Pax Britannica: A History of the Brit...

Pax Britannica is a narrative history podcast covering the empire upon which the sun never set. Beginning with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, Pax Britannica will follow the people and events that created an empire that dominated the globe. Hosted by a PhD candidate in British Imperial history, and based on extensive scholarship and primary sources, along with interviews with experts in their field, Pax Britannica aims to explain the rise and eventual fall of the largest empire in history. After all, how peaceful was the 'British Peace'?

Society & Culture
02.59 - A King's Ransom
Buy your own King for this low low price!
27 min
02.58 - The Entropy of Victory
The English Civil War is over, and former allies turn on each other.
25 min
02.57 - Kilkenny Coup d'etat
With the king's defeat in the English Civil War, his forces in Scotland and Ireland react.
25 min
Bonus - Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex and ...
17 min
02.56 - The Wisdom of Crowds
With the English Civil War over - for now - it's time to count the cost, and take a look at post-war England.
28 min
02.55 - Peace, if you can keep it
Naseby shattered the Royalist cause. Now the New Model Army just had to sweep up the pieces...
30 min
02.54 - The Great Battle of Naseby
The New Model Army takes on the Royalists in the decisive battle...
27 min
02.53 - The New Model Army
Fighting a new kind of war requires a new model of army...
30 min
02.52 - Wasted Opportunities
Essex joyfully marches into a trap, and the Second Battle of Newbury displays parliamentary divisions for all to see...
24 min
02.51 - The Battle of Five Armies
Royalist, Parliamentarian, and Covenanter meet on Marston Moor, and the fate of the North is decided.
27 min
02.50 - Drunk with Blood
Prince Rupert campaigns in the North, Charles outplays Waller in the south, and Marston Moor looms on the horizon
27 min
02.49 - Unfortunate Madness
Secret treaties never backfire... right?
26 min
02.48 - Butlerian Jihad
The Irish Confederacy and the Lord Deputy negotiate a peace... or at least they try to.
29 min
02.47 - Inchiquin and Broghill
King Charles faces defections in Munster over the Cessation
25 min
02.46 - Witch Hunters on Trial
The Downfall and Death of the Witchfinder General
34 min
02.45 - Before They Are Hanged
Parliament starts to become concerned over the 'Witchfinder General'
25 min
02.44 - The Witchfinder General
Old grudges and fears come to the fore in Essex, as word spreads that witch-finders roam
30 min
02.43 - The Hunt Begins
Matthew Hopkins, the infamous Witch-Finder General, begins his campaign through south-eastern England
32 min
02.42 - The Devil Hath His Chapel
Why did England's largest witch panic erupt during the English Civil War?
30 min
Pax Recommends: History Daily
Introducing History Daily
32 min
02.41 - The Feigned Mask of Friendship
The Third and Final Anglo-Powhatan War
24 min
02.40 - Sitting Out Civil War
With Civil War back home, England's colonies do their best to stay out of it.
23 min
02.39 - The Master of Scotland
Montrose reaches the pinnacle of his success... and then it all comes crumbling down.
34 min
02.38 - The Year of Victories
Montrose and Mac Colla enjoy victory after victory...
33 min
02.37 - The Whelps of Calvin
The Covenanters quickly suppress Montrose's invasion and Huntly's uprising, but a new challenger arrives from across the sea...
23 min
02.36 - The War of Three Kingdoms
Armies from the other two Stuart kingdoms enter the English fray.
25 min
02.35 - The Solemn League and Covenant
Parliament and Covenanters forge a military and spiritual alliance
25 min
02.34 - The Cessation of Arms
Armies clash at Newbury, and the king signs a truce with the Irish Confederacy
23 min
ScotRev | Was there a Scottish Revolution?
I asked each historian the same question; was there a Scottish Revolution?
34 min
02.33 - War Without An Enemy
'...we are upon the stage and must act those parts that are assigned to us in this tragedy.'
27 min
02.32 - All's Fairfax in Love and War
Sir Thomas Fairfax and Oliver Cromwell MP names for themselves. Montrose picks his side.
