DAN FOGLER'S 4d Xperience!

For people who love movies! Join the smoke circle with actor and comedian Dan Fogler (Fantastic Beasts, Fanboys, Balls of Fury, The Walking Dead) as he chats with celebrity guest-friends and discusses the latest movies and pop culture! Fun impressions and wild behind the scenes stories.

TV & Film
SE 1, EP 5: The Empire Smokes Crack! (Special N...
Pussy grabbin' props to Alec Baldwin! Nothing Will Change! Elivs and Nixon, "Brooklyn Gladiator," penis implants from the future, Hall H Hallucinations, Vincent Walken, and "Madmen" misery!
34 min
SE 1, EP 4: The Denzel Dragon Dimension
Matt Shear, Nick D, Lauren Francesca, Ashley Middlebrook, and Dan Fogler talk "Don Peyote," "Horace & Pete," "Taking Woodstock" and Ang Lee analogies, Skeletor, and vibrating Ring Dings! We talk films: "Magnificent 7," "War Dogs," "Tough Actin',"...
80 min
SE 1, EP 3, PT 1: Cat Greenleaf, The Cock, The ...
Trash-talking Dan Fogler talks shop with Cat Greenleaf of "Talk Stoop."
48 min
SE 1, EP 2: Belushi Band Bedlam
*Disclaimer: The opinion of Nicky D is NOT the opinion of this podcast!* "Sausage Party" epiphanies & cafe society break downs... Plus a mystery movie! Special guest Randy B!
86 min
SE 1, EP 1: Abbadon The Destructor
Dan Fogler lights up and talks "Suicide Squad," "Jason Bourne," and "Independence Day" and with special guests Nicky D and Mike C!
73 min