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Brown Ambition
<p>Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast about juggling life, career, and building wealth on your own terms. Your hosts are Mandi Woodruff, executive editor of and former personal finance reporter for Yahoo Finance, and Tiffany "The Budgetnista" Aliche, an award-winning financial educator and best-selling author of "The One-Week Budget."</p>
Ep. 193 — The One Field on a Job Application Yo...
38 min
Ep. 192 — $40,000 of Debt and Not Sure Where t...
47 min
Ep. 191 — When Bae Doesn't Like That You Earn M...
45 min
Ep. 190 — How to Get Fired In 24 Hours Or Less
39 min
Ep. 189 — Tiffany's Goal for The Big 4-0
40 min
Ep. 188 — Credit Limit Increases, Equifax Settl...
39 min
Ep. 187 — Promote Wealth & Combat Stress by...W...
44 min
Ep. 186 — When It's OK to Make the "Wrong" Fina...
49 min
Ep. 185 — Is It Time To Prepare for the Next Re...
52 min
Battle of the Sexes w/ Paychecks & Balances' Ma...
58 min
Making Your Money Work For You with Ash Cash
41 min
Ep. 184 — Letting Fear Get in the Way of Buildi...
50 min
Ep. 183 — Tips to Talk Your Way Into a Pay Incr...
55 min
Ep. 182 — Woah, Baby!
50 min
Ep. 181 — The Crushing Cost of Childcare
55 min
Ep. 180 — When You Earn Six Figures and Feel Br...
48 min
Ep. 179 — Big Moves, Student Debt Mistakes and ...
48 min
Ep. 178 —Big Things Poppin'
48 min
Ep. 177 — How We Really Feel About Dave Ramsey'...
55 min
Ep. 176 — Classic Brown Ambition
49 min
Ep. 175 — The College Graduation Gift Heard 'Ro...
47 min
How to Start Investing Beyond Your 401(k)
64 min
Ep. 174 — When That Clever Tweet Could Cost You...
55 min
Ep. 173 — When Money Issues Threaten Your Menta...
49 min
Ep. 172 — Getting Married With Six Figure Debt
32 min
Ep. 171 — "So Money" Podcast Host Farnoosh Tora...
She tells it like it is.
37 min
Ep. 170 — When Paying Off Your Mortgage Doesn't...
36 min
Ep. 169 — Finding Your Perfect Retirement Numbe...
45 min
Ep. 168 — How "The Money Coach" Balances Busine...
53 min
Ep. 167 — Forget Mentors. Here's Why You Need a...
73 min
Ep. 166 — How Car Debt is Killing Us
62 min
Ep. 165 — The Power in P---- People Off
36 min
Ep. 164 — Your Burning 2019 Tax Questions: Answ...
44 min
Ep. 163 — Budgeting With Bae
54 min
Ep. 162 — Stressed Out About Taxes in 2019? Joi...
46 min
Ep. 161 — How Employers Leave Black Workers Behind
46 min
Ep. 160  — How Ash Cash Dodged Foreclosure, Dit...
"I ate my humble pie and learned from it."
41 min
Ep. 159 — So, About That Guy Who Scammed Tiffan...
So, About That Guy Who Scammed Tiffany Out of $25,000...
44 min
Ep. 158 — Fertility Chronicles & Credit Repair
52 min
Ep. 157 — Shutdown Woes & Debt Consolidation Qs
29 min
Ep. 156 — New Year, New You!
55 min
Best of 2018 — Meet the Couple Who Paid Off $10...
43 min
EP. 155 — The Credit Question That Had Us Both ...
33 min
Ep. 154 — Student Loan Forgiveness + Entreprene...
51 min
Ep. 153 — 'Deleting' Bad Credit History Isn't a...
39 min
Ep. 152 — Debt-Free For the First Time In 20 Ye...
49 min
Ep. 151 — When That Dream Job Might Not Be So D...
39 min
Ep. 150 — Multi-Level Marketing Rants and Credi...
39 min
Ep. 149 — Coping With Financial FOMO
37 min
Ep. 148 — Battle of the Sexes with Paychecks & ...
58 min
Ep. 147 — How Tiffany Saved $100,000 On Her Tax...
