isn’t a break, because I’m going to be working on the new podcast series during that time. So it’s more of a you-won’t-hear-from-me-for-a-few-weeks break.
64 min
Episode 69: Aligning With The Real YOU + Using ...
Today’s guest is Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice. I’ll have to say that this is one of my favorite interviews of the season – because of a big piece of advice that Amanda gave. I almost cancelled therapy for the week because of it.
52 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This month on Freak Your Week we’re doing something a little different. Listen in to hear guest Jolene Hart (author of the Eat Pretty series) and see what I’m talking about.  Here’s Jolene:  Listen and subscribe in iTunes Listen and subscribe in Stitch...
27 min
Episode 68: The Truth About Your Petty Issues +...
Anna David is this week’s guest, and the woman has done a lot. Cliffs notes here: she’s a best-selling author, writer, sex and relationship expert, online-magazine creator, and podcaster. You can visit the bio on her website to learn even more.
54 min
Episode 67: The Problem With Making Your Hobby ...
If Ben Turshen’s last name seems familiar to you, you’re not crazy. Not so long ago, his sister was a guest on the podcast. And I loved my talk with Ben so much, I’m about to have the whole family on. Get ready Momma Turshen, you’re next.
81 min
Episode 66: Hustling vs. Sleep + The Process Of...
Jennifer Syder is this week’s guest. She’s a writer, editor, and the host of the Creating Your Own Path Podcast. This episode got a little raw and emotional, and I’m so grateful that Jennifer was willing to share what she’s going through right now with...
80 min
Episode 65: Ashlae Warner of Alchemy Edibles on...
This podcast guest has been here before. But I just can’t get enough. This week, I talk (again) to Ashlae Warner of…well, a couple different brands. In the episode, Ashlae reveals the new business and brand she’s been keeping secret for a year.
35 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Freak Your Week is back! This month (FYW will be once a month now) I’ve got the funny and very cool Serena Wolf (author of the new book, The Dude Diet).  Listen in to hear all the things Serena had to eat, the people she thought were neat,
18 min
Episode 64 (Part Two): Making Periods Safer, He...
A couple of months ago, I received emails from two brands that are changing the game in the feminine-hygiene category. Both were interested in being on the podcast and both were selling the same kind of product (natural tampons).
50 min
Episode 64 (Part One): Making Periods Safer, He...
A couple of months ago, I received emails from two brands that are changing the game in the feminine-hygiene category. Both were interested in being on the podcast and both were selling the same kind of product (natural tampons).
34 min
Episode 63: Beyond Body Positivity + Becoming A...
SO excited about today’s guest! I’m talking to model, designer, and body positivity and mental health advocate Jada Sezer.  Jada and I discuss how her beginnings studying childhood psychology fueled her current mission,
60 min
Episode 62: Creating Your Wellness Toolbox + Un...
I’ve seen Lyme disease pop up more and more in the news over the last few months – and wanted to learn more about it. The first thing I did was pick up Ally Hilfiger’s book (Bite Me: How Lyme Disease Stole My Childhood, Made Me Crazy,
59 min
Episode 61: Burnout, Stress, and How To Recover...
I really wanted to have McKel Hill of Nutrition Stripped on the podcast. But I also didn’t only want to talk about her cookbook (trying to mix it up…per your requests!). So I told her that if she came on, we’d need to explore topics outside of her new ...
60 min
Episode 60: How One Person CAN Create Change + ...
When Francesca Kennedy reached out to me about being on the podcast, I took one look at the video she sent and knew I HAD to talk to her. This woman is doing amazing things and 100% creating change in peoples’ lives through her brand, IX Style.
51 min
Episode 59: Creating Space + Letting Your Guard...
I’ve been dabbling in Kundalini for the last few years. A YouTube video here. An OnDemand class there. But recently I’ve gotten pretty serious about the practice – I now go to classes and even started buying books on the topic.
74 min
Episode 58: Depression + Healing Your Mind With...
This week I’m talking to New York Times bestselling author Dr. Kelly Brogan. We’ve had a handful of New York Times bestsellers on the podcast, and I usually don’t even mention it. But for this book, it’s a pretty big deal.
37 min
Episode 57: Confronting Past Traumas + Chinese ...
This week, I’m talking to Giselle Wasfie. She’s a former hip hop journalist and current Chinese-medicine practitioner (acupuncturist-herbalist). She’s also the founder of the aromatherapy and beauty line REMIX by Giselle Wasfie.