23 min
ScotRev | The Covenanters in Restoration Scotla...
I speak with Dr Kennedy about the legacy of the Covenanters in the Restoration, Glorious Revolution, and Act of Union
59 min
02.31 - Tower Defence
Garrison Warfare is the Name of the Game!
23 min
02.30 - 'We Saluted with Bullets'
Royalists and Parliamentarians fight in the North and the South-West
24 min
ScotRev | Gothic Revivalism and Covenanted Conf...
I speak with Allan MacInnes, Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Strathclyde
42 min
02.29 - The O'Neill Family Business
Owen Roe O'Neill returns to Ireland to fight for God, Fatherland, and King. Well, maybe not that last one...
26 min
Bonus - Historical Fiction with Zack Twamley
I chat with Zack Twamley about his new series, Matchlock!
34 min
02.28 - The Irish Confederacy
With the rebellion turning into a war, the rebels form their own government to rival Dublin.
25 min
02.27 - The March on London
After Edgehill, both armies race to London.
21 min
ScotRev | Church Discipline in Revolutionary Ed...
I speak with Dr Claire McNulty
30 min
02.26 - The Battle of Edgehill
The first pitched battle of the English Civil War begins
28 min
02.25 - Preparing for War
What did civil war armies look like? How did they fight?
32 min
02.24 - Give Unto Caesar His Due
The First English Civil War begins.
31 min
02.23 - Nolumus Leges Angliae Mutari
What were Royalists and Parliamentarians ready to fight a war over?
37 min
02.22 - Neither Eyes to See nor Tongue to Speak
Matters come to a head in London, as Charles makes his move against the Junto
30 min
02.21 - The Grand Remonstrance
Charles I returns to London to cheering crowds. Just six weeks later, he will flee.
27 min
02.20 - Bloody News
Reports from Ireland make their way back to Britain, and fan the flames of hysteria
21 min
02.19 - The Irish Rebellion
The rebellion spreads throughout and beyond Ulster...
28 min
ScotRev | Maintaining the Covenanter Regime in ...
I speak with Dr Alan MacDonald, Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Dundee
40 min
ScotRev | Rethinking the Scottish Revolution wi...
I speak with Laura Stewart, Professor in Early Modern History at the University of York
52 min
02.18 - Rebellions are Built on Hope
The opening moves of the 1641 Rebellion
26 min
ScotRev | Scottish Republicanism and Anti-Monar...
I speak with Dr Sharon Adams
34 min
ScotRev | Piety and Heartwork in Covenanter Sco...
I speak with Dr Louise Yeoman
56 min
02.17 - A Peaceful Land, A Quiet People?
Ireland before the 1641 Rebellion was far from peaceful
26 min
ScotRev | Defining Revolution with Prof. Julian...
I speak with Julian Goodare, Professor of History at the University of Edinburgh
69 min
ScotRev | Covenanted Interests across Three Kin...
I speak with Dr Kirsteen MacKenzie
98 min
ScotRev | Covenanting Identity in the Cromwelli...
I speak with Dr Mikki Brock, Associate Professor History at Washington and Lee University
44 min
02.16 - The Incident
Charles I returns to Scotland to win over the former rebels. It goes well... until it doesn't.
33 min
ScotRev | Protestantism, Revolution, and Scotti...
I speak with Dr Karie Schultz, Fellow at the British School at Rome
37 min
ScotRev | The Kirk, the Covenanters, and the Re...
I speak with Dr Chris Langley, Reader in Early Modern History at Newman University, Birmingham
45 min
ScotRev | Scottish Royalism during the British ...
I speak with Dr Andrew Lind, Early Career Research at the University of Glasgow
36 min
ScotRev | Introducing the Scottish Revolution I...
Introducing the Scottish Revolution Interview Series
2 min
02.15 - The Root and Branch Reforms
With Strafford gone, the Commons implement their reforms
23 min
02.14 - A Wolf by the Ears
The Earl of Strafford fights for his life
37 min
Bonus - The East India Company with Dr David Ve...