38 min
Ep. 146 — How Tela Holcomb Doubled Her 401(k) I...
34 min
Ep. 145 — Real Talk for the Debt Divas Out There
40 min
Ep. 144 — How The Recession Made Us Stronger......
23 min
Ep. 143 — Fertility Fixer Upper
A long-awaited health/family update from Tiffany
38 min
Ep. 142 — Think Outside the 401(k) — Tips to In...
Helen Ngo of Capital Benchmark Partners Joins the Show
64 min
How A Hand-Me-Down House Helped This Couple Pay...
28 min
Awesomely Luvvie Ajayi
Awesomely Luvvie Ajayi
37 min
Ep. 141 — Confessions of an Entrepreneur
The Budgetnista opens up about the challenges of scaling a one-woman business into fully-fledged company with full-time employees.
43 min
Ep. 140 —How Much You Should Have Saved by Age ...
Have you saved enough yet?
35 min
Ep. 139 – The Personality Test That Can Totally...
Mandi shares the personality test that changed the way she communicates with others at work — for the better!
41 min
Ep. 138 — Miko Branch, co-founder of Miss Jessi...
On today's show, we're joined by Miko Branch, who in 2004 co-founded Miss Jessie's curly hair products with her sister Titi, inspired by their grandmother's homemade recipes They have been serving the curly, kinky and wavy hair community ever since....
48 min
Ep. 137 – Closing credit cards to cancel debt? ...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! On today's show:  Tiffany's biggest tax lessons as an entrepreneur A shoutout to Yelp Cash Back — check it out if you haven't yet!  Today's Q&A features some great listener questions —1) Does interest...
39 min
Ep. 136 – In Our Feelings
On today's show:  We shoutout listeners who Tweet or Instagram us on each show. Want a shoutout? Hit us up at @brownambitionpodcast on the gram or @theBApodcast on Twitter.  We take a question from listener Sheena who wants to know if she...
39 min
Ep.135 — Essencefest Recap; Bitcoin Woes; Homeb...
Each week we feature comments/questions from our listeners on Twitter and Instagram! Want to get a shoutout? Hit is up @theBApodcast on Twitter or @brownambitionpodcast on the gram.  As mentioned on the show, here are some great resources if...
43 min
Ep. 134: Better a $400 lesson than $4,000 lesson
Happy Fourth of July! We're back with a fresh episode this week.  We cover:  Tiffany's $400 home improvement whoopsie (ok, it was Super Man's fault technically) Risks of taking out a 401(k) loan for a home down payment A listener asks us...
42 min
Ep. 133 — The Pregnancy Tax
We tackle some juicy topics on today's show: Tiffany's decision on a $60,000 home upgrade (Yikes.) NYT's sobering report on discrimination against pregnant women in the workplace And we take YOUR questions on personal loans, credit cards and how...
38 min
EP. 132 — This is America?
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!   On today's show:  This is America? Unpacking the heartbreaking news from the border.  Personal loans vs credit builder loans
33 min
Ep. 131 — These Atlanta newlyweds Paid off $100...
On today's show, we have a truly inspiring story to share. Leo and Faith were about to get married when they attended pre-marital counseling at their church. It was then that they were encouraged to sit down and get honest about the finances and their...
43 min
Ep. 130 — RIP Kate Spade; Socially Responsible ...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! Today on the show, we share some messages from our listeners on Twitter and the 'gram. Hit us up @theBApodcast or @brownambitionpodcast to share your thoughts on this week's episode, give us a shoutout or ask a...
46 min
Ep. 129 — 'Roseanne' Shenanigans and Gayle Jenn...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! We are BACK with an amazing guest on today's show — Gayle Jennings-O'Byrne, founder and CEO of iNTENT Manifesto, a new movement aimed at helping women of color-led startups find investors for their businesses. ...
46 min
Rock Your Net Worth in 2018
On today's show:  The most important number to know: Your net worth! We take a question from listener Ashely about how to manage side hustles to boost her net worth and we chat about what net worth really means and why you should focus on...
70 min
Ep. 128 — Beauty Confessions and Stock Moves
Today on the show: We share some real talk beauty confessions...and when it’s worth it to splurge vs save  We used a free stock trading app to buy stocks recently...we’ll tell you how it’s going! We take a question from a listener who...