70 min
Episode 56: Honoring Your Past, Present, And Fu...
Grace Bonney is back. You might remember her from a Freak Your Week appearance this past winter. But those episodes are short. And I needed MORE GRACE. So I asked her to come back to talk about her latest project (her new book,
64 min
Episode 55: The Life Of A Clairvoyant Medium Wi...
On this season of the podcast, we’re going to mix it up a little. Yes, you’ll still get to hear from your favorite authors, health + wellness gurus, and foodie friends…but you’ll also be hearing episodes from people you might not expect. I, for one,
56 min
Episode 54: Asking For What You Want With Julia...
This week, I’m talking to the incredible food writer and cookbook author Julia Turshen. Julia and I cover a lot of what you might expect in an interview with a popular food writer, but it was the not-food talk that really made this episode one of my fa...
71 min
Episode 53: Turning A Dead End Into A U-turn Wi...
So, I wasn’t supposed to bring you another pod this month buuuuttt to celebrate the OPP cookbook shoot, I’m doing it. Your support really helped make this book happen, and I wanted to give you a little something in return.
53 min
Episode 52: Why Healthy Eating Doesn’t Solve Al...
Laura Miller is here! You may know her from crazy food ensembles, popular Tastemade videos, or her upcoming book (Raw. Vegan. Not Gross.), but what you might not know is that she struggled lots personally and professionally to get to where she is today...
51 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Sure, Lemonade just dropped. But so did The Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking cookbook. The Minimalist Baker’s Dana Shultz joins me this week to talk about both, plus a whole bunch of other things.  Listen in to hear all the things Dana had to eat,
22 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week, we’ve got Jessica Grose. She’s an author (her new book, Soul Mates, is out this fall!) and is also the editor of one of the coolest things to hit your inbox in years (Lenny, the newsletter created by Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner).
26 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
As promised, Jeanine from Love & Lemons is on the pod today! By now, you KNOW I’m obsessed with her new book. And if you didn’t know, you’ll hear me mention it about 100 times in this episode. Because she’s the coolest,
20 min
Episode 51: The Last Great Female Health Taboo ...
Surprise! New podcast. I know we never release mid-week, but this topic and guest were too important not to share right away.  I’m talking with filmmaker Shannon Cohn about Endo What?, her new documentary. This new film not only gives all the facts and...
50 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
You know those people that are really great at talking and articulating things? Like so good that you aren’t able to articulate how great they are at articulating? Well, that’s Grace Bonney. She’s so incredibly smart and thoughtful that I couldn’t wait...
21 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Erin Gleeson is back! She made her first OPP appearance on Season One’s finale episode. She was hit (no surprise). When I saw she had a new book out…you know I had to get her back for Round Two. Listen in to hear us discuss the things we had to eat,
21 min
Episode 50: Getting Your Hands Dirty + Pursuing...
Episode 50!!! Ok, technically there are more than 50 episodes if you count Freak Your Weeks…but this is the 50th long-form interview. Which is just nuts. Before I get to the guest, I want to thank you for being so supportive of the podcast.
53 min
Episode 49: Living With Misophonia In A Noisy W...
So technically I’m supposed to be on “hiatus” from the podcast while I finish my book. But I just couldn’t stay away from you. Especially when I’ve just recorded an interview on a topic that so many of you have said you wanted to know more about.
56 min
Episode 48: The Real Anti-Diet, Giving Yourself...
I know that the title of this podcast is long. And I wanted to make it 20 times longer, because we covered so much great stuff in this episode. This week, I’m talking to Kelsey Miller. She’s a senior writer at Refinery 29,
53 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Have you ever become friends with someone right before you move away to a new city? Someone that you really connect with and makes you laugh and just gets you? And you ask yourself (and them), “WHHHHHY have we been living in this city so long and not k...
21 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
It’s the first The Things That Freaked My Week podcast of 2016! It’s January 1st, so…that’s about as fresh as a pod can get.  The new year is all about starting fresh and finding your good vibes. So, I had to bring the Queen of Good Vibes, Ms.
21 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Oh, so you thought since Christmas was on Friday that I wasn’t going to give you a Freak Your Week this week? No way. We’re dooooooing it (just a few days early). And man, this week’s guest (Alexis Nido-Russo of Local Eclectic) brought A LOT of freak-w...
