DAN FOGLER'S 4d Xperience!

For people who love movies! Join the smoke circle with actor and comedian Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts, Fanboys, Balls of Fury, The Walking Dead) as he chats with celebrity guest-friends and discusses the latest movies and pop culture! Fun impressions and wild behind the scenes stories.

TV & Film
SE 2, EP 11: Kidding Kissing Kidman Killing Kis...
With Jack Human and Nick D, with Keith Price! We chat "Logan" and the last of the prostitutes who work all night. "Ghosts in the Shell," the indignation. Never deep dive a geisha!!
45 min
SE 2, EP 10: Jamming Jonesing Jimmying & Juice
With Kieth price holding my hand, we talk "Wilson," and "Get Out." We call my pen pal James Zappie and blab about our exploits. Nicky D. and I talk "John Wick," "The Wall," "Skull Island" 4d, and "Power Rangers." Midgets & fidges! And we're...
73 min
SE 2, EP 9: Imploding Imps Illuminating Illusio...
With RH Stavis Queen of the demon slayers!! Terrifying Tales of sexy Exorcisms!
55 min
SE 2, EP 8: Happy Healthy Hive Mind Head Butts ...
Talking "Spliy" with anti-poaching Dwayne Hill & the Big 5! We have a mean post Oscars hangover & we're harnessing munchkins for their chi!!
53 min
SE 2, EP 7: Garlin Gorilla Gigglin', with Jeff ...
With "Curb" & "The Goldberg's" handsome Jeff Garlin! Talkin' 2nd city titty twisters, hardcore continuity porn, and Milton Berle's penis-off! We talk Kong. We shit on awards shows & give Gary Shandling love. And by the way, shut your gramma's...
52 min
SE 2, EP 6: David Krumholtz and Fast Times at F...
David Krumholtz talks fatherhood, Slums of Beverly Hills Stories. Allen Arkin and Wood Allen impressions! The last days of Politto on Twitter! Who wants to be POTUS? Hail Ceasar! Back door men must create! Tales from the "Sausage Party!" We go deep....
80 min
SE 2, EP 5: The Evolution Revolution has Begun ...
Jaime King the Queen of Cool! Plus Harrisoon Phillips on the THC Tour! Cannabis futures, maaan! Riveted to cable news! Get WOKE! Avoid amphibious bastards! The Orange Menace! Fanboys Memoirs, The Fools of the King's Court Unite!
53 min
SE 2, EP 4: Democratically Driving Dangerously ...
S for Stanley and Kubrickian coke addicts?! Rm 237 & 432 hurts! Ariel and Nicky D. dissect "Dr. Stranglove," "2001," (it was Saturn in the books fools!) "Killers Kiss," "Lolita," "The Shining," and "Eyes wide Shut" the hell up! And find me a baby...
58 min
SE 2, EP 3: Chasing Carrie Fisher Across the Co...
Kyle Newman news and Jaime King drops in from heaven for a sec! Hollywood Cycles, Kubrician politics, "Fanboys 2?" Billy D's delusions of grandeur! Barley Lethal Weapon X, heard it on the ! and the legend of Wolfman Jack! "Star Wars" dissections and...
64 min
SE 2, EP 2: Alison Sudol's Fantastic Visit
Beastie Bestie Ambassarods Back to Blue Skies in Beihing! Alison Sudol stopes by to stir up a fine frenzy! New Album! Fantastic Beasts" tour tales! Revelations and revolutions. Transparency about "Transparent," "Arrival" rules. Philosophically...
60 min
SE 2, EP 1, PT 2: More From The Season 2 Premiere
LA LA Laughing it up with The Animaniacal Topher Grace who graces us with his grace! Terrifying THC TALES! Regrettable edibles! And his coveted Star Wars cut! TMHT 2? "Insterstellar" audition stories, and more. The amazing Luisa Krause's AVA's...
86 min
SE 2, EP 1, PT 1: Welcome To Season 2
Amy Adams Astral "Arrival" with Andromedia strain Dwayne, coffee mug stained ink blot tests! Attractive marmosets, and we chat about psychedelic Prattkeeping "Passengers" with Kay (ganga girl) and James the cosmic spelunkerer. Then Nicky and Bjorn...
96 min
SE 1, EP 8: Happy Holiday Hysterical Psycho Hal...
Ariel Shafir the chakra cable guy gets super meta while surfing through Penkenpaw Canyon with Pat Garrett & Billy the Kidd! Checkov vs. August Wilson jumping Fences. With Dwayne and Nicky D., recorded on the solstice.
79 min
SE 1, EP 7, PT 2: Glenn Gary Gigantopithecus Gl...
Guests Dwayne Hill & Nick D 
71 min
SE 1, EP 7, Part 1: Glenn Gary Gigantopithecus ...
Synchronicities & glitches in the matrix! Down the Rabbit hole with the RATTHAUS gang!  (*special snow delayed Happy Hollywood Holiday episode! )
51 min
SE 1, EP 6: Fantastic Ford Coppolas and Why Is ...
  We talk Dr Strange and "Fantastic Beasts" and "Where to Find Them." You can actually hear my ego getting stoked! With Nick D & Ganja girl, and Dwayne Hill (not related to Jonah)
59 min
SE 1, EP 5: The Empire Smokes Crack! (Special N...
Pussy grabbin' props to Alec Baldwin! Nothing Will Change! Elivs and Nixon, "Brooklyn Gladiator," penis implants from the future, Hall H Hallucinations, Vincent Walken, and "Madmen" misery!
34 min
SE 1, EP 4: The Denzel Dragon Dimension
Matt Shear, Nick D, Lauren Francesca, Ashley Middlebrook, and Dan Fogler talk "Don Peyote," "Horace & Pete," "Taking Woodstock" and Ang Lee analogies, Skeletor, and vibrating Ring Dings! We talk films: "Magnificent 7," "War Dogs," "Tough Actin',"...
80 min
SE 1, EP 3, PT 1: Cat Greenleaf, The Cock, The ...
Trash-talking Dan Fogler talks shop with Cat Greenleaf of "Talk Stoop."
48 min
SE 1, EP 2: Belushi Band Bedlam
*Disclaimer: The opinion of Nicky D is NOT the opinion of this podcast!* "Sausage Party" epiphanies & cafe society break downs... Plus a mystery movie! Special guest Randy B!
86 min
SE 1, EP 1: Abbadon The Destructor
Dan Fogler lights up and talks "Suicide Squad," "Jason Bourne," and "Independence Day" and with special guests Nicky D and Mike C!
73 min