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Pax Britannica

Pax Britannica is a narrative history podcast covering the empire upon which the sun never set. Beginning with the accession of James VI of Scotland to the throne of England, Pax Britannica will follow the people and events that created an empire that dominated the globe. Hosted by a PhD candidate in British Imperial history, and based on extensive scholarship and primary sources, along with interviews with experts in their field, Pax Britannica aims to explain the rise and eventual fall of the largest empire in history. After all, how peaceful was the 'British Peace'?

Society & Culture
034 - War and Peace
Peace breaks out in Europe, as we return to the growing English empire in the Americas and India.
30 min
Bonus - New England Revisited
A guest episode from the Political History of the United States
27 min
Bonus - The Life of Barnet Burns, Pākehā Māori
A bonus episode from the History of Aotearoa New Zealand Podcast
62 min
Bonus - Buckingham and Berry
I chat with David from The Siècle about the two assassinations we've just covered: the Duke of Buckingham, and the Duc de Berry
30 min
033 - Constitutional Crisis
Parliament brings the Three Resolutions, and a Speaker is forced to listen.
22 min
Bonus - The Industrial Revolutions
A guest episode from The Industrial Revolutions Podcast!
21 min
032 - The Martyr Assassin
Who was the murderer of Buckingham, and what comes next for Charles?
29 min
031 - The Duke of Hazard
The Petition of Right, sorcerous advisers, and daggers in the crowd
36 min
030 - The Siege of Saint-Martin
Charles chases military success once again!
22 min
Bonus - The English Revolution with Mike Duncan
I speak to Mike Duncan about podcasting, revolutions, writing, and the British Civil Wars
53 min
Bonus - Sound Education Experience
My account of my time in Boston, at Harvard and BU, for Sound Education
19 min
Bonus - The Origins of Halloween
Ancient Human Sacrifice | Christian Veneration | Bargain-bin Costumes
47 min
029 - Impeachment!
The 1626 Parliament takes aim at the incompetent, corrupt, and unpopular Duke of Buckingham
30 min
028 - The Useless Parliament
The king faces off against his first parliament, while the English holiday in Spain.
29 min
027 - Long Live the King
A tour of Charles' realm, and catching up on events in Virginia.
25 min
026 - The King is Dead
James oversees his last parliament, as the last chance of peace slips away.
37 min
025 - The Spanish Match
Charles and George's Excellent Adventure!
22 min
024 - The Winter King
Frederick is enthroned and then dethroned, and James clashes with another parliament
29 min
023 - King in the North
By the Old Scots and the New, Protector of the Realm
30 min
022 - The Pilgrims and the Mayflower
The first months of Plymouth Colony, and the religious situation in Jacobean England
31 min
021 - Rise of the Favourites
Court politics and favouritism, corruption and murder.
33 min
020 - The East India Company
India, Virginia, Bermuda, and Slavery
35 min
019 - Flushing it all away
The Prince is Dead! Long Live the Prince!
29 min
018 - The Discovery of Witchcraft
James: The Devil's Greatest Enemy, or the Wisest Fool in Christendom?
60 min
017 - The Sun is Gone Out
War is brewing, and the Great Equaliser comes for Earls and Princes
25 min
016 - The Great Contract
The final sessions of James' parliament meet. It doesn't go well.
25 min
015 - The Trinity of Knaves
A closer look at James' closest advisers
27 min
014 - What's it like to make a History Podcast ...
I have a chat with Brandon from Dead Ideas about the business of podcasting
41 min
013 - The Prince that was Promised
Who was part of the Stuart Royal Family?
28 min
012 - Laboratory of Empire
Vast tracts of land in Ulster, confiscated from Irish Earls, are planted with British settlers
30 min
011 - The New World
England's fatal first attempts at colonising the Americas
30 min
010 - The Flight of the Earls
The king wrestles with his parliament (not literally) as Ireland faces the post-war world
33 min
009 - Gunpowder Treason and Plot
James VI and I faces down murderous plots against his life
38 min
008 - The King of Great Britain
James Stuart arrives in London and becomes King of England, Scotland, and Ireland
37 min
007 - An Interview with Sir John Elliott
I speak to Sir John Elliott, Regius Professor Emeritus of Modern History at Oxford University
56 min
006 - The Devil's Greatest Enemy
James VI of Scotland's early life and reign, surviving coups and rebellions aplenty
30 min
005 - The Great Earl's Rebellion
The Nine Years War breaks out as simmering discontent between Old Irish, Old English, and New English boils over
27 min
004 - The 'First Battle of the Atlantic'
England's friends become foes, and foes become friends, as religious and strategic ambitions collide
31 min
003 - Gold, Praise, Glory
Piracy, plunder, slave trading, and wool. England opens its naval horizons
32 min
002 - The Emerald Isle
Ireland, Tudor rule, and English Plantation
41 min
001 - A British Peace
An introduction to the podcast, and to the Tudors
35 min