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The Art History Babes
<p>Four fresh Masters drink wine and discuss all things visual culture. *Regular episodes: Discussion and critical analysis of art historical topics fueled by alcohol. *Art History Babe Briefs (Art History BBs) : quick art history facts minus the expletives. *Hot Takes: The Babes mix it up, chatting about topics outside the realm of art history</p>
Visual Arts
Society & Culture
Spooky Corner: Doppelgängers, Evil Twins, Uncan...
In episode three of the Spooky Corner series, Corrie & Brian do a deep dive on doppelgängers, evil twins, and uncanny doubles
44 min
Art and Murder (& Wine) Part 2
Jen talks John Wayne Gacy and his creepy clown paintings. Corrie recounts a horrific murder that shook the 80s NYC art scene.
48 min
Art and Murder (& Wine) Part 1
In part one of of a two parter on art and murder, the Babes discuss the violent, murderous exploits of Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and recount the abusive behaviors and dramatic murder of Stanford White.
71 min
Introducing The Next Big Idea
8 min
witches, bitches
From the Greek Goddess Hecate to contemporary Instagram witches, join all four Art History Babes for a spooky, silly, late night tour through witches in Art History.
118 min
Spooky Corner: The Wendigo
Corrie & Brian talk various representations (and misrepresentations) of the cannibalistic creature/spirit of Algonquian legend - the Wendigo!
45 min
Haunted Paintings
Prepare to get spooked! The AHB discuss the mythos surrounding four notable haunted paintings.
49 min
Art History BB: More Etruscans
We're giving you even more Etruscan art.
16 min
Spooky Corner: Talkin' Banshees
For four special episodes, Corrie is joined by horror film aficionado Brian Muldoon to discuss some of your favorite spooky creatures and their appearances in both art and film. This week we're talkin' banshees!
36 min
Memento Mori
There's nothing spookier than thinking about the inevitability of death!
72 min
Art History BB: Etruscan Funerary Art
kicking off spooky season by talking death! specifically the tombs and sarcophagi of the Etruscan civilization.
20 min
Art Historian Turned Astrologer Aliza Kelly
Corrie is joined by Cosmopolitan mag's resident astrologer Aliza Kelly to discuss shared interests in art history and astrology.
60 min
Art History BB: Taj Mahal
Precious gemstones, optical illusions, and a bulbous marble dome — join Corrie and Nat on an exploration of the history and artistry of this “new wonder of the world”.
33 min
Weird Putti
The Babes discuss the various manifestations of putti in visual culture.
40 min
Hieronymus Bosch
73 min
Art History BB: Kouros & Kore
Nat and Kore-ie (hah.) provide an intro to Ancient Greek Kouroi and Korai statues.
25 min
XL Art
Let’s talk about BIG ART. In this super-sized episode, Nat, Jen and Gin discuss art on a large-scale.
54 min
Art History BB: The Forbidden City
Nat and Corrie cover the Forbidden City in Beijing, China in this Art History BB.
24 min
Artemisia Gentileschi
How have 20th century ideas shaped our conceptions of one of the most successful female artists of the Baroque period? Join the Babes as they discuss the life and work of Caravaggio's sole female follower, Artemisia Gentileschi.
46 min
Ana Mendieta
The babes express their thoughts, feelings and speculation around Mendieta’s art as well as her way-too-short, but fascinating life.
98 min
"Heroes: A Tribute" with Doug Meyer
Doug Meyer joins Natalie on the podcast to discuss the release of "Heroes: A Tribute."
48 min
Cube Your Enthusiasm Part 2
In the second half of their discussion of Cubism, the Babes shine a spotlight on the lovely lady cubist, Blanche Lazzell and explore the relationship between Cubism and Italian Futurism. Plus book recommendations!
45 min
Cube Your Enthusiasm Part 1
In the first of two episodes on Cubism, the Babes talk music festivals, Picasso and primitivism, and take a trip into the fourth dimension.
52 min
Art History BB: The Seated Scribe
Corrie & Nat discuss the Ancient Egyptian sculpture the Seated Scribe.
16 min
Art History BB: Caravaggio's The Calling of Sai...
Corrie & Nat discuss the timeless drama of "The Calling of Saint Matthew" by one of the baddest boys of the Baroque, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.
19 min
Art History BB: Yinka Shonibare's The Swing
Corrie and Nat discuss Yinka Shonibare's 2001 work, The Swing (after Fragonard).
18 min
Hot Takes: Bojack Horseman
The Babes chat about favorite funny horse cartoon, Bojack Horseman.
83 min
Introducing The Shrink Next Door
11 min
Art Appraisal with Emilie Nettinga
Corrie is joined by midwest-based artrepeneur, Emilie Nettinga to talk art appraisal, the challenges of starting a business, and advocating for honeybees with art.