43 min
Ep. 127 — So, About That Time Tiffany Got Someo...
34 min
Ep. 126 — Saving Our Parents From Themselves
Want to get a shoutout on our show? Follow us @brownambitionpodcast on Instagram. Post a photo of yourself, tag us in it and use the hashtag #BrownAmbition. In the post, tell us why you're the ultimate representation of Brown Ambition. Did you just...
42 min
Ep. 125 — The Debt Consolidation Cycle
Ep. 125 — The Debt Consolidation Cycle Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! We're featuring a "win of the week" from our BA listeners on Instagram (@brownambitionpodcast) or Twitter (@theBApodcast). Tell us your win of the week and we might feature it on...
35 min
Ep. 124 — Enduring the Unimaginable: CNBC's Sha...
In September 2016, Sharon Epperson was at the gym when she felt a relentless, migraine-like pain shoot through her head and neck. One S.O.S. call to her husband and several hours in the hospital later, she learned she was one of 30,000 people in the...
53 min
Ep. 123 —  The Best Advice When You're Feeling ...
Have 15 seconds to spare? Please take our NEW reader survey! (Yes another one — but this one's more important! Please fill it out :)  We need at least 250 to sign up and we're halfway there in less than a day. Y'all are the best. Please fill it...
46 min
Ep. 122 — The 2 Documents You Need to Have Befo...
Today on the show we have attorney extraordinaire Art Steele. Art Steele is a business and estate planning attorney who helps entrepreneurs and families protect what matters most.     She started her career at Skadden Arps in...
60 min
Ep. 121 — Parental pressures
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! Today on the show:  The parental pressure around baby birthday parties — let's discuss.  The Federal Reserve Bank raised rates again last week....what the heck does that mean for us? Mandi explains. Today...
48 min
Ep. 120 — How She Paid off $80,000 Worth of Deb...
This week, we welcome a very special young entrepreneur who recently reached out to the show to tell us her story of clawing her way out of $80,000 worth of debt.  Tasha Danielle, 31, is a corporate accountant in Detroit and founder of Financial...
51 min
Ep. 119 — What Does Student Loan Forgiveness Re...
Today's show is all about YOU, our lovely listeners. We're shaking up our mail bag and answering your burning money and career questions.  Have a question? Hit us up at  We're having a special guest soon to talk...
51 min
Ep. 118 — The One Thing You Should Never Do on ...
A packed show, per usual! First up, we have some REAL TALK about insurance. It's that thing we all know we need but don't really talk about it until it's too late. We'll explain the basics of life insurance and offer tips on how to shop and compare...
61 min
Ep. 117 — Housing updates; How to Save for Reti...
Have a question for the show? Head to  Also, we're on Instagram! @brownambitionpodcast
44 min
Ep. 116 — Wakanda Forever
Do you know someone with an inspiring money or career story who would be a good guest for the show? Hit us up at  Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! On today's show: Black Panther won the weekend and we are still...
39 min
Ep. 115 — Is This the Worst Time Ever to Buy a ...
Thanks to everyone who's completed our listener survey! There's still time for you to take it here: On today's show:  We debate the merits of homeownership in today's housing market. Are we making the...
54 min
Ep. 114 — What to Do When the Stock Market Drop...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday!  Show us the love by taking this SHORT 2-min survey so we can get to know our listeners better.  On today's show: Mandi's got some BIG news...and does the one thing she said she never thought she'd do in New...
61 min
Ep. 113 — Sooo... Should I File Bankruptcy or N...
This episode originally aired in September 2017. Thanks for your support as Tiffany is recovering from surgery (all is well! Just needs a little R&R!). Feel free to shoot her a get well message @theBApodcast or on Facebook on the Brown Ambition...
66 min
Ep. 112 — Tiffany preps for surgery; Mandi unco...
On today's show, we take a question from listener Kim, who wants to know: Do you really need to put down 20% on a house? Send us your money and career questions at!  Also on the show: BofA drops its free checking...
47 min
Ep. 111 — Saving For Retirement vs. Paying Off ...
Have a question for us on finances or your career? Hit us up at! You can remain anonymous, just let us know when you leave our question.  On today's show:  Yes, we address the S**thole comment, with a focus on some...
