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History Of The Great War

History of the Great War is a weekly podcast that will cover the First World War that occurred from 1914 and 1918. Every week we will be discussing the events that occurred exactly 100 years ago. We will journey from the borders of France in the blistering heat of 1914, to the shores of Gallipoli, to the banks of Somme, to the final knockout attempt by the German army in the spring of 1918.

238: Tipperary
The fighting on the Western Front ended over 101 years ago, why is the First World War so important?
14 min
237: India and the War
In her time of need the British Empire called upon her possessions around the world for assistance, and India answered.
26 min
236: China and the War
China tries to contribute to the Allied war effort, and finds it surprisingly difficult to do so.
32 min
235: War in East Africa Pt. 3
The war in East Africa comes to a close.
22 min
234: War in East Africa Pt. 2
The war in East Africa heats up.
23 min
233: War in East Africa Pt. 1 (Fixed)
In this previously Patreon exclusive episode we find out about the war in East Africa.
29 min
232: Interview with National World War 1 Museum...
This week I travel to Kansas City, Missouri to speak with representatives of the National World War 1 Museum and Memorial
45 min
231: Listener Questions Pt. 4
The listeners asked questions, I found answers.
49 min
230: Weimar Germany Pt. 3
The Germans did not do a good job of keeping up with their reparation obligations, and so the French decided to take action
26 min
229: Weimar Germany Pt. 2
After surviving possible revolution from the left, the Weimar government is thrown out of power from the right.
22 min
228: Weimar Germany Pt. 1
In the aftermath of the war was left a German state struggling against revolution from all sides.
22 min
227: Irish Civil War Pt. 4
The Irish-Civil War would come to an end in 1923, not with a bang but with a whimper.
22 min
226: Irish Civil War Pt. 3
After some early failures, the Republican Army would face some hard questions, with no good answers.
22 min
225: Irish Civil War Pt. 2
The Anglo-Irish war would end with a treaty that had to be accepted in Dublin, but not everybody thought that it was the best path forward.
24 min
224: Irish Civil War Pt. 1
With the war over, the dreams of Irish Home Rule quickly turned into a violent nightmare
30 min
223: Middle Eastern Revolts Pt. 3
The people of Iraq had risen against British rule, but could they actually succeed?
24 min
222: Middle Eastern Revolts Pt. 2
The new British Mandate of Mesopotamia would rise in revolt in 1920, hoping to throw off their new British rulers.
18 min
221: Middle Eastern Revolts Pt. 1
Egypt and Iraq would both find themselves under the control of the British Empire after the war, neither of them were necessarily thrilled with that arrangement.
21 min
220: Turkish War of Independence Pt. 3
The Greeks would first land in Anatolia in Smyrna, and when they returned it would cause a disaster.
20 min
219: Turkish War of Independence Pt. 2
While Mustafa Kemal solidifies his power in Ankara, the Greeks arrive.
20 min
218: Turkish War of Independence Pt. 1
The Armistice of Mudros ended the war for the Ottoman Empire, but fighting in the remnants of the Empire was far from over.
21 min
217: Baltic Independence Pt. 3
During its fight for independence Lithuania would be trapped between its neighbors.
20 min
216: Baltic Independence Pt. 2
With the retreat of the German army in November 1918, the Latvian began a fight for their future.
23 min
215: Baltic Independence Pt. 1
In the years after 1918 Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia would fight for their independence.
26 min
214: Finnish Civil War Pt. 2
With the battle lines drawn the Finnish Civil War heats up, and then swiftly ends.
18 min
213: Finnish Civil War Pt. 1
When the Tsar was removed from power nationalist movements all over the Empire were emboldened in their quest for independence, and one of these movements was in Finland.
21 min
212: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 6
The Polish and Soviet forces would find themselves largely back where they started the year, and it was time to think about peace.
25 min
211: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 5
In August 1920 the Red Army would be very close to their goal of capturing Warsaw, then everything would fall apart.
25 min
210: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 4
After the Polish attack the Red Army would prepare a counterstroke, one that would take them to the gates of Warsaw.
24 min
209: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 3
After a brief pause in the fighting, the Polish-Soviet War would reignite with a Polish invasion of Ukraine.
22 min
208: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 2
The fighting between Poland and the Red Army would begin in a tiny town in modern day Belarus.
23 min
207: Polish-Soviet War Pt. 1
The First World War was over, the Russian Civil War was ongoing, but the fighting in Eastern Europe was just getting started.