22 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
We’ve got Lynn Chen this week! Actress, activist, and creator of the website & podcast, The Actor’s Diet. She’s cool, she’s funny, and she had lots of freak your week goodies you’re going to love.  Listen in to hear us discuss the things we had to eat,...
20 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Our second Julia in a row! This week, it’s Julia Sherman. She’s an artist, writer, and founder of the website (and future book!) Salad For President. Yes, SALAD FOR PRESIDENT. The best name for anything. Ever.
21 min
Episode 47: Overcoming The Fear Of Being Alone ...
After reading the intro to Anne Sage’s new book, Sage Living: Decorate For The Life You Want, I immediately reached out to her and asked her to be on the podcast. It was that good. Lucky for all of us, she said yes.  In this episode,
40 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Cool jean jumper? Check! Drinking a tiki drink wearing said jean jumper? Double check! Brow game strong? Oh yeah! Editor at THE BEST food magazine out there? Yes!!!! Man, this week’s guest has got it all. I’m really excited for you to meet Julia Kramer...
20 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Food photographer + writer Dennis Prescott (aka Dennis The Prescott) is this week’s guest. When I say food photographer, I mean FOOOD photographer. As in, I suddenly become starving anytime I look at his photos. They are vibrant, beautiful,
20 min
Episode 46: Omission vs. Remission + Healing Th...
Two Moms In The Raw’s Shari Koolik Leidich is this week’s guest. I’m excited for about a million reasons, but I’ll break it down to my top three… 1. Her products are DELICIOUS and were my savior when I changed my diet. 2.
44 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest has a lot of name. But that’s ok, because he’s got a lot of talent to go along with it. It’s Isaiah Freeman-Schub, market editor at WSJ (as in The Wall Street Journal). He knows what’s up, and I’m so excited to have him on this week!
20 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
And she’s back! Laura Wright from the The First Mess is here again with her sultry voice and cool cooking ways. If you didn’t hear her the first time she was on the podcast, make sure to check out Episode 27 (we talked long-term relationships and not w...
20 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest is writer and editor Rachel Holtzman. Chances are she’s probably had something to do with some of your favorite cookbooks, you just didn’t know it. Take a look.  Listen in to hear us discuss the things we had to eat,
26 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest is Ashlae Warner of Oh, Ladycakes. You may remember her as a fellow sound-hater (Misophonia Club) and Endo sister from Episode 30 of the podcast. Her episode was one of the most popular of the first season…so I figured it was time to ...
30 min
Episode 45: Jeff Garlin On Why Nothing Good Com...
Curb Your Enthusiasm. Arrested Development. And now…the One Part Podcast. Huh? Yeah, get excited about this week’s episode.  Jeff Garlin and I discuss how he got involved in the documentary Finding Vivian Maier (and his take on the controversy surround...
37 min
Episode 44: Clip Art, Freelancing, And The Tric...
I sat down (literally, sat on the ground) with Paul Octavious for this week’s podcast. He hosted my farewell-to-Chicago For Reals Meals (coming later this week!), and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview one of my most favorite photographers...
44 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest is Billy Green. He’s the pop-of-color king, the man behind Wit & Vinegar, and the author of Whip It Up (launching October 13th!). Listen in to hear us discuss the things we had to eat, the people we thought were neat,
20 min
Episode 43: Creating Meaning From Experience + ...
This week I’m bringing you a conversation with Adrianna Adarme, creator of popular website A Cozy Kitchen and author of the new book, The Year Of Cozy. Adrianna and I talk about why she decided to leave her career in the film industry behind,
44 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Mini Podcast Wi...
This week’s guest is Kevin Aeh. He’s a style expert, writer, and lifestyle editor at Q (Equinox’s health and wellness site). And he’s also got some of the best hair I’ve ever seen.  Listen in to hear us discuss the things we had to eat,
20 min
Episode 42: I’m Having A Book! + Andie Mitchell...
That’s right, I’ve got a little literary bun in the oven. I’m cooking up my first cookbook, to be released in Spring 2017! It feels a little surreal, kinda weird, but mainly really, really awesome. There are a hundred reasons why I’m excited,
60 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest is Renee Byrd. She’s a crazy talented photographer, recipe developer,  yoga teacher, and the creator of the beautiful website, Will Frolic For Food.  Listen in to hear her and I disucss the things we had to eat,
20 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
This week’s guest is Dean Renaud of South Social & Home. But you also might remember her from the first ever (and only) For Reals Meals: Southern Blonde Edition. Dean is the coolest and I had no doubt she was going to bring IT to the pod.