58 min
Ep. 110 — Rock Your Net Worth In 2018
2018 is well underway and Brown Ambition is back! On today's show:  Golden Globes: Queen O rocks the world with her speech on female empowerment; celebs walk the red carpet in black alongside activists like #MeToo movement founder Tarana Burke...
70 min
Ep. 109 — Ask The Money Coach! How to Rock Your...
Happy New Year to all! Brown Ambition returns with fresh episodes (and a special NET WORTH edition!) on January 9. In the meantime, we are re-airing our most popular episode of 2017 — our interview with our favorite money and career expert,...
65 min
Ep. 108 — Buying Bitcoin; Big Retirement Talks;...
Happy holidays, BA Fam! This is our last show for 2017 but we will be BACK with fresh new episodes starting Jan. 10! On the Brown Ambition menu for this week... Holiday anxiety Work gripes when tools don't work Tiffany's having The Big Talk with her...
70 min
Ep. 107 — New Year's Goals
Hey BA Fam! We hope you're not going too crazy with all the holiday hoopla. We're all on our grind at work so we can take a few days off to spend with family but remember to take some deep breaths, take it one day at a time, and be kind to...
49 min
Ep. 106 — Tax reform! #@$* is getting real.
On today's show:  Tax reform breakdown! Because #@$* is getting real and we should all get woke about what our lawmakers are cooking up over there in DC and how it will impact our lives. Listener "Mrs. Newlywed" has a question about managing her...
68 min
Ep. 105 — Bitcoin Mania and Business Bank Accounts
Thanks for listening! Please share the love by leaving us a review on iTunes. 
62 min
Ep. 104 — Tis the Season for Debt
On today's show: Tiffany's epic travels continue We talk Black Friday don'ts Anonymous listener "Shonda" wants to know whether or not she should move forward with a voluntary repossession of her car.  Check out more episodes at...
49 min
Ep. 103 – Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washin...
One of our all-star guests is back on the show! Patrice Washington, America's money maven, author, speaker and new podcast host joins us to talk about the last two years. She gets real about the moment in her kitchen that changed the trajectory of her...
52 min
Ep. 102: Back By Popular Demand
On Today's Show: Tax form, Open Enrollment and Credit Debt Tips!
65 min
Ep. 101 — The Truth About All Those Free Credit...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! On today's show... We take some of your burning credit card questions and reveal the little known truth about those free credit scores that so many sites and credit cards offer these days. As promised, here's the...
53 min
Ep. 100 — How to Invest Beyond Your 401(k)
Happy 100th episode BA fam! Help us celebrate by leaving us a review on iTunes! xx On today's show, we talk about the sneaky little secret Mandi has been keeping. She's a cash hoarder! And it's finally time to start thinking beyond the basic savings...
59 min
Ep. 99 — The Courage to Speak Up
Watching the latest sexual harassment bombshell unfold, this time in the face of media mogul Harvey Weinstein, has been another opportunity to reflect on the enormous courage it takes to speak up and speak out against harassment.  We also cover...
77 min
Ep. 98 — Pumpkin Spice and Nothing Nice
Our hearts are with the victims of the senseless attack in Las Vegas, as well as our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico still struggling in the wake of hurricane Maria. We talk a bit about these tragedies on today's show and wanted to point out some ways...
56 min
Ep. 97 — When Past Debts Come Back to Haunt You
It's a packed show, per usual!  We address the NFL/Trump drama, cover an unexpected bump in the road for Tiffany and Superman's home purchase, and talk about the pros and cons of cooking in bulk (Hey - it's not for everyone). We also address a...
58 min
Ep. 96 — Son of a Breach
On today's show: -What can you do to protect your identity after the MASSIVE Equifax data breach? We've got you covered! As mentioned on the show, check out the MagnifyMoney Guide to Credit Monitoring and Identity Theft Protection and our tips on what...
53 min
Ep. 95 — When Credit Debt Spirals Out of Contro...
Happy Brown Ambition Wednesday! That's right — Brown Ambition is now airing Wednesday mornings.  On today's show...  -Mandi shares the truth about struggling at work — sometimes the struggle is really proof that you're growing. ...