22 min
206: The Russian Civil War Pt. 6
When the Communist leaders in Moscow defeated the Whites, they still have a plethora of other problems to work though.
32 min
205: The Russian Civil War Pt. 5
In 1919 the White forces in Russia would reach their point of greatest strength, and then they would fall apart.
28 min
204: The Russian Civil War Pt. 4
With the Russian Civil War heating up, one the strongest White armies would arise in Siberia, and it would march West.
27 min
203: The Russian Civil War Pt. 3
After our discussions of the Communists in the previous episodes it is time to turn our eyes to the anti-Bolshevik forces.
29 min
202: The Russian Civil War Pt. 2
Before jumping into the first battles of the Civil War in Episode 203, we have to take some time to discuss the actions of the Bolsheviks, later Communists, on the political front.
30 min
201: The Russian Civil War Pt. 1
After the signing of the armistice on the Western front, the fighting continued around the world. Nowhere was that fighting more deadly than in Russia.
27 min
200: The Tolkien Special
One of my favorite authors would serve during the war, taking part in the Battle of the Somme.
24 min
Patreon Preview: Cavalry Pt. 4
Part 4 of our examination of the role of cavalry during the war
33 min
Patreon Preview: Cavalry Pt. 3
Part 3 of our examination of the role of cavalry during the war
21 min
Patreon Preview: Cavalry Pt. 2
Part 2 of our examination of the role of cavlary during the war
32 min
Patreon Preview: Cavalry Pt. 1
Of all of the military arms that took part in the war the cavalry is perhaps the most ridiculed, but is that a fair assessment?
32 min
199: Versailles Pt. 16 - Legacies
We come now to the end as we chronicle the last days before Germany signed their treaty.
32 min
198: Versailles Pt. 15 - Reparations
The most discussed feature of the German treaty was the details of the expected reparations.
24 min
197: Versailles Pt. 14 - Last but Not Least
Many topics were discussed at the Paris Peace Conference, none were considered more important than what to do about Germany.
38 min
196: Versailles Pt. 13 - Russia
Alone of the countries that had entered the war against Germany, Russia was not invited to Paris. In this episode we discuss why.
23 min
195: Versailles Pt. 12 - Between Two Giants
Between Bolshevik Russia and a defeated Germany the Poles were trying to create a new country, and they it would be a long road.
22 min
194: Versailles Pt. 11 - Shadows of an Empire
There were many countries trying to carve out their own place in post-war Eastern Europe.
25 min
193: Versailles Pt. 10 - A Kingdom for the Serb...
The war had started with an ultimatum to Serbia, Serbia would also be there when it was over.
21 min
192: Versailles Pt. 9 - To Kill and Empire
Nobody knew what to do with Austria and Hungary, because they were Austria-Hungary, but then they weren't
23 min
191: Versailles Pt. 8 - A Jewish Homeland
The Mandate of Palestine would be given to the British, and they had some big promises to keep.
20 min
190: The Medical War Pt. 2
In this second special episode we continue our look at the medical side of war with a special focus on neurosurgery.
43 min
189: The Medical War Pt. 1
In this special episode we discuss medical care during the war.
50 min
188: Versailles Pt. 7 - The Dissolution of Turk...
While the delegates in Paris debated the future of the Ottoman Empire, in Anatolia they were taking matters into their own hands.
27 min
187: Versailles Pt. 6 - Breaking Up the Middle ...
The Middle East would be broken up between the British and French, but they had some problems determining exactly how, and then keeping control of their new territory.
29 min
2018 Podcast Retrospective
Let's talk about the past and the future!
13 min
186: Versailles Pt. 5 - Distributing the Spoils
In our first episode about how the Middle East was handled at the Conference we need to talk about what mandates are and how they were applied all over the world.
23 min
185: Versailles Pt. 4 - Racial Equality, Denied...
Both Japan and China would send representatives to the Paris Peace Conference.
25 min
184: Versailles Pt. 3 - The League of Nations
One of the major topics for discussion at the Paris Peace Conference was the League of Nations.
25 min
183: Versailles Pt. 2 - Guests at the Party
As our introduction to the Paris Peace Conference continues we discuss the British, the Supreme Council, and the concept of self-determination.
33 min
182: Versailles Pt. 1 - The Treaty That Shaped ...
After the fighting had stopped, it was time to decide what the peace would look like.
