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Hell and High Horror Podcast
<p>Hosts Austyn and Repy are two average young women who are casually obsessed with true crime and horror. Every week a topic is chosen and each host presents a story of murder, mystery, or the paranormal along with some comic relief and banter.</p>
True Crime
#84 - Negligent Deaths (It’s a Challah Bag, Girl)
96 min
#83 - Kidnappings Part II (Nut Broth)
76 min
#82 - Cults Part II (The Amazing Resurrection R...
105 min
#81 - Conspiracies (Conspira-Sissy That Walk)
75 min
#80 - Unexplained Events Part II (Hallmark Huma...
87 min
#79 - Bizarre Deaths (That’s Some Final Destina...
73 min
#78 - Recently Solved Murders (Our Thetans are ...
67 min
#77 - Cold Cases (It Was The Bath Boy!)
59 min
#76 - Killer Families (Three Teeth Between Them)
56 min
#75 - Haunted Houses Part II (Stump Prints)
52 min
Patreon Teaser: Wildcard #1 - Tarrare (Bad Boom...
54 min
#74 - Angels of Death (Nature‘s Zoloft: Penises...
66 min
LIVE at PodX - Nashville Murders (Fishlipz)
55 min
#73 - Unidentified Murder Victims Part II (Heel...
61 min
#72 - Hollywood Murders (The Family Scrotum Ring)
58 min
#71 - Spouses Who Kill (The Devil’s Beef Tub)
71 min
#70 - True Origins of Horror Movies Part II (A ...
62 min
#69 - Female Serial Killers (God Save The Ladle)
64 min
#68 - Alien Abductions Part II (Alien Child Sup...
58 min
#67 - Deadly Legends (Uh Oh, SpaghettiO)
59 min
#66 - Ghost Ships (One More Breast Full)
77 min
#65 - Unexplained Deaths (Cold as a Smurf's Colon)
64 min
#64 - Kids Who Killed Their Parents (Execution ...
61 min
#63 - Multiple Disappearances (The Real Horse W...
73 min
#62 - Spree Killers (Seaman Request Denied)
61 min
#61 - Murderers Who Got Away (By Cocaine or Amp...
68 min
#60 - Murders That Changed the World Part II (T...
79 min
#59 – Possessions (Satan is a Ride or Die Bitch)
69 min
#58 – Stalkers Who Kill (We’re Your Valentine Now)
77 min
#57 – Prison Disasters (A Literal Shitshow)
76 min
Listener Stories #4 (Impromptu Jailhouse Strip ...
56 min
#56 – Home State Legends (The Devil Loves a Ford)
65 min
#55 – Unsolved Murders Part II (Detroit Was Mos...
74 min
#54 – Wrongful Convictions (Suspiciously Tan)
78 min
#53 – Uninhabitable Haunted Places (Too Fucking...
68 min
#52 – New Year’s Murders (Enjoy Your Beer and P...
96 min
#51 – Creepy Christmas (Corpse Baby Balloons)
73 min
#50 – Turn of the Century Killers (Make Dads Re...
76 min
#49 – Unsolved Disappearances (Tapas is Bullshit)
66 min
#48 – Killers Who Inspired Horror Movies (The N...
45 min
#47 – Cryptids Part II (Snallygaster v. Dwayyo:...
35 min
#46 - Haunted Hotspots (Naw-Lins)
55 min
#45 - Tennessee Murders (An Elephant Buttload)
34 min
#44 - Camping Murders (He's An Assman)
60 min
#43 - Black Widows (How To Kill Your Husband Fo...
51 min
#42 - Kidnappings Part II (Fergalicious)
47 min
#41 - Haunted Schools (Harry Potter and the Cha...
45 min
Bonus Episode - Suspected NJ Serial Killer Khal...
25 min
#40 - Movie Set Deaths (Do Birds Have Vaginas?)
71 min
#39 - Unsolved Murders (A Morning Whiskey)
This week, Austyn and Repy recount the tale of Skidmore, MO's bully, Ken McElroy, as well as the harrowing unsolved murders of the Jennings 8
55 min
#38 - Poltergeists (Danny’s Bed 2: Electric Boo...
This week, Repy and Austyn recount the history of the spirit known as Bluidy Mackenzie of Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland as well as the ...
42 min
#37 - Haunted Hotels (We Only Take Uncles)
This week, Austyn and Repy discuss two of America's most haunted hotels; The Crescent Hotel and Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and The Cecil Hotel ...
57 min
The Papin Sisters - Patreon Storytime Series Pr...
This inagural episode of the Storytime Series is being shared with all of our listeners, but future episodes will be for Patreon supports who pledge ...