65 min
Ep. 94 — Hump Day Goals
Sorry, Tuesday, Brown Ambition has found a new bae call Wednesday! Beginning Wednesday, Sept. 13 catch new episodes of Brown Ambition every Wednesday! Sorry in advance for all the bad hump day jokes...   
62 min
Ep. 93 — So...I Hate My Job! What Do I Do Now?
ATTENTION BA FAM: Beginning Sept. 13, Brown Ambition will be airing on Wednesday mornings! We are giving you a heads up so we don't catch anyone by surprise.  Enjoy the show! As ever, please send us a note at And while...
71 min
Ep. 92 — The Student Debt Show of Your Dreams f...
Get out of Student Loan Debt
51 min
Ep. 91: When You Have To Be Your Own Best Advocate
If there's one thing we've taken away from the past weekend's sad events in Charlottesville, it's the need to continue to call it like we see it — whether that "it" is racism, bigotry, sexism, terrorism, or any targeted attack on a certain...
55 min
Ep. 90 — Find Your Travel Tribe
Evita Robinson, Founder of the Nomadness Travel Tribe, joins the show to talk about how she created the company from scratch at the forefront of the black millennial travel movement, her plans to grow and how she deals with her competitors. ...
52 min
Ep. 89 — Reclaiming Our Time! Black Women’s Equ...
Another packed show, BA Fam! We wish you all a happy Black Women's Equal Pay Day.  Check out this report by the Economic Policy Institute on the gender/racial pay gap that is effecting women of color in the U.S. — and some myths about why...
61 min
Ep. 88 — Medical Billing Nightmares and How to ...
Welcome back, BA Fam! On today's show, we swap medical billing nightmares and take a question from listener Latoya who says she was pursued for a medical debt she didn't owe. We offer tips on how to fight back when debts appear on your credit report...
56 min
Ep. 87 — Fibroids and Finances
On today's show... Tiffany does a quick debrief on Jay Z's 4:44 album and the financial lessons hidden in the lyrics... Mandi recaps her visit to the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C. Tiffany gives us a...
52 min
Ep. 86 — How Tiffany Erased $18,000 Worth of St...
We are BACK with a packed show. On the agenda for today: Tiffany reveals how she got $18k of her student loan debt *POOF* forgiven! And we are spinning off this segment into an entire show dedicated to student loan debt. That means we need YOU to send...
62 min
Ep. 85: Evita Robinson, Founder of the Nomadnes...
In September 2011, Evita "Evie" Robinson created the Nomadness Travel Tribe, "an online social community for travelers all around the planet, who have the similarity of an urban background and were looking for likeminded travelers to connect with...
52 min
Ep. 84: Ready to Quit Your Job to Launch a Busi...
Throughout her entire career in the banking industry, Marsha Barnes was always a diligent saver. But she never understood what she was saving for until two years ago. It was then that she decided to launch The Finance Bar, a startup mobile —...
32 min
Ep. 83: Ask The Money Coach! How to Rock Your S...
This episode has it all! We are joined by our favorite money and career expert, Lynette Khalfani-Cox aka "The Money Coach".  Lynette went from a career as a journalist to an entrepreneur commanding $12,500 speaking fees, authoring over a...
74 min
Ep. 81 — Good News & Bad News
Our hearts are with the families and victims of last night's attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.  Spread a little love in the world today, BA fam — we could all use some! -- Want to ask a question or share a story with us?...
43 min
Ep. 80 — Saving on medical expenses, refinancin...
As mentioned on the show, check out these helpful resources to find about more about student loan refi options:  MagnifyMoney Loan consolidation vs. refinancing    Curious about opening an FSA? Check out these explainers.  What's...
72 min
Ep. 79 — Sh-- Pie
We're back!  If you're new to the show and want to show your support, we would so appreciate it if you could leave us a review on iTunes. It gives us a huge boost and helps others find the show! Yours in brown ambition, Mandi & Tiffany
66 min
Ep. 78 — The Honeymoon's Over, We are Debunking...
Thanks for letting us take a mini hiatus, BA Fam! We are back with a packed show. So. Much. Has. Happened! Serena's preggo? Bill O'Reilly is out of a job?  Shea Moisture lost their damn minds?  We cover it all. And today's reader question...