20 min
Episode 41: Putting Fun First With Paul Lowe Of...
So excited to bring you this interview with Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul magazine! Lots of incredible nuggets of wisdom and advice from this crazy-talented man.  Paul and I talk about the early beginnings of his career in Norway,
41 min
The Things That Freaked My Week Micro Podcast W...
Welcome to the first installment of The Things That Freaked My Week – a new weekly micro podcast where my guest and I share the things we had to eat, the people we thought were neat, and all the things that made us say sheeeeet.
21 min
Episode 40: Living Good Content With Beth Kirby...
WE ARE BACK! Season Two is kicking off with one of my favorite episodes of Season Two. Yeah, I said it. No crystal ball over here, I just know it will be – it’s that good. I’m talking to Beth Kirby. She’s a photographer, creative consultant, stylist,
41 min
Episode 39: Doing It Because You Love It With E...
It’s the Season One finale of the One Part Podcast! One whole year has gone by since launching the first episode. It’s so crazy! There’s been lots of laughing, some tears, many an F-bomb, and tons of planty recipes.
45 min
Episode 38: Diet Culture, Emotional Eating, And...
This week I’m talking to body-positive advocate and emotional-eating expert Isabel Foxen Duke. Former OPP guest Katie Dalebout suggested her as a guest, and I’m so glad she did! Isabel really brought it to this episode.  In our chat,
65 min
Episode 37: Practice Makes Perfect + Self-Publi...
You probably already know that I love Dana Shultz from Minimalist Baker (seen here and here). But like most of my internet girlfriends, we hadn’t ever actually spoken before this podcast. But based on our emails, her Lil Jon and Martin references,
49 min
Episode 36: Healing After Loss + Protecting You...
On this week’s episode, I talk to Melissa Baswell Williams – the designer and founder of the lifestyle website Bubby & Bean. I had never spoken to or met Melissa before this interview but have always had a lot of love for her.
53 min
Episode 35: The Nitty Gritty On Gluten, Oil, An...
This week’s podcast is pretty special. I had the opportunity to speak with the co-author of one of THE most influential books in health, wellness, and plant-based nutrition. It’s Dr. Thomas Campbell, who cowrote The China Study with his father, Dr. T.
47 min
One Part Pledge / A Challenge From Rose Lazar O...
This week I’m talking to one of my biggest art/design idols, Rose Lazar. I admire her so much and couldn’t wait to get her on the podcast. I admire for hundreds of reasons: she’s the best gift-giver I know,
32 min
Episode 34: Choosing To Live + Finding Your Voi...
I talk a lot and have a tendency to overshare. But I’m feeling a little speechless when it comes to describing Sahar Paz. I’ve been sitting in front of my computer for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to say about this incredible woman.
47 min
Episode 33: Overcoming A Business Divorce + Get...
This week I’m talking to one of the most driven and successful women I know, Jessica Zweig of Simply Be. A few weeks leading up to this interview, Jessica told me that she really wanted to “get real” during our interview. And that we did.
60 min
Episode 32: Getting Out Of Your Own Way + Learn...
After ten minutes of meeting John Michael Schert, I asked him to be on the podcast. He didn’t even know I had a podcast, and I didn’t really know anything about him – I just knew that he was awesome.  In this episode,
58 min
One Part Pledge / A Challenge By Katie Dalebout...
Katie Dalebout does a lot. She’s an author, speaker, yoga teacher, podcast host, and the creator of The Wellness Wonderland. After reading that list, you might be thinking “Ooooh, fancy. She’s got it allll figured out.” She doesn’t.
30 min
Episode 31: Reserving The Right To Change, Vuln...
Kathleen Shannon is known for her work helping creative entrepreneurs grow and define their businesses. She’s got a brand (Braid Creative) and popular podcast (Being Boss) dedicated to it. So I thought feeer sure we’d be talking business on this episod...
50 min
Episode 30: Misophonia, Prioritizing What’s Imp...
I already spilled the beans about this week’s guest on yesterday’s post…it’s the very cool Ashlae Warner of Oh, Ladycakes. But what you don’t know is just how many freaking topics we covered in this episode.
56 min
Episode 29: Battling Anxiety + A Starter Guide ...