14 min
#36 - Travel Disasters (I Just Want to Die Next...
Repy and Austyn discuss vacations gone wrong in fatal ways. Peter Gibbs and his plane disappeared on Christmas Eve of 1975. His body turned up ...
56 min
#35 - Stalkers (Must Be the Period)
Austyn and Repy discuss two cases of infatuation, both romantic and sinister, that developed into something much darker. In 1989 the body of nurse Cindy ...
51 min
#34 - Psychic Investigators (Who Took The Pig?!)
Repy and Austyn discuss two murder cases that were solved by Psychics. Rosemarie Kerr helped to solve Andre Daigle's disappearance in 1988 and in 1901, ...
58 min
# 33 - Kidnappings (Give Me The Meat Pie!)
In this episode, Austyn and Repy tell the tale of a kidnapper, John Jamelske, and dive into the mystery of three kidnapped kids known as ...
57 min
#32 - Famous Corpses (An A+ Mummy)
Repy and Austyn discuss two extreme cases of what happens when human remains fall into wrong hands. Repy explains the complicated case of The Persian ...
52 min
#31 - Killer Couples (A Medium Con)
In honor of Valentine's Day, Austyn and Repy talk about two couples who killed together; The Sacramento Sex Slave Killers, Gerald and Charlene Gallego, and ...
59 min
#30 - Creepy Recordings (If I Hear My Name I’ll...
Repy and Austyn discuss two bone-chilling audio recordings. One, a 911 call from a six year old girl named Lisa Floyd and the other, a ...
54 min
#29 - Vicious Rulers (He Monked)
Austyn and Repy recount two terrifying tales of two European rulers, Gilles de Rais and Vlad The Impaler, who took advantage of their positions of power ...
53 min
#28 - Our Hometown Murders (And Then They Fell ...
Repy and Austyn regale us with four stories of murder from places that they have lived and currently live. This episode includes the story of ...
64 min
#27 - Haunted Roads (A Moo in the Night)
Austyn and Repy tell stories from two different haunted roads; the Mystery Mile in Industry, Pennsylvania and Clinton Road in West Milford, New Jersey.   Our theme ...
75 min
#26 - Murder Cases That F****d Us Up (Should We...
Repy and Austyn talk about two murder cases that deeply impacted them. Repy discusses serial killer William Richard Bradford who likely killed dozens of still ...
68 min
#25 - Terrifying Experiments (Just for Shits an...
Austyn and Repy discuss two terrifying studies; The Russian Dog Experiments and the Stanford Prison Experiment.    Our theme music is a derivative work featuring samples from ...
59 min
#24 - Christmas Tragedies (Points of Pleasure)
Repy and Austyn discuss the Italian Hall Disaster and the Silver Bridge Collapse, which both took place around Christmas. Repy also tells the story of ...
48 min
#23 - Holiday Massacres (Christmas Raisins)
Austyn and Repy discuss two cases of family annihilation; the Lawson Family Massacre of 1929 and the Ortega Family Murders of 2008.     Our theme music is a ...
55 min
#22 - Christmas Monsters (A Day Late and A Doll...
Repy and Austyn bring you three tales of traditional winter holiday monsters; Hans Trapp, La Befana, and Frau Perchta. Also discussed is the girls' holiday ...
65 min
#21 - Murders That Changed The World (I’m a Sew...
Austyn and Repy examine two tragic murder cases, that of Kitty Genovese and of Francisca Rojas, that inspired radical change that had become a normal ...
44 min
#20 - True Origins of Horror Movies (Why Not a ...
Repy and Austyn discuss the real-life stories that inspired the horror flicks Eaten Alive (1977) and A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984).   Our theme music is ...
33 min
#19 - Strangest Ways to Die (Soup: It’s Better ...
Repy and Austyn tell seven stories of strange deaths throughout history including people who drowned in beer, a woman who was injected with soup, the ...
72 min
#18 - Cannibal Killers (The Willy Wonka of Eati...
Austyn and Repy discuss two infamous cannibal killers, Armin Meiwes and Jeffery Dahmer, their latest TV show recommendations, holiday season prep, and depressing Christmas songs.   Our ...
85 min
Listener Stories Mini #3 - We Need Blueprints
In this episode, Repy and Austyn read four different stories from listeners just like you! These tales include haunted houses, a sinister disappearance, and nightmares.   Our ...
27 min
#17 - Halloween Legends (I Don’t Do Gourds)
Repy and Austyn discuss Halloween Legends including the origin of the Jack-O-Lantern and the legend of Poisoned Halloween Candy.   Our theme music is a derivative work ...