77 min
Ep. 77 — How TIffany Went From $300k In Debt an...
This is our last episode before we take a brief hiatus so that Mandi can enjoy her honeymoon! We will be back the week of May 8 with a brand new episode! In the meantime, we are going out with a bang.  On this episode, we're cleaning out our...
64 min
Ep. 76 — A Very Brown Ambition Wedding
You know how family sit coms used to always do one "wedding episode" and the entire thing revolved around all the drama surrounding the Big Day? After a year of planning, our girl Mandi is FINALLY tied the knot April 7 in Savannah. Tiffany was there...
44 min
Ep. 75 — Sister Act: How Miko & Titi Branch Bui...
*Today's show is dedicated to Titi Branch — a phenomenal woman, entrepreneur, and sister. We love and thank you for every contribution you made toward helping women embrace their natural beauty.* Miko Branch, the phenomenal cofounder of Miss...
82 min
Ep. 74 —Sometimes You Gotta Know When to Stop S...
Is it possible to save TOO much? And should you quit your job if you've got a shot at getting your student loans forgiven if you stick it out? We're answering your questions today on BA. If you have a question on life, money or career, hit us up at...
66 min
Ep. 73 — Is This Real Life?
Check out
56 min
Ep. 72 — #OscarsSoWhoops
54 min
Ep. 70 —  Adventures in House Hunting
On today's show, an EXCITING update on Tiffany's real estate adventure. -How she found her dream home (and what she's doing to make sure the deal goes through!) -The strategy she's using to become a homeowner once again after facing a...
54 min
Ep. 69 — So about that student loan refund chec...
Have questions about money or your career? Hit us up at!    
47 min
Ep. 68 — #AlternativeFacts "When Debts Are Sold...
It's a Mad World, y'all.  We couldn't start our show today without acknowledging the troubling events of the last few days. We eventually get down to business and take reader Angelique's question on sold off debt. "When a lender sells my...
54 min
Ep. 67 — The Unbanking of America
Have you dumped your big bank yet?  On today's show, we've got a super special guest: Lisa Servon, author of the new book "The Unbanking of America: How the New Middle Class Survives" joins us for a conversation about how payday lenders and...
51 min
Ep. 66 — Real Estate Blues
So much to cover, so little time! First of all, thank you for making January our biggest month for downloads yet! If you haven't, please take 2 minutes to leave us a review on iTunes. This is a HUGE factor in how many people are able to find our...
41 min
Ep. 65 — Live Richer (and Debt Free!) in 2017
We've missed you and we're BACK BA Fam! On today's show: -Find out how Mandi booked a European honeymoon for FREE and Tiffany got her wedding dress for FREE. We are kind of killing this wedding planning thing, y'all.  -All you need to know about...
77 min
Ep. 64 — Holla, We Want Prenup!
Oh, prenups. On today's show, we are tackling this sticky taboo topic and telling y'all how to convince your partner to get on board with a prenup.  Tiffany updates us on her real estate investment journey and spills ALL the details on how she...
58 min
Ep. 63 — Tiffany Gets "Real", Mandi is in India...
We're back! And you do not want to miss this show, y'all. We just went international. On today's jam-packed show:  -How to deal with the mania of Christmas and holiday shopping when you have kids -Mandi reveals the BEST travel rewards credit card...
56 min
Ep. 62 — Wedding Dresses, New Cars, and a BIG Move
We cover a LOT of ground today, BA Fam. You do not want to miss this ep! Here's just a sample:  -Mandi spills the beans on how she and fiance boo saved a bundle on their new car AND got an amazingly low auto loan rate....AND found a sweet...
66 min
Ep. 61 — That Time We Decided to Eat Our Feelin...
Group hug everyone.  Love, Mandi & Tiffany 
57 min
Ep. 60 — Soulja Boy Tell 'Em...How to Start Inv...
Everyone knows investing is a key component of a healthy financial life....but how the heck are you supposed to get started when you A) have no idea what you're doing and B) can hardly make ends meet as it is?  On today's show, we're joined by...
62 min
Ep. 59 — Next Stop...Bankruptcy?
