Blood on the Rocks

A podcast on the creepy, gruesome, and otherwise dark things in the world, from historical tyrants and murderers to ghosts, festive arson, and more. Alcohol content may vary. Hosted by Akshay Tailor.

Society & Culture
49. Disappearing Act (Ft. Talk Spooky To Me clip)
The Disappearance of the USS Cyclops and a WW2 clip from Talk Spooky To Me.
30 min
Special::First World War Centenary Megasode
A collaboration of 13 podcasts to bring you a short WW1 related episode per show.
145 min
48. World in Ruins
World War One.
30 min
47. Supernatural Hysteria and Superstition
Hauntings or Mass Hysteria in South East Asia?
24 min
46. Massacre Gone Away
The 1871 Chinese Massacre in Los Angeles
29 min
45. The Venom Diary
Dr Karl Patterson Schmidt, who documented the details of his death by venomous snake bite.
21 min
44. Soviet Murderers and Tree Trimming (ft. Mar...
A talk with Mark Vincent about Russian serial killer Vasili Komarov and the Korean Axe Murder Incident
70 min
43. Hungry Hungry Humans (ft. Moxie La Bouche)
The insatiable hunger of Tarrare, and the cannibals of the Sawney Bean Clan. Featuring Moxie La Bouche of Your Brain On Facts.
59 min
42. Quick Surgery and The Monster with 21 Faces
Surgeon Robert Liston and the unsolved Glico Morinaga extortion case
37 min
41. Secret Lives and Candy Men (ft. Javier Leiva)
A talk with Javier Leiva of Pretend Radio about some of the topics from his show, followed by a talk about the legendary cure-all known as a Mellified Man.
50 min
40. Russian Prison Tattoos (ft. Mark Bullen)
A talk with Mark Bullen, translator, author of Thief in Law, and ex-UK law enforcement on tattoos in Russian speaking crime gangs.
72 min
39. The Synodus Horrenda
The posthumous trial of Pope Formosus
26 min
38. Homicidal Sleepwalking
Automatism; focusing on sleepwalking and the R. v. Parks case.
45 min
37. Writer. Traveller. Witness. (Ft. Bob Van La...
This episode may not be for everyone. Special Guest Bob Van Laerhoven tells of his experiences of writing, travelling, and witnessing atrocities.
66 min
36. Bad Blood II: I am the Army (ft. All Bad Th...
The 1842 Retreat from Kabul AKA The Massacre of Elphinstone's Army Ft. All Bad Things
119 min
35. A Soothing Draught
Catherine Wilson
25 min
34. Heaven's Wrath and Birds of Mercy
Black Monday 1360 and The Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler Incident 1943
29 min
33. Psychic Surgery and Infernal Machines
Psychic Surgery and an assassination attempt on King Louis Philippe I
35 min
32. The Sultan of Hoax
William Horace de Vere Cole
27 min
31. Europe in Flames
Air Raids in WW2 Europe - Focusing on Allied Bombings over Germany
61 min
30. British Butcher Abroad (Ft. Courtney Misich)
John Martin Scripps - English Serial Killer who killed across multiple countries
64 min
Murder,ly Special! Minisode Murderpalooza!
Murder,ly Special! Minisode Murderpalooza!
203 min
Bonus Episode: H. P. Lovecraft - The Color out ...
Bonus Episode: H. P. Lovecraft - The Color out of Space
75 min
29. Orphans/Patients (Ft. Jenna Corbitt)
Quebec's dark past: Duplessis Orphans Ft. Jenna Corbit of Meet Me In The Wild Podcast
36 min
PSA: Short Hiatus
1 min