I’ll have to admit that I was a little intimidated when I first met Eva Daiberl. She seemed kind of perfect to me. She’s good at everything she does (she’s a trained pastry chef, photographer, and DIY master). She’s traveled the world.
43 min
One Part Pledge / A Challenge By Lee Cockerell
Often described as the “hardest-working person on the planet,” Lee Cockerell is the man. He’s the former Executive Vice President of Operations for Walt Disney World, has led a team of 40,000 employees, is a best-selling author,
18 min
Episode 28: Finding The Beginning Of Your Story...
This week’s guest is writer, author, and grief therapist Claire Bidwell Smith. Claire and I discuss losing both of her parents by the age of 25, the memoir (The Rules Of Inheritance) that followed, her take on that book becoming a movie,
42 min
Episode 27: Long-Term Relationships, Not Workin...
This interview was a long time coming. I’ve wanted Laura Wright of The First Mess to be a guest since I started the podcast, but we held out and waited – and now it’s time. And it just happens to coincide with the reveal of a new,
50 min
Episode 26: Investing In Yourself + The Power O...
This week’s guest is author, artist, speaker, educator, and food-justice leader Bryant Terry. For more than a decade, his passionate work has been instrumental in changing how people look at healthy eating and sustainable food systems.
43 min
Episode 25: Determination, Monetizing Your Bran...
This week’s guest is Hillary Sawchuk. She’s the creator of the popular interview series A Drink With and an all-around inspiring woman. Hilary has interviewed everyone from Common to Steve Forbes to Kurt Russell for her site.
47 min
One Part Pledge / A Challenge By Adina Grigore ...
This month’s challenge is brought to you by my friend and natural-skincare wonder woman, Adina Grigore, of S.W. Basics and the new book Skin Cleanse. You might remember her from, well, like a million posts on this site…because I’m obsessed with her.
18 min
Episode 24: Stop Wanting And Start Getting What...
I think a lot of us have had the dream of leaving the city and moving to a farm or cabin or beach somewhere – living off the land and creating (what we imagine will be) a simpler life for ourselves. Well, food writer and author Rochelle Bilow did just ...
50 min
Episode 23: Surrogacy, A Pigeon, And Redefining...
I’ve loved every single guest and story I’ve shared on the podcast, but Mariah Naella’s story feels extra special. Maybe it’s because I had never even spoken to her before and she was so generous and open. Maybe it’s because her story was so compelling...
56 min
One Part Pledge / A Challenge By Katie Horwitch
The pod is BACK, complete with a new monthly series called One Part Pledge, and I’m so excited about it! Don’t worry, if you love the original podcast, it’ll still be there. But I really think you’re going to like this new addition.
20 min
Episode 22: Creative Drive + Dealing With Postp...
Creative director and photographer Emma Arnold (aka Très Awesome) is here this week. Emma and I discuss standing out creatively in a saturated market, balancing a 9-to-5 with other creative outlets, and how to create honest conversations about depressi...
40 min
Episode 21: Modern Memory Keeping + The Right A...
Designer and self-described, modern-day memory keeper Kelly Purkey and I discuss her ditching the idea of a traditional home to travel the world, the decision to shift the voice of her brand, how she’s changed the perception of her industry,
49 min
Episode 20: Feeling Limitless With Erica Chidi ...
This week’s guest is Erica Chidi. She’s a chef, doula, and the founder of The Mama Circle. She’s also a really good storyteller, and I loved our conversation together so much.  Erica and I discuss her experiences growing up in the United States and Sou...
51 min
Episode 19: Finding Your Gift With De’Mar Hamil...
This week’s guest is musician De’Mar Hamilton. De’Mar and I have been friends for years, and I’ve made him do things like this and this before…but this is for sure my most favorite thing we’ve done together.
52 min
Episode 18: Becoming A Cancer Champion + The Po...
Get ready to fall in love with one of my favorite people on the planet, because Megan Silianoff is this week’s guest. Megan was in town from Texas to host this month’s For Reals Meals, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to interview her…in person.
44 min
Episode 17: Putting Yourself Out There + Creati...
And we’re back! This week’s guest is Jena Gambaccini of ChiCityFashion. You’ve probably seen Jena around here before…creating half-assed meals and being the only person ever allowed to attend multiple For Reals Meals (it’s hard to say no to her).
48 min
Episode 16: Pursuing More Than One Passion + Pr...