Have a question for us? Head to
68 min
Ep. 58 — Baby Talk
BA Fam -- You have asked for it and we are delivering! We want to answer your toughest questions on debt for an upcoming series on the podcast. Here are the topics we're covering: Relationships & Debt Paying off credit debt Debt vs. Savings...
60 min
Ep. 57 — Guess Who Put a Ring on It
(Also: Did I Just Sign Up for a Student Loan Scam?)
65 min
Ep. 56 — So, About That Debt I Owe...
  This week on the podcast, we're cleaning out our inbox and answering YOUR biggest questions about money, careers and relationships.  Tiffany shares the secret behind her relationship success...Hint: it starts with her closet! Can you...
48 min
Ep. 54 — Hot for Teacher
Have you seen our new look? Check out the new! ---- On this week's show:  BA Anniversary dinner recap!  Tiffany and Mandi weigh in on the teacher from Georgia whose envelope-pushing ensembles have everyone...
60 min
Ep. 53 — So, You Wanna Be CEO?
Happy Anniversary, BA Fam! By now we hope you have checked out our newly redesigned website and are loving the fresh new look. We are so thrilled to be celebrating our 1-year anniversary. We couldn't have gotten here without YOU! Thanks for...
54 min
Ep. 52 — Burning Questions Answered: Wedding gi...
Happy Brown Ambition Tuesday! We've got a packed show for today:  Buzzworthy:  Lena Dunham. Why? Just why? The Black-Owned Bank Movement everyone's talking about Questions: What's the right amount to give at weddings? Do you really need...
45 min
Ep. 51 — Drugstore Drama
We can hardly believe it, BA Fam...the Brown Ambition podcast is turning 1! To celebrate our pending anniversary, we're hosting an epic contest and treating a whole group of lucky listeners to a special evening with us — your hosts! Win a...
41 min
Ep. 50 — Awesomely Luvvie
Today's guest needs no introduction but we gon' give her one anyway! Luvvie Ajayi has turned her hilarious pop culture blog into a media sensation. For the last 13 years she bas been cracking up the Interwebs with her bitingly...
37 min
Ep. 49 — Mouse in the House
We can hardly believe it, BA Fam...the Brown Ambition podcast is turning 1! To celebrate our pending anniversary, we're hosting an epic contest and treating a whole group of lucky listeners to a special evening with us — your hosts! Win a...
43 min
Ep. 48 — The Power of Single Moms
  Welcome Dream Catchers! If you're just finding the show, be sure to check out our Facebook page and take the time to leave us a review on iTunes. On today's show, we chat with Keona Harris, a Houston, Texas-based mother and entrepreneur....
36 min
Ep. 47 — The FLOTUS with the Mostus
  On this week's episode.... We recap Michelle Obama's EPIC Democratic Convention speech. Watch it here or read the transcript here.  Resources mentioned on this week's show: We tell a listener whether or not she should refinance her...
54 min
Ep. 46 — The Right Way to Use Credit
  Questions? E-mail us at
57 min
Ep. 45 — "Real Money Answers for Everyday Women"
  Just 7 years ago, Patrice C. Washington was scraping up all the change in her purse to buy baby formula for her newborn daughter. Now, Patrice is a best-selling author and founder and CEO of Seek Wisdom Find Wealth, a boutique...
36 min
Ep. 44 — Sometimes you just need a sad nap
  Group hug everyone. We could all use one. Today's reader question: Should I refinance my car loan? Resources: How to get out of a bad car loan MagnifyMoney auto loan comparison tool  Have a question for us? Send us an email at...
51 min
Ep. 43 — The Power of Grit and a Good Book
  We LOVE getting your lovely e-mails and all the great feedback you have on the show. Please take the time to share the love in an iTunes review. It helps others find the show and we will love you forever for it! Now, down to bidness: Today on...
50 min
Ep. 42 — When family splits the bills
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52 min
Ep. 41 — Love is love is love is love is love i...
  #LoveOrlando. To find out how you can help the victims of this senseless tragedy, check out this link. ************* We have a great question today from a single mom who's not happy with her paycheck. If you have a question, hit us up at...
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Ep. 40 — Girls Interrupted
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Ep. 39 — Mandi's big job news!
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Ep. 38  — Tiffany's vacay nightmare; Blake Live...
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