How did the EIC reverse its fortunes in the mid-17th century?
62 min
02.13 - ‘The Root of All Our Calamities’
The Long Parliament gathers, and they take aim at Laud and Strafford.
24 min
Bonus - Cromwell's Protectorate with Paul Lay
The rise and fall of the Commonwealth
57 min
02.12 - The Second Bishops' War
The Covenanters besiege Edinburgh Castle and invade northern England
27 min
Bonus - Sir Thomas Fairfax by CavalierCast
A guest episode from CavalierCast
43 min
Bonus - The Ancient Britons by the Early Stuart...
The King's Welsh subjects rally to his cause, turning the western borderlands into one of the key strategic theatres of the war.
37 min
02.11 - Hearts and Minds
The Covenanters and the Royalists continue their propaganda war
27 min
Bonus - The Philosophy of Empire
Chris from the Age of Victoria Podcast
57 min
02.10 - The Trouble With Peace
The English and Irish Parliaments are summoned to prepare for war.
30 min
02.09 - The Calm Before the Storm
After the Pacification of Berwick, the Covenanters prepare for the inevitable
26 min
Bonus - The Sinking of the Arandora Star
My talk from Intelligent Speech 2020!
38 min
Bonus - Plague, War and Hellfire with Rebecca R...
I chat with Rebecca Rideal the disastrous year of 1666
44 min
02.08 - The First Bishops' War
The Wars of the Three Kingdoms begin.
61 min
02.07 - ‘No Matter What Master We Serve’
Why did so many Scots serve as mercenaries, and why were they so good at it?
36 min
Bonus - The Pre-History of Maryland
Jared Books from A History of Maryland covers the winding background of the colony
62 min
Bonus - For God or the Devil with Zachary Twamley
I chat with Zack from When Diplomacy Fails about the Thirty Years War
32 min
02.06 - A Crisis by Monthly Instalments
From riots in July to a provisional government by Christmas.
32 min
Bonus - The National Covenant
The confession of faith of the Kirk of Scotland, February 1638.
25 min
02.05 - Homecoming
Charles I returns to Scotland. The Scots are not pleased to see him.
31 min
02.04 - Making Ireland English
Lord Deputy Wentworth tries to complete his other objectives
33 min
02.03 - Graces Denied
Lord Deputy Wentworth alters the deal. Pray he doesn't alter it any further.
27 min
02.02 - Star Chamber
Laudianism. What was it, was it popular, and what if you didn't like it?
37 min
02.01 - Eleven Years of Tyranny?
In the first episode of the new season, we look at the fallout of Charles' financial policies.
25 min
01.44 - The Pequot Genocide
The Pequots are destroyed. English colonies spread throughout the Caribbean.
35 min
01.43 - Mystic Massacre
With one brutal strike, Pequot resistance is broken
30 min
01.42 - Parabellum
Another murder leads the English to war.
28 min
01.41 - Murder on the Saltwater Frontier
Colonies spring up along the Connecticut River
26 min
01.40 - Providence Gained
The Puritans were not in the business of religious toleration.
33 min
01.39 - City on a Hill
We catch up with the colony of Massachusetts Bay
27 min
Bonus - The First Intersex in Colonial America
The First Intersex in Colonial America
42 min
01.38 - Personal Rule
Were the 1630s a period of Personal Rule, or Eleven Years of Tyranny?
24 min
01.37 - The Graces
Charles tries to trade Catholic toleration for an army.
26 min
01.36 - Root and Branch
The plantations of Ireland face scrutiny. They cost too much, and are far too Irish!
29 min
Bonus - Early Modern English Witchcraft with Pr...
I speak with Darren Oldridge, Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Worcester
37 min
01.35 - The Sword of the Magistrate
How did witchtrials operate under the Stuart regime?
35 min
01.34 - War and Peace
Peace breaks out in Europe, as we return to the growing English empire in the Americas and India.
30 min