Food-photography queen bee, Julie Lee of Julie’s Kitchen, is this week’s guest! Julie’s been on the site before, sharing one of her beautiful recipes and hosting the first ever LA For Reals Meals, but this is the first time we really dig deep into the ...
60 min
Episode 15: Finding What Speaks To You + Creati...
Heather Crosby is this week’s guest. Remember her? She was on the site earlier this week to give away her new cookbook (it’s so good!). Clearly, I’ve got a thing for Heather and her message. And maybe her spicy taco recipe too.
46 min
Episode 14: Real Talk On Risk Taking, Growing Y...
Dana Gordon of Dana Rebecca Designs (DRD) is my guest this week. One of the reasons I love Dana is that she never disappoints in the “real talk” department. She cuts through the bullshit and is always genuine, honest,
50 min
Episode 13: Feeding Your Good Wolf + Avoiding A...
Who says thirteen isn’t lucky? Actually, I do all the time. I’m pretty superstitious. But getting to interview one of my favorite podcast hosts for this thirteenth episode feels pretty damn lucky. Eric Zimmer is the soothing voice behind the incredible...
48 min
Episode 12: Never Giving Up Your BIG Dream + Cr...
Sarah Gidick is this week’s guest. She’s the mastermind behind the popular site and Instagram Porn For Women (which is not actually porn – so you can listen and read post this at work, friends!). You might remember that Joy Claire mentioned Sarah on Ep...
41 min
Episode 11: Seeing The Potential & Accepting Wh...
Jess Lively is today’s guest. She’s one of the biggest reasons I wanted to start a podcast in the first place. Well, that and I like to talk a lot. Jess is one of the most passionate people I know – and watching her do her thing (when I was a guest on ...
53 min
Episode 10: The Sustainability Secret with Kip ...
Kip Andersen is this week’s guest. He’s the man behind the new environmental documentary, Cowspiracy. Described as “the film environmental organizations don’t want you to see,” it chronicles Kip’s journey to uncover the most destructive industry facing...
40 min
Episode 9: Being Really Good At What You Do wit...
Max Wastler is my guest this week. I’ve known Max for about four years, but it wasn’t until this episode that I truly understood the passion behind the risks he’s taken and choices he’s made with his career. It made for a solid talk.
52 min
Episode 8: Finding Health, Happiness, & Love wi...
Jamie Stelter is the morning traffic anchor for NY1, author of Transit Girl, the star of two web series on Ulive, and the creator of the popular food site TV Dinner. Oh, and you may remember that she was a Babe In Plantland, right here on OPP.
55 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 7: Finding Balance w...
The beautiful and brave Jordan Younger is this week’s guest. She’s gotten a lot of attention the last two months – and it all started with one controversial post made on her popular blog. Very excited to have the opportunity to share her story here on ...
45 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 6: Ego Checking with...
In this week’s episode, I talk with Adina Grigore, the mastermind behind S.W. Basics. A big-time brand that’s changing the game in wellness and skincare across the globe. Adina candidly shares the slow climb of success for S.W.
54 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 5: Working Hard and ...
In this week’s episode, I interview marketing and branding smarty Joy Claire of Clairvoyant Agency and creator of @rapperswithpuppies. It’s true, she’s shockingly pretty. I know. But I’m excited to share just how savvy, kind, and inspiring she is too.
41 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 4: Taking Risks with...
Is it unprofessional for a host to cry when she interviews a guest? Because that’s what happened when I interviewed writer, editor, and master crafter Jourdan Fairchild. I swear Oprah teared up a few times during her years,
55 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 3: Scott Lawrie of L...
This week, the funny and talented Scott Lawrie is my guest. I met him at a wedding about a year ago, talked all night…and then haven’t talked again until now. Scott taught me an important lesson in this episode: stop being a baby about things I don’t t...
43 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 2: Claire Ragozzino ...
Wellness wonder woman Claire Ragozzino really knows her stuff when it comes to food and wellness. She’s the creator of Vidya, a certified yoga instructor, and a holistic nutrition educator. See what I mean? She’s wellness x 10.
52 min
One Part Podcast / Episode 1: Michael Kiser of ...
Sooo….it’s the first episode of the One Part Podcast! I’m so excited about my first guest, Michael Kiser. Michael’s a bad ass. He’s a design and brand strategist, the creator of Good Beer Hunting, and THE dude when it comes to craft beer.
48 min