33 min
Hilma AF Klint
Little known painter Hilma af Klint was a pioneer of abstraction, with an entire body of visually captivating work pre-dating that of Kandinsky. Also, she talked to ghosts.
52 min
Art History BB: Notre Dame Cathedral
Corrie & Ginny share some of the history of Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral and discuss the fire, resultant media storm, and potential restoration efforts.
40 min
Georgia O'Keeffe
Desert skulls, vagina flowers, and Alfred Stieglitz—The Art History Babes discuss the many layers to Georgia O’Keefe’s artistic practice, philosophy, and partnerships.
56 min
Live at the L.A. Art Show w Marisa Caichiolo & ...
The Art History Babes chat with the curator of Diverse Art LA, Marisa Caichiolo and contemporary artist, Andrés Paredes.
27 min
Live at the L.A. Art Show with Kim Martindale
First ever live episode of the Art History Babes! Corrie and Nat are live at the LA Art show with the show’s director, Kim Martindale.
38 min
Live from LA: Kyle Can't Talk
54 min
Art History BB: Fragonard's The Swing
Corrie & Nat discuss everything from the frilly pink dress to the clever details to the complicated story of the commission.
30 min
An extra long episode dedicated to the fiercely passionate art babe queen, Frida Kahlo.
91 min
Maps (They Don't Love You Like I Love You)
We are joined by fellow Art History Babe, Mariah Briel, to discuss map making and its relationship to cultural ignorance, the fundamental issues with making a 3D thing into a 2D thing, and how maps operate as both an art object and a scientific object.
61 min
Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw
Corrie is joined by actor friend and horror film buff Brian Muldoon to chat about Netflix's new art world-centered horror satire, "Velvet Buzzsaw".
42 min
Art History BB: The Great Mosque of Djenné
In this Babe Brief, Corrie & Nat discuss the largest mud-built structure in the world, The Great Mosque of Djenné.
16 min
Air Ink with Anirudh Sharma
Corrie and Nat sit down with Anirudh Sharma to discuss what Air Ink could mean for environmentalism and the future of art making.
27 min
Anselm Kiefer
The Babes are joined by Faith Sponsler to fan girl over the weighty, entrancing, philosophically-loaded works of Anselm Kiefer.
90 min
Q & A #2
You got questions and the Babes got answers! Grad school application horror stories, weird putti, research tips and so much more.
91 min
Art History BB: Intro to Modernism
Nat and Corrie give a brief introduction to the behemoth that is Modernism.
27 min
holiday magic 2018
Let's get festive y'all! The history of the menorah, a mystical wild nativity scene, the evolution of Santa Claus, and John Leech's illustrations for A Christmas Carol.
65 min
holiday magic 2017: winter scenes
Holiday Special! The Babes discuss some of their fave wintry scenes.
37 min
holiday magic 2016
Grab a glass of egg nog and join us as we explore the wintery Nordic illustrations of Kay Nielsen, enjoy the pagan traditions of Saturnalia, and discuss some lesser-known folklore surrounding the holiday season.
60 min
The Blackest, Little-Black Dress With Jason Cha...
The first episode from the AHB-Boston Extravaganza! Corrie and Nat sit down with artists Jason Chase and Taryn Johnson.
62 min
Art History BB: Paleolithic Art
Corrie and Nat take it back to pre-history and discuss the work of our earliest art makers.
24 min
Color Theory Part 1
The Art History Babes discuss the trippy nature of color perception and the enigmatic history of the color blue.
54 min
The Masterpiece with Fiona Davis
Historical fiction author, Fiona Davis, talks with Corrie and Nat about her latest novel The Masterpiece.
31 min
TEASER: Self-Destructing Banksy
Nat and Corrie hash out their complicated feelings and theories surrounding the painting sold for that sold for $1.4 million, and subsequently shredded.
13 min
Halloween Throwback: "The Mezzotint"
Join the AH Babes for M.R. James' tale of a haunted mezzotint. Plus a discussion of night club bathroom camaraderie and a medieval snail update!
54 min
Halloween Throwback: Memento Mori
There's nothing spookier than thinking about the inevitability of death! The Babes examine various examples of memento mori in art past and present.
72 min
Art History BB: Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus"
Corrie, Nat, & Jen discuss the life of Sandro Botticelli and examine the history and symbolism of "The Birth of Venus".
33 min
Vinny van Gogh
Join the Babes for a deep dive into the life of Vincent van Gogh.
90 min
Lady Gaga with Ferren Gipson
Nat and Corrie are joined by the lovely Ferren Gipson of the Art Matters Podcast to talk about Pop Star Lady Gaga.