45 min
#16 - Haunted Houses (First Name Corn, Last Nam...
Austyn and Repy talk about two historic haunted houses, the Myrtles Plantation and the Lalaurie Mansion. Austyn makes an announcement about her health and the ...
61 min
#15 - Halloween Crimes (Pulling a Goosey)
Austyn and Repy discuss two murders that occurred on Halloween, that of Taylor Van Diest and Martha Moxley. Also included are two updates, one on ...
73 min
#14 - Haunted Objects (Maybe It’s Maybelline, M...
Repy and Austyn kick off the month of October with tales of two haunted objects; Robert The Doll and The Dybbuk Box. Also briefly discussed ...
77 min
#13 - Urban Legends (Surprise! It’s All Octopus...
Austyn and Repy discuss 6 urban legends, some you've probably heard and some you likely haven't! Presented in this episode is the legend of the ...
80 min
#12 - Unexplained Occurrences (Burger King Doe)
Repy and Austyn explore two mysterious happenings, the appearance and identification of Benjaman Kyle and the case of Gloria Ramirez, The Toxic Lady of Riverside.   Our ...
58 min
Movie Review #1 - It (2017)
Repy and Austyn discuss the new remake of Stephen King's "It"     Our theme music is a derivative work featuring samples from Top Pop by Jumbo Seller ...
27 min
#11 - Deadly Cults (Jesus Hates Your Color Scheme)
Austyn and Repy discuss two cults, The Order of the Solar Temple and The True Russian Orthodox Church, both of which sacrificed members' lives both ...
65 min
Listener Stories Mini #2 - Your Mom is a Serial...
Repy and Austyn read 4 stories from listeners about their paranormal experiences, including a haunted farm, a whole neighborhood that experiences strange occurrences, and a ...
43 min
#10 - Unidentified Murder Victims (Someone Know...
Repy and Austyn discuss the cases of two murder victims, a young girl found dead in the Arizona desert and the torso of a young ...
83 min
#9 - Alien Abductions (I Hope I Don’t Fall!)
Austyn, Repy, and Rae present three firsthand accounts of alien abductions, that of Betty and Barney Hill, Linda Napolitano, and Yaphet Kotto.   Our theme music is ...
56 min
Sample Patreon Bonus News Episode - August 2017
Ever wonder what our premium episodes for Patreon Subscribers are like? Well...they're like this! This is a 10 minute sample of our latest Patreon only ...
10 min
Bonus Episode - Suspected NJ Serial Killer Khal...
Austyn and Repy discuss an ongoing case very close to home. Between September 2016 and November 2016 three woman, 19 year old Robin West, 20 ...
63 min
#8 - Survivor Stories (Go For That Big Ass Diam...
Repy and Austyn discuss Michelina Lewandowska and Steven Callahan, two incredible people who survived harrowing situations. The girls also discuss their Halloween costume plans and ...
72 min
#7 - Celebrities Who Have Killed People (Phil S...
Rae, Repy, and Austyn discuss the cases of music producer Phil Spector, basketball player Jayson Williams, and actor Johnny Lewis, who were all separately involved ...
101 min
Listener Stories Mini #1 - Vegan Sauce
In this first ever mini episode Austyn, Repy, and Rae read stories from listeners about strange footsteps, bent spoons, and a missing person. Our theme music ...
41 min
#6 - Real Life Zombies (They Didn’t Go To Disne...
Repy and Austyn discuss two cases of real life Zombies, their zombie apocalypse survival plans, postmortem wishes, and love of other podcasts. Our theme music is ...
68 min
#5 - Cryptids (I Have Some Opinions)
Austyn, Repy, and Rae discuss their favorite cryptids including the Huldufólk, the Tall Whites, and the Loch Ness Monster. Our theme music is a derivative work ...
83 min
#4 - Haunted People (Trout Shoes)
Repy and Austyn present two stories of people who claimed to be haunted by spirits, Mary Jane Heaster and Sarah Winchester. Our theme music is a ...
76 min
#3 - Mysterious Disappearances (Sword Canes)
Austyn and Repy are joined by special guest host Rae to discuss the unsolved disappearances of actress Jean Spangler, writer Edgar Allan Poe, and Asha ...
93 min
#2 - The Movies That F***ed Us Up (9%)
Austyn and Repy discuss the horror movies that scared them shitless including The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Darkness Falls.   Our theme music is a derivative ...
54 min
#1 - Creepy Kids (with Apologies to Florida)
Austyn and Repy talk about creepy things kids have said to them, the ghost children from Coraline, and a kid-on-kid murder, the murder of Maddie ...
56 min