38 min
Listener Questions Pt. 3
It is once again time to dig into the question pile to talk about a variety of topics.
33 min
Patreon Preview: Neutral Spain
This 2017 Patreon episode covers Spain, a country that technically stayed out of the war, but which still felt its effects.
32 min
Patreon Preview: Trench Raids
This 2017 Patreon episode take a look at a near constant fact of life on the Western Front, Trench Raids.
20 min
The Great Influenza Pt. 2 - Circling the Globe
The last few months of 1918 saw an influenza pandemic that circled the globe.
19 min
The Great Influenza Pt. 1 - So It Begins
In 1918, as war raged in Europe a new, more deadly foe joined the battle.
17 min
The Armistice Pt. 3 - Aftermath
20 min
The Armistice Pt. 2 - The Sound of Silence
November 11th. The End.
24 min
The Armistice Pt. 1 - The Situation at Home
Why did the leaders of Germany and Austria-Hungary need an armistice? What did they try to do to keep their countries together?
20 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 9 - Racing to th...
With the Germans reeling from repeated Allied offensives, the German army and society begins to fall apart.
20 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 8 - The Last Off...
In October 1918 the Allies would attack along the entire front, pushing the Germans to the brink.
20 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 7 - Attack, Atta...
After a disastrous start in late September there was only one possible course of action for the Americans at the Meuse-Argonne.
20 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 6 - The Lost Bat...
Amidst our very large story, we zoom in to talk about the events of a single battalion that ends up getting lost.
22 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 5 - War is Hell
The Americans give it a go in the Meuse-Argonne offensive, and they found out that actually this whole war thing is pretty hard.
21 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 4 - Americans
The French and British had already launched their attacks, and now it was time for the Americans to join it, at a place called St. Mihiel
21 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 3 - Onward from ...
After August 8th the attacks at Amiens would continue, and after attacks would be launched all along the front.
26 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 2 - The Black Day
On August 8th the Allied attack at Amiens would begin, it would not be a good day for the German Army
26 min
The Hundred Days Offensive Pt. 1 - Second Battl...
The German offensives are over, the Allied offensives are about to begin.
23 min
Listener Questions Pt. 2
You had questions, I have some answers.
33 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 9
In the summer of 1918 the German Army would try two more times to crack open the Western Front.
26 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 8
With so many French and British troops moved north to meet the previous German attacks, Ludendorff begins his next attack in the south.
22 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 7
The German focus shifts north, and Georgette is launched in Flanders.
23 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 6
Operation Michael was over, but what had it accomplished?
20 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 5
The German attack has been launched, and the first day was successful. What happens next?
25 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 4
After months of preparation, on March 21st the German attack begins.
24 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 3
In the days leading up to the attack the German troops prepared for their great offensive.
18 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 2
With the German Army gearing up for an attack, the British and French were still recovering from a disastrous 1917.
23 min
Kaiserschlacht Pt. 1
1918 would see the Germans launch the greatest series of offensives yet seen in the war, that story starts here.
25 min
The Air War: 1918
While the war was coming to a climax on the Western Front, in the skies above pilots and machines were reaching new heights.
29 min
Listener Questions Pt. 1
A few months ago I asked for questions then I received many questions.
24 min
Italian Front: The End
After three years of fighting on the Italian front, the war was over.
19 min
Italian Front: Last Gasps on the Piave
On the Italian Front both armies entered 1918 beat down from 3 years of war, but they both had enough power for one more effort.
19 min
Italian Front: The Walking Wounded
On the Italian front both sides stumbled into 1918.
18 min
Middle East: The End
The war came to an end in 1918, in this episode is a quick summary of what came next.
18 min
Middle East: Gaza and Beersheba
The war in the Middle East would come to an end, but not before a successful British attack at Gaza and Beersheba.
23 min
Middle East: The Advance into Palestine
The primary effort for the British in the Middle East in 1917 would be an attack out of Egypt and into Palestine.
16 min
Middle East: Mesopotamia & Caucasus
The Ottoman military would be stretched in multiple directions, some of which were forced upon them, some they forced upon themselves.
24 min
Middle East: Arab Revolt Pt. 2
The Arab Revolt began, and then fizzled very quickly. Lawrence of Arabia also makes an appearance.
23 min
Middle East: Arab Revolt Pt. 1
With the downfall of the Ottoman Empire seemingly imminent, the British would reach out to its subjects in hopes of stoking the fires of rebellion.
23 min