75 min
EPISODE 100! Meme Fest: The Art of Memes
The Babes go on a journey through the land of memes. Dancing baby, double rainbow, sad Michael Jordan - no meme goes untouched.
83 min
Hot Takes: Conspiracy Theories w Paul Kreizenbeck
The Babes have a late night chat with friend and graphic designer Paul Kreizenbeck about a whole host of conspiracy theories.
73 min
Art History BB: Machu Picchu
Nat & Corrie discuss the history and mystery surrounding the infamous marker of the Inca empire, Machu Picchu.
24 min
Ai Wei or the Highway
The Babes discuss contemporary artist Ai Weiwei's work, influences, political activism, & tumultuous relationship with the Chinese government.
76 min
Art History BB: Ai Weiwei's Sunflower Seeds
All the babes get together to discuss Ai Weiwei's 2011 work, Sunflower Seeds.
15 min
Ruth Rippon
Learn all about this prolific ceramicist and all-around amazing lady.
44 min
Art History BB: Petra
This Art History Babe Brief explores the rock cut city of Petra, a fascinating archeological site in southern Jordan.
18 min
Rausch Party (Robert Rauschenberg...kind of)
A bunch of artists and art historians get together, drink several mint juleps by the pool, and then talk about Robert Rauschenberg...among other things.
65 min
Art History BB: The Oath of the Horatii
Join the Babes for the fast facts on French artist Jacques-Louis David's massive Neoclassical painting, "The Oath of the Horatii".
12 min
Animazing Fine Art with Heidi Leigh
Corrie & Nat chat with NYC gallery owner Heidi Leigh about conceptual animation art and the experience of owning and operating an art gallery.
50 min
Beyonce & Jay-Z rented the Louvre & the AHB are gonna talk about it.
82 min
Art History BB: Hagia Sophia
Church, mosque, museum, OH MY! Nat, Corrie & Jen discuss the many lives and styles of Hagia Sophia in modern-day Istanbul, Turkey.
19 min
Corita Kent: Patron Saint of Pop Art
The Babes and guest Zach Clark look at the work of the amazing artist, teacher, and Catholic nun, Corita Kent.
84 min
Bad Boys of the Baroque
A discussion of the artistic and personal dramas of three bad boys of the Baroque: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, & Diego Velazquez.
61 min
Art History BB: Cindy Sherman
Jen, Corrie and Nat discuss the enigmatic Cindy Sherman in this BB episode.
18 min
Art History BB: Narmer Palette
Corrie and Nat discuss the Ancient Egyptian Palette of Narmer in this BB episode.
9 min
In this super heady episode the Babes tackle the fascinating topic of Synesthesia, discussing everything from scientific studies to contemporary artists to cyborgs.
86 min
Art History BB: Faith Ringgold
Corrie & Nat discuss contemporary multimedia artist, Faith Ringgold
15 min
Art History BB: Spiral Jetty
Corrie & Nat discuss Robert Smithson's 1970 work of land art, Spiral Jetty.
24 min
Annie Leibovitz
Corrie, Ginny, and Jen discuss the prolific photographer behind so many iconic portraits of the past century, Annie Liebovitz.
79 min
Art History BB: "Arnol-Feeny" Portrait
Corrie and Nat discuss the enigmatic "Arnol-Feeny" (Arnolfini) Portrait in preparation for the upcoming royal wedding.
13 min
The Babes dig up some dirt on the most important members of the French Impressionist circle.
57 min
Art History BB: Impressionism
All four babes unite to present this Art History Babe Brief on the Impressionist movement and some of it's forerunners.
12 min
Art History BB: The Bauhaus
The Babes share the fast facts on the prominent school of art and design, the Bauhaus.
14 min
Red, Red Wine
Fortune. Luck. Power. Violence. Join Corrie, Ginny and Nat as they talk all things red.
69 min
Art History BB: Andy Warhol
A snapshot of Warhol's early life, fascinating (and lucrative) career, and untimely death.
16 min
Hot Takes: Black Panther
The Babes chat about the mega-successful Marvel film, Black Panther and the comic that inspired it.
54 min
Art History BB: Las Meninas
The Babes peel back a few of the infinite layers of analysis surrounding "Las Meninas"
16 min
Women of Abstract Expressionism w Sartle
In this episode the babes discuss artists Lee Krasner, Helen Frankenthaler, Jay deFeo, Agnes Martin, Joan Mitchell & Judith Godwin.
86 min
Fabergé Eggs
Join the Babes and special guest Sonya as they discuss Carl Fabergé and his many eggs of note.
62 min
Art History BB: Elaine de Kooning
Corrie & Nat look at the life and work of Elaine de Kooning
21 min
Singularity Black w Jason Chase & Dr. Colin Pre...
The Babes chat about the blackest black paint on the market, Singularity Black
63 min
Art History BB: Dogs Playing Poker
Ginny and Corrie share some little known facts about the infamously kitschy and delightfully absurd, "Dogs Playing Poker".
15 min
F*** Gauguin
The Babes unleash on the most problematic of artists, Paul Gauguin.
79 min
Art History BB: The Obamas' Presidential Portraits
Corrie & Nat discuss the impact of Barack and Michelle Obamas' presidential portraits.
22 min
Marcel, Marcel, I Love You Like Hell
The Babes discuss the life and career of the prolific Marcel Duchamp and some of his most famous works.
63 min
Art History BB: Hans Holbein the Younger
The Babes discuss the work of court painter to King Henry VIII, Hans Hoblein
17 min
Under the Influence
In this very trippy episode, the Babes trace the effects of drugs on consciousness and art making from the shamanistic origins of cave paintings to contemporary work exploring addiction.
83 min
Art History BB: The Sublime
An introduction to some basic tenets of "the sublime".
16 min
Exploring Tarot w Faith Sponsler
The Babes examine the art, history, and insight of the Tarot with special guest, Faith Sponsler
107 min
Art History BB: The Terracotta Warriors
Fast facts on the Terracotta Army, the funerary monument of the first emperor of China.
11 min
Edmonia Lewis
Join the Babes as they discuss the life and career of Edmonia Lewis, the first female African American sculptor to gain international acclaim.
57 min
Art History BB: Ukiyo-e (Japanese Woodblock Pri...
Fast facts on Ukiyo-e
14 min
Q & A
The Babes respond to listener queries both personal and art historical
95 min
Art History BB: Rococo
16 min
Art History BB: Fauvism
Fast facts on Fauvism
14 min
Hot Takes: Stranger Things
The AH Babes take a trip to the Upside Down.
73 min
Art History BB: Marcel Duchamp
17 min
Albrecht Durer
The Babes get sauced with special guest Zach Clark and talk Albrecht Durer
84 min
Art History BB: Gothic Architecture
The quick and dirty on Gothic Architecture
16 min
Museum Hack w Kate!
The Babes chat with special guest and Museum Hack tour guide, Kate Nickles
75 min
Art History BB: Leo da Vinci
15 min
Sonia Delaunay
59 min
Art History BB: Marina Abramović
14 min
Abstract Expressionism
Join the Babes as they unpack this celebrated "American" art movement and examine works by Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, and Helen Frankenthaler.
100 min
Introducing Art History Babe Briefs!
11 min
Smashin' & Slashin' : The Art of Iconoclasm
68 min
Paint It Black
78 min
Templeton Mania!
100 min
A Piece of Work
70 min
The Art of Boxing
89 min
Thesis Series: Gottfried Helnwein
59 min
Thesis Series: Craft & Morality
52 min
Hot Takes: Eurobabes
120 min
Thesis Series: Cannibals & Codices
41 min
Thesis Series: Egyptomania
46 min
Jean-Michel Basquiat
80 min
Hot Takes: Bullsh*t Episode
88 min
Art History School
The Art History Babes are back and coming at you with advice for surviving and thriving in the wonderful world of Art History.
41 min
Ancient Greek Monsters
91 min
Salvador Dalí
89 min
Alchemy and Art
59 min
Getting Graphic
74 min
Hot Takes: Election Feels
52 min
Election Propaganda
70 min
Halloween Pt. 1 : "The Mezzotint"
53 min
The Joy of Podcasting with Bob Ross
58 min
Purple Mountains Majesty
59 min
Architecture & Power Part 2
49 min
Architecture & Power Part 1
47 min
Yoko Ono Is My Favorite Beatle
Join the Babes as they discuss the complex life and groundbreaking work of one of their favorite art babes, Yoko Ono and share tips for surviving grad school!
57 min
Color Theory Part 2
In the second installment of their two-parter on color theory, the Babes discuss the color experiments of Josef Albers, explore the connection between color and emotion, and get weepy about the tragic life of van Gogh.
53 min
Bring on the Bacchanal
In the true spirit of Bacchus (god of wine), the Babes amp up their intoxication levels and discuss the joyful debauchery of bacchanalia, past and present. Special guest: Leo Silva
61 min
The Guerrilla Girls
"This history of art is the history of power." This week's episode examines the feminist activist artist collective, Guerrilla Girls and their tireless fight against discrimination in the art world.
59 min
Introducing The Art History Babes
Get to know The Art History Babes with our debut episode!
17 min